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DJones@mark #ubuntu Muslim Spamming a survey/petition link twice, asked not to post it after the first time, but continued a second time before quiting (Muslim@
ubottuThe operation succeeded.09:07
Tubbywhats up whats up14:41
IdleOneGood morning Tubby14:42
Tubbystill ignored =(14:42
LjLbe aware14:42
LjLi've got a TABLET now14:42
LjLthis might not be an even fight14:43
Tubbyljl what tablet?14:43
LjLit's not even a tablet14:43
LjLit's a HYBRID14:43
LjLbe in awe of my Asus T10014:43
TubbyI got nexus 7 214:43
LjLpah, Android14:43
Tubbyquad core cpu, 2GB ram14:43
LjLsame here, but quad core *Intel*14:43
Tubbycongratulations "intel"14:44
LjLi'm, like, going to be able to ban you with mIRC touch gestures14:44
LjLyou don't stand a chance14:44
Tubbya puny intel atom cpu14:44
LjLno dissing atoms, the universe is made up of them14:45
Tubbyyeah, but Jesus created everything14:45
LjLwell, you should ask forgiveness for dissing Jesus' atoms14:45
Tubbyyou should14:46
LjLbut i did not diss them14:46
Tubbyban me?14:46
LjLi do however apologize for all the sins i can't even seem to admit i've committed14:46
ikoniaI've already repented14:46
ikoniaI thought we'd covered this14:47
LjLi like this guy ;(14:47
ikoniahe's saved my soul, so doing a great job14:47
IdleOneikonia: you must repent every day14:47
ikoniaI do repent each day, sometimes hourly14:47
ikoniaI do a lot of wrong14:47
IdleOneI bet some of that wrong feels right14:48
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PiciWhats wrong with wanting to replace windows?15:45
ikoniasending dcc spam to window #19 but forgot the /15:45
ikoniaooh you mean the guy wanting to replace windows the OS15:46
ikonianothing wrong with wanting to replace windows at all, however doing a sloppy non-thought out job to get his son "up and running" is foolish15:46
ikoniamore so as he's describing the laptop it may not be ubuntu friendly out of the box, and he's making his choice base on having only a 700mb dvd15:47
PiciI our place to judge whether someone wants to replace windows or not.15:49
ikonianot at all15:49
ikoniaI'm not saying don't do it15:49
PiciI'm not sure if its really our place to... ^15:49
ikoniaI'm saying "I've only got a 700mb media" should not be the deciding factor of what/how you install linux15:49
jbroomewell it certainly means you're not installing from a dvdr15:50
PiciIt could be a deciding factor for a distro if they want linux but don't have any other install methods available.15:50
ikoniait needs to be thought out a bit more than "I want to install something that fits on a 700mb cd to fix my sons laptop)"15:50
ikoniaif the windows install is "ok" then using that/fixing that will buy him time to do this properly15:50
ikoniarather than lose everything from his sons laptop or have compatability problems because he wants to do something that fits on a 700mb cd NOW !15:51
PiciIMHO, his motives are completely reasonable.15:52
ikoniaI disagree, but I've told him that now and he can carry on rushing with no thought, backup or compatability checks and ruin his sons laptop15:52
PiciHe hasn't said that he isn't doing that though.15:53
ikoniapretty much has15:53
PiciI disagree, but whatever.15:54
ikoniabasing your distribution on what fits on a 700mb cd is not basing your distirbution on what is compatible with the kit, and as it's dying and has to be done "now" there is no backup plan, compatability checks etc etc etc15:55
Picipopey: If you have a sec, could you update (or at least suggest an update) to !screencast16:01
ubottuSome programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.16:01
popeygolly thats old16:01
Picilast edited on 2009-06-24 14:29:4716:02
popeybefore kazam or vokoscreen existed, and before xvidcap and recordmydesktop were dropped16:02
popey!screencast is <reply> Some programs to capture your screen are Kazam, Vokoscreen & Simple Screen Recorder. Also ffmpeg/libav with x11grab option on the command line.16:04
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, popey said: !screencast is <reply> Some programs to capture your screen are Kazam, Vokoscreen & Simple Screen Recorder. Also ffmpeg/libav with x11grab option on the command line.16:04
popeythat look sane?16:05
ikoniagiven me some new things to try16:05
ikoniaso I appreciate it16:05
ubottuSome programs to capture your screen are recordmydesktop, Istanbul, Wink, Xvidcap, pyvnc2swf.  Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.16:28
* popey clearly can't drive the bot16:29
Pricey!screencast is <reply> Some programs to capture your screen are Kazam, Vokoscreen & Simple Screen Recorder. Also ffmpeg/libav with x11grab option on the command line. Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.16:29
ubottuBut screencast already means something else!16:29
ubottuscreencast aliases: record desktop, screencasts - added by jrib on 2007-06-02 14:03:35 - last edited by Pici on 2009-06-24 14:29:4716:29
Pricey!no screencast is <reply> Some programs to capture your screen are Kazam, Vokoscreen & Simple Screen Recorder. Also ffmpeg/libav with x11grab option on the command line. Also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ScreenCasts.16:29
ubottuI'll remember that Pricey16:29
Priceypopey: Are you logged in? @login16:29
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:30
popeyi wasn't, I guess ☻16:30
popeythanks Pricey16:30
PriceyBut do you have edit rights now is the question?16:30
PriceyAh yes you are in the editor list.16:31
Tubbyljl my tablet is better than yours17:03
TubbyMine is a 64 Core CPU, with 32GB Ram and Android 4.417:03
ikoniasounds amazing17:03
Tubbyeach core runs at 9.6Ghz17:04
ikoniamind blowing17:04
TubbyMy brain is quad core on 200Mg Caffiene and runs at 3.2Ghz17:05
ikoniaI'll repent for that17:05
Tubbyon 400MG Caffeine it is 9.6Ghz and 32 cores17:05
ikoniathe bible says John 32:12 do not drink so much caffine17:05
LjLoh i didn't even tell him i just got a new smartphone, too17:06
ikoniabank that one for later17:06
LjLand by new i mean ridiculously old and used17:06
ikoniastandard issue LjL new17:06
* genii feeds the old quad core more caffeine19:28
geniiMyrtti was swearing? What??20:37
Myrttido you want me to continue? "BILATERAL TAX TREATY"20:38
* genii covers his ears in horror!20:39
knomeMyrtti, good luck...20:39
geniiI'm just surprised because you are so well behaved normally.20:40
MyrttiI've been cursing like a sailor for the whole day20:42
Myrttinot on Ubuntu IRC channels, mind20:43
elkywith real swearwords or those adorable finnish ones? :P20:44
knomeoh my...20:44
Myrttido you want me to call you on skype and show you some adorable cursewords?20:45
Myrttiyes, show.20:45
knomei'll disqaulify myself from answering that question20:45
Myrttibecause at this point of annoyance I've got a muscle twitch on my eyelid and the veins on neck are throbbing.20:45
knomemaybe you should sleep the night20:46
Myrttiand I've been considering banging the wall with various implements for hours20:46
Myrttimaybe I should20:46
knomei hear you, i've done that few times and no good came out of it20:46
Myrttibut I've not had lunch yet.20:46
* elky cuddles Myrtti20:46
MyrttiI realise 2246 is late for lunch20:47
Myrttibut there we are20:47
hggdhwell, it is lunch time somewhere else in the world, so you are covered20:47
knomeit's not rare that i eat dinner after midnight20:49
knomeso go for it :P20:49
knomeeating helps for the frustration as well20:50
LjLubuntu balkan, what could go wrong ;(23:44
IdleOne do you speak balkanese?23:48
glundgrengod, please, i've sinned... i spoke dirty language in the #ubuntu channel, forgive me23:49
ikoniaplease can you not forget the bit where you've been sending me abuse in pm too23:49
glundgrenikonia, you have my approval, you can paste what you considered abuse23:50
glundgrenin my point of view, i didnt abused you at all... i mean, youre a guy?23:51
ikonia23:10 <glundgren> hey23:51
ikonia23:10 <glundgren> whats your problem?23:51
ikonia23:11 <glundgren> do you think that bash is a language from the gods that a few enlightened ones can talk?23:51
ikonia23:33 <glundgren> whats wrong with you?23:51
glundgrenif you are a girl im sorry23:51
glundgrenfor my language23:51
ikoniawhat does my sex have to do with anything23:51
ikoniathen you fail again23:52
glundgrenno ikonia, im just trying to say, i was not abusive at all23:52
glundgrenin private23:52
ikoniaI've just pasted what I found unacceptable at your request23:52
ikoniaalong with your abuse in channel23:53
glundgrenmay i have opinion from other people? what you guys think?23:53
ikoniayour attitude of "I'll talk to males how I want, but females I'm sorry" is also unacceptable23:54
Jordan_Uglundgren: I agree that "what's your problem?" and "what's wrong with you?" are personal insults.23:54
glundgrenjordan, i think i was saying whats your problem with me23:55
glundgrenits because english is not my native language, as you guys can notice23:55
ikoniayou seem to be able to communicate abuse like "fuck" quite clearly, and "males are ok to be rude to - females not"23:55
ikoniaso your language excuse doesn't really wash with me23:55
glundgrenim not excusing anything...23:56
ikoniawell you just did23:56
glundgrenim trying to show you that is not abuse23:56
ikoniayou made an excuse that english is not your native language23:56
ikonia23:35 <glundgren> dont be a dick, "dont swear" what kind of rule is this?23:56
ikonia23:35 <glundgren> really man...23:56
ikonia23:36 <glundgren> i dont have time to this23:56
ikoniayour English seems fine23:56
ikoniaso lets not pretend that's a problem23:56
glundgrenikonia: thanks :)23:56
glundgrenikonia: learn by myself23:57
glundgrenbetter i've leanrt by myself23:57
glundgrenbut lets talk... ikonia, one thing i was talking to jordan23:57
glundgrenis that in an international space, cultural differences must be understanded23:58
ikoniaI'm not really interested in your technical problem23:58
ikoniathat's not what this channel is for23:58
glundgrenikonia: you are being abusive23:58
ikoniaas I'm quite sure Jordan_U explained to you before suggesting you join23:58
glundgrensince you first started talking23:58
ikoniahow am I being abusive to you ?23:58
glundgrenikonia: the last things you talked, right now23:59
glundgrenfor me its abusive23:59
Jordan_Uglundgren: I understand (from your PMs with me) that you didn't know that the channel had guidelines at first. I thought that now that you do you could simply follow them, but it really does seem that you have a problem understanding what is and isn't appropriate.23:59
ikoniaglundgren: I asked you not to use language like "fucked up" and you stated I should get a girlfriend23:59
ikonialets be honest - you know what you are doing, you just don't want to behave23:59

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