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popeynik90: http://imgur.com/6SfuHaF \o/00:48
dholbachgood morning08:04
jonaszhanghi everybody! I have a question about ubuntu sdk08:50
jonaszhangthat is when i packaged a html5 app in ubuntu sdk and get a *.click package, but i cannot open it using softer center. How to use this package?08:52
jonaszhangFor example: html5-test1_0.1_all.click08:52
dpmjonaszhang, what you are getting is a click package. You cannot yet easily install click packages on the desktop, right now you can only install them on a device08:57
jonaszhangi see09:03
WebbyITpopey, fixed also wrong behavior with esc keyshort. It was a bug in clear() function, so it's a fix also for touch version :-)09:04
jonaszhang@dpm辅导费;发: ::i can run the test app using such command: ubuntu-html5-app-launcher  --www=./HTML5_Only_TabbedUI09:04
WebbyIT(This MR is becoming a mega patch)09:05
jonaszhanghowever --www option is a directory, can i make it a single file?09:05
popeyWebbyIT: nice one09:06
jonaszhangjust like this:  type "ubuntu-html5-app-launcher demo.*"  to run the app?09:06
dpmjonaszhang, sorry, I've not been working with html5 apps in a while. But I do think you need to pass it the directory09:10
jonaszhangok, must i run it from command-line, how to run it just from desktop :)09:14
dpmjonaszhang, you can install the .desktop file from the project on your system09:18
dpmand then you'll be able to call your app from the dash09:18
dpmjonaszhang, you can do this by copying the .desktop file to either /usr/share/applications/ or ~/.local/share/applications/09:20
jonaszhang_@dpm: disconneted just now. I copied the .desktop file to the dsektop and I can run it now. thks a lot!09:24
dpmexcellent! :)09:25
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Nothing Day! :-D09:31
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nik90mzanetti: If you have some time, could you review https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-alarm-analogue-format/+merge/20128212:04
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mzanettinik90: do we still have the 24h analog clock?12:06
nik90mzanetti: in the alarm page, the 24 hour analog has been removed12:07
ogra_oh no12:07
ogra_really ?12:07
nik90mzanetti: in the add alarm page, we provide both depending on the user setting12:08
mzanettiogra_: you like the 24 hour analog clock?12:08
nik90ogra_: people found 24 hour analog clock confusing...the new design is much better :)12:08
ogra_mzanetti, well, i like that you can have the 24h thingie to set alarms12:08
ogra_i dont care about the clock itself12:09
ogra_i thought nik90 meant that bit was gone12:09
mzanettiogra_: I think that's totally confusing...12:09
ogra_my 70+ y.o. mom understands it, but doesnt understand the am/pm concept12:09
nik90mzanetti: try out the new design. It is no longer confusing..I added clock markers to let the user know what scale the analog clock is using12:09
ogra_yeah, the markers are great12:10
mzanettiogra_: I'm sure your 70+ x.o. mom would have even less trouble with a clock that has 12 hours12:10
ogra_mzanetti, not for setting alarms12:10
ogra_for the std. analog clock face 12h are indeed natural12:11
nik90btw take a look at https://plus.google.com/113051860352311525753/posts/E875HiR9y8r12:11
nik90it explains the new design12:11
mzanettiyeah, and setting an alarm is like adjusting an analog clock12:11
nik90people overall liked it12:11
ogra_mzanetti, so how would you set 14:00 then ?12:11
ogra_if not with the 24h markers12:12
mzanettiI'd write the time in numbers in the center of the clock, but still rotate twice like a real clock12:12
mzanetti(not AP/PM, but the actuall time)12:12
mzanettiyeah, pretty much like that video does12:13
mzanettibut if 06:00 is suddendly where usually 03:00 is, that breaks my brain12:13
ogra_as long as there are markers that shouldnt confuse you12:14
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Hec_Hello everybody13:17
nik90popey: does it make sense to add Escape as the keyboard shortcut to reset the stopwatch?13:39
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popeynik90: hmmmmm. that does seem like a natural choice14:22
timpnik90, popey what about F5/Ctrl+R?14:31
popeythats typically refresh/reload?14:31
timpin my webbrowser it is14:31
popeyand weather, rss reader14:32
timpI even have a "reload" icon (two arrows) on my F5 button on my keyboard14:32
timppopey: ah, you're saying that reset is different from refresh?14:32
nik90timp: that's sounds reasonable as well14:32
timppopey: for my stopwatch it is the same ;) http://e.ggtimer.com/1min14:33
timpbut that one works the other way around14:34
nik90As of now the entire stopwatch page can be managed using shortcuts :) -> space: start/stop stopwatch, ctrl+space: create lap, esape: reset stopwatch14:34
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dpmnik90, \o/16:26
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nik90popey: regarding your comment in the MR, when you created an alarm for 6pm, what was your local time?18:20
nik90daker: ?18:21
dakeroupps fail!18:22
nik90popey: did it say anything in the center? Like couldn't save alarm? Or nothing happened when you press save?18:22
nik90daker: lol18:22
* nik90 tries it now18:22
nik90popey: could you try setting an alarm for 10 mins later now?18:24
nik90popey: I just tried it on my laptop and didnt have an issue18:24
* popey uploads to youtube18:26
nik90popey: so I tried the same on the phone, and I face a different issue. For me when I press save, it exits the page but I dont see it in the alarm list18:27
popeythat too18:27
popeymine didnt exit18:27
popeybut it doesn't show in the list18:27
popeybut the ones I made earlier now do18:27
nik90popey: the thing is the Alarms API is asynchronous. So it could be that it is saving in the background and doesnt appear when it is ready18:28
popeyi killed and restarted18:28
popeyand it still wasnt there18:28
popeymaybe more time needs to pass18:28
nik90yeah that's because the EDS backend is still working18:28
popeythats unfortunate18:28
nik90I am still not seeing the alarms I created18:29
popeyonly the ones I made an hour ago18:30
nik90the weird thing is this bug is not due to the branch :/18:30
nik90I tried it with the official clock app on the phone18:30
nik90the thing is this doesn't happen all the time18:30
nik90for me sometimes it is instant18:30
nik90and sometimes like now, it takes ages18:31
nik90I will talk to zsombi about this18:31
nik90Yay I can see the alarm I created after 3 mins (lol)18:31
popeyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TLaOMqvGRI it'll show up there shortly18:32
nik90"Alarming Alarms" lol18:32
popeyI run out of ideas for naming my youtube videos18:32
popeyloads of them are just "ubuntu bug"18:32
popeyseems live now18:32
nik90yup I am seeing it now18:33
nik90oh btw what do you use to take videos?18:34
nik90and also you can only long press to create an alarm the first time or when there are no alarms saved.18:34
popey"legacy phone" ☻18:34
nik90ah..the video is quite clear. thats why I asked18:35
popeyyeah, another reason I still carry an iphone around is that it has a better camera than the nexus 418:35
popeyand when I am taking pictures of the kids lego, this is important! :D18:35
popeyuhm, suppose I should s/lego//18:35
popeyback in a bit, food18:36
nik90me too :)18:36
popeynik90: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2014-January/037971.html with regards to your qt5.2 question earlier, see Steves reply20:35
nik90popey: thnx20:37
ahayzenballoons, when u have a moment do u mind casting ur eye over some AP tests Victor made? https://code.launchpad.net/~vthompson/music-app/artists-tab-ap-test/+merge/20198620:48
balloonsahayzen, I can20:53
ahayzenballoons, thanks20:53
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balloonsahayzen, seems to pass on the device, nothing jumps out at me :-)21:25
ahayzenballoons, thanks, so i'm good to approve?21:25
balloonsahayzen, look for potential timing issues :-)21:26
ahayzenballoons, just wanted to check with u so we don't introduce flaky tests21:26
balloonsright.. that's what i'm looking it over for.. potential wiggly points21:26
ahayzenballoons, yep :) sorry should have been more clear21:27
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balloonsahayzen,  so I guess I'll try and leave comments in the merge21:47
ahayzenballoons, if tht is ok?21:47
balloonsahayzen, I see a few tweaks I would make I thikn21:48
ahayzenballoons, i just wanted someone who knows autopilot to check it before i approve something tht is flaky and then causes  issues in the future21:48
balloonsahayzen, so we can talk through it a bit right now if you'd like21:49
ahayzenballoons, ok21:49
balloonsgenerally, I'm just reading through the code and looking to ensure all the asserts and selects make sense21:49
balloonsFor example, line 77 and line 7821:49
balloonssee anything interesting? :-)21:49
ahayzenballoons, erm i'm not sure21:51
balloonsso the eventually function assumes a function.. that would be changing21:52
ahayzenballoons, it is getting the label and then comparing that the text property eventually equals artist name21:52
balloonsget_artist_sheet_artist() returns an object, but it would never change. The eventually doesn't make sense21:52
ahayzenballoons, ah so could it get stuck there if it wasn't equal?21:52
balloonsif there is potential for timing issues there, we could instead use a wait_select and remove the eventually21:52
balloonsdoes that make sense?21:52
ahayzenballoons, as it would be waiting for it to eventually equal21:53
balloonsahayzen, right it would be waiting.. but the value would never change21:53
balloonsso if it wasn't right the first time, it will never be21:53
ahayzenballoons, yes i see wht u mean the value has already been retrieved so therefore cannot change21:53
balloonsright :-)21:53
balloonsso that's one example of things to look for21:55
ahayzenballoons, ok i'll note tht for the future :)21:55
ahayzenballoons, so something like this one is ok? because it can see if the value changes? self.assertThat(self.main_view.isPlaying, Eventually(Equals(True)))21:56
balloonsyes, if that value changes, eventually makes sense :-)21:58
balloonsI believe the app would update that property, so each time you read it, it could have changed21:58
ahayzenballoons, yep21:59
balloonsthe other thing to check for is UI transitions. If the app transitions, make sure an assert or eventually or wait_select is used before nabbing the next object21:59
ahayzenballoons, ok tht makes sense21:59
balloonsSo I'm looking at line 89 now and line 92. Is there a ui transition there?21:59
ahayzenballoons, yep there is the current item going large22:01
balloonsso as it stands I don't think the test is prepared for that to take a longer amount of time22:01
ahayzenballoons, so there would need to be a wait_select or eventually in there?22:02
balloonsthere should be an assert of some sort to check for the transition, or to wait on the object you expect after the transition22:08
ahayzenballoons, or infact is the UI transition between lines 93 and 96?22:08
balloonsI'm not sure, trying to peek now22:09
balloonsbut I'll leave all this for Victor :-)22:09
* ahayzen thinks the code comments may be the wrong way round22:09
ahayzenballoons, thanks for doing those comments22:18

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