dsmythiesshaunm_: are you around?16:20
shaunm_dsmythies: what's up?16:27
dsmythiesshaunm_: There is another bug report which I originally diagnosed as an issue with the html/Makefile.16:29
dsmythiesShaunm_: However, and after observing some discussion about it between godbyk and KI7MT on this IRC channel,16:29
dsmythiesshaunm_: it has been determined that it is an upstream issue also, and my original diagnosis was incorrect.16:29
dsmythiesshaunm_: reference: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-docs/+bug/123916216:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 1239162 in Ubuntu Documentation "yelp-build incorrect construction of path to .svg files. Copy step fails" [Low,Confirmed]16:29
dsmythiesshaunm_: At this point, I am trying to determine if the root issue is in xsltproc or yelp-tools (yelp-build).16:29
dsmythiesshaunm_: I would appreciate any insight / opinion you might have.16:29
dsmythiesshaunm_: I realize a reply might take some time. If you are willing to take a look, perhaps reply on the bug report itself.16:29
shaunm_mmm, referencing icons by absolute path16:33
shaunm_probably a bug in yelp-build. I'll take a look later today16:33
dsmythiesshaumn_: Thanks very much.16:34
shaunm_dsmythies: that bug is against an old version of yelp-tools17:41
shaunm_the good news is, there are no longer any errors with those files17:42
shaunm_the bad news is, yelp-build completely ignores them. so unless help.ubuntu.com/usr/share/icons/... exists and has the files, you'll have broken images17:42
shaunm_and I'm not really sure the best way to solve that17:44
dsmythiesshaunm_: Currently (at least whatever yelp-build I am ausing now) does build the html properly, and the links are to, for example:17:47
dsmythies<p class="p"><span class=" em">Bluetooth menu</span> <span class="media media-image"><img src="img/bluetooth-active.svg" alt="Bluetooth icon"></span></p>17:48
dsmythieswhich is a realtive link to the correct place (or desired palce)17:48
dsmythiesare you saying it will be different now?17:48
dsmythiesshaunm_: as for the copy step is question here. In my opinion, it is better that it doesn't even try to copy the files.17:50
dsmythiesshaunm_: as for the copy step in question here. In my opinion, it is better that it doesn't even try to copy the files.17:50
dsmythieswhy? becuase sometimes one is compiling on a computer that doesn't actually have the files.17:50
dsmythiesNow, that might just be me.17:51
shaunm_dsmythies: oh, that might be part of your customization layer. I was just calling yelp-build without any customizations. I'll look17:54
dsmythiesshaunm_: I better figure out how to try the newest version of yelp stuff, for testing. It seems, a few times now, I bring up issues that are already solved.18:17
shaunm_dsmythies: there's probably a ppa with the latest packages18:19
shaunm_otherwise, honestly, I often override the package manager and install from the tarball18:20
shaunm_not something I generally recommend for most packages, but yelp-tools is pretty safe18:20
dsmythiesshaunm_: where can I get the tarball?18:21
shaunm_or git clone git://git.gnome.org/yelp-tools18:23
shaunm_oh yikes, you guys are overriding yelp.page18:24
shaunm_err, html.pge18:24
shaunm_* html.page18:24
shaunm_and mal2html.page.linktrails.trail18:24
shaunm_actually, I know why you're overriding mal2html.page.linktrails.trail, and I added a hook in the xsl quite some time ago so you could stop doing that18:25
dsmythiesshaunm_: Ugh... Ugh... Not guility. These are before my time.18:26
shaunm_the html.page override is much much trickier18:26
shaunm_I know18:26
shaunm_probably mdke18:26
dsmythiesand or Jeremy18:27
shaunm_anyway, if it's the only way to do what you need to do, then it is what it is18:27
shaunm_I've tried to add extension points whenever I see overrides like these, so people can use those instead18:27
dsmythiesshaunm_: Please let us know if we should change things. Myself, I would never know otherwise.18:28
shaunm_I'll cook up a patch for the mal2html.page.linktrails.trail override. that one's easy to fix, because I already added an extension point for exactly that purpose18:28
shaunm_the other one is hard18:29
dsmythiesshaunm_: O.K. Understood.18:29
* dsmythies goes off to get and try tarball18:30
dsmythiesshaunm_: can I not build a .deb directly from the git clone? Note: my only experience is with kernel.org where I just do "git pull" then "make deb-pkg" then install using "sudo dpkg -i linux-bla-bla.deb"19:25
dsmythiesshaunm_: I guess not, and I guess that is why you said you "often override the package manager and install from the tarball" above.19:39
KI7MTdsmythies, another option for the traditional ./configure .. make && make install .. look into checkintall package with auto-apt .. makes removal and / or updating from sources pretty easy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall20:54
=== dpm_ is now known as dpm
KI7MTOr, one can just build it in $USER/bin or something, forgoing make install and sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin for testing  .. somthing along those lines.21:00
dsmythiesKI7MT: thanks for the suggestions. In the end, I want to be sure I can revert, if needed.21:17
KI7MTdsmythies, that's the purpose of checkinstall, it updates the pkg-manager also. Removal is then something like dpkg -r <package-name>21:19
KI7MTdsmythies,  Use it for testing Hamlib and wsjtx builds .. you could also use /opt and and in .bashrc add path var's .. I use that method for testing Intel and Portland compilers while still maintaining standard system gcc installs.ff.21:21
KI7MT* I use it for testing .. ..21:21
shaunm_that's kind of slick21:22
dsmythiesKI7MT: Aghh... Thanks21:22
* dsmythies goes off to study up21:22
shaunm_dsmythies: for yelp-tools, you could just install with --prefix=/usr/local21:22
shaunm_should work just fine, and won't interfere with the packaged yelp-tools in /usr21:22
shaunm_or somewhere in /opt or whatever21:23
shaunm_but then you'll have to manage $PATH for your Makefile to work21:23
dsmythieshmmm... A saga is developing...21:24
dsmythiesKI7MT: checkinstall seems to be exactly what I was looking for. However, I got "Building Debian package... FAILED!". Everything turns into a saga.21:54
KI7MTdsmythies, interesting .. did it say why it failed?21:55
dsmythiesKI7MT: It asked if I wanted to look at the log. I said yes. version did not start with a digit. Did it again, forcing version instead of default, and now it seems happy.21:59
KI7MTdsmythies, Ok, well seems all is well in the end :-)22:00

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