roothorickalright so01:13
roothorickwhat's the now official way to hibernate01:13
roothorickdoes Trusty not support hibernation yet?01:43
roothorickpm-utils doesn't resume, uswsusp just hangs at start01:43
roothorickboth have done that on two different systems now01:43
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roothorickwelp, I just found a system that does not have legacy boot01:51
roothoricka Toshiba laptop01:51
roothorickUEFI only01:51
TJ-roothorick: no CSM at all? what model?01:59
roothorickactually come to think of it02:24
roothorickit might just be a secure boot thing02:24
roothorickbecause the option is there but greyed out and set to "UEFI Only"02:24
roothorickSatellite L875D-S734202:24
roothorickunfortunately not my machine, and the owner specifically requested Win8.1 with the OEM license intact02:25
TJ-roothorick: that would sound correct; no CSM in SB mode02:40
utusandpkg ver 1.17.1 iin trusty as well as 1.16 in saucy is not cleaning up properly.  packages purged are still showing up in listing.03:45
utusandebian testing is now at 1.17.5, and this one is working properly03:46
DarkangelIs testing Ubuntu excitered as a Job? (Volunteer job)05:07
Darkangellol cant spell today05:09
holsteini thought maybe it was something lost in translation05:09
Darkangelna its english just cant spell it05:10
TJ-Testing can be boring if you're doing it for its own sake; if you're trying to do interesting things for their sake and just happen to be trying to use the latest development packages, that can be frustrating but fun when you find and then try to isolate bugs05:11
holsteinis it "exciting"?05:11
holsteinis testing exciting?.. is that the question?05:12
DarkangelI look for bugs and report them to Launchpad05:12
Darkangellol i forget what it was but whats that bug when it freezes every thing up and ur 3 lights of CAPS, NUM LOCK AND SCROLL LOCK starts flashing05:14
Darkangelany 1 know what causes it?05:15
TJ-Darkangel: usually that can be a symptom of memory corruption05:16
TJ-Darkangel: CPU's PC/IP (instruction pointer) reads an invalid code and goes off somewhere it shouldn't interpreting random data as instructions05:17
Darkangelcan it be cause while installing something?05:17
TJ-Darkangel: can be caused by anything... buggy code, RAM modules going bad, or not properly seated, something interfering with the memory controller, etc.05:20
Darkangelahh ok05:21
Darkangelthank u much05:21
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soeehi, somaone has lately problems to strt lightdm ?07:32
soeewere there some updates lately that have influance on lightdm ?08:13
benonsoftwareHi, I just upgraded to trusty, however when I boot into the default kernel it just displys a black screen.10:59
benonsoftwareHowever, booting into 3.11.0-15-generic makes it boot normally.11:00
k1l_benonsoftware: kernel headers installed for the prop. video driver to built?11:18
benonsoftwarek1l_: Sorry, I have no idea how to do that/check it.11:22
BluesKajHey folks11:22
k1l_benonsoftware: check if the linux-headers-... package is installed matching to the kernel linux-image-.. package11:23
benonsoftwareOkay, will do11:23
benonsoftwarek1l_: It appears I have it.11:29
benonsoftwareAh nevermind, I fixed it by changing to the nvidia drivers :)12:00
Darkangellol holy crapper whats all the libboost files for? like what do they do? there in the "New in Repository" section18:35
BluesKajDarkangel, "New in Repository" section?18:38
Darkangelits the option in Synaptic Package Manager18:39
BluesKajin the repositories ? I don't use synaptic18:41
BluesKajin /etc/apt/sources.list ?18:42
Darkangelna if u open Synaptic and then go to STATUS on the bottom right ull get a list above that and 1 of them will say "New in Repository"18:43
Darkangelbottom left i mean sorry just wook up not fully focused18:43
UserErrorIs python 2.7 still going to be installed by default and required for the trusty server install?18:43
Darkangelill have to check though on what version is running18:44
Darkangelthere doin some fine upgrades for trusty18:44
BluesKajlook in the sources.list and put a # in front to disable the repository if you don't want it, then update18:44
UserErrori hope 3.x is the only one installed18:45
Darkangelna i was just woundering on what it was for lol18:45
DarkangelIm running Python 218:47
DarkangelIm running Python 2.7.6 and some other 1 Python 3.318:48
UserErrorughhhh, 2.7 is never going to die18:49
Darkangelin trusty... but i thank the other 1 is for some other purpose18:49
jtaylorits a goal to remove it from the default install18:52
jtaylordesktop at least, don't know about server18:52
jtaylorit might have already happened?18:52
DarkangelUserError: heres some info for ya with Trusty and Python https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Python18:54
UserErroraw nice18:54
UserErrorSo what i'm seeing is "we hope python3 will be the only one in Trusty"19:26
UserErrorCan't even 2to3 like a boss19:26
jtayloronly in the default install19:33
jtayloreverything else is hopeless at this point19:33
jtaylormaybe in 16.0619:34
roothorickhate to sound like a broken record b ut19:37
roothorickwhat hibernate mechanism, exactly, is 14.04 supposed to use by default? As far as I can see there isn't ANYTHING installed currently.19:37
glitsj16roothorick: should be pm-hibernate from the pm-utils package, and since 12.04 hibernate is off by default19:45
roothorickglitsj16: in 14.04 pm-utils isn't installed at all by default, and doesn't work19:47
glitsj16roothorick: you have the needed amount of swap in relation to RAM i assume?19:48
roothorickglitsj16: tried it on two different machines and the state of swap doesn't matter19:49
roothorickthe resume= stuff isn't even on the kernel command line19:49
roothorickeven if it was19:49
roothorick14.04 automatically sets up cryptoswap which breaks that mechanism19:49
roothorickso I'm wondering if maybe we're supposed to use uswsusp now, but installing uswsusp renders the system unbootable19:50
glitsj16roothorick: could be, uswsusp supports encryption iirc19:52
glitsj16only relevant info i can find isn't conclusive though .. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PowerManagement/Hibernate19:53
DaekdroomIs the Rhythmbox last.fm plugin working for anyone else?20:06
DaekdroomWhen I enabled it for Last.FM and leave the plug-in preferences, nothing happens and opening the preferences pop up again show me it's disabled.20:07
TJ-mamarley: ping21:07
mamarleyTJ-: Switching sonar to active!  PONGPONGPONGPONG21:16
TJ-mamarley: :D21:16
TJ-mamarley: I'm busy delving into the source-code. I now know why it SEGFAULTS... but I need to identify the cause of that21:16
TJ-mamarley: Could you zip/tar.gz "/etc/init/*"    and "/var/log/apt/history.log"  and put them someplace I can pull them from? probably attaching them to bug #1269731 would be best21:17
ubottubug 1269731 in upstart (Ubuntu) "init crashed with SIGSEGV" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126973121:17
TJ-mamarley: The crux of the issue is a pointer which is supposed to point to a data-structure that represents the jobs defined in /etc/init/*.conf files is NULL. So far it looks as if a faulty conf file syntax could be the reason21:18
mamarleyThat sounds logical.  Doing it right now.21:19
mamarleyI still think it is an upstart bug though, because faulty input should never KP the system.21:19
TJ-I think it's a subtle change in eglibc and/or gcc, brought on by some significant re-ordering of the underlying assembly instructions generated.. I wouldn't be surprised if an upstart built without compiler optimsations works fine21:20
mamarleyTJ-: OK, I attached the initscripts to the bug report. My APT history isn't helpful because I have my /var/log mounted on a tmpfs. (I know, very very bad mamarley)21:23
TJ-mamarley: hehehe yeah, I forgot you're trying to make it harder21:31
TJ-mamarley: I've updated the bug with my analysis - I'll look at your init scripts now21:39
TJ-mamarley: Just looking at modification times, three alsa jobs were modified on the 14th, and nvidia-peristenced.conf on the 9th. Could you move them out of "/etc/init/" temporarily and do "sudo telinit u" and see if the SEGFAULT still occurs?21:47
mamarleyOK, just a sec...21:47
mamarleyTJ-: When I remove those jobs, I can then run get_state.sh successfully from the desktop (I am testing using user jobs so I don't KP the system.)21:52
jrrusing a recent ubuntu-gnome trusty image, the installer's live environment run nicely, and the installer seems to complete successfully, but the first boot stays at a black screen forever. where should I start poking?21:53
jrr(I can access the filesystem to see logs)21:53
mamarley(Before, running get_state.sh would cause either an X restart or a KP, depending on whether I did it for user or system jobs.)21:53
holsteinjrr: where are you getting the iso?21:53
genii!nomodeset | jrr21:53
ubottujrr: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter21:53
TJ-mamarley: Can you add the jobs back one by one and retest after each one is added... we may be close to discovering the culprit21:54
jrrdoes the usb live image's nomodeset differ from that which is installed?21:54
mamarleyTJ-: I added back all the ALSA jobs and that crashed it again.  I will now see which one is causing the problem.21:56
TJ-mamarley: You're a star :)21:57
mamarleyTJ-: Thanks :) alsa-restore.conf makes it crash.  I will test the others too.21:59
TJ-with only one of them present at any time ... that would be great21:59
mamarleyTJ-: Yeah, alsa-restore.conf crashed by itself.22:00
TJ-It may be they all contain the faulty syntax because they look, to me, to be almost identical22:00
mamarleyTJ-: alsa-state.conf also crashes it.22:01
mamarleyTJ-: All three of them crash it.22:01
TJ-OK... I'll report that22:02
TJ-mamarley: I think I've spotted the fault22:04
mamarley:) :) :)22:04
TJ-Can you move them out... then create a new empty alsa-restore.conf  and await my text for it?22:04
mamarleyTJ-: OK.22:05
mamarley(With the empty file sitting there, it doesn't crash, by the way.)22:06
TJ-mamarley: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6764452/22:06
mamarleyShould I add a final newline to that?22:07
mamarleyTJ-: It doesn't crash.22:07
TJ-Yay... I'm going to pastebin you the 2 other modified files22:08
TJ-mamarley: alsa-state.conf:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6764479/22:09
TJ-mamarley: alsa-store.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6764481/22:10
TJ-mamarley: I'm guessing it is OK now?22:12
mamarleyYep :)22:13
TJ-great teamwork :)22:13
TJ-I'm working up a patch for alsa-utils now22:14
jrrholstein: nomodeset gets me past the blank screen - I can now see all the text fly by, and then X starts at the wrong resolution. (nouveau)22:30
jrrgoogling suggests that nouveau requires nomodeset22:32
jrrer, the inverse - nouveau requires kernel mode setting22:33
TJ-jrr: resolution is read from the monitor's EDID  via DDC ... if that isn't being returned then issues will occur... first thing is to find out if the monitor is giving out valid modes: "xrandr -q" will help there22:34
jrrxrandr reports wrong (1280x1024 vs 1920x1080), but there are references to 1920 in Xorg log22:35
jrr"Supported established timings" vs "Supported standard timings"22:35
jrralso "DDC gathered Modelines" seems to carry the correct one22:36
mamarleyTJ-: Shouldn't there also be a patch for upstart to prevent it from crashing when fed bad data?22:40
TJ-mamarley: I've suggested that... that's up to James though22:41
TJ-mamarley: (sloppy programming!) but don't say I said so22:41
Fudgeis this ook to ignore, init: /etc/init/alsa-store.conf:10: Unknown stanza22:46
FudgeI am also getting  kernel panics when ever libc6 updates, have to chroot to fix22:47
TJ-Fudge: see bug #126973122:56
ubottubug 1269731 in alsa-utils (Ubuntu) "init crashed with SIGSEGV" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126973122:56
FudgeTJ- thanks mate23:06
Fudgemamarley:  is bug 1269405  the problem with the suspected libc6?23:12
ubottubug 1269731 in alsa-utils (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1269405 init crashed with SIGSEGV" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126973123:12
Fudgeoh right, its the same23:15
jrrooh look a kernel backtrace http://pastebin.com/33avdbMT23:18
jrrdon't think I've seen one of those before23:18
jrrwhat's the appropriate way to file a bug for a kernel oops that I suspect is from nouveau?23:26
jrr'linux' I guess =]23:28

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