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wolfy1339how do i create a local branch to later upload it to launchpad?00:44
benonsoftwarewolfy1339: 'bzr init' will create a local branch.00:46
wolfy1339i get this error:  [Errno 38] Function not implemented: '/media/wolfy1339/SDXC/Programming/<projectname>/.bzr'00:49
wgrantwolfy1339: What's the traceback?00:53
wgrantAlso, given the path I'm assuming that's on some weird filesystem like exFAT.00:53
wolfy1339traceback: http://pastebin.com/U9Syczxk00:54
wolfy1339and yes it's exfat00:54
wgrantI don't know how good the exFAT FUSE driver is nowadays...00:55
wgrantThe driver doesn't implement chmod01:00
wgrantOther filesystems that don't support UNIX file modes usually EPERM, EACCES, or just do nothing01:01
wgrantbzr handles those cases, but it doesn't expect an ENOSYS.01:01
wgrantYou can probably hack around it by adding ENOSYS to the list with EPERM and EACCESS in bzrlib/osutils.py's chmod_if_possible function01:01
wgrantwolfy1339: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/exfat/vqPCwJnA_Fo suggests that the next release of exfat-fuse fixes this.01:08
ekristenwhy can’t I copy packages from here into a PPA? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/volatility/2.3.1-101:14
wgrantekristen: You can use the copy-package tool from lp:ubuntu-archive-tools to do that.01:22
wgrantBut there's no web UI for it.01:22
ekristenwgrant: I’m ok with that01:23
ekristenany docs you can point me to?01:23
wgrantThe --help is quite usable.01:24
ekristentrying to find and install it01:24
wgrantBut something like 'copy-package -s trusty --to-ppa=wgrant --to-ppa-name=experimental -b --to-suite=saucy volatility'01:25
ekristenwgrant: I’ll definitely use the help as soon as I can figure out how to install the tool01:25
wgrantekristen: I just have a checkout of lp:ubuntu-archive-tools and symlink relevant bits into ~/bin01:26
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ollyhi, i have a question about translation imports in launchpad03:36
ollythe pot files gets imported automatically, but all the po files end up in the queue in "Needs Review" state - is that expected?03:37
ollythere's only one possible template in the dropdown, so it seems it should be able to see where to import them to without having to be told03:37
ollyI mean "pot file" (there's just one template)03:38
ollythis is for "survex" BTW03:38
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Delfino1983hello can you delete my key gpg my personal accoun12:48
tsimpsonDelfino1983: you can deactivate it from https://launchpad.net/~/+editpgpkeys12:50
Delfino1983tsimpson ok thanks12:50
Delfino1983delete keys gpg!?12:56
tsimpsonif you want them really deleted from launchpad, you're probably going to have to ask in https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad12:57
wgrantDelfino1983: Why do you want to delete them?13:44
Delfino1983change S.O.Linux13:46
wgrantI don't quite understand what you mean.13:46
Delfino1983because I do not want more work cn ubuntu13:50
wgrantYou can remove your Launchpad account at the bottom of https://launchpad.net/~/+edit.13:50
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pohutukawawgrant: thumper just told me to ping you on a package build problem on launchpad22:16
wgrantpohutukawa: Hi23:12
pohutukawawgrant: Hi23:13
pohutukawathumper has told me that you might be able to help23:13
pohutukawaa package build on launchpad fails23:14
pohutukawasomehow it seems like the pkg-config files do not get installed23:14
pohutukawais that something where you could potentially help in finding out how to fix it?23:15
pohutukawait builds fine on local machine23:15
wgrantpohutukawa: How were you building it locally?23:15
pohutukawawait a sec ...23:16
pohutukawawgrant: sudo dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b23:17
pohutukawaafter apt-get source23:17
wgrantpohutukawa: Try with -B instead of -b23:17
wgrant-b builds both the architecture-dependent and architecture-independent binaries23:17
wgrantBut Launchpad builds on multiple architectures, so it only builds the architecture-indepdendent binaries on one: i386.23:17
wgrantSo the amd64 builds run with -B, not -b.23:17
pohutukawalet me try locally23:18
pohutukawawgrant: well, it did build again fine on my own machine with -B23:21
pohutukawathe problem is that it won't run through on launchpad23:21
pohutukawaso there seems to be something different23:21
wgrantpohutukawa: Are you building in a clean chroot?23:22
wgrantUsing pbuilder or sbuild23:22
pohutukawano, just on the vanilla machine23:22
wgrantYou're probably missing some build dependencies.23:22
wgrantTry using pbuilder or sbuild to get a clean environment.23:22
wgrant"checking for pkg-config... no"23:22
pohutukawaIt's just that the package in the PPA didn't get built, and I've provided a patch that I thought should fix it23:22
pohutukawabut the maintainer can't get it to build himself23:22
wgrantpkg-config isn't being installed, because you're not Build-Depending on it.23:23
pohutukawaso do you reckon it could be "easily" fixed when just adding "pkg-config" to the dependencies of the package?23:24
wgrantProbably if you add it to the Build-Depends field, yeah23:24
wgrantBut you should be test building locally23:24
wgrantIn a clean environment.23:24
pohutukawawgrant: thanks for the input23:27
pohutukawaI'll radio it on to the maintainer23:27
pohutukawaso I guess if it's in the Build-Depends field, then the launchpad builder will provide for it ...23:28
wgrantpohutukawa: The Build-Depends field tells the build infrastructure what to install before building the package.23:31
pohutukawathat's what I thought. thanks for confirming.23:32

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