duoihow usable is gnash?03:24
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mrdavidanyone here have experience installing ubuntu on a seagate goflex home?03:40
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oliv3rHi; i'm playing around with a few things and want to do a debootstrap for an arm based board. is there a semi-official repository for thhis that has the main-arm(hf) package stuff?10:02
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oliv3rah, ports.ubuntu.com10:25
oliv3ryep that's what i was looking for; guess there's no mirrors for that, but that's ok; thanks all10:33
wookeyduoi: gnash is very useable but because it only implements older actionscript variant it only works on a limited number of flash files/sites13:41
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mjrosenbso... is it possible to get a non-armhf libc with debug symbols?21:05
infinitymjrosenb: non-armhf, as in...?21:45
infinitymjrosenb: libc6-armel-dbgsym from http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/e/eglibc/21:47
mjrosenbpossibly called armel, I've had conflicting report about what exactly armel is.21:47
mjrosenbso add that url to my sources.list, then apt-get install libc6-armel-dbgsym ?21:48
infinitymjrosenb: echo "deb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com $(lsb_release -cs) main restricted universe multiverse" >> /etc/apt/sources.list && apt-get update && apt-get install libc6-armel-dbgsym21:50
infinityMight also want: apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 428D7C0121:51
infinity(Don't forget to add lines for -updates/-security if you're running a stable release)21:51
mjrosenbhttp://dpaste.com/1555299/ :-/21:56
infinitymjrosenb: Like I said, don't forget to add sources.list lines for -security and -updates.21:58
infinity$(lsb_release -cs)-updates and $(lsb_release -cs)-security21:59
infinityI guess that's precise-updates and precise-security in your case.22:00
mjrosenbI added those two.  same error.22:02
infinityDid you run apt-get update afterward?22:05
infinitymjrosenb: FWIW, works fine here for me.22:10
mjrosenbyeah, but apt-get update failed to pull in a couple of files.  I can't imagine they'd affect anything though.22:13
mjrosenboh, nevermind.  some of them look important22:13
mjrosenbErr http://ddebs.ubuntu.com precise/precise-updates armel Packages 404  Not Found22:13
infinitymjrosenb: Uhm, armel?22:14
infinitymjrosenb: I thought you were running armhf.22:14
infinitymjrosenb: If your base system is armel, then you don't need any of this libc6-armel business.  Just apt-get install libc6-dbg22:15
mjrosenbI'm pretty sure this is an armhf system.22:15
infinity(And why, oh god why, are you running armel?)22:15
infinitymjrosenb: If it's an armhf system, apt wouldn't be looking for armel sources...22:15
infinityUnless you're running multiarch.22:15
infinityWhich I guess you might be.22:16
mjrosenbI set this system up a year and a half ago, I honestly don't remember anymore :-(22:16
infinitydpkg --print-architecture22:16
mjrosenbwaiting for apt-get to complete...22:18
mjrosenb dpkg --print-architecture22:18
mjrosenbok, it *is* an armhf system22:18
mjrosenbpretty sure I tried to set up multiarch on here.22:18
infinityOkay, then apt is looking for armel bits because you set up multiarch.22:19
mjrosenband I have an el libc6, just not debug symbols22:19
mjrosenbwhich valgrind *really* wants.22:19
infinityYou have libc6:armel, or libc6-armel:armhf?22:19
infinitydpkg -l libc6\* | grep ^i22:20
infinityOh, those cross ones are useless to you.22:22
infinitySo, just "apt-get install libc6-armel-dbgsym" as we were attempting before.  Assuming apt's grumpiness about your broken multiarch setup doesn't annoy it.22:23
mjrosenbwhat's the difference between -dbg and -dbgsym?22:25
mjrosenbhttp://dpaste.com/1555317/ -- so it says I have held broken packages, I'm guessing 'held' is different from 'pinned', since I'm pretty sure I've never pinned a package on this system.22:26
infinitymjrosenb: That means that it's *not* getting ddebs for precise-updates.22:29
infinityWhat's your sources.list?22:29
mjrosenboh right, so like I said, there were some 404's when running apt-get update22:32
mjrosenbhttp://dpaste.com/1555337/ I initially thought they were all armhf.22:33
infinitymjrosenb: I only see a single line there for precise-security.  Nothing for precise or precise-updates.22:34
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infinityOH!  No, you've added it all on one line.  You can't do that.22:35
infinitymjrosenb: That last line should be three lines, like so: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6764567/22:36
mjrosenbc.c whoops.22:38
mjrosenbI want to say that I'm new to debian/ubuntu22:38
mjrosenbbut that would be a lie.22:38
mjrosenbneed to pick someone up22:39
infinitymjrosenb: I usually use excuses like "I haven't slept much lately" or "I'm scatterbrained and overworked" or "I'm testing a new strain of superheroine".22:39
mjrosenbi'll report on it later.22:39
infinitysuperheroin, even.22:40
lilstevieinfinity, heh I tend to go for "I'm tired"23:28
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mjrosenblilstevie: the thing was, it was 1740, and I'd woken up at 1400, after sleeping for 14 hours23:56
lilsteviemjrosenb, heh23:57
lilstevieyou aren't meant to admit that23:57
mjrosenbI guess, 'I got a reasonable amount of sleep too recently' is as good an excuse as any.23:57
mjrosenbwell, that's a different error...23:58
mjrosenboh, I guess I need to go nuke my multilib glibc?23:58
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