SteakumzIs Steam working well? I was excited to see Steam available now00:00
SteakumzI'm also loving Libre Office.00:00
SteakumzI'm very curious about LinuxMint00:01
nPeglerso... FAQ explains that in order to get the on screen keyboard to show up, you have to relog... It is displaying now on the login screen but what is the default username and password for LiveCD so that I can finally start the install?00:01
gmachine_24uPegler, there are no default usernames or passwords00:02
mrpizzafacenPegler: i beleive it is username and password00:02
xanguanPegler: try ubuntu / ubuntu por user / password00:02
nPeglerthanks... ubuntu no password00:02
gmachine_24no users etc on a livecd00:03
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gmachine_24the install will ask you for a username and password, if that's what you mean00:03
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nPeglerno I was having to relog after turning on the on-screen keyboard in the Accessiblity Options... I needed to do this in order to actually be able to start the install to create a username and password00:04
nPegleron the live cd the username is ubuntu with no password00:04
Shamrock13nPegler, it looks like my computer is only recognizing my HDMI port for sound instead of the internal speakers.00:05
Shamrock13what the heck!00:05
nPegleroh? it could be that ubuntu is defaulting to the HDMI out as the primary audio card...00:06
petesterHi.  I'm trying to install Ubuntu on an old iMac (removing OSX all together) but I get a screen asking me to select CD-ROM Boot type.  The keyboards don't work on this screen (I've tried a non-mac keyboard as well)00:06
nPeglermaybe check in the Audio settings to see if you can change the default output device?00:06
petesterAny ideas?00:06
SteakumzI'm new to IRC, how do I see a complete list of the rooms available?00:06
Shamrock13There's no possible way.00:06
Shamrock13It isn't showing speakers. It is only showing digital and analog audio.00:07
petesterSteakumz: '/list'00:07
SteakumzPete, I'm using Empathy, where do I type /list?00:07
nPeglerwoo... Ubuntu install on my tablet completed :-)00:07
nPeglerthanks guys for the help00:07
petesterOh, you probably in one of your dropdown menus00:08
petesterAnybody know about installing ubuntu on a mac?  My google fu is weak00:08
thom_rpetester, have you tried installing it?00:08
nPeglerhow do I move the on screen keyboard? click and drag somewhere?00:09
petesterthom_r: I installed refit but the CD won't boot00:09
nPeglernevermind I found the button on the top right00:09
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petesterthom_r: I get a black screen that says " 1.     2.     Select CD-ROM Boot type : "00:10
petesterand the keyboard wont work00:10
petestertried two keyboards00:10
thom_rtry booting from a usb00:10
petesterthom_r: ok I'll try00:10
petesterThanks :)00:10
thom_rit might have been a bad disk00:10
quidnuncikonia: That is my problem but it happens inside a docker image and I want to confirm it happens on a regular system00:10
thom_rpetester, what version of Ubuntu were you trying to install?00:11
petesterlatest 64 bit00:11
thom_rok, how old is your Mac?00:11
petester2008 i think00:11
petesternot entirely sure00:11
petesterI can tell you later if you really want00:12
thom_rare you sure that your Mac is a 64 bit?00:12
petestergood point00:12
petesterI know it's a duo at least00:12
thom_rit might be a 32 bit. I don't have any real experience with a mac though. I could be wrong.00:12
petesterI'll try a 32 bit version.  I honestly hadn't thought of that00:12
SteakumzI'm sorry to ask this again, but how do I see a room list on this IRC server using Empathy?00:13
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thom_rdo you have the mac close by?00:13
petesterI'm pretty sure core 2 duos are 64 bit though, am I wrong?00:13
thom_rI don't know.00:13
nPeglerwhat makes a system either 32-bit or 64-bit is the amount of RAM00:13
nPegler32-bit is 4 GB and less00:13
nPegler64-bit is more than 4 GB00:13
thom_rnPegler, it's the cpu00:13
petesternPegler is half right.  A lot of 64 bit capable chips wont go full 64 without the right ram00:14
nPeglerfor the OS it's the RAM capabilities... if you have more than 4 GB of RAM, you have to use a 64-bit OS... if not, it only recognized 4 GB00:14
bekksnPegler: thats not true. PAE supports more than 4GB RAM on 32bit.00:14
icerootbekks: but not for a single process00:15
awshi world !00:15
bekksiceroot: ack00:15
icerootpetester: core2duo is amd64, so 64bit yes00:15
petestericeroot: thought so, thanks :)00:15
thom_rpetester, do you have your mac close by?00:15
icerootpetester: if the cpu supports amd64 you should always use amd64, does not matter how many ram you have00:16
petesterthom_r: yeah, it's still on the same screen.  Downloading ubuntu now to try a usb install00:16
icerootpetester: everything higher then 1gb ram will have a benefit of 64bit00:16
petestericeroot: ok thanks for the tip00:16
awshi i wan to ask why eclipse don t work in my ubuntu00:16
petesterthom_r: I'll boot it into OSX and give you the specs, give me 500:17
awscan anyone give an answer plz00:17
Anton___I have an openVZ VPS with ubuntu 12.04 installed. My network manager says that there are no network devices available but I can browse the web etc so the internet connection is working. Anyways, adding a VPN doesn't work since the VPN gets greyed out and un clickable00:18
Anton___ifconfig - https://imageshack.com/i/0mcanxp network manager - https://imageshack.com/i/mz3c9bp00:18
Anton___help please00:18
Shamrock13This is so silly.00:18
Shamrock13I can't figure it out at all.00:18
petesterthom_r: i think you might be right about having a bad disk, although this will be the first time in my life having a bad burn00:18
icerootAnton___: you dont have a physical device, only virtual devices because of vps00:19
thom_rpetester, I rarely ever use a disk. I almost always use a usb.00:19
icerootAnton___: network manager is looking for eth0/wlan000:19
icerootand normal wan devices00:20
awsplz answer me eclipse cant work on my ubintu 10.04 i hav 512 ram, celeron cpu !!00:20
Anton___iceroot_ any way to fix that?00:20
thom_raws, Ubuntu 10.04 is no longer supported.00:20
RedDeathonly ubuntu 12.04 LTS00:21
RedDeathfor 5 years00:21
thom_rit's end of life.00:21
RedDeathor you can download ubuntu 1300:21
icerootAnton___: https://www.intovps.com/client/knowledgebase/19/How-to-install-and-configure-OpenVPN.html00:21
thom_rwith only 512mb of RAM, I would install Lubuntu.00:22
icerootthom_r: 10.04 is only supported as server edition, the desktop version is EOL00:22
petesterthom_r: mid 2007 imac 2.8 core 2 duo 4 gigs ram00:22
thom_riceroot, correct00:22
awsi have 512 ram and celeron cpu can ubintu 12 or 13 work on my computer ??00:22
thom_raws, try Lubuntu00:22
icerootaws: i am using lubuntu 12.04 with a celeron 900mhz + 512 mb ram (eeepc)00:22
awsohh good whitch version00:23
awslubintu ?00:23
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.00:23
icerootaws: lubuntu 12.0400:23
awsok thanx ;)00:23
synamics_1666 users...00:24
thom_rpetester, was refit working?00:26
petesterthom_r: yup00:30
petesterthom_r: refit is working fine00:30
petesterugh downloading ubuntu over http takes FOREVER hahaha00:31
thom_rok, I think it was a bad disk.00:31
petesterthom_r: yeah I hope you're right00:31
xanguapetester: use torrent00:31
petesterxangua: but i've come so far already :/00:31
petesterbut ok00:31
thom_rhow much have you downloaded so far?00:32
petesterlike half00:32
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petesterbut i'm doing the torrent now so now its a race00:33
jhutchinsxangua: How many seeders on the torrent now?00:33
petesterjhutchins: I see 45 right now00:33
xanguajhutchins: No idea, but I am normaly seeding when not on battery00:33
petesternow 5000:33
lekugot a question.. I have my TV plugged into my HDMI, and it's working00:33
lekubut my cursor is locked into my TV and my VLC player is playing on the laptop00:34
petestersorry for yelling00:34
lekuand I can't control the laptop's screen00:34
thom_rleku, do you have the dock on both screens?00:35
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gmachine_24I am running Ubuntu server 13.10; just did the install; previously on Ubuntu I was able to configure the server so, e.g., if I started the gedit program from a remote computer, the application would actually open on my remote desktop00:40
gmachine_24I can't remember what argument/switch whatever I used to accomplish this. Does anyone know?00:40
bekksssh -X00:41
gmachine_24bekks, hey. thanks. from the remote cli? right?00:41
bekksgmachine_24: yes00:41
gmachine_24ssh -X or whatever00:41
lekui am not using the dock00:43
lekuwhen I go full screen in anything (video) it plays on the laptop00:44
lekunot the hdmi00:44
DenevienStill haven't heard anyone that could help, so I'll paste again. Let me know if I'm not supposed to do this.00:49
DenevienSo, I have a hosted box that uses Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit, and I use it for a ZNC. My problem is that when connecting to some networks, I either need to force users to use my IP v4, or force different v6s on them. I was told I need to set something up in my network interface to do the second one (which is apparently the better option). Anyone that can help with this?00:49
Jinxed-Could anyone help me figure out how to get libavfiler.so.4, I currently only have libavfiler.so.300:50
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thom_rpetester, did you get it downloaded?00:51
thom_rleku, so you have youtube open on the television screen, but when you click to go full screen it moves the video to the laptop display?00:53
PrideLiveHey guys! Im installing ubuntu server on my macbook pro as we speak. The network configuration part was just done, and now it shows a purple screen with a white line under. Any Tips? Been like this for 5 minutes00:54
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daftykinsJinxed-: you could try using 'apt-file'00:55
Jinxed-daftykins: ?00:55
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PetterHanssenThe screen is all purple, no command line yet00:56
PetterHanssenInstallation is not done yet00:56
daftykinsit's a command that can help you search for that file name (i believe you meant libavfilter) and the corresponding package00:56
daftykinsPetterHanssen: sounds like it's broken! try switching around between TTYs with alt+Fx00:56
PetterHanssenI just reinstalled :) seems like the network installation part was wrong. I think it install just fine now01:00
thom_rpetester, did you get Ubuntu downloaded?01:05
PetterHanssenHey, When im trying to install ubuntu server I get this: INstallation Step Failed; "Select adn isntall software" Anyone know why?01:11
BeldarPetterHanssen, So you know there is a #ubuntu-server channel as well.01:20
Corbinikonia: me again, it looks like this particular wifi chipset has support, just a sudo apt-get install wireless-bcm43142-dkms seems to be met with some success. I'm still trying to find info on the other components used, but so far it's looking alright01:23
DenevienI fear no one can help me. Is there anywhere else I can look for help?01:26
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vans276anyone know of a good channel to discus laptop repair?01:28
BjizzleHello. I'm trying to create a bridged connection in network-manager but when I go to connect it says "A connection with this UUID already exists." I already checked /etc/NetworkManager/system-connection and only one connection has the UUID.01:28
[[thufir]]from the CLI, how do I use apt-get to install https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/saucy/steam-launcher/  ?01:29
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advx_Hi All, Good Morning01:32
RedDeath[[thufir]] download packet and intall with apt-get install and read the manual in steam packed it will tell you how to do intall01:32
crankharderis unattended-upgrades doing something dumb in that every time I log into my production system it's suggesting I need to reboot them?  Should I be limiting the packages that are updated somehow?  Can't be rebooting prod this often01:35
crankharderthis is the only config I know of for it: https://gist.github.com/crankharder/40cd0149faee0486e08801:35
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BjizzleHello. I'm trying to create a bridged connection in network-manager but when I go to connect it says "A connection with this UUID already exists." I already checked /etc/NetworkManager/system-connection and only one connection has the UUID.01:39
AndroidLoverInSFhow to mount my cifs nas share as 1 user, but allow it to be rw for another "user" nobody special user?01:40
AndroidLoverInSFdo i need to make a nobody user on the nas and grant that privelige to the share, or it doesnt work that way?01:40
heywoodcan anyone suggest a concise grep+regexp call that would match 'foo baz' and 'foo bar baz', but not 'foo {anything other than bar} baz' ?01:42
heywoodright now i have grep 'foo baz\|foo bar baz' — is that the "cleanest" way to do it?01:43
Corbinwouldn't that just be something like foo (bar)? baz01:43
MrJeromehow can I tell what is causing a slow shutdown?01:48
pac1ps aux01:48
MrJeromeduring shutdown01:48
heywoodCorbin: nope, that doesn't work here. in case it matters, i'm running bash.01:49
pac1I'm having trouble getting logged in to cups.  It asks for username and password and won't accept my usual login.01:49
heywoodmaybe i need to escape the parens, like grep 'foo \(bar\)? baz' ?01:49
MrJeromepac1 you just need to reboot01:49
pac1think so?01:49
Merthow can i install ".run"  files in xubuntu?01:54
daftykinsMert: is it a graphics driver by any chance?01:55
Mertit is a game01:55
daftykinsah, interesting01:55
daftykinschmod +x foo.run01:56
Mertthank you im trying now01:56
interdpthIs it possible to not mount a device on boot?02:00
interdpthFor instance I don't want to see my windows parition02:00
NoxiousHi. I'm pretty new to Ubuntu and Linux in general and I'm having a problem where when i open my web browser, if i search something it will stop loading, but i can still do things on the OS.02:00
NoxiousJust wondering if someone could help me out.02:00
thom_rwhat web browser are you using?02:01
NoxiousMozilla Firefox02:01
thom_rhave you tried another web browser?02:02
NoxiousI've restarted a couple times but no luck.02:02
Noxiousno I havent.02:02
thom_rtry Chromium02:03
daftykinsNoxious: what do you mean by 'search something' ? are you using the toolbar search box or are you on a website entering a search parameter?02:03
NoxiousA website address works correctly, but anything in the search google search bar or any search typed in the address bar will load the initial Google page, but won't let me do anything once on the page. The status at the bottom is stuck at "waiting for www.google.com..."02:05
Ubuntu1looking for a good malware program, any suggestions02:06
CorbinI'm assuming you mean malware detection/removal program?02:06
Ubuntu1anyone here?02:06
daftykinsNoxious: how about visiting google.com then using its' search box within the page, any difference? same hold up?02:06
CorbinThere are a handful, but the one I've heard the most about is ClamAV. You'll get more results (probably dozens of blog lists) by googling for linux antivirus or similar02:07
Ubuntu1Corb: yes, detection and removal02:07
daftykinsCorbin: i really want to say Corbiiiiiin... Dallaaaaaaaaaaaaas! Is your nickname a reference? :)02:09
daftykinsor is it just your name ;x02:09
Noxiouswhen i first open Firefox the home page is google and same problem with that search bar. I've also just figured out the search bar on youtube produces the same problem. I search something in the bar, but the loading stops and i have to terminate the application. (I also had to terminate it previously.)02:09
Mertdaftykins it's not work02:10
daftykinsNoxious: might be worth looking for info from where you got it02:10
BeldarNoxious, Any addons?02:12
Noxiouswhere i got what exactly?02:13
daftykinsNoxious: oh sorry, wrong user highlight02:13
daftykinsMert: might be worth looking for info from where you got it02:13
BeldarNoxious, Use nicks here, and be clear.02:14
daftykinsNoxious: sounds like a DNS issue potentially, but i must go to bed so i shall leave you in Beldar's capable hands02:14
Mertokay thank you02:15
Corbindaftykins: it's just my name. The Fifth Element character's name is spelled Korben.02:15
daftykinsCorbin: aww, you raise a fair point. sorry :)02:15
BeldarNoxious, You can reset firefox https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/reset-firefox-easily-fix-most-problems and make new profiles. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/profile-manager-create-and-remove-firefox-profiles02:16
NoxiousBeldar: extensions? plug -ins? I've been trying to update flash player all day, but it hasn't been working correctly. would that have anything to do with it?02:16
BeldarNoxious, Update flash player, how?02:20
Beldarhow did you install flash?02:21
NoxiousBeldar: Ive been running Ubuntu off of a live flash drive and youtube wouldn't play without the correct version of flash player and i tried downloading the correct one from adobe.com but after downloading it still wouldn't work. I'm afraid I just don't know enough to tell if i did anything wrong.02:22
BeldarNoxious, Is this a live session on a flash drive? you would get flash from the ubuntu repos.02:23
Noxiousyes it is. is that the software center? (once again my lack of knowledge)02:26
BeldarNoxious, Problem with a live session is you have to turn off the ISO and open the repos, does this usb have a persistence?02:29
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BjizzleHi, how canni clear all traces of a previous wireless network I connected to?02:29
NoxiousBeldar, yes. I set it to about 500 mb when i created the live USB02:31
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BeldarNoxious, That is not much it will fill up and is not cleanable, open gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list and put a # in front of the cd and make sure the repos have no # in front. Run a update the install flashplugin-installer02:34
cppCzarI need help installing ubuntu to my macbook pro (which is already dual booted with windows 8)02:35
cppCzarI don't want to GNU loader02:35
cppCzaror the GRUB loader, whatever the boot loader is called02:35
quasidentify quas 6578921302:41
BeldarNoxious, Not sure what has been done causing the original problem, but that is the flash install02:44
kernixhey all02:51
cppCzarcan anyone help me add ubuntu to my macbook pro?02:52
cppCzarIt already has OSx, Windows 8, and refit02:52
wallzeroGreetings. How can I bridge a connection using NetworkManager?02:57
wallzeroOr rather, is it possible yet with NetworkManager? There is an option to setup a bridge but it does not seem to be working.02:57
ZiberSo, I have pulseaudio installed and I can't seem to get skype to hear what I'm saying...03:04
BeldarZiber, This skype from their website or the ubuntu repos?03:06
ZiberUh. Don't remember, I've had it installed a long time now...03:06
BeldarZiber, The repos version is suggested is all on the wiki.03:07
ZiberAre you familiar with pulseaudio?03:07
Beldarno, it's installed already03:07
Ziberyeah. But I've had luck messing with pulseaudio settings to get it to work in the past.03:08
PetterHanssenHey ! Anyone got experience with Grunt?03:09
ZiberI just wish there was a way to automatically get my computer to use the microphone built into my headphones when it's plugged in...03:09
Beldar!anyone | PetterHanssen03:09
ubottuPetterHanssen: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.03:09
dark1hi - complete linux noob here, can you points me to a dummies guide to getting my head around this command line thingi03:10
Ben64!manual | dark103:11
ubottudark1: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/03:11
dark1thanks Ben I have goten that far, can use it fine, now want to get a bit more techie03:11
Ben64dark1: like what...03:12
dark1like installing stuff that is not in the software center03:13
Beldardark1, the software center calls the repos like all the install mechs.03:14
dark1trying to install freenet, it needs java from sun first, can't seem to install either03:15
ZiberIn the pulseaudio controller, I want stereo duplex, for input/output, right?03:15
PetterHanssenAnyone able to help me with grunt? This is my error: petter@ubuntu:~/Desktop/website-master$ npm install -g grunt-cli03:15
PetterHanssennpm http GET https://registry.npmjs.org/grunt-cli03:15
PetterHanssennpm ERR! Error: failed to fetch from registry: grunt-cli03:15
PetterHanssennpm ERR!     at /usr/share/npm/lib/utils/npm-registry-client/get.js:139:1203:15
PetterHanssennpm ERR!     at cb (/usr/share/npm/lib/utils/npm-registry-client/request.js:31:9)03:15
PetterHanssennpm ERR!     at Request._callback (/usr/share/npm/lib/utils/npm-registry-client/request.js:136:18)03:15
FloodBot1PetterHanssen: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:15
Beldar!java | dark103:15
ubottudark1: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.03:15
somsipPetterHanssen: more a node thing than a ubuntu thing. Try #nodejs (from memory)03:16
PetterHanssenAny way to send my error message i get from grunt? Its pretty long03:16
BeldarPetterHanssen, The bot tells you how.03:16
somsipPetterHanssen: read what the bot just told you03:17
SchrodingersScatdark1: I've also found this answer to be helpful: http://askubuntu.com/a/5611903:18
PetterHanssenAnyone here that can help me with Grunt please? My error message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6742499/03:18
dark1so i downloaded the java version I needed in a .tar.gz format, managed to save and unpack it, now want to install it - there's no exe file ?? am lost03:19
Beldardark1, exe is windows use a deb03:19
Ben64PetterHanssen: you may want to ask in #node.js03:20
PetterHanssenSure, will do. Thanks03:20
Ben64!java | dark103:20
ubottudark1: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.03:20
Ben64dark1: you should probably avoid installing java in any other way03:20
dark1Ok In apprecaite that, but still would like to know how i install anything else, what is a deb?03:21
ZiberSo, there has to be a way for skype to just "work" on Ubuntu, right?03:21
Ben64!deb | dark103:22
ubottudark1: deb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.03:22
apz665Hi everyone03:22
apz665Can someone tell me please whats the relation between vm_enough_memory() and out_of_memory().03:22
Beldardark1, I think I would use a simpler install to figure out tars, in general a tar install is not needed in but few cases.03:23
marienzapz665: context? these are not libc functions03:23
dark1OK, so once have java running, i d/l freenet, this one a .jar, managed to unpack it, now what (no deb file either)03:24
apz665@marienz I am reading about OOM in linux and I understand that when checking available memory, the number of required pages is passed as a parameter to vm_enough_memory(). Unless the system administrator has specified that the system should overcommit memory, the mount of available memory will be checked. If the total number of pages added here is sufficient for the request, vm_enough_memory() returns true to the caller. If false is ret03:25
Ben64dark1: you don't unpack a jar... you have java run it03:25
apz665@marienz In all this where and when does out_of_memory gets called03:25
nearstdark1, java -jar <jar file>03:25
NictraSaviosHello, how can I view how much VRAM is available to my system, or if my dedicated graphics card is working properly (Its an Optimus card)03:25
dark1oh hell, why is this tuff so complicated, damn - windows is easier !03:25
Beldarleaning is always tough03:26
apz665marienz: the source code of vm_enough_memory() doesnt call out_of_memory()03:26
androidfr33kIM trying to run/install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 bit onto a PC that has a Gigabyte Motherboard with EFI bios.  I see to be running into some problems.  Its starts to boot I choose try ubuntu then end up with a black screen03:26
SchrodingersScatdark1: you can also try a -console after that, as per freenet page here: https://freenetproject.org/download.html#unix03:26
glitsj16Ziber: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SkypeTroubleshooting might help03:26
Ben64dark1: it really isn't that complicated, you're making it much more difficult than is needed03:26
Beldar!14.04 | androidfr33k03:26
ubottuandroidfr33k: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+103:26
androidfr33kits not official?03:27
dark1yep - that is where I started, to find a dummies guide to using the console, list of commands and what they do etc would be usefull, I am not a programmer03:27
Beldarandroidfr33k, 14.04 is a development, not really a stable install.03:27
nearstdark1, im not programmer either :)03:27
androidfr33kno wonder03:27
androidfr33ksame with 14.10?03:27
NictraSaviosandroidfr33k, It comes out in April, until then 13.10 is our darling regular release, and 12.04 is the LTS.03:28
SchrodingersScatdark1: I mean the command you are looking for might be: java -jar freenet_installer_you_downloaded.jar -console03:28
Beldarandroidfr33k, there is no 14.10, 13.10 is the latest release03:28
dark1Ok, where might I type that command03:28
NictraSaviosandroidfr33k, The numbers actually tell you when its released. 13.10 <  2013, October (The 10th month), so 14.04 is released on 2014, April. :D03:28
nearst!terminal | dark103:28
ubottudark1: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal03:28
SchrodingersScatdark1: wherever you downloaded the jar file.03:29
apz665Can someone tell me please whats the relation between vm_enough_memory() and out_of_memory().03:29
androidfr33kI never noticed that thanks03:29
marienzapz665: again, context? I don't have a linux source tree handy. What you're reading might well be pseudocode.03:29
apz665marienz: source code: https://www.kernel.org/doc/gorman/html/understand/understand030.html03:30
dark1Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal      thank you, that is what I am after03:30
Ben64dark1: the only thing you need the terminal for is for the command "java"03:31
SchrodingersScatBen64: but you can do everything in terminal03:31
Ben64indeed you can03:31
apz665marienz: https://www.kernel.org/doc/gorman/html/understand/understand016.html this is the text03:31
dark1I appreciate what the terminal does, like the command lione in windows, I jsut want to learn how to use it03:32
NictraSaviosandroidfr33k, Not a problem, :)03:32
marienzapz665: I'd have to read more code, but my understanding is it's up to the caller of vm_enough_memory to call out_of_memory (if it really does need the memory)03:32
Ben64dark1: it seemed like you just want freenet to work, but you want to learn the terminal too?03:32
nearstdark1, it far better than cmd in windows if u know what todo with it :)03:32
NictraSaviosdark1, Here is a good book on it: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8D5Ml-blW7ZbDlUTHhIYnJGSFk/edit03:33
dark1getting freenet to work was probelm No1, but I want to get my head around the terminal thingi, looks useful and I want to be less naieve :)03:33
NictraSaviosdark1,  A better link to the same free book: http://danvac.webzde.cz/TLCL-13.07.pdf03:34
marienzapz665: no, that's not quite right. IIUC then operations that'll end up allocating memory eventually can call vm_enough_memory up front, and return ENOMEM or similar if there isn't. Otherwise if that memory is eventually allocated the code doing the allocating will call out_of_memory if it can't do its job03:34
MarGul Hi! When I put a test index.php (<html><body><?php echo "This works!"; ?></body></html>) in my webroot(runnig ubuntu server 12.04 and nginx) the text gets shown properly and all looks good. But when I then upload (through fileZilla, binary transfermode) my own index.php nothing gets shown. Its just a blank page. Anyone have any suggestions were to start troubleshooting?03:34
apz665marienz: then in that case we cant really control when OOM kicks in, it will kick in whenever out_of_memory would be called ie whenever vm_enough_memory will return ENOMEM03:34
SchrodingersScatdark1: bash is neat: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide03:34
marienzapz665: note the bit about overcommit (you'll want to read up on that if you don't already know what it is). That's why those two functions can be called quite a ways away from each other.03:34
dark1OK, now we're cooking with fire  - thank you !03:34
nearst<3 bash03:35
marienzapz665: in an ideal world, if you have overcommit disabled then code that needs memory will always have it, so out_of_memory never gets called03:35
cppCzarcan anyone help me triple boot on a macbook pro03:35
marienzapz665: in an overcommitted world, you can indeed not control when out_of_memory occurs. That's more or less the unfortunate truth of overcommit.03:35
marienzapz665: (and linux allows overcommit out of the box, with some applications more or less relying on it to function in machines with a reasonable amount of memory)03:36
ryan_461I want to change my freenode password but I don't know what "key" represents in /msg NickServ SETPASS <account> <key> <newpass>.Can someone tell me?03:36
nearstryan_461, try ack in #freenode03:37
marienzryan_461: use /msg nickserv set password blah03:37
SchrodingersScatI've had weird issues where moving files within an ntfs partition really makes a copy.  Maybe i need 'mv foo bar ; sync'? it's weird, serves me right for keeping ntfs around.03:37
apz665marienz yes I am aware of over commit concept, if it is disabled then we can in a way control when OOM kicks in03:37
marienzryan_461: (but yes, that's a #freenode question. The "key" is when you reset a password you forgot, and got it emailed to you)03:37
MeluI am running Ubuntu 12.04. When I login to root and does a ulimit -a, I can see that the resources of root user is capped. I want to unlimit the number of open files cap. For that I did 'ulimit -H -n' unlimited as a root user. However I got an error as  "bash: ulimit: open files: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted". What is the issue here that prevents the root to set the limits?03:38
marienzapz665: right. In that case you should not hit out_of_memory, as far as I know (because all code that'll cause allocations checks vm_enough_memory and errors out if there's not enough)03:38
ryan_461Thank-you nearest and marienz03:38
=== Mars is now known as Guest91280
marienzapz665: IIUC those extra checks in out_of_memory are there to somewhat mitigate the badness that'd otherwise occur if code calls out_of_memory over and over while the system isn't out of memory (the OOM killer would kill everything without the caller making progress)03:39
plutoIs there anything that can be done speed up ubuntu live with persistence?  I created it with unetbootin but it is painfully slow.03:39
nearstMelu, u did try with sudo ulimit -a ?03:39
Melu<nearst> I did the ulimit as a root user. I believe that is enough03:40
flosNictraSavios, thanks for your book, it's nice!03:40
apz665marienz this all makes sense except your last comment; if code calls out_of_memory over and over while the system isn't out of memory (the OOM killer would kill everything without the caller making progress). Why would out-of_memory() be called out again and again?03:41
marienzapz665: because of broken code (that tries to do something that's vaguely related to but not exactly the same as allocating memory, it fails, so it calls out_of_memory and tries again)03:41
NictraSaviosflos, Thanks, be sure to thank the guy who wrote it too :).03:41
flosNictraSavios, sure! :)03:42
marienzapz665: I don't have a linux source tree around, but it might be interesting to search for callers of out_of_memory and see how many there are03:42
marienzapz665: and the other reason is that the system might need to wait for swapout or the like to occur (as the text you linked to says). All code calling out_of_memory checking that and waiting a bit probably wasn't considered sane.03:43
flosapz665, maybe you can set the 'panic_on_oom' kernel parameter, and capture a vmcore for analysis03:43
TheLordOfTimewhat package contains add-apt-repository?03:43
nearstMelu, ubuntu not support root user for security concern. use sudo instead. anyway. try look at /etc/security/limit.conf03:43
TheLordOfTimefound it03:44
marienzapz665: (so instead of calling code having to wait, out_of_memory just won't do anything if it was already called recently, or it can determine that waiting would suffice)03:44
Melu<nearst> limits.conf does not have any rule that caps the resource of the root user. I did not understand "ubuntu not support root user for security concern" . What did you mean by that?03:45
apz665marienz: So IIUC OS code which is responsible of allocating memory to a process executes vm_enough_memory() and depending on over commit calls out_of_memory03:45
marienzapz665: is this just curiousity or are you debugging something? If you're debugging something, note the documentation you're reading may not fully match current code :)03:45
apz665marienz: weekend fun, not debugging anything :)03:45
nearst!sudo | Melu03:46
ubottuMelu: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo03:46
apz665marienz: where can I find relevant matching information03:46
marienzapz665: IIUC if the process wants memory it calls something like brk() or mmap(), which'll call vm_enough_memory, which in the non-overcommit case won't let the process have any if the system is out (-ENOMEM). Otherwise the system gets virtual memory, which isn't necessarily mapped yet. If mapping it later fails, the kernel calls out_of_memory()03:47
marienzerr, the *process* gets virtual memory03:48
marienzapz665: for fully authoritative documentation you'd have to dig around in the linux source tree, I think03:48
Melu<ubottu> You cannot run ulimit as sudo, since ulimit is a bash inbuilt.03:48
apz665marienz: this all makes sense, thanks for helping me out here, wasnt getting much help from google on this one really03:49
marienzapz665: don't take my words as gospel! I think I'm mostly correct here but I'm no kernel hacker03:49
apz665marienz: point noted03:49
tripelbcan I put cinnamon on ubuntu?03:50
cppCzarcan someone please help me triple boot my macbook pro?03:50
BjizzleHow can I completely reset all networking settings?03:54
nearstBjizzle, http://askubuntu.com/questions/322250/resetting-network-settings-in-ubuntu-13-0403:56
cppCzarI guess no one can help me :(03:57
mybitcppCzar, why not just use vm's?03:58
BjizzleNearst, I tried that.03:58
juxtaI'm trying to configure dhcpd so that logging ends up in /var/log/dhcpd.log instead of in syslog. I've set the config directives and configured rsyslog, but after restarting both, logging still ends up in syslog. what might I be doing wrong?03:59
cppCzarmybit: I have to do some OpenGL graphics programming and need OpenGL 4.303:59
cppCzarbut virtual box only offers OpenGL 2.103:59
d0x0bznam deka e on04:03
interdpthWould it be possible to upgrade from a 32 bit install of ubuntu to a 64 bit version from within the OS? I don't want to delete everything I've setup unless I have too04:05
NictraSavios!si | d0x0b04:05
ubottud0x0b: Kanal za podporo slovenskim uporabnikom Ubuntuja je #ubuntu-si. Če potrebujete pomoč v Slovenskem jeziku, prosimo da se nam pridružite in probali vam bomo pomagati. Slovenian language support channel is #ubuntu-si04:05
plutoIs there anything that can be done speed up ubuntu live with persistence?  I created it with unetbootin but it is painfully slow.04:10
James0rhaving some problems installing mplayer. dependency issues but i can't figure it out. ran 'apt-get install -f' but i get this --> http://dpaste.com/1548584/04:11
NictraSaviospluto, Putting it on a USB is about the best you can do. Remember that the entire thing has to be committed to RAM (So maybe faster RAM?). You could possibly alter some services and such, but not much can be done due to the nature of the Live CD.04:11
NictraSaviospluto, A faster USB could also help. One with USB3.0 would be pretty good.04:12
plutoAre there any tricks for example04:12
plutoI noticed when I did debian and created a persistence partion with the persistence.conf it seemed faster than unetbootin's casper-rw file inside fat3204:13
plutoOr perhaps write on shutdown or something04:14
plutoIt's very very fast with no persistence04:14
NictraSaviospluto, It sounds to me like your USB is slow then, but I am by no means an expert at all.04:15
plutoNo worries I'm not either04:15
NictraSaviosIf anyone knows more about this, then please chime in.04:15
plutoJust spent quite a few hours trying to make it faster04:15
flospluto, how about change another usb port?04:17
interdpthI have 12.04 installed, can I update to 13.10 from within ubuntu?04:17
NictraSaviosinterdpth, You'll have to upgrade to 13.04, and then from 13.04, to 13.10.04:17
interdpthah okay04:17
NictraSaviosinterdpth, Er, from 12.04 to 12.10, then 13.04, then 13.10.04:17
plutoflos tried that too =\04:18
interdpththanks :D04:18
interdpthgonna go find some links for that04:18
NictraSaviospluto, Out of curiosity, why do you need a very fast liveCD?04:18
plutoNictraSavios, it doesn't need to be very fast just responsive.  I'm going to teach a class on software development and the labs don't have linux (I know) so I was going to buy a bunch of flash drives and drop them in the back and let students take the keys home with them to work on their own inevitably windows machines.04:20
NictraSaviosinterdpth, Honestly the offical recommendation for a jump like that is a reinstall (Upgrade from LiveCD if it gives you the option), but that is up to you to decide.04:20
interdpthI'll try the upgrade from livecd04:20
interdpthI do need more experience so I'll bite the bullet with that04:20
plutoIt can take 5-10 minutes to install just apache2 with the usb04:20
plutoanother 5-10 for mysql-server04:20
flospluto, what is the motherboard's model? what usb type it supports? and what's your usb chipset?04:21
NictraSaviospluto, take a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization. You may be able to preinstall apache and mysql04:21
plutoflos, it will vary since the students take them home with themselves04:21
plutopluto, I'm doing that with uck this very second =)04:22
flospluto, the usb chipset i mean is the chipset of your usb disk.04:22
NictraSavios!remaster | pluto04:22
ubottupluto: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility04:22
plutoI'm thinking of preinstalling apache etc... and having just persistent home dir's04:22
plutoflos its a kingston dtse9 I'm afraid I don't know the chipsets04:23
KI7MTpluto, You may want to look into the OEM install as well, you can setup the image how you like, e.g. install packages etc  .. this is a bit old, but vaild I think: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu_OEM_Installer_Overview04:23
NictraSaviospluto, is XAMPP on windows an option? (Not really Ubuntu support, sorry for the OT)04:23
plutoflos, my machine supports 2.0 and 3.0 and I could get the motherboard info if it would help but I'm thinking this has more to do with strategy04:23
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flospluto, ah.. okay. first, you can try another tool to write the liveCD to your usb disk. for me, i choose this tool: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/04:24
plutoNictraSavios, it probably is but inevitably a PITA04:24
=== timrc is now known as timrc-afk
NictraSaviospluto, I agree haha.04:24
plutoWow thanks everyone!04:24
plutoKI7MT, Ill check that out04:25
KI7MTpluto, thenonece you have one USB key the way you want it, just dd from one to the other.04:25
plutoflos, I used unetbootin because that only works for windows I think04:25
flospluto, second, you can check your usb disk's chipset with this tool: http://xiazai.zol.com.cn/detail/43/424414.shtml <--- it's a Chinese website.04:25
plutoKI7MT, is there another way =)04:25
NictraSaviospluto, Ubuntu comes with a USB installed by default actually.04:25
plutoflos thanks a bunch that might actually help04:25
NictraSaviosUSB installer*04:26
NictraSaviospluto, Search for "startup disk" in the unity menu.04:26
KI7MTpluto, lots of ways really, another way would be pre-seed, but that's a bit complicated for what your after I think.04:26
plutooh I run debian not ubuntu04:26
flospluto, and the tool can produce a detailed report of your usb disk, so that we can know your usb clearly.04:26
plutoBut debian makes it hard (for newbies) to get the firmware-linux package04:27
plutoGranted its only adding non-free but it will blow peoples minds04:27
flospluto, for those tools, they should need a windows.04:28
bsmith093i'm wget-ing a bunch of files from a list. is there a way to number them automatically, in the ordr they were downloaded04:28
plutoI want to strongly discourage windows use.  I'm aware of how that sounds in an #ubuntu IRC chan04:28
KI7MTbsmith093, not sure I understand numbering ? as in the order they are DL or what?04:30
bsmith093KI7MT: yes, exactly04:30
flospluto, i know.. but i could not found a tool which can get a full report of a usb disk under Linux... as all usb producer distribute their mass production tools under windows...04:30
lotuspsychjeflos: what kind of tool are you looking for?04:31
NictraSaviospluto, You could do what my 3rd year engineering proff did... find Linux only software and tell us to dual boot, or only use Ubuntu, or accept an F.04:32
NictraSaviospluto, Although the ethics of that is questionable, it worked XD.04:32
floslotuspsychje, me? for example, you can change the usb chipset's mode and do the mass production.04:32
KI7MTbsmith093, try some sed one liners, like sed = filename.txt | sed filename.txt 'N;s/\n/\t/'  .. ask ing the sed / awk room, should be pretty easy.04:32
plutoNictraSavios, I used cloud9 last semester (way way way too slooooooooow) and I had a student get VERY mad he had to install Google Chrome on his macbook to get it to work.04:33
plutoAnother reason the usb live would be idea.  I could just give him a look like O_o04:33
lotuspsychjeflos: not sure if i've seen something like that yet, tryed testdisk maybe?04:33
ptuladharbsmith093, you can sort by timestamp and use sed one-liner for numbering.04:33
xinyiFriends how are you?04:33
bsmith093ptuladhar: how?04:34
lotuspsychjexinyi: hello, what can we do for you?04:34
xinyiI am a new ubuntukylin04:34
xinyiSounder is founded...04:34
ptuladharbsmith093, use 'ls -1t' for sorting newest download first04:35
ptuladharbsmith093, then you can use simple bash loop to start appending numbering at the end of the file.04:37
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Shamrock13Can anyone help me figure out how to get my sound to work on my Dell 17r SE?04:49
KI7MTbsmith093, ptuladhar that's another way to do it. If he has a loope or is readline the file list anyway .. he could preload the file with line numbers, and awk the file name for the wget.04:49
mdihhi guys, when can we exactly say that the iostat results are high?04:50
NictraSaviosmdih, When they are either above the average, or in the top 25%/10% depending on your definition of "high".04:51
KI7MTexactly, depends on load and what its doing, server desktop etc.04:52
OerHeksShamrock13, sound does not work or just the subwoofer:?04:52
Shamrock13I installed Bumblebee and the Nvidia drivers which I assume took precedent over my speakers because only digital/analog sound is showing and not speakers.04:53
Shamrock13I've tried getting alsa installed again correctly, but I'm really not having any luck whatsoever.04:54
Shamrock13I don't want to get rid of Bumblebee since it is properly switching between discrete and integrated graphics.04:54
mdih@NictraSavios, first off i noticed this in /proc/loadavg ( which i think just similar with the one output in uptime right?) values are about 32.01 33.81. 30.19 for the first 304:55
mdihthese are high right?04:56
mdihand please correct me if i'm wrong. but /proc/loadavg does not only inform about CPU right?04:56
somsipmdih: unless you have high numbers of multiple cores, it's high04:57
babinlonstonWhat the samba client package in linux mint ?04:57
NictraSaviosmdih, To be fully honest, I know nothing about io load averages. I thought you were comparing your values for benchmarking purposes, and I was suggesting you compare against google-ed averages.04:57
mdihjust 4 :(04:57
somsipmdih: horribly high then04:58
KI7MTyeah that's three cores at stupid high levels.04:58
OerHeksShamrock13, i read about issues with sound on 13.04 and 13.10, different solutions, but there is no mention about bumblebee related issues04:58
meddyguys is there a app to massdownload my pics from flikir?04:59
KI7MTmeddy, what kind of access do you have to you files, ftp, ssh ?04:59
meddywhat you mean?05:00
mdih@somsip, thanks, waah indeed. anyway, i just want to verify this doesn't necessarily mean all cpu usage right? like maybe a disk problem also ? I/O05:01
mdih@NictraSavios, thanks :)05:01
KI7MTmeddy, I've heard of apps like Flickir Backup and BulkFlicker or something like that05:01
OerHeksmeddy > https://www.flickr.com/services/apps/tags/Linux05:01
somsipmdih: yeah - load can be down to anything that is blocking the CPU from doing what it should do05:02
KI7MTyeah, there ya go FlickirDownload05:02
meddyany suggested app that would download my pictures in FULL QUALITY ?05:02
mdih@somsip, that being said, meaning there's no guarantee that restarting the service will fix the problem right? waah :(05:03
somsipmdih: unlikely, as the same demand will build up on the server over time. Try to discount one thing at a time. I usually start with disk io times as most servers I admin use slowish disks05:04
meddywitch one should I get05:05
KI7MTYeah, use htop or something, just leave it run in a session, it's good fer seeing things like that05:05
KI7MTls -al .. ooops :-005:07
somsipKI7MT: 'll' surely? tsk ;-)05:07
mdih@somsip: thanks, which lead me to my first question, when can we really say that io stats are high? i have this for instance: Device:         rrqm/s   wrqm/s   r/s   w/s   rsec/s   wsec/s avgrq-sz avgqu-sz   await  svctm  %util05:07
mdihsda               0.02    33.97  0.07 10.23    12.18   353.83    35.53     0.02    1.76   2.69   2.7705:07
mdihopps sorry05:07
mdihi should have pasted it somewhere05:07
mdihsorry :P05:08
somsipmdih: yeah - put it on paste.ubuntu.com with a few more lines so it shows history05:08
meddycan I import my pictures from my flikir account with shotwell?05:08
OerHeksmeddy yes, shotwell has a plugin, see the list05:08
KI7MTsomsip, Im old school .. I forget about those alias sets in .bashrc .. lol ..05:09
meddydoesn't see anywhere where it says how to install it05:09
KI7MTYeah, it's 'll', 'la' 'l' .. lol05:10
somsipKI7MT: those extra keystrokes add up over a year :) OT!05:10
mdih@somsip, here it is :D http://paste.ubuntu.com/6742826/05:10
mdihbasically just want to check if these are high or not..no idea :(05:10
OerHeksmeddy shotwel > edit > preferences > plugins > flickr / facebook / picasa etc05:11
meddyit already enabled05:12
somsipmdih: iowait% is 0, so this is not a problem at this point in time.05:12
Shamrock13DerHeks, do you think there is any fix?05:12
meddyI can't find how to import them!05:13
KI7MTmdih, If you dont already have it, dstat is another good monitoring tool, forgot about that one.05:15
mdih@somsip, thanks. it can spike upto 0.94% though, not sure again if this is high enough05:15
mdih@KI7MT, oh i haven't used that one05:15
mdihlet me give it a try thanks05:15
somsipmdih: no - I have DBs that screech along at 50% iowait when I'm doing horrible things to them. They really start to struggle if it's above 80-90% though.05:16
KI7MTmdih, sudo apt-get install dstat && dstat05:16
guest35405is it possible to Crossfire AMD APU integrated graphics w/ discrete Radeon 6670 in KDE/KUbuntu? (I already got it working in MS Windows)(dual-boot).05:16
KI7MTpretty colors too ;-)05:16
mdih@somsip, thanks. hmm which bugs me as to why /proc/loadavg keeps on giving around 30 something figures :( and  i can't find any processes that eat a huge chuck of the cpu grr05:18
somsipmdih: this is the mouth of the rabbit hole. It's not always a pleasant journey...05:18
mdih@KI7MT, thanks thanks05:18
mdihhaha grr haha05:18
somsipmdih: I usually find myself reading the same webpages I read 6 months before on nmstat and iostat and stuff like that. I can't say it's something I've learned well yet.05:19
meddyno answer on how to import my flikir pictures to my computer on ubuntu?05:20
Shamrock13Can anyone help me figure out how to get my sound to work on my Dell 17r SE?05:20
KI7MTMost of the time, I only go reading when there's an issue,, but there neat tools to play around with ..05:20
KI7MT!patience | meddy05:21
ubottumeddy: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/05:21
PandaPandaShamrock: I'm not very Ubuntu savy but I can help you troubleshoot05:23
Shamrock13What I've done so far is reinstall all things ALSA, but it doesn't seem to have worked.05:24
Shamrock13I installed Bumblebee and the Nvidia drivers which I assume took precedent over my speakers because only digital/analog sound is showing and not speakers.05:24
cvtsxhow do i run a script?05:24
cvtsxit has read and write perms05:25
cvtsxi just need to now how to run i t05:25
PandaPandaShamrock13: my first guess is drivers and if your devices are supported. Can you find the manufacturer site and look for a list of drivers?05:25
KI7MTcvtsx, in xterm chmod +x <file-name> && ./<file-name>05:25
Shamrock13There aren't any for my laptop sadly.05:25
cvtsxthx man05:25
Shamrock13I checked Dell's site already05:25
cvtsxi am getting this "-bash: ./craftbukkit.sh: /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory05:27
KI7MTcvtsx, did you write the script ?05:28
maxxsireMy computer has worked perfect for over a year and a half now, and I could let it run for days, but in the last month after having it started up for about an hour or less it gets real sluggish. It's getting worse day by day, even at about 20-30 minutes in. My CPU runs at 5-15 percent and my RAm runs at 10-30 percent.05:28
cvtsxno i c/p it from bukkit.org05:29
KI7MTcvtsx, That's more than likely and dos to unix CR <carrge return> issue.05:29
cvtsxk thanks man05:30
KI7MTcvtsx, look into dos2unix app05:30
cvtsxits right here http://wiki.bukkit.org/Setting_up_a_server#Linux05:30
KI7MTcvtsx, cd to the dir, then: wget http://dl.bukkit.org/latest-rb/craftbukkit.jar  then follow the rest of the instructions.05:31
Fouhello anyone up to help me out ?05:32
PandaPandaShamrock13: if not one for dell, what about one for the parts? I don't the parts are made by dell.05:33
KI7MTcvtsx, if the file was edited in like notepad or notepadd++ sometime the CR and LF get Window-ized, and *Nix has issues wiht that.05:33
Foui am not sure how to setup ssl on ubuntu thought apache05:33
KI7MT!ask | Fou05:33
ubottuFou: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:33
maxxsireFirefox starts shutting down within minutes of being sluggish and I have to restart my computer to do anything. What are possible fixes to this dilemma. Can someone please help me I've been on here already three times in the last week? Thanks in advance.05:33
cvtsxalright, i will have to look in to that05:33
PandaPandaShamrock13: you mentioned nvidia?05:33
KI7MTFou, If your on 13.10 Apache 2.4 changed a bit but this is a good start: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/httpd.html05:34
Fouim using 12.04.3 right now05:35
Foubut let me take a ook05:35
navneet_hi all05:36
Fouright now i just setup owncloud and thinking of enabling ssl but also i am wondering is it hard to move to nginx?05:36
PandaPandaHow do I read !patience ? Lol05:36
navneet_please help me out05:36
navneet_i wnat to install dhcp serv05:37
maxxsireI'll literally have to restart my computer in like 30 minutes so please info05:37
KI7MTFou, apachectl -V should give you all the info you need.05:38
PandaPandaHey maxxsire youve installed and uninstalled right?05:38
deependercan anyone tell what does this command mean in ubuntu05:38
Foureally :-)05:38
KI7MTnavneet_, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/dhcp3-server05:38
KI7MTFou, or if you dont want fancy just: apachectl -V |grep version05:39
PandaPandaAnd maxxsire is it justo the browser that slows por everything?05:40
KI7MTdeepender, what command ?05:40
=== Mars is now known as Guest64932
KI7MTFou, regaurding Nginx, move to it is easy, but do you need it .. allit of times Apache + Nginx is a better setup for caching and speed, Ng for static data and Apache2 for the heavy php stuff.05:41
DoverMoanyone use jack?05:42
KI7MT*allot of times.. .. ..05:42
somsip!anyone | DoverMo05:42
ubottuDoverMo: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:42
maxxsireI haven't reinstalled yet. It is within the browser.05:42
Founo i don't reallly need it just maybe it would work better with owncloud05:42
KI7MTFou, It really depends on the services you provide, if your serving up mostly static data, Ng may be faster, not always.05:43
KI7MTFou, if you really want to crank it down on render times have a looky here: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/05:44
Fouwell right now its only for personal but in the near future may use it for other customers05:44
maxxsire<PandaPanda> I haven't reinstalled yet. It is within the browser.05:44
Fouthank you ! interesting05:44
maxxsirePandaPanda I haven't reinstalled yet. It is within the browser.05:45
KI7MTFou, Compressed .js .. compressed txt, gz text files, all plays into render speeds.05:45
maxxsireHow do you select someone to talk to?05:45
Fouits saying i should fix a few things lol05:46
KI7MTFou, Apache + Nginx is a good compination for caching server, then for Heavy imaged, CD ISO / DVD stuff, look into Amazon CDN or something.05:46
KI7MTFou, PageSpeed .. there's plugin for chromium, and there's some FF tools tool, good stuff for speed increasing.05:47
Fouwhats the plugin ?05:47
PandaPandaMaxxsire: private chat on here can be started with "/m username"05:47
KI7MTFou, Case in Point: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/module/05:47
Foudesktop 87 /100 and mobile its 70/10005:48
KI7MTFou, Plugin is like adding a tool to your browser to do things for you.05:48
KI7MTFou, ok, well you got the info, go play and get it runnign faster :-)05:48
PandaPandaBut ifnur05:48
Foui know what that is im just wondering what plugin are you refering to05:49
Fouok thank KI7MT05:49
PandaPandaMaxxsire: but if ur just using telnet its "privmsg username"05:49
Fouits mainly for just making my own cloud but do you know if plex is using apache as well ?05:49
KI7MTFou, The link is too long to post, but google "Chromium Page Speed Plugin"05:50
Fouaswome i will dl it right now05:50
Fouany other coold plug ins for google?05:50
KI7MTFou, That's up too you :-)05:51
Fouwell just could always use good advice05:52
KI7MTFou, You took all I got .. lol .. well is dry :-)05:53
Fouo boy lol05:53
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
ghiro1994c'è nessuno?05:56
Ben64!it | ghiro199405:56
ubottughiro1994: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)05:56
ghiro1994ok, sorry05:58
ghiro1994i join #ubuntu-it05:58
ghiro1994i'm a new user on ubuntu os05:58
ghiro1994i want learn this OS, beause a like it a lot05:59
KI7MTcalling all Dash guru's, is there a Keyset assinged to System Settings, as in: Dash >> System Settings .. been looking for ages, can't find it.05:59
FouKI7MT does apache makes its on ssl for owncloud05:59
KI7MTFou, No.05:59
KI7MTFou, You can Self-Cert or buy one for e FQDN / Server.06:00
Foummmm something do to with mysql06:00
Fouso im guessing it going to create a personal cert06:00
phunyguyhello, simple file permissions question... I have a directory that is owned by another user, with group ownership as a group that I am a member of...  permissions are 644 of all files, and the sticky bit is set, yet I get a permission denied on access..... am I misunderstanding what the sticky bit is?06:00
phunyguyI meant 66406:01
KI7MTFou, See Info: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-create-a-ssl-certificate-on-apache-for-ubuntu-12-0406:01
Ben64phunyguy: an explanation of what you're trying to do, and a pastebin of the full command and error would help06:01
ghiro1994i've configured a VPS with 512 mb of memory and Apache crash a lot of time06:02
KI7MTphunyguy, See Info: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions#Sticky_Bit06:02
ghiro1994i've configured apache2.conf06:02
ghiro1994but it crash again06:03
phunyguyBen64: not sure a pastebin is needed.. (I really don't want the filenames and stuff public...) but I can explain a bit better.   contents of a directory are owned by user1:group1.  I am user2 and a member of group1.  permissions are 664.06:03
phunyguyyet I cannot access.06:03
Ben64phunyguy: that really is not enough information06:03
phunyguyit is nothing more complicated than that06:03
phunyguyI promise.06:03
phunyguyI guess I can create a test dir06:04
Ben64you're saying almost nothing, so i cannot help06:04
KI7MTphunyguy, If you want to chage the user:group permissions, use sudo chown -R new-user:new-group ./path/to/files06:05
phunyguyKI7MT: I am well aware of chmod.06:06
phunyguyerr chown06:06
KI7MTphunyguy, then you have the answer you need.06:06
phunyguystandby while I create a test dir and contents06:06
phunyguythe issue isn't that I can't get my files, because I can, but it is not working as I anticipated.06:06
phunyguyjust hang on.06:07
* KI7MT needs a beer for this one :-)06:07
Foui agrea you do need a beer lol06:10
xantharow can i run my windows 7 to linux without having to reboot to use it ? kind of like switch instantly?06:11
somsipphunyguy: folder permissions should be 77X, folder should be chomd g+s. umask should allowyou to create 66X files by default, and that should do it. Is that how it looks?06:11
phunyguysomsip: I think you are on to something06:12
KI7MTassuming he has ownership of the files / dir's to begin with, earlier he said user1 then user206:13
xantharhow can i run my windows 7 to linux without having to reboot to use it ? kind of like switch instantly?06:13
KI7MTand if he's not in say group1 as indicated above, he can't mod the files.06:13
phunyguysomsip: Ben64: it is the execute bit missing from group ownership on the dir (not the files).  I figured it out06:13
somsip!xen | xanthar06:14
ubottuxanthar: XEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen06:14
phunyguyI don't want to leave the execute bit enabled on files by dafault on a share (for security).06:14
somsipphunyguy: it's not as they should be created 66X by default. You have +x on the dirs for access to the dirs06:14
phunyguysomsip: yes, I get that now.06:14
somsipxanthar: no idea how it works with win7 and ubuntu together, but I believe switching is possible06:15
phunyguysomsip: I was doing a global 664 chmod on the share06:15
phunyguybut the directories themselves need to be 77506:15
somsipphunyguy: find . -type d -print0 | xargs -0 sudo chmod 770; find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 sudo chmod 66006:15
somsipphunyguy: adapt as required06:15
phunyguyyes, thanks!06:15
phunyguyI was just googling for that!06:15
somsipphunyguy: I have an alias06:16
zeronickanybody using wayland?06:16
somsip!find wayland06:16
ubottuFound: libwayland-client0, libwayland-client0-dbg, libwayland-cursor0, libwayland-cursor0-dbg, libwayland-dev06:16
zeronickdoes it work with unity06:16
somsipzeronick: I didn't think it was even released yet, but...oh...https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Wayland06:17
somsips/released/in use06:17
rwwzeronick: and no, it won't06:17
zeronickI'm still using the LTS, is Mir in use yet?06:18
ola5linux any folder name containing maximum number of files06:25
ola5plz name any folder which contains max number of files06:25
maxxsirem/ andyj06:26
ola5plz name any folder which contains max number of files in linux ubuntu06:27
brendan1ola5 including ones in subfolders it is /06:28
maxxsireprivmsg andyj06:28
brendan1I don't know without subfolders though06:28
ola5brendanl : i want to know which is folder containing maximum number of files06:29
=== brendan1 is now known as ianorlin
ola5ianorlin : i want to know which is folder containing maximum number of files06:29
somsipola5: ask your real question or stop spamming. What do you really want to know?06:30
Viking667'llo. Am I able to get bluray disc reading working here? Or do I have to go other places? I've been doing a bit of web searching, and not managing to get too far.06:30
Viking667... except having to install MakeMKV just to watch a movie really rubs me raw.06:30
ola5i will put some files in a folder with good names06:30
ola5and i want them to be unknown06:30
ola5so that user will not know06:31
ola5its parental app06:31
ianorlinwhy not just not give them read accesss with permissions06:31
ianorlinso they can't read the files06:31
somsipola5: you would have to put them in a folder which the user does not have +x access06:31
ola5somsip : but root will have access06:32
Viking667yeah, so?06:32
somsipola5: yes. Root has everything06:32
ola5i want names to be like that roor ignores them06:32
ola5means if he is searching06:32
somsipola5: you cannot hide anything from root06:32
ola5so root will not see them or look into them06:33
ola5ya i know but i want to make root feel like nothing is wrong06:33
somsipola5: it sounds like you're wanting to do something that you shouldnt be doing06:33
ishanyxdon't put important private info on a computer where you can't trust the administrator06:33
ola5its parental app06:33
ola5parent could see whats child is doing06:34
somsipola5: root should be installing that. The user should not see it. Seems like you want the other way round06:34
ola5after child uses computer06:34
ola5if child is root then06:34
ishanyxif it's a little kid, they probably don't need root06:35
ishanyxif they're older, they probably don't need parental controls06:35
ola5kids around 1006:35
ola5pretty intelligent06:35
ola5just i want to make files they will not look into06:35
ola5some system type names06:35
somsipola5: rebuild the system so they are not root. Give them a password and restricted access06:35
ola5no i cant do that06:36
ola5thats what client wants06:36
ianorlinyou could use an external hard drive and unomunt it06:36
somsipola5: you are building security upside down06:36
ianorlinbut not for parental controls06:36
ola5but security will be in hand of parents only06:36
ishanyxthen the parents need to be root, not the kid06:36
ola5child will not know06:36
Viking667then the client (frankly) is proving he should not have a computer06:36
ola5child is root06:37
ola5and he doesnot knows06:37
Viking667could always put the child into a chroot environment, or whatever the modern equivalent is06:37
Viking667personally, I'd think about this differently.06:37
ishanyxthen the kid owns and controls everything on the box06:37
somsipViking667: here hear!06:37
ishanyxthat's what root is06:37
ishanyxif you don't want that, don't give the kid root06:37
ola5root has all access allright06:37
ola5but root is ignorant06:38
Viking667personally, that parent needs to be very worried that child wants to "hide" shit from their parents06:38
ola5thats how i want to work06:38
ola5yes parent is worried06:38
KI7MTbut that'snot how the *Nix security environment works06:38
Viking667so. Is the child going to view porn?06:38
somsipola5: It's not a good idea. Hopefully everyone here will tell you that until you accept it06:38
Viking667do drugs?06:38
Viking667do credit card numbers?06:38
Viking667if so, we ain't helping06:39
ola5somsip and all : yes child is dangerous06:39
ola5i want to make this app so  child ignores filenames06:39
somsipola5: then they should not have root. End of story06:39
Viking667your "client" needs to have computer removed from them for a few years06:39
ola5he is just hacked06:39
KI7MTthen dont give the child root access.. it's really that simple.06:39
somsipola5: do you get the common theme being given to you yet?06:39
ola5but he is like he will have root access someway around06:40
ianorlinroot = can do anything06:40
ola5ianorlin : i just want to have such filenames root ignores06:40
ola5in any folder06:40
somsipola5: defeatist attitude. Do it properly or don't do it at all06:40
ola5and parent iwll know that06:40
KI7MTola5, the system is not designed to do what your asking of it.06:40
ola5lol KI7MT06:41
ola5i need to redesign system06:41
ola5thanx for help06:41
Viking667so. I've got a blu-ray disc (only one at this stage). It won't play in VLC, citing lack of valid PK06:44
Nicnmola5, you could set up a proxy on a server that takes all net traffic, redirects all porn, drugs, credit card numbers, etc. filter out what you don't want them to have, then install a program on the machine that is hidden that removes all filenames that could be linked to said material, if your still there.06:44
Viking667Nicnm: of course, the problem is the client anyhow. I would have refused the job outright.06:45
Nicnmya i kinda came in late so don't really know much anyways, it was just a tought06:45
=== patrick is now known as Guest14256
Viking667I mean, why make "innocent-looking" filenames that actually have bad stuff in?06:45
Nicnmjust sounds like a mess06:46
Viking667and client still wants to fly under the radar?06:47
Nicnmmost people don't need root anyways, its really just for installing and config ing stuff06:48
NicnmViking667 it looks like your not the only one w/ the problem of blu-rays n vlc https://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=82258 , just one example06:50
Viking667yeah. I've been wandering all through about nine different sites.06:51
NicnmI wonder why the format of the video is incompatible w/ vlc06:52
Nicnmwell theres about 3 common formats vlc cant play and 9 formats that vlc cant encode. tho off the wiki both the encodings mpeg-2 pt2 and mpeg-4 look to be playable. strange o.O06:56
Nicnmit may have something to do w/ vc-1 encoding06:58
Nicnmitd be nice if you could find out what encoding the data is in on the box06:58
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
Nicnmso i think i configured isc-dhcp-server right but I can't connect to the router...switch...well it ain't got no wifi card07:01
Nicnmthe server starts fine but it just won't connect07:01
Nicnmcall IT & when they arn't being helpfull yell sudo service IT restart07:10
AmjadHey guys. I have a problem.07:12
AmjadI installed Ubuntu alongside Windows 7 (not using WUBI)07:12
Amjadand I want to remove it now07:12
AmjadHow do I go about it?07:12
BeldarAmjad, Remove ubuntu?07:13
AmjadRight now I get the GRUB screen when I boot, to choose which OS I want to boot to07:13
somsipAmjad: ISTR you need to reinstall something off the Windows boot disk.07:13
AmjadYeah, Ubuntu. I'm having some issues with it. Apparently I didn't create a big enough partition for it07:13
BeldarAmjad, do you have a W7 recovery or install disc/usb to reload the windows boot to the mbr?07:14
NictraSaviosAmjad, You can make the partition bigger easily.07:14
AmjadI think I have the Windows 7 ISO, and I could create a bootable pendrive. A recovery install should restore the MBR, right?07:14
Amjadguess I could, but don't have a lot of space on the hdd atm so I thought I'd remove it for now..07:15
NictraSaviosAmjad, Boot into the LiveCD, start a program called gParted, and follow http://gparted.org/display-doc.php?name=help-manual#gparted-resize-partition07:15
BeldarAmjad, Not sure, I would just make the recovery disc in windows to be covered just in case.07:15
AmjadWhich live cd?07:15
NictraSaviosAmjad, You can also shrink windows with the same proccess.07:15
NictraSaviosAmjad, The one you used to install Ubuntu.07:15
AmjadThe thing is I don't have a functional CD drive atm :|07:16
NictraSaviosAmjad, Pendrive Linux and a USB will do the trick then07:16
AmjadMy new motherboard doesn't support IDE, and I never got around to getting a SATA optical drive07:16
NictraSaviosAmjad, Its also your only option for a windows reinstall then as well, you'll need a windows ISO and a flash dive.07:16
NictraSaviosAmjad, Or , as Beldar said, you *might* be able to create a recovery disk in windows.07:17
AmjadHmm, ok07:18
AmjadSo do I need to create a recovery disk or a windows installation disk would be enough?07:18
BeldarAmjad, Not sure if W7 allows you to make a iso of the recovery to put on a usb is all, W8 does.07:18
NictraSaviosAmjad, A windows installation disk is enough.07:18
nearsthello good ppl07:18
Ben64might want to ask windows specific questions in ##windows07:18
AmjadI thought installation disk has an option to repair an installation07:18
NictraSavios!chat | nearst07:19
ubottunearst: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:19
AmjadSo, could you run me through the steps again? First I should attempt a repair install, right? To restore the MBR..07:19
BeldarAmjad, The repair will not remove grub you just run a command in the terminal on the booted install disc.07:19
AmjadShould I remove grub before or after the repair?07:20
BeldarAmjad, Yeah fix the boot first so you go straight to windows .07:20
AmjadSo 1. Repair 2. Remove GRUB07:20
AmjadWhat next?07:20
BeldarAmjad, From the install disc get to the terminal and run bootrec /fixmbr07:20
AmjadHow do I remove Ubuntu and allocate the space to one of the existing drives in windows?07:20
BeldarAmjad, No repair just the command07:21
NictraSaviosAmjad,  From inside windows, you can use its partiton tools. For help on those, see #windows.07:21
AmjadWindows install disc has a terminal?07:21
RealNWOwhat should i download to learn how linux OS works?07:21
Ben64Amjad: you should really be asking most of this in ##windows they can tell you the best way to put the bootloader back and modify partitions07:21
Ben64!manual | RealNWO07:21
ubottuRealNWO: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/07:21
BeldarAmjad, yeah there is a command line there.07:21
AmjadOk, thanks a lot for the help07:21
NictraSaviosAmjad, A command prompt. Its about as useful as a two year old going ballistic in a super market, but... its a CLI.07:21
AmjadWhat should I do about the Ubuntu partition after repairing, and removing grub?07:22
AmjadHaha ok07:22
NictraSaviosAmjad, remove it, so you can expand windows.07:22
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
BeldarAmjad, YOu can remove ubuntu with the W7 partitioner and resize the windows partitions.07:22
AmjadBut isn't the partition type extfs or something? Does it show up in W7 partitioner?07:23
BeldarAmjad, It shows up but is not readable, but can be removed.07:23
Nicnmw7 should be able to "see" the partition but not open it, afaik07:24
NictraSaviosAmjad, I think the rest of your questions are better suited for ##windows.07:24
AmjadOk, thanks a lot for all the help :)07:24
NictraSavios!windows | Amjad07:25
ubottuAmjad: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents07:25
AmjadJust one question, I don't need to run gparted, do I? (Non windows question I guess?)07:25
Ben64Amjad: nope07:26
AmjadOh ok07:26
Nicnmso my dhcp server won't connect to the router that is down stream of it, any clues? do the private ip ranges have to correspond to the settings upstream?07:30
warfarenis there some program that runs in terminal that will pass its input onto X? so i could use my mobile phones ssh client to make my phone a keyboard for my PC07:31
valentinexHello, thanks God I managed to joined here from xp07:31
Viking667questioon. I've got some downloaded sourcecode for libbluray and vlc, how do I make Ubuntu packages from them?07:32
valentinexI have ubuntu xfce .. with dual boot xp, I want to remove that ubuntu and reinstall07:32
Viking667I don't want to go through creating launchpad identities etc.07:32
valentinexI want to keep xp too07:32
valentinexI have ubuntu xfce .. with dual boot xp, I want to remove that ubuntu and reinstall ubuntu, with xp dual boot. What should I do?07:33
warfarenvalentinex: so only format the partition ubuntu is on during the installer07:33
valentinexwarfaren:from xp? ok then boot with live usb and install? Will that automatically readd xp to grub?07:33
warfarenvalentinex: no need to do anything in xp. boot your live usb, run ubuntu installer, format the (probably ext4) where your old ubuntu is and use it as root partition for the mew install07:34
valentinexwar9407:thank you so much, I understood07:35
valentinexwarfaren:sorry typed wrong nick war940707:35
warfarenvalentinex: you get the optiom to check format partition checkbox when choosing which partition to install to. yeah i noticed.07:35
warfarenvalentinex: so as long as you dont touvh your xp partition during the ubuntu installer grub should find it again and add it back07:36
Dominic__Can you install XBMC on Ubuntu Server?  I read something about a standalone version.07:36
Beldarvalentinex, You can just install the ubuntu-desktop in xubuntu.07:36
Beldarerr xfce07:37
valentinexBeldar:actually my issue is with graphics, I cant login to old ubuntu after installing new vga card. It was a fresh copy so I thought I should just reinstall ubuntu, takes few minutes07:39
Beldarvalentinex, ah.07:39
valentinexBeldar:I have tested with live usb, my new vga card is fine with ubunut07:39
kkfi need some help with my wired connection07:42
warfarengo on07:42
Viking667and I need to know how to make a downloaded source tree into a deb package? (in this case, it's libbluray, a dependency for vlc, which I also want to turn into an installable deb)07:43
kkfwell my connection drops randomly07:43
kkfi just lose my connection then it picks back up07:43
kkfevery couple of seconds07:43
Viking667kkf: checked cable?07:44
kkfworks on other pc's07:44
=== s0beit is now known as s0beit|ZNC
kkfbut i just constantly lose my connection07:44
Viking667hm. What about connectors at the end of the cables?07:44
thom_rwhat version of Ubuntu?07:44
kkfi switched the cable07:44
Viking667i.e. what happens if you plug ANOTHER pc into the same cable and plug the other end of cable into the same jack as normal?07:44
kkfswitched port on router07:44
kkfworks perfectly fine07:44
Viking667and it consistently drops?07:44
kkfevery couple of minutes yes07:45
kkfsometimes more frequent.07:45
warfarenmaybe your NIC is dying.07:45
Viking667so. With ANY cable, and on ANY port of thhe router, your connection drops?07:45
Viking667checked dmesg and your syslog?07:45
Viking667is it a USB network connection, or a proper 10/100/1000 network port on the motherboard?07:46
Viking667s/motherboard/motherboard or laptop port)07:46
kkf_stupid thing07:48
kkf_so yeah disconnects randomly no idea why07:49
thom_ris a usb connection of an ethernet port on the motherboard?07:49
thom_rlaptop or desktop?07:49
Viking667thanks, thom_r07:49
kkf_desktop server lenovo ts 140 not usb directly to ehternet07:49
Viking667what turns up in your dmesg? what in your syslog?07:50
raviti2фпривет всем07:50
kkf_im new to ubuntu so don't know how to see those things07:50
Viking667raviti: english, please07:50
Viking667kkf: you'll need Terminal07:50
kkf_terminal open07:51
Viking667dmesg (if you can see it) is a command you type at the prompt.07:51
Viking667your syslog is /var/log/syslog and you might need to sudo less /var/log/syslog07:51
Viking667look in your dmesg for stuff to do with your network07:51
Viking667same for syslog07:52
kkf_what am i looking for in dmesg?07:52
thom_rkkf, have you installed multiple firewalls?07:54
kkf_no but i did try to install motion07:55
kkf_seems to be running none stop looking for a camera07:55
thom_rhave you always had these problems?07:55
kkf_i uninstalled motion as well07:55
kkf_odd that it is still running07:55
kkf_just got this server07:55
thom_rdid it come with Ubuntu installed on it?07:56
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
Viking667kkf_: look for stuff about eth007:56
Viking667meanwhile, I have to go find out how to make a deb out of a compiled sourcetree...07:56
kkf_viking it07:56
Ben64!checkinstall | Viking66707:57
ubottuViking667: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!07:57
kkf_is looking for a camera constantly07:57
=== Mars is now known as Guest34052
Viking667ubottu: ooo... thanks.07:57
kkf_how do I make it stop doing that?07:57
Ben64kkf_: how do you know its still running07:57
thom_rkkf_ did it come with Ubuntu installed or did you install it? Has it had these problems the entire time or did it start recently?07:57
kkf_i did the syslog and it kept saying looking for camera07:58
kkf_I installed motion but then unistalled it using ubuntu install07:58
BadBoY__i installed ubuntu-serever 13.10 on my system having amdA10 64bit arc. Then while starting it always gets stuck on bluetooth: failed applying patch. what should i do?07:59
Ben64kkf_: if you can find the process name or id, you can kill it07:59
Viking667kkf_: and did you reboot after removing motion?07:59
kkf_yes i did08:00
kkf_ahh it is tied08:00
kkf_found it08:00
FloodBot1kkf_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:00
kkf_it says e1000e: eth0 NIC link is Down08:00
Viking667yeah, type AL your stuff on one line... not short lines.08:00
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
Viking667mmm hmm. do you know how to use pastebin?08:00
Viking667ubottu: help08:01
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:01
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:01
kkf_im on my windows 8 machine08:01
Viking667is that separate from your Ubuntu machine? Or is it the same macine?08:02
kkf_Separate from my ubuntu machine.  Looking at the syslog now and I understand what it is now.  is server whoopsie a normal thing to see?08:03
Fouwhen there is an error saying there is a problem with an application where can i find the error report on it ?08:03
subhojit777Hi, is there any application in Lubuntu where can I search for apps (similar to Unity dashboard in Ubuntu). I find it cumbersome to find the app from launcher menu08:05
Viking667kkf:that's not good, no.08:05
Viking667I don't know what that means either.08:06
kkf_Yeah, I just googled it said it is ubuntu way of saying an error occured.08:06
Logan_Fou: https://errors.ubuntu.com/08:07
Fouwell how do i know how to fix it ?08:07
Fouis there something in ubuntu to find out what the problem is ?08:08
AmjadIs there any way to access the terminal of a non-functional ubuntu installation?08:08
Ben64Fou: probably, but you'd need to give us a lot more information first08:08
AmjadI'm dual booting W7 and Ubuntu. And I can't boot into Ubuntu because of low graphics error (partition was too small)08:08
Ben64Amjad: i thought you wanted to get rid of ubuntu08:09
Fouwhat i mean is ... somewhere that is logging the error that is occurring ?08:09
Ben64Fou: yes, probably08:09
Fouso by default where would it be?08:09
Ben64depends what it is, you've still not given any information whatsoever08:10
Fouwell it just tells me there is a problem with the application would you like to sent a report ...08:10
AmjadI do, I also needed to find out which partitions here are being used by Ubuntu so I could remove them.. [http://i.imgur.com/Uwhw3lK.png] thought gparted might be accessible in the terminal.08:10
Viking667so, click "details"08:10
Viking667that should give you all the information you need.08:11
Fouthats why im asking where would this location with the log file is because im not sure what the problem is08:11
Ben64Amjad: gparted = gnome parted = graphical version of parted, so no, gparted will not work in terminal08:12
Amjadmy bad08:12
Viking667could have something to do with apport08:12
Amjadany other way to find out which partitions are linux ones?08:12
=== MomoNasty is now known as Momo|Off
Ben64Amjad: the ones that are not windows ones08:12
Viking667Amjad: from Windows?08:12
AmjadI set a siz of around 6 GB for the ubuntu partition when I installed it08:12
Viking667ugh. Small.08:12
AmjadFrom windows if that's possible, or from some other source08:12
AmjadI know :|08:13
Ben64do you not see the only two partitions shown there without a filesystem listed? probably those08:13
AmjadYeah I thought so too, but some people in another channel said I had better make sure first, one of them could be a swap partition for windows08:14
Ben64then... ask in ##windows about that, they can tell you if its for windows08:14
Amjadthat's where I asked08:14
Viking667you could also possibly install explore2fs08:15
AmjadI was told I should use gparted to make sure which paritions are linux ones08:15
AmjadOh right, I'll check that out Viking66708:15
Viking667sounds like a good idea08:15
Viking667... I've got fsdbext2 but then that's a system driver.08:15
Viking667... at least I think that's what it's called.08:15
Fouit said system problem detected08:15
Ben64Amjad: you can use parted in the linux terminal and see what they are08:15
AmjadI don't have a functional optical drive atm so I was hoping there was an easier way (ie, without having to boot into a linux live cd/pendrive)08:16
Viking667Fou: right. There's usually a "Details" button that you can click.08:16
Viking667yup. He's gone again.08:16
Founo it does not08:16
Viking667weird. can you send us a screenshot?08:16
Foucancel or report problem08:17
AmjadThat brings me to my original question, can I use the terminal in a non-functional ubuntu installation?08:17
Fouif you like08:17
Viking667ahhh report then.08:17
Viking667click "report"08:17
Viking667then you'll be able to see the next dialog08:17
Viking667THAT will have the "Details" button on.08:17
Ben64Amjad: select recovery from grub08:18
=== marc_ is now known as Guest68539
Amjadthen I run parted, right?08:19
subhojit777I managed to find an "app-finder" app. Synapse :) nice app and works much faster than Ubuntu Unity dashboard08:25
Viking667yah. I never got used to Unity, though I have gotten used to Gnome-Shell.08:25
Viking667can't say I love it though.08:25
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Foui have to wait for it to show up again08:26
=== s0beit|ZNC is now known as s0beit
=== comrade is now known as Guest83956
=== AntiSpamMeta_ is now known as AntiSpamMeta
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
flo1546796bonjour, Quelqu'un serait comment me prémunir d'une future installation d'un paquets ?, la fonction hold d'apt-mark servant a évité d'une mise a jour cette solution ne me semble pas adapté08:55
geirha!french | flo154679608:56
ubottuflo1546796: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.08:56
thom_rgeirha, I was getting ready to type that08:56
thom_rflo1546796, it's ok08:56
thom_rsorry we aren't able to help you.08:56
Apollowhat what does mv backup2/ ./backup do?09:04
googHow can I any sed king here?09:04
Apollono, crap , mv backup2/ .backup/09:04
somsipgoog: just ask your question09:04
googI'm able to get own IP with "ifconfig eth1 | grep 'inet addr:' | cut -d: -f2 | awk '{ print $1}'" ... How can I use this information to comment out a line that begins with this in /etc/hosts  in a single line of command?09:05
geirhaApollo: if .backup doesn't already exist, it renames backup2 to .backup. If .backup already exists, it moves backup2 to .backup/backup209:06
MyrttiApollo: and .backup (as a directory or a file beginning with .) is hidden from normal view09:06
Apolloaha there we go, idk i swear i thought it ls -a in the directory i did it in, thanks09:07
somsipgoog: write a script where you assign the output of ifconfig... to some variable, then use that in sed09:08
googis there any piping magic to do this?09:08
somsipgoog: maybe but it would be quite messy09:09
ikanoborigoog: Sure, cat + sed + xargs.09:10
ikanoborigoog: + what you had in front of it.09:10
ikanoboriHowever it would only be done because you want to go all out and not do it in a sane way.09:10
googaha so xargs does the trick. thanks ikanobori09:11
ikanoboriOr just sed plus the output of your previous command, depends on how you want to use it.09:11
ikanoboriI'd, at the very least, write it as a shell script file to execute so it has a bit more structure.09:12
geirhaBest avoid xargs; it generally doesn't do what you expect09:12
geirhagoog: on a side note, the ip command is easier to parse. E.g.   ip -o -4 addr show eth109:14
somsipgoog: $IP=`ifconfig....`; sed -i "s/\($IP)/#\1/" /etc/hosts (only a suggestion to work from - unlikely to work as it is)09:14
somsipgoog: and sudo is required...09:14
googthanks a bunch09:15
demon^eyei am looking for a software that show lan usage / activities09:19
somsip!netstat | demon^eye (?)09:20
somsip!info netstat | demon^eye09:20
ubottudemon^eye: Package netstat does not exist in saucy09:20
somsip!find netstat09:20
ubottuFound: netstat-nat, sdpnetstat09:20
demon^eyesomsip, : no , for ubuntu ... graphical one09:20
somsipdemon^eye: well, maybe you get the idea...09:21
demon^eyei get the  idea but i want a graphical one09:21
demon^eyelike networx for win09:21
somsipdemon^eye: no idea what that is.09:21
demon^eyelike thus09:22
somsipdemon^eye: let me rephrase, I don't care about windows software...09:22
demon^eyeme nither09:22
demon^eyei want a graphical one for Ubuntu09:22
somsipdemon^eye: what searches have you tried?09:23
somsip!info netactview09:23
ubottuPackage netactview does not exist in saucy09:23
demon^eyei search Ubuntu software center "lan " "network"09:23
somsipdemon^eye: something here maybe? B0082UM3SC09:24
somsipdemon^eye: developers.facebook.com/blog/archive09:24
demon^eyei use "system load indicator" from ubuntu center and i want something like that for my lan09:24
somsipdemon^eye: well, ubuntu graphical netstat gui, is throwing some stuff out. But I know of nothing particular if you want a gui09:25
somsip*out of Google09:25
demon^eyeyes , i search for gui one09:25
demon^eyeso i can see any minute my network status09:25
coddj ai un pb09:26
geirha!french | codd09:27
ubottucodd: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:27
coddje travail avec la distribution Linux Emmabuntus ( un derivé de ubuntus)09:27
coddmais depuis hiere je n arrive plus a me loguer avec un des compte de la machine09:28
damian^_hi, just wondering if you can set some sort of boundary so that when i maximise windows my dock (wbar) isnt covered...09:28
john2xhow do I grant a user read/write permission to a folder owned by root, but keeping the owner/group as root?09:35
john2x(all folders owned by root is ok as well)09:36
Chaburashkaого, народа то сколько))09:38
DJones!ru | Chaburashka09:39
ubottuChaburashka: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:39
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mikecmpbllhello. i'm trying to restrict access to a user whom i only want to be able to sftp to the server09:46
mikecmpblland only to a specific folder.09:47
mikecmpbllis this doable?09:47
SuperLagI had automatic login enabled on one Ubuntu install. Now, when I try disabling it, it still automatically logs in.09:49
SuperLagHow do I fix this?09:49
MarkDaviesI've removed the newest kernel from Ubuntu because it was broken. But now it displayed the following information: "The link /vmlinuz is a damaged link; Removing symbolic link vmlinuz;   you may need to re-run your boot loader[grub]". Should I take some precautions before rebooting the computer? Also, it seems that during the uninstallation process some kernel-related things not associated specifically to the removed version was deleted.09:55
MarkDaviesShould I install them again?09:55
geirhaMarkDavies: how did you remove the kernel?09:56
MarkDavies/usr/bin/sudo apt-get remove linux-headers-[ver] linux-headers-[ver]-generic-pae linux-image-[ver]-generic-pae09:57
MarkDaviesgeirha: ^09:57
SuperLagI'm thinking you need to run update-grub09:58
MarkDavieslinux-generic-pae and linux-image-generic-pae are deleted (not version-related, it seems) are deleted. Should I reinstall them?09:59
SuperLagso it detects which kernels are installed, and updates the config file.09:59
geirhaHm. That apt-get remove command should've triggered an update-grub09:59
SuperLagand I *think* that it'd be update-grub2... but I'm not sure.09:59
SuperLaggeirha: oh yeah?09:59
SuperLaggeirha: I didn't know that part.09:59
cfhowlettSuperLag, apt-get remove will NOT trigger update grub09:59
geirhaHm. It won't?10:00
cfhowlettgeirha, maybe it should but --- you can remove kernels to your hearts' content10:00
cfhowlettand THEN manually update grub10:00
SuperLagSo I was right, with my recommendation, then?10:01
cfhowlettSuperLag, indeed you were  :)10:01
geirhacfhowlett: I just tested. Removed an old kernel, it did run update-grub10:01
SuperLagbe still my beating heart10:01
MarkDaviesupdate-grub2 is just a symbol link to update-grub10:01
cfhowlettgeirha, could be that I'm on 12.04 LTS ...10:01
MarkDaviesok, thx, let's check what the effect it will have...10:02
SuperLagDo the current Live CD versions have any AV tools I can use to scan a Windows machine with?10:02
cfhowlettSuperLag, not by default IIRC10:03
geirhaSuperLag: No, but you can install one in the live session10:03
_nedrhello i installed nvidia bumblebee using instructions from http://askubuntu.com/questions/36930/how-well-do-laptops-with-nvidia-optimus-work/10:03
geirhaassuming you get networking up10:03
_nedrbut when i run optirun gedit say it says [ERROR]Cannot access secondary GPU, secondary X is not active10:03
_nedrlaptop still running hot...10:03
SuperLaggeirha: which package?10:05
cvtsxHello has anyone ever hosted a minecraft server @ an ubuntu server?10:07
cvtsxneed a little help with something10:07
ubottucvtsx,: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server10:07
cvtsxcfhowlett thanks10:08
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=== mtrd`w is now known as EugeneBndt
geirhaSuperLag: There are several possibilities10:09
geirha!antivirus | SuperLag10:09
ubottuSuperLag: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus10:09
emi_hi, I need help with usb modem e17310:09
emi_It works, it's detected by system, but I cannot connect10:09
jogrcvtsx: I used to run a Minecraft server in a LXC container on a 12.04 host without problems.10:10
cvtsxjgor, i got a bukkit server up and runnin, but how do i get the plugins running?10:11
Ben64cvtsx: really a better question for a minecraft channel, doesn't really pertain to ubuntu at all10:12
jogrcvtsx: don't know, I ran a standard minecraft, not the bukkit version. But I suppose you need to look at the startup scripts.10:12
cvtsxBen64 ok, but does anyone know how to restart the server (minecraft server, not vps)10:13
cvtsxotherwise i will just go to the mc channel10:13
=== linux is now known as jack
jackhey guys10:14
jackanyone here?10:14
FloodBot1jack: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:14
jogrcvtsx: I agree with Ben64, restarting the minecraft server involves restarting java.10:14
=== jack is now known as Guest71952
=== Guest71952 is now known as jack20312
jack20312anyone here?10:14
cvtsxjgor how would you go about that?10:14
cfhowlettjack20312, obviously, yes10:14
jack20312hey there cvtsx10:14
cvtsxhey jack2031210:15
jack20312anyone know how i can create my own channel10:15
jack20312im new to irssi10:15
jogrcvtsx: pkill java, restart minecraft10:15
Ben64cvtsx: you'd get much better results in a minecraft channel10:15
cvtsxk thx i will try it10:15
cfhowlettjack20312, /join newchannel     = done10:15
DJonesjack20312: If you mean IRC channel, you're probably best asking in #freenode then they can advise you on the network channel naming policies etc10:16
cvtsxhow do i start java now?10:16
anuvrathi, I am facing some problem trying to setup 3 displays ... vga + hdmi + lvds10:16
cvtsxhow do i start java now?10:17
anuvrata combination of vga + lvds works ... so does hdmi + vga10:17
Touhou11!flood | cvtsx10:17
ubottucvtsx: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:17
cvtsxhow do i start java again? I pkill'ed it10:17
Ben64cvtsx: dude. go to a minecraft channel10:18
cvtsxBen64 i did, but i would like to know how to start java since someone told me to kill it...10:18
Ben64you don't "start java"10:18
anuvratupon searching for the error I got https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=170135 ...10:18
anuvrathas anyone faced this problem yet?10:19
cvtsxlol ok10:19
jogrcvtsx: just start minecraft, something like java -jar minecraft.jar10:19
cvtsxjgor thanks ma n10:19
Touhou11anuvrat: Arch Linux isn't supported here10:19
anuvratTouhou11, I am facing the problem with xrandr on ubuntu ... https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=170135 is the link I got upon searching for my error ...10:20
gordonjcpTouhou11: where did anuvrat say he was using Arch?10:20
Touhou11gordonjcp: He linked to a support thread on Arch Linux, which does not apply to Ubuntu10:20
cvtsxjgor worked, thanks man10:20
SuperLagCall me silly, but I think with Unity and the Ubuntu font family, I think Linux has become every bit as polished as Windows and OS X. Now, if only the apps were as polished as the OS. :)10:23
anuvratTouhou11, the link said something about upgrading to linux kernel 3.12 while my ubuntu 13.04 is running kernel version 3.8 ... and upon trying to do that .. I faced some problems10:24
anuvratError! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.12.0-031200rc1-generic (x86_6410:24
anuvratrephrasing my question ...10:24
ikoniaanuvrat: that's not a stable kernel10:24
ikoniaanuvrat: where are you getting that kernel - it's not something you should be using10:25
Ben64latest on ubuntu is 3.1110:25
ikoniasomeone has the "wrong" repo enabled10:25
anuvratcan I install linux kernel version 3.12 on ubuntu 13.04? how ... the steps listed on the blogs don't quite work and I get an error ... Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.12.0-031200rc1-generic (x86_64)10:26
anuvratikonia, kernel.ubuntu.org10:26
ikoniaanuvrat: you shouldn't be using that kernel10:26
ikoniaanuvrat: why are you trying to update to that kernel10:26
SuperLagIt sounds like you're trying to follow an Arch solution to an Ubuntu problem. Apples and oranges.10:26
anuvratSuperLag, true ...10:27
ikoniaSuperLag: don't just make something up - where in "arch" does it say "use ubuntu development deb packages"10:27
cfhowlettanuvrat, choose a lane, amigo10:27
ikoniaanuvrat: why are you trying to update to this kernel ?10:27
anuvratikonia, I am trying te setup a triple monitor display10:28
Touhou11anuvrat: If you want a custom setup (rolling your own kernel etc.), Arch Linux is much better suited for this than Ubuntu10:28
ikoniaanuvrat: ok - why does your kernel matter for that ?10:28
ikoniaanuvrat: a bit of background would be helpful10:28
SuperLagikonia: I'm not making anyting up. If he's looking at an Arch Linux forum post, that's going to have a completely different setup than Ubuntu. More bleeding edge, different libs, etc.10:28
SuperLaganything, that is10:28
anuvratikonia, please ignore the kernel problem ...10:28
ikoniaanuvrat: why ?10:28
anuvratikonia, SuperLag , help me with the display problem ... as that is what I am trying to solve10:29
clocKwizeHi, I'm trying to backup a postgres database, and the server is running 9.3.1, but I can't run pg_dump because I need that version of the client, but I can't find a package called postgresql-client-9.3, only 9.1 which isn't compatible10:29
ikoniaanuvrat: it has a significant impact on your current system configuration10:29
* Viking667 grumbles about vlc not playing bluray.10:29
ikoniaanuvrat: your kernel problem will have a massive impact, so I can't "ignore it"10:29
SuperLaganuvrat: ^^ what ikonia just said10:29
anuvratikonia, I am tring to setup 3 monitors ...10:29
ikoniaclocKwize: where did you get the database version10:29
ikoniaanuvrat: yes, you've said that10:29
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
anuvratSuperLag, ikonia the kernel upgrade failed .. so no changes were done to the system ...10:29
ikoniaanuvrat: that's not actually true10:30
ikoniaI'm stepping away from this is your giving me blind assumption10:30
clocKwizeikonia: its an amazon RDS instance10:30
clocKwizeso managed and not by me10:30
ikoniaclocKwize: rds ? aws ?10:30
anuvratikonia, SuperLag, with the 3 monitor setup ... I am getting an error that says crtr failed :010:30
TJ-anuvrat: How many GPU heads are you using? Even if the device has 4 output connections most GPUs will only drive 2 of them at once10:31
ikoniaanuvrat: ask someone else - you're not answering my questions and keep repeating the monitor problem10:31
ikoniaanuvrat: you're kernel upgrade will have a significant impact on your current setup10:31
clocKwizeamazon web services 'relational database system' or something10:31
TJ-anuvrat: You'll need something like an Nvidia Quadro, or NVS 450 say, to drive more than 2 heads at once10:31
clocKwizeits just a hosted database that just works10:31
ikoniaclocKwize: apologies, never heard of it, but if the client version doesn't match the server version, I'd assume someone has an different repo providing a custom dab package, I'd contact their support for confirmation10:31
clocKwizeno problem :) thanks10:32
TJ-clocKwize: Quickest solution; install the required client version in an LXC container or heavier VM environment10:32
clocKwizeI think I just found a stack overflow article about adding a new deb repo10:32
ikoniaclocKwize: I'd strongly STRONGLY advice against that until you know why they are currently out of sync10:33
anuvratikonia, because the monitor problem is my problem ... I was trying to upgrade my kernel in order to solve my monitor problem, because I found a forum post which suggested that a kernel upgrade may solve the monitor problem.10:33
clocKwizeikonia: its the offical postgres apt repo10:33
ikoniaanuvrat: yes, I undertand that, but as I've said to you 3 times now the kernel change you've done will have a SIGNIFICANT impact on your systems configuration,10:33
anuvratTJ - my laptop has a vga and an hdmi port10:33
TJ-anuvrat: Your build issue, I'd guess, would be trying to build the current Nvidia kernel driver (309) on a new kernel, which requires nvidia 33110:33
ikoniaclocKwize: what is ?10:33
anuvratikonia, I have not changed the kernel ... the compilation failed and so did the upgradation process10:34
clocKwizethe repo it says to add10:34
TJ-anuvrat: So does mine; that isn't the point. The point is the GPU can only drive 2 heads at once... 1 is the LVDS so you can drive either the VGA or the HDMI as well, but not both10:34
ikoniaanuvrat: it didn't compile anything - it tried to and failed but the package still got installed10:34
ikoniaclocKwize: yes, I would still advise very strongly against adding it until you know and understand why the client/server versions are currently out of sync10:34
clocKwizeikonia: the box i'm doing this on is just an old version because precise doesn't have the newer version in the main apt repo?10:35
TJ-anuvrat: The nvidia kernel driver module is built using the DKMS wrapper... it is well-known that nvidia 309 source-code causes a FTBFS with nvidia version 309... you'll need nvidia 331 for that to build... but that won't solve your attempts to drive 3 heads at once on a 2-headed GPU10:35
anuvratikonia, okay ...10:35
anuvratTJ .. okay ... thanks10:36
darius93Question: Im using Ubuntu 13.10 and I keep seeing updates from ubuntu related to the kernel but when I do apt-get upgrade it tells me those been skipped10:36
TJ-anuvrat: what does "lspci -nn | grep VGA" report?10:36
ikoniaclocKwize: it must have a newer version as you have the server - so why would a repo contain the server, but not the client10:36
darius93or kept back. I would like to know if its safe to update the kernel10:36
TJ-anuvrat: If you want to drive more than 2 heads you'll need an additional video adapter connected to your laptop10:36
Ben64TJ-: you keep saying that, but i don't think that is true10:37
TJ-Ben64: What isn't true?10:37
clocKwizeikonia: the server isn't on my machine, its in amazon and I didn't set it up, its managed by them, there is no saying its actually an ubuntu box10:37
cfhowlettdarius93, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade    should bring you current on all packages for current distro.10:37
Ben64TJ-: there are a lot of results from google about people running 3 monitors from the hd400010:37
darius93cfhowlett: the last time i did dist-upgrade it broke the booting of the distro (back on 13.04)10:38
TJ-Ben64: I said that most GPUs, especially in laptops, are dual-head... but I'm awaiting the results of lspci to be sure which chipset the user has10:38
darius93but its mainly  the kernel im asking about10:38
thedeadhi, I'm trying to force a user to only bind to a port when using an ssh tunnel. Google told me this is possibile using SELinux, but I can't find how to label the port to allow user & ssh to bind (i can only allow one or the other). Any suggestion?10:39
cfhowlettdarius93, I wouldn't force it.  every "held back" I've ever had eventually fixed itself without my intervention10:39
cfhowlettdarius93, but YMMV10:39
darius93Hmm well I might disable ubuntu update notifications then since thats the only thing that keeps coming up is about the kernel10:40
=== Mr_Quist is now known as MrQuist
Touhou11thedead: I don't believe Ubuntu supports SELinux, only the lesser AppArmor. If you want SELinux try Fedora/CentOS/Redhat10:40
pikarenubuntu laptop: macbook or thinkpad?10:41
ubottupikaren,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:41
Touhou11pikaren: Macbooks have better build quality imo, and OSX is a nice OS too10:42
pikarenso macbook is better10:42
thedeadTouhoull: As far as I know debian supports SELinux (and the kernel is SELinux capable by-default), so I think Ubuntu supports it too. In fact, from the ubuntu's wiki I can see it actually supports it.10:43
ActionParsnipTouhou11: maybe 5 years ago, mac build quality is just as good as non mac nowadays10:43
Touhou11ActionParsnip: I respectfully disagree, unless there are other laptops made with an aluminium unibody I'm unaware of10:44
ActionParsnipTouhou11: so aluminium body = build quality?10:44
Touhou11ActionParsnip: I was referring to physical strength of the laptop rather than internal components10:45
ActionParsnipTouhou11: Toshiba Satellite S55, ASUS VivoBook10:45
Ben64google chrombook pixel10:45
ActionParsnipTouhou11: ibm toughbook will stand many times more than apple garbage10:45
ActionParsnipTouhou11: LENOVO P50010:46
ActionParsnipTouhou11: apple's so called 'build quality' is now quite normal10:46
Touhou11Lol, whatever dude10:46
ActionParsnipTouhou11: exactly10:47
cfhowlettoff-topic worthy discussion?10:47
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: it's done :) I disproved what s/he was saying quite succinctly10:48
cfhowlettActionParsnip, understood10:48
Touhou11ActionParsnip: The laptops you linked had resolutions of 1366 x 768. Fairly pitiful10:49
RedDeathi need some help here10:49
ubottuRedDeath,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:50
RedDeathwhere i can download ubuntu wubi i386 installer10:50
=== jack20312 is now known as hey
cfhowlettRedDeath, wubi is no longer supported ...10:50
=== hey is now known as iAmTheBoss
cfhowlettRedDeath, consider virtualbox or a proper dual boot10:50
RedDeathyes dual boot10:51
ubottuRedDeath: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot10:51
ActionParsnipRedDeath: wubi has been abandoned10:51
Viking667lol. And to think I used a wubi-ised USB image to install my wife's recent 13.1010:51
cfhowlettActionParsnip, and not soon enought10:51
ActionParsnipRedDeath: what version of windows are you running10:51
ActionParsnipcfhowlett: too right10:51
ActionParsnipViking667: check wikipedia ;)10:52
imghostwubi dead10:52
RedDeathWin 7 Ultimate 32 bit10:52
RedDeathi like wubi10:52
RedDeathbut, this is life...no...life go on10:52
ActionParsnipRedDeath: you can resize your NTFS in Windows, then install to the new freed space10:52
RedDeathgood ideea10:53
cfhowlettRedDeath, or install virtualbox and install 32 bit ubuntu there10:53
RedDeathi don`t like win10:53
ActionParsnipRedDeath: obviously be sure your backups are up to date10:53
RedDeathi love ubuntu10:53
RedDeathAnd i whant to install ubuntu like principal system10:54
cfhowlettRedDeath, dualboot then10:54
RedDeathand win i will keep installed only for my games10:54
Viking667heh. Well, I got my instructions from Universal USB creator or something, it cranked a 13.10 iso onto my USB drive, though the silly thing wanted it to have a FAT32 filesystem.10:54
Viking667... before it would even look at installing the 13.10 onto the usb drive.10:54
Viking667when it finished, there was a fat32 filesystem, and one of the files in the root directory was wubi.exe10:55
ActionParsnipRedDeath: you can do that, that's fine10:55
ActionParsnipViking667: why not boot to the install media, then install to the USB like a 'normal' drive?10:55
ActionParsnipViking667: then you aren't limited to 4Gb of persistance10:56
Viking667because the drive was blank, and I didn't have a physical DVD burned?10:56
Viking667this was a brand new machine, with no previous OS on the only drive present.10:56
ActionParsnipViking667: no other system to make an install media with? No already made media from previous installs?10:57
Viking667... and with no ISO burned, I was stuck with USB stick left as my remaining options... as my other system was running Windows at the time, it wasn't going to be running pxe either.10:57
Viking667I was trying very hard to save what few discs I have left, and my burner's dicky.10:57
Viking667and my previous media date back to dapper.11:00
Viking667... or perhaps 11.1011:00
TJ-Does "aa-complain" (Apparmor) apply to running processes?11:00
Viking667woo. I've clocked past midnight... time for me to go to bed. Goodnight from this side of the world, all.11:01
TJ-Answering myself. Not since apparmor v2.3 because the set_profile interface was removed. Very inconvenient when its blocking a libvirt VM that can't be stopped11:02
SuperLagTJ-: people actually use KVM? :)11:03
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
BikerSconot sure if this is the right place to ask this or if someone can point me int he right diection11:07
BikerScoi'm trying to build a package using dh-make-perl but want to exclude a man page. I know I need to use regex for this but I haven't used it before. has anyone ever did this before?11:08
BikerScothe man page suggests --exclude | -i [REGEX]11:09
=== sysadmin is now known as VlanY
BikerScoI've tried this but it fails11:10
BikerSco--exclude|-i [\bHTTP::Date.3pm.gz\b]11:10
TJ-BikerSco: Are you referring to a command in  "debian/rules" ?11:15
=== jack is now known as Guest4177
BikerScono TJ i'm refereing to dh-make-perl11:21
j_f-fMoin, are there known probs on http://tw.archive.ubuntu.com?11:22
k1lj_f-f: working here11:23
=== linuxnewb is now known as supernoob
j_f-fk1l: ok and thanks11:25
TJ-BikerSco: the usual way to control man-page installation is from "debian/rules", using dh_installman and the list of files to install in "debian/$PACKAGE.manpages"11:25
BikerScoah ok so if I download the source and just remove the references to the man pages and repackage it it shouldn't try to over right the man pages11:26
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
TJ-BikerSco: Correct. We prefer to keep the original source pristine and modify what goes into the binary packages using the debian/rules. However, to keep it simple for personal use you would do "dh-make-perl .... --exclude "man/5/.*" ...  " to exclude all man-pages in man/5/ (relative to the source root directory)11:28
=== sysadmin is now known as VlanX
BikerScoah perfect thanks TJ11:30
VlanXIf I don't plan on changing my monitor, can I just make the Xorg settings last forever so I can avoid to be prompted in "low graphic mode" if something goes wrong in the boot process?11:30
ikoniaclocKwize: sorry had to go for a meeting. If you don't even know what OS it's running, I promise you adding random software repos is a bad idea. Contact amazon, ask for an explination/information then move forward from there11:31
clocKwizeikonia:  fine, my problem was on my client not having the same server is as a random server, I just needed to have the right version of the client tools11:32
zezomMy current backup solution is to have a few external disks all LVM'ed together as one large drive and use rsync to update my second backup copy. I was hoping to split these drives to single standalone drive so that if one dies it won't take out the whole backup. Is there a backup solution that allow me to create an easy backup spanning across multiple smaller drives that does not depend on all11:33
zezomof the drives to be ok?11:33
latiarwhat ubuntu distro should i install?11:39
litropyHas anyone had success installing AMD Catalyst Legacy drivers?11:40
litropylatiar, try reading this page: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop11:41
FourFireHello, which directory are my default distro programs stored in?11:41
MyrttiFourFire: depends on the program, why are you asking?11:42
NicnmFourFire, echo $PATH11:42
litropyFourfire, are you talking about your applications?11:42
FourFireUbuntu software center: trying to open the PPA link here: http://www.winehq.org/download/ubuntu11:42
FourFireit's asking for me to select a program, like with an unknown file format11:43
ikoniaclocKwize: yes, I understand your problem %101 - however the implications of making changes to sync them up could be very very bad for you, especially without understand why they are different now, as they should not be different11:43
ikoniaclocKwize: the repo by default should provide the same client/server version, if yours is differnet a significant change has been made, which you should understand before trying change it11:43
=== zhongfu is now known as `z
=== `z is now known as zhongfu
litropyFourFire, I'm not sure what you're asking for, but the instructions clearly say that this goes in the text box shown on the page: ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa11:45
FourFireyes and I've done that11:45
FourFirenow I click on the link right?11:46
litropyFourFire, you mean the button that says, "Add Source" ?11:46
FourFireno, once I've input that11:46
FourFireI click on the link on the page, right?11:47
clocKwizeikonia: its just the client tools on a machine I have not used PG with before, its bound to be out of date?11:47
FourFireand when that happens a window pops up that prompts me to choose a program to open the ppa link11:47
litropyFourFire, after that, if you're having more problems, try #winehq for more help, as they're more experienced.11:48
Nicnmyou could, or you could apt-get install wine1.711:48
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
ikoniaclocKwize: ahhh I see, you're saying the client distro is a different version from the server distro -11:48
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
litropyFourFire, Hmm, I didn't see your last message until now.11:48
ikoniaclocKwize: my apologies, I thought you where suggesting the client/server where on the same box, but the client was a different version than the server11:48
FourFireNicnm, thanks11:49
litropyFourFire, or to answer your question, you can see the path by trying this in Terminal: which software-center11:51
fabiomirko_hello guys, i've ubu 12.04 but my audio doesn't work11:51
FourFirefabiomirko_, try installing PulseAudio sound controller11:52
fabiomirko_how can do it?11:53
FourFiresudo apt-get install PulseAudio11:54
=== jus_ is now known as jus
FourFireif, after you reconfigure using the program, that doesn't work then check to see if it's a hardware problem11:55
fabiomirko_impossible find pulseaudio11:55
PatrickDickeyHi everyone. Does -xforcevesa work on the Ubuntu 13.10 Live CD?11:56
movedxIs an 'apt-mark hold ...' persistent? Is it on-par with 'exclude=...' in yum.conf on RHEL based systems?11:58
TJ-PatrickDickey: Not 100% sure but I do read/edit the initrd's init script alot and I've never noticed "xforcevesa" in the case statement that reads the kernel command-line, and I don't find it using "grep xforcevesa /etc/init{,.d}/*" either12:00
=== fiscribe is now known as phiscribe
clocKwizeikonia: no :) Got it updated and dumped/restored db fine now :) cheers for your help/concern12:02
funchanyone knows some storage test program for linux.. like there is one for windows 'crystaldiskmark'12:04
wizard-pchello all, i would like to know what are the drivers missing or not installed from the output given by sudo lshw: http://pastebin.com/6qkm9t0J12:06
Nicnmfunch do you mean like 'disks'12:07
Bauerguys, my wife was watching a movie on her account just now, when computer rebooted. I check syslog, and last message before it came online, seems to be: Jan 13 13:55:50 genadi-deskubuntu gnome-screensaver-dialog: pam_ecryptfs: seteuid error12:07
ikoniaclocKwize: sorry about that12:07
Bauerthere is also earlier errors when she started watching: Jan 13 13:28:30 genadi-deskubuntu NetworkManager[747]: <warn> error requesting auth for org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.wifi.share.open: (3) GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NameHasNoOwner: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NameHasNoOwner: Could not get UID of name ':1.171': no such name12:07
Nicnmthat was incomplete12:07
NicnmGNOME disks12:08
PatrickDickeyTJ-: Off-hand, do you see anything that will allow it to boot in low-graphics mode then? Either nomodeset or something else?12:10
=== yc|CAR is now known as yc|
zerribertI have a sierra wireless umts module that comes up as wwan0 in ifconfig. strangely, the default gateway for this interface is its own ip address. is this normal?12:10
TJ-PatrickDickey: Are you referring to the X server or the console resolution?12:12
PatrickDickeyX Server, I think. I'm trying to boot the Live CD, but it goes to a black screen. My graphics aren't supported out of the box. For 12.04, I had to use xforcevesa to get it to even boot to a desktop.12:13
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
TJ-PatrickDickey: OK, well nomodeset could help12:14
PatrickDickeyIt dropped me back to a console, where it shows that everything stopped.12:15
TJ-PatrickDickey: but... that only helps the initial console state before X server starts12:15
SuperLagI've had issues in the past where $PATH got hosed when I added things to ~/.zshrc - and Im wondering what the *proper* way to add things to PATH is, so it remains consistent. Should I be doing things in /etc/zsh* instead?12:16
TJ-PatrickDickey: It sounds more like you need to sort out the X server failing to detect the monitor... that is usually a problem due to it not being able to read the EDID from the monitor. What PC is it? how is the monitor connected?12:16
PatrickDickeyRight. When I try "startx", I get no usable screens found. It "finds" screens, but doesn't have any config that will match them.12:17
PatrickDickeyIt's on a laptop. Toshiba Satellite laptop (just bought about two months ago). It has an AMD APU (combination CPU/GPU) in it.12:17
SuperLagTJ-: no response to my KVM comment? :)12:17
TJ-Superdawg: As long as you include the existing PATH in the new PATH you'll be fine whereever: "PATH=${PATH}:/my/own/path:/my/other/path"12:18
TJ-SuperLag: grrrr, tab-complete got the wrong nickname12:18
SuperLagTJ-: I figured.12:18
TJ-SuperLag: this is a support channel; try #ubuntu-offtopic for commentary12:18
bonsucan i get advice on arch here12:20
cfhowlett!arch|bonsu, no.12:20
cfhowlettbonsu, arch has it's own support channel.12:20
zerribertjoin #linux-wireless12:21
=== vamp is now known as VampiricPadraig
bonsuyeah but the one i found even the cemetry is even noisier then the chanel12:25
nomad_frLogitech Wireless keyboard has bad layout on login screen12:25
nomad_frhere us the bugs repport : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-evdev/+bug/99382712:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 993827 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev (Ubuntu) "Logitech Wireless keyboard has bad layout on login screen" [Low,Incomplete]12:25
weedmicI have a "wd mybook live duo" nas which has a few files in /public which cannot be deleted using rm -rf /directoryname.  when using windows, I get an error that the file is "in use" or even "not found".  is there a way to force it to delete?12:25
cfhowlettbonsu, if your distro isn't properly supported, perhaps a change is in order ...12:25
nomad_frI'm looking for a workaround with lightdm12:26
nomad_frin fact azerty logitech wireless keyboard is always detect as qwerty one12:26
nomad_frall is correctly configure12:26
bonsuim trying to leanr more about linux so i tried installing arch on a virtualbox12:26
cfhowlettbonsu, again: NOT supported here.12:27
nomad_frmy configuration work great with a normal kayboard12:27
TJ-PatrickDickey: So the screen is an LVDS? I would wonder whether the default driver 'knows' how to talk to the APU. For clues as to why X gets it wrong examine/pastebin the file "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" after the X server fails to start12:27
cfhowlettbonsu, feel free to install #ubuntu.  I'd recommend the server edition.12:27
nomad_frto have good layout with my wireless keyboard I must plug also a 'normal' one12:27
bonsualready using it but not server12:27
wizard-pchas anyone used Ubuntu AMD Catalyst install till now12:29
SuperLagwizard-pc: yeah, but I quickly gave up on it, since the settings would *never* stay after a reboot12:31
weedmici h8 when that happens12:32
PatrickDickeyTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6744364 Should be my /var/log/Xorg.0.log.12:32
SuperLagwizard-pc: even though you might miss out on some of the features of the proprietary driver, I've come to the conclusion that sticking with the open source drivers is **MUCH** easier on you, even if the quality isn't as good as with the closed source version12:32
PatrickDickeyMy APU is the AMD AMD A4-5000 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics Processor12:35
* PatrickDickey is wondering if he needs to install fglrx on the LiveCD and then try startx.12:35
chemist^Hello everyone, i've noticed today that i don't have the correct graphics card driver installed on my ubuntu machine... When i do "lspci | grep VGA" i get this output: " VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Park [Mobility Radeon HD 5430] "  ... My graphics card is Radeon HD 5450 (don't know where that "Mobility" came from, i use a desktop pc)12:36
TJ-PatrickDickey: Well, the errors "(EE)" at the end of the log are pretty clear. the open-source radeon driver doesn't recognise the GPU, the modesetting driver can't use KMS (was that when you had "nomodeset" on the kernel command-line?), and the fallback VESA driver can't query the GPU via the VBIOS... so fail all round12:36
chemist^how can i update or replace the driver?12:36
PatrickDickeyTJ-: Yes, that's with nomodeset on the kernel command line.12:37
PatrickDickeychemist^: Which version of Ubuntu are you on?12:37
TJ-chemist^: textual descriptive names are generic and aren't guaranteed to mention every applicable model variation.12:37
chemist^TJ- ok12:37
chemist^how do i make sure i have the correct and most up-to-date drivers?12:38
PatrickDickeychemist^: You might be able to get the latest driver from AMD. I have the same graphics card in my desktop, and it reads the exact same as yours. And I have the latest drivers installed.12:38
TJ-chemist^: drivers match to compatible hardware based on the hardware's unique Vendor:Device ID and a single driver may list hundreds of compatible IDs12:38
chemist^another thing, i am using KDE as my DE and if i open the "additional drivers" little gui, i get like 5 entries ...12:39
TJ-PatrickDickey: If you could retry with "nomodeset" removed, and pastebin the resulting "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" that might help.... but I suspect your solution would be to install the AMD/ATI fglrx driver12:39
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:39
glitsj16nomad_fr: have you tried adding   display-setup-script=setxkbmap <layout> <variant>   to /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf yet?12:40
nomad_frglitsj16: nop12:40
PatrickDickeyTJ-: I'll try that next. When I did xforcevesa, it went to a black screen and basically crashed (keyboard didn't work at all).12:40
chemist^PatrickDickey, TJ- http://imagebin.org/28658212:40
nomad_frglitsj16: I will now12:40
PatrickDickeychemist^: http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Linux%20x86_64 should get you the latest drivers for your card (assuming you're using a 64-bit version of Ubuntu).12:41
chemist^yes i do12:41
nomad_frglitsj16: in fact I was looking after this : display-setup-script12:41
chemist^should i download this? AMD Catalyst™ 13.12 Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver ... or the latest beta driver?12:42
nomad_frglitsj16: does I need to put ' or " or nothing !?12:42
glitsj16nomad_fr: no quotes needed12:42
PatrickDickeychemist^: I will say it's hit or miss. I had weird issues when I used the fglrx drivers from Canonical, and had other weird issues with the AMD drivers. Ultimately, I upgraded to 13.10 and everything works fine with the AMD Drivers.12:42
nomad_frglitsj16: I just tried with this : display-setup-script=setxkbmap fr12:42
k1lchemist^: whats with the fglrx ubuntu ships?12:43
chemist^PatrickDickey, have you looked at the screenshot i posted?12:43
PatrickDickeychemist^: I'd say go with the stable (not the beta) driver first.12:43
DF3D2having a problem where my mouse just stops being moveable after awhile on my laptop, to my knowledge I have NO buttons on the laptop that lock the trackpad in any way. The mouse always gets stuck on the same spot on the screen -- any ideas? I have to reboot to get it to work again12:43
glitsj16nomad_fr: and? still no azerty?12:43
nomad_frglitsj16: it seems to work12:43
nomad_frglitsj16: I reboot to e sure12:43
chemist^k1l, have no idea12:44
glitsj16nomad_fr: ahh sweet12:44
nomad_frglitsj16: glitsj16 thanks a lot12:44
k1lchemist^: why dont you use the driver from ubuntu?12:44
=== Mars is now known as Guest73351
PatrickDickeyYes chemist^ I did. That's if you want to use the drivers that Canonical provides. I guess the question is, are you having issues with the driver now? If not, then I wouldn't worry. If so, you could try the post-release updates on, or one of the experimental ones.12:44
glitsj16nomad_fr: you're welcome, i have azerty too so i remembered reading your issue12:44
chemist^K1l don't know :)12:44
nomad_frI just don't find the way to use display-setup-script12:45
LuyinDF3D2: clicking a mouse button won't help?12:45
k1lchemist^: i strongly suggest to use that first12:45
DF3D2Luyin, no12:45
chemist^PatrickDickey, i get less fps playing games on playonlinux then on windows12:45
TomyWorkis there any issue with upgrading ram while in hibernation?12:45
LuyinDF3D2: do you use powertop by any chance?12:45
k1lchemist^: use the ubuntu repos before downloading stuff from other webpages12:45
DF3D2Luyin, idk what that is12:46
glitsj16nomad_fr: i think i found that in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LightDM12:46
chemist^k1l, how do i update my graphics with ubuntu repos?12:46
LuyinDF3D2: a tool to monitor power usage. but if you don't know it, chances are high you don't use it, either. Then I can't help you, sorry.12:47
DF3D2Luyin, im using xfce power manager12:47
k1lchemist^: which ubuntu do you use and why do you need to upgrade the drivers?12:47
chemist^12.04 lts12:47
chemist^k1l, because i notice lack of performance during gameplay12:48
chemist^k1l, when comparing to gameplay while in win712:48
k1lchemist^: there will always be some lack of performance due to the manufarturers not making the same quality driver for linux12:48
PatrickDickeyTJ-: When I boot normally (from the LiveCD), it goes to a black screen and the laptop completely crashes. I have to hard reset it with the power button to do anything. So, I have to use something to load the basic graphics.12:48
supernoobchemist^: what game?12:48
TJ-chemist^: That dialog isn't very helpful is it? It doesn't appear to show the version numbers of the packages it is listing, which makes it rather pointless for end-users to evaluate which to choose.12:49
DF3D2having a problem where my mouse just stops being moveable after awhile on my laptop, to my knowledge I have NO buttons on the laptop that lock the trackpad in any way. The mouse always gets stuck on the same spot on the screen -- any ideas? I have to reboot to get it to work again12:49
chemist^supernoob, i've only tried one actually ;)) trackmania united nations forever12:49
chemist^TJ-, yes ;)12:49
k1lchemist^: fglrx-updates is the package12:50
TJ-PatrickDickey: Ouch! That definitely ought not to happen... although years past I had similar issues with older Sony notebooks12:50
chemist^so what now...is it best to try the amd catalyst driver from amd homepage or the one in the ubuntu repos?12:50
TJ-chemist^: My reading of that screen would be that the order of older > newer would be: entry #1, entry #4, entry #2 ... and then who knows!12:50
LuyinDF3D2: don't know if that's changing anything with the mouse settings normally12:51
LuyinDF3D2: suppose it shouldn't12:51
k1lchemist^: if you install the amd one ask them for support12:51
TJ-chemist^: If all you are concerned about is the model name reported then don't change anything; as I said, that is generic12:51
TJ-chemist^: If the driver is working correctly and you are not experiencing any video problems then leave well alone!12:52
DF3D2Luyin, nothing under pointing devices/mouse settings seems to help12:52
LuyinDF3D2: are you using a laptop with a touchpad?12:52
DF3D2it gets in this mode seemingly randomly, where i can only move it a small distance and it 'snaps' back12:52
DF3D2to the same spot12:52
DF3D2Luyin, yes I am12:52
DF3D2but the trackpad has no "mouse lock" button at all12:53
chemist^TJ-, i'm telling you i'm experiencing bad performance playing games that do not use hard graphics12:53
TJ-DF3D2: By 'mouse' do you mean the on-screen pointer icon? And you're operating it using the touchpad built-in12:53
DF3D2TJ-, indeed12:53
TJ-chemist^: OK ... so first thing is to check the log-files to see if anything is reported that is abnormal. Can you pastebin "/var/log/Xorg.o.log" ?12:53
chemist^should i try to disable the proprietary drivers amd use the ubuntu ones?12:53
k1lchemist^: ubuntu ships an own prop. driver12:54
LuyinDF3D2: can you still move the cursor by using the touchpad or not even that?12:54
DF3D2Luyin, not once it "locks up" well I can move it a very small distance like I said, then it will 'snap' back to the same spot12:54
chemist^TJ-, /var/log/Xorg.o.log12:54
k1lchemist^: i told you the package name already. dont go blindly into installing anything just for 1fps more in a game.12:54
DF3D2and it is always in the top middle of my screen12:54
LuyinDF3D2: have you been looking at the log files?12:55
chemist^TJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6744471/12:55
DF3D2Luyin, no, but I will drop to a command line next time to check dmsg12:55
TJ-chemist^: Second is to pastebin the output from "glxinfo | egrep 'version|direct' "12:55
LuyinDF3D2: ok12:55
chemist^TJ-, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6744479/12:55
PatrickDickeyTJ-: Well I think it's because AMD made their drivers specifically for Toshiba. This thing has been a PIMA since I bought it. I *had* Lubuntu installed sort of. But, I had to install Ubuntu Server, and go from there to get a desktop.12:56
DF3D2PatrickDickey, is it a hybrid graphics type thing ?12:58
DF3D2or a specific amd mobile chip12:58
PatrickDickeyDF3D2: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog/component/dmi/4458/dmi:AMDA4-5000APUwithRadeon(TM)HDGraphics/ is the closest thing I can get to information about it. My laptop isn't listed there though (Toshiba Satellite C55Dt )13:00
chemist^TJ-, any ideas? :)13:00
DF3D2PatrickDickey, link dead13:00
PatrickDickeyhttp://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog/make/AMD/ DF3D2 third one down (A4-5000 APU)13:01
DF3D2PatrickDickey, http://www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/amd-catalyst-13.12-linux-x86.x86_64.zip13:02
TJ-chemist^: Let's find out what the other fglrx experimental driver versions may be: "apt-cache search '^fglrx.*'  "13:02
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DF3D2PatrickDickey, I would install that13:03
PatrickDickeyDF3D2: I don't think that will help me. I'm trying to boot the Live CD, and it won't boot at all because of this graphics card.13:03
DF3D2PatrickDickey, I have you tried nomode set?13:03
DF3D2PatrickDickey, sry I didnt realize you couldn't boot the live-cd I thought you just needed to know what graphics driver13:04
PatrickDickeyDF3D2: Yep. It ends up at a console screen. And if I try xforcevesa or nothing, it completely hard locks the laptop.13:04
PatrickDickeyIronically enough, I can boot 12.04 with xforcevesa and install from there. :S13:04
DF3D2Maybe do that and then upgrade to 13.10 ?13:05
DF3D2as a path of least resistance13:05
TJ-PatrickDickey: The way I've fixed that in the long-dim past was to edit the liveISO kernel command-line to start in "text" mode (can't recall if I used "text" or "single") and then manually bring up the network, install the best driver, then manually continue the start-up. Unfortunately, I don't know if that is still possible.13:05
TJ-PatrickDickey: I'd be interested to hear if the current 14.04 liveISO will start correctly. If not, then that's a bug and could be addressed before Trusty is released in April13:07
PatrickDickeyDF3D2: I did that originally. Well up to 13.04. Then I mistakenly used Boot Repair to try and get my Windows 8 install to show up in GRUB. That pretty much screwed everything up for me (Boot Repair). So I'm really just trying to get to where I can fix that.13:07
PatrickDickeyTJ-: I thought about doing that. Although Trusty is still in Alpha, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to risk it. Although I may end up wiping and starting over anyhow, so it may not be much of a risk.13:08
DF3D2PatrickDickey, well if you install windows then ubuntu, grub should add windows to the list automatically if not you need to do it manually13:08
=== eskimio_ is now known as eskimio
DF3D2PatrickDickey, always easiest to install windows first13:09
DF3D2since it doesn't play nice13:09
PatrickDickeyWindows + Ubuntu + Fedora 19 + the recovery partitions. :S13:09
TJ-PatrickDickey: If it is a UEFI system then grub doesn't matter since the boot entries go into the UEFI NVRAM, not the grub boot menu... is it UEFI or BIOS?13:09
PatrickDickeyI'm thinking if I have to wipe this, I'm getting rid of the Fedora install. It's what screwed me up for booting this time around.13:09
PatrickDickeyIt's UEFI.13:10
DF3D2might disable uefi then13:10
TJ-PatrickDickey: And is it booting using UEFI or BIOS compatibility mode? In other words, is the hard disk GPT and has an EFI system partition?13:10
DF3D2PatrickDickey, I know UEFI is like the plague, and caused me nothing but issues on my new laptop so I disabled it13:11
TJ-PatrickDickey: UEFI is much better when wanting to multi-boot especially with Windows in the mix13:11
PatrickDickeyTJ-:  Everything is set for EFI. I tried the CSM, but it wouldn't let me install everything.13:12
TJ-PatrickDickey: That's useful then :)13:13
LihisHi, is this right channel to ask about stuff related to setting up a multi-monitor setup?13:13
PatrickDickeyWindows 8 worked up until last night (when I installed Ubuntu 12.04). Lubuntu half-way worked (wireless wouldn't) and Fedora wouldn't work at all. I had an issue where GRUB in Ubuntu wouldn't find the latest kernel for Fedora, so I couldn't install the drivers I needed.13:14
yawnec2 cloud-init question - does anyone know it it's possible to specify "ubuntu"s pub key using ssh-authorized-keys or will that get overwritten by AWS?13:14
TJ-PatrickDickey: Is Windows still in the UEFI boot menu?13:15
PatrickDickeyTJ-: It was when I ran Boot Repair, but before that, I never even saw a menu. It just booted straight into Ubuntu.13:16
TJ-PatrickDickey: OK, so Windows is now starting successfully - you've recovered partially from the 12.04 install side-effects?13:16
PatrickDickeyI made the mistake of trying one of the failsafe backups, and it turned out to be the buggy Fedora GRUB Menu (the only thing that will boot from that is Fedora). And I'm stuck with that menu now. :S13:16
PatrickDickeyTJ-: No, Windows doesn't boot. If I try to boot from the hard drive, it uses the buggy Fedora GRUB menu, so nothing boots.13:17
VlanXhow can I list all services running in a machine?13:17
TJ-PatrickDickey: Well, my approach would be to use the liveISO to create a chroot of the Fedora install and switch into that and use Fedora tools to fix that one, reboot confirm it is fixed, and the I'd investigate Ubuntu 14.04 liveISO to see if it can handle the graphics13:18
PatrickDickeyAnd on the 12.04 disc, the only way I can boot it is to use the "Install Ubuntu" option, and xforcevesa.13:18
TJ-PatrickDickey: The PC should offer a hot-key at boot that will show the UEFI boot menu... sometimes F12 ... do you have that? Does it show a menu?13:18
SpitfireVlanX, service --status-all13:19
PatrickDickeyTJ-: I'm thinking if I can boot the 14.04 iso, I may just use that. I want Ubuntu to handle the GRUB.13:19
DF3D2VlanX, ps aux13:19
Spitfireps aux will give you all processes.13:19
PatrickDickeyTJ-: F12 shows optical, hard drive, usb, setup.13:19
TJ-PatrickDickey: So long since I installed 12.04 I can't recall how well (or not) it handles UEFI installs13:19
=== sagar is now known as Guest76078
DF3D2Spitfire, yeah your answer is much better +113:19
TJ-PatrickDickey: Does it prefix some entries with something like "UEFI:..." to indicate a UEFI boot as opposed to a BIOS boot? One system here I've been hacking would shows "UEFI:" and "ATA" prefixes to differentiate13:21
PatrickDickeyTJ-:  I figure that I have nothing to lose by trying the 14.04 one. So, I may do that when I wake up. It's past my bedtime right now (I work third shift, so "Mornings" are my "nights").13:21
TJ-PatrickDickey: Never helps when you're tired!13:21
PatrickDickeyTJ-: Nope. Nothing. The only way I can get into UEFI or CSM is via BIOS.13:21
TJ-PatrickDickey: I guess that's the whole minimal approach due to it being a laptop not a desktop motherboard - remove everything extraneous.13:22
TimeRiderI always disable UEFI in BIOS... So far I've not needed it13:23
VlanXspitfire, DF3D2: thanks guys13:23
DF3D2TimeRider, same13:23
DF3D2VlanX, hah, his answer was the correct one :-D I learned something too13:23
TJ-PatrickDickey: One tip I'd give you for UEFI... install "shellx64.efi" (version 2) into the ESP partition at "/EFI/shellx64.efi". Add an entry to the UEFI boot menu for it, and it'll give you a lot of additional hacking tools for when things like this go wrong.13:24
PatrickDickeyTJ-:  Thanks. I'll have to look into that.13:24
TimeRiderTJ- : that sounds interesting, and links about it?13:24
TimeRiderany even?13:25
TJ-PatrickDickey: see this link: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/tianocore/index.php?title=Efi-shell13:25
TimeRiderthanks :)13:25
TJ-PatrickDickey: I used it last week on a mobo that had a cut-down shell that didn't even have "ls" command... it saved my bacon13:25
TimeRiderany tools that run before OS boot are useful :)13:26
TJ-PatrickDickey: Using Ubuntu liveISO, you can "apt-get install efibootmgr" and then add/edit entries in the UEFI boot menu too... but the V2 shell allows you to do that directly without an operating system13:26
DF3D2damn TJ- you know a ton about EFI. all I know is to disable it instantly every time :-)13:27
PatrickDickeyTJ If I can get Trusty to boot, I'll do that. I need to edit it, and remove the crap that doesn't work.13:27
DF3D2I've never had any trouble dual booting without it13:27
TJ-TimeRider: Agreed! It saved my sanity after 3 days of stress fighting a windows 7/Ubuntu multi-disk move from BIOS to UEFI boot13:27
TJ-DF3D2: This time 2 weeks ago I knew nothing! Now I feel like I could write an EFI shell from scratch :D13:28
PatrickDickeyTruthfully, the only reason I wanted to keep UEFI is so I could keep the Toshiba Recovery partition. For when I sell the laptop.13:28
TimeRiderTJ- : well done, that task sounds daunting to me!13:28
TJ-PatrickDickey: There are other reasons; UEFI boot system is far slicker and less invasive that the BIOS method where multiple boot-loaders try to replace each other... with UEFI that all goes away13:29
TimeRiderTJ- : I'd have been imaging both OS's then fighting with em and getting grub back in13:29
TJ-TimeRider: I'm still working on the Windows side... trying to persuade its registry to use the different AHCI hardware it is now seeing, rather than the previous IDE13:30
Bauerguys, my wife was watching a movie on her account just now, when computer rebooted. I check syslog, and last message before it came online, seems to be: Jan 13 13:55:50 genadi-deskubuntu gnome-screensaver-dialog: pam_ecryptfs: seteuid error13:30
Bauerthere is also earlier errors when she started watching: Jan 13 13:28:30 genadi-deskubuntu NetworkManager[747]: <warn> error requesting auth for org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.wifi.share.open: (3) GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NameHasNoOwner: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NameHasNoOwner: Could not get UID of name ':1.171': no such name13:30
TJ-TimeRider: I don't use Windows myself; not since 2005, but I used to hack it seriously, and this is my partner's system so I can't escape the job :)13:30
Hecarushello, i'm new in ubuntu...I would like to ask something about tripwire13:31
* PatrickDickey has barely used tripwire, but not in ubuntu.13:31
HecarusDoes anyone know how to exclude hosts.deny from policy file?13:32
TJ-Bauer: That looks like some process didn't correctly parse a user ID and resulted in a bad string. Not sure about the previous pam_ecryptfs error13:33
TJ-Bauer: See bug #108570613:33
ubottubug 1085706 in gnome-screensaver (Ubuntu) "pam_ecryptfs: seteuid error" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108570613:33
BauerTJ-: those couldnt cause a system to halt/reboot?13:33
TJ-Bauer: Unlikely; I'd suspect an over-temperature issue if it just dies without warning13:34
Bauerhmm, you remember off-head the command to see sensors data?13:34
PatrickDickeyHecarus: http://www.cs.montana.edu/courses/309/topics/11-security/tripwire_discussion.html might get you going.13:35
TJ-Bauer: video decoding can often stress the system that way.   lm-sensors is the base package for monitoring, and there are various GUI applications and task-tray applets for seeing/logging the values13:36
PatrickDickeylm-sensors is what you'll use to access them. But off-hand, I'm not sure which command shows the data.13:36
PatrickDickeyI'm off to bed for a bit. Hopefully I can get this working later.13:36
TJ-Bauer: I use "Psensor" as a task-tray applet to view the output13:36
TJ-PatrickDickey: good luck13:36
LihisI want setup three monitors , I have NVIDIA gpu with SLI, now connected to two monitors. Can the third monitor added with second non-sli nvidia gpu?13:37
BauerTJ-: I am on ssh remote controlling, installing the package automatically adds the task-tray?13:38
BauerI am not sure which of the sensors in "sensors" output, is the CPU sensor.. its not stated.13:38
senthilkumarhi., i ve  installed ipython-notebook from synaptic package manager.,  but i  see  lots of developement and patches available on dev-bundle on github how do i install them and use and upgrade when there is any change in github repository13:39
TJ-Bauer: There can often be multiple entries for the same sensor, accessed using different methods (ACPI, direct)13:39
TJ-Bauer: "sensors" should list "core" temperatures, one per CPU core13:40
BauerTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6744660/ this is what I have13:41
TJ-Bauer: I'd guess temp1 and temp2 are the core temperatures... Does the PC have a dual-core CPU?13:42
BauerTJ-: it has a Phenom II, quad core13:42
TJ-Bauer: Hmmm... did you run sensors-detect ?13:43
Bauerdont remember :) have the package for a long time, sec13:43
=== dean|away is now known as dean
TJ-Bauer: Unless there are only 2 thermistor sensors in the Phenom... but on both a 6-core and 4-core Phenom here I'm positive I've seen each core reporting a temperature13:44
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TJ-Lihis: I'm pretty sure in SLI-mode the outputs of the 2nd/3rd GPU are disabled13:45
=== timrc-afk is now known as timrc
BauerTJ-: I did a full scan, but the output has not changed.. and turns out I do have in /etc/modules: it87 - was auto added back in May 26th13:47
TJ-Bauer: Strange... and I can't check the Phenoms here right now to compare notes, unfortunately13:49
Bauershame.. ah wel - another time maybe. pm me if and when you get a phenom nearby :)13:50
Bauerthanks for trying TJ-!13:50
TJ-Bauer: OK, hang on, I've searched a bit. I've found an example sensors config that suggests temp1 is the "system" temperature and temp2 is the "CPU casing" temperature.13:53
Bauerhmm, system - meaning CPU?13:53
TJ-Bauer: Your guess is as good as mine!13:54
Bauerwell, how do I make it save high tempratures into log file at least? if it ever reboots again because of that, I will know :)13:55
LihisTJ-:  Of course.. So I should not connect two gpu with SLI. Better start googling..13:55
HecarusHEY!, can somebody help me with tripwire?13:55
TJ-Lihis: If you want to run 3/4 head with nvidia cards it is easy to do... I have 2 GPUs here on my laptop (1 internal, 1 external via ExpressCard + ViDock) and run 4 to 6 monitors across 3 X sessions. The only caveat is Gnome/Unity can't deal with it so I switched to Kubuntu/KDE13:59
TJ-Bauer: There is a package called "sensord" that will log temperatures14:00
LihisTJ-: I want 3. Okay, good to know that. Do you know can Unity handle three monitors with one X session?14:02
TJ-Bauer: "sudo apt-get install sensord" then "sudo sed -i 's/#LOG_INTERVAL=30m/LOG_INTERVAL=1m/' /etc/default/sensord" then "sudo service sensord restart"14:02
TJ-Lihis: Yes... it can handle multiple heads OK... it is the multiple X sessions it fails on14:03
LihisTJ-:  Okay. Thank you.14:03
TJ-Lihis: With nvidia just use nvidia X settings to configure the monitors and their layout relative to one another. It will write a custom "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" and require log-out log-in14:04
TJ-Lihis: actually, I don't think it will require log-out or custom xorg.conf for simple monitor layout... I seem to recall it configures and saves that for later sessions without xorg.conf14:04
LihisTJ-: Yes, I currently have 2 monitors connected. I have problems adding the third one. As seems that my current gpu can't handle three monitors. So I would set 3 head with one X session, with two gpu's.14:07
LihisTJ-: Two of these monitors display just text etc.14:08
TJ-Lihis: Ahhhh no... sorry... I'm confusing myself... You would need 2 X sessions for 2 GPUs ... but I think you can enable xinerama to combine the heads into 1 X session... but then I believe that reduces the 3D opengl accleration on some or all heads. It is a complex topic!14:08
BauerTJ-: thanks, you sure that sed command is correct? everything in /etc/default/sensord seems commented out with # prefixed14:09
TJ-Lihis: Best is to do methodical experimentation... build up to your final intention in steps and keep track of every change you make14:09
TJ-Bauer: Did I mistype!?14:09
BauerI am not specialized in sed, so I am not sure :) only uncommented line actually is  SYSLOG_FACILITY=daemon14:10
TJ-Bauer: This works: "sudo sed -i 's/#LOG_INTERVAL=30m/LOG_INTERVAL=1m/' /etc/default/sensord"14:10
geirhaOr just run   sudoedit /etc/default/sensord   and edit it manually14:11
BauerTJ-: what is it supposed to do? where should the log be? # RRD_FILE=/var/log/sensord.rrd14:11
TJ-Bauer: If in doubt edit the file manually "sudo vim /etc/default/sensord"  or use a GUI editor with something like "gksudo gedit /etc/default/sensord"14:11
TJ-Bauer: "daemon" facility is default and the output goes to "/var/log/syslog"14:12
TJ-Bauer: By setting the interval to 1 minute you're going to have a pretty accurate trace of temperatures if it does fail again14:12
TJ-geirha: good point :)14:12
Bauerahh, got it TJ- :) thanks! hmm how do I prevent the report of voltage into the syslog? to prevent overspamming14:13
TJ-Bauer: not sure! "man sensord" may help14:13
LihisTJ-: No problem. Damn.. Yes, it seems very complex. I have trying to find all information that is possible from google but it's not easy to understand everything.14:15
JohnnyL    More14:15
JohnnyLHey, I get 50% cpu usage ONLY at the main facebook news page. With opera this is at 3%. I'm using Linux 64 bit. Any suggestions?14:15
TJ-Lihis: I've found the nvidia settings GUI is really useful at figuring out such things... and then reading the xorg.conf it generates to understand what is required.14:16
LihisTJ-: I'll start looking them closer. Thank you!14:16
TJ-Bauer: Once you've proved or disproved temperature as a cause you can change the LOG_INTERVAL back to the default 30m (30 minutes)14:17
HecarusHello, can somebody help me with tripwire?14:17
k1l!details | Hecarus14:17
ubottuHecarus: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:17
Bauerwill do, thanks TJ-! might take a while until next time it happens14:17
Richhhmy CPU usage in Lubuntu just starting going 100%, hasnt stopped, ctrl+alt+del shows that but the process CPU usage doesnt add to 100%, only 2 irc terminals open, whats going on?14:17
Richhhfan is going nuts14:17
Richhhtemp risiing14:17
n008does anyone know of any monit wrapper script for supervisord subprocess ?14:18
Richhhgonna reboot, no time to wait for an answer14:18
TJ-Bauer: You could make sure your wife tells you before she starts viewing next time and change 30m to 1m just in time.14:18
Bauernah its ok, I'll call her soon to view again on the computer and use it as she did before.. and call/write to me as soon as it restarts14:19
TJ-Bauer: Hope that helps... be annoying if that isn't the cause of the crash!14:20
Baueryeah, but I got a feeling (hope) it is! :D14:20
HecarusI would like to exclude hosts.deny from policy file in tripwire. I use ubuntu 12.04 lts and tripwire
Richhhback, any idea about the CPU 100%age?14:22
=== Rarity is now known as Guest42541
k1lRichhh: show in top/htop what is using the cpu14:23
TJ-Richhh: without seeing the process list, no14:23
Richhhok sorry i rebooted already, i was using kolourpaint just before it happened14:23
luc__hi all14:27
MrQuistHI luc__ !!!14:27
MrQuistWelcome to the open world of Ubuntu!14:27
MrQuistWhere we wish that all women were as open-sourced as our software.14:27
luc__yes, thx14:28
MrQuistI'd fork the hell out of women if they were open-sourced.14:28
imlegendzim new w ubuntu14:28
luc__<MrQuist> hi14:28
DJonesMrQuist: No need for double entendres14:28
luc__anyone know how to use taskset??????14:29
shawnp1963Hello all14:29
luc__do you know ondemand service??????14:30
RichhhMrQuist: women behave like eggs, men behave like sperm14:30
luc__is it good?? or bad for performance?14:30
k1l!details | luc__14:30
ubottuluc__: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:30
Richhhthat is why they are not 'open-sourced' and why you would 'fork the hell out of' them14:31
shawnp1963Does anyone here have any experience install and running a LC-3 simulator?14:31
somsip!ot | Richhh14:31
ubottuRichhh: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:31
luc__when i am gaming, i noted a delay14:31
k1lRichhh: lets stick to technical ubuntu support in here14:31
shawnp1963I'm running ubuntu 13.1014:32
imlegendzwhat to do with ubuntu? suggestion?14:33
Richhhchange the world14:33
squigso whats the best way to get a bug fixed in ubuntu? how do I lobby devs to get a fix14:33
ikoniaimlegendz: "use it" ?14:33
ikoniasquig: find people who can fix it - work with them, submit the fix14:33
CatKillersquig: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs14:33
imlegendz<ikonia> example?14:33
shawnp1963use it like you would use Windows or OS-X14:34
ikoniaimlegendz: whtever you like to do wtih a computer14:34
DJonesimlegendz: What would you normally do with an operating system14:34
shawnp1963like any operating system14:34
ikoniaimlegendz: https://help.ubuntu.com walks you through common functions14:34
Richhhimlegendz: create amazingly useful new things14:35
imlegendzgaming, browsing14:35
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
ikoniaimlegendz: do that then14:35
imlegendzi want something new14:35
shawnp1963Is there a support channel for LC-314:35
ikoniaimlegendz: read the url I gave you for ideas14:36
imlegendzkk w814:37
shawnp1963imlegendz, well you got something new.  If you use WINE and PlayOnLinux you can even run most Windows programs.14:37
xanguamost windows programs right...or just install windows14:37
ikoniado not try to game with wine/playonlinux14:38
imlegendz<shawnp1963>really? can run hard games too?14:38
ImagineBreakerimlegendz, you can learn about computers14:39
shawnp1963I'm just saying...  There are still a few programs that only run in Windows or do not have a linux alternative.14:39
ikoniaimlegendz: depending on wine or playonlinux is an unwise thing to do14:39
ikoniaif there is not a native linux application, do not expect/depend it to work14:39
shawnp1963imlegendz, I can run Half-Life 2 and sorta run Skyrim14:39
KoalaGamerZyou run skyrim?14:40
ikoniathat doesn't mean others can run half-life2 or skryum14:40
ikoniaif you are paying $40 for a game - use windows and run the game properly - with support14:40
KoalaGamerZlike, your Bethesda in it's entirety?14:40
ikoniarather than "sort of"14:40
Akiva-Mobilehey what is the terminal command for sudo, that prompts you for a password?14:40
Akiva-Mobilegtksudo or something?14:40
imlegendz<ImagineBreaker>sample?to start with?14:41
KoalaGamerZit's the password that u use to log in ^14:41
ImagineBreakerwhat do you mean by sorta running skyrim?14:41
michagogo|cloudAkiva-Mobile: gksudo?14:41
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)14:41
Akiva-Mobilemichagogo|cloud: thanks!14:41
imlegendzI cant configure screen brightness on ubuntu 12.04 lts, any solutions?14:42
shawnp1963ikonia, that's very true.  But like i was saying... Right now I am just running Ubuntu but for school I need to run LC-3 or Photoshop.  I don't have Windows installed at all, can't afford it.14:42
kostkonshawnp1963, hl2 is on steam14:42
ikoniashawnp1963: you can affort photoshop - but you can't afford windows ?14:42
ikoniashawnp1963: even the education edition whcih is very VERY cheap14:43
shawnp1963now  I can't afford either14:43
ikoniareally I find that hard to believe you can buy $600 software, before you buy the OS and you can't affort a $15 student windows license.14:43
shawnp1963I am on a fixed income and every penny counts14:43
ikoniashawnp1963: sorry that just doesn't seem true14:43
shawnp1963who said I paid 600 for software.14:44
ikoniato pay $600 for photoshop that needs windows or macos - but then not pay for a $15 windows license.14:44
ikoniawell, that's the price of photoshop14:44
shawnp1963I didn't pay for or have photoshop14:44
ikoniaphotoshop is not free14:44
shawnp1963I just said that I needed Photoshop for school14:44
shawnp1963and GIMP just won14:45
shawnp1963won't cut it.14:45
michagogo|cloudI don't really understand why gksudo is specifically for graphical applications14:45
ikoniashawnp1963: so what's your actual question then ?14:45
ikoniashawnp1963: as in your ubuntu question14:45
shawnp1963I want to get LC-3 up and running14:45
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michagogo|cloudWhy does the issue not apply to anything with configuration files?14:45
ikoniashawnp1963: is there a linux port ?14:45
shawnp1963Yes lc3sim-tk14:45
ikoniashawnp1963: so what's the actual issue ?14:46
imlegendzdrama :)14:46
michagogo|cloudOr does sudo correctly use root's environment for terminal-based programs?14:46
shawnp1963I have it installed but I can't seem to get it to run.  I'm not the most literate when it comes to Linux14:46
ikoniashawnp1963: please expand beyond "can't run it"14:46
Myrttimichagogo|cloud: yes. That's the exact reason for using sudo14:46
shawnp1963I "run" lc3sim-tk from its home directory and I can't a "file not found" but yet I can see it all bright green.14:47
michagogo|cloudMyrtti: so it's something about the way graphical applications work that's inherently different from the way applications work inside the terminal?14:47
shawnp1963get a file not found14:47
imlegendzhow to fix screen brightness setting on my linux 12.04 lts14:48
ikoniashawnp1963: show me the output of the command "ls -la lc3sim-tk" please14:48
michagogo|cloudWhere "graphical" means "anything outside the terminal"?14:48
penkHi everyone - I have a cluster of ubuntu boxen all running Lucid.  (LTS).  We deployed a new one last week - all the hosts have unattended-upgrades enabled.  But one of the new boxes did not reboot with the rest when there was a kernel update.  it rebooted a day later.  What could cause that?14:48
Myrttimichagogo|cloud: well, they need X to display anything, and X is run as root, so there's one more layer of moving parts, which needs some careful navigation, and sudo and gksu does that14:49
shawnp1963-r-xr-xr-x 1 shawn shawn 24684 Jan 13 07:19 lc3sim-tk14:49
ActionParsnipPenk: network failure. Dns issue14:49
shawnp1963no execution rights??14:49
ikoniashawnp1963: what ?14:49
penkActionParsnip: good ideas, but unlikely.  these are 12-14 boxes all the in the same Amazon zone.14:49
TJ-shawnp1963: If the current working directory is the same as the executable, by default the environment PATH variable does NOT include the current directory, so you need to do "./<program-name>" rather than "<program-name>" to launch it14:49
shawnp1963never mind14:49
penk(these are ec2 instances)14:49
shawnp1963ok I'll try that14:50
ikoniashawnp1963: show me the output of the command "ls -la lc3sim-tk" please14:50
ActionParsnipPenk: networks are not infallable. Id check your logs and accounts you are using to initiate the reboot14:50
penk*nod* i'll check.14:50
shawnp1963duhhhh  hehe that worked.14:50
michagogo|cloudikonia: 16:49:10 <shawnp1963> -r-xr-xr-x 1 shawn shawn 24684 Jan 13 07:19 lc3sim-tk14:50
ikoniaoh, did I miss it14:50
Laurenceb_is there a limit to execution time of cron jobs?14:50
ikoniathank you14:51
ActionParsnipshawnp1963: if you read the access, all users have access to execute the file14:51
Laurenceb_my cron jobs keep oddly quitting14:51
ActionParsnipLaurenceb_: anything in the cron log?14:51
shawnp1963that's the x right?14:52
Laurenceb_where is cron log?14:52
ActionParsnipLaurenceb_: /var/log ....like most logs14:52
michagogo|cloudshawnp1963: yes14:52
Laurenceb_heh ok14:52
shawnp1963thanks and thanks ikonia14:52
Laurenceb_<ActionParsnip>: no cron in there14:53
ActionParsnipLaurenceb_: then use the web to se where the logs atually are14:53
Laurenceb_ok lol14:54
so_hi, i got problem. i try to install my printer, and one moment my computer say me "please activate the depot universe" wtf?14:55
imlegendzanyone can guide me to learn linux here?14:56
Roryso_: Go to Software Sources, enable the Universe repository14:56
Roryimlegendz: You may need to ask a more specific question14:56
ActionParsnipSo_: what make and model printer? What is the output of: cat /etc/issue14:57
imlegendz<Rory>for now i want to learn terminal command first, seems interesting14:57
ikoniaimlegendz: https://help.ubuntu.com - start using Ubuntu "normally" and more specific situations/questions will appear14:57
ikoniaimlegendz: forcing it will just make you fail14:58
Roryimlegendz: Well, just use the system, and Google how to do things when you need to14:58
ActionParsnipimlegendz: then use the terminal instead of GUI apps and you will learn how to use it14:58
Rory!cli | imlegendz14:58
ubottuimlegendz: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro14:58
so_my printer is a laserjetP1600 HP. i want to install it on the network14:59
so_i dont found "logiciel source"...14:59
ActionParsnipSo_: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue14:59
imlegendz<ikonia> thanks14:59
ActionParsnipSo_: its a terminal command. You will get one line output so you dont have to pastebin15:01
imlegendz<Rory> I need friend to point me,15:01
ActionParsnipSo_: waiting for that output.....15:04
RoryWell imlegendz You can always ask specific questions in this channel15:04
so_output? it's the cable? (it's rj45)15:05
IdleOne!fr | so_15:05
ubottuso_: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:05
IdleOnemaybe #ubuntu-fr will be able to help you more15:05
Wiz_KeeDhey guys15:06
imlegendz<Rory> kk :)15:06
Wiz_KeeDCan I download specific files from ubuntu one not the whole backup?15:06
so_no people on fr irc...15:06
wallzeroGreetings. How can I bridge my wireless network to a virtual machine using network manager?15:06
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: how are you backing up ?15:06
ActionParsnipSo_: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue15:07
IdleOneso_: open a terminal and run the command: cat /etc/issue15:07
so_Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l15:09
ActionParsnipSo_: can you ping the printer's IP address?15:09
sjgpixWiz: does not seem likely15:10
so_how get that?15:10
RoryHi Dinosaurio15:10
ActionParsnipSo_: usualy you can print a diagnostic page from the printer and see the address. Once you have it, you can ping it just like in any OS.15:11
ActionParsnipSo_: again, terminal will be where this is done.15:11
Wiz_KeeDikonia, with dejadup and select ubuntu one as stroage place15:12
ikoniaWiz_KeeD: I don't think it works like that15:12
Wiz_KeeDikanobori, my whole home folder with some exceptions15:12
ikoniaI could be wrong though15:13
Wiz_KeeDthen bummer15:13
oceanxsorry guys could you help me changing the ulimits for a specific service? It is mongodb running under user/group mongodb15:13
so_i can't see ip adress, i have message "unable to local printer"15:13
oceanxI've already edited /etc/security/limits.conf and added the pam_limits.so module15:14
oceanxbut still they aren't changing (i've tried to add the ulimit command to the upstart conf /etc/init/mongodb.conf but as soon as i edit it it don't work15:15
ActionParsnipSo_: yes, you need to get the printer to print a test page to see the IP. You wont see anything onscreen.15:15
so_when i try "print test page", nothing happen15:16
ActionParsnipSo_: the test page is printer using the printer itself.15:17
=== lauren is now known as Guest73393
ActionParsnipSo_: if you install the latest hplip from the hplip site, it should add a tray icon that may help15:19
so_i did it15:19
mianrelieI'm finding a good book of GNU/Linux15:22
SamuraiDiohi, can I cache $HOME/.* in memory during startup?15:22
lauren__is this where i can ask for help..?15:22
mianrelieI'm novel...15:22
lauren__i'm trying to set up a vagrant box and i keep getting "failed to untar", but the .box has worked on other computers15:24
lauren__sort of very stuck15:24
robinmholtlauren__: I don't even understand your question.  What is vagrant?  What are you trying to untar?15:25
lauren__a virtualmachine15:25
lauren__a virtual box?15:25
lauren__i'm trying to untar a .box15:26
ikonia.box is not a tar extension15:26
ikonialauren__: run "file the_file_name.box"15:26
Touhou11ikonia: The extension is only a loose indicator of a file format, that's a mistake people coming from Windows often make15:27
nearstwhats up good ppl :)15:27
lauren__i can turn the .box into a .tar and extract it like that, but it won't set up the vagrant box doing that15:28
ikoniaTouhou11: I'm aware of this, however if it's a "good" product someone will ship it with a .tar extension, and that's why I've just told lauren__ to run file against it to clarify15:28
ikonialauren__: please run the command "file" against the filename15:28
lauren__yea, it didn't work15:28
ikonialauren__: please run the command "file" against the filename15:28
robinmholtlauren__: Were you using a URL with the file command (like https://...)?15:29
lauren__running file i got "gzip compressed data, from Unix"15:29
robinmholtlauren__: Could you past the command you were trying to use initially?15:29
ikonialauren__: ok, so what is the tar command you are using to extract it (exatly)15:30
lauren__vagrant box add "name of file" <path>15:30
spacenavigatorhey is there any anonymous ?15:30
ikonialauren__: ok, so that's not "tar" then15:30
ikoniaspacenavigator: anonymous what ?15:30
lauren__it respondes with15:30
spacenavigatori search anonymous15:31
ikoniaspacenavigator: anonymous what15:31
ikoniaspacenavigator: what do you want to do ?15:31
lauren__-downloading with vagrant ::downloaders::file....-copying box to temporary location..-extracting box...-cleaning up download15:31
lauren__then error message15:31
ikonialauren__: talk to vagrantbox support then, it's downloading bad data15:31
lauren__"failed to untar the box file.  this is usually because you're trying to add a box that isn't a valid box file.  please check that the box file is properly packaged"15:31
Monotokohm, is there an SSL certificate management tool for Linux that anyone knows of? At the moment someone in the office has a spreadsheet in Windows and gets half of them wrong... I want something that will allow me to add sites we manage, and possibly create the CSR when I need it to.15:32
ikonialauren__: there you go then, the package is not good - talk to the providers15:32
lauren__the package is15:32
lauren__i've set it up twice15:32
lauren__on other machines15:32
ikonialauren__: then talk to the vagrantbox support people15:32
Monotokotelling me before they expire is a must too15:32
lauren__k, i'll look for vagrant support15:32
erictr1ckI created a desktop launcher for eclipse that works great for the most part, however, when opening an associated file with eclipse initially closed another eclipse icon / instance of eclipse appears in the unity launcher. is there another setting in the desktop file i can add so this does not happen? here is what i have in my eclipse.desktop file: http://pastebin.com/sub0kfLZ15:35
PolyonymousInstalling Ubuntu onto an LVM over software RAID1, but haven't done so on a UEFI system before - should I go ahead and make separate boot partitions on each drive in the RAID or will GRUB2 be ok if I just toss the EFI partition at the front of the LVM?15:39
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homefluxanyone knows how to parse the temperature value of this output using awk?15:47
homefluxJan 13 14:42:17 Sensor 0 C: 20.25 F: 68.4515:47
homefluxits a digitemp output... i thought of something like "./digitemp | awk ????"15:47
Roryhomeflux: you want C or F?15:47
homefluxhi Rory!15:47
homefluxsorry for this noobish question.. but iam totally new to shell stuff :/15:48
Roryhomeflux: ./digitemp | awk '{print $5}'15:48
Roryoh no I see15:48
Roryhomeflux: ./digitemp | awk '{print $6}'15:48
Roryit's 20.25C not 0C15:48
Rorymaybe it's $715:49
homeflux#./digitemp -q -t 0 | awk '{print $7}' is the right one15:49
homefluxthank you very very much Rory15:49
homefluxworks like a charme :)15:49
RoryAnyway yeah thats how awk works :)15:49
Rorycut -d " " -f 7 would work too15:49
neatthis is pretty cool15:50
homefluxthx! ill look into that command aswell... currently iam trying to write a script, which reads a temp via digitemp and posts it to a middleware server using wget15:50
homefluxits for a project called volkszähler15:51
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freshminthey anybody familiar with avconv and libx26415:55
=== zz_whitenite is now known as whitenite
robinmholtfreshmint: A little bit.  What is your question?15:56
homefluxhah, it works :>> thanks again Rory :) finished my shell script :>15:58
Roryhomeflux: Awesome to hear15:59
FourFireHow do i check my real time per process memory bandwidth use?16:01
FourFireis there  special utility for that?16:01
KoalaGamerZanyone else in school?16:01
MasterOfDisasterFourFire: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6503385/how-to-measure-memory-bandwidth-currently-being-used-on-linux recommends oprofile. Not sure if this applies to your case.16:02
MasterOfDisasterKoalaGamerZ: technically yes.16:02
so_how to now the family of my printer please? (dcp hl fax or mfc)16:03
rcw2i ran ./configure in clamav directory.  but what is the next step?  'make' alone isn't right.  there are two makefiles16:03
freshmintrobinmholt, like to encode with unsing libx264 and set the encoding profile to high16:04
KoalaGamerZlike a baws16:04
freshmintrobinmholt, something like -profile:v high should do it though the files get encoded with the main profile16:04
RoryKoalaGamerZ: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?16:04
MasterOfDisasterrcw2: eh, 'apt-get install clamav' not enough?16:05
rcw2MasterOfDisaster, wifi card down16:05
freshmintrobinmholt, using x264 directly (only video) allows me to set the profile to high16:05
Screwbaheya all16:06
so_please ??16:06
Screwbawhere would be the best place to ask a Samba/Winbind question?  it is specific to Ubuntu 13.1016:06
MasterOfDisasterrcw2: I wouldn't meddle in APT's domain if I didn't know what I was doing. Get yourself a suitable connection.16:06
so_i want to know the family of my printer: dcp hl mlf or fax16:07
MasterOfDisasterrcw2: If you want to customize a package, get its source and start changing/compiling it the debian/ubuntu way: 'apt-get source clamav'16:08
FourFirethis one application is slowing down my whole computer16:08
FourFireMasterOfDisaster, I couldn't answer before now because it was that bad16:08
FourFireand the processor time is actually quite low16:08
FourFireso it must be RAM bandwidth, or disk?16:08
rcw2MasterOfDisaster, 'apt-get source clamav' for offline use?16:09
MasterOfDisasterFourFire: well it's a profiler. inspection is pricey16:09
FourFireit shouldn't be writing to disk so it has to be ram bandwidth16:09
FourFirenah, the program I want to test16:09
MasterOfDisasterrcw2: what in the 9 h*lls are you trying to accomplish?16:09
so_no one know how to know the family of printer? (hl fax dcp or mfc)16:10
=== harikrishnan is now known as hkr
so_i have to select a choice16:10
FiremanEd!patience | so_16:10
ubottuso_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/16:10
so_and i dont know16:10
Screwbawhy doesn't Samba/Winbind/pam auto-create Active Directory users on the system even though my common-session has the line `session   required   pam_mkhomedir.so skel=/bin/bash`16:10
MasterOfDisasterso_: if you do not provide model and make of your printer, how should we know? try http://linuxprinting.org16:10
so_it's an hp laserjet pro p160016:11
robinmholtfreshmint: I don't know about the -profile:v, I have a script which uses '-vprofile high' following the -vcodec.16:11
dust--hi. i got 13.10 running in vmware player. when resizing the vm window or going fullscreen the ubuntu desktop doesnt resize properly and i only see an inactive copy of the old desktop without being able to click anything. how can i fix this?16:11
freshmintrobinmholt, im trying that to now16:11
freshmintcan you paste your script somewhere?16:11
so_@MasterOfDisaster i'm begginer in english and you'r link is so hard for me16:12
freshmintrobinmholt, which version do you use of ubuntu? libav? libx264?16:12
robinmholtfreshmint: It is a one-liner. avconv -i $1 -vcodec libx264 -preset fast -vprofile baseline -acodec aac -strict experimental -r 24 -b 255k -ar 44100 -ab 59k $416:13
robinmholtThere is a commented line above that which has the only difference of -vprofile is -profile:v.  Otherwise, it is the same.16:14
FourFirewell suddenly it started working fine16:14
freshmintrobinmholt, well according to this bug bugs.debian.org/68704816:14
roninnhow could i check that if two files both have the same lines (doesnt need to be in the same order)16:14
FourFirethat is a weird thing, I'll have to investigate it's cause... later16:14
freshmintrobinmholt, using the baseline and main works however setting it to high does not16:14
YOURBESTFRIENDhow do I report a bug in ubuntu?16:14
MasterOfDisasterroninn: sort + diff16:14
robinmholtI don't love the script as it leaves around audio artifacts on some files, but they are infrequent enough that I have not done anything to fix them.16:14
strixUKduring installation, when manually partitioning the disc, is it possible to specify the partition size in sectors rather than in megabytes?16:15
strixUK(i suppose i could just multiply the desired sector size by 512)16:15
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.16:15
so_?? no one can help me please? i have to print..16:15
jeatonim using gnome classic on this computer and somehow I manage to add a launcher on my taskbar, how do I remove this?16:15
MasterOfDisasterstrixUK: partition manually with fdisk, then continue using the installer with the existing partition layout16:16
EuclidisGreetings you all.16:16
MasterOfDisasterso_: http://www.openprinting.org/printer_list.cgi16:16
EuclidisI did my upgrade and my system is running smoothly. Even the KDE is running better, faster, amazing.16:17
strixUKMasterOfDisaster: that would be my preference (including to set up raid and lvm), but fdisk does not appear to be available from the shell16:17
MasterOfDisasterstrixUK: just get another livecd e.g. www.sysresccd.org16:18
strixUKMasterOfDisaster: okay, sounds like a plan, thanks16:19
EuclidisOne problem. All third-party ppa's was disabled. I saw and is written 'raring' propose. Should I just re-enable it? It'll change automatically to 'saucy' propose?16:20
=== kuba is now known as Guest89874
MasterOfDisasterstrixUK: I got heaps lying around, so that's just my usual course of action. cfdisk might be available and up to the task too.16:20
strixUKi looked for that, but it didn't seem to be there either16:20
strixUKMasterOfDisaster: am looking to see if i can boot into something live-ish (maybe recovery) off that installation dvd16:21
so_sorry i can't do... please you can just say me what the reply? the model is laserjet proffessional P1600...16:21
strixUK(it's ubuntu 13.10 server)16:21
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tomixxxhi, need help plz16:22
glitsj16jeaton: alt + right-click should show you a menu with remove option iirc16:22
MasterOfDisasterso_: seems foo2zjs-z2 is the way to go.16:23
tomixxxi have installed ubuntu server lts 12.04.3 because i want to deploy a private cloud with MAAS16:23
tomixxxthe problem is, that added nodes stay in the state "commissioning" and never come to "ready"16:23
tomixxxcan anyone help plz? :(16:23
jeatonglitsj16, that did the job, thanks16:23
EuclidisThank you.16:24
glitsj16jeaton: you're welcome16:24
tomixxxi have written through a lot of webpages but nothing help16:24
tomixxx-written, +read16:25
TJ-tomixxx: Try in #ubuntu-server16:25
=== Zap-W_ is now known as zxd
tomixxx@TJ-: i have tried, but no response so far...16:25
TJ-tomixxx: Ahhh... that is where the experts will be16:26
MasterOfDisastertomixxx: provide them with some related log data, that might help16:26
muellihey all. I'm having problems installing Ubuntu 13.10 alongside Windows. I want to use LVM and LUKS, but neither the automatic checkboxes nor the manual setup works. As soon as I create a crypto container it complains about the swap partition not being in the container. But I can't create a container with a swap partition! Does anybody have any references as to how to get it done?16:26
tomixxxiam really depressed right now, i need this for my master thesis but i cannot make progress without private cloud set up :(16:27
TJ-tomixxx: Have you seen http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/troubleshooting.html#nodes-hang-on-commissioning16:27
tomixxx@TJ-: i have tried to synchronize HW clocks, but i dont know how to set up a "linux-friendly network adaptor" if this is the problem at all...16:28
jkdskjdhskjdhskji'm in the university, we have scientific linux on here, no root access. i need to run my own thing, should I A) install it on the university's harddrive (which is not allowed but maybe it would not be detected) or B) should I install it on a usb drive, and if so, will it be fast enough for python programming. (mostly tkinter stuff)16:29
tomixxxif i try to setup a service with JUJU or simply try to request the state of juju, i get "Error details: no instances found"16:30
MasterOfDisasterjkdskjdhskjdhskj: you should ask permission.16:30
yacc_I'm getting scrolling errors in firefox when I've connected a second monitor to my laptop (Intel HD4400), any ideas?16:30
tomixxxi guess this is because the added nodes in the MAAS are still "commisioning" and not "ready"16:30
jkdskjdhskjdhskjmasterofdisaster, i asked, they're against it.16:30
MasterOfDisasterjkdskjdhskjdhskj: then don't try to go behind the admin's backs. trouble will likely follow on your heels.16:31
hitsujiTMOjkdskjdhskjdhskj: what exactly of it requires root access?16:31
jkdskjdhskjdhskjhitsujiTMO, i need several packages which I'm not allowed to install. and i'm okay with that. so i thought, i'd install ubuntu on a usb thumbdrive and boot it from there. but i have no experience in that. is it fast enough for some programming?16:33
MasterOfDisasterjkdskjdhskjdhskj: most likely yes16:33
hitsujiTMOjkdskjdhskjdhskj: most likely the bios is locked out so you can't boot from usb.16:33
jkdskjdhskjdhskji checked and i can.16:33
MasterOfDisasterjkdskjdhskjdhskj: Freiheit für Forschung und Lehre :D16:34
hitsujiTMOjkdskjdhskjdhskj: can you not just build the packages files in your home?16:34
strixUKjkdskjdhskjdhskj: you've been told not you can't do what you've asked, if you go ahead and do it anyway you will probably get into trouble.  could even have your physical access privileges revoked.  (there are reasons other than them not wanting random software installed that they may have forbidden you to do this)16:35
MasterOfDisasterjkdskjdhskjdhskj: as hitsujiTMO puts it, python + its cohorts can usually run from its own prefix in your /home.16:35
strixUKwhy not do what you need to at home?16:35
MasterOfDisasterjkdskjdhskjdhskj: you should ask them though if it is ok to run it in your /home.16:35
jkdskjdhskjdhskjmasterofdisaster, yeah, but i can't get tkinter running, because certain gtk-packages don't exist.16:35
jkdskjdhskjdhskjthe admin doesn't want to help me out.16:36
hitsujiTMOjkdskjdhskjdhskj: have you approached your supervisor about it?16:36
jkdskjdhskjdhskja usb-install would only let me use the computer's power, not change any part of the existing system.16:36
MasterOfDisasterjkdskjdhskjdhskj: is it something you need for education/work? then get a teacher/supervisor to intervene.16:36
MrJeromeHow can I find out what might be causing a slow shutdown?16:36
strixUKjkdskjdhskjdhskj: what MasterOfDisaster said.  if it's not work related, then you probably aren't supposed to be doing this in the first place.  use your own computer at home.16:37
MasterOfDisasterstrixUK: and he's off. perhaps irc isn't sanctioned either :D16:37
strixUKMasterOfDisaster: yeah, not quite fast enough16:38
kuba_\msg assembler16:38
MasterOfDisasterstrixUK: a fellow bofh will find him.16:38
=== whitenite is now known as zz_whitenite
strixUKMasterOfDisaster: right.  i do sympathise with the guy to some extent, IT depts can be notoriously difficult to get decent help from (we are extremely spoilt at the Cambridge Computer Lab in that respect)16:40
strixUKMasterOfDisaster: (the original bofh was an oper at my undergrad university.  he had a sign on his door that read: I can only help one person a day.  Today is not your day.  Tomorrow is not looking good either)16:41
chemist^Hello everyone, is there something wrong with having multiple DE installed on my Ubuntu?16:41
=== zz_whitenite is now known as whitenite
ikoniachemist^: nope16:41
Tall_Male_DHKis there any open source soft where i can broadcast wifi from my xp machine16:41
MasterOfDisasterstrixUK: Yeah, me too. Upholding a rigid policy to scientists in a computing ecosystem like a university might be a tad bit wrong.16:42
=== brendan1 is now known as ianorlin
chemist^ikonia, i'm thinking of trying out some lightweight DE, which one would you suggest? i was thinking of either lxde or xfce16:42
MasterOfDisasterstrixUK: but I imagine that IT isn't dictating said policy themselves16:42
MasterOfDisasterstrixUK: they just get the flak for having to uphold it.16:43
ikoniachemist^: personal preference, do a little research to narrow it down16:43
chemist^ikonia, which one would you choose?16:43
chemist^can i install both?16:43
rcw2 how do i add whatever disk (in this case, kubuntu install disk) is in cdrom drive as a source in muon16:43
MasterOfDisasterchemist^: install both, stick with what you like better.16:44
kruxchemist^, lxde and xfce both are good.. i personally use openbox + tint2 :)..16:44
TJ-tomixxx: To best way to check that the network adapters in the nodes have open source drivers is to use a liveISO CD/DVD/USB to boot one (if all nodes are identical) and see if Ubuntu recognises/uses the network adapter16:44
MasterOfDisasterchemist^: or try someting entirely different, like ratpoison or aewm16:44
=== smithkm_ is now known as smithkm
chemist^MasterOfDisaster, is it also lightweight? or more like kde?16:44
shadokchemist^: extremely lightweight, but powerful16:45
=== whitenite is now known as zz_whitenite
chemist^shadok, which one? :)16:45
MasterOfDisasterchemist^: eye watering minimalist , actually16:45
shadokchemist^: the two of them are really tiny soft16:45
chemist^which ones? there were 4 mentioned :)16:46
MasterOfDisasterchemist^: if you got enough disk space, why not try all of them?16:46
strixUKMasterOfDisaster: otoh, even compscis can do some exceptionally stupid shit at times.  the way we handle it is.. we have our own vlan, and the COs let us do what the hell we like16:46
AckisI managed to lose permissions to my .ssh directory even though it's 700... anyone have a pointer on where to start to fix it? google is just giving me general .ssh info16:46
chemist^MasterOfDisaster, they shouldn't require much space right?16:46
shadokchemist^: sorry, ratpoison and aewm at least16:46
=== Mars is now known as Guest20277
chemist^i've got like 23 gb of free space16:46
chemist^i'll try ratpoison first then... i like it's name ;d16:47
MasterOfDisasterchemist^: more than enough for all DE/WMs in ubuntu's repos I wager.16:47
shadokchemist^: do you have 600Ko free for ratpoison? ^^16:47
Schrodinger`Catchemist^, too ! but i do not need ratpoison, im better to hunt rats :)16:47
chemist^MasterOfDisaster, which one would you suggest? :)16:47
yacc_Any idea how to get my laptop with Optimus to only use the discrete GPU?16:47
=== eugen is now known as Guest44179
chemist^shadok, isn't that a little too lightweight? ;D16:48
shadokand 200Ko for aewm and its dependencies chemist^16:48
Schrodinger`Catyacc_, bumblebee dont do this?16:48
MasterOfDisasterchemist^: I'm using KDE and LXDE on different computers, and I like both.16:48
shadokchemist^: fluxbox is the same size approx. and is great, so not necessarily16:48
chemist^but kde is not lightweight16:48
kruxhttp://ubuntuone.com/29kUf0r8zWxMtayDQzyxbw << chemist^16:48
Schrodinger`Catchemist^, depend on your definition of lightwieght :)16:48
ikoniachemist^: I wouldn't chose one16:48
MasterOfDisasterchemist^: well, I got 10GB RAM. RAM's cheap anyway :P16:49
yacc_Schrodinger`Cat: bigger issue, I've got bumblebee somehow running with nvidia 319, BUT when using the builtin display plus an external one (2x 1920x1080), I'm getting snowing on the screen.16:49
* ianorlin has 4 and is using lxde16:49
chemist^i have no resources issue16:49
yacc_Schrodinger`Cat: scrolling artifacts in firefox to be exact.16:49
chemist^my computer is powerful enough :)16:49
Aliekzhidoes desktop release still work as livecd ?16:49
chemist^ikonia, lol? :)16:49
k1lAliekzhi: yes16:49
shadokxfce/lxde and mostly ssh here, never changed a wallpaper since two years so...16:50
Schrodinger`Catyacc_, i'm not nvidia user, sorry16:50
strixUKanybody here knowledgeable about the details of hard disc layouts, partition tables etc?16:50
shadokstrixUK: just ask! :)16:50
yacc_Schrodinger`Cat: now with my desktop box, the solution to "integrated APU not coping with two screens and snowing" was "add a middle class GPU".16:50
k1l!details | strixUK16:50
ubottustrixUK: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:50
MasterOfDisasterchemist^: around 4G are in use right now, and I'm running crappy memory hungry java software to boot right now.16:50
bigiehi all16:51
=== Rallias is now known as hypernet
siva_anything new in ubuntu16:51
MasterOfDisasterchemist^: So compared to other crap running here, KDE is negligable.16:51
chemist^i've used xfce once with linux mint and it was cool16:51
Aliekzhik1l, and is there a support to mount ntfs drives ?16:51
strixUKokay.  i have specific requirements for creating a RAID1 array (the main one being that the 2nd disc is not yet available, and it's only half the size of the new disc)16:51
=== siva_ is now known as Guest57480
k1lAliekzhi: yes16:51
=== Tall_Male_DHK is now known as oleyogo
Aliekzhik1l, ok thx :)16:51
chemist^MasterOfDisaster, haha :D16:51
oleyogocan some one help me with any open source soft that works in windows xp and that broadcast wifi16:51
strixUKso i'm going to have to partition and configure raid and lvm manually.  no problem there.  my questions relate one central question: what overheads are there associated with conventional partition tables?16:52
yacc_Any idea: I'm getting "snowing" artifacts when scrolling (13.10, HD4400, external monitor connected)16:52
k1loleyogo: ##windows for windows suport please16:52
MasterOfDisasteroleyogo: this is a ubuntu support channel. so no.16:52
frogfrogfrogHi, I have been running 12.04 server for some time and have just noticed that my login greets me with "Welcome to Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-57-generic x86_64)" - Why am I listed as 12.04.4 when it's not scheduled for release for another month? (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule)16:52
yacc_strixUK: what exactly do you mean by overhead?16:52
shadokchemist^: yup, I really like thunar, it's not krusader but I don't do file management anymore. Thunar + Gigolo + Synergy to my win box and it's cool16:52
strixUKfor example, why, with a completely unpartitioned disc, does fdisk say the first available sector is 2048, when the first boot sector is normally in LBA 63?16:52
frogfrogfrogyacc_: You're on intel, aren't you? That's an intel bug16:52
chemist^i'm gonna try out xfce... should i install the xubuntu-desktop or just xfce4?16:53
tonyteasier to just install xubuntu16:53
shadokstrixUK: if you're talking about raid overhead (available disk space after the raid is up) tell us your raid level16:53
k1lstrixUK: i think the hardware specific topics better suit into #ubuntu-offtopic or ##hardware16:53
yacc_strixUK: the biggest issue with partition tables, performance wise, would be a misaligned partition, but modem partioning software will try to prevent you from this, ...16:53
shadokchemist^: xfc4 is the 'plain' experience, xubuntu adds a few things on top (not sure what)16:54
phunyguyfrogfrogfrog, do you have prerelease updates enabled?16:54
strixUKyacc_: eg, if i've got N sectors on a disc, after the partition table is created, how much space do i need to allow for the partition table and MBR etc?  The MBR, along with the first 4 partitions all fit in 1 sector, fine, but it seems that conventionally the boot block for the first partition lives in sector 6316:54
yacc_frogfrogfrog: Well, so what do I do, I'm almost sure that the VGA&HDMI connectors are meant to be used with my new laptop :(16:54
chemist^shadok, on the ubuntu forums i've read that having nautilus installed will cause system conflicts16:54
k1lfrogfrogfrog: do you have proposed enabled?16:54
yacc_strixUK: conventially, nowadays, it's to block off the first 1M or so, to improve alignment, ...16:55
strixUKshadok- well, raid overhead will be taken out of the filesystem put inside the raid container, so i don't care about that so much16:55
strixUKk1l: if you think that is better, sure; the reason i'm asking it here is because it pertains to installation of a new ubuntu box16:55
shadokstrixUK: nothing to leave to the MBR, the mbr/partition table is outside the partitions, something like the first 512B of the disk16:55
frogfrogfrogphunyguy, k1I, I do not: I have universe, multiverse and backports16:56
frogfrogfrog(and updates, obviously)16:56
strixUKyacc_: that'd explain the first available sector i guess16:56
Guest57480can i install matlab in ubuntu16:56
shadokyacc_: interesting but why do you have to allow 1M and not the diff to your actual block size16:56
phunyguyhuh.... frogfrogfrog, I show the same thing!16:56
phunyguyWelcome to Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-57-generic x86_64)16:56
k1lfrogfrogfrog: right, i just tested mine. you are right16:57
frogfrogfrogphunyguy: This wouldn't be the first time releases haven't coincided with the wiki16:57
yacc_frogfrogfrog: btw, it's not exactly an Intel issue, I had basically the same thing a year ago with an AMD APU, which worked well enough till I started to use a second panel => I had to add a discrete GPU back then, because the display artifacts ...16:57
phunyguyyep.  it is a wiki after all... it can be edited16:57
yacc_shadok: well, 116:57
yacc_shadok: well, 1MB is not big, relative to current disk sizes, and at the same time covers all kinds of internal "block sizes" that SSDs might find convinient, ...16:58
shadokyacc_: what is the size of your blocks? I wonder why you don't just add the difference to 'pad' to block size?16:58
phunyguyfrogfrogfrog, apparently the release was delayed two weeks from jan 23rd... but it is still showing 12.04.4 for us.16:59
yacc_shadok: basically, it's a very defensive layout. 1MB is nothing, compared to the pain of of even 0.1% of users having misaligned logical and physical sectors.16:59
yacc_shadok: well, not all devices will tell you.16:59
strixUKyacc_: what sort of alignment issues actually matter these days, other than perhaps in 4kB sector discs?  Do CHS alignments actually matter for anything, given LBA addressing?16:59
yacc_shadok: especially SSDs are not necessary talkative, ...16:59
shadoksure about the available space yacc_, ok I didn't see that for the moment but I run old computers16:59
shadokyacc_: I'll pay attention when I install Linux on my new box (samsung ssd)17:00
frogfrogfrogphunyguy: Well, since I haven't really gotten any major updates recently I'd imagine it's a labelling issue17:00
phunyguyI agree.17:00
goudkovhi guys. i have a weird problem in 12.04. sometimes, when i open a new application (or even gnome terminal), the contents of the window freeze. if i click on the title bar of the window, the app unfreezes, then freezes again. and so on. when that starts happening i know that the computer will freeze for good soon. and it usually does withing a day or so. on reboot, nothing in the logs that could indicate the source of a problem.17:00
yacc_shadok: well, for almost any value of old hardware that you might want to run with current software (roughly 10-15 years max), 1MB is really not much of an issue, ...17:00
phunyguygoudkov, I would do a memory test17:01
k1lfrogfrogfrog: i think an update slipped through17:01
shadokyacc_: I thought the pata/sata interface had to give that info17:01
chemist^shadok, should i remove nautilus prior to xfce installation?17:01
yacc_frogfrogfrog: okay, so what's the recommendation to fix that Intel "bug".17:01
goudkovphunyguy: yeah, i ran memtest overnight. that was my first though. no problems there.17:01
phunyguygoudkov, how does your HDD look?17:01
yacc_shadok: well, newer SATA hdds are supposed to tell you.17:01
goudkovphunyguy: 30% used17:01
shadokchemist^: you can keep both and even run any soft under any DE (nautilus in kde environnement for example)17:02
phunyguyI meant health-wise17:02
goudkovoh. no smart errors. tests are fine.17:02
phunyguygoudkov, maybe check smart data17:02
phunyguyahh ok.17:02
chemist^shadok, cool thanks17:02
frogfrogfrogyacc_: You might be talking of a different bug than I was thinking - I just know that in 13.10 i915 hardware has this irritating font rendering issue - an update to the driver fixes it17:02
shadokyacc_: shitty standard if you don't have to fill that17:02
phunyguysorry bud, wish I knew.17:02
phunyguyshadok, please watch your language17:02
yacc_chemist^: and funnily, thanks to the goodness of D-Bus, most stuff will integrate with your desktop well no matter how you mix and match.17:02
chemist^hehe installing it now...17:03
shadokphunyguy: ok, 'silly standard' :)17:03
gnansanHi there, I got a problem with sftp, asymmetric keys17:03
yacc_shadok: SSD manufacturers consider that stuff most often "trade secret" ;)17:03
ianorlinfrogfrogfrog what is this bug as I might need to test it in trusty17:03
goudkovit can work fine for a week. then this starts happening. and after that, a day later the computer freezes for good. this really sucks. it's like using win 98 :) i can't leave any long-term work open.17:03
chemist^i chose to install only xfce4 not xubuntu-desktop17:03
gnansani have it configured and its working perfectly but its asking for a password, the first time i try to connect17:03
phunyguygoudkov, by any chance are you on nvidia hardware?17:03
phunyguy(or ATI?)17:03
chemist^cause i don't need all those applications, like abiword etc.17:03
goudkovphunyguy: yeah. nouveau problems?17:04
gnansani need some quick help with sftp17:04
phunyguygoudkov, I have had bad luck with nouveau, and slightly less bad luck with official nvidia drivers17:04
chemist^gnansan, have you tried leaving it blank?17:04
phunyguygoudkov, my educated guess would be that it is related to nvidia.17:05
goudkovphunyguy: i use nvidia module. not nouveau. but even then, it's intel hybrid. so i use intel most of the time.17:05
frogfrogfrogianorlin: I'm sorry but you'll have to search it yourself - ubuntu 12.04 server is the only thing I've been running any more and I'll be switching back to debian soon. After years of launchpad I finally had enough a few months ago so I don't remember the report17:05
shadokyacc_: aren't the controller more important in that aspect? I heard some will rewrite the block size (maybe for dynamic block size purpose)17:05
chemist^i'm off to try xfce4, thanks everyone17:05
=== tangostudio is now known as prpl
phunyguyI am out of ideas.17:05
gnansanchemist^, yes i did17:05
goudkovwhat's crappy is that no kernel panic messages. nothing in the logs.17:05
phunyguygoing to eat lunch, see ya.17:05
frogfrogfrogphunyguy: thanks for the ehlp17:05
phunyguyI had a thought17:05
phunyguydoes your HDD light steady as it is crashing?17:05
gnansanthis the link i folllowed17:06
goudkovphunyguy: don't think it does any work at that time.17:06
gnansanand its wrking fine uding password17:06
yacc_shadok: yeah, so 1M (2^20) seems like a nicely padded layout.17:06
gnansanbut not keys17:06
phunyguyoh, that is another thing I have seen, goudkov, HDD starts going full tilt, then it gets slower and slower, until halting completely.17:06
phunyguyno idea what causes it.17:06
yacc_So what do I do with the flickering snow artifacts?17:06
phunyguyok cya17:06
goudkovphunyguy: nope. not what i'm seeing. oh well :(17:06
yacc_It's not as if I can switch GPU, it's bolted on the motherboard ;)17:07
shadokyacc_: I totally understand that given you can't guarantee to have the info at hands when you partition17:07
shadokyacc_: I have optimus but never used a second screen on this laptop, never saw any snow effect for that matter17:07
Abhijitwheredoes synapse and zeitgeist stores all the data?17:08
shadokyacc_: ever saw that http://lifehacker.com/5851902/turn-a-low+powered-laptop-into-a-gaming-machine-with-an-external-video-card-dock ?17:08
yacc_shadok: well, on my AMD APU it was explained to me that the builtin GPU has not enough bandwidth to service 2x FHD, so I had to put in a discrete GPU into the desktops.17:09
shadokAbhijit: zeitgeist: /home/$USER/.local/share/zeitgeist17:09
yacc_shadok: well, in my case, gaming is the last of my concerns, ...17:09
yacc_shadok: OTOH, connecting 2 external FHD panels seems like something useful, ...17:09
shadokoh, maybe it due to a power problem, running two hd device must get that card hot and it limits itself?17:10
shadokyacc_: I really like having two screens at work, not so much at home but if I had the money I'd take a second 27"17:11
yacc_shadok: well as a "telecommuting" developer, my home office is my work place => so yes, the more displays, the merrier :)17:11
yacc_The only idea would be addressing the additional displays via VNC, basically running X11VNC and let them be connected to the desktop, ...17:12
shadokyacc_: hehe, sysadmin here with many friends as devs, I understand but don't suffer the same fate as you devs, I can have a desktop (or 2) with two screens (or 4) if needed and it doesn't cost much more than your notebooks :D17:13
FloodBot1oceanx: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:14
yacc_shadok: well, my laptop wasn't that expensive, €800 including VAT.17:14
shadokyacc_: you'll lost drag and drop and desktop placement, that's not cool17:14
yacc_shadok: I might have gone the upgrade desktop solution, but the bimonthly team meetings, ...17:14
shadokyacc_: oh ok, macbook air and pro doesn't cost the same ^^17:14
yacc_Well, not actually drag and drop, ...17:15
chemist^I'm back...i like xfce :)17:15
evilbithi all, just installed a ubuntu 12.04 LTS server system under kvm. I don't seem to get a console displayed although virtual consoles are working properly. Any pointers where to start looking? There doesn't seem to be a /etc/inittab17:15
yacc_shadok: and heating is not the issue, I've not even started loading the thing, ...17:15
shadokyacc_: keep the laptop, buy a dekstop when you can, I wouldn't sell it17:15
shadokchemist^: :)17:16
Iszakjust spend 2k on a laptop and buy a 2nd monitor17:16
yacc_shadok: well, I've got a desktop, but the desktop is not really that cool, performance wise.17:16
=== gnansan is now known as Vams
yacc_shadok: i7 quad+motherboard+memory would set me back by €400 too and I'd still need some cheapo notebook when not at home, ...17:16
jay_mhey all17:17
jay_mhi yacc_17:17
shadokyacc_: I can't seem to find anything relevant to your problem on google, strange17:17
yacc_shadok: yeah, I'm trying to google something too, ...17:17
shadokyacc_: sure it's not cheap but I only buy every three to five years, I don't need much beside ssh and openvpn17:17
Abhijitshadok, thanks.17:18
shadokyacc_: 300€ for the i7 4770; 100€ for the mobo and 160€ for 16GB RAM17:18
shadokAbhijit: np17:18
shadokAbhijit: /home/$USER/.config/hotkeys/synapse.hotkeys and /home/$USER/.config/synapse/config.json17:21
Abhijitshadok, ok17:22
shadokMasterOfDisaster: aewm seems interesting but do you happen to know a way to map those actions to the keyboard (alt + Rclick to drag a window for example)?17:26
shadokerf, Lclick I mean17:27
shadoka-la gnome17:27
=== litropy__ is now known as litropy
TeraJLcan someone help me get this built on ubuntu?17:29
Delta9Anybody please help me? I want to bomb 436002ea.megaline.co as they are messing up my internet, I want to mess them up! It's been a long time since I h/p/v/c'd and I'm looking for DDos type tools :]17:29
* Delta9 is too lazy to code his own.17:29
Ubuntu1having trouble changing themes, not sure how to do it17:31
ejcwebIs there a reasonably easy way to setup a rule on my ubuntu machine to redirect an arbitrary HTTP image to another? (ie. http://www.example.com/image.png to http://www.duplicate.com/newimg.png)17:32
Ubuntu1can someone help with installing themes?  please?17:33
igorian21how much Windows weights?17:33
TeraJLcan someone help me install this https://github.com/silicontrip/SkyReader on ubuntu?17:34
shadokigorian21: win7 and 8.x are pretty enormous in size, have at least 40Go or you'll suffer manually removing past updates every week17:35
shadokDelta9: ahem...17:36
igorian21I see. Thanks)17:36
Ubuntu1TeraJL:  are you having problems with the zip?17:36
shadokDelta9: you know it's ubuntu here and not 4chan? :)17:36
apb1963Anyone can recommend a good IRC client  for ubuntu 12.04?  I'm not happy with the ones i've tried.17:36
shadokDelta9: look for it17:37
Delta9this megaline thing is eating up the bandwith of the entire country of PERU right now dude. through the ISP!! And none of the wingnuts over there seem to know how to fix it.17:37
dreinullwho is responsible for the ubuntu torrent tracker?17:37
TeraJLrunning make i get "fatal error: IOKit/hid/IOHIDManager.h: No such file or directory"17:37
Delta9anyone who wants to help stop internet censorship feel free to help. google is BLOCKED as many other websites!! :O17:37
ImagineBreakerTeraJL: Running "make" in the directory that you unzipped it should install it, or get you closer to installing it17:37
shadokapb1963: if you're on kde try konversation, I use it under xfce17:37
apb1963shadok: using it now17:38
apb1963shadok: crashes nightly whether I want it to or not17:38
shadokDelta9: www.torproject.org17:38
Delta9I miss good ol' bbs's! :)17:38
apb1963Delta9: me too!17:38
shadokapb1963: it's ok here, can you try renaming/deleting your settigns folder to see if it changes something?17:39
Delta9yeah I was thinking more DDOS or something fun. Tor doesn't really help this situation! the DNS servers for the entire country have been hacked. UGH!17:39
=== wolrah_ is now known as wolrah
Ubuntu1how do I change the theme ?17:39
Delta9I dunno. /me sigh17:39
apb1963shadok: i'll lose all my channels then, right?17:39
* Delta9 sigh17:39
igorian21apb1963: don't you like mozilla?17:39
apb1963igorian21: mozilla irc?17:40
Delta9anyway I've never been able to get vidalia to run. it crashes for some goddamn reason. I'm too busy for this stuff!17:40
igorian21apb1963: Thunderbird17:40
apb1963igorian21: I use it for email17:40
igorian21apb1963: it's pre-installed17:40
Delta9thanks for the thoughts folks!17:40
shadokapb1963: yup but those are text files you can edit, just copy the minimum like your profile and channels17:40
igorian21apb1963: but you can also use it for irc17:40
igorian21apb1963: i like it'17:40
apb1963shadok: where do I find these t hings?17:40
apb1963igorian21: I'm annoyed with thunderbird... their backup plan stinks17:41
igorian21apb1963: ah17:41
shadokapb1963: that's just a way to see if some config files are ok, that may not change anything: => /home/shadok/.kde/share/config/17:41
apb1963shadok: well, I probably won't know if it changes anything until tomorrow... or longer...   let me take a look and see if I can tell which files to save17:42
rcw2if i merely mount a flash drive into linux, and then run clamav, is there a chance of infection ?17:43
Delta9lovely I cant connect to 4chan!!! AAAGH!!!! that damn linkbucks megaline thing is HELL!17:43
Delta9I've noticed it blocks most sites that have information etc that are helpful to my cause. hrmmm17:43
apb1963shadok: the only thing there is konversationrc17:44
shadokapb1963: sorry, missed the filename: 'konversationrc'17:44
Delta9even had a problem downloading security updates from ubuntu. it's one smart cookie.17:44
Delta9this should be in the news. an entire countries internet gets shut down and it doesn't make the paper?17:44
rcw2can i point sources.list to a flash drive?  y/n?17:44
Delta9Great. Now they want to send some 3rd world tech support guy to play with my ubuntu box. hrmm no thanks.17:45
shadokDelta9: try tor, if you can't build a circuit (tor can't connect to its network) try searching for tor bridges on google17:45
apb1963shadok: in the file i have Main Window State as a long string of random characters... is that what you see too?17:45
Delta9hmm ok thanks!17:45
Delta9except that duh duh duh GOOGLE IS DOWN because of this thing... still I get the point. ;)17:45
Delta9all google services. youtube. etc.17:45
shadokapb1963: yup, look at the sections named: Channel ; General Options and Identity17:45
Delta9dailymotion works... and bing is.. accessable. but still does not work. hyuk hyuk17:46
shadokapb1963: identity is what you want the most, you can quit konvi, rename the file, relaunch konvi and quit it one ore time. You can now diff the two files and copy the blocks you want17:47
shadokDelta9: duckduckgo? does tor connects? go to #tor if not17:47
BHAVANAWhat I need to learn to contribute to Abiword projects ?17:47
apb1963shadok: channels and autojoin is what I want most :)17:48
=== Mars is now known as Guest14996
Delta9yeah all I get is a tor closed unexpectedly upon opening, not the first box or network this has happened to.17:48
Delta9lemme see, I'll find #tor17:48
Delta9and look into that bridge business.17:48
shadokapb1963: just copy the file to a safe location or rename it after quitting konvi and use something like meld to diff the two files, it's easy to copy blocks that way17:49
shadokDelta9: good luck!17:49
apb1963shadok: meld?  never heard of it17:49
Delta9right this second I'm more concerned that a techie who's never seen ubuntu before wants to check my box. even though 1,000 other people have reported the virus is on the ISP machines. genius! Go third world!17:49
Delta9Ugh @peru17:49
apb1963bash: meld: command not found17:49
shadokapb1963: a graphical diff tool in python, which is excellent17:49
Delta9they're checking everyones computers except there own. responsibility is a unknown concept here.17:50
apb1963shadok: installing it now17:50
Delta9it's a click through for money thing.17:50
shadokapb1963: you can always do that manually, you just have to take care to replace whole blocks and not simply add them, you cannot have duplicate blocks (by name)17:50
=== GZA-ZNC is now known as GZA-Genius
apb1963Delta9: it's a worldwide phenomena17:51
Delta9some yahoo at the ISP im' sure installed it so ALL the countries net traffic goes through and they make buku bucks.17:51
Delta9no kidding!17:51
Delta9I blame the CIA for either doing it, or not saving us from it ! :D17:51
Myrttias fascinating this is, the delicate thread of Ubuntu support is long lost. Can we please try to return to it?17:51
Delta9@apb1963 would you possibly have more information on that please? thx17:51
apb1963Apachez: so what do I do, feed it two files like I would with diff?17:52
shadokapb1963: open it and do that, yes17:52
apb1963shadok: so what do I do, feed it two files like I would with diff?17:52
apb1963shadok: I opened it... but I don't see a place to feed it17:53
apb1963shadok: oh the doohickey with the + sign.  got it17:53
Delta9thanks for the tips folks. PRetty handy considering my 8080 access is severely limited.17:54
apb1963apb1963: ok, I'll do the comparison later... I won't know if it makes a difference for days... but thanks!17:54
Delta9I will check #tor etc later and see about bridging a connect- hope it helps. thanks a bunch!17:54
apb1963sigh... I keep talking to myself17:54
apb1963shadok:  ok, I'll do the comparison later... I won't know if it makes a difference for days... but thanks!17:55
shadokapb1963: your identity is your nick + password (if you saved it) + server17:55
kiraankHi, I am running Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop.  I have 82801AA ICH sound card, but I see there is no alsa-ucm file for the same. Where can I get alsa-ucm config file?17:55
apb1963shadok: how many channels do you have in your file?  I have over 30... I wonder if that might be an issue17:56
DEA7THif I install Ubuntu after I already had Windows 7 on the other drive, would that slow down the Ubuntu?17:57
DEA7THI don't care how fast the Windows runs, tho17:58
rcw2if i merely mount a flash drive into linux, and then run clamav, is there a chance of infection ?17:59
ejcwebIs there a way to redirect to
Delta9@rcw2 haven't read ur entire post, but like a real life cold, don't cross contaminate!18:01
shadokapb1963: ir depends on the number of channels you choose to autojoin on connect, on different servers, you can copy them all but be sure to replace totally the one you have by default18:01
Delta9if you bypass the MBR using a clean disk, and your bios is ok. you should be safe. then sanitize everything else from there18:01
Delta9depending on what kind of files you are re-porting is where you might get worried18:02
=== roby is now known as Guest5343
Delta9network security issues aside18:02
xeviousI'm trying to preseed GRUB so that it does not install onto any devices. I've got the grub-pc/install_devices debconf value set to an empty list and the grub-pc/install_devices_empty boolean set to true, but when grub is being installed, it still asks which device to install to. Any tips?18:05
MarkDaviesDoes Ubuntu have an application allowing to check which process is actually performing disc operations?18:07
lnxslckMarkDavies, something that monitors disc i/o  ?18:08
DEA7THis there anything wrong with Ubuntu 13 over Ubuntu 12? like some significant issue I really need to know about18:08
shadokMarkDavies: iotop18:08
EdganMarkDavies: iotop is handy18:08
MarkDavieslnxslck: I know that to monitor disc i/o there are fuser and lsof, but then they don't make it possible to learn what process is writing to/reading from a disk in this very while.18:09
pringlescanI'm doing a minimum install (to do ZFS on root) and I always seem to be missing Intel network card drivers when I do this that are included in a normal desktop install18:09
pringlescanWhat do I need to install to make sure I have the NIC drivers?18:09
hitsujiTMOxevious: have you diffed a debconf-get-selections before and after a debootstrap grub install?18:09
MarkDaviespringlescan: I'm not sure but as far as I know Network-manager should do the dirty job for you. If you're not satisfied or it doesn't work then look at ndiswrapper.18:10
pringlescanso if I do a desktop install instead of minimum, I should have the needed packages?18:10
shadokMarkDavies: a pretty complete guide at I/O profiling:  http://www.linuxprogrammingblog.com/io-profiling18:11
MarkDaviespringlescan: I have a desktop installation and after the graphical environment is run, the network is automatically detected.18:11
=== zz_whitenite is now known as whitenite
MarkDaviesthanks, shadok18:11
MarkDaviespringlescan: that is, the Wi-Fi.18:11
pringlescan"apt-get install --no-install-recommends linux-image-generic linux-headers-generic"18:12
pringlescanI'm talking about a non-exotic intel NIC not having drivers18:12
shadoknp MarkDavies18:13
pringlescanI had to get them on a flash drive from intels site and compile them manually18:13
pringlescani'm wondering if the —no-install-recommends is the root of the problem18:13
MarkDaviespringlescan: and they are for Wi-Fi, yes?18:13
pringlescan… no wired ethernet18:13
MarkDaviesoh, then sorry18:13
pringlescanwhich is very odd, so I'm trying to say, that the instructions for zfs on root (https://github.com/zfsonlinux/pkg-zfs/wiki/HOWTO-install-Ubuntu-to-a-Native-ZFS-Root-Filesystem) seem to not include very common NIC drivers18:13
TJ-xevious: I think you need to also uncomment "conf_force_conffold=YES" in /etc/ucf.conf on the targets. See http://serverfault.com/questions/310488/unattended-grub-pc-update18:15
xevioushitsujiTMO: That's a good idea - I'll do that now.18:15
xeviousTJ-: I don't think ucf would have anything to do with it prior to any grub-pc package being installed.18:15
xeviousTJ-: I just want the package to install and get configured without any drives. I'll dpkg-reconfigure it later.18:16
hitsujiTMOxevious: if that doesn't work then you'll prob have to troll thu the install config/post install scripts.18:18
xevioushitsujiTMO: I'm doing that while I wait for the debootstrap to finish.18:18
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pringlescananyone doing zfs on root in 12.04?18:19
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=== andyfied|afk is now known as andyfied
=== JoshSyn is now known as douchebag
lord4163Why is libminiupnpc-dev broken?18:31
TheLordOfTimelord4163: you'll have to be more specific?18:31
dgbaley27Hi, I'm on 12.04 and using NFS root mounted from the initramfs. It seems like NFSv3 is being used though and I cannot figure out how to use NFSv4 instead.18:32
lord4163TheLordOfTime: How do I execute command in english?18:32
Lester_NormanI'd like to set up an sip server18:33
Lester_Normanany reccomendations on doing this18:33
Lester_NormanI was thinking about asterisk or opensips18:33
TheLordOfTimelord4163: what are you trying to do though?18:33
Lester_Normanphone calls18:34
lord4163TheLordOfTime: Install libminiupnpc-dev18:34
TheLordOfTimelord4163: does `sudo apt-get install libminiupnpc-dev` work?18:34
lord4163TheLordOfTime: I want to run the command in English and give u the output18:34
lord4163TheLordOfTime: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6746182/18:35
TheLordOfTimelord4163: there's no autotranslate features in apt to output the comamnd in English, you'd have to change your locales to English first18:35
ncom0plI'm looking for a desktop environment that would be suitable for using on HD TV.18:35
GlemSomis in intented that soft limits quota is only for newly created files, after the grace period of soft quota runs out ?18:35
GlemSomI was under the impression it was global for all files in the scope, no-matter if it was newly created or not ?18:35
TheLordOfTimelord4163: do you have any PPAs installed on your system?18:36
lord4163TheLordOfTime: Ofcourse, how would you else be able to use Ubuntu :D18:36
TheLordOfTimelord4163: you can force it to install that version of libminiupnpc8 i think by doing sudo apt-get install libminiupnpc-dev libminiupnpc8=1.6-3ubuntu118:37
Lester_NormanI'm still here ...18:38
tomshredsHi, I'm locked outside a machine because I mistakenly fucked the permissions of ~/.ssh/ now all I get is Permission denied (publickey). It's an Amazon EC2 instance so I'm kind of super fucked. Anybody has an idea how I could get that fixed? Thanks18:38
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hitsujiTMO!language | tomshreds18:39
ubottutomshreds: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.18:39
tomshredsOh come on, please try to help me instead of playing the kindergarden powertrip....18:39
hitsujiTMOtomshreds: do amazon provide recovery isos to boot?18:39
hitsujiTMOtomshreds: not a powertrip. theres strict guidelines here18:40
ncom0pltomshreds: Or maybe you could generate new keys via amazon EC2 website? Just a guess.18:40
tomshredsOk I guess so sorry18:40
Lester_Normandoes anyone have any experience in setting up an sip server18:41
tomshredsncom0pl I thought so at first, but since my whole ~/.ssh is messed up wouldn't be useless? I mean if I can't connect with that key why would I be able to connect with another key if the key isn't the problem? I'm just guessing as well, that kind of blew my mind. I can't believe I made such a dumb move while doing a normal daily console task18:41
robinmholtncom0pl: Nor sure what you are looking for, but on my mythtv frontend, I am using fluxbox.  It is light weight and easy to configure.18:41
tomshredsncom0pl I could make another machine, restore that snapshot as a second drive and fix permission and then restore that snapshot on my main machine. I guess, once again hehe18:42
robinmholtLester_Norman: The reason I (and likely many others) did not respond is I can not provide you any help.18:44
xvzfI have a badly working 13.10 after an unsuccesful upgrade from 13.04. This is on a macbook pro. What is the recommended way to reinstall 13.10 so that my home directory, which is unfortunately not on a separate partition of my ssd, would be intact.18:45
Euclidisxvzf: Are you in dual boot?18:46
Lester_Normanwell I appreciate the gesture none the less18:46
ImagineBreakerxvzf: create a partition mabe using gparted, then transfer /home to it?18:46
Lester_Normanrobinmholt ...18:46
xvzfxvzf: no18:46
hitsujiTMOxvzf: lots of different ways. you could perform a full backup, like tar the /home and restore the /tar after18:46
Euclidis!patience | Lester_Norman18:47
ubottuLester_Norman: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/18:47
Lester_Normanhow come bison++ says it has unmet dependencies18:47
NekHello everybody18:47
Nekyesterday I tried to upgrade to the last ubuntu18:47
Schrodinger`CatNek, meow18:47
Lester_Normanmy name is Lester_Norman18:47
xvzfso I go for a backup of /home, that is fine. But then which image should I take to install? And how? I never did a macbook install of ubuntu, the guys at the repair service did it.18:48
NekI had a bug in the middle of the upgrade18:48
NekHow can I restore my system ?18:48
Lester_Normanhave u made a backup Nek18:48
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NekLester_Norman, no18:48
Lester_Normanwell I think that's really the only way unfortunately18:49
shawnbon206got banned from ##mac (on freenode) for putting linux on my mac.18:49
karabasanI don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I have a SSH-key on my ubuntu pc, can I in an easy way use this SSH-key on my windows PC too?18:50
Schrodinger`CatNek, you can recover your data with booting on a live cd18:50
Neki want to restore my system ^^'18:50
bazhang!ot | shawnbon20618:50
ubottushawnbon206: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:50
Schrodinger`CatNek, you will gain time to do a fresh install, i think :)18:50
Euclidisxvzf: http://ubottu.com/y/dl  You can download the image according with your hardware - 32 ~ 64b - there are an usefull 'how-to'..18:50
shawnbon206 /part18:51
Lester_Norman 18:53
Lester_Norman 18:53
Lester_Norman 18:53
FloodBot1Lester_Norman: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:53
xvzfEuclidis, can I use this on a pendrive?18:54
hitsujiTMOkarabasan: depends on what you're planning to use it with. putty/filezilla for instance uses its own privatekey format, but putty-gen will convert openssh's format to be one that can be used. Also cygwin uses openssh so is ofc immediately compatible.18:55
karabasanmh, i decided to just generate a new key on my windows computer and add it to the trusted keys on our git repo18:55
Euclidisxvzf: Yes.18:56
xvzfshould I format a pendrive before writing out the iso image with dd?18:56
Euclidisxvzf: You can make a bootable usb. It is faster and easy.18:56
Euclidisxvzf: Wait a minute..18:56
xvzfEuclidis, how? Now I type from a centos18:56
Euclidisxvzf: You can install 'unetbootin' on your CentOS, format your usb with 'gparted', and select the image.. Only that.18:58
Euclidisxvzf: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/18:59
Euclidisxvzf: Unetbootin does automatically for you. It can download and format the usb.19:00
EuclidisHow can i see my KDE version?19:04
phunyguyEuclidis, by loading a KDE app, clicking the help menu, then "About KDE"19:05
Euclidisphunyguy: Good one..19:05
xvzfEuclidis, thanks.19:05
* bcstorm is away: White rabbit, white rabbit19:06
Euclidisxvzf: Everything ok?19:06
=== arjun is now known as Guest46304
phunyguybcstorm, may want to not publicly announce your away messages, please.19:07
EuclidisAll right, all right..19:07
EuclidisI just had enabled 'kubuntu-backports' and I have some updates. Happen that I already updated when I upgraded to 13.10. Should I run the update?19:09
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EuclidisMy version is the 4.11.3. Is already available the 4.11.4?19:10
EuclidisI will ask in the Kubuntu webchat rather..19:11
madm1keohhai. is there a way to freshly install/prepare an ubuntu in a way that I can send it off to someone and this person then can configure username/password/locale etc?19:11
=== dean is now known as dean|away
nurv_anyone knows if I can run interactive maven commands during upstart?19:12
yacc_madm1ke: => OEM install?19:12
ubottuKubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde19:12
christiaan_I have the Windows 8 cd but ubuntu wont let me boot into it19:13
hitsujiTMOchristiaan_: ubuntu has nothing to do with your system boot. make sure its bootable or not corrupt and select the dvd in your boot menu19:14
madm1keyacc_: ah yes, perfect :)19:14
ikoniachristiaan_: booting happens before ubuntu is loaded19:14
ikoniachristiaan_: ubuntu does not stop you booting anything19:14
yacc_madm1ke: you have to try it out, but sounds what you might want ;)19:14
christiaan_When I say boot from CD it just starts ubuntu19:15
hitsujiTMOchristiaan_: then its an issue with the cd19:15
ikoniachristiaan_: or your bios19:15
yacc_christiaan_: that's an indication that the CD could not be booted, probably.19:15
ikonianothing to do with ubuntu as ubuntu is not booted19:15
madm1keyacc_: it is exactly what i need, but a quick google search (did not use oem) revealed nothing, so I thought I'd ask here. thanks a lot!19:16
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christiaan_So how do i remove ubuntu from my computer (I do have a backup bootable usb)19:16
ikoniachristiaan_: you need to boot "something else" and overwrite it/ remove the partitions19:16
christiaan_fukin hell19:18
ikoniachristiaan_: no need for that language please19:18
christiaan_Its my keyboard19:18
ikoniano, you typed it19:18
christiaan_my point19:18
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christiaan_any tuts for a ubuntu and win 8 dual boot?19:21
ikonia!dual | christiaan_19:21
ikonia!dualboot | christiaan_19:22
ubottuchristiaan_: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot19:22
Euclidisikonia: Which version are you running?19:23
ikoniaEuclidis: versions of what ?19:23
ikoniaI'm not running ubuntu at the moment19:23
EuclidisIs something special?19:24
ikoniasomething specific for work, it's not really anything to do with this channel though19:24
=== litropy__ is now known as litropy
AdemanI want to encrypt a small portion of my hard drive, preferably, since I didn't set aside any extra partitions at install time, I could keep the encrypted data as a file on my existing filesystem and just mount it. Does anyone know of software like that?19:25
litropyGuys, I can't stress enough how much installing the latest mesa improved my graphics experience. Everything is much faster, much smoother. Here's the ppa: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa19:27
ikoniathat's not going to be the same for everyone though19:27
ikoniaplease don't offer it up as "general"19:27
litropyikonia, I hear ya. Note to everyone else, consider it, but be wary. It was cake for me.19:28
ikoniathere is no need to change anything - unless you have a specific problem this fixes19:28
Ademanback in 2009 xorg-edgers HORRIBLY broke X.org after months of consistently great updates (intel GMA 4000MHD)19:29
litropyAdeman,  yep, I remember that.19:29
Ademanluckily by that time I was more than comfortable with bash hehe19:29
hitsujiTMOlitropy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FolderEncryption19:30
ikoniahence why randomly/blindly installing that for no reason is bad19:30
hitsujiTMOAdeman: sorry^^19:30
AdemanhitsujiTMO: thanks, I was just reading through a few of the wiki entries myself, I'll check that out19:30
Ademanikonia: well, I did it for KMS19:30
litropyAdeman, this time around I was like, "Okay, let's install Steam." It loaded up, took _forever_ to get into a game, and then the game itself was lag lag lag. So I moseyed over to #ati and they were like, "Install mesa 10, dude." and BAM perfect. Plus, I have higher resolution on my 2nd monitor now, and Unity couldn't be snappier.19:31
litropyRadeon 2600HD19:32
* phiscribe shudders on hear xorg19:32
Ademanlitropy: nice, I gave up and installed the proprietary driver about a month ago, it has some *weird* bugs, but it works well enough. I just made stallman cry a bit...19:32
litropyhitsujiTMO, folder encryption? Did you call the wrong nick?19:33
Ademanlitropy: it was meant for me, they corrected themselves below19:33
litropyAdeman, ah okay19:33
=== fire is now known as hack
EuclidisAdeman: I'm running under fglrx-updates. One problem always will intrigue me: so much video tearing. It is absurd.19:34
AdemanEuclidis: my biggest complaint is that for whatever reason when I take a screenshot, the top 100-200 (128 maybe?) lines of pixels are black in the screenshot, it makes no sense19:34
=== tangostudio is now known as prpl
AdemanI honestly only switched so I could get OpenCL working, getting OpenCL via MESA on 12.04 was proving to be a total PITA19:35
litropyEuclidis, I came very close to running fglrx-updates, but my card is no longer supported, so I would have had to install a patched legacy catalyst and maybe downgrade xorg.19:36
AdemanI'm thinking it's some stupidity with dual monitors, as I have two mismatched monitors, and I *think* the number of blank pixels = the number of vertical pixels LESS my left screen has than my right screen, but it still happens even when I alt+printscreen to get a single window19:37
EuclidisI've got combined fglrx-updates with vainfo. My radeon 6620G runs great. No problem except the terrible tearing I got. I tried all forms of configuration and nothing relevant..19:38
litropyAdeman, only one way to be sure: unplug the extra, clear out the settings so that it has no idea there's another monitor sitting next to it, and try again.19:38
litropyAdeman, OpenCL - is that GPU processing stuff, used mainly for bitcoin mining ATM?19:39
Ademanlitropy: actually, I just compared two screenshots, one of a single window, and one of my whole desktop, the black area perfectly matches the size difference between my two monitors19:40
Ademanthat's pretty dumb lol19:40
litropyAdeman, maybe your screenshot program is confused, and it might be easier to configure _that_ rather than fiddle with your gfx configs19:40
Ademanlitropy: "used mainly for bitcoin mining ATM?" I'm using it for litecoin mining, but OpenCL has a ton of other uses, it's great for simulation stuff19:40
litropyAdeman, nice. Is it making more than the electricty you're using?19:41
AdemanI'm not going to bother trying to fix it at all for now, I rarely take screenshots19:41
litropyAdeman, [the cost of] the electricity ...19:42
Ademanlitropy: bitcoin wouldn't, litecoin might, maybe, I only did it because it's COLD here, so I figure any waste energy is heating my apartment :-p19:42
litropyAdeman,  hahahahahaha that's a good reason.19:42
litropyAdeman,  I think you're onto something. All heaters should come with a miner. Hahahaha - I'm still laughing.19:43
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Ademanlitropy: :-p19:44
=== Guest24574 is now known as LoganCloud
litropyalrighty, I'm gonna go play TF2 on my shiny new gfx drivers. Seeya peeps19:48
Ademanhave fun, don't buy too many hats19:48
Euclidislitropy: heh..19:48
chemist^hi everyone, is there a way to get that "autocomplete run application" in xfce as it is in kde and unity?19:49
chemist^for example i start typing puls... and i get pulse audio control listed below19:49
xvzfEuclidis, unetbootin asks space used to preserve files across reboots -- how large is recommended?19:50
Ademanchemist^: This doesn't really answer your question, but bash (default shell in all of the terminals shipped by ubuntu afaik) has tab completion19:51
fryckHi ! i have EXACTLY the same problem : http://askubuntu.com/questions/266800/configure-apache-to-access-a-symbolic-link-to-samba-mounted-folder-symbolic-lin19:51
fryckbut no answers to this question19:51
chemist^Ademan, yes i know that, but i don't want to open my terminal everytime i want to run an app19:52
=== MomoNasty is now known as Momo|Off
hitsujiTMOchemist^: something like dmenu maybe?19:55
chemist^i found an app called Application finder in xfce and made a shortcut for my super key to start it up19:55
TJ-Ademan: Reading that article, the line "Options +Indexes +FollowSymLinks MultiViews" is wrong and will cancel the options preceding "MultiViews"19:55
chemist^it's not quite what i was looking for but it'll do19:55
hitsujiTMOfryck: could you use a mount --bind instead of symlink?19:56
TJ-Ademan: In apache, when configuring Options... if "+" or "-" is used for one option, all options must use "+" or "-" ... otherwise a later option can cancel out prior options19:56
AdemanTJ-: did you mean to direct that to fryck ?19:57
=== pete is now known as Guest96680
=== Guest96680 is now known as petran
petranhello guys i have an issue with xfce4 shortcuts19:58
TJ-Ademan: I do apologise; my eyes skipped down a line in the scrollback buffer. That was for fryck19:58
AdemanTJ-: no problem, just making sure, I was about to respond to fryck myself so I *was* thinking about the same thing lol19:58
ezra-salso for apache accessing networked files see also EnableSendFile and EnableMMAP directives, as both should be set to off to avoid apache process hanging should the nerworked filesystem disconnect19:58
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ezra-sfor further apache httpd questions you should head to #httpd19:59
TJ-fryck: And another thing... by default Ubuntu runs the apache httpd process as user "www-data" not "apache"19:59
TJ-Ademan: Must be telepathy :p20:00
Euclidisxvzf: you don't need any space..20:00
Euclidisxwalk: let it unchanged..20:01
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Bauer1guys, every time I login in my GUI, I have a dialog popup about Ubutu 13.10 experiencing an internal error. apparently related to xserver-xorg-core 2:1.14.5-1ubuntu2-saucy1, and Error is no 21:  Is a direcory: '/proc/driver/nvidia/gpus/0'20:02
Bauer1a lot of other info, but I cant seem to copy paste, and it doesnt open the bug report in browser to continue triage20:03
TJ-Bauer: See bug #103751820:04
ubottubug 1037518 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Xorg crashed with SIGABRT - FatalError (f=f@entry=0x7f41e2f9a9e2 "no screens found")" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103751820:04
chemist^hitsujiTMO, synapse is great, i'm trying it out now20:04
ImagineBreakeranyone know how to connect an adnroid 4.x.x device so that it mounts correctly? when I connect mine, I can't see things on the device20:04
clocKwizehey, how do I see what process is taking all my ram?20:04
clocKwizeI see: KiB Mem:  31154484 total, 29190612 used20:04
clocKwizein top20:04
AdemanImagineBreaker: have you looked into the MTP shennanegans?20:04
AdemanI *still* haven't properly configured that20:05
ImagineBreakerNo, I'll try going as a camera and see if that'll help20:05
Bauer1you sure its the same issue TJ- ? I am not so certain20:05
Bauer1it also says fixed20:06
Bauer1but I still have it20:06
Ademanubottu: mtp20:06
TJ-Bauer: I got there from a duplicate bug that contains the error you reported: bug #104519720:06
ubottubug 1037518 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1045197 Xorg crashed with SIGABRT - FatalError (f=f@entry=0x7f41e2f9a9e2 "no screens found")" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103751820:06
TJ-Bauer: grrr, silly uboto trying to 2nd guess me! The link is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/104519720:07
daftykinsImagineBreaker: is this Ubuntu? have you followed a guide to enable MTP support if it's not present?20:07
Bauer1TJ-: error does not seem to be the same in this bug report as well... how can I see the issue # for the bug I reported?20:08
lolcatIS there one FOOLPROOF, and effortless way to install my ATI7770M?20:10
Bauer1TJ-: btw about the Psensor you recommended me earlier today: now that I am home, it shows exactly the same sensor names... no way to tell which is CPU. it does show GPU0 which does not show up on sensors (in cmd line)20:13
NightwalkerkgOne question. Is there an option to enable 'back' using Backspace in ubuntu 13.10 ?20:16
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_u2pop_?DCC SEND "file ubuntu" 0 0 020:17
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, DON'T click on suspicious links, and type « /msg ubottu exploit » if you want more information.20:17
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NightwalkerkgAnyone ?20:19
kronickhighlooking for assistance with installing heimdall on ubuntu 13.10, any assistnace greatly appreciated20:19
EuclidisHe is probably defending the gates from Asgard..20:20
kronickhighis that a heimdlal reference?20:21
Euclidiskronickhigh: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/06/heimdall-odin-alternative-that-runs-on.html ~ https://github.com/Benjamin-Dobell/Heimdall/downloads ~ http://www.installion.co.uk/ubuntu/saucy/universe/h/heimdall-flash/install.html20:24
strixUKhi.  problems booting a fresh install of ubuntu 13.10 server.  / is on raid1+lvm.  booting  recovery mode shows md starting /dev/md0 okay, but then i get: device-mapper: table: 252:0: linear: dm-linear: device lookup failed etc, and i'm dumped to an initramfs shell.20:24
strixUK/proc/mdstat indicates that the device is okay, and lvm pvs/vgs/lvs show the expected output, but /dev/mapper is empty (apart from control)20:25
EuclidisGee.. He is out.20:26
strixUKalso, booting recovery mode from the installation dvd can mount everything okay20:26
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strixUKmd0 is "degraded" (the second disc is not yet available), which causes boot to have kittens when it tries to assemble the array, so i shrunk md0 to just one member (so md is now happy)20:27
strixUKbut lvm is still not happy20:27
MrJeromeHow can I diagnose a slow shutdown? When I do a reboot or shutdown, it takes like 5 minutes to finally shut down. How can I tell what is causing this?20:28
rhin0nfs mounts?20:29
rhin0network .. waiting for network20:29
noahsamgabeHi, guys, I just put Lubuntu on my old laptop. I am new to this. I know at first when I was loading it, it said welcome to Lubuntu 13.10, I think, and at the end it said, thankyou for downloading "Lubuntu 14.04". Lubuntu 14.04 is supported for 5 years right? Also, I don't see any icons on the desktop. I can get to them though on the bottom left corner. How do I get icons on my desktop?20:30
TJ-MrJerome:  disable the splash screen so you see what is going on.20:30
pedrommonehello, is there a definitive way to change dns settings?20:31
rfxchlxdo you use gnome?20:31
MrJeromeTJ: Everything seems pretty normal. It says "killing all remaining processes [fail]" but this happens on other machines that don't have the delay20:31
Euclidispedrommone: Yes.20:32
MrJeromeTJ: It gets to 'shutting down now' and then hangs for several minutes20:32
pedrommoneEuclidis, how you make it? every way I try ubuntu overwrite it when I restart20:32
Euclidispedrommone: You should edit the dhcp file.20:32
EuclidisWait a minute..20:32
TJ-MrJerome: If you also disable "quiet" and replace it with "debug" at boot-time you will get more useful messages20:32
pedrommoneEuclidis, how can I do that?20:32
MrJeromeTJ: Cool, how do I do that?20:33
MrJeromeTJ: I've just been hitting up-arrow at shutdown time20:33
Euclidispedrommone: I am searching for you. Just waut.20:33
rhin0noahsamgabe: Thanks. I also discovered that right-clicking on the menu entry gives you the option to add to desktop.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1510662 Thread: Adding desktop icons in Lubuntu20:33
TJ-MrJerome: When the PC starts hold down Shift and get to the grub boot menu... highlight the entry, press "E" to edit it... move the cursor the line(s) that begins "linux ..." and has "quiet" and "splash" on it ... remove them, add " debug", then press Ctrl+X to boot using that kernel command line20:34
MrJeromeTJ: Thanks, I'll give that a try20:34
rfxchlxHallo guys, i would appreciate some help. I can't figure out that by myself. I'm trying to filter out some log files. The problem is that i don't know how to use properly the SetEnvIf with two conditions. I've search in google a lot, but nothing..20:35
rhin0noahsamgabe: In November 2013 it was confirmed that 14.04 will be the first Lubuntu LTS release with five years of support.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lubuntu#Lubuntu_14.04_LTS20:35
rfxchlxlog1: calendar.log: - me [13/Jan/2014:20:51:26 +0100] "PROPFIND /caldav/ HTTP/1.1" 20720:35
rfxchlxlog2: - me [12/Jan/2014:22:32:55 +0100] "PUT /caldav/me.ics HTTP/1.1" 20120:35
Euclidispedrommone: Have a look: http://www.opennicproject.org/configure-your-dns/how-to-set-up-dns-servers-in-ubuntu-linux/ ~ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=207839820:35
rfxchlxconf1: SetEnvIf Request_URI "^/caldav" calendar20:35
rfxchlxconf2: SetEnvIf Request_Method "(OPTIONS|PROPFIND)" dontlog20:36
pedrommonethank you20:36
rfxchlxbut it doesn't seem to work well20:36
rfxchlxany ideas?20:36
Euclidispedrommone: You can choose between ots of dns servers, like opendns, google, terra.. etc.20:36
TJ-pedrommone: If the network settings are being obtained via DHCP at start-up you'd need to edit the interface configuration and change the "Method" to "Automatic (DHCP) addresses only"  and then add the DNS server IP address(es) to the "Additional DNS Servers" entry20:36
pedrommoneEuclidis, terra? are you from brazil? haha20:36
rfxchlxcustom:  CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/server/calendar.log combined env=calendar20:36
Euclidispedrommone: I know you are. Heh.. 'Pedro'20:37
Euclidispedrommone: But yes. Eu sou..20:37
pedrommoneTJ-, gonna read his links before20:37
BjizzleHello. Is there a way to export all installed packages as a clean little lidt so that I can reinstall them after reinstalling Ubuntu? Maybe I could back of the .deb files?20:38
Euclidispedrommone: Are you from Brazil?20:38
fishcookeri've ubuntu server i want to print a pdf to the printer.. how to?20:39
pedrommoneEuclidis, yep, bh20:39
Bjizzle[15:38] (Bjizzle) Hello. Is there a way to export all installed packages as a clean little list so that I can reinstall them after reinstalling Ubuntu? Maybe I could back up all of the .deb files?20:39
dunpealHi. I just installed Ubuntu Server, and some of my ports appear blocked by default. How do I open them for incoming requests?20:41
bekksBjizzle: http://askubuntu.com/questions/101931/restoring-all-data-and-dependencies-from-dpkg-set-selections20:41
rhin0fishcooker: There's a command line program called lpr which sends pdf files directly to the printer.  So if you have doc.pdf, you should be able to print it with lpr doc.pdf (assuming you're in the right folder on the command line).20:42
kostkon!clone | Bjizzle, also this:20:42
ubottuBjizzle, also this:: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate20:42
BjizzleThanks, bekks. Would this work also? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=81939620:42
TJ-rfxchlx: Are the directives in a vhost or for a primary server?20:42
fishcookerthanks rhin0 i will do that on the root privillege20:43
kostkonBjizzle, plus, there is a similar option in the software centre20:43
rhin0b careful in root20:43
MrJeromeTJ: Ok I did that, and everything seems fine. "all processes ended within 2 seconds", everything ends with [ok], and then it gets to "*Will now restart..." and hangs there for several minutes20:43
fishcookeri will rhin020:43
bekksBjizzle: that forum post looks more complicated.20:43
TJ-MrJerome: What make/model is the PC or motherboard?20:43
MrJeromeTJ: It's a lenovo thinkpad W70020:44
pedrommoneEuclidis, well. it change, hope dont change again when I restart :p20:44
funkyiredmail who here used it?20:45
MrJeromeTJ: Startup is fast, shutdown -h is fast, just normal shutdowns/reboots are very slow20:45
TJ-MrJerome: How much RAM does it have, and, are you running any virtual machines via VMWare, VirtualBox, or libvirt/KVM/QEMU ?20:46
MrJeromeTJ: I think it has 8gigs of RAM, and no I'm not running any virtuals. This problem happens immediately even after a fresh install.20:46
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BjizzleBekks, that will let me reinstall all those packages right?20:47
TJ-MrJerome: Hmmm OK ... does it have 2 hard disks or 1?20:47
BjizzleI have /home on a separate drive.20:47
MrJeromeTJ: Just one, intel ssd20:48
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noahsamgabeGuys, I'm having trouble with my desktop appearance after clean installing lubuntu on it. I looked at the ubunut forums for help with icons and there wasn't anything really for me there. I'm new here with this. I now have a dark screen with only a few icons on bottom left. How can I make get a nice appearance and icons for the left of the screen?20:51
TJ-MrJerome: I've searched the bug reports and can't find anything even remotely similar, at least for that model. Slow at start-up is *usually* a file-system check being done which can take a long time with large file-systems... debugging shutdown is a bit more difficult since logging and other non-kernel services are generally killed20:52
MrJeromeTJ: Yes, I'm having a very hard time getting to the bottom of this.20:54
TJ-MrJerome: however, you can to some extend narrow the possibilities on shutdown but starting in Recovery single-user mode (so no GUI etc.) and then from the resulting terminal shell immediately do "sudo shutdown -r now" and see if there is still a delay. Test a few times. If there is no delay that gives you a clue that the delay is caused by something started when the system switches to a multi-user run-level and fires up the GUI20:55
xvzfwhat software should I use to create an install pendrive for ubuntu onto a macbook? it seems that unetbootin does not work, my macbook does not recognize my FAT32-formatted pendrive with the official 13.10 iso image. What shall I do?20:55
mYgtCan someone please kindly refer me to where might be a good place to go to request help with configuring citrix receiver in ubuntu?20:56
MrJeromeTJ: I'll try that20:56
ziftex_Idon'tKnow (TM)20:56
mYgtcitrix does not support their own products, and their linux documentation is garbage.20:57
ziftex_mYgt, #citrix ? what is the issue tho?20:57
mYgtziftex_ with the new citrix version, wfcmgr has been replace with a ui called selfservice. it has some dependency issues and doesn't seem to do anything.20:57
ziftex_mYgt, mkay. been a few years sin'c I was citrix administrator.20:58
jonathan__ 220:59
mYgtziftex_, thanks for the referral, I am trying to find a citrix jedi master in #citrix.20:59
jonathan__ i try my connexion20:59
jonathan__|O|  C=====_21:00
jonathan__|O|  C=====821:00
FloodBot1jonathan__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:00
TJ-MrJerome: I just found this... a BIOS update solved it: http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-959940-start-0.html21:00
ziftex_mYgt, is this relevant ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CitrixICAClientHowTo21:00
FloodBot1jonathan__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:00
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MrJeromeTJ: Still getting the delay in recovery mode. I'll check that link21:05
thebastlhi its not possible to add somehow add a group to a group right?21:07
jordilopezamatdear #ubuntu community,21:09
Ademanthebastl: I don't believe so, since groups can be named the same as users, it would be ambiguous21:09
ziftex_thebastl, nested groups.21:11
ziftex_thebastl, https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/oneiric/libset-nestedgroups-perl/21:12
thebastlis it somehow possible to have 2 groups with their own folder that they can access but they are denied permission to the other groups folder and have a third group that is allowd to access both21:12
KI7MTexample: cool_grp:x:500:user1,user2,user3,user4,user5,...,user2021:12
TJ-thebastl: You'd need to use ACLs (Access Control Lists)21:12
thebastlwithout acl21:12
ziftex_thebastl, look at what I send you.21:12
thebastli will have a look thank you21:13
jordilopezamat(system pre-conditions : dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ) After Ubuntu upgrade, my father's PC is got completely Screwed : "A disk read error occurred.Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" on black screen. The weird thing is that when running Disk S.M.A,R.T. test from BIOS , results indicate that disk is OK :-/21:13
Ademanyeah ACLs are the right answer here though21:13
KI7MTthen jsut add to other gps .. it's not that hard, can get confuzzzing though.21:13
jordilopezamatany help will be appreciated :-)21:13
KI7MTthebastl, there's a package for it: Simple implementation of nested groups21:14
phiscribejordilopezamat maybe use a livecd and see if you can still see the files. it would at least tell you if the drives are alive21:14
jordilopezamatthansk phiscribe,  on top of, i cannot even start the system from a LiveUSB ubuntu21:15
jordilopezamatit seems that i've lost the PC control, completely...i'm fustrated!21:15
phiscribeif its THAT dead you talking pull out drives and put in another system or something like an enclosure or a sata to usb21:16
phiscribeyou cant do much if you can boot into anything21:17
jordilopezamatsure phiscribe...21:17
jordilopezamati don't know if there could be a less radical option under this conditions... :-/21:18
phiscribeand s.m.a.r.t can lie21:18
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jordilopezamatah... that's a good poing21:18
phiscribedoes biow show temperatures21:18
phiscribebios i meant21:18
jordilopezamatlet me check... phiscribe21:18
phiscribemaybe a fan has stopped and its shutting off due to heat21:18
sudormrfhey guys!  I was wondering if any of you use cacti, mrtg or nagios?  If so, I have some questions regarding cacti vs mrtg vs nagios with graphs enabled.21:19
jordilopezamatgood point phiscribe...21:19
phiscribedo you smell smoke? hehe21:20
jordilopezamathe,he :-D fan seems to be working as usual... quite noisy21:20
jordilopezamatno doubt is working21:20
bekks!anyone | sudormrf21:20
ubottusudormrf: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.21:20
jordilopezamat...so weird, that i can even run a session from LiveUSB ! Never seen it before21:21
phiscribehow many memory sticks? start pulling some, making sure to keep one in the correct slot, whatever that may be. start unplugging optical drives. unplug everything, count beep codes21:21
PatrickDickeyHey TJ-, some good news sort of. Trusty booted and installed with minor hitches on that laptop. The bad news is it only recognizes an older Fedora Kernel (GRUB) and won't boot to Windows 8 at all. (I haven't tried the efi shell that you recommended, nor Boot-Repair, nor anything else yet).21:21
jordilopezamatsure phiscribe...21:21
jordilopezamatlet's see21:21
phiscribeboot from optical, scavage one if need be21:22
phiscribeif your can figure it out, network boot21:22
sudormrfbekks, my question cannot be summed up in one sentence.  I am currently using cacti and would like to know how it stacks up against mrtg.  I would also like to know how well nagios with graphs works when compared to cacti and mrtg.  but there are going to be a whole ton of questions related to this, should someone in here have the experience.21:22
TJ-PatrickDickey: Well that's some kind of progress :)21:22
jordilopezamatah... phiscribe , and if succeed on running a LiveCD session ? what would be next step ? :-/21:23
tim`_why does the ubuntu installer on OSX only give an option for encryption if you replace and not isntall alongside osx?21:23
PatrickDickeyjordilopezamat: Out of curiosity, do you even get a GRUB menu? (May have been asked and answered earlier)21:23
jordilopezamatthanks PatrickDickey , no ... i'm not getting GRUB menu21:24
UnknownEntityLike this? http://pastie.org/863067421:24
PatrickDickeytim`_: Because it would be encrypting the entire drive possibly. So it doesn't want to mess up your OS X installation. Although it *should* only encrypt your home directory, so it could also be that they're both POSIX systems.21:24
tim`_PatrickDickey: i want to encrypt the partition though -21:25
tim`_that is what is typically done21:25
TJ-jordilopezamat: The message you report comes from the BIOS before any operating system is found. Have you got any external USB devices connected?21:25
PatrickDickeyjordilopezamat: You could always try fixing GRUB anyhow from the live cd. Assuming you can mount your drive.21:25
jordilopezamatcontext is : boot, then memory check... regular HW check & listing... then "A disk read error occurred21:25
jordilopezamatPress Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart"21:25
phiscribejordilopezamat first it would let you see the partitions and the files on the partitions and drives. thus you would know that the system is basicaly sound, that bios, cpu memory and hard drives are working. its just a first step. it can also allow you to change grub or fix grub. you might consicer a SuperGrub disk21:25
TJ-jordilopezamat: When the system starts press the key that gets you into the BIOS setup... then find the "load defaults" and use it, then reconfigure the boot-order to ensure the hard disk is listed (preferably 2nd after any DVD/CD drive)21:26
phiscribeif you cant boot from usb. fired usb. if you cant boot from cd/dvd or usb, its likely some basic hardware component fired21:26
phiscribeyes bios should have a button to push to bet a boot menu to choice the boot device, (usb, hard drive, optical, network)21:27
jordilopezamatthanks guys! ummhh... i'll try form another USB connectar, just in case is fried...21:27
jordilopezamatsure... i'll take BIOS boot priority in account!21:27
MrJeromeTJ: So I updated the BIOS but I'm still getting the delay. I did notice that during the delay the hard-drive access indicator light stays solidly lit.21:28
PatrickDickeyjordilopezamat: http://askubuntu.com/questions/204021/a-disk-read-error-occurred-on-windows-after-installing-ubuntu-12-1021:28
PatrickDickeyGranted you're on 12.04, but the problem is the same.21:28
TJ-jordilopezamat: another tip for you... sometimes this can be caused by vibration or bangs causing the data or power connections to the hard drive to become slightly dislodged... if you're brave, open it up to get to the hard disk and ensure the connetions are firmly in21:29
phiscribeugg i rememer that nastiness in 12.04 with drives spinning21:29
jordilopezamatthanks PatrickDickey i was reading that one...21:30
PatrickDickeyjordilopezamat: You can install/run Boot-Repair from the Live CD also.21:30
jordilopezamatDamned... now LiveUSB just booted! :- ) phiscribe you were right ...21:30
TJ-jordilopezamat: Another related issue can be memory modules being dislodged... so check them. I opened a laptop recently to find the SO-DIMM locking arms had sprung loose and the modules were 30 degrees from normal... and still working too!21:30
jordilopezamatUSB connector was fried :-/21:31
jhutchinsre-seating memory has cured many a balky PC.21:31
TJ-MrJerome: Have you tried switching the BIOS modes of the disk controller between/from AHCI/IDE/RAID ?21:31
phiscribethat or underpowered. if you have lots attached it might not have enough power for all the devices. maybe get a powered usb hub to add some juice21:31
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jordilopezamatyep phiscribe... ok, recovering the breath now...21:32
* PatrickDickey thinks that if the system was working properly before Ubuntu was installed, it most likely is just a boot issue--not necessarily a hardware issue. Although that CAN (and does) happen also.21:32
jordilopezamat... i'll run a disk check from LiveUSB ... i think21:32
MrJeromeTJ: I'21:33
MrJeromeTJ: I'll try now21:33
TJ-PatrickDickey: I've had so many weird issues like that I have a mantra now "Check the cables/connections FIRST - stoopid!"21:33
jordilopezamatPatrickDickey i completely agree with your diagnosis21:33
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jordilopezamatcould it be that MBR got screwed or something like?21:34
YOURBESTFRIENDis the ubuntu software center using gtk or qt?21:34
TJ-jordilopezamat: If the BIOS can't find the MBR then yes21:34
PatrickDickeyjordilopezamat: If the hardware checks don't solve the issue, then yes that could be the problem. So, I'd check the hardware like TJ- and the others recommended, and then try BootRepair or something similar to fix GRUB.21:35
PatrickDickeyjordilopezamat: Here's the information on Boot Repair (since our lovely ubottu doesn't have it) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair21:35
jordilopezamatmmh... and (now) running form LiveUSB, gparted is showing the partitions properly...21:36
jordilopezamatany recommended test from ?21:36
jordilopezamatok, i'll use boot repair...21:36
TJ-jordilopezamat: The BIOS reads sector 0 of a drive, and then looks for the magic 0x55AA as the last 2 bytes... then it executes the code from offset 0. That error occurs when it can't find the magic bytes or boot sector21:36
jordilopezamatsure TJ-21:37
TJ-jordilopezamat: I'd be doing "sudo dd if=/dev/sda bs=512 count=1 | hexdump -C | less" and checking the boot sector looks good.21:37
phiscribebe warey of repair the mbr. im not sure what that does in a ubuntu setting. in a windows setting it means destory grub, make windows and windows only boot.21:38
phiscribeit might not be the same thing in the bootrepair tool21:38
TJ-jordilopezamat: This is what it should look like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6747100/21:38
phiscribei like supergrub boot disk to repair weirdness21:38
phiscribebut thats just me21:39
YOURBESTFRIENDis the ubuntu software center using gtk or qt?21:39
jordilopezamatnever tried supergrub boot disk... yet!21:39
jordilopezamatlet's go with boor-repair for now...21:39
MrJeromeTJ: Same problem in compatibility mode vs ahci21:40
TJ-MrJerome: Have you tried researching the make/model of the SSD for this kind of thing?21:40
hitsujiTMOYOURBESTFRIEND: that question was answered already. gtk21:41
TJ-MrJerome: After all, I've only seen this reported with the W700 by people using SSDs21:41
Brian666Have you guys seen how bad ubuntu can become21:41
Brian666when you swap a new video card?21:41
Brian666The dection process in Ubuntu is horrid21:41
MrJeromeTJ: I'll see what I can find. I might have to try a different hard drive.21:42
* PatrickDickey wonders if there's a channel specifically for GRUB/GRUB2.21:42
=== MomoNasty is now known as Momo|Off
TJ-MrJerome: That would be a good way to test the SSD theory21:42
YOURBESTFRIENDhitsujiTMO: ah, sorry21:42
urdaquestion: I'm running McMyAdmin on one of my linodes, it has zombie processes (1-3) at times, should this be of concern? (I think not, but just asking)21:42
PatrickDickeyBrian666: Which card did you swap and which card did you go to? And which version of Ubuntu?21:42
Brian666It was awhile back21:43
hitsujiTMOYOURBESTFRIEND: you can see for yourself aswell by looking at the dependencies: apt-cache show software-center | grep Depends21:43
Brian666i formatted ubuntu21:43
TJ-PatrickDickey: Yes; #grub strangely!21:43
Brian666after it could not fix my problems21:43
PatrickDickeyLOL I thought it would be that obvious TJ- Thanks. :)21:43
TJ-Brian666: formatting applies to file-systems not operating systems!21:43
=== rvraghav93 is now known as rvrg
PatrickDickeyBrian666: My question to you then is this: If it was a while back, have you given a thought to trying again? They may have fixed the bug or whatever that caused your issue.21:45
* PatrickDickey thinks Brian666 meant to say he wiped Ubuntu and went to another operating system.21:45
=== jack is now known as Guest29247
LadyFrHllI have two problems here.  I am trying to boot with a Ubuntu Live USB 13.10 64 bit.  I see the ubuntu below on the screen for a second then a flashing cursor on top then the monitor just blinks after a few seconds.  I have passed the "nomodeset" to the kernel prior to boot and I get to the desktop but if I install it for some reason grub does not get installed to the hard drive.  I have an Ivy Bridge Z77 Gigabyte motherboard with 21:47
LadyFrHllAlos with Amd 6800 graphics card and the Motherboard has Thunderbolt which I don't care about getting working anyhow21:48
TJ-MrJerome: You might find some clue in the Service and Troubleshooting guide: https://cdn.cnetcontent.com/9b/4a/9b4ad36f-ee04-4bd9-b202-0d93c59829ab.pdf21:48
AdemanLadyFrHll: dang that sounds like a pretty specific bug, maybe someone in here knows, but I'd strongly recommend posting on the ubuntu forums also, so that more people can see it21:49
MrJeromeTJ: Thanks, I'll take a look21:49
=== Discovery is now known as Guest95852
TJ-MrJerome: according to page 9 the BIOS contains "HDD diagnostic program"21:50
=== GZA-ZNC is now known as GZA-Genius
LadyFrHllOk I can do that.  When I hit F12 to choose to disk to boot from I see both EFI and the Kingston FLash drive itself.  Why is there an EFI parttion on the USB flash?  My motherboard has an EFI bios21:50
LadyFrHllWill Live install correctly with nomodeset?21:50
=== whitenite is now known as zz_whitenite
MrJeromeTJ: Yes, I saw that in the BIOS. I'll give that a shot it will take about 2 hours.21:50
TJ-LadyFrHll: The USB doesn't have a UEFI partition ... the BIOS just offers BIOS and UEFI boot options for any removable device... the same for DVDs21:51
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:51
LadyFrHllI see because I can boot the USB from either or the EFI or tthe kingston which is why I was confused21:52
jhutchinsLadyFrHll: Yes, live will install just fine with nomodeset - you can do an installation entirely in text mode if you need to - but the system may not be smart enough to pick up that parameter when it completes the install - you may have to add it manually.21:52
hitsujiTMOLadyFrHll: UEFI can boot fat32/fat16/fat12. If it sees one of these partitions it will give you the option to boot in uefi mode, or if not it will boot in legacy mode21:52
TJ-LadyFrHll: however, that doesn't mean the USB device doesn't have a GPT layout or an EFI system partition - it might have!21:52
jhutchinsTJ-: Except it doesn't.21:53
LadyFrHllHow can I rid of the EFI or UEFI from the USB  just in case21:53
LadyFrHllI did partition it21:53
LadyFrHllfrom a mac as Fat21:53
jhutchinsLadyFrHll: I wouldn't worry about that.21:53
jhutchinsLadyFrHll: If you wrote the installer image to the drive correctly - which you did as the installer appears to run ok - then it wrote the partition table and filesystem along with it and over-wrote your partition.21:54
LadyFrHlljhutchins, add the grub manually?21:54
jhutchinsLadyFrHll: I haven't practiced this - haven't put linux on EFI in several years now - but the guide above should have the details you need.21:55
oxima23Hi everyone this is my first time here. Please point me somewhere else if my question is misplaced in this chat: In my first shell script I want to extract the version number from a list of filenames. All files have got the same number at this specific place in their name.21:55
lolcatDo I really have to use an old ubuntu to get drivers to work?21:55
LadyFrHllI ok I actually made the partition on the drive myself I wanted boot / home and swap21:55
TJ-jhutchins: 13.10 liveISO doesn't have EFI? Did it get introduced only for 14.04 then?21:55
LadyFrHllcould that be the problem?21:56
Specoxima23: #bash might help better.21:56
jhutchinsLadyFrHll: THis should be all you need to do to fix it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub21:56
LadyFrHllok thanks21:56
jhutchinsTJ-: They work with EFI - I installed Linux on EFI back in ~2008 without any problems from grub or installers.21:56
vaskozl_ok I fucked up my xkb folder to the point where no keys are working21:57
jhutchinsTJ-: What's she's seeing in the boot menu are the options for the local hard drive (EFI) and the USB  (and whatever else is bootable).21:57
vaskozl_could someone upload the default one?21:57
oxima23Spec: Thx, I will try it there.21:57
LadyFrHllI was able to do one successful install onto the hard drive but every install since is failing with the grub21:57
TJ-jhutchins: thought so... the live ISOs contain an EFI boot partition in the Eltorito boot image catalog21:57
LadyFrHllsuch a weird situation21:57
jhutchinsvaskozl_: Lesson learned?21:57
vaskozl_jhutchins: I think so :D21:58
vaskozl_jhutchins: back up everything21:58
Specvaskozl_: plzed to keep it family friendly21:58
jhutchinsvaskozl_: What's the path?21:58
vaskozl_i typed it by hand21:58
LadyFrHllSO is my black screen issue other than grub a Graphics card issue?21:59
vaskozl_but I think that's it21:59
LadyFrHllthe USB flash bots up fine on another ivy bridge system with a Nvidia card 74021:59
jhutchinsvaskozl_: What about just reinstalling xfce4-xkb-plugin ?21:59
vaskozl_jhutchins: isn't that just the button that allows you to switch the layout without running setxkbmap?22:00
Jeeves_Mosshow do I specify what zone files to transfer for what view to subs?  When I try to do a transfer to a sub, I get the zone files for the internal view, and not the the external view populated for BOTH view files.22:00
vaskozl_for xfce4-panel?22:00
jhutchinsLadyFrHll: Exactly.22:00
vaskozl_jhutchins: can you upload one for me?22:01
LadyFrHllSo weird I am thinking maybe the AMD 6800 might have a problem to not sure22:01
LadyFrHllIt is supported though22:01
jhutchinsvaskozl_: No, sorry, that's xkb-data you need.22:01
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
jhutchinsLadyFrHll: CPUs rarely have problems - the manufactureres provide code to the kernel team directly.22:02
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
vaskozl_jhutchins: you are positive?22:02
vaskozl_so purge and the apt-get?22:02
LadyFrHllThen def. something goin on with the AMD 6800 graphics card22:02
=== ziftex_ is now known as ziftex
jerothQuestion:I am on Ubuntu 12.04 and want to upgrade to 13.10. How do I do that when update-manager -d says 14.04?22:04
attraperevesHi, I am having trouble with my bootable USB key. I am able to boot, but nothing ever comes up on the screen after the Ubuntu splash screen. I am able to access a terminal.22:04
vaskozl_jhutchins: thing is - there are 1gb of stuffs that depend on this package22:05
vaskozl_it wants to remove them all when I apt-get purge22:05
jerothvaskozl_: have you tried a "apt-get autoremove"?22:07
vaskozl_jeroth: it want's to unninstall have of the stuff on my computer22:07
vaskozl_I DON'T want to do that22:07
vaskozl_if someone would just be kind enough to upload the /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols folder22:08
vaskozl_I would be so glad22:08
kostkon!find /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols22:08
ubottuFile /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols found in keyboards-rg, xkb-data22:09
vaskozl_it's a folder22:09
vaskozl_kostkon: yes I know22:09
kostkonvaskozl_, reinstall those two packages22:09
Anton__I'm trying to use openvpn with command line on ubuntu 12.04 solusVM. The problem is that when I try to open my ovpn file with openvpn I get this error: unable to redirect default gateway -- Cannot read default gateway from system22:09
vaskozl_but the xkb-data has is dependent by half of x and all my drivers22:09
vaskozl_I wouldn't wan't to remove it22:09
kostkonvaskozl_, reinsatll, not purge and install again22:10
kostkonvaskozl_, apt-get install xkb-data --reinstall22:10
jerothvaskozl, apt-get install --reinstall xkb-data22:10
vaskozl_jeroth: oh I c22:11
vaskozl_you so smart22:11
Anton__I'm trying to use openvpn with command line on ubuntu 12.04 solusVM. The problem is that when I try to open my ovpn file with openvpn I get this error: unable to redirect default gateway -- Cannot read default gateway from system. Please halp22:11
jerothvaskozl_: Ha, not so much.22:11
vaskozl_jeroth: I LOVE YOU!22:12
vaskozl_jeroth: my keyboard works!22:12
jerothvaskozl_:I love you too. Haha22:12
jhutchinsvaskozl_: Remove it with dpkg - no dependencies.  Re-install it with aptitude -f install.22:18
jhutchinsThanks to jeroth, wherever he went.  I forget which pkg mgrs have reinstall.22:18
sudormrfhey guys!  any recommendations for a mail server with a decent web mail ui?22:20
jhutchinssudormrf: That's two different things.22:20
jhutchinssudormrf: squirrelmail is pretty good and works with most MTAs.22:20
sudormrfjhutchins, it is.  let's start with decent mail server22:21
jhutchinssudormrf: You need an IMAP server.22:21
sudormrfjhutchins, I will look at squirrel mail22:21
jhutchinssudormrf: Isn't the default exim4?  Or is it postfix now?22:21
sudormrfjhutchins, I don't know, that is why I am asking :).22:21
EuclidisI want manager some routers. Should I configure a server?22:21
jhutchinssudormrf: Use dovecot, not cyrus.22:21
sudormrfjhutchins, these are mail server names?22:22
jhutchinssudormrf: I've used postfix, exim, and sendmail, and really couldn't recommend one above another.  Use whatever Ubutnu's default in your release is, it makes configuration easy.22:22
sudormrfjhutchins, ok.22:22
jhutchinssudormrf: This one does postfix: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer22:23
jhutchinssudormrf: This one says exim4 is the 12.04 default: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/mail-setup.html22:24
sudormrfjhutchins, that is the page I was looking at and the one I was considering.  it suggests squirrelmail and openwebmail for web mail pages, but they don't look very appealing (visually).  know of any other web mail things with really nice UI's?22:24
jhutchinssudormrf: I use squirrelmail.  It works, and it has some flexibility in appearance.22:25
sudormrfjhutchins, thanks!  I will look in to it some more.22:25
Atomix26Hey guys, so I used a boot repairer, and it did something weird...22:26
Atomix26like, it put my /boot/efi on an external disk.22:26
Atomix26Kinda scared of what will happen when I disconnect the drive...22:27
jhutchinsAtomix26: It probably won't boot any better than before you ran it.22:28
Atomix26no, actually, now it actually boots22:28
Atomix26like, booting into ubuntu now works, just /boot/efi references this external hard drive I have22:29
Al___So... I've installed some new NVIDIA drivers on Ubuntu 13.04.  Now a problem.  My computer won't boot.  In fact,  ctrl+alt+f1 won't work either.  I *do* have access to grub.  Help?22:29
jhutchinsAl___: add nomodeset or boot to rescue mode?22:30
GallomimiaAtomix26: maybe try running boot repairer with the external disconnected? i don't know22:30
Al___jhutchins:  How do I boot to rescue mode?22:30
TJ-Al___: What happened most likely is the initrd.img file was not built properly ... do you have it configured to use a separate partition for the /boot/ file-system?22:31
Anton__I need help with configuring openvpn to work with ubuntu 12.04 solusVM VPS, when I open my .ovpn file and authenticate myself it says "unable to redirect gateway" - http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/801/op77.png22:31
Al___TJ-:  I have no idea how to check that.22:31
ubottuTo rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system"22:32
TJ-Anton__: See https://community.openvpn.net/openvpn/ticket/32422:32
jhutchinsAl___: I think you hold down shift (if you don't see a grub menu), then you should be able to select rescue mode.22:33
TJ-Al___: If you can get to the grub boot menu you will be able to boot to an older kernel (which *hopefully* will start)22:33
ice9how to know which peripherals has DMA?22:34
TJ-ice9: "lspci -vv | grep -B4 BusMaster+"22:36
Al___jhutchins:  When I boot from my hard drive (which contains ubuntu), I am left with a black screen and a blinking cursor in the upper left corner.22:36
Al___jhutchins:  ctrl+alt+f1 doesn't do anything from here.22:37
Anton__TJ-_ so openvpn wont work on my VPS?22:37
=== w_alexus is now known as w_alexus[afk]
ice9TJ-: so BusMaster is the DMA ability?22:38
hitsujiTMOAl___:  "I've installed some new NVIDIA drivers on Ubuntu 13.04" - what new drivers exactly and how did you install it? or was it simply just an update?22:38
=== sarsaeol_ is now known as sarsaeol
Al___hitsujiTMO:  I installed one set of NVIDIA drivers by downloading them directly from the NVIDIA website.  With some effort, they installed.  I wanted to be able to write CUDA programs so I tried to install CUDA...22:40
cipherboyOkay, is anyone available to help with a squashfs problem? When I try mounting it, I get the standard (mount: wrong fs type, etc...). The first time, dmesg simply told me "squashfs: version 4.0 (2009/01/31) Phillip Loughe" and nothing else. The other times, it was silent. unsquashfs -l reports read_uids_guids: failed to read id index table / FATAL ERROR: failed to uid/gid table22:40
Al___hitsujiTMO:  Unfortunately, I hit a wrong button and had it install a second set of NVIDIA drivers in addition to the first set.  This is, I think, the source of all my issues.22:41
Al___Now I'm having trouble trying to get Ubuntu to boot.22:42
hitsujiTMO!text | Al___ have a loot here. this option will get you to a cli22:42
ubottuAl___ have a loot here. this option will get you to a cli: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode22:42
hitsujiTMOAl___: you should try to stick with the repo drivers even for CUDA. afaik everything you needs should be there22:44
Al___hitsujiTMO:  Thanks.  :)  Once I recover my system, I'll remember that.22:45
=== Enissay_ is now known as Enissay
hitsujiTMOAl___: What way do you have your monitor connected at the moment? is it to the nvidia card or to another gpu?22:47
Al___ubottu:  Ok, so I have the GNU GRUB version 2.00 menu.  I see "Ubuntu", "Advanced options for Ubuntu", "System Setup".  I can also push "c" to enter the grub command line.22:47
ubottuAl___: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:47
Al___hitsujiTMO:  It's connected to the nvidia card.22:48
=== Momo|Off is now known as MomoNasty
hitsujiTMOAl___: use 'e' to edit the the default grub entry and add text after quiet splash22:48
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
k1l!away | Thorium22022:49
ubottuThorium220: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»22:49
nearstlol :)22:50
hitsujiTMOAl___: Unfortunately I'm not familiar with CUDA but I would assume it would be best to use an alternative gpu for xorg and dedicate the gfx card to cuda. Maybe someone here who does have experience can chime in and help describe how to best set it up22:50
Al___linux /boot/vmlinux-3.8.0-33-generic root=UUID=22509abc-a535-4b88-be71-89757ebc3d8 ro  quiet splash\ $vt_handoff22:50
hitsujiTMOAl___: change that to linux /boot/vmlinux-3.8.0-33-generic root=UUID=22509abc-a535-4b88-be71-89757ebc3d8 ro  quiet splash text $vt_handoff22:51
T4bI hear that there is a lot of hard disk access. Which command would I use to find out which program does this?22:51
bekksT4b: iotop22:52
Al___hitsujiTMO:  Ok.  Done.22:52
Al___hitsujiTMO:  Now, reboot?22:53
Viking667how do I make window sizes show up when I resize a window? (Gnome 3 Shell, on Saucy)22:53
hitsujiTMOAl___: f10 to boot with that option22:53
hitsujiTMOAl___: that change will only work for that session.22:53
vawethi guys22:55
Al___hitsujiTMO:   Great!  I now have a commandline login screen.22:55
vaweti need some help on my ubuntu dhcp server22:55
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
hitsujiTMOAl___: /var/log/Xorg.0.log is your xserver log, should give you an idea of where to start looking for the cause of the issue. Nvidia fails tend to be an issue with the kernel module from what I see the most, so the output of: dmesg       might show any module issues22:57
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
Al___hitsujiTMO:  Well, this is embarrassing.  I have forgotten my login name.22:57
nearstAl___, try service lightdm restart ?22:59
hitsujiTMOAl___: ahh, lol. you could try rebooting to recovery mode from grub. and: ls /home      to see what your username is. then reboot and try the 'text' kernel option again22:59
Al___hitsujiTMO:  Actually... I got it.22:59
Al___hitsujiTMO:  I'm looking at the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file right now.23:00
=== tonyt is now known as tony
nearstor .xsession-errors23:01
hitsujiTMOAl___: do you have net access at cli?23:01
T4bbekks: Thanks. So it's something called jbd2/sde2-8 / "Journaling Block Device" , which doesn't help much. sde2 is my primary hard disk. Anyone an idea what this could be?23:02
Al___hitsujiTMO:  You know, I've never actually tried to access the net from cli.  (Other than using curl)23:02
Al___hitsujiTMO:  I should have access to the net.23:02
bekksT4b: Thats the kernel process thats responsible for the journal of the filesystem on sde223:02
hitsujiTMOAl___: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log23:03
hitsujiTMOAl___: that will generate a url that you can copy here where we can also look at the log for you23:03
Al___hitsujiTMO:  I'm thinking I should name my firstborn after you.23:04
T4bbekks: I guessed something like this, I meant to ask: Why does it do so much with this journal all of a sudden? Is there something which prompted this?23:04
hitsujiTMOAl___: lol23:04
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
Al___hitsujiTMO:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/674749923:06
bekksT4b: the io cache in your RAM just gets written down to the disk. Which filesystem do you use?23:06
hitsujiTMOAl___: so line 121 of that log shows: Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module23:06
T4bbekks: ext423:07
Viking667so. If I'm resizing a window, how do I get a little display of how large it is in pixels? (Gnome Shell, Saucy)23:07
hitsujiTMOAl___: so now look at whats happening with the module: run: dmesg | pastebinit23:07
hitsujiTMOAl___: this will generate another url23:07
bekksT4b: It will automatically stop once "everything is done".23:08
Al___hitsujiTMO:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6747510/23:08
nearstAl___, try sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg23:08
FireStormsIs there any migration tools for Ubuntu for gathering your important files together to move them to a different system?23:10
Al___nearst:  Done.23:10
TJ-Al___:  you've got mixed nvidia kernel module versions23:10
T4bbekks: How big is that io cache? Depends on RAM size? Must be pretty big to cause more than 20 minutes of continuous writes when it's written to disk.23:10
hitsujiTMOAl___: so, your dmesg show it has loaded the 304 module: NVRM: loading NVIDIA UNIX x86_64 Kernel Module  304.88  Wed Mar 27 14:26:46 PDT 2013                           but your xorg driver is running 331:  NVIDIA dlloader X Driver  331.20  Wed Oct 30 17:16:53 PDT 2013                  so indeed 2 different drivers23:10
TJ-Al___: kernel has  304.88;   Xorg sees NVIDIA GLX Module  331.2023:10
Al___TJ-:  From here, I think I can purge the drivers and be ok.  Right?23:11
Al___TJ-:  purge the nvidia drivers... that is.23:11
bekksT4b: free -m shows your RAM usage. And why is it vital wether your harddisks has some I/O while you dont experience IO wait events?23:11
TJ-Al___: Let hitsujiTMO continue to assist you; I was just pointing that out in case it was misssed23:11
Atomix26Not a inquiry, but that moment when you don't have to manually re-import your music playlist.23:12
T4bbekks: The noise is annoying me. :-) It's not really critical.23:12
hitsujiTMOAl___: my advise would be to remove the 331 driver first.23:12
Al___hitsujiTMO:  Let's see if I can track down that command...23:13
Al___hitsujiTMO:  I'm seeing ---   sudo apt-get purge nvidia-current23:13
=== andyfied is now known as andyfied|afk
hitsujiTMOAl___: that will be for the 304. check the nvidia driver you downloaded for the command to uninstall that driver23:14
TJ-Al___:  "dpkg-query -l 'nvidia*' | grep '^ii'  "23:15
hitsujiTMOAl___: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NvidiaManual lists the command as: sudo sh NVIDIA* --uninstall      but that doesn't seem correct to me23:16
Al___hitsujiTMO:  The 331 driver looks like it was from:  NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-331.20.run23:16
freshminthey since some time my rhythmbox fails to update my podcast feeds and it also does not accept adding a new feed23:16
freshmintis this a known bug23:16
cipherboyAny tips on recovering a squashfs archive? unsquashfs returns "failed to read id index table" when trying to extract it or view contents;  however, according to the -s flag, there is a valid superblock that can be read.23:17
hitsujiTMOAl___: try: sudo NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-331.20.run --uninstall23:17
Al___hitsujiTMO:  Yep.  It worked.23:18
phiscribecipherboy what media is the archive on?23:18
Al___hitsujiTMO:  The graphical user interface for my operating system should be ok now, right?23:19
hitsujiTMOAl___: not yet23:19
Al___hitsujiTMO:  Again, thanks for this.  :)23:19
=== lance_ is now known as Guest61857
Al___hitsujiTMO:  It's great to have access to my OS again.  Even if it's just from the command line.23:20
hitsujiTMOAl___: lets see what nvidia packages you have installed from repo: dpkg --get-selections | grep nvidia | pastebinit23:21
cipherboyI have tested this with a few different archives, some are fine, some aren't... I tried copying the smaller to my local hard drive and it still failed, so I am guessing media isn't an issue. Device is a DNS-323 SMB mount.23:21
interdpthIs it possible to uninstall NTFS support?23:21
Al___hitsujiTMO:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6747553/23:21
hitsujiTMOAl___: sudo apt-get purge nvidia-304 nvidia-304-updates nvidia-current nvidia-settings-304 nvidia-settings-304-updates && sudo apt-get autoremove --purge23:23
=== DarkAce-Z is now known as DarkAceZ
Gambit--if I install the libssl1.0.0-dbg package, how do I get the libssl1.0.0 source that corresponds to those debug symbols?23:24
phiscribecipherboy do you have access to another machine with a earlier kernel23:25
Al___hitsujiTMO:  Ok, it's running.23:25
Al___hitsujiTMO:  Ok, it's done.23:25
hitsujiTMOAl___: whats the output of: ls -l /etc/X11/xorg.conf23:26
cipherboyphiscribe: I have tested it on two systems, both with the 13.10, but one is 3.11 the other is 3.8. I could see if an older laptop still works and try that, but the files were created by one of the machines, and are squashfs4.0 images.23:26
Al___hitsujiTMO:  It exists.  It shows that it was last updated on Nov 14.23:27
phiscribenew kerneles i think are more rigorous in their intergrity checks. maybe if you go back far enough you can get something out of it23:27
phiscribeother than that i dunno23:28
cipherboyHm, okay, thanks.23:28
Al___hitsujiTMO:  -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1332 Nov 14 01:21 /etc/X11/xorg.conf23:29
hitsujiTMOAl___: ok, this was configured for the nvidia driver and at the moment is not required, so you can disable it by renaming it: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old23:29
phiscribemaybe like as far back as 2.623:30
phiscribevirtual machine maybe23:30
Al___hitsujiTMO:  Done.23:30
hitsujiTMOAl___: at this point you should be ok on the nouveau driver so try an reboot now and see if it loads the xserver. If it doesn't reboot again and use the text kernel option again23:31
hitsujiTMOAl___: after that then you can start deciding on what nvidia driver you want to use for cuda23:32
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charlie_sandersanyone using a joystick with steam ?  I'm using steel series 3gc, the jstest  works fine I see input, but I dont know how to tell steam to use the joystick23:35
charlie_sandersjoystick, thats a funny word23:35
hitsujiTMOAl___: is you xserver running?23:36
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Al___hitsujiTMO:  Well.  I'm getting a password now, and the background for my operating system.23:37
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Al___hitsujiTMO:  Entering my passwd.23:37
k1l!away > Thorium22023:37
ubottuThorium220, please see my private message23:37
trismGambit--: apt-get source libssl1.0.0-dbg; should get you the right one23:38
Al___hitsujiTMO:  Now I can see my background and all my folders.23:38
Al___hitsujiTMO:  But I don't have access to the command panel.23:38
hitsujiTMOAl___: command panel?23:39
hitsujiTMOAl___: you mean the launcher?23:39
Al___hitsujiTMO:  For this old version of ubuntu that I am speaking to you from; I believe that it would be  'xfwm4'23:39
xilencehey guys23:40
Viking667eh? xfvwm4?23:40
xilencecould I get some help?23:40
Viking667wow. That is old.23:40
Viking667xilence: yeah, just ask the question. No doubt someone may have an idea.23:40
hitsujiTMOAl___: ok: hit: ctrl + alt + t23:40
xilenceWell I have a few problems but I'll go in order of urgency:23:40
Al___hitsujiTMO:  Terminal is up.23:41
xilenceAMD video drivers, I need them. My PC is maxing out and theres black space at the right side of my monitor. It's at 1024 768 whereas it should be at 1280 x 102423:41
xilencemy GPU is an AMD Radeon HD 487023:41
hitsujiTMOAl___: ok. pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log23:41
xilenceI've tried fixing this problem on elementaryOS and Linux Mint, both resulted in failure. :/23:41
xilenceI moved to Ubuntu in hopes that the simplicity and mainstream(ness) would fix this, but it's still present.23:41
zacariasCan anyone help solving a problem on a Macbook running Ubuntu 12.04.3 (DreamStudio), in which no sound comes out from the headphones nor external loudspeakers? I tried to change things in Alsa Mixer and Sound settings, but with no luck. It does mute the bilt-in speakers and it recognizes the phones (in the sound settings), but no sound comes out from.23:41
lordinvaderHi, I use Ubuntu 12.04, 64 bit, and a recent update/partial upgrade rendered a lot of i386 packages useless - any idea why? I'm hesitant to remove them since I use the proprietary AMD driver that breaks every time I make some major change to my system.23:42
hitsujiTMOAl___: maybe nouveau is still blacklisted. we'll see what driver has been loaded23:42
lordinvaderFull list here - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6747638/23:42
Al___hitsujiTMO:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6747649/23:43
thurstylarkcan anyone tell me why irssi in screen doesn't render the same way as on its own?23:43
coventry`Any suggestions for why a program would run fine from the CL, but fall over without logging anything when run under supervisor?23:44
TJ-coventry`: Different environments23:44
bekkscoventry`: Which program in detail?23:44
coventry`storm, the distributed computation system. https://github.com/nathanmarz/storm/wiki/Setting-up-a-Storm-cluster23:45
coventry`I will pull out the env vars and compare.23:45
bekkscoventry`: Look at the processor features exposed, too.23:46
hitsujiTMOAl___: ok, so you're on vesa so mostelikely nouveau is still blacklisted. let's see if there's a blacklist for it: ls -l /etc/modprobe.d/ | pastebinit23:46
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coventry`Ah, looks like it might be a problem with java env vars.23:47
QuetzaIs there a recommended way to use newer versions of software for 12.04.3? I'm using some external libraries and would like to use the most recent versions, but the packages in apt-get are all 2 years old. Is there an Ubuntu-standard way of dealing with this?23:48
k1lQuetza: use a PPA23:49
Al___hitsujiTMO:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6747668/23:51
coventry`bekks: BTW, what do you mean by processor features?23:52
Quetzak1|: how do I find the right PPA for the packages I want? (I'm coming from FreeBSD so this is completely unfamiliar to me)23:52
k1lQuetza: search on launchpad.net that is where the PPAs are managed (beside other stuff like bugs etc)23:52
Viking667whoops, sorry. I'm back.23:53
TJ-Quetza: There is a -backports archive that will contains some updated packages. PPA = Personal Package Archive, is where unofficial packages by countless devs and others are built and served from23:53
hitsujiTMOAl___: nothing significant there, try: cat /etc/modprobe.d/* | grep nouveau23:53
Viking667xilence: you still here?23:53
k1l!ppa | Quetza23:53
ubottuQuetza: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge23:53
Viking667so, what shows up in a Terminal when you run xrandr?23:54
hitsujiTMOAl___: any response from that command?23:54
Al___hitsujiTMO:  nouveau is blacklisted23:54
Al___hitsujiTMO:  blacklist nouveau23:54
Quetzathank you. So are these PPA's trust-able? Or should I be building from source?23:55
xilenceI'm still here, still need your help too lol23:55
hitsujiTMOAl___: given the date the entry is probably in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf                      edit that with: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf                                  and remove the blacklist or comment it out23:56
demophobiaIs ubuntu-restricted-extras properly called a 'package'? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats23:56
Viking667xilence: so. What shows up when you type "xrandr" into a terminal?23:56
xilence1024 768 and below23:56
sgz86how do you disable unity?23:57
xilenceit should be up to 1280 102423:57
k1lsgz86: install a different desktop enviroment23:57
hitsujiTMOdemophobia: yes. its a 'meta-package' but its a package none the less23:57
demophobiaWhy is it called a 'meta' package?23:58
k1ldemophobia: it just links to other packages23:58
hitsujiTMOdemophobia: its doesn't actually install anything itself. its dependencies and recommends actually install the files23:58
demophobiaoh, okay. thank you.23:58
Al___hitsujiTMO:  Ok, I commented out the 'blacklist nouveau' directive.23:59
demophobiado you mean 'it checks dependencies'?23:59
hitsujiTMOAl___: reboot23:59
demophobiano, your grammar is clear ... i guess i don't know what 'dependencies' and 'recommends' are.23:59
k1ldemophobia: no, checking depencies does apt or dpjg23:59

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