jedijfKyleYankan: congrats00:44
jedijfChinnoDog: key up yet?00:44
ChinnoDogjedijf: There has been traffic on the channel when I have been monitoring it.00:46
jedijfahh, ok so i don't need to go grab my handheld and monitor - i want to be your first contact00:48
jedijfbut it's getting late00:48
jedijfChinnoDog: don't wait for me, catch a break and key up - jump in, get your feet wet - you can tell me all about it00:48
jedijfjthan: if you're home in august and come to fosscon we'll get you licensed00:49
jthanjedijf: It's going to be hit or miss. I have the book! but it's only good until... I forget when00:50
jedijfjthan: no prob when schools over we can re-assess00:51
* jedijf has the books/tapes/everything00:51
jedijfgo big, or don't go00:52
jthanI'm trying to go big and uhh... fix nginx :-p00:53
ChinnoDogI was watching a documentary on black holes01:39
ChinnoDogjedijf: I can hit the repeater now01:42
ChinnoDogThe whip antenna makes my walkie slightly less portable.01:46
jedijfChinnoDog: i clip it to my belt dead center back01:51
jedijfso tomorrow we talk on w3wan <<-- ChinnoDog01:53
KyleYankanI'm in-and-out all day.11:55
KyleYankanhah. Yep. Moving in today.12:51
KyleYankanwell, today, tomorrow and probably the weekend as well :-P12:51
jedijfawesome - congrats12:58
KyleYankanI gotta go sucker some friends into helping me move. 8 guys, 1 medium pizza otta be good enough, right?13:01
KyleYankanHawaiian style.13:01
KyleYankanWith Diet Grape Soda.13:02
JonathanDKyleYankan: pizza?13:26
JonathanDif by medium you mean the size of a medium house, then yes.13:26
ChinnoDogone medium pizza for 8 guys and diet soda. Are the 8 guys retirees?13:54
KyleYankanYou guys are rough with the jokes.14:01
=== KyleYankan is now known as ThePaintingMan
ChinnoDogI would probably be satisfied with one slice but most people eat more pizza than that.14:07
JonathanDEspecially when moving heavy things for several hours.14:08
JonathanDTends to make one hungry.14:08
ChinnoDogThePaintingMan: Where are you moving too/from?14:17
ThePaintingManChinnoDog: Just a couple of neighborhoods away. 20min.15:46
=== ThePaintingMan is now known as KyleYankan
lazypowerMorning all15:57
JonathanDmorning lazypower16:03
lazypowerWooo I'm going to be in the charm store16:11
KyleYankancharm store?16:13
KyleYankanI CAN BUY CHARM?16:13
ChinnoDogA rabbit's foot?16:14
JonathanDKyleYankan: I don't think they hvae enough to make up for your lack of it.16:14
lazypowerKyleYankan, actually - no. Charms are free building blocks for architecting your cloud.16:38
KyleYankanI didn't understand a single word.16:38
JonathanDI did.16:38
lazypowerjuju is to your cloud, as apt is to your server16:38
JonathanDlazypower is going to offer a thing sold in the charm store.16:38
JonathanDrather than visiting it, as we all assumed.16:38
ChinnoDoggobble gobble19:57

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