Kilosmorning all05:14
Kilosmorning kbmonkey 05:42
kbmonkeyhello Kilos 05:43
kbmonkeyanother monday for us working folk!05:43
Kiloshi bduk1 05:45
nuvolario/ oh hi oom Kilos 05:47
Kiloshi there nuvolari 05:48
nuvolarihow are you?05:48
Kilosgood ty and you laddy05:48
bduk1More Kilos  and others05:50
Kiloshi nlsthzn 05:50
kbmonkeyhi ho hi ho its off to work I go05:56
Kiloshave a good day kbmonkey 05:56
kbmonkeyyou too Kilos !05:57
nuvolariI'm good thanks oom Kilos 06:06
nuvolarihi nlsthzn, bduk1 06:06
Kilosinetpro, morning 17mm06:06
nuvolarihi kbmonkey!06:06
nlsthznmorning all06:06
Kilossjoe ians zte modem that dont work on windows flies here06:13
Kilosdownloaded an is with an average speed of 502 kB/s06:13
Kilosthat was a good swop for me for my arab alcatel modem06:20
Kilosmorning superfly 06:21
superflyhi Kilos06:21
Kiloswhere is the british ianian ocean territory?06:22
Kilosi see thats where our guest lurker is06:22
inetproKilos: 6mm06:40
inetprogood morning06:40
Kilosat least you got something hey06:40
Kiloshi Squirm 06:40
mazalMorning everyone07:14
Kiloshi mazal 07:14
mazalI see the meetings have been shifted to Tuesdays07:17
Kilosso maiacan join us as well and hopefully a couple more07:17
Kilosmondays was bad for some07:18
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:40
Kilosmorning tumbleweed you must keep us informed of your plans please 07:55
Kilosim scared if you go stateside you will also just lurk here like the crash kid07:55
Kiloshi liamT long time no see08:21
charlgood morning08:25
charlMaaz: coffee on08:25
* Maaz starts grinding coffee08:25
Kilosohi charl 08:26
charlhi Kilos 08:26
KilosMaaz, coffee please08:26
MaazKilos: Okay08:26
Kiloshes lagging a bit today08:26
charlhi liamT 08:28
liamTmoaning everyone08:28
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!08:29
=== charl__ is now known as charl
charlthis is nice: https://www.useotrproject.org/08:54
charl"The USE OTR Project aims at improving security, encryption and usability of open source instant messengers (IM). Our goal is simple: better security, usability and encryption of existing IM software. "08:54
charli actually want to attend this: https://fosdem.org/2014/schedule/event/postfix_lessons_learned_and_recent_developments/09:01
charl"Postfix open source mail server - lessons learned and recent developments"09:01
Kiloshi JoTraGo 09:01
charlthat's by a guy called Wietse Venema, a dutch guy who is behind postfix09:01
Kilosi need to power down to remove dvdrom09:03
Kilosoh my09:03
charlwb Kilos, psyatw 09:40
psyatwty charl09:40
psyatwhi Kilos09:40
Kilosty psyatw stupid modem disconnected09:40
Kilosohi psyatw 09:40
Kilosty charl 09:40
Kilosoh the guest left without saying one word09:46
Kiloshi drussell hows davy09:46
drussellKilos: struggling through Monday morning ;o)09:50
drussellKilos: how's you?09:50
Kilosgood ty drussell heavy weekend?09:51
drussellKilos: hehe good weekend yeah ;o)09:52
Kiloshmm... mazal crashed something10:20
Kiloswb bduk1 mazal  wat het julle gebreek?10:51
mazalWassie ons nie , ouens het ons krag getrip10:51
bduk1Ons breek nie iets wat reg is nie ons kyk net hoekom werk dit en dan breek dit gewoonlik self10:59
inetproKilos: raining here in town11:47
Kiloswow hotashel here11:47
nuvolarieven by the sea it's dry :-/12:01
Kilosnuvolari, nice to have you back with us again12:12
Kiloswhat is the advantage of using a 64bit iso over a 32bit iso13:37
inetproKilos: with a 64bit system you can fit 64bits of information into one contiguous space of ram15:10
Kilosso it should be faster right inetpro ?15:11
Kilosbut also use more resources15:11
inetproon a 32bit system the same 64 bits of info would have to be split up into different places in memory15:11
inetproif you split up information into different spaces you need to keep track of it15:12
inetproyes, speed is one factor15:12
Kiloshow many factors are there15:13
Kiloslike do you run kde 64bit15:13
inetproyes I do15:13
Kilosoh my15:13
Kilosok sir ty very much. that explains it nicely15:13
Kiloshow much ram you got15:14
inetprowith 64bit you you can use more than 4GB of ram effectively15:14
Kilosaha 15:15
inetprowith a 32bit system, if you have more than 4GB of RAM it goes for a waste15:15
Kilosgoes to waste15:15
Kilosty i understand it a bit better now. basically its moving 64bits at a time instead of 3215:17
Kiloswe had no rain15:18
* Kilos sighs15:18
Kilostoday i mean, why does it go wash the town and not come here15:19
nlsthznused to be 32-bit systems couldn't address more memory than 4gb... that not the case anymore...15:20
* nlsthzn is just saying as he passes through... weeeeeeeeee.....15:21
nlsthznpae kernels can address more than 4gb memory even though 32-bit15:21
inetproin principle, a 64-bit microprocessor can address 16 exabytes of memory15:22
Kilosso what kernel has 12.04 got15:22
inetproin practice, it is less than that15:22
nlsthznthat is a lot of 1's and 0's :p15:22
Kiloshow does one check how much ram is being used?15:22
Kiloswhew is everything still in binary15:23
Kilosthats what its called hey?15:23
inetproKilos: that is what bits are, just 1's and 0's15:24
nlsthznthere are 10 types of people in the world, those that understand binary and those tired of this joke15:24
nlsthznKilos, use top in terminal15:25
inetproKilos: free15:25
inetprojust type 'free' and enter on the cli15:25
nlsthznsweet... I suck at cli15:27
nlsthznI still have a gig free15:27
nlsthznbtw uncle Kilos ... will be phoning about your package tomorrow so will let you know15:27
Kiloscool ty nlsthzn 15:28
Kiloslets hold them thumbs hey15:28
KilosMem:       2029048    1701880     327168          0     127228     80709615:29
Kilos-/+ buffers/cache:     767556    126149215:29
KilosSwap:      5890804          0    589080415:29
Kilosso im not even using the 2g ram 15:29
Kilosand no swap15:29
Kilosmaybe with media running it would i spose15:30
nlsthznnot everything uses or needs lots of ram15:31
nlsthzncurrently browsers with many tabs eats lots of ram and also games15:31
* nlsthzn goes to have dinner15:31
Kilosoh ya i saw other day opera was using lots of cpu too15:31
Kilosenjoy nlsthzn 15:32
Kilosdankie inetpro 15:32
magespawngood evening all17:01
Kiloshi magespawn 17:03
magespawnhey Kilos 17:03
Kilosyou on the fone thing?17:03
magespawnnah the laptop linked through the tablet17:04
magespawntyping would never be this fast or accurate on the tablet17:07
magespawnso what is up today?17:09
magespawni finally got bonamanzi back on adsl today17:10
magespawnso all is good with the world17:11
Kiloswell done17:17
Kilosall quiet here again today17:18
Kiloslooks like gotango killed his lappy17:18
Kilosor blew his data17:19
magespawnlets hope it is the data17:20
Kilosworked too hard convincing him17:21
Kilosand ian just opened the admin user on my win717:21
Kilostango coulda done that to unlock the lappy17:22
Kilosi didnt know17:22
magespawnyes he could, i also did not think of that17:22
Kilosso crazy windows is. need passwd to login as me but as admin it goes straight in17:23
magespawnyup that is the default admin, that is the problem with windows17:23
magespawnor rather that is one of the problems with windows, and most people do not know about that17:25
Kilosi should have watched ho he did it17:26
magespawnyou can password protect it, then you have no back door if something goes wrong17:26
Kilosi dont need passwd protection here methinks17:26
Kilosonly i touch my pcs and dont go online with windows17:27
magespawnmost people who know about the admin will know other ways around passwords17:27
Kiloshe needs to know these things to do his work i spose17:28
magespawnit is very useful when people lock themselves out of their pc, or you need to get in for other reasons17:29
Kilosya he needs to get in to sort the software for scanners and things17:30
Kilosbut he dont tell me come learn he just does it on the quiet17:31
Kiloskids sigh17:31
magespawni am sure you can google it17:36
Kilosmost likely yeah17:37
Kilosbut dont need it 17:37
Kiloswas trying to turn off e220 cddrive thing17:37
Kilosmade no diffs in my user or admin17:37
Kilosand i dunno what to do with minicom17:38
magespawnit won't, i think  it is the software on the on the e22017:38
Kilosgot to where it says run a script but all i want is one command to switch off the cd thing17:39
Kilosya its read only but there are commands to stop it17:39
KilosAT ^ U2DIAG = 0 (device-only modem)17:40
Kilosthat should kill the storage side17:40
Kilosi would prefer to format the storage part17:41
magespawnwhat exactly are you trying to do?17:41
Kilosits running on mobile partner but still opens the vmclite stuff17:42
Kilosmaybe its the 2 things clashing that cause it to timeout17:42
magespawni see, then you can use the mobile partner to flash the e22017:42
Kilosi want to remove the vmc lit17:42
Kilosthe voda stuff being read only causes the prob i think17:43
Kilosians zte has same prob17:43
Kiloscant even get drivers for win working because of it17:44
Kilosso i swopped him my arab modem17:44
magespawnif you go to the manufacturer's website they usually have the stock software to flash the modem17:44
Kilosi did it on the e220 but vmclite stays there17:45
magespawnthat is strange17:45
Kilosi was thinking of chowning the thing17:45
Kilositd like embedded17:45
magespawntry the software from the @lantic website17:45
Kilosor locked17:46
magespawnlet me get the link17:46
Kilosi think i did magespawn 17:46
Kilosi also used the huawei flash upgrade thing17:46
magespawnoh wow, that persistent 17:47
Kilosit works fine but im sure that vmclite is what is making it timeout17:47
Kilosive flashed it about 7 times17:47
Kilosbut im sure our gsm guy will throw a hint or 2 sometime17:48
Kilossuperfly, can one chown an e220 so the storage isnt read only?17:50
Kiloshow does one do it then17:51
Kiloshi Gotango 17:51
Gotangohi Kilos17:51
Kilosyou worked some today?17:52
* Gotango : Time to dismantle a desktop pc = 5 minutes . Time to dismantle an hp laptop 3 hours lol17:52
Kilosairvents and bows17:52
Kilosya they terrible things17:52
GotangoYeah , i managed to completely open this thing and reach the heat sink and took out the fan :017:53
Kiloseverything clean now?17:53
GotangoThere was a thick layer of dust blocking the heat sink where the fan blew air out17:54
GotangoAlmost like new17:54
Kilosand now we see the heat prob is cured17:55
Kilosdid you add some vents?17:55
Kiloswith good planning vents could be used to allow blowing inside clean with air17:56
GotangoWell i cant almost hear the fan now, its like it blew on win7, and the heat , well most of its gone , but still hotter than on win7 idle17:56
Kilosonce you got the drivers it should be fine17:56
magespawnhey Gotango 17:56
GotangoI hop the drivers will help17:57
GotangoHey magespawn17:57
magespawnthat dust thing is a common problem with older machines17:57
Kilosnice thing with desktops you can add blowers17:58
GotangoEverything is packed extremely tight though , i cant even find a place to make vents to let air in17:58
Kilosp4s got places to mount 3 fans17:59
GotangoYa magespawn , 4 years of dust17:59
magespawnthere should be enough events17:59
GotangoThe only incoming air vent is underneath the lappy, and the fan is locked into the cpu only to cool that18:00
magespawnin the bios there should be something that might allow you to see the temp and fan speeds when the system is running18:01
GotangoSo i got the lappy now 3 centimeters in the air to let the air come in from the bottom. HP really did bad work on the ventilation18:02
magespawnmaybe one of those laptop stands would be a good idea18:02
Kilosyou could try gluing some rubber feet on18:03
GotangoOh i forgot to see there magespawn , thanks i will take a look later18:03
GotangoThere is rubber feet on the corners of the lappy, but those only give 3mm space for air to get through18:04
Kiloslike they use for door stops18:04
Kilosyou know them black rubber things with a screw hole in the centre18:05
GotangoBut i'm happy most of the heat and fan abuse is gone :)18:05
Kilosyay that makes me happy too18:05
Kilosyou been hard work for a ballie18:06
Gotangolol :D18:06
Kilosoh and we worked out how to unlock all the windows stuff18:08
GotangoWhat windows stuff18:09
Kilosall the stuff that showed as locked when we tried to resize it18:09
Kilosp0artitions 18:09
Kilospartitions too18:09
GotangoA little too late now lol18:10
GotangoBut me not going back to windows18:10
Kilosyeah 18:10
Kilosi didnt know how to unlock anything on 718:11
Kilosim glad to hear that18:11
GotangoGlad you worked it out, now you can teach another newbie 18:12
Kilosno man ill just tell them to boot from ubuntu cd and choose erase and use the entire disk18:12
GotangoYou convinced me 18:13
Kilosya but we first tried to save your 718:13
Kilosits now your job to teach the next newbie18:14
GotangoYa , but 7 was on its death bed already18:14
Kilosoh we just filled the grave18:14
Gotangohmm, i will try :)18:14
GotangoI even did a silent prayer before tossing the coffin in18:15
Kilosnow its just telkom sim then you are mobile18:16
magespawnif you boot from a live cd you can mount the windows drive and copy any files that you need, there various other tool like TRD18:16
GotangoYeah will do that this week Kilos, Telkom mobile better be active here18:17
Kiloshope so18:17
GotangoI already saved all the stuff  i needed from windows magespawn. All my fav stuff to do is now on ubuntu18:18
magespawnquote from a friend "if Bill a dollar for every time I rebooted windows... Oh wait he does."18:19
magespawncool Gotango 18:19
GotangoDid'nt have a spare HDD though18:19
magespawni remember the conversation18:19
GotangoSaved it to memory card then put it on ubuntu18:19
Kilosthere are now 1TB usb sticks available18:20
Kilosonly %130018:20
magespawnor maybe $18:20
Kilosmadness you can get a hdd for less18:20
Kilos3TB for that price i think18:21
magespawnahh yes but the size Kilos, the size18:21
Kilosat times im like yanks18:21
Kilosbigger is better18:21
GotangoI would want an SSD for the speedof it, the size is not so important18:22
Kiloswhew those things are costly18:23
GotangoIf you got lots of video's , songs, and programs, games, then a regular  HDD is best18:24
magespawncheapest storage by far for size, and getting cheaper too18:24
magespawnwell apart from things like tape18:26
GotangoTrue magespawn. For a software developer type of person though an SSD will be perfect18:26
magespawni get used to doing things slowly18:26
magespawnSSD's are fast18:26
Kilosssd's are for okes like Symmetria 18:26
Gotangolol, only museums use tape still right ?18:27
magespawnthere was a few years ago a ram drive built on a pci card that was blazing fast18:27
Kilosyeah but what for18:28
magespawntapes are still used by some for off site backups of company data18:28
Kiloswe are limited by our internet18:28
magespawnyou could set the ram drive to be the swop partition of your hard drive18:28
magespawnwell if you have money then you can get almost anything18:29
Kilosya ram is fast18:29
Kiloswhats that18:29
magespawnneed to win the lotto or something18:29
Kiloswb Gotango 18:31
Gotangoty Kilos18:31
Gotangoclosed tab by accident18:32
Kilosoh lotsa tabs open on opera also uses lots of cpu18:32
GotangoI only got 5 tabs open though, max is 10 for me18:33
GotangoHave to use opera for my dev stuff, i assume its more efficient than firefox and chrome18:34
Kilosall browser i mean18:35
Kilosim sure the fox uses even more18:35
magespawni have managed to crash a pc by opening too many tabs in firefox18:36
Kilosive used opera for a few years now and happy with it18:36
GotangoI dont like the extra background processes of firefox and chrome18:36
Kiloswhew magespawn 18:36
GotangoOpera has none of that18:36
Kilosthere is another one on ubuntu Gotango 18:36
Kilosmight be lighter18:37
GotangoChromium Kilos ?18:37
Kilosim thinking18:37
GotangoThats bad magespawn18:37
GotangoIts still webkit 18:37
Gotangonever heard of that18:38
KilosMidori is a lightweight web browser based on WebKit.18:38
Kilosthen there are links and lynx18:38
Kiloscli browsers18:39
Kilosand elinks i think18:39
Kilosthose are good for capped peeps18:39
Kilosno popups or adds18:39
Kilosonly text18:39
GotangoNah i will stick with the old opera , webkit engines ask too much from the system18:40
GotangoI will only use a webkit broswer to test some things, then close them18:40
Gotangolol , only text ?18:41
magespawnyup no pictures18:41
GotangoMust be a 12 year old who made that 18:42
magespawnand no formatting either18:42
Kilosalso when you want to download large things you use wget18:44
GotangoDamn , and the lynx is my fav animal18:45
Gotangowget, is like a download manager Kilos18:45
Kilosrooikat lam vreter18:45
Kilosin cli man wget18:46
Gotangoi know18:46
Kilosyou run it from terminal with the link18:46
GotangoI used to just throw the link into a gui DM, then it downloaded lol18:47
Kiloswget is fast18:47
Kilosfaster than using a browser18:48
Kilosand uses min resources18:48
GotangoI guess so18:48
Kilosi use it for getting isos18:48
GotangoI did everything with opera18:49
inetproKilos: wget is not necessarily faster than the browser 18:49
Kilosand with -c in the command it will fetch whats missing if your internet drops18:49
magespawnand can started and stopped, and can restart if disconnected18:49
inetprogood evening18:49
magespawnman wget18:49
magespawnhey inetpro18:49
Kiloslo inetpro 18:49
magespawnhah that is funny18:50
GotangoHi inetpro18:50
Kilosinetpro, what does not necessarily mean?18:51
Kilossurely its faster or slower18:51
inetprohave you compared it?18:51
Kiloswhat outside factors affect it18:51
Kilosdo you use it?18:52
inetproI use both ways18:52
inetprohorses for courses 18:52
inetprodownloading via the browser is not slow18:52
Kilosoh apples for apples thing?18:53
Kilosi downloaded xfce by accident18:53
inetproat least I have never seen a significant difference in speed 18:53
Kilos450m about18:53
Kiloswith opera18:53
Kilosaverage speed 502kB/s18:54
Kilosnow no more data18:54
inetprocomparing speeds is much more complicated than than18:55
Kilosyeah i think so18:55
Kilosyou cant i think because different times net gives different results18:56
Kilosand maybe just when you wanna test 500 peeps also want to18:56
inetproand there are many factors involved18:56
inetpronou verstaan jy18:56
inetprofact is wget is a very handy utility for downloading stuff18:57
Kilosyou could only compare speeds if they were between 2 pcs connected with eth18:57
inetprobut it's not the only one out there18:57
Kilosother than wget?18:58
inetproanother very nice one is curl18:58
inetproman curl18:58
Kilosnot installed so no man curl18:59
Kilosso we18:59
Kilosdont give more now man wget works kiff19:00
inetprono worries, there are some overlaps in functionality, but they are not meant to do exactly the same things19:00
inetprothey both have plenty of options19:01
Kilosim  sure you come with man this and man that just to torment me19:02
magespawnjust the mention of man is enough to bring inetpro 19:03
inetproman is your friend19:03
Kilosyour friend19:04
Kiloslike google19:05
magespawnindeed especially when dealing with toasters19:05
inetpro curl vs Wget http://daniel.haxx.se/docs/curl-vs-wget.html19:05
Kilosai! he doesnt give up does he19:06
inetpromy point is, even on a page like that, there is no comparison on speed19:07
Kilosja ja19:07
magespawnyou would need a controlled environment to do a pure speed test, which would render it null and void anyway19:08
inetpromagespawn: thank you19:08
magespawna bit like how far can a wifi link cover etc19:08
magespawni notice a speed difference on the work link to town just when the leaves of the trees are wet19:10
Kilosyean and will be better in midwinter too19:11
Kilosmagespawn, what distance you getting wifi over19:12
Kiloswith boosters between ?19:12
Kiloswget rocks for fetching isos19:13
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:22
magespawnMaaz tell Kilos I am using two Nanobridge M5 from Ubiquiti http://www.ubnt.com/airmax19:26
Maazmagespawn: Got it, I'll tell Kilos on freenode19:26
magespawnMaaz tell Kilos about 5kms19:27
Maazmagespawn: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode19:27
inetpromagespawn: that is not wifi19:42
inetprodon't confuse kilos19:43
magespawnno it isn't, but i am not sure how else to explain it inetpro19:43
inetprojust call it wireless19:44
magespawnokay wilco19:44
inetprowifi is a wireless local network (WLAN)19:44
magespawni have users who think that because they can connect to the work wifi they can get out onto the internet19:45
inetpromore precisely, products using the IEEE 802.11 WLAN standards are marketed under the Wi-Fi brand name19:46
inetprohe would love to connect his home with the free wifi points around the city19:47
inetprounfortunately that won't work19:47
magespawnso maybe W-WLAN then19:47
magespawndo they protect them? or signal problems?19:48
inetprowell they are local to whichever area 19:49
inetprowifi is typically restricted to a short range of just 20m19:51
inetprothough with new technology it probably goes further by now19:52
magespawnindeed i have a couple of engenius ap that cover about 50-60  line of site, but a bit pricey19:53
magespawnactually i should measure how far they do go, would be nice to know19:54
magespawnthese ones http://www.engeniustech.com/business-networking/indoor-access-points-client-bridges/16362-ecb150 although i think the ones i have claim 300mbps19:56
magespawnthat is just from memory, which can be faulty though20:05
inetprospecs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.1120:06
magespawni like the picture of the linksys, i like that software20:08
magespawnhave not tried the open version yet20:10
charlhi magespawn 20:12
charlyou been scarce, still so busy?20:12
magespawnhey charl 20:12
charlyes linksys ftw20:12
magespawnthe work is settling down though20:12
charlput down a little linksys like that with some high-gain antennas and you have a long range solution20:13
charli have seen many of them20:13
magespawnyou have to modify the antennas though, the originals are fixed20:14
charli thought there was a way to just screw off the antennas20:15
magespawnnot on the original casing, as far as i know20:15
charlwhat happened to this site http://www.wug.za.net/gallery/20:16
charlnow it just says forbidden20:16
charlthey used to have some cool fotos up on there20:16
magespawnif you go to the wug site it says it is a new site, so something might have happened to the gallery20:17
magespawnhmmm gallery link still forbidden20:18
charlnah man it has been like that for ages20:19
charlthis one brings back memories, i used to have one of those20:19
charlalso mounted in a case like that20:19
charlwhat was it called... routerboard or something20:19
charlwith routeros20:19
charlmikrotik that was it20:19
charlthat's the stuff those are awesome20:20
magespawni have a look at mikrotik but have not had a chance to work with it yet20:20
charlthey were cheap and really good, the software was good too except to really use it you needed a client application that only ran on windows20:21
charlthe ssh and web interface were limited20:21
magespawni am finding it is that way with most things20:21
magespawnsome of the manufacturers have linux software though20:22
charlwikipedia has some more cool pics20:22
charldidn't know they are from latvia though20:23
charlit also has a built-in captive portal20:23
charland it allows you to do authentication against radius20:23
charli connected it with freeradius with a mysql backend20:23
charlit was quite a trick to get it working because the documentation at the time was terrible20:23
charlbut once you can authenticate against a mysql database you can add a web interface on top of it to administrate users20:24
charlyou can build web interfaces against a mysql database very quickly nowadays with tools like spring roo20:24
magespawnstill need to learn a bit before i get to that level20:24
charlthis was stuff i was doing back in 2007 but since then i kind-of lost interest in wireless20:25
charli don't even use wireless in my home, i have my laptop connected directly to my cablemodem via ethernet lan cable20:25
charlthe company i was doing work for was also very busy with asterisk/sip back then20:26
charlmaking free calls over distance across wifi in africa - beautiful :)20:26
magespawnespecially with our call charges 20:27
charlwell the netherlands used to have some of the most expensive call charges in the world20:27
charli don't know if that is still the case though, prices have come down a lot in the last few years20:27
charloh no that was SMS charges that used to be over the top, something like 0,50 eurocent per sms20:31
charlwhich is why everyone used msn messenger instead of sms back then20:31
charlbut now there's whatsapp...20:31
magespawni am off too bed 21:19
magespawngood night all21:19

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