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KI7MTHello all .. Im trying to sen an MP for two test cases / lp1168084  I sen it up /after commit, with: bzr push lp:~ki7mt/ubuntu-manual-tests/lp1168084-fix ... but it seems to have gone of in space, as I can't find in on LP to propose the merge  .. is this not the correct process ?03:35
KI7MTBelay my last, I found it, but, found it through updating the Bug :-) .. in any case, all seems well now.03:38
pittiGood morning05:43
DanChapmangood morning06:09
elfyhi again :)07:44
KI7MTHi elfy ... Just the guy I need to ask a question ..07:45
elfymmm - try and make it quick - getting ready for work time of the day here :)07:46
KI7MTI working on the server upgrate test case .. does that have to apply to all Server types or just Ubuntu Base Server?07:46
KI7MT*server upgrade ..07:47
elfybasically testcases 'should' be flavour agnostic where it's possible07:47
elfyobviously something unity specific is just that07:48
KI7MTOk, I think I can do that with do-release, but need to check a few things.07:48
elfybut I do a lot of work on xubuntu - some of our things are used by lubuntu07:48
elfyyou can use FAMILY07:49
elfyI assume you looked at other testcases to see how they were written07:49
KI7MTI just need to test some of the cloud stuff, should be ok I think.07:49
elfyKI7MT: thanks for joining in with it :)07:50
KI7MTYes, been reading allot of them. I used allot of them over the years too .. lol .. not just for QA testing but for learning.07:50
KI7MTI have another nick too KE1HA .. been around UB a long time.07:51
KI7MTsince .. like, 6.xx days I think .. Im pretty sure I have a 5.xx CD round here somewhere too.07:51
KI7MTAnyway, Im off to install Edubuntu .. work some TC's there.07:53
elfyKI7MT: I know there are lot of bugs there not done - but be careful that they'll actually get used - there were a bunch of kubuntu ones - turns out they use something else for QA07:57
KI7MTYeah, I was gonn head for the Gnome Apps first .. then maybe the odd apps Ed uses.07:58
pittijibel: did you roll out the --timeout-copy fix to all nodes? http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/trusty-adt-linux/50 failed again on it08:01
jibelpitti, I did, yesterday morning.08:02
jibelI'll double-check on albali08:03
jibeltimeouts: {'test': 10000, 'copy': 1000, 'short': 100, 'build': 100000, 'install': 3000}08:04
jibelnearly 20min to copy the tree, that's a lot08:04
jibelincreased to half an hour on albali only08:05
jibelpitti, I compared tar, cp and rsync and performances are equivalent, disks on albali are just damn slow and I think there is not much to do apart from increasing the copy timeout08:27
pittijibel: ah, thanks08:27
KI7MTWhat is CVE ? I see this link on bugs, but I don't know what it is.08:28
pittiKI7MT: see http://cve.mitre.org/08:28
pittiKI7MT: in short, it's a name to identify a particular security vulnerability08:28
KI7MTGot it .. it's go crosss platforms can work the same stuff under a common ID.08:29
pitticorrect, and various vendors/distributors refer to it in their security announcements08:30
pittiso that one can track what is fixed where/when08:30
pittiwithout ambiguity08:30
KI7MTYeah, that's a good one.08:30
KI7MTYa know, I use Lubuntu & Xubuntu on two of my laptops, I really should work on those first before Edubuntu.08:37
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pittijibel: argh, "start: Job is already running: ttyS0" adt VM failures09:53
pittijibel: I got that locally as well, fixing; it seems there was some upstart change09:54
pittijibel: fixed in r272; can we please roll this out? (with your magic, or I do it myself)09:55
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jibelpitti, r272 pulled in the lab.10:27
pittijibel: ah, thanks; I was just about to do it and just saw that you did10:27
* pitti retries the failed jobs10:27
jibelpitti, there is a script in auto-package-testing/jenkins/ called update-servers . You pass it a list of [user@]server and it will pull latest revision10:28
pittiah, nice10:29
jibelthe list can be a list on the command line or a file10:29
pittierr, what?10:31
pittijibel: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html says10:32
pittiautopkgtest for shotwell 0.15.1-0ubuntu2: PASS (Jenkins: public, private)10:32
pittibut http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/Trusty/view/AutoPkgTest/job/trusty-adt-shotwell/ failed10:32
pittiI just re-triggered it10:32
pittiI actually fixed the original failure, but it now failed due to the ttyS0 issue10:32
jibelit should not be pass or fail but running10:35
jibel{"status": {"i386": "RUNNING", "amd64": "PASS", "all": "RUNNING"}, "package": "shotwell",10:35
pittiwell, britney already propagated it10:37
pitti*now* it succeeded10:37
pittilove all these "jenkins fixed" mails :)10:37
pittiumockdev is fixed in 0.5.1, will be autosynced this evening10:38
davmor2Morning all11:01
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slickymastermorning all11:13
jibelpitti, did you see this error in the lab too? I haven't seen it before11:21
jibel(the tr error)11:21
pittijibel: not that I remember; just occasionaly locally11:22
slickymasterbbl ->12:19
elopiogood morning.14:50
bfillerjcollado: our standup delayed this morning, all tied up on another call15:05
jcolladobfiller: Ok, thanks for letting me know. I'll just wait for you in the mumble channel.15:06
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balloonsping DanChapman15:41
DanChapmanballoons, howdy o/15:42
balloonshowdy :-) Just curious if you had any insight on why the ubiquity runs are still yellow and red :-)15:42
DanChapmanballoons, bug 1267116 is causing the majority of the fails which are segfaulting. I have a patch to push to fix the fails on the progress bar fraction.15:46
ubot5bug 1267116 in autopilot-gtk (Ubuntu) "ubiquity crashed with SIGSEGV in GtkNode::MatchStringProperty()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126711615:46
DanChapmanballoons, i see xubuntu is now unblocked YAY!15:46
balloonsDanChapman, ahh, ty.. I missed that bug :-)15:47
DanChapmanballoons, that bug is impossible to reproduce locally!! I must have run them 100's of times and not once can i get it to do it :-(15:47
balloonsahh no fun.. I know how that works trust me15:49
balloonsthe lab can be a magical place ;-)15:49
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balloonsping elopio16:04
elopioballoons: pong.16:05
balloonselopio, have you had any issues with tab switching and the uitk emulator?16:05
elopioballoons: just a couple.16:07
elopio1- when the center of the tab label we need to click is really close to the border, nothing will happen because unity catches the click.16:07
balloonsIt's confusing because the test on uitk passed, http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/maguro/131:20140116:20140115.1/6095/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot/673464/, while it fails http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/maguro/114:20140106:20131223.2/5905/ubuntu-clock-app-autopilot/642628/16:07
elopio2- when the center is out of the screen, we will just fail misserably.16:07
elopioWe need to scroll a little before clicking.16:07
balloonsnot many apps use the switch by index16:07
balloonsoO actually this one doesn't either.. I guess internally though, it all runs through by index16:08
elopioballoons: yeah, we take the objectName and turn it into an index, in order to see how many switches we need.16:09
elopioballoons: I see no problem on the desktop, and I have no maguro to see it running.16:12
elopioballoons: can we emulate maguro?16:12
balloonsyes, same issue here. The emulator is a place to see such things, but we'd probably need to record it. who wants to wait 10 mins or so for it to appear16:13
balloonsif it's a maguro only thing, I'm not too concerned. If you think we could do tab switching a bit better, let's at least file a bug I guess against UITK16:23
balloonselopio, ^^16:41
elopioballoons: right, I have those bugs only in my head. I'm adding them.16:42
elopiothat's in my todo after landing the text fields emulator.16:43
elopioballoons: but in the case of the clock, all the labels are small, so it shouldn't be affected.16:43
elopioI'll try to set up my emulator today to give it a try.16:43
balloonsI've played with cpulimit just now.. not sure how useful it is sadly, but it does make things run slow :-)16:45
elopioballoons: it was already reported: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/121230316:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1212303 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "the tab autopilot emulator will fail to switch to the next tab if the current is too long" [Undecided,New]16:45
balloonselopio, is all the issues with uitk and qt5.2 resolved?17:25
elopioballoons: I don't know what issues.17:27
elopioI'm just getting back to work with uitk.17:27
balloonselopio, I had seen some build issues. I guess if you didn't get invovled, there wasn't anything to be worried about :-)17:28
elopioballoons: I don't know, but I have to meet with them tomorrow morning on their weekly meeting17:30
elopioin case you want me to ask something17:30
balloonsjust ensure the uitk is in good shape. if it tests well on 5.2, our qml apps should be fairly safe17:31
elopioballoons: I'll let you know about the status.17:32
senanDanChapman, Good Eve17:36
DanChapmansenan, hey there :-)17:40
balloonsLetozaf_, howdy20:40
Letozaf_balloons, hi20:40
Letozaf_balloons, got new on reminders app ?20:43
balloonsLetozaf_, did you see the calendar request I pinged you on?20:43
balloonsLetozaf_, no, nothing new on reminders atm20:43
balloonsI'm going to keep working on it20:43
Letozaf_balloons, yes I was about to have a look at calendar app now20:44
* Letozaf_ is rebooting pc20:52
Letozaf_balloons, could it be that some calendar app tests fail on my desktop ? I just ran the tests on my box21:05
balloonsLetozaf_, I think there is a bug with translations21:06
balloonsso non-english21:06
Letozaf_balloons, ok but should I just carry on writing the new test ?21:06
balloonsLetozaf_, yes carry on. But if it's not a locale issue, then it's an unknown problem and we should figure out why ;-)21:07
Letozaf_balloons, I got 8 failures on 17 tests, thats  a lot the last one is:21:09
Letozaf_Traceback (most recent call last):21:09
Letozaf_  File "/home/letozaf/autopilot-tests/ubuntu-calendar-app/tests/autopilot/calendar_app/tests/test_calendar.py", line 99, in test_new_event21:09
Letozaf_    Eventually(Not(Is(None))))21:09
Letozaf_  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/testtools/testcase.py", line 412, in assertThat21:09
Letozaf_    raise MismatchError(matchee, matcher, mismatch, verbose)21:09
Letozaf_MismatchError: After 10.0 seconds test failed: None matches Is(None)21:09
Letozaf_balloons, doen't look like a translation problem21:09
balloonsLetozaf_, well that's definitely an issue.. let me try on my box real quick21:09
Letozaf_balloons, but here http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/132:20140116.1:20140115.1/6112/ all tests passed21:10
balloonsLetozaf_, can you do me a quick favor actually? My n4 isn't working atm.. can you test this branch quickly for music and ensure it passes? lp:~vthompson/music-app/artists-tab-ap-test21:10
Letozaf_balloons, ok21:10
balloonsi'll try calendar trunk21:10
balloonstrunk works still for me locally :-)21:15
Letozaf_balloons, looks like something is wrong on my box then :O21:17
balloonsLetozaf_, not necessarily.. which test fails?21:17
balloonsLetozaf_, yes I just made changes that aren't in CI yet21:18
Letozaf_balloons, let me finish runnin music_app test then I will tell you21:18
Letozaf_balloons, all tests passed for lp:~vthompson/music-app/artists-tab-ap-test21:24
balloonsLetozaf_, ty21:24
Letozaf_balloons, yw21:24
Letozaf_balloons, I will run the calendar app tests again now21:24
Letozaf_balloons, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6764317/21:33
Letozaf_balloons, I think I should run the tests one by one, the output doesn't say much, what remains in my terminal at least21:34
balloonsLetozaf_, yes, run the test that fails in solo21:34
balloonsyou running with -v?21:35
Letozaf_balloons, -vv21:35
balloonsoO knome21:35
Letozaf_knome, :D21:35
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Letozaf_balloons, same error running only calendar_app.tests.test_calendar.TestMainView.test_new_event so I think that the other tests just do not run when this fails the autopilot test get interrupted by this failure21:40
balloonsahh, perfect. Ok, so do you know why it's failing?21:41
Letozaf_balloons, let me look at the code...21:41
Letozaf_balloons, looks like the event is not created in timeline, the assert fails as the event is not found21:43
Letozaf_balloons, maybe I can try to reproduce it by hand21:44
Letozaf_balloons, manually21:44
Letozaf_balloons, to verify that the event is created or not21:44
balloonssure, that's a good idea to verify :-)21:44
Letozaf_balloons, the event is not created, after I have saved it I cannot find it21:47
Letozaf_balloons, :O21:47
balloonsoO really?21:47
balloonsit shows up for me21:47
balloonshow interesting21:47
Letozaf_balloons, :? how strange... I must have something wrong on my PC21:48
Letozaf_balloons, I do not see the events I insert on my desktop but on the device I do21:52
Letozaf_balloons, oO21:52
KI7MTWhat's the policy for writing test cases for apps which are not part of the install manifest ?21:52
balloonsKI7MT, you can write tests for any app.. Our primary focus is the default apps, but :-) There is a maintenance burden with having lots of tests that aren't being used.. what did you have in mind?21:54
KI7MTballoons, Thats' what I thought, was looking at some of the bugs for Lubuntu, Gdebi is listed as a need, but when I checked the manifest, it's not listed.21:56
KI7MTI have not checked the others listed yet.21:57
Letozaf_balloons, it must be something wrong on my PC, now it's getting late for me, but I will run the calendar-app tests on my notebook tomorrow, if they work I will just re-install on my PC, maybe too much playing around messed something22:00
Letozaf_balloons, buona notte see you tomorrow :D22:03
KI7MTballoons, However, I did find gdebi and gdebi-core on the 13.10 Beta2 manifest, need to look at this a bit further, but Maybe I pulled the wrong manifest.22:05
KI7MTballoons, sure enough .. lubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd64.manifest also lists both .. so i guess it's good-to-go. Not sure how I balls'ed it up the first time around.22:09
balloonslol :-)22:09
balloonssometimes I feel crazy when I re-read something22:10
KI7MTballoons, I have Lubuntu up and running, for Gdebi test-case, should I have the user(s) do an actual install & removal of a package to test it's functionality? This would require downloading a .deb package before hand.23:31
phillwKI7MT: simply add and remove a  libre office package...23:49
phillw--> runs back to #phillw :)23:49
KI7MTphillw, Not sure I understand that, are libre packages .deb ?23:50
phillwall packages as standard are .deb. we can use .rpm / zlib etc.23:51
KI7MTUnderstand, but for gdebi the .deb has to reside locally on the system, so I think i'd have to DL one first.23:52
phillwKI7MT: Is gdebi a test case for lubuntu?23:53
KI7MTwell .. it will be when Im done writing it :-)23:54
phillwsome one has been writing new test cases :)23:54
KI7MTYeah, was goign to DL like dialog or something simple that has very few deps, and use that as the install/remove example.23:55
KI7MTas Gdebi is a package manager, probably should test that it can do what it's intended to do I'd think.23:57
phillwI have found gdebi to be okay, but lubuntu can not support other applications such as gdebi... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/14.0423:59

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