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pittiGood morning05:43
desrtpitti: hello!06:49
pittihey desrt, how are you?07:11
desrtgood :)07:12
darkxstlarsu, any chance you could look at some theming issues with nautilus 3.10?08:36
darkxstlarsu, there are two issues, 1. the buttons in the header bar are too small, 2. even though I disabled CSD, the GtkHeaderBar still gets rounded top corners08:45
pittihey Laney09:00
Laneyhowdy pitti09:01
Laneyhow's it going?09:01
pittiquite fine indeed, thanks! how about your?09:02
seb128hey Laney, pitti, wie gehts?09:03
seb128good morning desktopers!09:03
pittibonjour seb12809:03
pittiseb128: I'm preparing gvfs 1.19.4 FYI09:03
LaneyI'm good, nice climbing session last night09:03
pittihave it running here, but I need to update its tests for the new libgphoto2 version09:03
seb128pitti, oh, nice, I was pondering doing that today09:03
seb128pitti, thanks09:03
Laneylooking forward to canonical-desktop-team climbing in london ;-)09:03
seb128Laney, do you know a nice place to go climbing in London?09:04
didrocksclimbing? we'll be tortured on top of that? :)09:04
Laneynot somewhere I know, but I found a place that's about 10 minutes from blue fin09:04
larsudarkxst: I'm afraid I won't have time for this in the next couple of days. But I'll try to get to it09:09
seb128larsu, hey, good morning, how are you?09:12
seb128larsu, your indicator-sound patch fixes the dconf write on login, no need to keep avoiding desrt anymore ;-)09:12
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larsuseb128: I'm good thanks. How are you?09:13
darkxstlarsu, thanks, I did try look at it, but gtk theming not really my speciality!09:13
seb128I'm good as well, thanks09:13
darkxsthi seb12809:13
darkxsthi Laney, pitti09:14
larsudarkxst: mine neither :)09:14
seb128hey darkxst09:15
Laneyhi darkxst09:15
seb128darkxst, you got that polling bug wrong, the retries are not from fontconfig, they are from g_file_monitor which can't put a monitor on a non existing directory and needs to keep retrying in that case09:16
seb128darkxst, in any case I'm going to fix it so no need to bother about it09:17
darkxstseb128, I blame the heat, 44C again today ;(09:17
seb128oh, a chrisccoulson!09:17
chrisccoulsonhi :)09:17
seb128darkxst, that doesn't sound nice indeed09:18
seb128chrisccoulson, how are you?09:18
seb128chrisccoulson, we don't see you much nowadays, we miss you!09:18
chrisccoulsonseb128, quite tired. but otherwise, not too bad. how are you?09:18
chrisccoulsonheh :)09:18
seb128I'm good thanks09:18
seb128how is the oxide work going?09:18
seb128do you enjoy working on it?09:18
chrisccoulsonseb128, yeah, it's great fun!09:19
chrisccoulsonit certainly keeps me busy ;)09:19
seb128good that you have fun at least!09:19
dpmmorning seb128 - quick question: while looking at translations relevant for the phone, I've come across a bunch of packages that are in universe and thus can only be translated in the upstream project (e.g. indicator-location, click-update-manager). That's not a problem for translators, but to point them to the right locations, I'd like to better understand what generally happens with these universe packages and if I should be looking at approving tem09:24
dpmplates if they're promoted to main. Is the general practice to file a MIR for all of them before the release is out? Or are they ok in universe and there is no push to get them promoted?09:24
seb128dpm, hey09:25
dpmheya, morning09:25
seb128dpm, ideally we should have everything used in the touch image promoted09:26
seb128that didn't happen in saucy but we plan to the promotions for the LTS09:26
seb128meanwhile not sure what's the best way09:26
seb128it feels like that translating trunk with the autocommit is a better solution than translating on the Ubuntu side09:27
seb128we should maybe just do that for all the stuff we are upstream for?09:27
dpmseb128, I agree, we should do that, but there is no reason not to keep having the templates on the Ubuntu side in addition. Thanks to message sharing, when people translate on the Ubuntu side, translations are automatically shared with the upstream project, and if autocommits are enabled, the .po files are autocommitted there. The benefit of the Ubuntu side is basically more visibility and having all translatable templates in one place09:29
Laneythere's a way to have any package in langpacks i think09:29
seb128dpm, sounds like a good solution09:29
seb128Laney, we enabled that a few cycles ago for e.g gnome-panel and then reverted because of some launchpad issues, not sure those have been fixed since09:30
seb128Laney, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/1:3.6.0-0ubuntu209:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 1048556 in Ubuntu Translations "Language pack translations export needs to add universe packages to domain map" [High,Triaged]09:31
Laneywhy did it get invalidated?09:31
seb128wgrant says it's working09:32
seb128so not sure if it got fixed09:32
seb128or if that's still an issue/more debugging is needed09:32
dpmyeah, we've never tried since09:32
dpmI'd like to see it working, but if the packages are going to be MIR'ed in any case, we might as well wait until they are in main09:33
dpmso that there is no extra effort to import their templates into LP09:33
seb128dpm, works for me09:34
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pittilarsu, seb128, Laney, didrocks, desrt: is any of you going to FOSDEM by chance?09:58
* pitti ponders going there to meet some people09:58
seb128pitti, https://wiki.canonical.com/UbuntuEngineering/2014/FOSDEM09:58
seb128pitti, Laney didrocks desrt larsu are going09:58
Laney& mlankhor1t09:59
seb128& Sweetshark09:59
seb128looking at the list there09:59
seb128& doko09:59
Laneyloadsa people09:59
pittiwow, I didn't know it was *that* official09:59
pittiI'd go there on my own dime again and stay with a friend in Leuven09:59
larsupitti: clearly you *have to* come now :)10:00
pittiyeah, already talking to Michael :)10:00
Laneythat place they've got us staying looks odd10:01
pittiwow, it's right in the city center10:04
LaneyI was grepping in the old webkit source for the arm64 failure10:09
Laneytearing my hair out as to where it could come from10:09
czajkowskiSweetshark: are you alive ?10:10
czajkowskiLaney: mind your pretty hair please10:10
Laneyneeds a cut anyway10:12
Laneyprobably dconf time!10:33
Laney/nick CrackPu$ha10:36
Laneyshould we hide webbrowser-app's desktop file on !unity8?11:01
ochosispeaking from a xubuntu pov, that would be a +111:02
Laneyif you type 'browser' into the dash it comes first11:02
Laneybut it's not really a browser you want to use yet on non-touch11:02
ochosimay i quickly ask who's in charge of unity-greeter atm? is it robert or somebdy else?11:03
Laneyyeah, mterry also works on it a bit I think11:06
ochosiok, thanks11:06
ochosi(i'm currently working on a few things for lightdm-gtk-greeter that might also be interesting for unity-greeter)11:06
seb128Laney, do we install it by default?11:15
Laneyfor webapps11:15
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ritzSweetshark, hi, wrt https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/+bug/120027712:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 1200277 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "[LibreOffice] - libreoffice-writer.desktop when drag/drop to desktop, 100% broken. " [Low,Fix released]12:24
ritzwhich fix was pushed in ?12:24
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dpmLaney, the licenses shown under "About this phone" on the system settings app. Are they supposed to be parsed for preinstalled click packages, or does it only work for showing licenses shipped in software packaged as .deb?12:28
LaneyIt currently does deb package licenses, but I guess should do both eventually12:29
Laneyhow can you get it for clicks?12:30
* Laney paws at desrt 12:33
LaneyI'm falling out of love with this testsuite :P12:34
larsuLaney: sometimes I wonder if tests save more time than we spend on fixing them...12:36
LaneyI don't doubt their utility, but running them seems to be Hard12:39
seb128larsu, the main goal is not efficiency for us, it's to protect the archive/users from bugs12:41
* walters notes that Continuous has executed the glib tests, the json-glib tests, etc. (all InstalledTests) 20 times today so far alone12:41
seb128walters, without issues? seems like you run only part of the tests ;-)12:42
larsuseb128: yeah, of course. I'm not saying we should get rid of them.12:42
Laneydo you set up the environment somehow?12:42
seb128walters, desrt confirmed earlier in the week that some of the tests are flaky12:42
* larsu was just thinking out loud12:42
waltersLaney: yes - InstalledTests *run inside the system I ship*12:42
waltersthe process is:  build -> deploy -> test -> more testing12:42
waltersnot build -> test in lame chroot -> ship12:42
Laneymake check ought to work too :-)12:44
seb128walters, those are different tests... we also have integration tests12:44
waltersseb128: no they're not different12:44
waltersglib's InstalledTests is probably 90% of "make check"12:44
seb128walters, so you get lucky with your setup and land on the right side of a race bug, since some people hit sometime those tests on their normal desktop installation12:45
waltersseb128: oh the tests are *full* of race conditions12:45
waltersbut i don't blow up the build just because a few tests are racy12:45
waltersthat's just a recipe for pain12:45
seb128how do you know if the tests fail because of a bug in the lib or a bug in the test?12:45
waltersthat requires human intervention12:45
waltersContinuous' status board reminds me all the time that ostree is a bit racy12:46
waltersand that the gtk+ reftest is failing consistently12:47
waltersit would obviously be great if glib's tests were race free12:48
waltersi worked on fixing some of the most egregious ones myself12:49
waltersbut not shipping because of a subset of racy tests is just adding pain, IMO12:50
waltersreally, software is not either "tested" or "not tested"12:50
waltersthere's a continuum12:50
Laneyso you would not run make check during a package build then?12:51
waltersContinuous does not run make check12:51
LaneyI'm talking about for distros12:51
waltersit also doesn't ship packages, but fully assembled atomically upgradable filesystem trees12:51
Laneywhat does fedora do?12:51
waltersfedora does the same thing you guys do because rpm and dpkg are exactly the same architecturally and lead to the same design decisions12:52
waltersreally the key ingredient is fast and easy rollback12:53
walterswhereas dpkg/rpm are slaves to ever increasing version numbers12:53
walterswith Continuous i have the ability to choose any git commit to build *and ship* at any time12:54
waltersso if a glib commit blew up, I could just choose to ship an earlier one12:55
Laneyit's an interesting facility for sure12:55
Laneyyou need to be able to tell if anything was relying on the behaviour you reverted12:56
LaneyI guess a SONAME bump would be the worst case there12:56
waltersi have an "epoch" facility that allows me to force a rebuild arbitrarily even if the git commit didn't change12:58
walterse.g.: https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-continuous/commit/manifest.json?id=2ff148922c5a4fe209026eaa6d94e0735c3ac82812:58
waltersthere's also no reason the system couldn't say "hey the soname of this library changed, let me determine its consumers and rebuild them" automatically, it's just code to write12:58
Laneyassuming the rebuild works13:01
Laneyand it can only work for things which are inside the system13:01
Laneyanyway, it is true that reverts are painful for us13:01
Laneya lot software isn't really designed to go backwards even if the packaging system allowed it13:02
Laneylike if configuration format migration is supported, it'll usually be forwards only13:02
waltersyes, but it shouldn't be hard for the software to keep a version number, and just ignore/delete too new data13:03
waltersif you're talking about caches13:03
waltersfor custom binary data like the systemd journal, ignore + append only aspect should work13:04
Laneyit's all solvable if software is designed with forethought13:04
waltersfor /home, yes, it is an issue13:04
waltersbut basically i've never so far reverted back across a format transition to my knowledge13:05
waltersreally it's more "hey this commit is full of garbage and the author is offline for the rest of the day" type of thing13:05
waltersanyways the ulterior motive I have here is I'd love for you guys to investigate OSTree instead of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ImageBasedUpgrades13:06
waltersthat said, back to code13:06
Laneyta for the discussion13:07
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didrocksLaney: I hope that glib isn't going to regress the Touch image :/13:18
didrocksand d-conf as well :)13:19
Laneyme too13:19
asacLaney: did you not see the mail?13:19
seb128we can't stop working every time a touch test is failing...13:20
asacwe only send the mail after a few days of regression dancing13:21
LaneyIf you want to block them then feel free13:24
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asacLaney: you suggest that we do a technical block? We feel that such a hard block is pretty black and white ... we can be smarter and keep more folks moving by just being a bit more conciousness and careful and coordinate and maye do some extra testing while we resurrect the touch image13:31
Sweetsharkczajkowski: sorta, kinda: frantically doing builds ....13:33
pittiLaney: btw, do you happen to know what's up with https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/trusty-adt-glib-networking/ ? close-during-handshake is pretty persistently failing (most of the time on i386, but I've seen it succeed on i386 and fail on amd64, too)13:35
Laneypitti: I'm writing a report about it, but in short: no :(13:35
pittiLaney: ack, thanks13:35
pittihttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.svg -> hah, rhythmbox recommends epiphany-browser now? fun13:37
Laneyit's because of arm6413:37
Laneybeen there for a while13:37
pitti(I was looking for information about libtest-strict-perl : Depends: libdevel-cover-perl but it is not going to be installed)13:38
pittiah, new perl in -proposed that makes stuff uninstallable13:38
Laneythere's no better provider of x-www-browser IIRC13:39
pittithere's always elinks :)13:39
pittiyeah, except for the "x-" bit..13:39
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desrtwalters: try going into gio/tests/ and doing 'while true; do ./gdbus-names; done'13:57
desrtwalters: it'll fail eventually...13:57
hikikohi :)14:19
czajkowskiSweetshark: just wondered if you knew of a way to make exporting of a .odp into a .powerpoint madness actually behave14:19
seb128hikiko, hey14:20
hikikoa quick question: I've read that gsettings/gtk/gnome etc use the xft to scale the fonts yesterday, but I'd like to see exactly what happens when the text-scaling-factor gsetting is modified, do you know where I could find the code?14:21
Sweetsharkczajkowski: hmmm, no magic tricks on my mind there sorry :/14:22
czajkowskiall my  formatting is going out the window14:23
czajkowskitime to go stab it14:23
seb128hikiko, not sure, it might be in pango if it's fonts14:23
seb128desrt, larsu: ^ do you know about what hikiko asked there?14:23
desrthikiko: gnome-settings-daemon uses it to publish xsettings which the toolkit picks up via GtkSettings14:24
desrthikiko: that is what results in the scaling14:24
desrtif you want to see code look at gnome-settings-daemon/plugins/xsettings14:24
hikikodesrt, thank you very much, I got a look, but it seems to use the gsettings too :) I'd like to see what happens at a lower level, I mean to see which xft function is called! but anyway, I'll check the .h to find which library's source I need to check out :D thanks!14:34
* Sweetshark runs htop on his 32 core machine.14:35
desrthikiko: so gtk picks up the setting and uses it to tell pango what font size to use for its layouts14:36
desrthikiko: pango renders via cairo which has freetype as a backend14:36
desrt(pango is mostly just for laying out text)14:36
* Sweetshark decides he needs to buy a bigger screen. Only seeing cores, no processes.14:36
desrtSweetshark: you have a 32 core machine?14:36
desrt32 cores or 32 threads?14:36
* desrt reminds himself "oh ya... libreoffice maintainer... makes sense..."14:37
Sweetsharkdesrt: two opteron 6272 ...14:37
desrtSweetshark: why not 64?14:37
desrtah... iirc amd counts cores differently than intel14:38
Sweetsharkdesrt: building libreoffice in 18 minutes flat from scratch was considered reasonable, and more cores would have been much more expansive.14:38
desrtSweetshark: did you attempt to measure how much each build costs?14:38
desrt(in terms of electricity consumed)14:39
Sweetsharkdesrt: <3minutes with a warm ccache -- in tmpfs obviously.14:39
Sweetsharkdesrt: well, its cheaper on that machine than on smaller machines as it is faster. For me in europe with green energy (which means at least three times the US price), a build costs some 3-4cents.14:40
desrtSweetshark: we pay ~10¢/kWh in ontario... but it depends on the time of day14:41
Sweetsharkdesrt: 470watts when compiling hard, 18 minutes, 0.25 cent/KWH14:41
desrtand year...14:41
desrt0.25cent? :)14:41
Sweetsharkdesrt: yep. and that is eurocent.14:41
* desrt remembers that thing about the guy and his phonebill14:41
desrti think you mean 0.25€ or 25 cent14:42
desrtnot 0.25 cent14:42
desrtotherwise your rates are very good :)14:42
Sweetsharkdesrt: whoops, right.14:42
desrtthat is indeed almost 3x higher than what we pay14:42
ogra_a european  quater14:42
Sweetsharkdesrt: might be only germany. as you know we move away from nucular towards renewable. and to create the infra for that (net capacity), only endusers are paying an extra tax (regard if you use nuclear or green energy), not the industry (like aluminium production, which uses huge amount. Endusers cant opt-out of that. And THEN, you can opt-in to only draw green energy from that infra -- for which you pay extra.14:46
desrtit's weird how opinions differ on these topics14:47
desrtontario is spinning up new renewables *and* more nuclear in order to move away from coal14:47
desrtour last coal plant is going offline this year (and is already operating at half capacity)14:48
Sweetsharkdesrt: depends on the market I guess -- nuclear and renewables dont really work well together for germany as renewable has fluctuation in output and nuclear has too much latency to fill the gaps (while coal/gas is quicker to adjust). Which is why we need better infra: pump storage plants in the mountains in the south and net capacity to get the wind energy from the coast there.14:51
desrtSweetshark: we also have a small army of gas plants... we try not to use those, but they fill in the gaps nicely14:52
desrtwe also have a fair amount of hydroelectric with large resevoirs14:53
desrtSweetshark: did you see this concept btw?  http://www.gizmag.com/ares-rail-energy-storage/28395/14:55
* desrt loves it14:55
Sweetsharkdesrt: yep, germanys depletable ressources are pretty much ... depleted, so gas means buying it from russia. And hydroelectric, we somehow skipped that, without good reasons mostly (well, dense population was obviously a contributing factor).14:55
Sweetsharkdesrt: that pretty awesome. Here is its nemesis: http://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/Why-did-a-Train-Carrying-Biofuel-Cross-the-Border-24-Times-and-Never-Unload.html -- a train that rode the same cargo (biofuel) from US to Canada and back 24 times purely to collect subsidies ...15:01
Sweetshark(never loading or unloading inbetween)15:01
desrtSweetshark: that was big news here, understandably :)15:01
desrti think i'd like to live somewhere with a view of that train yard15:03
seb128Laney, kenvandine, attente: settings meeting time, no mpt or ted around it seems ... do you have any update?15:03
desrtwatching the trains go up and downhill all day with bins full of rocks would be really calming15:04
desrtand you'd get a really interesting visual representation of power use/consumption patterns throughout the day15:04
desrtuse/generation i mean15:04
Laneyseb128: umm, not unless you want to talk about the AS stuff15:04
Laneyand I want to ask you if you worked on the scrolling test thing15:04
Laneynothing other than that :-)15:04
attenteseb128, not much besides the dynamic translation bug15:04
seb128Laney, ken is there, let's have a quick one15:04
Laneytoo busy retrying glib builds15:05
* Laney sniggers15:05
seb128attente, ^ feel free to join or not, your call15:05
Laneyseb128: want to get <person who I forgot> to join?15:05
seb128Laney, it's a bit late notice, we should for the next one though15:06
attentethis is the branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/ubuntu-system-settings/language-autopilot15:19
attentebut the select_single call doesn't work15:20
Sweetsharkseb128: fwiw, selfassigned the 'general error' bug and will look into it (esp. if it still is around with 4.2)15:20
seb128Sweetshark, thanks15:20
seb128attente, ok, added to my todolist to have a look15:20
attenteseb128, thanks15:20
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seb128mdeslaur, hey15:55
mdeslaurseb128: hey15:55
seb128mdeslaur, thanks for the nautilus fix! do you plan to upload? if so please wait (I've another fix I want to include)15:56
mdeslauryeah, was planning to15:56
seb128mdeslaur, if you didn't start I can just sneak your patch in my upload15:56
mdeslaurseb128: can I just give you my debdiff?15:56
seb128mdeslaur, feel free to commit to the vcs15:56
seb128or debdiff works15:56
mdeslaurok, I'll commit, one sec15:56
seb128debian only style, so easy to checkout ;-)15:56
Sweetsharkugh, does anyone know if xz is somehow broken on armhf? my attempt to build in a trusty pbuilder created today, bail out with some weird error before even starting to build (while the package is fine on amd64) ...15:57
ochosimterry: ping15:58
mdeslaurseb128: commited, thanks15:58
mterryochosi, hello?15:58
seb128Sweetshark, not that I know, we have quite some sources with an orig.tar.xz, we would have noticed if armhf was unable to untar those15:58
ochosihi mterry, i heard you're one of those working on unity-greeter15:58
seb128mdeslaur, thank you ;-)15:58
ochosimterry: i just added session_badge support to lightdm-gtk-greeter and wanted to check whether you were interested to make the badge-system compatible between the two greeters15:59
mterryochosi, OK...  what are the current incompatibilities?16:00
mterryOh, I use a unity-greeter path?16:00
ochosimterry: yeah, it's not very "friendly" :)16:01
ochosii've implemented a very simple version in gtk-greeter now, it looks in hicolor/scalable/places16:01
ochosiso ppl can actually very easily add their own badges to their icon-theme and it'll be found16:01
ochosii haven't looked into unity-greeter very deeply (i.e. in how far you even [can] use gtk)16:02
ochosibut i'm using symbolic badges now16:02
ochosias opposed to the all-white pngs that unity-greeter uses16:02
Sweetsharkseb128: dpkg-deb: building package `pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy' in `/tmp/satisfydepends-aptitude/pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy.deb'. \n dpkg-deb (subprocess): compressing data member: lzma error: Cannot allocate memory16:03
ochosimterry: if you think this is all mumbo-jumbo and don't actually have time to work on this, it's also fine. i just wanted to point this out (as it seemed that gtk-greeter has an edge over unity-greeter in some respect for the first time)16:03
ochosimterry: well, and i like if things/people cooperate :)16:04
seb128Sweetshark, seems rather than your archive is enough to make xz hits the machine limits16:04
Sweetsharkseb128: looks like it fails when trying to create the dummy package?16:04
seb128dunno then16:04
mterryochosi, well.  The badges used by the unity-greeter are very much in the 'unity' icon style16:04
mterryochosi, so I'm not sure how portable they are16:04
seb128try maybe #ubuntu-devel that's not really desktopish and more people might know there16:05
mterryochosi, sorry, you may have to repeat something16:05
ochosimterry: no problem, just so you see how it looks here: http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-01162014-013359pm.php16:05
ochosimterry: as we allow theming (and transparency), the symbolic icons are quite important for us. they look quite similar to the unity-greeter style, they're just 16px instead of 22 (because of -symbolic)16:06
mterryochosi, OK.  Do you actually use the icon theme now or do you point at unity-greeter's path?16:07
ochosimterry: i decided to go for icon-theme, anyway, i can't rely on unity-greeter to be installed ;)16:08
mterryochosi, right.   So you install these icons where / what names?16:08
ochosimterry: my loading mechanism is also different. i just use "$session_name"_badge-symbolic.svg, and the location is hicolor/scalable/places16:09
ochosithe commit is very readable, if you wanna take a look: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lightdm-gtk-greeter-team/lightdm-gtk-greeter/trunk/revision/18816:09
Laneydesrt: can you see anything wrong with https://git.gnome.org/browse/glib/commit/glib/tests/asyncqueue.c?id=6d3b83a8c131e190da5db10d81c0d3cc0e3c6768 ?16:10
Laneythis test is seriously shitty with .316:10
mterryochosi, hm.  I think there is a "unity-icon-theme" icon theme that may make more sense.  Since in addition to being symbolic, they have the circle and such.  Very much unity-style icons16:10
mterrythen we could just install $session_name_badge names16:11
ochosii think the advantage is not having to check in the code for all alternatives16:11
ochosisimply symlink files16:11
ochosiand have a very lean code for loading icons from_icon_name16:11
ochosimterry: can you actually make use of the recoloring effect of symbolic svgs in unity-greeter like in gtk3?16:12
mterryochosi, what do you mean check in the code for all alternatives?16:14
mterryochosi, and what would we want to recolor?16:15
ochosimterry: well in the gtk-greeter's case, the icons are recolored automatically according to the gtk-theme (they're basically like font)16:15
ochosimterry: and the other thing i meant is checking for all kinds of session names with gnome* and force them to use the gnome-badge16:16
mterryochosi, oh, sure.  That's a thing we could do regardless of where we put the icons16:18
ochosimterry: yup16:18
ochosimterry: actually i've become less sure (while talking to you) whether we can really share the icons in the true sense, cause we can never rely on both greeters being available. so the only thing i can do is offer you the svgs i created16:19
ochosimterry: but i suppose those won't make you very happy, cause they're 16px and not all of them are circular (as you mentioned)16:20
mterryochosi, we'd have to move the files to unity-icon-theme or some such which the two greeters could depend on16:20
mterryochosi, 16px wouldn't matter so much if they are svg16:20
mterryochosi, but circle would matter for unity-greeter's purposes16:20
ochosimterry: yeah, but i dunno if we can force all desktops to depend on unity-icon-theme16:20
ochosiredrawing them to be circular could be doable16:20
ochosi(apart from kde and gnome, they all are already circular)16:21
ochosi(well, and recovery console)16:21
pittiseb128: so gnome-clocks will need a sourceful update for new libgweather, I'll look into that (probably just updating to 3.10)16:31
pittiseb128: you'll still do e-d-s?16:31
seb128pitti, yes, I didn't do it yet because of the "stop the line" from the touch guys, I don't want to risk creating another issue and having didrocks & co on my back ;-)16:31
* didrocks has his sniper gun around16:32
pittiseb128: gnome-panel was already uploaded, gnome-clocks doesn't affect mobile, so I'll start there16:32
* pitti raises shields to maximum16:32
didrocksahah ;)16:32
seb128pitti, danke, hopefully the block is lifted tomorrow and I can upload e-d-s16:33
mterryochosi, well, my point is that it wouldn't be all desktops.  Only ones that want the unity-style icons for sessions.  Actual high color versions could be installed in hicolor.  Or kde-styled ones in the kde theme.  Etc16:36
desrtLaney: ya... i see a couple of things wrong indeed16:38
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pittiseb128: evolution itself is safe, right? (but probably requires e-d-s first)16:43
pittiwhy does that need libgweather in the first place..16:43
pittierr, evolution's Vcs-Bzr: points to evolution-data-server16:44
* pitti adjusts that to https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/evolution/ubuntu16:44
seb128pitti, evolution is safe, not sure if it requires new e-d-s, those are only point releases16:45
pitticommitted the Vcs-* fix16:45
seb128pitti, doing the point update? or just a no change rebuild?16:46
pittiseb128: as you wish16:46
pittican do the point update, too16:46
seb128bonus point for the update? ;-)16:46
pittiseb128: what was your magic URL again for "give me the Launchpad bug for gnome bug #XXXX"?16:48
seb128mdeslaur, ok, so the commit I wanted to backport for nautilus has a segfault issue, feel free to upload nautilus with your change ;-)16:48
pittimy firefox lost my shortcut for that16:49
mdeslaurseb128: ok, uploading16:49
seb128pitti, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers/gnome-bugs/<nnn>16:49
seb128mdeslaur, thanks16:49
pittiseb128: merci16:49
seb128pitti, de rien16:49
pitti+m4_define([geocode_glib_minimum_version], [3.10])16:57
pittiseb128: meh, that's in universe16:57
seb128pitti, evolution as well16:57
seb128oh, no16:58
seb128still in main16:58
pittiseb128: that is evolution16:58
pittiah, you mean evolution is in universe16:58
seb128I though it was demoted yes16:58
pittiI'll file an MIR16:58
seb128they added that depends in a point update?16:59
Laneymclasen did some testsuite changes17:01
Laneyand now life is bad17:01
pitti        Bug 689055 - Port contact map to geocode-glib 3.1017:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 689055 in Baltix "Shotwell doesn't respect system locale time format" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68905517:01
pitti                     (Canek Peláez Valdés)17:01
pittignome bug 68905517:01
ubot2Gnome bug 689055 in general "Port contact map to geocode-glib 3.10" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=68905517:01
pittiprobably that?17:01
pittihm, no, it was there before; so maybe introduced in 3.10.2 already17:02
seb128how did it build?17:02
pittiwe have 3.10.117:02
pittihm, wait17:02
pittiperhaps it was optional or so; but now it seems required17:03
pittiRequested 'camel-1.2 >= 3.10.3' but version of camel is 3.10.117:04
pittiRequested 'libebook-1.2 >= 3.10.3' but version of libebook is 3.10.117:04
pittiRequested 'libecal-1.2 >= 3.10.3' but version of libecal is 3.10.117:04
pittiRequested 'libedataserver-1.2 >= 3.10.3' but version of libedataserver is 3.10.117:04
pittiRequested 'libebackend-1.2 >= 3.10.3' but version of libebackend is 3.10.117:04
pittiseb128: ok, sorry, needs e-d-s first17:04
seb128pitti, no worry, I can have  a look tomorrow when I update e-d-s17:04
pitti        --disable-contact-maps \17:05
pittiah, we have that, so we don't need geoclue-glib; sorry for the noise17:05
seb128pitti, it also mean I don't drag you into those geocode MIR issues17:05
seb128that makes more sense17:05
Sweetsharkseb128: xz is really broken somehow on armhf. Installing fonts-dejavu-core fails too in the pbuilder.17:06
seb128Sweetshark, or your pbuilder is screwed?17:06
pittiseb128: ok, I pushed the necessary build dep updates to the packaging bzr17:07
Laneydesrt: I did a build with VERBOSE=1 and got http://paste.ubuntu.com/6763014/17:07
Sweetsharkseb128: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6763028/17:07
Sweetsharkseb128: well, pbuilder was created today from scratch.17:07
desrtLaney: try mclasen... all of these new tests are his :(17:10
desrt11:41 <@mclasen> desrt: I didn't pay any attention to such fine details when writing that test...17:10
desrt11:43 <@mclasen> but... it got my coverage up by a few percentiles - who cares about robustness when they can have  green in lcov !17:10
Laneythat's reassuring17:10
Laneythe asyncqueue one isn't what I was expecting ...17:10
desrtthere are two obvious problems with that test17:11
desrtone is the mixing of realtime and monotonic clicks17:11
desrtthe other is placing an upper limit on how long the test takes to run17:11
Laneythe whole "surely it's going to finish in this long" smells17:11
desrttoo many times we've been burnt by that by getting swapped out on a busy builder box17:11
larsu10 minutes ought to be enough for every builder box!17:12
desrtwe need to get a rapberri pi with a swap partition on an SD card running the glib testsuite in a loop while building webkit17:12
desrtlarsu: in this case 1 second...17:12
Laneybut yeah, I was expecting it to be an assertion failure there17:12
LaneyGLib (gthread-posix.c): Unexpected error from C library during 'pthread_cond_timedwait': Invalid argument.  Aborting.17:12
Laneynot that17:12
desrtnice ;)17:13
desrthow old is the kernel on that box?17:13
* Laney feeds gedit more hamsters17:13
desrtgedit just opened a pile of junk for me17:14
desrtKernel version: Linux tipua 3.2.0-54-generic #82-Ubuntu SMP Tue Sep 10 20:08:42 UTC 2013 x86_6417:15
desrtnot old enough for my theory17:15
desrtthat kernel definitely has full support for monotonic clocks17:15
desrtso invalid argument could come if we give a bad timeval17:16
Laneynot sure why he used a deprecated function there17:17
desrtwe need to test deprecated code to make sure it still works17:18
desrtseb128 gets upset if we deprecate something and break it in the same cycle :)17:18
LaneyI'd expect to see a test for the real one as well though ;-)17:18
desrtthere is17:18
desrtit's in the same test, further up17:18
desrtmclasen expanded the test to also cover the deprecated versions17:19
Laneynot timeout_pop_unlocked17:19
desrtright.  only timeout_pop17:19
Laneyanyway, let me go throw this link at him17:19
desrti have a theory17:20
Laneymay want to move over there now17:20
Laneyah, you did17:20
Sweetsharkseb128: hmm, xz has a point. its kind hard to get memory on a pandaboard if there is a irqbalance process eating 863MB RES ...17:24
Sweetsharki would consider that not exactly optimal or 'works as expected' though too.17:27
Sweetshark"hey, im perfectly balancing the load of the threads that you cant start because there is no memory left over all the cores!"17:30
ogra_Sweetshark, uncompressing should be fine ...17:40
ogra_compressing is a pain17:40
Sweetsharkogra_: both ran OOMed here. and when I tried building libreoffice it OOMed when generating the fake dep-package. But even if that would have succeeded, I assume I would not have gone far with that memory ;)17:44
ogra_is that new ?17:44
ogra_i mean libO used to build on pandas in the past17:45
Sweetsharkogra_: the problem was the irqbalance process (outside the pbuilder) gone wild. I just killed it, problem ~solved.17:46
ogra_i dont get why thats running at all ... we never did that at my times17:46
Sweetshark... well, except the mistery of why that process grew to use >800MB17:47
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Laneyseb128: I made it scroll and click18:12
seb128Laney, nice, did you use click_element()?18:13
Laneywhat is that?18:13
Laneyguess not ¬_¬18:13
seb128(that's what the SDK guys recommended me to use)18:13
Laneydo you mean click_object?18:14
seb128it's an API that knows to scroll in a listview if needed18:14
seb128Laney, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/trunk/view/head:/tests/autopilot/ubuntuuitoolkit/tests/test_emulators.py#L66018:14
seb128Laney, rather than move() and click()18:14
Laneyno I didn't know about that, only click_object18:14
Laneylet me see if that works18:14
seb128sorry, that's what I meant when I said "I've things to try on my todolist"18:15
seb128I would have given you the specific if I understood you were going to look at it again18:15
seb128that works for lists18:15
Laneyoh it's not a listview18:15
seb128right, that's what I was going to say18:16
seb128not sure if there are similar api for other layouts18:16
seb128that should work in e.g the storage panel (that's a list iirc)18:16
Laneycan look at that tomorrow18:18
LaneyI just got bored of building glib so wanted to do something that was a bit different18:18
seb128thanks for looking at that ;-)18:19
seb128I've it on my list for some days but I keep getting distracted/have too many other things on my todolist18:19
Laneyit's going to take absolutely ages to scroll to each page like this18:22
seb128how so?18:23
Laneyload u-s-s18:23
seb128writing the code? or is autopilot slow?18:23
Laneyscroll to about ...18:23
Laneyscroll down to storage18:23
Laneytimes the number of tests18:23
seb128do we need to close/restart between each test?18:23
LaneyI'll probably make them just launch to the about panel straight away18:23
seb128we could maybe pop/push the page?18:23
Laneyap wants to do that18:23
seb128mterry, hey, are robert_ancell or you looking at the unity-greeter ftbfs in trusty? (just pointing it out in case it's not a known issue)18:24
Laneyyay, all of the 'about' tests passed18:24
Laneyincluding storage18:24
seb128mterry, it was failing on ppc64el which I assumed was an issue on the arch, but the test rebuild from doko shows the same issue on other archs18:24
seb128Laney, \o/18:24
mterryseb128, I think I just fixed that yesterday.  Failed in tests?18:25
Laneywill mp that tomorrow18:25
Laneykillzone time ;-)18:25
seb128mterry, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/162156570/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-i386.unity-greeter_14.04.1-0ubuntu2_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz18:25
seb128(./unity-greeter-test:5239): Gdk-WARNING **: losing last reference to undestroyed window18:25
mterryseb128, yup.  Fixed in trunk...18:25
seb128mterry, upload! ;-)18:25
mterryseb128, I should get a new 14.04 logo too though...18:25
mterryseb128, is it urgent?18:26
seb128mterry, no18:26
seb128mterry, I mostly noticed because the build failure on ppc64el makes the gtk greeter shows on component mismatch18:26
Laneybuild failures should be fixed in the archive really imo18:26
Laneydoko will ping you before long anyway :P18:26
seb128they should18:26
seb128but that can wait a few days18:26
seb128attente, indicator-keyboard fails to build in trusty, could you have a look?18:39
czajkowskiSweetshark: https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/community/osor/news/advocacy-governments-should-choose-odf18:39
seb128attente, one fails and there is an output "Source ID 16 was not found when attempting to remove it" (which is a new glib warning on invalid g_source_remove() use)18:39
seb128attente, one *test* fails18:39
seb128I guess that's the issue18:39
Sweetsharkczajkowski: thx, im somewhat following Gijs. Will you be at fosdem btw?18:40
czajkowskiSweetshark: hell yeah :D18:45
czajkowskiI really like Gijs articles18:45
czajkowskisome good ones recently18:45
czajkowskiwil be in the NoSQL room on sunday18:45
czajkowskiwill have cupcakes :)18:46
attenteseb128, ok18:46
Sweetsharkczajkowski: hmm, cupcakes!1!one!eleven18:54
Sweetsharkczajkowski: will consider to drop by ;)18:54
davmor2chrisccoulson: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-keyboard/+bug/1269912 possible use case for oxide :)19:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 1269912 in webbrowser-app "maliit not triggered in maps.google.com" [Undecided,New]19:25
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