Rarrikin1How do I change the keymap for a user such that it stays after logging out and back in?00:38
Rarrikin1Lxkeymap seems to work only for the current logon session.00:46
phillwRarrikin1: have a read of http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2130981 I'm sorry it is a bit involved, but it will solve yout issue.00:51
Rarrikin1phillw: Thanks :)00:53
phillwRarrikin1: of course, you could use 14.04.... So far, so good but I'm not allowed to reccomend it unless you have a back up :)00:53
Rarrikin1I'll use Quantal for now. I'll probably upgrade to that after letting someone borrow it for a few weeks, though.00:54
Rarrikin1Thanks for the recommendation.00:54
phillw14.04 is the bug fix for 13.10; 12.04 was never an LTS for lubuntu.... Yes, it can be a bit confusing. 12.04 is very, very, old... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/14.04 has the most up to date information from Julien.00:58
Rarrikin1Oh, that makes sense. I've had problems with 13.10, so I'm glad they're being worked out.01:04
Rarrikin1(on another computer01:04
viteI'm getting a kernel not syncing panic it freezes when I reboot I have to run the memtest for it to boot up. Any odeas?02:28
normancleggI'm surprised anyone is having any problems with lubuntu. I took a drive and installed lubuntu on it using a an intel4 Gateway computer. Booted it a few times and then took the drive and installed it into an old assed HP for my father. It booted and has been working fine for several months.03:21
CountryfiedLinuxMy first PC has a P4 with 128 MB RAM and XP is kinda sluggish on it. Would LXDE perform better?06:44
JohnDoe_71Rusin virtualbox latest lubuntu take 90-110Mb memory after boot06:45
JohnDoe_71RusI use lubuntu 12.04 at P4 2,3Ghz, 1Gb memory. All work good. But casual flash game in browser is terrible slow some time06:47
JohnDoe_71Rusplay video h264 take 15-30% cpu use06:48
CountryfiedLinuxSo does LXDE use less memory than XP?06:49
JohnDoe_71RusCountryfiedLinux: http://www.lubuntu.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1144 you can not understand the text, look at the screenshots06:52
ufuntuHey, last night i installed the latest version of Ubuntu on my older desktop, and it would keep fatally crashing. Im downloading Lubuntu now, seeing as I develop software on the computer, will Lubuntu be good for me?15:32
Myrttihard to day without knowing more details of your setup15:33
ufuntuIts a cruddy eMachines, 2gb RAM, AMD anthlon, some low grade bare bones GPU i cant remember the name of but itsNvidia15:35
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pleia2the community council requested Lubuntu team members be available for a check in today at the meeting happening now, anyone from the team about? (doing Edubuntu first)17:09
* ianorlin has a job interview today when will I need to be available?17:14
pleia2ianorlin: now :)17:17
ianorlinwhich channel?17:17
pleia2just wrapping up edubuntu segment17:18
pleia2ianorlin: thanks, good luck with your interview :)17:28
ianorlinpleia2: thank you17:29
phillwpleia2: I'd have loved to be there, but we both know why I left :(17:39
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koellis it possible to get the standard look of lxde on lubuntu? where do i find other themes?23:48
wxlkoell: box-look or whatever it is (google it)23:52
koellwxl: its for openbox. but lxde?23:53
Unit193He wants Lubuntu to look like default lxde, why not just login to the lxde session?23:53
wxlkoell: lxde uses openbox, silly23:53

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