bigcalmI appear to have a fully working system again (glad I backed up my home dir)00:19
bigcalmMaking do with the free drivers00:19
diddledanmy cpufan is going like stink on a newly installed server-12.04. I'm assuming the server release doesn't include any speedstep out-of-the-box?01:08
daftykinsseems likely01:09
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diddledanI think I'm going to replace the cpu-cooler on this machine01:41
diddledanworryingly when I inherited the box the cooler wasn't fastened to the board properly so I'm wondering now whether there was any thermal grease01:42
diddledanit's currently being sensed as running at 70C and that was climbing before I turned down the cpu frequency01:43
diddledanunrelated but a similar issue is the nvidia quadro vga card seems to be getting too hot also01:44
daftykinsthermal paste for them both perhaps :D01:45
diddledanlm-sensors is a useful thing01:47
daftykinshow was the sink not on properly? 0o01:48
diddledanthree of the four fixing poles were loose01:49
diddledanit's an intel i7 so it has that funky quick-release fixing01:50
daftykinsfour black plastic posts that spin 90 degrees?01:50
diddledanpush-down plungers to affix onto the board01:50
diddledanyups those01:50
daftykinsthat's been true since a looooong time01:50
daftykinsoops poor english there01:50
diddledanhave you turned German?01:51
daftykinsthe design has been around since the original core's i think01:51
daftykinsja, warum?01:51
diddledan"I've been in this channel since 5 years"01:51
diddledanor some other bad engrish01:52
daftykinsbut yeah it might've had a very thin layer01:52
daftykinsbut get yourself some arctic silver 501:52
diddledanI need a measuring stick to work out how much space this box has02:01
MartijnVdSGood morning everyone!07:28
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dwatkins_This could be interesting, in several ways.08:18
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MartijnVdSdwatkins: :( poor you08:19
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: yeah, my employer seems to think it's a good idea, but I'm not so comfortable with having our mailboxes managed by a third party08:20
MartijnVdSdwatkins: And not just any third pary..08:20
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: indeed, although they're not a competitor, it still means (in theory) that they can read our mail.08:20
MartijnVdSbut they'd NEVER do that, right?08:22
diploMorning all08:26
MartijnVdShi diplo08:27
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qZygn1ukNc08:31
diploReally wouldn't want my mail hosted with a 3rd party either08:40
jussimorning all08:41
jussiIm still high from the cocaine... err... medication. but, I need a small bit of advice.08:42
jussiI need a video plugin for chrome that is actually decently useable, not htis totem crap. there used to be mozilla-plugin-vlc - but that doesnt seem to exist any more....08:43
Myrtti"don't joke about substance abuse on an IRC channel publicly logged"?08:43
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:43
MartijnVdSMyrtti: maybe he's not joking08:46
MartijnVdSjussi: browser-plugin-vlc - multimedia plugin for web browsers based on VLC08:46
jussiMyrtti: given that the medication is an opiate, it hardly is a joke about substance abuse.08:46
jussiMyrtti: thanks. do you happen to remember the name of the totem plugin so I can remove it?08:47
MartijnVdSjussi: you can just disable it in about://plugins right?08:47
MartijnVdSjussi: "apt-cache search totem plugin" otherwise :)08:48
jussihrm, potentially... let me check.08:48
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:49
bigcalmBack on Linux, yay08:49
jussiweird. browser says I have vlc plugin. why then do I have a plugin that I cant adjust where I am in the stream?08:49
MartijnVdSjussi: becuase the site asked the vlc plugin to disallow that?08:51
popeypip pip08:52
jussiMartijnVdS: that would be a suprise, as the stream is playable on my android phone and I can do that...08:52
popeyjussi: i personally never use embedded video players. i tend to extract the stream url and launch vlc or mplayer manually08:53
DJonesWhy does the font/text/update window for the Java updater on windows looks like something that was designed to run on Windows 3.008:53
jussiooh, now vlc just crashes... lovely. and there is a nice typo bug there...08:53
DJonesUgh, looks awefull08:54
jussibah, ubuntu's screenshot app is very poor08:54
jussiits funny, all the little things Im used to in kubuntu...08:55
popeyi use Shutter which is very nice08:56
jussipopey: will it auto map the keys for that if I install it?09:05
popeycomprehensive guide there09:06
popeyeven covers the niche desktop "KDE"09:06
jussicripes, that was a lot of deps...09:06
SuperMattmy boss seems to have done the incomprehensible. I created a backup script which uses rsync and hard links to make daily backups of a server. I originally set the script to keep 30 days worth, and the boss has reduced it to 709:06
SuperMattbecause it's hard links, those extra 23 days really don't take up any extra space09:07
popeysure they do09:07
jussiSuperMatt: does your boss have pointy hair?09:07
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: some kind of data destruction policy?09:08
SuperMattpopey: sure, but a lot of the data I sync changes rarely09:10
SuperMattso it's nice to have a month to spot a mistake, rather than 7 days, or whatever09:10
popeythats annoying then09:13
SuperMattoh well09:14
SuperMatthe's obviously done it to get things back to the way he likes it when I leave tomorrow09:14
SuperMattmustn't grumble09:15
diploAnd you'll get the blame Monday when things go wrong :D09:15
SuperMattdiplo: naturally ;)09:28
bigcalmDave2: my tea did not nearly burn me. I am disappointed09:30
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Nothing Day! :-D09:31
SuperMattNothing day?09:31
SuperMattwe have nothing to celebrate?09:31
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Nothing_Day09:31
SuperMattor we're supposed to be celebrating the concept of nothingness?09:31
JamesTaitI do feel we need some British events on this calendar though.09:32
SuperMattwe'd just end up with national whippet and flatcap day09:34
SuperMattyorkshire pudding day09:34
foobarryairfix day09:35
SuperMattooh yes09:35
SuperMattI would go in for that day09:35
MartijnVdSCornish Pasty Day? Please?09:35
foobarryevery day is pasty day09:35
foobarrysausage sandwich day09:35
SuperMattdammit lads, I now want a sausage sandwich09:36
SuperMattreplete with extra cheese and bacon09:36
shaunoI had a chuckle when I moved to michigan.  turns out the upper peninsula is full of cornish immigrants (where there's tin mines, there's cornish ..).  So they thought pasties were a local thing09:37
popeypoached egg day09:37
shaunomuch confusion when the 'foreigner' required no introduction to pasties09:38
MartijnVdSshauno: weird 'muricans09:39
SuperMattpasties... just smaller, less cheesey calzones09:39
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: a bit less tomato-ey as well09:39
MartijnVdSand fewer "Italian" herbs :)09:39
foobarryMartijnVdS: ali1234 apparently there is an app called aemulor which is nonfree, but lets you play old games on the risc os on the pi09:39
SuperMattI guess it all really depends on the pastie09:39
foobarrylamb and mint , or cornish original09:40
SuperMattcheese and ham please09:42
SuperMatthttp://sploid.gizmodo.com/time-traveling-photographer-adds-herself-into-her-child-1499112549 <- genuninely cool09:45
MartijnVdSa "whole" in the space-time continuum? A whole?09:45
MartijnVdSCan't those people English?09:45
SuperMattclearly not09:46
SuperMatttbh, I think it's bad editors, or lack of09:46
MartijnVdS\o/ vim09:46
SuperMattin the day of print media, that wouldn't have swung, but these days there's such a pressure to publish first that too many mistakes are made09:47
foobarryyou would have thought that wtih 24 hr news channels, you might end up with decent news, but it's still politics and death on a rolling 20 minute repeat09:52
bigcalmJust disconnected from a client's VPN and noticed that Skype disconnected/reconnected09:58
bigcalmThat's somewhat disturbing09:58
diplobigcalm: Sounds like VPN is using remote gateway10:00
MartijnVdSor skype just bindly reconnects on every network device change10:05
bigcalmSilly computers10:09
DJonesAlanBell: Are you around for a pm, no rush if you're busy, just want to pick your brains on software for tyre management/stock control/invoicing etc and see if you've come across anything in the opensource market10:11
jussiDJones: doesnt openerp cover tht pretty well ?10:22
jussioh I so want to eat warm things again...10:23
DJonesjussi: Yeah probably, but I suspect we'd need a pre-developed system rather than have to install openerp and then internally develop the system ourselves10:26
DJonesWe also want to move to a hosted system accessable via the web & a web browser if possible, rather than having a system installed on our own machines, current system is pretty old and doesn't really work with multiple depots as a single system, have to have an install at each depot which updates the main system daily via a modem rather than via the web10:28
jussiDJones: guessing you havent seen openerp recently ?10:34
DJonesjussi: No, its not something I've ever used10:34
jussiDJones: go have a look over it - it has improved significantly recently10:35
jussihas lots of built in "applications" - like POS, management etc10:35
MartijnVdSit has a built-in Piece of Sh*t app?10:36
jussiMartijnVdS: Point of Sales...10:36
DJonesjussi: I've got no doubt it would do most, if not all, things we need, the problem would be getting it up and running in the an industry standard way firstly, linking to 3rd party supplier/customer systems etc, thats without trying to teach a tyre fitter how to switch a computer/tablet on & actually use it to process job sheets10:40
=== roht is now known as wadzi
jussiDJones: yeah, I hear you. guess AlanBell is your man for that...10:41
DJonesThats more why we'd look for a system already in use first, 1) So we could see how it works and 2) to reduce the setup/configuration needed10:41
jussihrm... cold, throat friendly things that are still satisfying.... nope, I couldnt think of any either10:45
DJonesjussi: Fishermens Friend's they're good for bad throats10:46
jussiDJones: not this kind of bad throat, sadly. (had tonsils out)10:47
DJonesAh, Chocolate Ice cream?10:47
jussiyeah, ice cream is good. but gets boring after a while. I wish for a nice roast dinner.... :P10:48
jussior a hearty winter stew10:48
jussior even a meat pie!10:48
jussicanned fruit salad and ice cream... not so nice when you ar hungry10:49
DJonesI can believe that, my wife had a gastric bypass 12 months ago which probably had similar effects on dietry requirement, she had a month of eating pretty much liquidised/very soft food10:51
AlanBellDJones: hi, just reading back . . .10:51
jussiDJones: I think tomorrow I can have warm stuff already - depends on the soreness. if it continues the same then tomorrow is looking good10:51
jussibtw, anyone know how to make the fingerprint reader on this hp work ?10:52
DJonesAlanBell: The question is more whether you've come across any tyre depot management software, I guess ideally opensource, but that may well be unlikely due to the small market10:53
AlanBellDJones: what third party system links would it need?10:53
DJonesAlanBell: It has to link to places like Michelin, Goodyear etc for price databases, but the big area is that we have to enter job sheets into a 3rd party system to get authorisation codes before producing invoices and then both systems have to be updated with information from both systems, thats a couple of 3rd party systems that use similar idea but different processing methods10:56
DJonesI think in reality, its unlikly that outside of commercial systems that there would be anything available10:57
AlanBellyeah, I would start with OpenERP and develop custom modules to do the interfacing10:58
DJonesTHis is what we use now http://www.teamsystems.co.uk/Default.asp?page=software but it seems archaic and not particularly updated/developed10:59
AlanBelland do some other UI tweaks for presenting the invoices with the 4 wheels with alignment information and so on10:59
DJonesThats the sort of thing I'd expect, although I suspect the directors would probably go down the line of using a 'known industry system' rather than having to have something developed & integrated themselves11:01
davmor2Morning all11:01
DJonesThere's probably also an issue in terms of getting approval from the 3rd party systems to link an unknown/new system into their systems11:02
davmor2Today I've decided is going to be a good day, so everyone enjoy it :D11:02
AlanBellDJones: yeah, vertical solutions are sometimes the path of least resistance :)11:02
DJonesSadly yes11:02
davmor2bigcalm: how did you get on with you Desktop?11:03
AlanBellhowever, sometimes they are trying to extract so much money from the sector that it is worth taking a new approach11:03
AlanBellDJones: could you form a consortium of competitors to fund/build a new open source industry solution?11:04
DJonesAlanBell: I doubt it, the market is pretty small once you exclude the big national chains, we're probably one of the biggest outside the nationals, smaller firms probably wouldn't be as concerned with the limitations of the existing systems11:06
bigcalmdavmor2: fixed it by taring up my home dir, sending it to my server, reinstalling Ubuntu 13.10, copying my home dir back11:13
davmor2bigcalm: that's way drastic why did you need to do that?  And then did you do some work in the end ;)11:14
bigcalmdavmor2: I went to bed at 00:15 once I had reinstalled enough packages to start work this morning11:14
bigcalmdavmor2: I got fed up and did what I knew would work11:15
bigcalmdavmor2: making do with the free driver11:15
bigcalmdavmor2: I'm going to have hell with my new laptop next week, aren't I?11:15
davmor2bigcalm: Why?  Should be modernish hardware and just work11:16
MartijnVdSyay modern hardware :)11:16
bigcalmdavmor2: my workstation is less than a year old11:16
DJonesbigcalm: Is your new laptop dual graphics? eg intel & nvidia, things like that seem like a pig to get working11:18
davmor2bigcalm: then I don't know why you are having issues.  The only issue I have had is that trustys 3.13 kernel doesn't like hybrid gfx but that will be fixed11:18
davmor2DJones: not any more nvidia released a prime driver just work in 3.11 and 3.12 got broken by a change in 3.13 but that will be fixed soon11:18
DJonesdavmor2: Interesting11:19
DJonesI might consider a new laptop then11:19
davmor2DJones: you need < nvidia-313 and nvidia-prime11:20
DJonesMaybe wait until after bigcalm's got his set up & written up his blog about issues and how to fix them :)11:20
davmor2bigcalm: did you ever say what laptop you were getting?11:21
DJonesI like the look of the Lenovo y510p11:29
davmor2and that knock at the door will be my N411:30
DJonesAh well, we won't see you for the rest of the day11:30
bigcalmdavmor2: several times ;) http://www.dell.com/uk/p/inspiron-15-7537/pd?oc=cn75305&model_id=inspiron-15-753711:30
* bigcalm hits refresh on the order page - still in China :(11:31
davmor2DJones: I have the Lenovo Ideapad Y580 i7 8GB 1TB hdd with optimus gfx can't fault it bah the stupidly sensitive trackpad with no real buttons11:31
bigcalmdavmor2: this page contains the spec of my workstation: http://www.myrant.net/2013/02/17/multi-screen-with-ubuntu-unity/11:31
DJonesbigcalm: Thats a good price, similar spec to the lenovo, but £200 cheaper11:32
DJonesProcessor slightly different & less memory11:32
bigcalmYeah, I couldn't afford the cost of a decent Lenovo11:33
DJonesIt says optional touch capeability, or is it just touchscreen anyway, seems to be two different statements on the website11:35
bigcalmDJones: yeah, bit odd that. I think it's coming with a touch screen. There weren't any options to change the hardware configuration11:36
DJonesI might well be tempted by that, I'll keep watching to see how you get on11:37
DJonesSpecially if I can persuade work to buy it for me :)11:38
dwatkinsI just saw someone receive an iPad they won from a competition, I can barely believe my eyes.11:38
bigcalmdwatkins: you meant that they aren't all scams?11:38
dwatkinsbigcalm: well, this was an internal (corporate) prize draw thing11:39
davmor2bigcalm: you leaving windows 8 on it (we know how you hate freedom :P)11:54
jussihrm, never tought cold meatballs could taste so good...11:56
bigcalmdavmor2: remember that SSD I returned to OCZ? They sent a replacement that has yet to be used in anything. So I'll swap out the HDD for the SSD before Windows 8 gets a chance to irritate me at all11:58
davmor2bigcalm: nice11:58
bigcalm120GB should be enough for anybody12:00
* bigcalm hits f512:01
bigcalmDamn it12:01
bigcalmOh, time for a tweet12:01
Myrttiwell. Let me tell you that if I get the BT connect android app to work properly on my phone,, it's a godsent12:05
Myrttibecause it looks like I need to call HMRC12:06
MyrttiI should calm down a bit, my eyelid has a muscle twitch now...12:06
mappshi folks12:23
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bigcalmdavmor2: so will +1 be ready for me to put onto the new laptop on Wednesday?12:37
MartijnVdSsure, I've been running it on my system for months already12:37
bigcalmBut will the kernel and nvidia be ready? :)12:37
davmor2bigcalm: depends I didn't look at the gfx, if it is dedicated or intel, then yes if it is optimus possibly not but the intel gfx part of it works fine12:38
MartijnVdSbigcalm: I don't know, I avoid nvidia12:38
davmor2bigcalm: nvidia is good now popey can you confirm that on +1 nvidia is good now?12:38
bigcalmdavmor2: goodie :)12:39
popeydavmor2: my desktop is fine12:39
davmor2bigcalm: just optimus that is broken currently12:39
popey3.13 is sorted12:39
davmor2popey: except optimus but I might chase up with tseiliot on that after12:39
bigcalmdavmor2: the author who died in 1965?12:42
davmor2bigcalm: no12:43
foobarryi remember him from ubuntuforums back a good few years ago now12:49
foobarryin the era of automatix12:49
popeyhe did another thing like that12:50
popeywhat was it called12:50
popeythats it12:51
popeythen he got hired ☻12:51
foobarrywith alberto milone?12:51
popeythat is him12:51
foobarryor is that the same guy12:51
foobarrythen everybody tried a dist-upgrade12:51
popeyremember when Michael Dell said he used Ubuntu at home with 12:49:46 < foobarry> in the era of automatix12:51
foobarryAARRGH ubuntu is lame cannot upgrade12:51
popeyremember when Michael Dell said he used Ubuntu at home automatix12:51
foobarryi get you12:51
popeyhehe, 200712:52
foobarryprobably stopped when his upgrade failed12:52
foobarryi can see why it was created though. it was neceesary to fill a gap12:52
foobarryeither all but 5 of my friends have stopped facebooking or facebook just doesn't wnt to show me their stuff anymore12:54
foobarryor both12:55
popeywell facebook deliberately limits what you see12:56
popeythey believe you'd get a firehose every time you login otherwise12:56
MartijnVdSI've been using it less and less12:56
shaunoironically, the best solution seems to be to have as few friends as possible12:56
foobarrynice of them to choose who i want to see13:01
foobarryi tend to hide people or unfriend them if i'm not interested in their waffle13:01
MartijnVdSfoobarry: oh you influence it, by liking things you get to see more by that person13:02
MartijnVdSfoobarry: and by commenting etc.13:02
popey\o/ 3213:02
foobarryon a related note, can i filter on twitter stream?13:02
MartijnVdSfoobarry: yes, unfollow13:02
popeyyes, if you use a different client13:02
popeyi use tweetdeck13:02
popeyhas good filtering options13:02
MartijnVdSfoobarry: or make lists and put someine in some lists but not others13:02
shaunoheh, I'm somewhere around the 30 mark too13:02
foobarryi want to filter the content from a user, to reduce the spam but only get interesting bits13:03
popeyi unfollow noisy people and put them in a "noisy people" list13:04
popeywhich is a separate column off to the right on tweetdeck13:04
popeywhich i rarely look at13:04
popeywhat my tweetdeck looks like13:05
popeywith noisy people off screen (along with DMs) on the right13:05
foobarryi'm thinking more about accounts like zinio, kindle, kobo : wanna hear about free books and deals, but not other crap. likewise, if you sign up to the email account you are bomarded linkedin style13:05
foobarrywow. much informations13:05
MartijnVdSsuch offer13:06
foobarryseems strange to companies that i might not want 10 tweets a day from them13:08
MartijnVdSI tend to not follow companies13:08
MartijnVdSthough you could put them in their own list if you want to13:08
foobarrybut you still have to check the list13:09
foobarryand read their crap13:09
MartijnVdSfoobarry: or not, and don't read it unless you feel like it13:09
popeyi also actively unfollow anyone who promotes a tweet13:09
popeythe only exception to that so far is nokia13:09
foobarrykindle twitter account have sorted it out now. they only send daily deals13:09
foobarrythats all i wanna see13:10
* popey creates a 'deals' stream and adds that and hotdeals uk to it13:11
foobarry"When our website goes back online it will not display any self published material until we are completely confident..that inappropriate books can never be shown again"13:11
foobarry^^ whsmith. shame their results are full of smut when i search for tame items13:11
popeyyay, added a mk list and put it waaay out of sight13:13
popeyall my lists are two latter abbreviations13:14
foobarrybut if you have the official twitter app on your phone will you see the whole thing? can you filter on that?13:15
popeyno, i dont13:15
popeytwitter app by default only shows who i am following13:15
popeypeople in lists don't have to be followed13:15
foobarrypretty lame13:15
popeyno, perfect13:15
Laneyip = interesting people?13:15
foobarryah, popey> people in lists don't have to be followed13:15
popeyyes :)13:15
Laneygd = games developers13:15
popeygame dev, yeah13:16
Laneythat's a tough one13:16
popeyit is?13:16
Dave2compact flash, obviously13:16
Laneysomething folks13:16
popeyit was the first list I made iirc13:16
popeythe names are somewhat loose ☻13:16
popeycf is basically "close friends" but means "people I probably know in real life and would/do go for beer with, and they tweet quite a bit of interesting stuff, and I also follow them"13:18
popeybut "cf" is shorter13:18
popeyso i see their stuff in the main feed anyway13:18
foobarryi only use twitter when i'm waiting for my evening train13:20
foobarrymight use it more if it was more flexible in terms of filters13:21
foobarrymaybe i could write my own code to pull tweets from foobarry -> filter ->  foobarryfiltered account13:21
gone_I am new13:34
gone_Anyone here?13:34
gone_Good to see you13:35
gone_Anyone else?13:37
gone_I need help13:37
lubotu3Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:37
foobarryabout to kill my phone to try to fix the terrible slowness13:37
=== alan_g|afk is now known as alan_g
gone_lubotu3: Ok13:41
lubotu3You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)13:41
gone_Hello bot, then...13:45
MartijnVdSgone_: you said you needed help.. with what do you need help? :)13:46
gone_I'll ask13:46
gone_I mean s/5846/584615/g13:47
gone_Ok just e_> http://paste.ubuntu.org.cn/58461513:47
MartijnVdSI can't read the fiery letters"13:47
MartijnVdSor the Chinese ones, for that matter ;)13:47
MartijnVdScould you retry the command, like this:13:48
gone_Forgot to tell you that I am a Chinese13:48
MartijnVdSLC_ALL=C make13:48
Myrttiis this Debian or Ubuntu, and why not ask on a chinese channel?13:48
gone_Because they are busy...13:48
gone_Nobody reply me13:48
ali1234you have missing dependencies13:48
gone_I've installed libglfw313:49
directhexyeah, i can't decipher the chinese. can you do what MartijnVdS suggested, gone_?13:49
gone_I've downloaded the source code and installed it13:49
directhexthat should give you output in english, which we'll be able to read13:49
ali1234sudo apt-get install libglfw-dev13:49
ali1234also what foobarry said13:50
directhexfoobarry, good job!13:50
foobarrythe workaround is on this page http://www.cocos2d-x.org/forums/6/topics/4250313:50
directhexgone_, thanks, that's definitely the issue foobarry links to, which has a small patch to fix it13:51
gone_I am reading that link13:53
gone_Very helpful13:56
foobarrydid it work?13:56
shauno"fiery letters" .. I may have to use that one :)13:59
MartijnVdSshauno: It's from LotR :)14:00
MartijnVdSshauno: it's what Frodo calls the letters in the ring after it's been in the fire14:00
shaunoah, gotcha14:00
MartijnVdS"The letters are Elvish, of an ancient mode, but the language is that of Mordor, which I will not utter here."14:01
directhexi believe chinese is significantly different from elvish14:01
directhexelvish script is much more flowing. chinese script is more a series of letters14:01
shaunoI always figured elvish was basically welsh14:02
MartijnVdSbut it's "Mordorese" written with Elvish letters14:03
gone_Sounds like "knee how"14:04
directhexthe only chinese i know i learned from watching a languages show on pre-school TV14:05
* popey just had chinese for lunch14:05
popeynom nom nom14:05
shaunoI can passably say "hello, do you speak english?".  Which makes me feel like such the stereotype14:06
shaunonot sure I could spell it, however14:06
directhexchinese is rarely taught at school to "general" student populations - the immigrant chinese population isn't high enough in most areas for most schools to offer formal chinese classes, and for foreign language education, western european languages are easier to learn (due to similarities to english)14:07
directhexi have a russian qualification though, and i did a little japanese at school14:07
directhexdon't remember any of it now, mind you14:07
shaunoour school actually offered russian, but you couldn't opt for it unless you were doing acceptably well with your primary "modern language"14:08
MartijnVdSMine offered English (compulsory), French and German. Hated French and German at the time, wished I hadn't dropped them now.14:09
shaunoI'm unconvinced it would have made a difference.  they're very much a "use or it lose it" deal.  I actually passed french, but wouldn't confess to understanding a word anymore14:11
Myrttiooh, finally found piccies of the kitchen cupboards I saw in the last Sherlock episode14:11
MartijnVdSshauno: "Un petit peu" ;)14:11
directhexwikipedia suggests out of a UK population of 63 million, there are 136000 from PRC plus 82000 from hong kong (which is listed separately) and no 2011 figures for taiwan (which is listed separately)14:11
shaunoyou'd have to converse with belgians just to keep your hand in :/14:12
Myrttiso I did see correctly, it does have that pattern on it14:12
Myrttifunky. Probably proper expensive too.14:12
shaunoI think it's fair to separate hong kong within this context, since they speak primarily cantonese rather than mandarin14:13
popeymy kids get en and fr, and the option of de or es and latin14:13
gone_I don't care about those politics at all14:13
MartijnVdSpopey: ah yes, latin and ancient greek were also options (as a "package deal" only)14:14
shaunowe were split 50/50 over fr/de14:14
popeylatin is only available as an extra class after hours14:14
shaunobut on the plus side, all my teachers were wrong; I've ended up requiring central/eastern european languages a whole lot more than french14:15
MartijnVdSpopey: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Education_in_the_Netherlands#High_school - only "VWO" got the option of Latin/Greek14:15
directhexgone_, did you get cocos2d to build?14:16
directhexi have qualifications in french, latin, ancient greek, and russian14:16
directhexhmph :/14:16
gone_I can't understand this: http://paste.ubuntu.org.cn/58468814:17
gone_What do they mean?14:17
MartijnVdSgone_: it's a unified diff, the first 2 lines show which file to edit, the rest indicates which lines to add (+) and remove (-). The "patch" tool can do this for you.14:18
gone_I'm using Debian Testing with gcc version 4.8.214:18
directhexand the lines starting @@ show approximately which lines in the file need modifying14:18
gone_Am I need to install a package named patch?14:23
gone_If I don't have one14:23
awilkinsIf you have even the basics of development tools you should already have patch14:24
shauno"which patch" should tell you.  if it replies with nothing, the package 'build-essential' would be a good start14:24
gone_Do I need to save those codes into a file with a special file name?14:27
gone_And use the patch tool14:27
directhexgone_, yeah. download the file, switch to ~/src/cocos2d-x-3.0beta/, and run "patch -p1 < path/to/patchfile.diff"14:28
gone_Ok,I'll do14:30
gone_It doesn't work14:32
gone_I'll paste it14:33
Myrttiso why did you even try to make it if patch failed14:35
gone_I don't know how to say "算了" in English14:38
directhexlooks like the patch file screwed up14:38
gone_I'll give it up today14:38
directhexgone_, go to http://paste.ubuntu.org.cn/584688 and click 点击下载 at the top14:38
directhexthat should download a "good" copy14:38
gone_It's working14:41
gone_Oh my god14:41
directhexcredit to foobarry, he found the patch14:41
gone_I do love Britain.14:43
gone_Any whovian here?14:44
dwatkinsTimey Wimey!14:45
* MartijnVdS checks his TARDIS14:45
directhexthat's like asking if anyone drinks tea14:45
gone_I also watch Sherlock14:48
gone_Freezing here14:50
gone_Thank you all ,by the way~14:54
mappsi drink green tea14:54
gone_I also drink black tea14:55
mappsraining again here14:55
mappsgood thing i dont have to go anywhere:)14:55
gone_You like stay in house?14:56
mappswhen its bad weathe ya14:56
gone_So do I14:58
gone_mapps:May I sak you for another little help, it's not about linux or coding15:01
daftykinsmapps: heh i know that situation only too well, especially as a cyclist!15:03
mappsfun times eh:D its also bad when it gets icey..hate it when it snows turns to slush thgen ice15:03
mappsmy whole road's like an ice rink!15:03
gone_It's some paperworks15:04
mappsfor what15:04
gone_Just find and fix some15:05
gone_Grammar misktakes15:05
SuperMattachievement unlocked: exit interview.15:05
SuperMattonly... 10 hours left in this job15:05
mappsaha ok15:05
gone_I'm Chinese you know15:05
SuperMattshame it's spready out over two days15:05
daftykinsSuperMatt: :D15:05
gone_I am not good at English15:06
daftykinsSuperMatt: have you got much of a gap between the end and the start of the new?15:06
mappsnot your first language i takje it?15:06
gone_Not Chinese15:07
bigcalmSuperMatt: golden handshake?15:07
SuperMattdaftykins: start on monday15:07
mappsThis webpage is not available15:07
mappsgreat fw of china keeping me out?15:07
directhexworks here15:08
directhexgreat firewall of mapps keeping mapps out15:08
ikoniapopey: actually better in this channel15:08
mappsConnection refused: paste.ubuntu.org.cn:8015:08
ikoniapopey: are you still producing the ubuntu-uk podcasts ?15:09
ikoniado you record them on linux ?15:09
popeybut we take a break between christmas and end of feb15:09
ikoniaso I'm guessing a usb microphone ?15:09
popeyreal mics and a mixer15:09
ikoniashucks, not to worry, thank you though15:10
popeywell, ask anyway15:10
popeyblue snowball15:10
directhexwell, yeti pro15:10
directhexalso from blue15:10
directhexbasically, blue all the things15:10
ikoniapopey: just wondered if there was a solid USB microphone that had %100 support out of the box on linux15:10
directhexwe use a yeti pro as our conf call mic for non-SIP conf calls15:11
directhexe.g. hangouts, skype15:11
ikoniafound some bit online but written by idiots, so thought if you where actually using one...15:11
popeysee above ☻15:11
popeyI use blue snowball for all hangouts, and some other podcasts15:11
ikoniadirecthex: yeti pro, let me see, thank you15:11
popeyhttp://imgur.com/2XSX0Rr you can see it on my messy desk in the middle15:11
directhexgeneral case: usb audio should JustWork(tm) on linux15:12
ikoniapopey: that's huge15:13
popeyah, thats the mount15:13
popeyyou dont need that15:13
ikoniadirecthex: I'm doing some work away from home and was thinking about doing some recording while away to make use of down time, so needed an "ok" quality mic15:13
popeyblue are above okay quality15:13
ikoniathe reviews online are so up and down and written by such idiots it's hard to get a factual /trusted review15:13
directhexyeti is giant, but like i said, conf room mic15:14
ikoniathe blue looks ok15:14
ikoniaso does the yeti15:14
popeyI've had it for maybe 4 years or more15:14
gone_Good night,it's 23:14 here in China15:14
popeynn gone_15:14
ikoniagents, great tips, nice to have a bit of a trusted opinion15:14
directhexBlue have some tiny portable mics15:15
directhextiki and snowflake15:15
shaunoah yes, famous grouse, the cornerstone of any work-from-home setup :)15:15
directhexor i expect the blue icicle will work, that's an XLR converter dongle15:16
shaunonow the laminator makes sense15:16
* daftykins sedates MartijnVdS 15:25
Myrttigah, I hate when I forget what I was doing15:34
MartijnVdSMyrtti: coding perl!15:34
Myrttilol, that would be a feat15:34
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|afk
daftykinsknitting perl!15:35
Myrttiwhat I've done in perl in my whole life: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6762588/15:36
Myrttimuch perl.15:36
popeyi wrote some patches to usemod wiki15:36
popeywhich was fun as it's a gigantic single perl file15:36
Myrttipopey: I bet my quality coding is better and fancier and more useful than yours!15:36
davmor2daftykins: you don't knit perl you knit knit, you perl perl :P15:37
popeyoh mine was mostly copy/paste trial/error/error/error/error*15:37
SuperMattI'll tell you what I do with perl15:39
SuperMattI run away from it, crying15:40
davmor2SuperMatt: haha15:40
SuperMattI tried learning it15:40
SuperMattbut in the end I found I was better suited to pythongs15:41
SuperMattmuch snugger fit15:41
davmor2SuperMatt: do we really want to know that you wear 3.14....... pairs of thongs ;)15:42
=== alan_g|afk is now known as alan_g
SuperMattI actually regularly misspell python as pythong, so I've just turned it in to a running joke15:44
SuperMattI guess because the motion of 'on' on the keyboard is quite similar to 'in', which is often followed by a 'g' for doing words15:45
SuperMattor it could be that I have an unconscious desire to wear thongs15:46
SuperMattone of the two15:46
SuperMatttake your pick15:46
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: why not both!15:46
popeyshutdown → shitdown is my most common typo15:46
SuperMatt(\/) | OvvvO  | (\/) - why not zoidberg?15:47
lubotu3Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.15:47
SuperMattsoz popey ;)15:47
LaneyOH MY!15:49
TwistedLucidityBan this sick filth! :-P15:50
SuperMatt(\/) | °vvv°  | (\/) - why not zoidberg? (this is much better)15:50
TwistedLucidityAll I see is two dead PacMen and a two headed snake15:50
foobarrywas gone typing from china? great fw not include irc?15:51
popey (ʘ∇ʘ)ク 彡 ┻━┻15:53
popeyowl flip is my fave unicode thing atm15:53
Myrttithe ip came from chinanet15:53
Myrttidescr:          CHINANET Guangdong province network15:53
daftykinsOwls do tend to look like they have the potential for rage15:55
TwistedLucidityfoobarry: If memory server the GreatFW doesn't work, so they employ a small army to manually check stuff15:55
Myrttiooooooo http://www.myscriptfont.com/16:03
bigcalmdaftykins: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8el_P4yvfc16:08
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Myrttiof course Bt SmartTalk can't work if I've got a Finnish sim in my phone17:10
Myrttiof course...17:10
mappnever heard of bt smat talk:)17:16
mappso i setup a he.net tunnel and according to the test i can use ipv6 fine..i can access ipv6.google.com and nslookup ipv6.google.com returns right but i cant seem to connect to any ipv6 irc servers?17:19
brobostigonin irssi, you either owuld set to protirise ipv6 and or an ipv6 only server, it ipv6.freenode.net for example.17:20
Myrttiwell, I suppose I'll have to pop my 3 sim into the old work horse Galaxy Nexus then17:21
mappi was trying xchat17:22
mappbut manually connecting to ipv6 servers fails just says cant resolve17:24
mappsurely it should be able to when i can reach ipv6 sites in chrome and nsookup returns results17:24
daftykinsarsen: how do sir17:27
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
* Myrtti cries over 19:33
davmor2rip trigger man now who will be the man with the oldest broom on the council :D19:43
ali1234ARMA II on humble weekly sale :D20:37
MartijnVdSwhat is it20:38
ali1234a gaem!20:38
ali1234pity there's no linux version20:39
MartijnVdSwhat kind of game is it?20:39
ali1234it's a FPS game with extremely high realism20:39
ali1234they call it a military simulator20:40
popeyblimey, 6 US for that lot20:43
ali1234yeah, i guess ARMA III is nearly done?20:44
popeydoesnt look very realistic from the yt vid20:45
ali1234not realistic graphics20:46
popeythis is cool20:56
popeyis he playing against NPCs or real players?21:00
ali1234real players21:02
MartijnVdShm, steam down?21:03
MartijnVdS"Cannot connect"21:03
MartijnVdSah no just slow21:04
MartijnVdSsaints row iv is free to play this weekend21:07
MartijnVdS*fires up ye olde Windows 8 computer*21:07
bigcalmNice video21:12
jussisigh. stupid meds. slept in the afternoon,  now can't sleep :/21:15
MartijnVdSjussi: try this: http://open.spotify.com/user/martijnvds/playlist/2UHNlhHRMcziirEn18834321:16
jussiThanks but not helpful...21:19
MartijnVdSthat playlist helps me sleep :)21:21
jussihrm. who was I talking to about tablets the other day?21:30
jussiseems like the tab pro 8.4 will be only 389€21:31
arc__does anyone know what the mac irc is?21:50
Neil__to be honest I've just been smashing my head against my keyboard trying to get ubuntu to actually do something21:52
popeyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcnLq3_Tix8 was entertaining, and tense!22:12
popeythanks for the link ali1234 these are really good22:12
ali1234check out the dark business vids with chkilroy, they're pretty funny :)22:13
popeyyeah, that was funny22:42

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