belkinsaOkay, I have the first draft of the page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/belkinsa/sandbox/UbuntuHour I removed that bottom part about the various LoCos' Ubuntu Hours since that is on that events page.  Also, I have the urge to to ramble about the various video/audio (is the right term for that?) tools that can be used for the virtual Ubuntu Hours but I think those need to talked about on another wiki page on  the help wiki.01:40
josebelkinsa: personally, I don't think it should be divided into in-person and online ways, they're simply ways02:05
joseand also change the part that says 1 hour, could be more or less02:05
josebelkinsa: also, bare in mind "Keep it simple. Don't make this "How" section any longer than it needs to be. "02:06
belkinsaI know, but I thought the online method needed to be explained like the way I have done it.02:06
josemind if I PM quickly?02:07
dholbachgood morning08:04
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