ochosihm, actually, i guess not...00:00
ochosiif i understand this correctly, even multiple monitors are handled as one display00:00
ochosi(which contains several screens on the next level)00:00
ochosibut anyway, would be good if more ppl can test this00:01
ochosibrainwash: do you know by any chance what xscreensaver's timeout is on the lockscreen?00:03
ochosii vaguely remember it being very low00:03
ochosisomething like 20secs or so00:03
ochosibut i haven't used it in so long...00:04
brainwashyes, really low00:04
brainwashit also shows an indicators00:04
ochosii think i'd set it to something >=3000:04
ochosiyeah, that countdown seems like overkill00:04
brainwash30 should be fine00:04
ochosiespecially as you have to reset it with each time the idle-time gets reset00:04
brainwashor even 6000:04
ochosii was thinking 6000:04
ochosibut maybe 30 is enough00:05
brainwashbut 10min is just way too long00:05
brainwashso light-locker needs to 'lock' the session on resume instead of requesting 'switch-to-greeter'00:06
brainwashthese are the lightdm commands00:07
brainwashand only 'lock' sets the lock_hint00:07
brainwashI'll put that on my todo list and test it00:10
ochosiso, i do retrieve and save the values correctly00:17
ochosibut somehow resetting them when the greeter exits doesn't seem to work00:17
ochosithe new session on VT8 still inherits those blank settings00:17
ochosihope i can figure that one out quickly00:17
ochosii have to say i'm stumped00:26
ochosino idea why resetting the values at the end doesn't work00:26
ochosiin case any of you feel like looking at whether i made an obvious mistake or something... http://dpaste.com/1548435/00:27
bluesabrethere is finally a good python gi resource, http://lazka.github.io/pgi-docs/index.html04:13
ochosiNoskcaj: as this might be of interest to you as well, i updated xubuntu_set-accountsservice-user-bg.patch to work with xfdesktop4.1108:50
ochosii only have a git diff here now, but if you can update whatever is proposed for trusty, that'd be nice: http://dpaste.com/1548800/08:51
Noskcajok. I should be able to work on it tomorrow, since corsac doesn't seem to have time to upload08:51
ochosithis patch is ubuntu-specific anyway08:52
ochosiso it won't go anywhere else08:52
ochosiit would be nice if one of you ppl who know packaging a little could update the patch somewhere so it doesn't get lost08:52
ochosinot sure how to propose changes to something that's not a branch...08:52
elfyNoskcaj: did you see the comment on lderan's MP re the xubuntu_autopilot_tests directory08:53
Noskcajelfy, yeah. I'll add that to my now worryingly large list of stuff for tomorrow08:53
Noskcajochosi, email it to me, i'll put it in use soon08:54
ochosiNoskcaj: sent08:56
Noskcajtomorrow: autopilot, xfce 4.11, fix a heap of FTBFSes i made, make gambc work, do ubuntu gnome stuff, convince parents to let me meet random internet person for keysigning08:57
NoskcajAnd watch whatever tv shows come up on the torrents tonight08:58
ochosisounds like a full, but nice day :)08:59
ochosibrainwash: i thought about the suspending a bit, and no, i don't think it should set the lock_hint. if you wake your laptop up from suspend, you want to obviously *do* something with it, so blanking the screen all the time seems more annoying than helpful09:08
brainwashochosi: you got 30/60sec time to unlock it :P09:25
ochosithat doesn't mean it makes sense09:25
ochosiin that respect you could say that the greeter should *always* set the timeout to that09:25
brainwashxscreensaver does it this way09:25
ochosiyeah, but we also don't take advice on how the lockscreen should look from xscreensaver, we don't wanna copy it  really ;)09:26
brainwashmmh, leave it blank initially then?09:27
ochosinah, that's confusing09:28
ochosiif you open your laptop-lid after suspending and your display remains blank, that's not very intuitive09:28
brainwashyou move the mouse then, everyone would do that09:29
elfyI'd immediately press the power button assuming it had not suspended09:29
brainwashok, so no changes needed here09:29
cubI agree, I don't want anything to happen until I press a key or move the mouse09:29
ochosielfy: yup, i think you wouldn't be the only one09:29
ochosibrainwash: anyway, i still have to figure out a way to reset the screensaver values09:30
rowboatnickI would rather want: no screensaver, no power saving09:30
brainwasha laptop without any LEDs to indicate the power status? :D09:30
elfyI've got one of those as soon as I unplug it from the wall ... 09:31
brainwashthe idea is to make this stuff consistent and enjoyable for most users09:34
elfyI'd guess most would assume that a blank screen meant it'd not suspended 09:35
elfymost users aren't the half a dozen that might comment in here :)09:36
brainwashchanging the behavior via config would be the best solution09:39
slickymastermorning all09:54
knomehey slickymaster 09:55
slickymasterhi ochosi 09:55
slickymasterhey knome 09:55
slickymasterochosi, eric_the_idiot confirmed that everything is right with http://smdavis.us/doku/doku.php?id=xfdesktop-docs09:57
ochosislickymaster: yup, and a patch for the docs-versioning in docs.xfce is in progress (submitted, about to be reviewed and hopefully applied)09:57
ochosiso as soon as that is done, we can move stuff over to a xfdesktop/4.12/start page09:58
ochosibut i'd prefer to wait for these things to settle first09:58
slickymasterochosi: there's still the multi monitor part left to be done, that you were supposed to take care of09:59
ochosiyeah, sorry, been busy with the greeter all weekend09:59
ochosibut i haven't forgotten about it10:01
slickymasterochosi: yeah, we only have a pair of hands ;)10:02
ochosiyeah, and usually the days only have 24hrs...10:02
Unit193knome: Looked at the CC website, license isn't translated.10:04
knomeUnit193, yep10:04
ochosiknome: i think i'll postpone my packageset uploader workitem from -community for >14.0410:05
ochositoo many other things that need focus this cycle10:05
knomeochosi, i was thinking you would10:22
Unit193https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperMembershipBoard/Agenda is in progress, is blues?10:27
brainwashochosi: I can confirm that the timeout does not get restored to its default value10:33
ochosibrainwash: yeah, i know, i have to find another sensible place to reset the value (ideally shortly before the greeter exits, but as that doesn't seem to work i'm considering when the user gets changed to something other than the one with the open session in the combobox)11:01
ochosigenerally speaking, setting/resetting the value works, just not in the place/time i wanted it to11:01
knomeslickymaster, see http://xstaging.lallinaho.fi/feature-tour/ for some more styles i built specifically for the tour and similar pages :)11:13
slickymastergive me  sec11:14
knomeochosi, fancy the colors? ^11:15
slickymasterknome: my favorite is the first one 11:20
slickymasterI think that it integrates better into the layout of the entire site, is not as jarring as the others11:20
slickymastereven though I find the second one very appealing11:21
knomeslickymaster, well the point of the colors is to highlight stuff ;)11:21
knomenot necessarily use them as i've used them now11:21
knome(so could have "normal" sections of text in between)11:21
knomeor just use one per page11:21
knomeor two11:21
ochosiknome: not bad! i think i even like the pink one11:21
knomeyeah, i replaced the orange one with that11:22
knomethat just works so much better with the blues of the site11:22
ochosiwrt black <code>-bg-bubbles, i'd go for a lighter style11:22
slickymasterIMO, the colors on the third and forth are too vibrating11:22
ochosiat least on my laptop monitor, that bubble is not really visible11:22
knomeochosi, but the text is still clearly standing out, so what's the problem? :)11:22
slickymastercorrection, knome, on the fourth and fifth11:23
slickymasterand the black one is to heavy11:23
knomeochosi, ^ your opinion on that?11:23
ochosiknome: no problem, i just think it might look nicer and more consistent if the bubbles were visible ;)11:23
ochosii personally like the vibrant style11:23
ochosisince they won't be overused as you said, they can kick some butt visually imo11:23
knomeochosi, lighter bg for code block especially on the black highlight looks poop :(11:24
ochosijust the diff between code and link isn't as clear anymore11:25
ochosianother way to say i like the bubbles ;)11:25
knomeright, that's a fair point11:25
slickymasterhmmm am I being too sober?11:26
ochosislickymaster: i think it'll look different if there's only one of these banners on a page11:26
ochosiright now, it's quite a color-collision (although frankly, i even like that, so i guess knome did a good job on choosing colors :))11:27
slickymasterochosi: I see your point, but even being so, isn't pink a bit too clashy?11:28
ochosidunno, it works with the bg and other colored elements of the page11:28
ochosii can see why we wouldn't want to use orange (ubuntu)11:28
slickymasterbut I do agree with you on the diff between code and link11:28
knomeochosi, not that reason (at least mainly), the pink just works better with the blue colors than the orange did :)11:30
knomei can give you another example page with only one highlight block11:31
knomewhich would you fancy? the pink?11:31
slickymasterthat all color clash reminds me somethings of Kandinsky 11:31
knomeand yes, the point was definitely to make the colors match each other ;)11:31
knome(see how those can be used on non-bottom-navigation pages as well!)11:33
knome(not too encouraged though)11:33
slickymasterwell, I think I'm going to stand corrected11:34
slickymasteron that page it really works well11:34
knomei just needed to make sure they work well even if stacked on top of each other11:34
knomeand that's also why we have the "white" highlight (the bottom one in the tour page)11:35
slickymasterknome: can't you change the pinks order, i.e. the draker pink being the line on top and the lighter pink the body of the blockquote (assuming that it is a blockquote)11:36
ochosiknome: sweet. looks really awesome11:36
knomenope, that's the way they work11:36
knomein the tour page, the highlighted blocks overlap each other11:36
knomeso the top border color depends on what comes before the block11:37
slickymasteri see11:37
knomewhich i think is a neat little feature11:37
slickymastercan you show us the http://xstaging.lallinaho.fi/about/ page but with the green choice?11:37
slickymasterjust for comparison11:38
knomesure, just a check11:39
* knome facepalms11:39
knomeactually, wait a bit longer11:40
knomei need to investigate something11:40
knomerelated to this :P11:41
elfyI'm glad you said wait ... that green looks pink :p11:43
lderanjust a bit11:44
knomeochosi, what's the status of pinging xnight on the session bug?11:46
ochosiwell, i tried, senza risposta so far11:46
knomexnox, ping-a-ling :)11:46
bluesabrewhat have I started :D11:46
knomebluesabre, was?11:47
slickymasterI think the pink solution works better than the green one, knome11:47
bluesabreUnit193: not been working on my application, been to busy trying to get code cranked out11:47
knomeslickymaster, well, they are to be used for different things11:47
knomeslickymaster, see how green vibrates so well with "frequent releases" and says "fresh" in the tour page :)11:47
slickymasterknome: my only issue is with the way it plays it with blue11:48
slickymasterbut I think that it's just me11:49
knomeit could be worse, and the color itself could be uglier ;)11:50
slickymasteryeah, no argues there :)11:50
lderanto me it works better as green11:55
knomethat's why we have choice, yay!11:56
slickymasterI'm off. Lunch time ->12:51
jarnosbrainwash, it is sometimes odd to cope with the light-locker and the greeter: I may open the lock blindly (or kill light-locker in TTY1, but desktop is not shown thereafter, so I have to be careful that I don't  write something in irc blindly.13:45
jarnosbrainwash, I just don't know how much if any is the greeter's fault, as I have had blanking problems with xrandr as well.13:52
ochosibrainwash: pushed the screensaver-stuff to greeter trunk, should work as expected with that14:13
slickymasterI'm back <-14:49
knomejjfrv8, ping me when you're around. i'll be having dinner next, but i'm available after that16:08
brainwashochosi: nice, another thing I'm wondering about right now.. the language and session selection should be hidden for logged in users, right?16:51
brainwashmaybe it's already the case, I cannot check it right now16:52
elfybrainwash: in lock screen? 16:53
elfyall of the login options are there16:53
brainwashdoes it make sense to change the language or session? it would affected the next normal login I guess16:54
elfyI don't know without trying and I'm not really able to atm16:55
brainwashok, so simply hide these menu entries then16:56
brainwashit's a lock screen after all16:56
elfyI guess so 16:56
brainwashlock + "switch user" screen actually16:57
ochosibrainwash: they should be displayed as inactive, which they will be as soon as i find time for that17:06
brainwashochosi: ok17:07
ochosibrainwash: also, the xsetscreensaver and xforcescreensaver don't work with nouveau (which really seems to be the arch nemesis of the greeter)17:07
brainwashthis is odd17:09
ochosiyeah, it's a standard xlib call17:09
ochosino idea what could go wrong there17:09
ochosi(that, and it works with other drivers, obviously)17:10
brainwashand it does work if called via xset for the current x session17:10
ochosii dunno, haven't tried that with nouveau yet17:10
ochosii haven't been using it for long, it's only for testing the background problem17:10
ochosi(which i can't reproduce now btw)17:10
ochosianyhow, please test the changes i pushed to trunk today (rev180) with intel and amd17:11
jjfrv8-workknome, are you still good for around 20utc? That would work best for me.17:12
knomejjfrv8-work, yep17:13
ochosibrainwash: xset settings seem to take effect, so i'm clueless17:13
jjfrv8-workok, I'll ping you then.17:14
knomeok, ttyl then17:14
* knome is off as well17:14
brainwashochosi: add some debug prints to the greeter :)17:14
ochosifor now i'll leave things as they are if it works for everything but nouveau17:15
ochosithere are bigger fish to fry17:16
brainwashthis would also help with the general testing and could be removed later17:16
brainwashok :D17:16
slickymasterhey sergio-br2 17:23
sergio-br2hey slickymaster17:24
sergio-br2i have an issue with ibus panel plugin. Suddenly, it started to appears at xfce panel (it's annoying), then i search at "Session and Startup", and there is no entry... Is it normal?17:30
sergio-br2actually, Notification Area plugin. But i don't know how ibus started to appears there17:37
slickymasterelfy: you around?17:47
slickymasternever mind elfy. I've sorted it out17:48
slickymasterI'm off17:54
slickymasterbbl ->17:54
jjfrv8knome, I'm as ready as I'll every be19:41
jjfrv8or ever even19:42
elfynever odd then? 19:42
jjfrv8well, I wouldn't say that either19:42
knomejjfrv8, i'm here19:56
jjfrv8me too19:57
knomelet me open the blueprint and other stuff and we can start19:57
knomethat's the blueprint contents19:59
knome(others feel free to chime in to the discussion as well)19:59
knomeso let's start with the whiteboard20:01
knomeare we anywhere with the extended developer docs?20:01
jjfrv8can we get an easy one out of the way first? Is the 12.04 SRU update going to miss?20:02
knomehave you thought of a list of subjects we want to cover20:02
knomeno, it should have landed20:02
knomeat least it was marked as fix released20:02
jjfrv8but it was broken, no?20:02
knomei have no idea20:02
knomei will update the work items with an item for that20:02
jjfrv8last I heard skellat was stumped on how to fix it.20:02
knomei'll be in touch with him20:03
knomeso, what about the developer docs?20:03
jjfrv8as for the extended developer docs, I was cooling off on that.20:03
jjfrv8not feeling too good about it for this cycle anymore20:04
knomei've been working on the community help wiki lately...20:04
knomeand i'm wondering if it would be more beneficial for us to update articles there20:04
knomeand just create a page that has some useful links gathered20:04
knomei mean, i don't know what kind of content is available20:05
knomebut there definitely is articles/pages on technical issues20:05
knomethe biggest problem with them is that they are often very specific20:05
jjfrv8can you point me to them?20:05
knomelet me dig you an example20:06
knomethat's on the team wiki20:06
knomebut i'm sure such pages exist20:06
knomeso the question probably is;20:06
knomedo we want to create very specific guides (which is kind of easier to do),20:06
knomeor do we want to find generic guides,20:07
knomewhich are probably a bit more painful to write, but could be more useful for more people20:07
knomeand do not get as quickly outdated20:07
jjfrv8I guess the latter20:08
knomelet's move on20:09
knomeend-user docs20:09
knomehave you had a chance to look at the ubuntu manual?20:09
knometbh, i think our end-user docs are fairly good20:10
jjfrv8I would agree with that20:10
knomesooo... the what's new, tour, about and installer slideshow stuff20:12
knomei added this:20:12
knome* Discuss how much the feature tour and installer slideshow should have in common20:13
jjfrv8saw that20:13
knome   * Different perspectives: Feature tour on the website tries to "sell"  the system, on the installer slideshow the user is already trying out  our product20:13
knome   * Example: In tour, tell Xubuntu is customizable; in installer  slideshow, give the user examples how they can customize the system  (follow up with knome and ochosi for creating documentation how to  change the color scheme for the system easily; requires an adaptive  wallpaper)20:13
knomecould we get work on these started shortly?20:13
lderanthat sounds good20:13
knomedon't know if you already saw http://xstaging.lallinaho.fi/feature-tour/20:13
knome(that's the staging site for the new theme to land soonish)20:13
jjfrv8yeah, I saw that earlier today20:14
knomewe could try to prepare some of the content to make use of those new elements20:14
knomeand see how it all works on the website20:14
jjfrv8who all knows how to do that?20:14
knomei can even create accounts for the staging site as needed, if you want to test some of the things live20:14
knomeatm, basically me20:15
knomebut it's really straightforward (wysiwyg), and anybody who's ever worked with wordpress should get their head around it quickly20:15
knomeor even with just basic word editing20:15
knome(select text, select a style from a dropdown list, save page, done)20:16
jjfrv8well, I'd be willing to try but I'm not the creative type. I can write boring technical stuff but not marketing type stuff20:16
knomeok, let's do a call for people on the mailing list then20:16
knomei guess the "about" page should be more of the "boring" type20:17
knomeexplaining ideals behind xubuntu and technical things like what's it built on20:17
knomeand probably something brief about what is linux and that kind of stuff for absolute beginners20:18
knomedo we agree on how tour/installer slideshow should be different?20:18
knomeor do you have further ideas?20:19
jjfrv8no, I think you had that right20:19
knomeso, what's your take on the what's new page after a few slept nights?20:20
jjfrv8I don't know if we ever reached a consensus on what it should cover20:21
jjfrv8slickymaster voted for it only covering changes since Precise20:22
knomeyeah, i'm not sure how useful S->T changes would be20:22
knomeor, in other words, the release notes should cover that already20:22
knomeand we don't need to advertise that upgrade too much, since those who are using regular releases will most probably upgrade ayway20:23
knomeconsidering we have the feature tour and installer slideshow covering the generic "what xubuntu is", i think we need to focus on actual changes20:24
knomewhat those are... well, we probably want to talk about new apps20:24
knometheming hasn't changed *too* much, most of that is just really boring technical talk "we support gtk3.10 now"20:24
jjfrv8I think so - for the new apps20:24
knomebut when i think what we have...20:25
knomemenulibre, mugshot, gtk-theme-config20:25
knomethose are all something i'd also want to feature on the installer slideshow20:25
knomeso maybe we should focus on getting the new features advertised there20:25
knomeand put the rest of the effort into the release notes20:26
knomerather than creating a yet new page for the website20:26
knome(we can always use the tour page for such things as well)20:26
knomejjfrv8, are you comfortable working with docbook on the drafts, or would you rather do it with a different tool?20:28
knomethat is, drafts for extensions to the end-user docs20:28
jjfrv8i'm okay with docbook20:28
knomemhm, the whiteboard looks better now imo20:33
knomelet's see what the bugs are about20:33
knomebug 121393320:34
ubottubug 1213933 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Slideshow recommends trying out environment which isn't present" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121393320:34
knomeafaik, we have no way to tell if the user is installing directly, or via the live environment20:34
knomemaybe we should change the wording to "If you are running this installation via the 'Try Xubuntu' -mode..."20:34
knomebetter ideas?20:34
knomelderan, how familiar did you get with the ubiquity installer environment?20:35
jjfrv8no, cause I have no idea about how to discern the environment20:35
lderanknome, from what i remember we can tell what distro and version the user is on20:35
knomeyep, but not if they are installing directly or not20:36
knomeso we need to take action on the woring20:36
knomei can't type today20:36
lderanknome, i can take a look at to see if it can be found out someway20:36
knomeokay, but don't use too much time on it20:37
knomei mean, we are probably just fine with just the rewording20:37
knomeadded a comment in the bug20:38
knomeok, i'm pretty fine with the blueprint20:40
knomejjfrv8, anything you want to discuss?20:40
* knome goes copying the pad to the blueprint, so no touching now!20:41
jjfrv8can you give me a quick idea of items I should be working on in the immediate future?20:41
knomei tried to put *some* structure in the work items20:41
NoskcajIs anyone working on the SRU for bug 1244629 ?20:41
ubottubug 1244629 in xfce4-weather-plugin (Ubuntu) "xfce4-weather-plugin showing 'No Data'" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124462920:42
knomewhere the items on the top are planning, and bottom are actually finishing20:42
knomeNoskcaj, not that i know of20:42
Noskcajknome, What was the other SRU we had to 20:42
knomeNoskcaj, docs is done, but broken apparently20:42
knomeNoskcaj, there might've been others as well20:43
knomejjfrv8, i guess next up is get the new tour/about pages started20:43
jjfrv8and you're going to do the call to the ML, right?20:43
knomejjfrv8, and sections on the docs; mugshot/menulibre/xfdesktop/gtk3 indicators, but they are partly blocked by everything not being in place yet20:44
knomeyes, i can run the call20:44
knomei could also organize some social media visibility for that as well20:44
elfyif you don't want calls to -dev merging together - just letting you know I'll be doing one later in the week20:45
knomeelfy, good, i'm planning to run the call today :P20:45
elfycool :)20:45
jjfrv8when you say "sections on the docs", you just mean in the what's new sections, right?20:46
jjfrv8The actual documentation for those is just upstream, no?20:46
knomethat's a good question20:46
knomeat least gtk3 indicators and xfdesktop need to be covered to some extent in xubuntu dos20:47
knomeand i would say it would be good to have mugshot in as well20:47
knomemenulibre, well, upstream docs dor that would be okay for me20:47
knomebut the mugshot documentation can be pretty similar to the upstream docs20:48
knomeit's a simple app, so writing the documentation doesn't take too long anyway20:48
jjfrv8I was just thinking the the current documentation doesn't go into too much detail on any apps20:49
knomestarting the work on mugshot/menulibre docs upstream is fine though, we can then pull them downstream and adapt/cut as/if needed20:49
knomethat's true20:49
jjfrv8but we can change that20:49
knomeso that's why i don't think we specifically need menulibre documentation20:49
knomei would like to make mugshot an integral part of the system20:49
knomewe cover changing themes already20:50
knomegtk3 indicators we probably want to cover quickly, basically to list what's available (or at least cover the indicators shown by default)20:51
knomeoh btw, we might need to adapt the docs to new panel layout20:51
knomewhich is still WIP20:51
jjfrv8you mean the possibility of whiskermenu?20:52
knomethat, and generally the panel layout20:52
knomewe might reorder some things, and we will probably drop the pop-up panel from the bottom20:52
knomeso the text needs to be adapted for that20:52
knomeit's a relatively trivial task, but something we need to remember to do :)20:53
knomei added it to the work items as BLOCKED20:53
knome(since there is no decision on the new panel layout yet)20:53
knomei will try to remember to follow up with you once we have it ready20:54
jjfrv8thanks for the help, knome 20:59
knomeno problem21:00
knomeif you need any help any time, just ping me21:00
jjfrv8will do21:00
knomejjfrv8, sent the call to the list21:24
jarnosbrainwash, well I praised xfce4-terminal's command line options, but they seem to be buggy, as for -e and -x, in Xubuntu 13.10 :(22:11
brainwashjarnos: buggy? time for another bug report :)22:14
jarnosbrainwash, maybe later, meanwhile, I use lxterm for those purposes.22:17
jarnosbrainwash, it does not have -x, though, but -e works well.22:18
brainwashbut what exactly does not work? maybe it's not a bug in xfce4-terminal after all22:18
elfyhi slickymaster - just about to wander off - I've just added you to a MP for review, but no rush for it 22:19
slickymasterok, elfy I've almost finished the other five. Tomorrow I'l write my comments on your MP22:20
elfythanks :)22:20
elfynight all22:24
jarnosbrainwash, try xfce4-terminal -e "ls | less", then same with lxterm.22:26
jarnosbrainwash, I couldn't figure out, if -x could be used, instead.22:29
brainwashso what is the problem?22:31
brainwash"ls | less" is not a valid command, you need to run it inside shell22:32
jarnosbrainwash, oh, it is handy anyway that lxterm can handle it.22:35
brainwashcheck the man page then22:35
brainwash"Execute command inside the terminal", it does not spawn a shell22:36
brainwashso apparently lxterm does things differently22:37
jarnosbrainwash, I don't complain. But -x is supposed to "Execute the remainder of the command line inside the terminal". Still piping does not work.22:37
jarnosbrainwash, anyway, good night22:38
ali1234xfce4-terminal -e "sh -c \"ls | less\""22:50
ali1234personally i think this way is the correct way22:51
ali1234sometimes you don't want a shell22:52
ali1234i don't understand what -x is supposed to do22:53
brainwashbasically the same like -e, but no quoting needed22:53
brainwashit simply executes the reminder, the part after -x22:54
brainwashremainder, woops22:54
brainwashI'm not sure why jarnos assumes that piping should work in this case22:55
brainwashno shell -> no piping22:55
ali1234i can't seem to make it work with -x even if i tell it to run a shell22:56
brainwashxfce4-terminal -x sh -c "ls | less"22:56
brainwashspeaking of xfce4-terminal -> bug 124335422:58
ubottubug 1243354 in xfce4-terminal (Ubuntu) "Xfce4-terminal cannot run on more than one X screen at a time" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124335422:59
ali1234try with --disable-server23:00
brainwashdisabling the server functionality is just a workaround23:03
brainwashali1234: got time to work on a proper fix? I forgot to tell the reporter to redirect this bug upstream23:09
ali1234don't know without digging into the source23:10
brainwashok, I'll file an upstream report if needed23:12
ochosibrainwash: any test-results for me?23:48

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