jrgiffordbelkinsa: i'm back01:44
jrgiffordpacking for tomorrow while catching glances at the laptop01:44
belkinsaWhere you are going?  And if you don't have enough time, you can always e-mail me.01:45
jrgiffordit's just that after i spend a day and a half working @ home01:46
jrgiffordi have to repack my bag01:47
jrgiffordwhich takes time01:47
belkinsaOh, duh, it's almost bed time.01:47
jrgiffordso for the ubuntu hour stuff01:47
jrgiffordthis is interesting01:47
jrgiffordfirefox ubuntu01:47
jrgifforddoesn't seem to consistently work01:47
jrgiffordi can't figure out why or how01:47
jrgiffordjust doesn't01:47
belkinsaBah, I got kicked off my network.01:48
belkinsaIs it just chatb or WebRTC?01:48
jrgiffordwebrtc in general01:52
belkinsaOkay.  So, can Chrome be used on Ubuntu and have it run WebRTC?01:53
jrgiffordchrome works01:53
jrgiffordif they are on windows, chrome, firefox will work01:53
jrgiffordand i think opera on both works as well01:54
belkinsaPerfect.  I will pass that on to Ron Swift since he had the issue.01:54
belkinsaAlso, I will doc this in the wiki01:54
jrgiffordcorrection, opera does *not* (at least, not on windows or my VM)01:55
jrgiffordjust tested01:55
* Unit193 used firefox01:56
belkinsaDid you?  On Ubuntu or another favour?02:00
Unit193Why does it matter?02:04
jrgiffordbecause it behaves oddly with my laptop (and others) for some reason02:20
Unit193Doesn't really matter if it's a flavor, still same exact package.  Granted, mine is from a PPA of aurora builds, but nevertheless.02:25
jrgiffordyou are acting like you're using gnomebuntu or something that isn't/wasn't official... ;)02:26
Unit193Nah, mine here is plain 'ol Xubuntu, I wasn't using my own flavor. :P02:27
Unit193(It would have been openbox, so nothing really major in terms of why it should work.)02:27
Unit193...Somewhat patched and out of repo packages all over, but Xubuntu I swear! :----D02:29
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