Kilosmorning superfly and others04:13
superflyhi Kilos 04:14
Kiloshi mazal 05:18
mazalMôre oom05:24
Kiloshi bduk 05:31
inetprogood morning Kilos05:32
inetproand hi to everyone else05:32
Kilosgood morning inetpro 05:32
bdukMorning everyone05:33
mazalMorning inetpro 05:44
Kiloshi there Squirm 06:40
magespawngood day all07:12
Kilosohi magespawn what broke07:12
magespawnlooks like a router, but i am not a 100% sure on that07:13
Kiloseish whats it doing? or not doing07:13
Kilosi go let sheep out07:18
magespawnlooks like the wan port is faulty, but the jury is still out on that one, have put a spare in and that seems to work fine07:23
Kilosmaybe at times wired stuff is more reliable07:31
Kiloswhen routers give probs are they fixable or does one discard and replace them?07:53
Kiloswb magespawn 07:53
magespawnty Kilos, network here is a bit strange07:53
Kiloshi somaunn 08:15
somaunnHi Kilos08:15
somaunnwhat new here08:16
Kilosnot much, very quiet08:17
Kiloseveryone overworked and underpaid08:17
Kilosdid you have any luck yet08:17
Kiloshi sakhi 08:17
sakhiMorning Kilo, ubuntu-za08:18
Kiloshehe you dont tab complete08:19
Kilosbecome such a habit here i often type morn tab and it dont show morning08:20
Kiloshi charl 08:21
charlgood morning08:22
charlhi Kilos 08:22
charlMaaz: coffee on08:22
* Maaz starts grinding coffee08:22
somaunnhi Maaz, keep me some 08:23
sakhi:) funny enough I do it most of the time with longer nicknames.08:24
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!08:26
charlMaaz: thanks08:27
Maazcharl: Okay :-)08:27
charlhi sakhi 08:27
charlhi somaunn 08:27
somaunnwhat new here09:26
Kiloshi psyatw Xethron 09:27
Kilosno chnage somaunn 09:27
psyatwhi Kilos09:28
psyatwhi somaunn09:28
psyatwhi Xethron09:28
Kilosspeed up a bit today09:32
KilosDownload Speed: 3403 kbps (425.4 KB/sec transfer rate)09:32
KilosUpload Speed: 1062 kbps (132.8 KB/sec transfer rate)09:32
KilosLatency: 73 ms09:32
somaunnKilos: i can see09:44
somaunnhi psyatw09:44
Kilosmy telkom mobile is actually quite good09:45
somaunnhey Kilos, is that your home internet speed ?09:45
Kilosyip my 3g09:45
Kiloswhen i download big files it runs around 500kB/s most of the time09:46
Kiloswbb, just going to kde09:48
somaunnKilos: please tell me when we say 3403kbps but see on the DM 425.4kbps transfer is there something wrong ?09:59
Kilosthe 425.4kbps should be kB10:00
Kilossmall b is bits10:01
somaunnKilos: okay10:04
somaunnplease explain that to me because i'm sometime lost10:04
Kilos8 bits make up one byte10:04
Kilossome people give you speeds in mb/s and others in kB/s10:05
Kilosif you only getting kb/s that is very slow10:06
KilosMaaz: 3403/810:07
MaazKilos: 425.37510:07
Kilos3403 is mb/s10:07
Kilos425 is kB/s10:08
Kilosreg ne inetpro ?10:08
somaunnKilos: ok10:11
somaunnlet me make it clear10:11
somaunnwhat is megabyte and what is megabit10:11
Kilosmegabit is a million bits10:12
Kilosmegabyte is 8 times that10:12
Kilos8 bits make up one byte10:13
inetproKilos: bytes are less than bits10:17
inetproso it's megabits/8 to get megabytes10:17
Kilosbytes are 8 bits10:17
inetpro1 byte = 8 bits10:18
Kiloslook where i got maaz to divide for me10:18
somaunnKilos, inetpro: you are going too fast please10:18
somaunni want to know what is amount of data and what is speed 10:19
somaunnspeed related10:19
Kilosok 3403kb/s is kilobits per second10:20
inetprospeed is measured in seconds10:20
Kilosin bytes the exactly same thing is 425.375kB/s10:20
somaunnok, if we talk speed the we say [3megabit per second]10:21
inetpro3403 kb = 425.375 kB10:21
somaunnwhen we talk data we say [425.375 kilobytes per second]10:22
Kilossome do yes but if i use aptitude upgarde or install it shows me in kB/s10:22
Kilosits the same thing10:22
inetprokb = kilobits10:22
inetprokB = kilobytes10:22
Kilosthats how long it takes to download10:22
inetpromb = megabits10:23
inetpromB = megabytes10:23
inetpro3403 kb = 3.403 mb10:24
inetpro1000 kb = 1 mb10:25
Kilosoh ya sorry10:25
Kilos.3 isnt it10:25
Kilos3403 kb is 425 kB which is under half a meg10:26
Kilosoh in bytes10:26
inetpro425 kBps is not bad10:27
somaunninetpro, Kilos: you see all the confusion comes from my home language10:28
inetproanything above 128kBps is very workable10:28
somaunnin french we usually say kilo or meg without any regard to which is data/speed related10:28
Kilos1000 bits=1byte10:29
Kilos1000 bytes =1 meg10:30
Kiloshi Vince-0 10:30
Kilossomaunn: they are all speed and amounts of data per second10:31
Kilosthe amount of data per second downloaded is the speed your net is working at10:32
Kilossame as kilometers per hour is the distance travelled in an hour10:34
Kiloshaha hi Eames 10:38
somaunnKilos, inetpro: Thank you so much for your help10:44
Kilosthats why we are here10:45
Kilosjust need a clever oke to check at times10:45
Kilosmy bits and bytes knowledge is memories from 30 years ago10:46
Kiloshi Golynx 10:47
GolynxHey Kilos10:47
GolynxDownloaded the driver, was about 93MB total, but only 46MB for each of the 2 that was on the list, but they were similar 10:49
GolynxIt shows some weird graphics card in system details ATI Fire GL. When i look in terminal it shows the correct card10:50
Kilosexplain look in terminal please10:51
GolynxThere is a big lag in the browser, and the loading icon aswell turns slower than it used to10:51
Kiloswhat browser you talking about?10:53
GolynxWell that info on that site said to type in fglrxinfo and it shows my card ATI radeon HD 320010:53
Kilosthat could be your internet sucking10:54
GolynxEverything in the browser is now slow10:54
Kilossudo aptitude reinstall opera10:54
Golynxnope , page scroll aswell got big lag and hurt my eyes10:54
Kilosmaybe those graphics drivers have added something opera doesnt see10:55
GolynxPlus the windows got shadows around them now, and more animated effects10:56
Kilosyou should use kubuntu and turn off desktop effects10:56
GolynxWhy lol 10:56
Kilosi also hate all the animated stuff10:56
Kilosbut not everything can be turned off10:57
Golynxhmm this sucks10:57
Kilosmodern peeps like the eye candy10:57
GolynxIn ubuntu tweak i can now turn off the dash opacity and some other minor effects , but now windows shadows or animation efects options10:58
GolynxNow when i browse nautilus , the fan starts spinning faster and faster11:01
Kilosmaybe when you got data install mate11:02
Kilosthats very light11:03
Kilosinstalls into ubuntu11:03
GolynxAnd why did it only say 2D acceleration when i installed the driver, Yesterday it said 3D acceleration will be activated when installed11:05
Kilosmaybe there is a way to set it to 2d11:08
GolynxReally its should not be that hard , just to put an "Disable animated effects" option in unity 2D11:10
GolynxEven where i input text is lagged now11:10
GolynxWith mate i will have to install everything again11:12
Golynxhi magespawn11:13
GolynxKilos i see compiz is using 20% of the cpu all the time. That should not be happening11:20
Kilosthats mainly because of min ram i think11:23
Kilosisnt there a way to make it use 2d11:23
GolynxAnd 60% cpu when i scroll in opera or move a window11:24
GolynxI dont know11:24
Kiloswait lemme ask google11:26
Kilosmaaz google how to revert to 2d on 12.0411:27
MaazKilos: "After Ubuntu 12.04 LTS update, Only Unity 2D ... bug? - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/262320/after-ubuntu-12-04-lts-update-only-unity-2d-bug :: "unity - Your Ubuntu 12.04 is running in 2D mode. Many features will ..." http://askubuntu.com/questions/252018/your-ubuntu-12-04-is-running-in-2d-mode-many-features-will-not-be-available-ub :: "How to11:27
Maazchange from Unity 2D to 3D? - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/171853/how-to-ch…11:27
KilosMaaz: how to stop 3d on 12.0411:27
MaazKilos: *blink*11:27
KilosMaaz: google how to stop 3d on 12.0411:28
MaazKilos: "compiz - How do I disable visual effects in Ubuntu 12.04.1? - Ask ..." http://askubuntu.com/questions/186913/how-do-i-disable-visual-effects-in-ubuntu-12-04-1 :: "Howto disable 3d effects/compiz on 12.10? - Ask Ubuntu" http://askubuntu.com/questions/203075/howto-disable-3d-effects-compiz-on-12-10 :: "12.04 - Unity stopped working in 3D after software update11:28
Maaz- Ask ..." http://askubuntu.com/questions/304945/unity-stopped-working-in-3d-after-softw…11:28
Kilosthats better11:28
Kilosmy pc got faster when i installed the correct graphics drivers11:30
Golynxlemme try something11:31
Kilosgraphics install stuff to kernel11:33
GolynxRight i managed to cure the lag issue, by rebooting and on login click on the ubuntu icon where it gives Ubuntu 3D and Ubuntu 2D options, so i picked 2D. No more lag and that pest "compiz" is dead11:45
Kiloswell done11:50
Kilossoon you can help me11:50
Golynxlol , i dunno why they hide that option though11:50
Kilosmost young peeps dont want to change things11:51
Kiloseye candy rules11:51
GolynxAtleast my system seems to be running cool and calm now11:51
Kilosthats good11:51
Golynxlol, a student cannot help his teacher 11:52
Kilosshould be faster with them drivers installed and running on 2d11:52
Kilosoh yes11:52
Kilosthe student just needs to think more11:53
Golynxhaha ya sure :p11:53
* Golynx can finally say UBUNTU ROCKS !!! :D11:54
Kilosdont forget different pepps see things differently11:54
Kilosooo yay that made my day11:54
GolynxThanks for all the help Kilos , it was a success :)11:55
Kilosoften looking at stuff from a different viewpoints helps peeps find easier way and shortcuts11:55
Kilosyoure welcome laddy11:55
GolynxYa thats true , its the best way to do things11:56
Kilosmany hands make tight work11:57
GolynxThe rest is up to me now, so no more complaints from me hehe11:57
Kilosunless globe is blown11:57
Kilosyoure startup approach was wrong11:57
GolynxHow do you mean11:58
Kilosone must forget what you did on wondows11:58
Kilosand start from scratch11:58
GolynxYa linux is different in many ways , but some base computer principles still apply11:58
Kiloslike if you get on an old motorbike11:59
Kilosit doesnt help saying i cant find the str=arter button11:59
Kilosthere wasnt one11:59
Golynxlol , thats a nice one 11:59
Kiloslike the pro always says you must compair apples with apples nothing else12:00
Kilosnow if you try another linux os then you can compair12:01
GolynxThanks i will remember that12:01
GolynxYour a wise one :)12:01
Kilosmy email addy sums me up12:02
Kilosand the pro borrows it now and again12:02
Golynxtrue , the years adds wisdom, so you can pass that on to the young ones, to continue the cycle12:03
* mazal wonder wat oom Kilos gedrink het12:03
Kilosnet tee man12:03
mazalEk sien die tikwerk werk nie so lekker vandag nie oom :)12:04
Kiloskop klap ietwat12:04
Kilosbut im smiling. another happy ubuntu user, and billy boy loses out again12:07
magespawnafternoon all, i see i have been a yoyo today12:16
Kilosoh i found an option in kde where you can choose what your connection speed shows as12:16
Kiloskb/s or kB/s12:17
Kiloswb magespawn 12:17
GolynxWb magespawn12:22
somaunnKilos: that's good12:24
Kiloswish it was after 14.04 release date12:35
magespawnthanks guys12:35
Kiloswanna try kubuntu 14.0412:35
magespawni have a complex question here12:35
magespawnon this machine i can get out on to the internet my ip address is netmask 12:36
magespawnon my lubuntu laptop i dead end in a router config page at and my ip is netmask
magespawnmy question is how is this possible?12:38
magespawni understand they are on two different subnets but as far as i have been told there is only one router here.12:39
magespawnnow obviously this is wrong12:39
* magespawn goes on a router hunt12:42
mazalBye everyone , enjoy your evening12:42
Kilosmagespawn: you can set your ips and stuff in nm12:48
Kiloscant remember the iptables cli way12:52
Kilosbut why worry if it can go online anyway12:52
Kilosbut dont routers asign ips automatically13:00
magespawnthat is the thing Kilos 13:04
magespawnthis one is win7 set dhcp the other is lubuntu also set to dhcp13:05
Kilosya then the router is asigning them but as long as they can both go online thats good aint it13:05
Kilosor doesnt the lappy go online?13:08
Kilosthe netmask thing13:09
magespawnthe lubuntu one does not13:27
magespawnunplugged and replugged the cable ane hey presto13:28
magespawnnow it is online13:28
Kilosthen you gotta go into the router and allow it isnt it13:29
Kilosoh my13:30
Kiloswell theres a luck13:30
Kilosno thinking needed13:30
magespawnstrange, and that is not good13:30
Kilosdidnt you chnage routers13:31
Kilosthey are stupi things and sometimes only work after rebooting13:31
somaunnmagespawn: if i get you well your Lubuntu box doesn't pick up dhcp address in auto and you have to unplug and plug again13:33
somaunnKilos: what is the best shell editor13:53
somaunni'm studying powershell as part of job to do13:53
Kilosi like nano13:53
Kilosbut gedit is good13:53
Kilosi dunno about shells, is that terminals?13:53
somaunnbut would like to know if there is something similar13:54
Kiloslike with bash?13:54
Kilosi get lost with all these things13:54
somaunndo you know something similar to powershel under linux13:55
Kilossuch involved questions you must ask inetpro or superfly 13:55
KilosMaaz: google alternative to powershell for linux13:56
MaazKilos: "Microsoft PowerShell 2: Going Beyond its UNIX/Linux Insprirations ..." http://www.oreillynet.com/onlamp/blog/2008/05/microsoft_powershell_2_going_b.html :: "Replacement for Powershell ? - Windows 7 Help Forums" http://www.sevenforums.com/software/161973-replacement-powershell.html :: "Windows PowerShell for UNIX shell addicted person - nixCraft"13:56
Maazhttp://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/windows-powershell-for-unix-shell-addicted-person.html :: "windows - t…13:56
Kiloslook at the last one i think13:56
Kilosi go fetch sheep quick13:58
GolynxI gave up on Gedit, it did'nt indent my code as i wanted. So i chose Geany instead. Its a nice light little ide13:58
Golynxhave fun Kilos13:59
inetprosomaunn: shell editor or command line editor?14:00
magespawnlater all14:01
inetprovi or actually vim is the most popular editor by far14:02
inetprovi is just a shortcut to vim14:02
inetproon any modern linux distro at least14:03
somaunninetpro: something similar to powershell14:03
inetprosomaunn: what is powershell?14:03
inetproWindows PowerShell is Microsoft's task automation and configuration management framework, consisting of a command-line shell and associated scripting language built on .NET Framework.14:04
inetprosomaunn: you mean that ^^ ?14:04
somaunnyes 14:04
inetprothat has very little to do with an editor14:05
inetproand that powershell thingy on windows doesn't come close to what we have on Linux14:06
superflyPowerShell is Microsoft's very late answer to what the UNIX world has had for more than 30 years14:06
inetprothank you superfly14:07
somaunninetpro: thanks 14:07
somaunnwhat do we have on linux14:08
inetproBourne shell14:09
inetproC shell14:09
inetproBourne-Again shell 14:09
inetproDebian Almquist shell 14:09
inetproKorn shell 14:09
inetproZ shell 14:09
inetproand many more14:09
inetproeven python 14:10
inetproand some people even prefer to stick with just tee-cee-shell14:11
inetprothe C shell is like a C programming environment on steroids14:14
somaunninetpro: okay, as far as i know i can access bash from terminal14:15
somaunnbut i would like to have a dedicated interface to interract with bash14:15
inetproas far as I'm aware bash is probably the most widely used14:15
inetprowhat do you mean with dedicated interface?14:16
inetproon Kubuntu konsole is my dedicated interface that is always open on my screen14:17
somaunninetpro: like this http://goo.gl/x495by14:20
KilosMaaz: LPI manual14:21
inetprorephrase: on Kubuntu, konsole is my dedicated interface and is always in use 99.9% of the time14:21
Kilosonly shells i like have oysters and mussels in them14:22
inetprosomaunn: are you using Ubuntu?14:31
Kilossomaunn: get the manual in the above link. you can learn lots about everything there14:31
inetproand what version?14:31
Kilosyou too Golynx 14:31
inetprosomaunn: if you ask me this evening I might have more time to answer14:32
inetproobviously others are welcome to chip in at any time14:32
inetproeven Kilos knows how to open and close the command line interface14:34
GolynxWhy use that Kilos. I google anytime i get stuck with something , all in one file is not my style14:34
KilosGolynx: is you can learn to do everything in that maunual you can go write the LPI exam14:35
Kilosits the study manual for linux professionals 14:35
Kilosor peeps that wanna be pros14:36
GolynxI'm a web developer though14:36
Kilosi only understand the first 2 pages14:36
Kiloswhen you doing nothing you can study14:37
Kilosnever stop learning14:37
Golynxok cool , will look at it as soon as i can download pdf's14:37
Kilosyou mean data wise?14:38
Kilosyou dont need to install anything else. ubuntu can read pdfs14:38
GolynxNope , opera gives blank screen14:39
Kilosoh my i had that did something in settings14:39
Kilosor use firefox14:40
Kilosit should be installed ther14:40
Kilostype firefox in dash14:40
somaunnMaaz: cool14:40
MaazThat is good to know14:40
somaunninetpro: not i'm using Fedora and redhat14:41
Kilosah then Squirm is the goto guy for probs with redhat stuffs14:42
GolynxBug in opera , cant untick hide filetype extensions14:42
GolynxWhat is that terminal download manager ?14:43
somaunnGolynx: leave opera jump the firefox14:43
inetprosomaunn: hmm... nothing wrong with that, question that needs to be answered is, what desktop environment you use14:43
inetprois it Gnome or KDE?14:43
inetproor something else14:43
Golynxsomaunn firefox are too intense on my system14:43
somaunninetpro: Gnome 3.10 (gnome-shell)14:44
inetprosomaunn: in that case gnome-shell is your dedicated environment to interact with bash14:44
somaunnGolynx: yeah i realized the same but as i don't like chromium at all so i have to keep stayin on firefox14:44
somaunncuz i use downthemall to DL my files 14:45
somaunninetpro: oooooooooookaaaaayyyyyyyyyy14:45
KilosGolynx: lynx links elinks14:47
somaunnGolynx: look epiphany14:47
Kilosoh Golynx 14:47
inetprothe bash (Bourne-Again SHell) manual is available at: http://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/14:48
Kilosoh ya epiphany14:48
Kilosepiphany close to firefox but much lighter14:49
Golynxsomaunn thats nice14:49
Golynxok Kilos14:49
somaunnGolynx: have you tried it?14:49
GolynxBusy loading uget though14:50
Kilosopera must work man it works well14:50
Kilosenable popups14:50
Kilosyou get a popup to save that book somewhere14:50
GolynxAll other file types works Kilos14:50
GolynxNope somaunn14:50
somaunnKilos: i've epiphany installed but never tried it you see, i just gave it a chance when Golynx said opera can't load the page and foudn it really fast14:51
Kilosman you have disabled something again14:51
Kilosopera works here14:51
Kilosyeah epiphany rocks14:51
* Squirm pops in14:52
Kilosmaybe you can also wget that book14:52
Kilostry wget http://www.linuxcertification.co.za/sites/default/files/LPIManual_v_09.pdf14:52
GolynxIts the "hide filetype extensions" that dont wana stay unticked14:52
Golynxok 14:53
Golynxyeah thats what i wanted14:53
Golynxty Kilos14:53
Kilosand if your net cuts halfway you use wget -c "link" to get the rest14:55
GolynxAah yes now i remember :)14:55
Kiloswrite it down or make a file with commands in14:56
GolynxIts already in 14:56
GolynxI saved the same command days ago, i forgot about the file lol14:58
Kilosjust now ill be lending you my email addy too14:59
GolynxMy lappies hardware feels like win7 again , love it !14:59
Kilosyeah somaunn its much lighter than firefox15:04
somaunnKilos: did you try it15:04
Kilosi have it installed but mainly use opera15:04
somaunnKilos: i'm actually doing a download test with a pdf file i've found online and it's quite fast15:05
Kilosdownload that LPI manual. it teaches you lots 15:07
Kilosalso rehdat sysadmin stuff and all15:07
Kilosnuvolari: gaan huistoe15:09
GolynxGot the pdf download working in opera Kilos. Edited the application/pdf that opera hides by default , to "Save on Disk"15:15
Kilosi save those downloads to desktop the put them in relevant files15:16
somaunnKilos: i've done with the lpi file will read it carefully15:17
GolynxI just choose the location from popup15:17
Kiloscool somaunn tons of valuable knowledge in it15:18
Kiloshi nlsthzn hows ya15:28
Kilosyou okes work too hard. i dont get resting time here15:29
nlsthznhey uncle Kilos... back from work which I am very thankful for having but still don't like :p15:29
charlok new phone is working15:45
charlthis whole lync business is quite interesting15:45
charli want to actually try the skype federation next15:45
charlhave a good evening all16:04
somaunnthank you charl16:05
* Kilos going to unity. wbb16:09
GolynxWb Kilos16:33
Kilosstupid modem didnt wanna work16:33
GolynxIs there a lighter file explorer in ubuntu, other than nautilus16:34
Kilosi dunno. nautilus works well man16:35
Kilosif its battling a bit do sudo aptitude reinstall nautilus16:35
GolynxMy fan starts spinning faster everytime i go there16:35
GolynxNot super fast though16:35
Kiloswell thats a smart fan. when pc works more fan blows more16:36
GolynxIts ok i will keep it, i'm used to the file manager not working hard16:37
Kilosthere might be a lighter one but the dev guys thought nautilus was best 16:38
Golynxya fan works great!16:38
Kilosreinstall it16:38
Kilosmaybe it wasnt a very good install with everything battling like you did'16:38
Golynxhmm, it came with the dvd16:40
Kilosya but reinstall nautilus and see if that helps16:40
GolynxCan i do it in synaptic16:41
Kilosyes but whats wrong with aptitude16:42
Golynxi'm used to graphics lol16:43
Kilosaptitude is a very clever tool and looks for other probs too16:43
Kilosbut synaptic works too16:43
Golynxsudo aptitude reinstall nautilus16:45
GolynxE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)16:46
GolynxE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?16:46
GolynxE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)16:46
GolynxE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?16:46
Kilosclose synaptic16:46
GolynxE: I wasn't able to locate a file for the nautilus package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.16:47
GolynxE: I wasn't able to locate a file for the nautilus package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package.16:47
GolynxE: Internal error: couldn't generate list of packages to download16:47
Kilosgo look for it in synaptic16:47
Kilosoh ya its not in your archives16:48
GolynxWhat now16:48
Kilosyou might need to run sudo apt-get update16:49
Kilosaptitude should have seen that package in the list16:49
GolynxWill it still be less than 20mb16:49
Kilosyes every time its less16:49
Kiloswhen nearly updated then its 2m16:50
GolynxIt stopped with this error16:51
GolynxE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)16:51
GolynxE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?16:51
Kilosyou have synaptic open16:51
Golynxlol 16:52
Kilosthats the other process16:52
Golynxreading package list... Done16:52
Kiloshow many meg?16:53
GolynxDidnt show anything , just a small list of packages16:53
Kilosnot downloaded so much in so long?16:54
GolynxNope, just 7 or so stuff from synaptics16:55
Kilostype in sudo aptitude upgrade16:55
Kilosand see if it wants to upgrade anything16:55
Golynxhuh, but that upgrades everything16:55
Kilosonly if you tick y16:56
GolynxThe following packages will be upgraded: 16:56
Golynx  adobe-flash-properties-gtk adobe-flashplugin 16:56
Golynx2 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.16:56
GolynxNeed to get 6 730 kB of archives. After unpacking 0 B will be used.16:56
Kilos6.7 meg then to upgrade16:57
Kilosthats why you battled with gtk16:57
Golynxhmm ok, so i tick Y16:58
GolynxWill take about 10 min lol16:59
GolynxRight its upgraded now17:08
GolynxNow i do sudo apt-get update17:10
Golynxwb nlsthzn17:11
nlsthznhi Golynx, thanks :)17:11
Golynxyw nlsthzn :)17:12
GolynxNo luck Kilos17:14
somaunnguys 17:17
somaunnis there a channel where i can learn and practice linux ?17:17
KilosGolynx, ?17:21
Kiloswhats no luck?17:21
Golynxstill no size in sudo apt-get update17:22
Kilosno man you dont do update again17:22
Kilosalways first update then upgrade then done17:22
Golynxand sudo aptitude reinstall nautilus gives same error17:23
Kilosif anything doesnt work smooth then reinstall with aptitude17:23
Kilosdo nautilus in synaptic and see17:23
Kilosmaybe the repo is down17:23
Kilosoh ya i changed off main last night17:24
Golynxok i got first file of naulitus highlighted 17:25
Golynxwhat now17:25
Kiloschanged to server for south africa17:25
Kiloscheck what other installed files are there17:25
Kiloswhile you have nautilus typed in the top17:25
Golynxi see all nautilus files plus a other few 17:26
Kilosreinstall them all17:27
Kilosin synaptic right click reinstall17:27
GolynxMark for reinstallation is disabled17:28
Kilosthen they are must haves you cant fiddle with17:28
Kilosbut do those you can17:29
Kilosand see if it wants to download17:29
Kilosthen we know that remastersys dvd didnt do a full job17:29
Golynxmark suggested for installation and Removal is the only options17:30
Kilosno man17:31
Kilosonly the green ones you must look at17:31
Kilosnot all the rest17:31
GolynxYes it is the Nautilus one with the green tick17:31
Kilosgreen ticked or green blob or something on the left17:31
Kilosand no others in that page17:32
GolynxOthers show the same options17:32
Kilosare they green?17:32
GolynxYes i only do the green ones17:33
Kilosdo it then17:33
GolynxIts them thats options are disables on right click17:33
Kilosthen leave them17:34
Kilostick apply17:34
GolynxI cant mark anything that got nautilus 17:35
Kilosclose synaptic17:35
GolynxOnly Mark for removal is there17:35
Kilossudo apt-get install nautilus --reinstall17:35
GolynxReading package lists... Done17:37
GolynxBuilding dependency tree       17:37
GolynxReading state information... Done17:37
GolynxReinstallation of nautilus is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.17:37
Golynx0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.17:37
Kiloshaha superfly funny that post in fb17:37
nlsthznwhat happened to nautilus?17:37
Kilosits struggling nlsthzn 17:37
Golynxnlsthzn its using too much cpu than it should17:39
Kilossomething wrong there17:39
GolynxFound this on google:17:39
GolynxRe: Urgent Help! Ubuntu 12.04 upgrade - Nautilus broken 17:39
Golynx You can try deleting your nautilus folder.17:39
Golynxrm -rf .gconf/apps/nautilus/17:39
Golynxrm -rf .config/nautilus/17:39
GolynxWhich will delete all your nautilus settings. And then reinstall nautilus17:39
Golynxsudo apt-get install --reinstall nautilus nautilus-data17:39
Kilosin synaptic if i right click nautilus it gives reinstall option17:39
GolynxNot in mine17:40
Kiloswhat have you fiddled with now17:40
Kilosopen update manager17:40
GolynxNope nothing , i found that on google17:40
Kilosthen tick settings and tell me what repo its using17:41
Kilosin ubuntu software on the left17:42
Golynxmain server17:42
Kiloschange that to server for south africa17:42
Kilosi think that repo is sick since last night17:43
Golynxoh ok17:43
Kilosbut now its gonna do the 20 update again17:43
nlsthznif in doubt change to the main server...17:43
Kilosit was on main nlsthzn 17:44
Kilosi had probs there last night too17:44
Kilosif you have the data tick check17:45
GolynxLast time it was 16mn17:45
nlsthznwhat was 16mb, updates?17:45
Kilosoh then it will be about same17:45
Kilosya nlsthzn 17:45
Kilosto get a new install updated17:45
Kilosthen upgrades come later17:46
nlsthznto refresh the package list you mean?17:46
nlsthznwow, never knew it had become so big?!17:46
nlsthznuncapped makes you lazy...17:46
nlsthznwhen I was in SA I never had net :/17:47
Kiloseish linux is no good without the net17:47
Kiloshi Tonberry_ 17:47
nlsthznwell, it is so much easier with it :)17:48
Kilosis it checking Golynx 17:52
GolynxYa Kilos17:53
Kilosshould automatically show upgrades if there are17:53
Kilosand how much will be downloaded near the bottom17:53
GolynxYa i see17:54
Kilosyou have the choice to go ahead at least17:55
Kilosoften when i saw how much i closed it till i had data17:55
Golynxhmm, so just close the terminal when i want ?17:56
Kilos no man17:57
Kiloswait till its finish17:57
Kilosthen see how much data it wants to download17:57
Kilosthen decide to go ahead or close17:57
Kilosother wise you will need to run updates again17:57
GolynxYa i just want the package list updated and nautilus reinstalled , nothing else17:58
Kilos845kB nautilus is18:00
GolynxMaybe its the kernel change that broke it18:00
Golynxwas 3.5 on dvd now 3.218:00
Kilosnautilus-data is 63.4 kB18:01
Kilosya dont fiddle and change stuff18:01
GolynxYa that was last week , had a hot head like the lappy18:03
GolynxFetched 10,4 MB in 22min 4s (7 867 B/s)                                        C18:09
GolynxReading package lists... Done18:09
Kilosdoes it show upgrade packages?18:10
GolynxWhere is that18:11
Kilosin the update manager window18:11
Kilosyou have it open havent you?18:11
Kilosyou did tick check there?18:12
Kilosthats what it just did18:12
Kilosyou must listen man18:12
Golynxi updated from terminal18:13
GolynxIt says the package information was just updated18:14
Kilosand i said what?18:14
Kilosdidnt i say tick check while you were in update manager18:14
Kilosbut anyway18:14
Kilosnor run sudo apt-get upgrade and see18:15
Golynxterminal had the same stuff 18:15
Kilosya but when someone is trying to help you sort a prob you follow what they say so they dont get lost with whats happening18:16
GolynxReading package lists... Done18:16
GolynxBuilding dependency tree       18:16
GolynxReading state information... Done18:16
Golynx0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.18:16
Kiloslike doing check in update manager updates but immediately shows available packages18:17
Kilosoh my18:17
GolynxYou didnt say anything after open download manager , i assumed i had to do it in the terminal18:17
Kilosthen you must be up to date18:17
Kilossudo aptitude reinstall synaptic18:17
GolynxIts working18:18
Kiloswe gotta find why nautilus dont give reinstall option18:18
GolynxNeed to get 2 405 kB of archives18:19
Kilossee it wasnt a complete install18:19
Kilosi think you gonna find lots of them18:19
Golynxoh really18:19
GolynxLots of what18:20
Kilosif something dont work kiff reinstall and see18:20
Kiloslots of things that dont work to their best18:20
Kilosi dunno why remastersys did that though18:21
Golynxoh ok will have to see what gives such an issue18:21
Kilosi had it with the first time i tried it18:21
Kilosreinstalled everything in synaptic18:21
Kilostook a day to tick them all18:21
GolynxMost issues are minor though, but get bigger with time18:22
GolynxSo its hard to spot at first18:22
Kilosbut now i know where to look for probs18:22
Kilosmy last remastersys dvd didnt give that prob18:23
Kilosoh 18:23
Kilosmade on different pc18:23
Kiloswho knows18:23
GolynxYa probably, some compression formats change minor things in programs18:24
Kilosbut if anything dont work smooth reinstall it in synaptic and other packages that are in same line of packages18:24
GolynxRight synaptic reinstalled , i think18:26
Golynxnautilus still no reinstall option18:27
Golynxonly nautilus-share and nautilus-sendto have that option18:28
Kilossomething is wrong there18:29
Kilosyou unticked too many things last week18:30
Kilosremember i told you i have had an 80m upgrade since i sent the dvd18:30
GolynxI did'nt do that though, its only opera that i locked18:31
Golynxand gimp18:32
Golynxeverything else i left as is18:32
inetproMidnight Commander is a popular twin-panel file manager for the terminal18:35
inetprosudo aptitude install mc18:35
inetprousing a text-user interface18:35
Kilosevening inetpro 18:36
charlhi Kilos, inetpro 18:36
Golynxinetpro i dont think that'll work for me, since i do drag drop cp alot18:36
Golynxhi charl18:36
Kiloshi charl 18:37
somaunnbye bye guys18:37
inetprothere is also PCMan File Manager and many others18:37
inetproaptitude show pcmanfm18:38
Kilosi dont understand why synaptic cant reinstall nautilus18:38
inetproKilos: hmm... you and your re-install tendencies18:39
inetpronot sure it is always necessary 18:39
Kilosnope it was psu prob here18:39
Kilossince i put drives on external power no more probs18:40
inetprobtw, good evening everyone18:40
inetproKilos: please excuse me18:41
* inetpro is very tired18:41
inetprowaking up early taking it's toll18:42
Kilosget some rest18:42
Kilosold peeps cant take the pace in this modern world18:42
GolynxKilos what was the 2 files sizes18:43
Kilosscroll back18:44
Kiloshi Xethron 18:44
inetprohas somaunn come right?18:44
Kilosik dunno18:44
Kilosforgot what he asked18:44
inetprowith the shells18:45
Golynxoh lol18:45
Kilossomething that works like something in windows18:45
Kilosoh that18:45
Kilosi dunno18:45
GolynxYou sure its only those 2 nautilus got ?18:45
Kiloshe will learn some from lpi manual he said18:45
Kilosmight be more18:45
Kiloswait lets try something else18:46
inetprodoes it teach the basics?18:46
Kilosya its lekker man18:46
Kilosup to page 100 i think it was18:46
Kilosthen gets heavy18:46
KilosGolynx, 18:46
Kilossudo aptitude purge synaptic18:46
GolynxThen what was those 2 files for :/18:47
Kilosdid you install them now?18:47
Kilosdid gdebi work?18:47
Kilostry that first then18:47
Golynxif there is more files needed by nautilus i'm not gona install18:48
Kilosman try one18:48
Kiloswe trying to find the error here18:48
GolynxIt says same version is already installed , and a reinstall button18:49
Kilosoh inetpro i dont know what you mean by basics18:51
Kilosi dont know how much somaun knows18:52
Kilosor how little18:52
Golynxit said installation complete : in status loader bar , 18:52
inetprosomething that explains shells in a bit more detail 18:52
Kilosoh so you broke something in synaptic18:52
Kilossudo aptitude purge synaptic18:52
Kilosclose gdebi first18:53
GolynxThe following packages will be REMOVED:  18:54
Golynx  synaptic{p} 18:54
Golynx0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 to remove and 0 not upgraded.18:54
GolynxNeed to get 0 B of archives. After unpacking 7 779 kB will be freed.18:54
Kilosinetpro, ill help him tomorrow if i can with more basic stuff18:54
Kilosyes Golynx 18:54
inetproKilos: np18:54
Kilosi thought he was clued up with linux18:55
Golynx(Reading database ... 316670 files and directories currently installed.)18:55
GolynxRemoving synaptic ...18:55
GolynxPurging configuration files for synaptic ...18:55
Golynxdpkg: warning: while removing synaptic, directory '/var/lib/synaptic' not empty so not removed.18:55
GolynxProcessing triggers for man-db ...18:55
GolynxProcessing triggers for gnome-menus ...18:55
GolynxProcessing triggers for bamfdaemon ...18:55
GolynxRebuilding /usr/share/applications/bamf.index...18:55
GolynxProcessing triggers for desktop-file-utils ...18:55
GolynxProcessing triggers for hicolor-icon-theme ...18:55
Kilosbut to drop him into vim is heavy if he know nothing about linux18:56
Kiloslol Golynx you actually spamming here18:56
GolynxI dunno the error sorry18:56
Kilostry sudo apt-get remove synaptic18:57
GolynxPackage synaptic is not installed, so not removed18:58
GolynxShould i delete the Synaptic folder in /var/lib/synaptic18:59
Kilosyes if you can18:59
GolynxNope cannot19:00
Kilosok now we need clever help19:00
Kilosi at times do things as root but thats dangerous in your hands now still19:01
Kilosthat might contain the conf files of sysnaptic19:02
Kilosinetpro, how do we delete that file please19:02
inetproai! you guys like breaking things?19:03
Kilosi dunno chroot19:03
Kilosi can chown it but that dangerous too19:03
inetprochroot has absolutely nothing to do with it19:03
Kilosok can we chown it then delete it19:03
GolynxThis is inside the preference file in that folder. Package: gimp19:04
GolynxPin: version 2.6.12-1ubuntu1.319:04
GolynxPin-Priority: 100119:04
inetproif you have to delete it, and I don't know why, then you can do it with rm19:04
Kilosonly gimp?19:04
inetproman rm19:04
Kilossudo aptitude remove gimp19:04
GolynxYes only gimp19:05
Kiloswhen i wanted to rm the other day guys told me dont do that19:05
inetprosudo rm -r /target/folder/owned/by/root19:05
GolynxWait is it cause gimp is still locked from upgrades ?19:05
Kilosremove it19:06
Kilosor wont it19:06
Kiloshere we go Golynx 19:07
GolynxI think gimp is gone19:07
Kilossudo rm -r /var/lib/synaptic19:07
Golynxits gone now, at the cost of gimp grrr19:08
Kilosno man19:09
GolynxAlready removed gimp19:09
inetprocharl: Die Grüne Woche (Groen Week) open vanaand amptelik in die Duitse hoofstad 19:09
Kilossudo aptitude purge synaptic19:09
GolynxNo packages will be installed, upgraded, or removed.19:10
Golynx0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.19:10
GolynxNeed to get 0 B of archives. After unpacking 0 B will be used.19:10
Kilosthat wasnt the gimp package19:10
Kilossudo maptitude install synaptic19:11
Kilossudo aptitude install synaptic19:11
Kiloswe can get gimp back from the dvd again19:12
Kilosbut it will also be like a minimal install19:12
Kilosi think19:12
Golynxit stopped at: Setting up synaptic (0.75.9ubuntu1) ...19:12
Kiloswhew what have you done there19:13
Kilosit might take a while19:13
GolynxNope it stopped totally19:14
Kilosif it hasnt finished by next week we install everything from scratch19:14
Kilosok close that terminal19:14
Kilosshould go back to prompt19:15
GolynxWas already at prompt19:15
Kilosah ok19:15
* inetpro falling asleep19:15
inetprogood night19:15
Kiloslets try sudo apt-get install synaptic19:15
Kiloslekker slaap inetpro 19:15
Golynxnight inetpro19:15
Kilosif it was at the prompt it is installed19:16
Golynxsynaptic is already the newest version.19:16
Golynx0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.19:16
Golynxalready installed ?19:16
Kilosok open it and see if nautilus can reinstall19:17
Kiloswhen it goes back to prompt its finished installing19:17
Golynxok ,but still no reinstall option with nautilus19:17
Kilosyou musta unticked more stuff19:18
Kiloslike when you couldnt update19:18
GolynxCant be , i just installed some apps i wanted 19:19
Kiloswhat do you see in /var/cache/apt/archives/19:19
Kilosfrom where did you install them?19:20
Golynxonly programs stuff i installed19:20
Kilosfrom the repos?19:21
Kilosor online stuff19:21
GolynxSynaptic , via the tick option and clicking Apply19:21
Kilosthose are safe19:21
Kilosyou gotta watch online stuff19:21
GolynxYa , only ubuntu-tweak i installed from its website19:22
Kilosso whats in archives19:22
Kilosif you go to /var/cache/apt/ archives and right click properties on archives you should see the size of you downloads19:23
GolynxApache2 , php, python, alot of graphics driver stuff, one mysql install i aborted19:23
Kilosmake a folder on desktop19:24
Kilosname it precise19:24
Kilosyou mustnt abort stuff while installing19:24
Kilossudo rsync -av /var/cache/apt/archives/ ~/Desktop/precise/19:25
Kilosif you have a stick or external you can save them there19:26
Golynxoh is that the backup way for the packages19:27
Kiloshow big is the precise folder19:27
Kilosok so at least thats saved19:27
Kilosyou might need to rinstall to fix whatever is wrong19:27
Kilosi dont know why synaptic dont wanna work19:28
Kilosbut with gdebi working that can help19:29
GolynxIts ok , i will ma work like this, its not that bad19:29
Kilosyou should still be able to install with apt-get and aptitude19:29
Kilostry sudo aptitude reinstall gimp19:30
GolynxAtleast there are other ways19:30
Kilosmost things can be fixed but sometimes it is quicker to reinstall than try find the prob19:30
GolynxE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)19:31
GolynxE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?19:31
GolynxE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)19:31
GolynxE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?19:31
Kilossynaptic open?19:31
Golynxlol ai19:31
GolynxDont wana reinstall19:32
Kilosits something you did when you went mad unticking and locking stuff19:33
Golynxlol, its installing now via synaptic19:34
Golynxi saw all other gimp files there had green ticks except the main gimp file19:35
GolynxThat one had the lock on19:36
Kilosyou should reinstall all the gimp ones that way19:36
Kilosand look here19:36
Kilosbut use nothing thats not in synaptic19:36
Golynxty i will try see if theres something better than nautilus19:37
Kilosok then can i go sleep now?19:37
Kiloscarry on tomorrow19:38
GolynxYes you can :)19:38
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:38
GolynxNo thanks , already wasted alot of data19:38
Golynxnight night19:38
psychicistgood night Kilos 19:38
psychicisthi Golynx 19:38
GolynxHi psychicist19:39
Golynxnight guys20:10

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