parindarkxst: hi, i downloaded gnome-shell_3.10.2.1-0ubuntu1~trusty3.debian.tar.gz from gnome3 ppa, and there's a single ubuntu-lightdm-user-switching.patch in there05:43
parindarkxst: btw, is that the right package ?06:00
darkxstparin, the two patches are: ubuntu-lightdm-user-switching.patch  ubuntu_lock_on_suspend.patch07:53
parindarkxst: okay. And where do we need to port this to ? gnome-shell_3.8.4-0ubuntu8 (trusty) ? (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell)07:54
darkxstparin, the same package07:54
darkxstthey just need to be rebased for the new usermenu code07:55
parindarkxst: oh okay. I'll apply the07:59
parin*port the patches07:59
parinand give you gnome-shell_3.10.2.1.orig.tar.xz ?08:00
darkxstparin, you rebase the patches using quilt08:08
darkxstuncomment 1 patch from series file08:09
darkxstquilt push -f08:09
darkxst<make changes to fix patch>08:09
darkxstquilt refresh08:09
darkxstif you need to patch a new file then 'quilt add new_file' before editing it08:19
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pratnalaHello. Is this the channel of ubuntugnome.org? :)12:23
Nicholashello! i would like to ask if its really planned to see a ubuntu 14.04 with gnome 3.1218:02
Nicholasi love so much gnome and i love so much Ubuntu but i have to be just with Gnome 3.818:03
Nicholasusing ubuntu 13.1018:03
darkxstparin, hi19:16
darklight_Will 14.04 be LTS ? what version of gnome will it ship with?20:09
Noskcajdarklight_, some 3.8, some 3.1020:11
Noskcajand i think yes20:11
darklight_Noskcaj: what about CSD ? or better will nautilus be using csd as in 3.10 or will it be like 3.8 ? (basically will it be possible to have minimize-maximize-close or just close?)20:14
darklight_because basically as of now nautilus and a few others don't even really obay client side decorations but they have the close button position hardcoded so it can't be moved and other buttons can't be added20:15
darklight_this is something that from what I understood should be fixed in 3.1220:15
darklight_the reason I'm asking is because while I like csd gnome-shell-classic is more usable in 3.8 rather than in 3.10 due to what I said above20:17
darklight_and I think this is something to take into account in an lts release20:18
darkxsthopefully we will have nautilus 3.10 but with CSD's disabled in non-shell session20:23
darklight_darkxst: is that actually possible ? also gnome-shell-classic is a shell session it just uses extensions to achieve a gnome 2 look/feel20:24
darkxstyes its possible, and yes probably classic counts as a shell session20:29
darklight_darkxst: ok , looking forward to try it then :)20:30
darkxstdarklight_, it is in gnome3 PPA if you are already on 14.0420:39
darklight_darkxst: with those changes ?20:40
darkxstyes, there are some slight theming issues with ubuntu themes still though20:41
darklight_darkxst: I'll try it tomorrow then20:49

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