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slangasekinfinity: say, do you have any plans to merge newer dpkg for trusty?  It would be nice to have DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_PACKAGE_REFCOUNT from 1.17.2 available for trusty00:09
slangasek(making multiarch maintscripts more robust)00:10
infinityslangasek: Yeahp.00:10
slangasekinfinity: ok00:10
infinityI wonder if it'll break all of bdmurray's custom bug patterns.00:11
infinityHave you noticed that guillem changed the unpack output (for the better, but changed nonetheless).00:11
slangasekI didn't notice, no00:11
infinityPreparing to unpack .../dpkg-dev_1.17.6_all.deb ...00:13
infinityUnpacking dpkg-dev (1.17.6) over (1.17.5) ...00:13
infinityPreparing to unpack .../libdpkg-perl_1.17.6_all.deb ...00:13
infinityUnpacking libdpkg-perl (1.17.6) over (1.17.5) ...00:13
infinityMuch prettier, but also much different.00:13
infinityAnyhow, I'll merge it tonight or tomorrow.  I suspect the only thing that parses that output is bdmurray's stuff, so we can sort out fixing that.00:14
sarnoldoh that's much prettier :)00:15
bdmurrayinfinity: where does that appear?00:19
infinitybdmurray: dpkg stdout.  If you're using that for any pattern matching on bug signatures, your world is going to be a bit confused.00:19
infinityCompare to old-stype output:00:20
infinityPreparing to replace libc6-dev:amd64 2.18-0ubuntu2 (using .../libc6-dev_2.18-0ubuntu5_amd64.deb) ...00:20
infinityUnpacking replacement libc6-dev:amd64 ...00:20
Logan_Ooh, that is much nicer.00:21
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melodieis there someone on board at this time, who has knowledge related to the creation of custom versions, either with debootsrap, or mini iso, or whatever nice clean method can be used? (I know there is a wiki but not up to date with the latest changes, and not accurate enough for a first start)02:36
melodieI would like to meet with someone who could be a guide in the following days and weeks, act as a mentor for a new remix projet involving next Ubuntu version and Openbox :)02:37
melodiemainly for the first steps, for I never could remix from scratch, which I would be very eager to learn02:38
Noskcajmelodie, Couldn't you start with on of the custom cd makers, for the easiest way02:40
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melodiehi again03:36
melodie<melodie> is there someone on board at this time, who has knowledge related to the creation of custom versions, either with debootsrap, or mini iso, or whatever nice clean method can be used? (I know there is a wiki but not up to date with the latest changes, and not accurate enough for a first start)03:36
melodie<melodie> I would like to meet with someone who could be a guide in the following days and weeks, act as a mentor for a new remix projet involving next Ubuntu version and Openbox :)03:36
melodie<melodie> mainly for the first steps, for I never could remix from scratch, which I would be very eager to learn03:36
melodie<Noskcaj> melodie, Couldn't you start with on of the custom cd makers, for the easiest way03:36
melodieNoskcaj left and I missed him. I'll tell him next time: done that so far. would like to get to the higher stage. Here is the achievement so far: http://linuxvillage.org/en/2013/11/bento-ubuntu-remix-rc/03:37
dobeyhuh. the logo in the boot screen is not exactly what i would associate with the word "bento" :)03:41
melodiehi dobey yes, that might be right :)03:55
melodiehowever bento should not be associated directly, but rather like a second meaning: the distro where you can add or remove what you want to, from the recipe03:56
melodieI'll add that I didn't choose the name, it came from a member of the linuxvillage.org forum. now I'd like to learn the other method, from the groundup, because I would like to work on a new project someone started at Launchpad : very much like the one I am doing, but with a few extra ideas which I'm interested about (ToriOS)03:57
melodieand also if I had been able to start right away from the groundup I would have done that long before03:58
dobeyi don't know anything about the imaging tools04:00
melodiedobey thanks for talking to me :)04:04
melodiewhat time is it in your country?04:04
melodieare you in NY state?04:04
melodieor around?04:04
dobeyi am in need-to-suspend state :)04:05
melodieaha I meant country :D04:05
melodieI'm in South France and it's super early here, 5:0504:05
shadeslayeranyone have a clue on http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6760116/04:07
shadeslayerah wait04:08
* shadeslayer looks closely04:08
melodieshadeslayer from this line:04:09
melodiemake[4]: *** No rule to make target `/usr/lib/libperl.so.5.18.1', needed by `perl/blib/arch/auto/KDECore4/KDECore4.so'.  Stop.04:09
shadeslayermelodie: right04:09
melodieI would say there is probably an error in the Makefile04:09
shadeslayermelodie: so libperl-dev probably should depend on perl-base04:09
melodieI say that, but I'm no dev04:09
shadeslayerhm, but perl-base is pulled in04:10
melodieif you don't get more help about it right on, you might try your guess04:10
shadeslayeryeah, I've added perl-base to the build-depends04:10
shadeslayerlets see04:10
melodiehave you had a look at the versions of the packages involved? (libs, devel libs, mainly?)04:10
shadeslayermelodie: versions?04:11
melodieyes, if the versions used match the requirements provided upstream04:11
melodiefor each package involved04:11
melodie(I saw you are working on Trusty, so this might be something to have a look at)04:11
shadeslayerCMake thinks everything is good04:12
shadeslayeryep, adding perl-base makes it build04:12
melodieI am not a dev. Does a dev have to trust CMake blindly? (I'm not a dev... so I don't know if yes or if no)04:12
shadeslayerCMake isn't *usually* wrong04:13
melodieif you solved it, I'm happy I could encourage you. Just remember, you did it all.04:14
melodiehave you indeed solved it? that ended with a good build?04:14
melodieshadeslayer ?04:17
shadeslayerthough lintian says depending on perl-base without a version is bad04:17
shadeslayerso I'm thinking of depending on perl instead04:18
melodieyou can try04:18
melodiethen you see if that works04:18
melodieare you mainly someone who builds packages, or do you also write code?04:19
melodieI see something you said a few minutes ago:04:20
melodie<shadeslayer> yeah, I've added perl-base to the build-depends04:20
shadeslayerI do both, though more of building packages04:20
melodieshadeslayer as far as I know, if libperl-dev pulls in perl-base then you should not have to add perl-base to the build depends04:21
infinityperl-base doesn't need to be in build-depends, it's Essential.04:21
tarpmanperl-base in build-depends seems odd. it's already essential (and your paste shows it's installed before your build ever starts)04:21
melodieinfinity :D04:21
tarpman... hi infinity :D04:21
shadeslayerinfinity: tarpman I know, but adding perl-base to depends fixes the build04:21
melodiethis is odd04:22
melodiedo the versions match?04:22
infinityshadeslayer: I'd assume your science is faulty here, then.04:22
shadeslayerI am still unsure how to fix this in the PPA though :/04:24
melodieshadeslayer if no one can help you better right now, what about trying the product of your build in a real install in a Trusty environment, with the debug mode? Maybe you could find something?04:26
infinityshadeslayer: Well, for starters, why is the makefile looking for libperl.so.5.18.1 when you probably have libperl.so.5.18.2 installed?04:27
infinity-- Found PerlLibs: /usr/lib/libperl.so.5.18.2 (found version "5.18.2")04:27
infinityNo rule to make target `/usr/lib/libperl.so.5.18.1'04:27
infinityThat's pretty suspect.04:27
hyperairrequired by perl/blib/arch/auto/KDECore4/KDECore4.so04:27
hyperairperhaps perl/blib/arch/auto/KDECore4/KDECore4.so has a greater mtime04:27
TJ-shadeslayer: You need to add to the Makefile, "-Wno-undef" for "kdecore/src/CMakeFiles/kdecore4.dir/kdecore4handlers.o" at least04:28
hyperairi don't think you can edit the makefile directly with cmake04:28
TJ-shadeslayer: You may also need "-Wno-switch-default"04:28
shadeslayersure, that probably gets rid of the warnings, but what about the real issue04:29
hyperairno wait i mixed up04:30
melodieshadeslayer according to the answers 3 persons just gave you, what do you think about what infinity just told you about the versions of libperl?04:30
melodiehi Noskcaj :)04:30
melodieNoskcaj I read your answer a moment ago, my answer to yours is this one: http://linuxvillage.org/en/2013/11/bento-ubuntu-remix-rc/04:31
shadeslayerinfinity: good catch04:32
melodieso now I'd like to learn deeper, and learn how to start from scratch04:32
Noskcajhey melodie04:32
Noskcajok. I can't really help you with that then04:32
melodieNoskcaj I knew it, however if you know anyone who could help me, or could help me find who can help me, that would be most welcome. I'm following these two projects, related to creating new versions:04:33
NoskcajI think Unit might know. He's on the lubuntu channels and phill's channel04:33
melodieand this one:04:34
melodieNoskcaj strange that phillw didn't say about Unit at the question page04:35
Noskcajjust a guess, since he helps with making extra xubntu isos04:35
melodiewhat are extra ubuntu isos?04:36
tarpmanmelodie: have you looked at ubuntu-defaults-builder?04:36
melodietarpman ? first time I hear about that04:36
melodiewould you have a link?04:37
tarpmanmelodie: apt-get install ubuntu-defaults-builder; man ubuntu-defaults-image; man ubuntu-defaults-template04:37
Noskcajmelodie, Different temporary test ISOs. Unit193 is his full irc nick04:38
melodietarpman I grab all this and keep it for further look. thank you very much.04:38
melodieNoskcaj I know I met him already. I'll keep that in mind04:38
tarpmanmelodie: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ubuntu-defaults lists some existing defaults packages in the archive that work with that tool04:38
melodietarpman what do you think about the question asked by Fabrizio Balliano here? https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-cd/+question/24003704:39
* tarpman -> afk, sorry04:39
melodieoh ok04:39
melodiethanks :)04:39
melodieleaving now. Noskcaj have a nice day. ubuntu developers : Happy New Year 2014 to all! Thanks for all!04:40
pittiGood morning05:42
RAOFpitti: Oh, I've found and fixed (pending upload) the lcms2 bug causing the colord autopkgtest failure.05:47
pittiRAOF: oooh, splendid! so there was indeed some miscalculation somewhere?05:50
RAOFpitti: Yeah, lcms2 (and, for that matter, colord) has a braindead API that stores a dotted version in a float.05:51
pittiversion 1.999999734?05:51
RAOFAnd lcms2 wasn't rounding, it was floor()ing.05:52
pittiwell, I mean, strings are *expensive*05:52
pittiRAOF: so it was a real bug after all05:52
RAOFThe ICC format has a byte and two nibbles storing that value.05:52
RAOFI have no idea why lcms2 decided that a floating point value (which *can't actually store* the full range of valid versions!) was a good idea.05:53
RAOFie: ICC version 4.10.2 is a valid ICC version. What are you going to store that in as a float?05:53
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RAOFpitti: Now that the autopkgtests should be fixed, feel like testing it by uploading colord 1.0.6 from the tag in alioth git? :)06:58
pittiRAOF: sure07:11
pittiRAOF: sbuilding07:13
pittiRAOF: uploaded07:16
pitti"Jenkins Fixed - trusty-adt-colord 39"07:25
pittiRAOF, infinity: ^ \o/07:25
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dholbachgood morning08:04
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dokopitti: do you take care about the libgweather transition?08:25
pittidoko: Noskcaj was going to, and seb128 wanted to do evolution08:26
Leagnusgood day to everyone!09:05
araSomeone in the SRU team could approve these two uploads, please? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue?queue_state=1&queue_text=notify-osd09:05
seb128ara, hey ;-)09:06
araseb128, :)09:06
seb128ara, we don't have much europeans doing SRU reviews nowadays I think, if you don't get a reply try again in the afternoon, or ping directly slangasek bdmurray infinity (just did for you;-)09:07
araseb128, well, RAOF should be online still, i.e. ;-)09:08
seb128that's a good point!09:08
RAOFara: Well, it's 8pm for RAOF, but I'll have a look at it :)09:08
araRAOF, already 8pm! (wow)09:08
seb128RAOF, with that heat wave, isn't that the time when it start being cold enough that your brain can start working again? ;-)09:09
araRAOF, thanks, if you are already EOD, don't worry, I will ping someone later when the Americas wake up09:09
RAOFseb128: Ah, today has been nicely mild; about 22C or thereabouts.09:09
RAOFTomorrow will be hotter, though.09:10
RAOFHobart's far enough south to be spared the frankly ridiculous 46C or whatever Adelaide has reached.09:10
seb128RAOF, oh, ok, you are not on the crazy spot of .au ;-) I was reading about the 43°C in Melbourn, tennis player are not really happy about it09:10
Leagnusi think Unity is nice09:12
Leagnusbut file manager with panel in it09:12
Leagnuswhich reacts on LMK (left mouse key), MMK (middle ~) RMK (right ~) is sufficent if09:12
Leagnusthere will be panels with info on it09:12
Leagnusor with run software buttons09:12
Leagnusthat appear depending on context09:12
Leagnusor certain windows.09:12
LeagnusSo special file manager plus special launch / info panels is sufficent environment for me.09:12
LeagnusBut how to realize it?09:12
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ggvaberihello. can anyone recoment some link/tutorial, for prepare application tray icons correctly? I need to let my application to have correct reaction when user change icon-theme. for example from dark to light...09:19
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seb128RAOF, thanks for approving the notify-osd SRUs!09:33
seb128ara, ^09:33
araRAOF, thanks!!09:35
dokoseb128, folks ftbfs ping09:37
seb128doko, what about it?09:37
seb128I've no idea about that package09:37
dokoseb128, ftbfs, desktop package ... https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/test-rebuild-20140108/+build/542463309:38
zygagood morning :-)09:40
zygadoko: finally setup my stuff at home, I'll get that autopackagetest fixed today09:41
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dokoyolanda, fstat and qping ping10:02
yolandahi doko10:02
dokoahh, no qstat and fping =)10:02
dokoyolanda, could you re-add the recommends as suggests?10:03
yolandadoko, i was told to remove them, because they were already in the extra package10:05
yolandaisn't that ok?10:05
dokoahh, ok, maybe add  a comment10:06
dokoin the bug report and the changelog10:07
yolandadoko, so i leave them in extra, and also add to main nagios-plugins in suggests?10:08
dokoyolanda, yes, you could do that, or just say in the changelog, that you dropped these because they are already in extra10:09
yolandadoko, ok, better second option10:10
dokoso that dumb people like me do understand it too10:10
yolandai'll resend a debdiff10:10
fishorhello devs, is it possible  to make ubuntu-installer automatically create ext4 with 64bit enable? This option is needed to eanable methadata checksum. In my work on repair and datarecovery i noticed relativly big amount of hdd with silent corruptions. So checksumming getting more and more important. With SSDs situation is not really better :/10:18
fishorit will be just great it methadata checksum would be enabled by default, but suddenly it is not "stable" or good tested.10:19
fishorfirst step in easy testing will be ext4 with 64bit support.10:20
mapreriI'm trying to understand why pinta is not auto-syncing with debian, even if the last version hit testing a month ago. Can someone check it?10:25
zygamapreri: maybe it's in -proposed?10:27
Laneyit is not10:27
Laneythat *is* interesting10:27
Laneycjwatson: ^?10:27
cjwatsonLaney,mapreri: investigating10:32
cjwatsonargh, impeded by Debian apparently having just dropped Sources.bz2 in favour of Sources.xz (which isn't the cause of this problem, since auto-sync has been running happily in general)10:36
mitya57dholbach: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!10:58
pittidholbach: alles Gute! *hug*10:58
dholbachthanks mitya57, thanks pitti!10:59
ochosioh, congrats dholbach11:02
dokoseb128, are you now test-building on i386 so that you don't see ftbfs on amd64? ;p11:06
cjwatsonmapreri: (attacking with pdb)11:07
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cjwatsonmapreri: oh, I see, it's confused by the existence of https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/+source/pinta/1.4-1~ubuntu12.1011:10
cjwatsonmapreri: I shall try to limit that check11:11
seb128doko, I'm using i386 yes11:12
seb128doko, I don't understand how stuff like incorrect linking don't show up there though, is the toolchain buggy on i386 and doesn't stop on those errors?11:13
cjwatsonincorrect linking should show up on i38611:13
cjwatsonusually does for me11:13
Laneyoops, that's an illegal backport11:14
ogra_sue it !11:15
seb128cjwatson, doko, dunno why https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glade/3.16.1-0ubuntu1 builds on i386, there is no -lm in the build log ... anyway, fixing the bug11:17
cjwatsonseb128: maybe it has something to do with ceil being an ifunc on amd64.  *shrug* dunno11:21
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cjwatsonmapreri: OK, sorry about that, fixed (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/ubuntu-archive-tools/revision/807) - next auto-sync run in 5h35m or so will pull it in11:25
pittijodh: oh dear, this test_conf_preload failed again on i386, but succeeded on amd64: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/trusty-adt-upstart/52/ARCH=amd64,label=adt/console12:00
pittijodh: I'll retry; is that known-racy?12:00
Laneymmm, update-manager failed12:02
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maprericjwatson: sorry, I was having launch. Good to know, thanks! :)12:10
pittijodh: retry worked12:11
pittiLaney: fix uploaded12:11
Laneypitti: hm, you didn't need to add at-spi2-core to test-deps?12:13
pittiLaney: apparently not, why?12:13
pittiI guess it's transitively pulled in by u-m's dependencies?12:13
Laneyoh I see12:13
Laneythat's just a warning12:13
pittiLaney: it was just the new pep8 error12:14
LaneyI saw "** (nosetests3:11651): WARNING **: Error retrieving accessibility bus address: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.a11y.Bus was not provided by any .service files"12:14
* zyga is seriously impressed by ubuntu phone image QA process, *that* is the way to go! :-)12:17
ogra_zyga, lots and lots to be improved, but we're getting there :)12:19
zygaogra_: yeah but the *direction* is right12:19
mdeslaurpitti: thanks for fixing update-manager, mdeslaur--12:35
Laneyhaha, I like your change mdeslaur12:35
Laneydid you ask design? :P12:36
mdeslaurLaney: it's based on mpt's design in that bug12:36
Laneyoh, neat, I thought it was a deliberate thing12:37
pittijibel: FYI, I usertagged autopkgtest issues in Debian: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?tag=autopkgtest;users=autopkgtest-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org12:54
pittijibel: ^ these are just the ones reported by me; I think you submitted a few as well, which mail address do you usualy use?12:55
pittijibel: ah, http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?submitter=jean-baptiste.lallement@canonical.com12:55
pittitagged those, too12:56
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mitya57wgrant: Hi, can you please forward your arm64 support patches for qt4 upstream? We have *too* may local patches now, so it would be nice if we can reduce that via forwarding13:28
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wgrantmitya57: Linaro and RH people are working on it upstream at present, AIUI.13:34
wgrantI saw some patches moving around a week ago.13:34
mitya57wgrant: Ah, good to know. Were they the original patch authors?13:35
wgrantMy patches were just fixes to Linaro's.13:35
wgrantSo yeah, it's mostly driven by Linaro people.13:35
mitya57Ok, thanks for the info13:35
mitya57(So far I have only seen patches for Qt 5 landed in 5.2, but Qt 4 is different)13:36
pitticjwatson, xnox: has there already been some discussion about the perl 5.18.2 transition? (it's stuck in -proposed, makes a gazillion packages uninstallable, etc.); presumably it just requires the 63 rebuilds?13:41
cjwatsonpitti: oh, I didn't notice it13:42
cjwatsonpitti: I'll take care of it13:42
pittiI just noticed it as lintian's autopkgtest started failing (I have an "autopkgtest cleanup day" today)13:43
pitticjwatson: ok; I'm happy to help out if you want13:43
pitti$ grep perlapi-5.18.1 /var/lib/apt/lists/*i386*_Packages | wc -l13:43
pittiouch, could be some more rebuilds13:43
cjwatsonyeah, they're usually trivial though13:43
pittiyes, just a lot of them13:44
cjwatsonI'll sort out a tracker first13:44
cjwatsonpitti: it's nothing like that bad13:47
cjwatsonpitti: perl-base still provides perlapi-5.18.113:47
cjwatsonpitti: it's just the stuff in http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=73465013:47
ubottuDebian bug 734650 in release.debian.org "transition: perl 5.18.2" [Normal,Open]13:47
cjwatson(probably - I'll still set up a tracker to check for other Ubuntu-specific things)13:48
pittiah, nice; that looks rather harmless indeed13:49
pittiand we already have libperl-apireference-perl and libmodule-corelist-perl (the two sourceful uploads)13:50
cjwatsonpitti: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/perl5.18.2.html agrees; I've uploaded those four rebuilds14:06
pitticjwatson: many thanks14:07
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barrydoko: can you try to give back python-fixtures in your test rebuild?15:53
barrydoko: nm15:54
dokobarry, should I? -configglue didn't migrate to trusty yet15:55
barrydoko: i think both those need the b-d on python3-all.  just uploaded new ones of both.  i forgot to specify the right chroot in my local test build15:55
barrydoko: so no worries, new uploads should fix both of those15:56
dholbachinfinity, do you have any idea what might need to be done to fix 1265625? or what it looks like to you?15:57
barrydoko: i suspect there are a bunch of failures related to b-d on python3 instead of python3-all15:58
dokobarry, I think so. I think we should do the fixes like you did. if we cannot for some reason, we should upload the package to the ubuntu-toolchain-r/python3 ppa16:00
barrydoko: agreed.  i am also filing bugs or fixing svn in debian16:00
barrydoko: i've pinged upstream genshi - they're looking at it.  yay for ast changes in 3.416:01
infinitydholbach: There's not really enough information there to even know what the bug is.16:05
ogra_infinity, come on, its his birthday16:05
ogra_pull out your crystal ball !16:05
infinitydholbach: It could certainly be 1248642 though, to which the solution is "stop using crap non-free drivers".16:07
Snow-Manpitti: around..?16:09
pittihey Snow-Man16:10
Snow-Manpitti: Have you been following pgsql-hackers at all wrt the ALTER SYSTEM SET and conf.d stuff?16:10
pittiSnow-Man: no, I'm not on that list16:10
Snow-Manpitti: Well, it's kind of impactful wrt the packaging and whatnot.16:10
Snow-Manpitti: would love to get your feedback and thoughts on it..16:10
Snow-Manpitti: http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/52D6D914.8090207@agliodbs.com16:12
Snow-Manpitti: That's the start of the "small" thread about these things.16:12
pittiSnow-Man: thanks; queueing for reading16:12
dholbachinfinity, hrm, thanks16:26
dokoslangasek, cjwatson: why are postings to ubuntu-devel moderated?16:37
cjwatsonI assume you mean "for you", since they've been moderated in general for years16:37
cjwatsonthere may have been a regression in the thing that auto-whitelists all Ubuntu developers, since didrocks reported something similar16:37
cjwatsonbut I have no access to that.  please ask #is16:38
pittidoko: looking into libgweather transition, BTW (some things already done, some things  blocked by upload ban of packages that affect phone)16:40
dokopitti, I thought that did end16:40
pittithere was another regression, so it was put up again16:41
cjwatsonI'm looking into the libwebp transition16:41
pittidoko: so gnome-panel and gnome-clocks are done now, evolution-data-server blocked by phone ban, looking at evolution; that should be it16:43
dokopitti, evolution-data-server needs a fix, see bug #126649216:44
ubottubug 1266492 in xorg-server (Ubuntu Trusty) "ld:i386 crashes with -static -fPIE -pie" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126649216:44
pittidoko: right; e-d-s is on seb128's list16:44
dokobarry, see my email to u-d-a, told that people should complain here on the channel about the 3.4 failures16:57
barrydoko: cool, reading16:58
barrydoko: looks good16:59
pittidoko: FTR, I prepared evolution, but it needs e-d-s, so will need to wait for the lifting of the phone upload freeze17:07
pittiseb128: ^ actually, we could upload them to -proposed and set a propagation blocker bug, so that stuff can build in -proposed without breaking the phone?17:08
seb128pitti, let's do that tomorrow morning if the block is still in place17:08
ogra_block will still be in place for 5-6h before we even have test results17:09
seb128ogra_, well, tomorrow I might just decide to step over your block and get some work done :p17:16
ogra_seb128, tomorrow it should be fine ... i dont care btw, the only person you make really unhappy is didrocks q17:16
ogra_(well, and asac )17:16
ogra_(dont call it "my blocker" :P)17:17
seb128ogra_, you are included in the group that put that blocker in place :p17:17
ogra_i'm just sitting on the side nodding17:17
seb128but yeah, having that lifted tomorrow would be nice17:17
seb128let's see how things look in the morning17:18
ogra_yeah, the image is close to be done ...17:18
ogra_then its like 5h to get test results from the autotests17:18
didrockswe'll get dogfooding results first, I trust my popey more than the 500 AP tests ;)17:19
seb128ogra_, you need to feed more hamsters to the test setup or something17:19
ogra_seb128, the tests only take minutes17:19
ogra_seb128, publishing the results on the dashboard takes so long17:19
didrockswe should change ci.ubuntu.com with "popey approved" yes/no17:20
didrocksit's either 0 or 100%17:20
pittibarry: oh, you sponsored numpy?17:20
pittibarry: this breaks a few packages, like pandas17:20
pittibarry: I followed up in the MP, seems Julian was aware of that17:21
pittijibel: ^ seems numpy wasn't held back by the pandas breakage; I've run into that several times (known-broken packages got propagated), do we still actually hold back packages when they fail?17:22
pittijibel: or did we disable that?17:22
jibelpitti, it is not disabled. The only run I found of pandas has been triggered by eglibc and there is not result at all for the tuple numpy/pandas17:42
asacseb128: man, there is no block. just check with us, work on a special approach while we are ain alert (like testing more etc.)17:45
asacno big deal really ... if you have an urgent landing, we will help landing it as much as we can17:46
ogra_asac, e-s-d drags in a good chunk of changes with its rdeps17:46
asacbut just uploading without talking while your peers are fighting fires17:46
asacis just not nice17:46
asactalk, offer and receive help17:46
bcurtiswxmthaddon, howdy17:58
barrypitti, jtaylor: ack.  let me know if you need anything18:03
pittijibel: FYI, I filed bug 1269886 for the bzr autopkgtest failure; looks like it started to fail since python 2.7.6-518:05
ubottubug 1269886 in bzr (Ubuntu) "autopkgtest fails in trusty: TestSmartTCPServer.test_graceful_shutdown_waits_for_clients_to_stop" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126988618:05
pittivila: seems you maintain bzr these days mostly? Is that something you can look into?18:05
jtaylorbarry: what was to ack? scrolled of my backlog18:05
pittijtaylor: updating python-numpy reverse dependencies that now fail with the new numpy18:05
pitti(like panda)18:05
barryjtaylor: that ^^ :)18:05
jtayloryes thats known18:06
jtaylorwill be fixed18:06
jtaylorpitti: just synced scipy, I'm expecting adt failure, but that will be fixed on the new upstream due maybe this weekend18:07
pittijtaylor: thanks18:08
vilapitti: forget about that one, it's transient18:08
pittivila: well, the history of https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/trusty-adt-bzr/ doesn't look that transient18:08
vilapitti: damn18:08
pittivila: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/saucy-adt-bzr/ too18:09
pittivila: it is rather unlikely that it started to fail consistently on the exact same time when python2.7 was updated with some upstream changes18:09
pittivila: I mean, it's rather likely18:09
bcurtiswxmthaddon, You can catch me in #ubuntu-us-dc most times.18:11
zygapitti: out of curiosity, how do you read the actual failure from, say: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/saucy-adt-bzr/18/testReport/18:12
vilapitti: rhmm, can't reproduce locally >-/18:12
zygapitti: (how do you know what really failed?)18:12
pittizyga: seems the saucy logs are gone18:14
* zyga wishes for lava-like test introspection from log files18:15
bdmurrayhallyn: could you update bug 1244694 with SRU information?18:15
ubottubug 1244694 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "Creating snapshot fails due to nonexistent temporary directory" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124469418:15
pittizyga: usually it's https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/trusty-adt-bzr/? -> choose build -> choose architecture -> console log18:15
pitti(or look at the individual test stdout/stderr file)18:15
vilapitti: and saucy succeed too so that would explain why I can't reproduce, I'm late upgrading to trusty :-/18:15
pittivila: right; as I said in the bug this started with python2.7 2.7.6-518:16
vilapitti: but that python version is not available for saucy right ?18:16
vilapitti: (trying to catch up)18:16
vilapitti: wait, even rmadison doesn't know about 2.7..6-5 where do you get that one ?18:18
pittipython2.7 | 2.7.6-5          | trusty           | source, amd64, arm64, armhf, i386, powerpc, ppc64el18:18
pittivila: it's in trusty18:18
infinityAnd sid.18:19
* vila blinks18:19
vilawow, why is there a difference between python and python2.7 ?18:19
infinityvila: python is a metapackage build from python-defaults, python2.7 is the real binary.18:19
vila(given  python | 2.7.5-5ubuntu3   | trusty          | amd64, arm64, armhf, i386, powerpc, ppc64el that is)18:19
vilainfinity: wow, thanks18:20
vilaconfusing though18:20
infinityA bit.  doko tries to keep the versions vaguely in sync to avoid too much confusion, but I guess he's a bit behind on the .5->.6 bump.18:20
vilainfinity: ha ok18:21
infinity(And the version isn't actually meaningful, except for the confusion bit)18:21
vilainfinity: right, poor me ;)18:21
hallynadam_g: ^ you told me you would fill in SRU info for bug 1244694 ?18:23
ubottubug 1244694 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "Creating snapshot fails due to nonexistent temporary directory" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124469418:24
pittivila: should be reproducible in a chroot/schroot, I guess18:25
pittianyway, need to leave for today, good night!18:25
vilapitti: right, according to qblame, is the same MP that introduced all the other transient failures.. will comment on the bug18:26
adam_ghallyn, i said i would test it once it was accepted to proposed :)18:37
adam_ghallyn, but ill fill in the SRU data if you'd like18:37
hallyn22:43 < hallyn> that is, to -proposed, so awaiting a SRU justification from you :)18:37
hallyn22:44 < adam_g> hallyn, cool.18:37
hallynmiscommunication then, sorry.  but yeah please do18:37
adam_ghallyn, bdmurray https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1244694 updated18:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 1244694 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "[SRU] Creating snapshot fails due to nonexistent temporary directory" [Undecided,New]18:48
hallynadam_g: thanks!18:54
zygabarry: any chance for signalfd/eventfd in python anytime soon?19:02
barryzyga: probably not.  there's this: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/python-signalfd but afaict nobody's proposed anything for python proper, and 3.4's in feature freeze.19:05
zygabarry: I saw that, I want python3 version :/19:11
zygabarry: I may just try and propsoe one for 3.4, it's very useful and I'd love to see it19:11
zygabarry: though I'm not sure how hard it would be to get into the core, since it would (probably) change how python does signals and that's across the board :/19:11
barryzyga: it's too late for 3.4.  i would highly suggest contributing to the pypi project (hosted on lp), get it all happy, and then propose it for 3.519:11
zygafor 3.5 then19:11
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jodhinfinity: what do you make of #16 on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/1269731.19:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 1269731 in upstart (Ubuntu) "init crashed with SIGSEGV" [Critical,Confirmed]19:45
jodhinfinity: as you stated yesterday, I cannot see how the eglibc changes as documented could cause this.19:47
infinityjodh: Given that someone else said that downgrading to -0ubuntu2 didn't help, I'd blame bad science on the part of the other person.19:48
jodhinfinity: has to be, unless it's gcc?19:48
jodhinfinity: ...which seems also to have changed around this time.19:49
infinityjodh: Would be nice if any of us could reproduce it...19:49
jodhinfinity: agreed :(19:50
infinity"I can't speak for him, but I can say that I have tried 2.18-0ubuntu5 and 2.18-0ubuntu2 and I get a KP with both of them with I run "sudo telinit u"."19:51
seb128so, "fun", ubuntu-wallpapers has a file with ' chars in the filename and those listed in the .install19:51
seb128that started failing in trusty in the test rebuild19:51
infinitySo, that seems to rule out the 4->5 claims, and it's something far more subtle...19:51
seb128works if you use \'19:51
seb128is that a wanted debhelper change? a bug in ubuntu-wallpapers?19:51
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infinityseb128: I'd say unquoted 's are asking for trouble...19:52
seb128infinity, right, they were working until recently though19:52
seb128should I just add some \ \ in the .install and declare that a fix? or is that something that should be investigated on the debhelper side to know if that's a wanted behaviour change?19:53
infinityseb128: Yeah, I'm not seeing an explicit mention of it in the changelog.19:54
seb128yeah, me neither19:54
infinityseb128: Maybe fallout from:19:54
infinity  * dh_install, dh_installdocs, dh_clean: Fix uses of find -exec19:54
infinity    which cause it to ignore exit status of the commands run.19:54
infinity    Closes: 71959819:54
infinityseb128: So, the find -exec call was replaced with find -print0 | xargs -0 -I ... {} ...19:58
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seb128infinity, so probably unwanted side effect ... I wonder if there is any other package weird enough to use a ' in a filename listed in a .install, I'm unsure that's worth the effort of a bug report or that I care enough to even report it20:01
seb128infinity, wdyt?20:01
infinityseb128: Well, it's a behavioural regression.  If we can sort out a proper fix that DTRT in all the cases we can think of, I'm happy to file the bug with joeyh.20:02
infinityseb128: Otherwise, the dh_install manpage should mention that shell special chars need to be quotes in .install files, which it doesn't currently.20:03
seb128infinity, want to handle that? ;-)20:03
infinityAnd, indeed, the use of -print0 | xargs -0 usually implies that the called wanted to avoid the need for quoting.20:03
infinityBut I suspect -I {} foils that.20:03
slangasek{} foils everything20:03
infinityslangasek: Opinions?20:04
slangasekinfinity: attempting to formulate one now20:05
slangasekinfinity: I got nothin'.  I do think it's a debhelper bug, though I don't see a good way to solve it using find+xargs20:07
TJ-jodh: have you examined the #1269731 traces in detail?20:09
infinityA quick reduced testcase of 'find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 -I {} cp {} {}2' doesn't actually show it failing on files with ' in the name...20:09
infinitySo, maybe my guess about the errant commit is wrong.20:10
* infinity grabs ubuntu-wallpapers to see what it's doing.20:11
infinityEver weirder, Gota_D'água_by_Eiti_Kimura.jpg copies just fine before THE_'OUT'_STANDING_by_ydristi.jpg fails.20:25
miseria"no estoy de acuerdo con la pena de muerte, al final las leyes sobrenaturales nos tienen condenados a morir" bienvenidos: http://castroruben.com *temo_a_un_ser_sin_rival*20:37
infinityslangasek: Ugh, gets more interesting.  The working dh_install from saucy fails on trusty.20:45
infinityslangasek: So, time to go witch-hunting.20:45
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Logan_mfisch: Around?20:59
mfischLogan_: yep whats up20:59
Logan_mfisch: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gwyddion/2.33-1ubuntu1 Do you know if the Unity global menu fix is still necessary in the latest upstream release of gwyddion?21:01
Logan_Because I either want to merge or sync. I most likely don't need the change I implemented in 2.33-1ubuntu2.21:02
mfischLogan_: no I'm not sure, I probably left it in just to be on the safe side21:03
mfischLogan_: what change did you make?21:03
Logan_I did an autoreconf to get new libtool macros for ppc64el, but they did a libtool update upstream.21:03
Logan_So do you want to merge with just that Unity patch?21:03
mfischLogan_: I'm on a business trip so unlikely to update it anytime soon, can you do it?21:06
seb128doko, did you saw https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pycurl/+bug/1269532 ?21:08
ubottuUbuntu bug 1269532 in pycurl (Ubuntu) "package python3-pycurl 7.19.0-5ubuntu9 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/doc/pycurl/tests/setopt_lifecycle_test.py', which is also in package python3-pycurl-dbg 7.19.3-0ubuntu1" [Undecided,New]21:08
mfischLogan_: I've generally not asked the previous uploader of something unless they're the maintainer when I did previously nobody seemed to care21:10
Logan_Usually people prefer that you ask. I haven't done that a lot in the past, though...21:11
Logan_It's supposed to prevent duplicated work.21:11
mfischLogan_: sure and thanks for taking it21:22
mfischLogan_: you have blanket permission to merge or sync anything I did ;)21:22
Logan_Sweet. :)21:27
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barryinfinity: can you give back python-greenlet to doko's test rebuild?21:42
infinitybarry: Done.21:43
barryinfinity: i have another one for you: python-httpretty22:02
infinitybarry: That one's dep-wait...22:03
infinitybarry: Because it build-deps on python-sure, which is in universe.22:03
barryinfinity: ah.  gotcha, thanks22:04
hallynhas anyone gotten usb-creator-gtk to work this year?22:38
infinityhallyn: I'm sure people cause it to run occasionally, and write things to USB keys.  I'm less convinced that the results are ever sensible.22:40
hallyninfinity: i'm just doing dd right now and will mangle some free space into the remainder by hand...  was wondering if there is a better way :)22:41
infinityhallyn: The better way would probably be to fix usb-creator.  It's something we really need to do before we ship 14.04 anyway, but so far no one's volunteered, and I don't think anyone's yet been voluntold. :P22:42
infinityslangasek: Was Foundations going to take ownership of that mess and try to render it slightly more sensible?  I vaguely recall comments to that effect.22:43
hallyninfinity: hm.  since it has the name "-gtk" at the end I've historically avoided lookin at it :)22:45
hallynbut as i do want to make a usb boot stick for traveling, maybe i should seehow fixable it is22:45
hallynfor a mere mortal22:45
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slangasekinfinity: I recall that xnox did some updates already to move it to udisks2 recently22:48
slangasekthat's not the same as saying Foundations is taking ownership of the whole mess :P22:48
infinityslangasek: Perhaps that was wishful thinking on my part.22:49
infinityslangasek: We probably should put it through some testing and shake out some of the nastier bugs, though.  Usually, when people complain their USB sticks don't boot, we say "are you using usb-creator?  Yeah, don't do that, here's a dd command".22:50
infinityslangasek: Which seems suboptimal.22:50
hallyninfinity: ppl get that far?  it always refuses to allow me to hit 'install', only 'erase' button works, and that hangs22:50
hallyni'll dig deeper though, hopefully tonight22:51
infinityOh neat, guillem moved the setlocale() stuff to a common libdpkg function.  We get to patch one spot instead of 7 now.22:52
hallynis that in usb-creator?22:53
infinityhallyn: No, dpkg. :P22:54
shadeslayercjwatson: do you have a link handy to the page that lists the build status of KDE packages? ( the one accessible via Launchpad )23:10
* shadeslayer has lost it :(23:10
slangasekinfinity: I agree, we should test all these things; I just don't know if we're going to make any headway on that this cycle23:23
slangasekthe plate is rather full, and balanced on a stick23:23

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