tencGood morning #ubuntu. :)12:55
wrstmorning tenc, how are you doing?12:58
tencDoing great. How about you wrst?13:26
wrstyep doing well for a monday morning :)13:27
tencipv6 addresses are much hard to copy by sight...14:36
tencOther things I've observed this morning: in the set {logout, quit, exit} the correct command will always be the last one I issue.14:42
wrstha ha14:54
wrstipv6 addresses give me a headache :)14:54
netritious_good morning15:31
wrsthowdy netritious_15:31
=== netritious_ is now known as netritious
netritioussorry I missed you last week wrst...having probs out of my ancient ups'15:32
wrstha ha netritious15:32
wrstthat does not sound like fun15:32
netritiousyep..scored two off of amazon for $30+free shipping15:33
wrstnice especially on the free shipping, them there batteries be heavy15:33
netritiousatm trying to find just the right mini itx board. the project requires 4+ RJ45 but for under $225 isn't easy lol...unless you want jetway.15:36
wrstjust the name, jetway, does not instill confidence15:36
netritiousboard+cpu+ram+case+psu+4 or more RJ4515:36
wrstcan we ask what the projuce is? or will you have to kill us?15:37
wrstif you would have to kill us I would rather not know15:37
netritiouslol nothing special...moving a firewall install from "in beta forever" to dedicated machine15:38
netritiouszotac has some nice borads with wifi built-in, but then it has a geforce GT 5xx soemthing or the other...not needed for a firewall, at least not mine heh15:39
wrstyou building your own as far as software, or doing something pfsensish?15:40
netritiousgoing to install pfsense 9.1 that uses the new PBI packaging15:41
wrstnice, I have no need whatsover for any of that but would love to give it a try :)15:43
netritious9.0-RELEASE JustWorks™15:43
netritioussure you do wrst15:44
netritiousyou just don't know it lol15:44
wrstI'm sure I could think of something15:44
netritiouswell, dansguardian for one15:44
wrstI mean do I really need a FreeNAS system in my house15:44
netritiousgreat for anyone that has kids15:44
wrsttrue netritious, right now I'm letting opendns filter, which is not perfect, but dans guardian without help is such a pain to even attempt for a mortal like me to set up15:45
netritiouscaptive portal for controlling time spent on teh network15:45
netritiousyeah wrst, it's that time thing15:45
wrstthat's pretty cool15:45
netritioussome of us could do it /if we had the time/15:45
wrstyes exactly15:46
netritiousalso on captive portal control bandwidth rates. can set global and get granular as well.15:46
netritious*also with captive portal you can15:47
wrsthmm could keep the HD youtubes from killing my connection and sentence them to 480P15:47
netritiousyep. also there is QoS control that works by applying bandwidth filters dynamically based on type of traffic. (pfsense has a wizard thank God.)15:48
wrstha ha yes I do a very limited QoS on my dd-wrt router, to keep uploads from killing my connection but that's it15:49
netritiousI like x86 because it's almost completely open. I can add/change/remove most hardware components at will on x86 platform, whereas with ARM/RISC based systems the hardware is much more "fixed" and not designed for much if any after market modifications.15:56
netritiousjust talking about hardware hear, not software15:56
wrstits much much easier15:57
wrstI saw that intel had an SD card sized x86 system15:57
wrstwould love to see x86 chips with the power benefits of arm15:58
netritiousor x86 completely ported to ARM...that would work...mostly lol15:58
netritioussoftware I mean15:59
wrstahh yes that would work also15:59
twaynepriceWe have outgrown our SAN at work that we use for VMWare and I'm looking to add some NFS storage.  What OS would you guys recommend?  I need two boxes that will mirror each other in case of failure.  I may have to get something that I can get paid support on in order to appease the higher-ups. :)16:32
wrstto say I'm no expert is a great understatement but have heard good things about ixsystems16:40
twaynepriceah.  We already have the hardware.16:41
wrstahh gotcha16:42
twaynepriceI used redhat a long time ago.  I think suse is used in the enterprise too.16:43
twaynepriceI've read about drbd and glusterfs.  Anyone have any experience with either of those?16:45
netritiouscan't say about gluster...I've read quite a bit, but nothing deployed.17:08
netritiousdrbd, well get ready for some fun heh17:08
twaynepriceThat sounds ominous.  :)17:09
netritiousI had problems with a heartbeat+drbd setup, but in the end I think it was heartbeat filling an 10GB / with 4GB logs17:10
netritiousanyway, I would mount the drbd block as /var/vm and store vmware images there17:11
netritiouswhen it worked it worked well, but it was a stupid setup rife with opprotunities for something to fail17:12
twaynepriceThat in a nice thing about our HP SAN.  It just works.  But $45k for 6TB of usable space, I would prefer not to order another one.  :)17:13
netritiousI've seen some generic sata disk storage units that would connect to a PC via esata, the PC being the SAN host. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 to a few $1,00017:16
netritiousI would just use some linux distro you like, create some raid devices via mdadm, and export NFS17:17
twaynepriceWe have a couple of HP server with 8 removable HD each.17:18
twaynepricemdadm is software raid, right?17:19
netritiousmdadm is software raid but it works really really well. I've relied on it now for a few years and store around 2+ terabytes with plenty of room to grow17:23
netritiousRAID1+hot spares+hot swap 3.5" sata drive bays17:23
twaynepricewould you use drbd again?17:24
netritiousnot unless someone paid me to lol17:24
netritiousyou might want to check out corosync(?)17:26
netritiousspelling might be wrong17:26
twaynepriceceph maybe?17:27
netritiousnope, I meant corosync http://packages.debian.org/squeeze/corosync17:28
netritiousthere's a better wikipedia page17:30
netritiousif you decide to get into clustering though I would recommendl reading the drbd manual section on terminology since you will encounter a whole new set of errors that you really wouldn't see coming without maybe a cluster engineering degree...if one of those exist17:32
netritiouseven if you don't use drbd17:32
twaynepriceThat's probably a good idea.17:34
average_guyHave you looked at Openfiler twayneprice19:27
average_guymucho reccamendo19:28
twaynepriceaverage_guy: yea, I've looked at it and FreeNas.  Have you had it syncing with 2 or more machines?20:06

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