darkxst_infinity: hi, can you take a look at dropping cinnamon today01:05
infinitydarkxst_: Demoted to -proposed and blocked from migration.01:13
darkxst_infinity: thanks01:13
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cjwatson[5~/wg 2514:24
ogra_asciiart !14:25
cjwatsonerr, bugger, please be careful about processing NEW17:13
cjwatsonmy auto-sync change was wrong, is resyncing a bunch of old removed stuff17:13
cjwatsonI will remove it again as soon as I have time and sufficient network (am downloading a large image at the moment)17:14
cjwatsonfixed auto-sync17:16
cjwatsonat least a good chunk of the syncs failed17:17
infinitycjwatson: Do you have a bunch of rejects to do or something?  The queue doesn't look too scary...17:19
cjwatsoninfinity: yes17:21
cjwatsonat the very least I need to review each incorrect-logic auto-sync17:22
cjwatsonsome will be fine17:22
infinitycjwatson: Alright, I won't touch the queue.17:23
cjwatsonSome are OK, but I've found examples of both good and bad.  Have to stop for a bit now though17:29
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