valoriearen't effects coming from kwin?00:01
keithzgvalorie: Yeah, or not coming, as it may be ;)00:23
keithzgI had just suspected that the same root cause was behind lightdm not starting and desktop effects failing, but it seems I was wrong.00:24
valorieyes, that seems very possible00:24
valoriecoincidences have thrown me off a hundred times00:24
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keithzgAha! The Xorg log showed it trying (and failing) to load an NVIDIA GLX module, which made no sense for this all-Intel box.00:59
keithzgA quick purge (metaphorically speaking) of all nvidia packages et voila, wobbly windows and transparent Yakuake :)00:59
keithzg...although the tearing is painful, I swear performance has gone down a lot since 13.04. Oh well.01:00
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AristideHi !02:10
AristideI have a BIG problem with mouse in Kubuntu02:11
AristideMouse disappear every 2 or 3 seconds, and I must move cursor for display cursor and disappear again after 2 or 3s of inactivity02:11
AristideIn desktop, its cool, but while playing game, every 2 or 3 secondes, mouse is put to screen center ...02:12
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ErtheAnyone know how to remove a plasma widget that failed?02:42
apb1963Anyone know how I can downgrade Qt from 4.8.2 to 4.8.1 ?02:49
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gustavoI can't to install the Ubuntu on my Desktop. It stops in 45% and tells me an error. By the virtual machine, installs without problems.04:38
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vividis there some way to change sound devices quickly?06:02
vividthe sound settings priority list is a really cumbersome way to swap devices.....there's got to be a faster way06:02
ForgeAusok so its not exactly a kubuntu question but does anyone know if hot weather can cause an ADSL modem to drop out?06:08
ForgeAusits ok when I reset it again, just the last few days its been 44 or so degrees (celsius) temperatures and since yesterday it had a few drop outs06:09
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ubottugino_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».07:37
WelshrobHello, can someone tell me if Kbuntu will install to a 2gb CF card?08:30
alvinNo, it's larger than that. Kubuntu isn't fit for embedded systems.08:54
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BluesKajHey folks11:22
AristideHi !12:15
AristideI have a big problem with mouse in Kubuntu12:15
AristideMouse disappear every 2 seconds if don't move cursor12:16
AristideIn desktop is not a problem, but in Many games, every 2s, cursor is put to screen center :(12:16
neotheodo you have the t0ol 'unclutter' installed?12:17
Aristideneotheo: Wait I finish to install a software and check12:17
neotheonp, dpkg's description of the utility is: hides the mouse cursor in X after a period of inactivity12:18
AristideYes neotheo :)12:19
AristideOyeah :)12:19
AristideI reboot12:19
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AristideThank you neotheo :)13:13
dtirc2014je suis nouveau sur irc14:30
dtirc2014esk il ya kelkun14:31
J70Hi, is there a Kubuntu beta available?14:51
J7014.04 that is...14:51
geniiJ70: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ always has the latest14:57
geniiJ70: Sorry, Kubuntu specific images here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/14:58
J70@genii Thanks!15:02
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wulongif this quassel  support chinese ,that will be better16:17
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arthurfiggishello :) hopefully this isn't an off-topic or abrasive question, but i'm considering using kubuntu as an alternative to ubuntu proper due to some of the stuff they're including in unity lately.. :( i know kubuntu is an official derivative so a lot of the same packages are used, is there any sort of verification done to make sure they aren't bundled with something nasty?17:41
lordievaderarthurfiggis: Kubuntu uses the Ubuntu base. Most of the stuff you are talking about is included in Unity. I haven't seen any nasty stuff on Kubuntu.17:43
arthurfiggislordievader: oh yes, as far as i know it's exclusive to unity for that matter...but i'm not an expert so i figured i would throw the question out there :) i kind of steered away from mint's kde spin for the same reason, mint's desktop meta-packages all have a weird dependency on an extension called "mint search enhancer" and i have yet to either see the source or even a precise explanation...17:44
arthurfiggis...of what it actually does :/17:44
lordievaderarthurfiggis: Join the family of Kubuntu users :D17:45
arthurfiggislordievader: i might just have to :) i've been using kde on debian stable and now that there's some recent versions of things in backports it's actually quite nice...but the version of libc in stable is still too old to use steam, which is what i'd like to try running :)17:46
Mrodrihello everybody, I am comming back to IRC  from a very long time17:47
Mrodrii dont remember anything abou it17:47
lordievaderMrodri: Welcome back ;)17:47
Mrodriso I am trying to open a new channel and I was wondering if i can get some help in here17:47
Mrodrithe channel is #chrubuntu17:48
lordievaderMrodri: /join #chrubuntu (and if it doesn't exist: /join ##chrubuntu)17:48
Mrodriooh cool thank you very much lordievader ;-)17:49
Mrodriit wonked .... I am having dome issues on my chrome ubuntu hybrid and I want to look for some help in here17:49
MrodriHave a nice day17:49
lordievaderMrodri: No problem ;)17:50
gustavoI've loss two cds to try burn the Kubuntu. The cd not is working.17:55
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pgquilesis anyone using kubuntu 13.10 or 14.04 with a hybrid hard drive? While the performance under Windows 7 is very good, I'm getting awful performance under Linux, system is almost unusable when IO is taking place :-/19:10
BluesKajpgquiles, hybrid HDD ?19:14
pgquilesBluesKaj: SSHD is what they call them19:16
BluesKajhybrids aren't ssds, afaik19:17
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pgquilesBluesKaj: hybrid = magnetic hard drive with ssd cache19:18
pgquilesit's the reason they are called hybrids19:18
BluesKajanyway, what do you think is the problem, have you checked top to see what processes are running that could be usng up resources19:18
pgquilesBluesKaj: done that already, slowness for no good reason19:19
pgquilesiotop, etc19:19
BluesKajakonadi, nepomuk indexing maybe?19:19
pgquilesno, all of that is already disabled19:19
BluesKajdid you install the OS to the ssd or the hdd ?19:27
geniipgquiles: Probably uses the problemmatic Intel Z68 chipset19:33
pgquilesBluesKaj: SSHD is not ssd + hdd but one piece. It's not fusion drive.19:34
geniiAh, nvm, I missed the url which shows it's a seagate19:34
geniiBluesKaj: The hybrid types are supposed to appear as a single drive to the OS even though internally they contain both platters and SSD19:35
BluesKajgenii, yeah, i thought they would show as separate partitions19:40
geniiBluesKaj: That's where either the drive chipset does the work seamlessly to the OS, or the OS driver does it ( in the Intel case the OS does it)19:41
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BluesKajhmm, wonder why pgquiles has such poor response19:45
* pgquiles wonders too :-(19:46
BluesKajdon't see much on google about it19:46
geniiIt could this drive is too new for the problems to be widely known yet19:47
pgquilesdon't know19:48
pgquilesmy old hdd was broken and this sshd had a very good price: 100 eur (~130 usd) for the 1 tb drive19:48
BluesKajpgquiles, maybe you'll find this useful, http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=12429919:49
pgquilesBluesKaj: thank you19:49
pgquilesBluesKaj: it doesn't apply to my case. That's for the case where you have a separate ssd + magnetic hdd19:50
BluesKajit's not kubuntu , but it is an ubuntu derivative19:50
geniipgquiles: What says the result of: parted /dev/sda print       ( eg, are the two numbers in the "Sector size" line the same ?) ... if not /dev/sda then adjust accordingly...20:07
genii( it may be a 4K drive formatted to 512K)20:07
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pgquilesgenii: Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/4096B21:29
geniipgquiles: I think there's your problem.21:33
pgquilesgenii: I'm reading about partition alignment but I'm not sure how to verify whether this is the problem or not21:33
pgquilesgenii: KDE Partition Manager shows a lot of warnings like this "Partition '/dev/sda3' does not start at a cylinder boundary (first sector: 399,120,383, modulo: 1,524)" and "Partition: '/dev/sda3' does not end at a cylinder boundary (first sector: 399,120,384, modulo: 1,524)"21:44
pgquilesI guess I am affected by unaligned reads and writes, which means I need to repartition my disk :-/21:44
pgquilesand to complicate things more, it's a mac and those wrongly-aligned partitions were the result of allowing Mac OS X partition the disk. Who knows how will Mac OS X react to a libparted-partitioned disk? (OS X seems to leave a lot of mysterious gaps between partitions)21:46
geniipgquiles: What version of Kubuntu are you using?21:47
pgquilesgenii: trusty21:47
geniiAh, OK. Then it should have already in the kernel support for the 4K situation. I'm reading a bit about this here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/337693/how-to-format-a-4k-sector-hard-drive21:50
pgquilesgenii: I found that too but IIRC, that link talks about *supporting* 4K situations, i. e. making it work, no matter the performance. Other websites seem to indicate unless I properly align partitions, performance will always be seriously degraded :-(21:54
geniipgquiles: Yes, that seems to pretty match what I've been finding also.21:55
pgquileswhich means the os x 10.9 disk utility is not smart enough to deal with 4k disks. Ugh.21:56
pgquilesgenii: thank you!22:08
geniipgquiles: Sorry not to be of more assistance, but at least we know more about the subject now :)22:15
kunguzI am lost with ulimit22:35
kunguzCan one limit whole memory usage to a certain number with ulimit? To my experince it can limit per process, not the total memory.22:35
kunguzI am doing some computation with my machine, and it ends up frozen when total physical memory is used22:36
rcw2hi,  kubuntu just got  much slower after many weeks of ok use22:57
rcw2how can i troubleshoot this22:58
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sithlord48any packagers here . who know how to pack up Qt5 (non cmake) project for launchpad. it was a working qt4 package.23:43
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