mhall119highvoltage: have you heard of kids having problems with Unity?  I switched mine from the Qimo/Xfce setup to Unity a couple years ago and they're doing fine on it17:24
mhall119still on 12.04 though, so they don't have all the new smart scopes17:24
highvoltagemhall119: yeah, finding apps / typing app names is hard for little kids17:24
highvoltagemhall119: or when there isn't an adult around to help out the second time they try to find an app. the old style menus seem slightly better for that17:25
ogra_mhall119, LTSP has probs with unity ... so you have to have an alternate desktop that doesnt use composite all over the place anyway17:25
mhall119mine usually search by keyword ("math", "science", etc), maybe there's some work we can do adding more/better keywords to the .desktop files of those17:25
highvoltagemhall119: yeah that's not very intuitive either17:25
ogra_(edubuntu will also not be able to switch to Mir most likely due to that)17:26
mhall119ogra_: hmmmm, is that something that can be fixed in LTSP, or is it just the nature of the two (LTSP and compositing) that they won't work together?17:26
ogra_mhall119, it is the nature of networks ... you can have composite across networked desktops but that will be unusable slow17:26
highvoltageI think direct rendering also broke in compiz (or something like that)17:27
stgrabermhall119: I also suspect your kids are older than some of our users and they also happen to be native english speakers. I doubt dash keyword search works that well if you speak say Indian17:27
ogra_and Mir does not even have a concept of network forwarding at all17:27
ogra_not even in the planning17:27
mhall119stgraber: 8 and 9 years old,but yes on being native English speakers17:27
highvoltagewell, typing things into the dash even implies that a user knows that they can do that17:28
mhall119stgraber: keywords can be translated though, IIRC, so I can get dpm to help me promote that among the translations community17:28
highvoltageeven though it says "type to search..." etc, most people who see it for the first time doesn't realise that they can or what to search for17:28
highvoltageso they end up staring at the dash wondering what to do17:28
mhall119ogra_: yeah, LTSP is X11-centric right?17:28
highvoltageif there's someone around to help them, it usually works out. but many of our users are people installing it in isolation and have to figure things out by themselves17:29
ogra_mhall119, well, it relies on the display protocol being able to do network forwarding17:29
highvoltagewell LTSP 6 is moving to support primarilly fat clients. so a desktop environment running on Mir should be fine.17:29
ogra_mhall119, which is clearly been denied in the Mir planning17:29
highvoltage(you just won't be able to run remoteapps)17:30
mhall119highvoltage: ok17:30
ogra_ah, not aware of the recent ltsp plans17:30
mhall119ogra_: it won't be part of Mir, no17:30
mhall119but like Wayland, could potentially be built on top17:30
mhall119is there a roadmap/work items for Edubuntu 14.04?17:31
mhall119also (he asks selfishly) is there a script for building the ISOs from scratch?17:32
highvoltagemhall119: basically the two areas mentioned in the cc catchup (some flashback bugs and edubuntu server)17:33

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