snap-lwaf: Indeed.00:36
snap-lwaf: Proof that any corporate environment can take a great idea and turn it into rubbish00:36
snap-lsee: Demming and Drucker.00:37
rick_h_yea, saw that02:40
cmaloneybah... sorry about that.02:40
rick_h_all good02:41
rick_h_I'm just wasting more time reading RSS than others :)02:41
lmorchardI keep hearing RSS is dead (trololol)02:55
cmaloneyLooks like the MUG site is down13:19
brouschToo much ipv6 traffic?13:22
cmaloneybrousch: likely13:23
cmaloneyAlso: A4 paper needs to die in a fire13:24
brouschEuropean sizes are more logical13:27
jcastroheh the economy must really be picking up now14:46
jcastromy electrician won't do ethernet because they're "too busy"14:47
brouschSeems like he would hire another worker14:48
rick_h_hiring/training takes time as well14:49
rick_h_bah I want I want and I can't have it. http://r.bmark.us/u/158bec761940fe15:54
brouschYou can have it. Install Windows15:56
* rick_h_ cries15:56
cmaloneyrick_h_: I'm sure it'll be available soon enough.17:30
rick_h_quit being rational cmaloney! It's the trade off I make. I get pretty features fast and I deal with things breaking time to time.17:32
rick_h_we had a deal Google!17:32
cmaloneyrick_h_: I think I have a solution for you.17:33
cmaloneyHere's how to get those cards in your nightly browser17:33
cmaloneystep 1: close your browser17:33
cmaloneystep 2: swear at it for 30 minutes for not working right17:33
cmaloneystep 3: bring up your browser as though you just rolled back the version.17:34
cmaloneyDone. :)17:34
cmaloneyI know right? Gobsmacked you hadn't thought of it before.17:38
cmaloneyIt's the perfect new-feature simulator17:38
cmaloneyThank you, Google.17:38
cmaloneyAnd it's better than Firefox because tehre's no about:config that needs to happen to enable it.17:39
greg-gnice re startup ketamines17:40
cmaloneyTo be fair I have had a "Get Shit Done" mug in my Amazon "not-quite-your-shopping-cart" for a while now17:41
cmaloneybut can't justify buying what is essentially a motivational poster that I can't bring to work17:41
rick_h_I love that the thing is "get it done" and you can't "get the order done"17:42
rick_h_it's like a pre-fail fail17:42
cmaloneynow now17:43
cmaloneyIt's being smart about limited resources17:43
cmaloneythere's no irony here17:43
cmaloneyclassical or Morrisettian.17:43
rick_h_man I need a nap17:43
rick_h_I let him quad shot my coffee last night and that wasn't a good plan17:43
cmaloneyrick_h_: Never ever let them quad-shot you.17:44
rick_h_though I did find cool ways to do date based grouping queries17:44
rick_h_but now I just want a nap17:44
cmaloneyrick_h_: Dude, I'm surprised you weren't folding space after a quad-shot.17:44
rick_h_I was too emotional. Someone wanted to thank me for bookie and such17:44
rick_h_I was on cloud 9 all "they love me, they really really love me" on the red carpet17:45
cmaloneyThat is cool though.17:45
cmaloneyIt's never expected and always appreciated.17:46
ColonelPanic001hi _stink_19:00
_stink_what happened to the internets19:02
rick_h__stink_: and ColonelPanic001 on the same day?!19:02
ColonelPanic001I'm bad at checking other irc channels19:05
rick_h_other than which channel?19:06
ColonelPanic001It's just so distracting19:07
_stink_i have all the logs from that channel, so don't think about running for elected office without paying me a large sum of money.19:09
ColonelPanic001my complete incompetence is a bigger hinderence than any logs you might have19:09
ColonelPanic001except for August 21, 200619:09
ColonelPanic001ignore that day19:09
_stink_just read it19:11
ColonelPanic001Don't be so judgemental. Everyone has something.19:11
ColonelPanic001Mine just happened to involve that stuff.19:11
_stink_leave me alone for a few days while i deal with this19:11
ColonelPanic001I told you to ignore that day19:12
rick_h_yea, the issue is the color, backlight evenness, etc on these is horrible from what I hear21:07
rick_h_and only 30hz21:07
rick_h_no 60hz dp option21:07
jrwrenignorance is bliss. I don't know what any of that stuff looks like. :)21:08
rick_h_why not just use a big tv as a monitor then? :)21:08
brouschrick_h_ is down on the Seiki. He prefers to spend 5x as much for a smaller screen :P21:08
brouschTVs are 1080p21:08
rick_h_3x as much for a better screen21:09
rick_h_don't buy a truck if it can't do the job you need doing21:09
rick_h_"I didn't want to get the f350 because it was $$ so I got this f150, now to tow my 10K 5th wheel trailer with it!"21:10
jrwrenalso, "I can't afford to put gas in teh f350, so I never go on vacation with my 10k 5th wheel. I should have got a trailer camper and an F150."21:14
greg-gwhat jrwren said21:14
greg-gor go with a tent21:14
* greg-g is cheap21:14
jrwrengreg-g: tent + chevy volt => cheap camping21:14
jrwrenmost campgrounds its flat rate for electricity, right? :)21:15
brouschCampgrounds have electricity?21:17
rick_h_most, not all for sure21:17
rick_h_most, not all21:17
rick_h_less 'camping' and more 'get the $#@$# out of the ohuse and travel'21:18
jrwrencampground => a place to park, grill, and the kids can swim in teh lake, or pool and go down water slides and stuff.21:19
brouschMy wife says she enjoyed camping last summer. Now I will have to camp more21:19
jrwrencamping is waterslides!!!21:19
brouschDo people camp at conferences?21:20
greg-gbrousch: not sure how common, but at the digital humanities camp (ie: conference) there was a group who camped in the near by campground21:21
greg-gugh, I should get off irc, headache21:21
brouschOh sure, blame us21:22
rick_h_closin in on 70,000 bookmarks https://bmark.us/dashboard22:44
rick_h_or if lmorchard joins, 90,00022:45
lmorchardUp to 27146 on pinboard now :) https://pinboard.in/u:deusx22:45
rick_h_doh! pushing 100,000 then22:45
rick_h_lol, 215 users with bookmarks at 70k = 325 avg22:46
rick_h_lmorchard: I think you're above average, officially22:46
lmorchardI've also been at it for over 10 years, so I had a head start :)22:46
cmaloneyrick_h_: I'm just going to hire you to make my purchases from now on23:12
cmaloneyseriously, you've been more right on things than I can count23:12
cmaloneyThat snow pusher is awesome23:13
rick_h_cmaloney: oh, you got to use the snow pusher?23:19
rick_h_went fast didn't it? :)23:19
rick_h_glad it worked out. I'd hate to lead you wrong23:20

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