jarkkowell i heard that you usually decide about mesa packages, i think you should push a newer version of mesa 03:54
tjaaltonbecause the latest upstream release is not enough?05:04
tjaaltonhuh, why does lts-pkg-rename remove patches?07:22
tjaaltonmlankhorst: ^07:22
tomreyni'm using r300 mesa drivers on ubuntu 13.10 x86_64, and would like to use AMD CodeXL (the artist formerly known as gDEBugger), but it *really* wants to find libOpenCL.so. is there any easy way to get one which it might not make it crash? i don't care about opencl really, just need opengl debugging.07:27
mlankhorsttjaalton: it should only remove xmir08:01
mlankhorstbecause xmir is not enabled08:01
mlankhorstand I don't trust that the !xmir case of the xmir patch is tested well enough :P08:02
tjaaltonseries is reset08:04
mlankhorsterm I fixed that08:04
mlankhorstwhat package is affected?08:04
tjaaltonI'm on revno 53008:04
tjaaltoncheck ubuntu-saucy08:05
mlankhorstah right, I didn't push it08:05
tjaaltonalso, probably not wise to remove the patch08:05
tjaaltonbut just drop from series08:05
tjaaltondiff is smaller then08:05
tjaaltondiff to saucy08:05
mlankhorstok pushed 531, which is what I used08:06
tjaaltonhmm so if the current backport doesn't have the xmir patch on the diff, then this one won't either08:14
mlankhorstyeah, affected were xorg-server, xxv-nouveau/ati/intel. And if you accidentally drop all the patches in xorg-server you're going to have a bad time. ;-)08:17
tjaaltonyep remember that now :)08:17
tjaaltonhuh, every upload goes via NEW?08:27
tjaaltonbackport upload, even if a version is there already08:27
mlankhorstexcept if there is a version in -proposed09:02
mlankhorstit doesn't consider -updates09:08
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