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StephenSHello, I need to speak with ubuntu group representative, regarding one channel which contain *ubuntu* namespace.20:04
Fuchsthat would be people from the IRCC, just wait in here for one to unlurk20:05
Fuchsnote that the namespace does not include *ubuntu*, but rather ubuntu-*  and a small amount of others.20:05
StephenSyeah ubuntu-*20:06
hggdhStephenS: what can we do for you?20:43
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StephenShggdh I need a channel registered under ubuntu-*23:00
StephenSmay i pm u?23:00
IdleOneStephenS: I can help you if you like23:19
StephenSIdleOne I can PM you?23:23
IdleOnePricey: if you got a minute could you transfer #ubuntu-balkan to UbuntuIRCCouncil please23:31
PriceyIdleOne: I'm afraid I can't verify you as an Ubuntu GC currently.23:32
IdleOneyou should be able to now23:32
IdleOneunless you require more than ident to the account?23:33
PriceyIdleOne: I'm afraid not. Did you guys email groups@ about the updates?23:33
IdleOneI'll have to ask AlanBell or Pici to do that23:33
PiciPricey: Can you #ubuntu-balkan to UbuntuIRCCouncil please23:33
PriceyThey may have already and I don't realise... but if they haven't then yes, I'd get them to.23:34
PiciI think we forgot to do that23:34
PriceyPici: IdleOne: Done.23:34
IdleOnethanks Pici :)23:34
IdleOnethank you Pricey23:34
PriceyNo problem. I'm going to disappear in 30 seconds so give me a poke if there's anything else you could do with.23:35
IdleOnewhat flags would StephenS need to be able to add ops to acl?23:37
IdleOne+votiA enough?23:37
StephenSWait, I'm not getting a founder status?23:37
Unit193IdleOne: Add ops? +f at least23:37
StephenSAll others ubuntu-rs *-hr have founders, and it's not Ubuntu GC23:38
IdleOnethanks Unit19323:39
PriceyIdleOne: "/msg chanserv help flags" is very very useful.23:51
IdleOnePricey: :/23:51
IdleOnewhy you gotta be so helpful23:52
PriceyIdleOne: In short, +F grants all. Otherwise, +f allows you to grant/remove flags you have except you can't modify the flags of users who have flags which you lack.23:52
IdleOnePricey: I knew that. sometimes my brain forgets the things it knows and defaults to "ask IRC!"23:53

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