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RAOFduflu_: I only use the mu:: shorthand in the implementation file of mir::udev::, everywhere else I use the full mir::udev:: namespace specifier. You'd prefer it if I used the full mir::udev:: specifier in the implementation file, too?04:03
duflu_RAOF: No, there are two possible ways to avoid mentioning the namespace in the implementation. I'd prefer either of them :)04:05
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duflu*to avoid repeating the namespace04:07
didrocksduflu: hey! tell me when you have some time for a chat on the new process (hangout I guess)07:29
dufludidrocks: Sorry, it seems I'm possibly tied up for the rest of the day (sabdfl) in other meetings07:30
didrocksduflu: ok, do you think you will have time tomorrow or let's wait for Monday?07:31
dufludidrocks: Tomorrow is OK AFAIK07:31
didrocksduflu: sounds ok. there are consequences btw, we need to have a lander for unity-mir (I think you won't land every release for it) and another one for qtubuntu/platform-api07:31
didrocksas they are linked to those landing, we need to clear that out07:31
didrockskgunn: I was thinking about greyback for unity-mir, thoughts?07:32
greybackdidrocks: count me in07:33
didrocksso, we need to find a victim for qtubuntu/platform-api ;)07:36
kgunndidrocks: thats ricmm_07:45
kgunnwho is in a mtng w me right now07:45
didrockskgunn: ok, I'll send an email to sum that up07:46
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anpok_are there any rules of thumb in using lttng - should one avoid string outputs.. keep them short .. just do not core, and make the trace points as descriptive as possible..11:49
tvossanpok_, I think there are no strong rules, but the longer the name, the more data to store11:51
tvossanpok_, I would think that limiting the scope with something mir::comp::event might make sense11:51
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tvossanpok_, thoughts?12:10
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anpok_tvoss: thought about parameters .. i.e there is now a report that is meant to produce the selected egl configuration.. and does so by dumping each configuration attribute line by line12:36
anpok_" [ name_of_the_attribute ] : <EGLInt value>"12:36
tvossanpok_, okay, can you produce a single line out of that? we can selectively _not_ record that12:37
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alan_ganpok_: there's no reason that every reporting interface should be implemented for lttng (or glog, or log, or...)13:40
anpok_hm why not?13:45
alan_glack of need13:47
anpok_so you mean no further lttng report implementations are needed?13:52
alan_gWhen we need them we write them - or even a (hypothetical) http status monitor13:54
tvossalan_g, I disagree. duflu's reporters are evaluated manually by parsing text output13:54
tvossalan_g, I think those are perfect candidates for lttng report implementations13:54
alan_gtvoss: I don't know what "duflu's reporters" means, so I can't disagree that some more lttng reports are needed13:56
tvossalan_g, duflu did quite some work on reporters recently for input latency and such13:56
alan_gBut there's no reason to say "here's a reporting interface, therefore do an lttng implementation"13:57
alan_gBut what you're saying is we have a timing report requirement on *some* report interfaces - therefore do an lttng implementation. Which is fine.13:58
tvossalan_g, fair13:58
alan_gBut there are too many sentences starting "But"13:58
anpok_But you can continue like that13:59
alan_gBut "a report that is meant to produce the selected egl configuration" doesn't beg for an lttng version14:00
anpok_so you would be fine with leaving out certain report method calls?14:05
alan_gSure, just implement the simplest thing that satisfies a need we have now.14:10
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kdubalan_g, i like the second suggestion in ~kdub/mir/db-optimize16:48
alan_gkdub: yw16:48
fginthertsdgeos, going back to 1269485. You don't want a VM do you, you want to run this on a touch device, right?17:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1269485 in Ubuntu CI Services "Create CI step for unity-mir tests" [Undecided,New]17:08
tsdgeosfginther: yes, device is cool17:15
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