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* slangasek waves16:00
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slangasek#topic Lightning round16:02
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slangasek$ echo $(shuf -e barry doko stgraber jodh bdmurray slangasek cjwatson xnox stokachu)16:02
slangasekdoko stokachu stgraber barry jodh xnox slangasek cjwatson bdmurray16:02
slangasekdoko: here?16:02
dokoslangasek, sorry, let me go as last one16:04
slangasekstokachu: here? :)  anything for the meeting?16:04
stokachunothing this week :)16:04
slangasekok, cool16:04
stgrabersorry, haven't had time to prepare notes so I'll just type quickly :)16:05
stgrabera ton of LXC work this week, mostly bug fixes for unprivileged containers, reviewed a very large amount of last minute fixes16:05
stgraberintroduced a new image-based template called lxc-download which uses pre-build containers from https://images.linuxcontainers.org16:05
stokachustgraber: are unprivileged containers do-able now?16:05
stgraberthose are built from our new jenkins setup at https://jenkins.linuxcontainers.org16:06
stgraberI've also been working a bit on moving our other QA tasks over to Jenkins to make them more visible to those who don't have shell access to our servers16:06
stgraberI've also helped a bit with a security update for LXC16:06
stgraberrelease LXC 1.0 beta2 yesterday and upoaded to the archive (no more distro patch!)16:06
stgraberand I started updating my draft blog post on unprivileged containers which I plan on posting later today16:07
stgraberstokachu: yep they are. I have Ubuntu, Debian, Plamo and Oracle running fine unprivileged on my laptop and probably a few more distros to come over the next few days.16:07
stokachustgraber: awesome!!16:07
stgraberstokachu: you need a very recent kernel and userspace though, which I'll try to describe in that upcoming blog post.16:07
stokachustgraber: awesome, looking forward to that post16:08
stgraberbesides LXC, I've also been doing a bit of touch work, mostly extending test coverage of my ports branch for system-image16:08
stgraberand talked with PES about how to setup internal servers16:08
barryautopilot-py3: camera-app-autopilot, cordova-ubuntu-autopilot, dialer-app-autopilot, friends-app-autopilot, ubuntu-ui-toolkit.  however, the PPAs all this stuff depends on is in sad shape.  had some discussions with #ubuntu-autopilot about what we need next (mostly ci infrastructure support).  played around with autopilot+emulator.  actually managed to get u-u-t built, tested, and merge proposed.  not so much with other packages :(.16:09
barrybug tag: py3autopilot.  progress will mostly depend on completion of qt5.2 transition.16:09
barrydebuntu: python-coverage sponsorship, patch piloted, dmb meeting.16:09
barrypy34 related test rebuild failures: nose, cinder, genshi (in progress upstream), configglue, fixtures, etc.16:09
jodh* core-1311-upstart-roadmap16:09
jodh  - cgroup support:16:09
jodh    - cgroup manager: Added ability for client to establish if directory16:09
jodh      existed when create requested (required by Upstart to avoid16:09
jodh      removing groups it did not create).16:09
jodh    - upstart:16:09
jodh      - Implemented logic to block jobs that require the cgmanager until16:09
jodh        it becomes available.16:10
jodh      - Added code to remove a cgroup when no longer required.16:10
jodh      - Finished updating basic cgroup unit tests.16:10
jodh      - Updated code to work with cgmanager v0.12.16:10
jodh  - async spawning: Investigating a bug with script jobs, found in testing.16:10
jodh* upstart:16:10
jodh  - Merged lp:~jamesodhunt/upstart/telinit-private-socket (thanks for16:10
jodh    review stgraber)16:10
jodh  - Investigations into the cause of bug 1269731. Unable to16:10
ubottubug 1269731 in upstart (Ubuntu) "init crashed with SIGSEGV" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126973116:10
jodh    recreate the problem, but atleast we now have a stack trace to16:10
jodh    identify the offending instruction.16:10
slangasekno xnox this week16:11
slangasek * upstream pam work to get pam_loginuid fixed in containers for stgraber, then got an itch to do a bunch more upstreaming work, so:16:11
slangasek * pam 1.1.8 uploaded to Debian unstable, planning to upload to trusty as soon as I have a chance to test it on the phone16:11
slangasek * forwarding of other Debian,Ubuntu patches to pam now that we're caught up with upstream16:11
slangasek * internal discussions about the Qt 5.2 ABI change: trying to understand its impact on the phone and the app store, getting my hands dirty with abi-compliance-checker16:11
slangasek * discussions around openjdk support in trusty16:12
cjwatson - More saucy enablement stack work, now in -updates.16:12
cjwatson - Miscellaneous reviews and e-mail.16:12
cjwatson - Trying to get libclick up and running.  I've decided on the general architecture (gobject-based C library with introspection, so I can translate a bit at a time reasonably easily), and have translated parts of click.{database,osextras,query}.  Will take a while longer to have something worth using.16:12
cjwatson - Reviewed and applied ppc64 bi-endian patch.16:12
cjwatson - Continuing to try to get 2.02~beta2 ready for trusty.  Slowed down by a test regression (floppy boot failure due to increased module size, of all things), but I got that fixed today.16:12
cjwatson - A few cross-build fixes (apg, bridge-utils, dctrl-tools; switched libtool back to Multi-Arch: foreign for now; multiarched cdebconf to fix base-passwd cross-build regression).16:13
cjwatson - Fixed gucharmap for ppc64el.16:13
cjwatson - Perl 5.18.2 transition.16:13
bdmurraybug triage, SRU reviews16:13
bdmurrayuploaded a complete fix for bug 123711916:13
bdmurrayset up of error tracker in canonistack using juju-deployer16:13
bdmurrayworked on a whoopsie issue where it is not uploading files immediately16:13
ubottubug 1237119 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "ERROR: hook /usr/share/apport/package-hooks/source_gnome-control-center.py crashed: TypeError: add_info() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123711916:13
doko- another two full days of merges, component mismatches16:14
doko- finished some "debian-science" transitions. the good thing is that nobody uses these packages and in doubt can16:14
doko be removed ;p16:14
doko- maybe another day processing MIRs16:14
doko- continue to pester people about ftbfs, unfinished transitions16:14
doko- openjdk security update16:14
doko- graphviz transition16:14
doko- regtested and backported fixed for two arm64 gcc regressions16:14
doko- gccgo updates16:14
doko- updates for some ppc64el packages in main16:14
doko- finished and summarized the outcome of the libtool-bin test rebuild16:14
doko- finished and summarized the "openjdk-not-in-main" test rebuild16:14
doko- finished and summarized the python3.4 as the default test rebuild (main only)16:14
doko- updated the arm64 cross toolchain for glibc-2.1816:14
doko- built eclipse for arm64 and ppc64el16:14
slangasekok - any questions on status?16:17
slangasek#topic AOB16:18
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slangasekanything else this week?16:18
slangasekapparently not :)16:20
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slangasekthanks, guys - short and sweet16:20
dokotired about playing the cleaning lady for others :-/16:20
ogra_doko, shouldnt that be "room nurse" for political correctness ?16:40
pleia2hi folks, just gathering up CC members for the meeting17:02
mhall119stgraber: highvoltage: are you around to talk about Edubuntu?17:04
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pleia2we have Edubuntu and Lubuntu on the schedule for today17:05
pleia2anyone from Lubuntu about for a checkin?17:05
stgrabermhall119: vaguely (having lunch)17:06
pleia2or Edubuntu, hey stgraber!17:07
mhall119stgraber: ok, it's just a checkin, so shouldn't require much17:07
pleia2#topic Edubuntu check in17:08
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pleia2I understand Edubuntu has been more focused on LTS releases, are things on track this cycle?17:08
czajkowskistgraber: ?17:10
stgraberwell, not much has been happening lately but I still hope to get most bits landed before feature freeze17:10
stgraberI've been pretty busy with other things so far17:10
stgraberwe did have an alpha1 though17:10
pleia2that's good, anything the CC can help the team with with, or just general manpower blockers?17:11
pleia2hey highvoltage :)17:11
stgrabergeneral manpower blockers. I hope that edubuntu-server will help get more contributors later on.17:12
stgraberour decision to stop doing non-LTS releases should also help a lot once 14.04 is out the door17:12
* pleia2 nods17:12
highvoltagepleia2: did you see the mails last month regarding the edubuntu council / re-elections and the question of whether we strictly need a council per se?17:12
mhall119highvoltage: where did that email get sent?17:13
pleia2highvoltage: yeah17:13
stgrabermhall119: CC mailing-list I believe17:13
pleia2I'm thinking we go with the idea of dissolving the council, but I should follow up17:13
highvoltagemhall119: community council and edubuntu council mailing lists17:13
mhall119hmmm, must have missed it17:14
stgrabermhall119: "Edubuntu Council expiring 2013-12-20"17:14
highvoltagepleia2: I think in general the Edubuntu community still needs a community reboot of a kind (as it has for the last few cycles).17:14
* pleia2 nods17:14
pleia2so in that thread we decided to wait until after the holidays (indeed, the whole thing got lost in my holiday backlog :))17:15
highvoltageonly problem is that everyone is eager to get involved with that but no one has the time17:15
mhall119highvoltage: stgraber: if you need the community team's help in promoting such a reboot, get in touch with me17:15
highvoltagesorry stgraber I didn't mean to derail your train of thought on the technical stuff :)17:16
pleia2so the proposal in the thread was to remove the council and simply make stgraber and highvoltage co-leaders, which I'm still on board with17:16
pleia2I'll follow up17:16
highvoltagepleia2: great17:16
stgraberpleia2: thanks17:16
stgraberhighvoltage: didn't have much more to report ;)17:16
stgrabermhall119: we may take you up on that offer at some point. Currently I think we're in the situation where the effort required for such a reboot would drain a lot of the limited time we have to get the technical stuff done for 14.04.17:17
highvoltagestgraber: in terms of goals for this cycle we're likely to focus on two areas, getting the edubuntu-server parts in a 1.0'ish state and getting some legacy desktop stuff (gnome flashback) in better state so that it's supportable for an LTS lifecycle17:17
highvoltage(oops, didn't mean to aim that at stgraber)17:17
stgraberso I think it's best to focus on the release, make sure 14.04 is good and then we'll have 2 years to try and rebuild our community until the next release17:18
highvoltagestgraber: *nod*, I think that reboot should happen post-lts-release17:18
mhall119stgraber: I'd be happy to help coordinate a reboot, both as a community team members and as an edubuntu community volunteer17:18
pleia2sounds like a plan :)17:18
highvoltagemhall119: awesome :D17:18
mhall119what DE is edubuntu using these days?17:19
highvoltageunity by default with gnome flashback17:19
stgraberUnity by default, gnome-flashback as an alternative and default for LTSP17:19
highvoltagethe installer has an option to enable gnome flashback by default17:19
pleia2ianorlin has joined us for the lubuntu team17:19
mhall119is that well supported?17:19
highvoltagepersonally I'm not a fan of unity since the dash is extremely confusing for new users17:19
highvoltageand apps are hard too find17:20
mhall119by upstream Ubuntu and/or upstream Gnome?17:20
highvoltagemhall119: there's a small upstream team17:20
highvoltagemhall119: I'm part of it, it needs a lot of work to keep it on life support17:20
stgraberhighvoltage: well, at least we don't have remote search enabled by default!17:20
highvoltage(since the rest of the gnome world is changing so fast)17:20
ogra_highvoltage, well, mate-desktop is in now17:20
* mhall119 will pick your brains about stuff in #edubuntu later :)17:21
pleia2ok, thanks highvoltage and stgraber!17:21
mhall119thanks guys17:21
highvoltageogra_: problem with mate-desktop is that it brings in the rest of the mate world, which is a clone of every gnome tool ever made (gedit, nautilus, gcalctool, etc)17:21
pleia2#topic Lubuntu checkin17:21
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highvoltageogra_: but I'd be happy to go only mate and through out unity if you can convince stgraber of that :p17:22
highvoltage(thanks I'll move on now :p)17:22
pleia2ianorlin: so during these checkins, we pretty much just ask about the state of the project/community and see if there is any way we can help out :)17:22
ogra_highvoltage, your job, not mine anymore ;)17:22
ianorlinMost of lubuntu is focusing on 14.04 now and 14.04 plan is fixing bugs17:23
ianorlinthe social media areas seem to keep having more users join17:23
ianorlinalthough the QA mailing list has grown a little quiet lately17:23
pleia2yeah, I had noticed that17:24
pleia2I did a few tests on lubuntu ppc, but the holidays got pretty busy for me17:24
ianorlinhasn't picked up much since then although I think trusty is running right now17:25
pleia2is there anything the CC can do to help support the team, or do you think it's just a matter of getting more folks active/involved?17:26
pleia2we're here to help resolve community and technical blockers with resources and things17:26
ianorlinI can't think of anything17:26
* pleia2 nods17:26
pleia2thanks for joing us today, anyone else have any questions/comments?17:27
pleia2ok, I think that's it then17:30
pleia2#topic Any other business17:30
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pleia2anything else on our radar today that we wanted to chat about?17:31
mhall119not from me17:31
pleia2ok, thanks everyone :)17:34
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