sudormrfok hold on.00:00
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: your vpn is behind a NAT ( as we can see from the private ip address its given ) so you will not be able to ssh to it via the external ip that the vpn connects to00:00
dcplaya_ghost dcplaya00:00
Mindkontrolsudormrf: when the vpn is connected i can connect to it fine both internally usin and its external address00:00
TJ-FireStorms: if you then enable the apache2 "user_dir" module and restart the apache2 server it'll serve content from user's public_html/ directories via the URL http://localhost/~$USER/00:00
sudormrfMindkontrol, ok.  hang on.00:00
Mindkontrolsudormrf: OMG sorry00:01
Steakumzis there a way to see a room list on freenode using Empathy?00:01
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sudormrfMindkontrol, what?00:01
sudormrfMindkontrol, are you sure you are using the right IP?00:01
Mindkontrolsudormrf: That was awful, When the vpn is NOT CONNECTED I CAN CONNECT TO IT FINE, When it IS connectd i CAN NOT CONNECT EXTERNALLY but i can connect INTERNALLY00:01
DomaldelBye all =)00:01
ChibaPetSteakumz: For lack of a better answer, does it accept slash commands, like /list ? If so, there's an answer.00:01
TJ-Mindkontrol: "ip route ls | pastebinit" and show us00:02
SteakumzIt'e weird but Empathy seems to have no start screen.00:02
MindkontrolhitsujiTMO: What do i need to do to get ssh to work while i am using the vpn?00:02
sulivanto ouvindo um link park pra nostalgia00:02
sudormrfMindkontrol, ok.  so you tried to SSH in to the 192.168 address when connected over VPN and you can't?00:02
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: a different provider00:02
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, LOL00:02
FireStormsTJ-, I see thank you. I'm using Nginx as a server which runs in a virtualbox which i connect to using ssh. So just a little confused with choosing dir locations :P00:03
Steakumzit just asks me what room I want to join, and I had to manually type #ubuntu00:03
MindkontrolhitsujiTMO: So it is a result of the vpn method?00:03
sudormrfMindkontrol, please answer the question00:03
Mindkontrolsudormrf: i can connect using no problem either way00:03
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: you need to use a vpn that provides bridged networking, not NAT00:03
sudormrfMindkontrol, so what is the problem?00:03
sudormrfMindkontrol, I am confused.  If you are on the VPN why do you want to connect to it using the public IP?00:03
Mindkontrolsudormrf: it doesnt work00:03
hitsujiTMOsudormrf: hes vpn connects to a private address network, so its behind a nat00:04
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, maybe split horizon issues?00:04
sudormrfMindkontrol, what is your IP at home when you are behind your router?00:04
sudormrfMindkontrol, is it a 192.168 address?00:04
hitsujiTMOsudormrf: so when he ssh's to the external ip, its sshing to the vpn server rather than his manchine00:04
sudormrfMindkontrol, specifically, is it a address?00:04
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, but he just said he can ssh in to the address?00:05
sudormrfLOL I am confused.00:05
hitsujiTMOsudormrf: his ip is <- private ip range00:05
hitsujiTMOsudormrf: he wants to ssh from out side the network00:05
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, so he CAN ssh in while he is over VPN, but he CAN'T ssh in if he is not connected to VPN.  correct?00:05
hitsujiTMOsudormrf: eg, if hes at work/college he can ssh in and start some torrents downloading00:06
MindkontrolhitsujiTMO: Boom that is what i want00:06
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, without being connected to VPN.  right?00:06
Mindkontrolsudormrf: I want the vpn active while i ssh in externally00:06
sudormrfMindkontrol, why?00:06
hitsujiTMOsudormrf: isp blocking torrents00:07
Mindkontrolsudormrf: for what hitsu said, so i can manage my box remotely00:07
sudormrfMindkontrol, what you are saying is working and what you are saying you want are confusing because to me it sounds like things are working how they should be.00:07
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, that makes sense00:07
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: how much are you paying for the vpn?00:07
MindkontrolhitsujiTMO: i paid 45$ for a yr00:08
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, couldn't he bridge the adapters and get it working?00:08
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Anton__I have a VPN on my VPS but when I connect to my VPN on my VPS, I get disconnected since it has a different IP. Some guy told me to set a static route to my home IP through the default gateway but I don't know how to do that. How do I fix this?00:09
hitsujiTMOsudormrf: he needs a public ip from his vpn interface so he can ssh to it. the public ip that he gets is that of the vpn server00:09
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, would this work? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6759299/00:10
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, meaning if he ran that on the remote end it should allow ICS between the interfaces.  Or am I thinking about this wrong?00:11
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: see if they offer ips too. thats what you need. a bridged connection. otherwise look into getting a vps and setting up your own vpn server00:11
hitsujiTMOsudormrf: no that will only work for the vpn server, which he has no access to. thats the companies server00:11
MindkontrolhitsujiTMO: thanks man! Now i at least have something to research further00:12
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: no problem00:12
MindkontrolhitsujiTMO: since u know what i am going for, would you suggest a diferent setup in the future?00:13
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: i rent a dedicated server for that kind of stuff so i have full control of whats going on. A VPS would be the best then I could recommend. But may have issues finding one with the decent bandwidth thats not overly shared00:14
MindkontrolhitsujiTMO: What kind of price range is that kind of setup?00:14
hitsujiTMOAnton__: "I get disconnected since it has a different IP" lets start here... disconnected from what exactly?00:14
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, ok I am lost.00:15
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: really depends on the company $5-$20/m seems average for a basic setup00:15
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hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: what company are you using atm?00:15
gillian_WHy cant I see settings of my terminal?00:15
MindkontrolhitsujiTMO: so your talking about something like a seedbox? I use privateinternetaccess.com00:16
MindkontrolhitsujiTMO: signed up on a whim to try it out, price was np00:16
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: in a sense like a seedbox but a seed box usually has a specific setup. a vps should allow you install whatever services you want, such as webserver/vpn/etc00:17
Beldargillian_, Are they in the top panel, in unity the top bar is there at times00:17
MindkontrolhitsujiTMO: ok, i understand. ill look into that stuff! Thanks again00:18
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: seems they dont offer a briged connection at all00:18
sudormrfTJ-, are you still around?00:18
MindkontrolhitsujiTMO: yeah, i figured i would look into something else when my yr was up. learn as much as i can until then00:19
gillian_setTHe settingsbar in the terminal isnt there. Not sure how to make it appear.00:19
Guest79602is there any assembly language channel on freenode?00:19
KrenairHi, how do you take an exact copy of / (including everything under it)?00:19
gillian_Using Mint if that helps anything.00:19
Beldargillian_, Mint is not supported here is all.00:19
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, so the problem is his provider won't let him bridge the connection himself?00:19
hitsujiTMO!alis | Guest7960200:19
ubottuGuest79602: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*00:19
KrenairLast time I tried it managed to end up with a destination file size much larger than the source (to the point where my new 2TB hard drive couldn't even store it)00:19
hitsujiTMOsudormrf: he doesn't have control of the pc at the other end. So he can't do it.00:20
gillian_Oh okay. Isn;t there a general key combination to make the settingspanel appear?00:20
KrenairI'm trying to do this as a backup so I can upgrade to 13.1000:20
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, I suppose I don't understand how he doesn't have control of it since he can ssh in and issue commands?00:20
hitsujiTMOsudormrf: he's not renting a machine, just the link00:20
hitsujiTMOsudormrf: no the ssh is to his own home server00:20
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, ooooohhhhhh00:20
gillian_Nevermind I found it.00:21
Beldargillian_, We can't support mint as we don't know what bis different in it, never seen a key combo for that.00:21
jay_mhi Krenair00:21
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, I totally read this whole thing as he was renting a VPS00:21
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: actually wait, have an idea00:21
Mindkontrolsudormrf: I can only ssh in when the machine is NOT connected to the vpn00:21
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: does your home router have nat forwarding?00:22
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, maybe backup first.00:23
sudormrfMindkontrol, what model is your home router?00:23
MindkontrolNAT filtering Secured or Open00:23
Mindkontrolits a crappy netgear wireless wnr2k00:23
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: it should so then. is your home server setup with a static ip?00:24
gillian_Thanks baldar. It was very easy anyway. Right Click -> Show Menubar. Lol.00:24
gillian_I asked questions too soon.00:24
MindkontrolhitsujiTMO: no, router assigns the ip00:24
sudormrfhitsujiTMO, you mean from his ISP or through the router?00:26
sudormrfMindkontrol, if hitsujiTMO just means through the router it is easy enough to set the server IP to static.00:26
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: heres what you should do. set the server up with a static ip outside the dhcp range. then set up your router to forward a high port like 3422 to static.ip.of.server:22     .... then you could setup a dynamic dns server such as http://freedns.afraid.org/ to get a domain name attached to your home ip. then you can ssh to your home directly00:26
Krenairjay_m, ...?00:28
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: that way you can still use the vpn you're using00:28
jay_moh sorry00:28
jay_mjust a hello00:28
jay_mtesting out this chat00:28
Krenair... hi00:28
hitsujiTMO!test | jay_m00:28
ubottujay_m: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )00:28
MindkontrolhitsujiTMO: Ok! I will look that up right now00:28
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Anton__I have a VPN on my VPS but when I connect to my VPN on my VPS, I get disconnected from my VPS since it gets a different IP. Some guy told me to set a static route to my home IP through the default gateway but I don't know how to do that. How do I fix this?00:33
hitsujiTMOAnton__: when you get disconnected is it from ssh or what?00:34
Anton__hitsujiTMO_: vnc viewer but i cant connect to it without a reboot00:35
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daftykinsAnton__: can you pastebin the output of 'route -n' before and after connecting?00:36
MindkontrolhitsujiTMO: how do i know my dhcp range?00:37
Anton__daftykins_: I can pastebin output of route -n before connecting but not after since I get disconnected from the VPS that i use00:37
daftykinsAnton__: well you can run local commands any time, just save then in a text file or something00:38
hitsujiTMOMindkontrol: should be somewhere in your router settings00:38
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YOURBESTFRIENDcan someone take a screenshot of the default ubuntu font settings in gnome tweak tools?00:40
YOURBESTFRIENDI switched to fedora and I want the same font settings as ubuntu00:40
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Darkangeli give ya 100:40
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Darkangelher in a sec00:41
FuuqUmiistso what ever happen to the Ubuntu phone?00:42
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch00:43
kruxoman_Nexus 4 is still targeted00:43
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YOURBESTFRIENDDarkangel: can you host it on imgur, please? for some reason the transfer failed00:45
Darkangelnoticed fixin the issue00:46
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Anton__daftykins_: pastebin of route -n before connecting and without adding "ip route replace default via "my vps IP" dev venet000:49
daftykinsoh that's what you're doing? 0o00:50
Darkangelthats the default Ubuntu font dettings00:51
Darkangeliuf that is waht ur askin00:51
Anton__daftykins_: what?00:52
YOURBESTFRIENDthe transfer failed again00:53
Darkangelall right ill give ya a link in a sec00:54
daftykinsAnton__: you run the above manually after connecting?00:55
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Anton__daftykins_: when I run openvpn --config "...".ovpn and connect to the vpn server without replacing default gw with an IP address, I get error saying "couldn't redirect default gateway"00:58
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daftykinsAnton__: hmm, i don't have enough experience with it to know the perameters that can be present within that file, but perhaps you can avoid it. obviously the answer is to not change your default route01:01
YOURBESTFRIENDDarkangel: can you just msg me?01:02
YOURBESTFRIENDI think my irc client might be broken, at least the transfer functionality01:03
Darkangelwell ill call the names of the settings for the fonts will that help?01:04
YOURBESTFRIENDDarkangel: yeah that will do01:04
DarkangelText scaling factor 1.001:04
Anton__daftykins_: I opened a support ticket on my VPN service yesterday and the staff told me to set a static route to my home IP through the default gateway but I don't know how 2 do that and they haven't responded yet, probably tomorrow. Do you know how to do this?01:04
Darkangelhinting ... slight01:05
Darkangelantialiasing Rgba01:05
DarkangelDefault font .... Ubuntu01:05
DarkangelDocument font ... Sans01:06
DarkangelMonospace font ... Ubuntu (13)01:06
Darkangelwindow title font ... Ubuntu bold01:06
TJ-Anton__: "sudo ip route add $HOME_PUBLIC_IP dev $ETH_INTERFACE_PUBLIC src $VPN_SERVER_IP_PUBLIC" ... that's manually. You'd need to add an entry to the VPS server's network configuration file to make that permanent over restarts01:07
Beldar!screenshot | Darkangel01:07
ubottuDarkangel: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.01:07
Darkangelnow if u dont have much fonts i can help with that open "Synatic package manager" and i can help ya from there to get a large selecting of Fonts for ya01:08
gmachine_24greetings earthlings. I built a media server running Ubuntu 13.x 64-bit; simple machine, has onboard AMD Trinity (Radeon HD 7540D) video chip; I need to install a driver and/or configure the video bc, although I plan to run it headless, I need to be able to read the screen when/if a monitor is attached.01:11
Anton__TJ_: "Cannot find device src"01:12
gmachine_24lspci | grep VSA ...>there is a controller for the chip recognized01:12
gmachine_24btw, I need/want to do configuring via the command line (I am logged in from another computer using putty)01:13
Sirisian|WorkFor some reason visudo isn't working for me. I added "%myusername ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /home/sirisian/Desktop/ubuntu/foo.sh" to the end but when I execute that command it simply says: "sudo: myusername : 3 incorrect password attempts ; TTY=unknown ; PWD=/home/myusername ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/New_York /etc/localtime" Is there an issue with the file being in the home directory of the user?01:13
Guest79602bye guys have a nice day / night01:14
gmachine_24Ubuntu help pages say xserver-xorg-video-radeon driver is now the default for this chip; how can I make sure this is installed and how do I configure it? TIA01:14
gigglefightplease direct me to a how to install using superbootloader a splashscreen loading screen like from the movie Her. I've done my best using different keywords. suggestions, recommendations are welcomed. :)01:16
gmachine_24going once, going twice, . . . .01:18
gmachine_24gigglefight: you want to replace the ubuntu splash screen, is this correct?01:18
MindkontrolhitsujiTMO: what is a valid ip to set my server to that is outside the dhcp range x.x.x.254?01:19
gmachine_24gigglefight: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/07/install-change-boot-screen-theme-ubuntu-13-04/01:19
gigglefightthank you! in addition, would there be an author how has done just that, icon and bar theme download?01:20
gigglefightlet me rephrase, link to themes01:21
gmachine_24gigglefight: have you read the link yet01:22
gigglefighthttp://ubuntu-art.org/ got it! :) thank you gmachine_2401:22
AristideHi !01:25
AristideI have a problem with mouse :) every 2s, mouse disappear, and I must move cursor for show mouse again ... Is not very a problem in Desktop, but In game, mouse can be moved, but every 2s, cursor is moved to screen center01:26
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AristideSo, I can't play in many games :(01:27
Schrodinger`CatAristide, hum01:28
BitwiseHello. I've created a bridge using the NetworkManager GUI named bridge0 and I did ifconfig bridge0 up but how do I actually connect to it?01:28
Schrodinger`Catits because i eated your mouse, ariscop01:28
AristideSchrodinger`Cat: ...01:28
ariscopyou ate my mouse?01:28
AristideTab fail :')01:28
Schrodinger`Catariscop, sorry guy :)01:29
Schrodinger`CatAristide, you have the mouse that disapear on the kde desktop too?01:29
MindkontrolSchrodinger`Cat: R.I.P. R.A.W.01:29
Schrodinger`CatAristide, Menu | System Settings | Desktop Effects | All Effects tab01:30
Schrodinger`CatClick on Zoom wrench icon to get Zoom dialog.01:30
Schrodinger`CatCheck Enable Focus Tracking checkbox.01:30
hisforeverreally new to instaling software in Zorin, How to I get tux3d installed?01:33
Beldarhisforever, zorin is not supported here.01:33
hisforeverok ty01:33
BitwiseHello. I've created a bridge using the NetworkManager GUI named bridge0 and I did ifconfig bridge0 up but how do I actually connect to it?01:33
vfwhisforever: Try ubuntu01:34
vfw!ics Bitwise01:35
vfw!ics | Bitwise01:35
ubottuBitwise: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing01:35
Bitwisevfw, I already saw that.01:35
BitwiseI tried it but I still can't ping -I eth1 google.com01:35
vfwBitwise: You'll need to be more specific with your questionl.01:36
Bitwisevfw, I'm trying to bridge wlan0 and eth1. I went into NetworkManager and chose "Share to other computers" on eth1 but when I run `ping -I eth1 google.com` I still don't have any connection.01:37
BitwiseIt does work when I plug an ethernet cable in and use it to share a connection with other devices.01:38
vfwBitwise: route -n  #What does that say?01:38
vfwBitwise: What is it then, that you really want to do?01:39
xdxhow are you?01:39
Bitwisevfw, I'm not trying to plug a cable in there. I just want to use this: http://daniel-lange.com/archives/53-Binding-applications-to-a-specific-IP.html01:39
BitwiseI'm trying to give an interface (preferably virtual) an IP that can connect to the Internet just like wlan0.01:40
BitwiseAnd use only one application on that interface.01:40
vfwBitwise: route -n |pastebinit #Send us resulting URL01:41
GallomimiaBitwise: in /etc/network/interfaces add another interface with the same name as the one you want to clone. add a :1 after the name, and set it's ip, router, and netmask\01:44
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BitwiseGallomimia, Do you have an example?01:46
Gallomimianot handy unfortunately01:46
BitwiseI know what to put for the mask, gw, etc but I'm not sure what format it's supposed to be in.01:46
Gallomimiayou can read that in the file as it exists01:46
BitwiseThe current file only has the loopback interface.01:47
Gallomimiaalso add a line that says auto <iface name>01:47
Gallomimiayeah. it's the wireless interface right? usually handled by automatic routines in the connect-to-wireless-network software01:47
BitwiseYup, wireless. Does that seem right or do I need to add any other lines with other information?01:48
Gallomimiait does. i can't remember the format myself01:49
BitwiseI'll restart now. Be back in a moment.01:50
sjgpix# The loopback network interface01:50
sjgpixauto lo01:50
sjgpixiface lo inet loopback01:50
sjgpix# The primary network interface01:50
sjgpixauto eth001:50
FloodBot1sjgpix: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:50
Gallomimiayou can just type ifup -a01:50
Gallomimiayou need sudo privs i think01:50
Gallomimiasudo ifup wlan0:101:50
Gallomimiaor ifup -a will bring all up01:51
Joris_Does anyone have experience with figuring out screen-noise kind of errors?01:51
Bitwise/etc/network/interfaces:6: misplaced option01:51
BitwiseThat's line 6 ^01:51
Gallomimialet me step away and read a config on my server01:51
sjgpixI pasted the format01:52
sjgpixsorry for flood01:52
Joris_Like, at times, when I tilt my screen, it appears that solid blocks of color are noisy. Which is odd. And blue color blocks have a tendency to show vertical stripes.01:53
TJ-Joris_: Usually that means the cable connection plugs are loose ... especially happens with VGA connectors01:57
TJ-Bitwise: You're missing the "iface wlan0:1 inet static" line before the address. "auto..." only tells the scripts to auto-start an "iface" named "wlan0:1"01:58
Michael87alright lets say I want to transfer music to my andriod without copying and pasting all the time from file browser. I can do this easily in clementine but it keeps transfering files to my internal memory when i want it on my sd memory. please help02:00
BitwiseThanks TJ-02:00
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Michael87also if you think there is a better way to transfer files that is more pleasing to the eye on android using ubuntu. That be great. So far liking airdroid but having trouble telling it wither or not the android is connected via usb02:01
AristideSorry for internet failure02:02
AristideI have always same problem02:02
AristideMouse disappear every 2s ... I must move mouse for display cursor02:02
SteakumzI'm trying to get MAME running on Ubuntu, but getting many error on roms. Anyone able to me with this?02:02
gmachine_24I'm having a wicked case of deja vu. I know, off topic; but it's true.02:02
Steakumzdeja vu?02:03
Aristide« already see » ?02:04
gmachine_24as in "we have all been here before"02:04
BeldarAristide, See if this happens in the guest account.02:04
AristideI must create an new account x)02:04
AristideI don't have guest account in kdm02:05
BeldarAristide, There is already a guest account, finding out if it is just your account is a good start.02:05
BeldarMichael87, Have you asked any of this on the android channel?02:07
AristideOk, KDE bug when I switch to session02:08
AristideBeldar: So, I don't have guest account in KDM02:08
BeldarAristide, I have never used kdm, so not sure really.02:08
AristideBeldar: I can only put username and password x)02:08
AristideSo, switch to session == crash of KDE :(02:09
BeldarAristide, Have you tried #kubuntu02:09
Beldarmight be worth asking there to.02:10
MagiWebchatCan anyone think of what would cause the Ubuntu Server 13.10 Netinstall ISO to load up until it reaches the end of loading initrd.gz, at which point the server resets?02:12
Michael87Beldar, Did not know Android had a channel. Interesting. But this is also a ubuntu question since I plan on managing my android apps on ubuntu. the airdroid app is pretty cool on here but it has problems connecting with my android via usb for some reason02:12
TJ-MagiWebchat: corrupted image02:12
BeldarMichael87, What ubuntu release?02:12
MagiWebchatTJ-: I checked, the md5sum is correct02:13
Michael87Beldar, I'm using 13.10. looking forward to 14.04 lts02:13
MagiWebchatMight be getting corrupted during transfer to the server via IPMI/VPN, but It's happened several times02:13
TJ-MagiWebchat: memory corruption> have you run memtest ?02:13
BeldarMichael87, What android release?02:13
MagiWebchatTJ-: It's loaded before okay, but NOT when I try to boot it02:14
zacariasHi. On my Macbook 5,2 running Ubuntu/DreamStudio 12.04.3, after chamging the file /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf to include the line options snd-hda-intel model=mb31 as explained here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook5-2/Natty (I was trying to do that to solve the headphones problem), not only it didn't solve the headphones problem, but now alsa is not recognizing my sound card. The output from aplay -l is no soundcards. Any help?02:14
TJ-MagiWebchat: Do you see any kernel messages? Are you booting with "debug" on the kernel command line?02:14
MagiWebchatTJ-: will try that in a moment02:14
Michael87Beldar, 4.1.2. it connects via usb on ubuntu just fine. Its just airdriod having problems for some reason.02:14
MagiWebchatI'll grab my other laptop so I can have a real IRC client open02:15
TJ-MagiWebchat: remove any other options like "splash or quiet"02:15
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BeldarMichael87, I just plug in myself, airdroid is liked by some I find it to be a hassle.02:17
MagiobiwanTJ-, back02:17
MagiobiwanTJ-, did you say somethign toward me after I brb'ed?02:18
TJ-MagiWebchat: remove any other options like "splash or quiet"02:18
MagiobiwanWill do02:18
BlueNeXuSHi all.  I have a problem when booting up my Ubuntu.   It is Ubuntu 13.04 running KDE Plasma.  Every time I boot my system it gets stuck at for over 5 minutes.  When it finally does boot I get this message:02:19
BlueNeXuSMissing dependency: System V IPC for python. Read documentation for installation instructions! After installation, restart KDE for changes to take effect!02:19
BlueNeXuSI've tried to read throught the documents but nothing really helped02:19
Michael87Beldar, I'm begining to agree with you. I like the interface though. Its just a pain when all it wants to do is connect wirelessly. and it needs to be connected online. thats bull crap. just stuck with the ol copy and paste per usual02:20
BlueNeXuSI can click okay, and the error message goes away and it continues to boot just fine.. but waiting more than 5 minutes being stuck at the splash screen is becoming a real pain02:21
MagiobiwanAre people allowed to use colorful phrases here to relieve frustration?02:21
Gallomimiaalas, no02:21
MagiobiwanOh hey02:22
MagiobiwanThe ****ing IPMI worked for a change02:22
Michael87Beldar, for some reason I miss the zune interface. got bored of itunes. And freaken Love Android. Just needs a good offline manager on ubuntu02:22
Gallomimiabitwise: are you still there? sorry i got distracted02:22
Michael87Beldar, I'm looking forward to a future where all devices will be open source.02:22
Gallomimiaopen source is just the tip of the iceburg, we need open hardware open firmware and open design principles too02:23
Gallomimiabut yes, that'd be a great thing to push for02:23
MagiobiwanBeginnign boot attempt with debug on02:24
TJ-BlueNeXuS: Does this show the package installed? "apt-cache policy python-svipc"02:25
BlueNeXuSi'll check02:26
MagiobiwanOh hey. It made it past the "Loading initrd.gz" screen and is now on a black screen02:26
MagiobiwanThe resolution jumped to 800x600 though, which is good02:27
* Magiobiwan lets sit02:27
BlueNeXuSTj :  python-svipc:02:27
BlueNeXuS  Installed: (none)02:27
BlueNeXuS  Candidate: 0.14-2build202:27
BlueNeXuS  Version table:02:27
BlueNeXuS     0.14-2build2 002:27
FloodBot1BlueNeXuS: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:27
BlueNeXuS        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ raring/universe amd64 Packages02:27
BeldarBlueNeXuS, Have some patience, and use pastebin02:29
BlueNeXuSsorry :)02:29
MagiobiwanWell, progress has been made. It's not resetting after loading the ISO02:31
TJ-BlueNeXuS: Do you have the BusyTasks plasmoid script installed?02:31
TJ-BlueNeXuS: Then you should read its requirements more carefully!02:32
BlueNeXuSi just installed that package that it said Installed: (none)02:32
TJ-BlueNeXuS: REQUIREMENTS ... "The System V IPC module for python."02:32
jooleanhey everybody, is there a way to pause or halt the update-manager when it's in the "install" phase of an upgrade?02:32
Beldarjoolean, Not safely.02:32
BlueNeXuSwell, the only thing i've changed  from orginal installation was to install KDE Plasma, because i really don't care for unity02:33
jooleanBeldar: Yuck. Okay.02:33
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ubuntu22Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to disable drag on drop in filezilla?  Or if it is possible to prompt the user on every action?02:33
TJ-BlueNeXuS: and several other requirements; you'd best identify the Ubuntu packages that meet those requirements and install them too, if they're not already installed02:33
MagiobiwanHow long does it usually take for the netinstall to get booted?02:33
jooleanBeldar: What if I suspended the process but didn't shut the machine down02:33
jooleanBeldar: Theoretically that might work02:33
TJ-Magiobiwan: That would depend alot on the bandwidth02:33
BlueNeXuSThanks TJ,, that's exactly what i am trying to do though.02:34
Beldarjoolean, Your risk I would not.02:34
jooleanBeldar: Okay, thanks.02:34
BlueNeXuShence why i'm here :)02:34
MagiobiwanWell, the server is on a 1Gbps line. The upload speed from me to the server's IPMI though is about... 200Kbps?02:34
MagiobiwanSo yeah02:34
MagiobiwanIPMI sucks02:34
BlueNeXuSi'll bbiab maybe, thanks agian TJ02:35
* Magiobiwan wanders off to eat while he lets it load up02:36
gmachine_24offtopic anyone02:37
TJ-BlueNeXuS: Use "apt-cache search ..." to identify the precise names of the Ubuntu packages from the names given in the Requirements02:37
somsip!ot | gmachine_2402:38
ubottugmachine_24: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:38
gmachine_24I hate the 'wanders off to eat while he lets it load up' comments.02:45
gmachine_24that's what I meant02:45
gmachine_24as if I care02:46
TJ-gmachine_24: When I'm helping someone its good to know if they've left the keyboard02:48
gmachine_24TJ, fine. but that's not what that was.02:48
gmachine_24otherwise afk does it02:49
DrGrovHave 2 questions. Is ssh enabled by default in 13.10, running Xubuntu 64-bit? Second, is ufw just to set up with sudo ufw start? No need to alter rules? How is the default procedure on a client computer compared to a server regarding the use of a firewall?02:50
TJ-gmachine_24: I appreciated it; I'd been helping sort the issue. A little flavour doesn't harm our support activities.02:50
gmachine_24TJ maybe I'm just annoyed because no one ever seems to answer my queries. :-) And I help when I can.02:50
TJ-DrGrov: I don't think openssh-server is seeded to desktop installations02:50
somsipgmachine_24: state your problem again, and free ax-grinding services are availabel in #ubuntu-offtopic ;-)02:51
TJ-gmachine_24: maybe :) ask away!02:51
DrGrovTJ-: Okay, nothing to lose then. Just thought if it was enabled by default. Thought to start a SSH server though for easy access later.02:51
DrGrovDo I really need to enabled ufw at all while running a regular desktop, not server?02:51
TJ-DrGrov: I seem to recall having to "apt-get install openssh-server" when I test desktop installs in VMs02:51
apb1963Anyone know how I can downgrade Qt 4.8.2 to 4.8.1?02:52
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gmachine_24DrGrov, the openssh-server isn't installed but I believe the client is; although I could be wrong. I've been up to my elbows in configuring a server for the past week,... or so02:52
somsipDrGrov: you do need to install ssh servers. You don't need ufw if you are not running services and are behind a NAT unless you want to be ultra sure02:52
somsipapb1963: did you install from repo?02:52
TJ-DrGrov: Ubuntu has a no open ports by default policy so you'd only really need UFW if you a) install services that listen on interfaces other than localhost, and b) you connect directly to public networks (e.g. WiFi)02:53
apb1963somsip: I installed many things from repo.02:53
somsipapb1963: ahem./ Did you install qt 4.82 from the repo...02:54
apb1963somsip: Not specifically no.  If you're asking what package I installed, that installed qt, I don't know.02:54
DrGrovBrb. the cat needs her playtime :*)02:54
MagiobiwanTJ-, back w/ Bacon, and it hasn't booted yet02:55
MagiobiwanStill stuck on the black screen02:55
TJ-apb1963: A better question might be, why do you need to downgrade?02:55
apb1963TJ-: Here's why: http://pastebin.com/gYzz6kfh02:55
MagiobiwanI wonder... Does the minimal ISO include EFI support?02:55
TJ-Magiobiwan: Are you sure it isn't just a video driver issue... have you tried switching to another TTY (Ctrl+Alt+F1) ?02:55
MagiobiwanOne moment02:55
somsipapb1963: then it may be safer not to mess with it. Something has installed that as a dependency, though it might be okay with a minor version lower. Normally you would remove, then install a lower version and pin it. But it sounds like this will impact on other installed packages for you so could be messy02:56
TJ-apb1963: So you have previously managed to install a newer version that isn't in the Ubuntu archive for 12.04 ?02:56
gmachine_24I built a media server running Ubuntu 13.x 64-bit; simple machine, has onboard AMD Trinity (Radeon HD 7540D) video chip; I've used xrandr to set resolution 1280x1024 and 75 refresh .. I might be off a bit on the resolution, this is from memory my resolution might be a bit off02:58
gmachine_24the point is the screen looks like ... well, not very well some times and I can't figure out the problem; I'm going to run it headless mostly, but I need to be able to see what I'm doing if/when I attach a monitor02:58
TJ-gmachine_24: Is the display a CRT or TFT?02:58
apb1963TJ-: It would seem so....whatever package installed it didn't warn me that it was upgrading a critical component of my system, and that other software would no longer be supported and I shouldn't do it unless I no longer wanted to report bugs I might find,  or get fixes for them.02:59
TJ-gmachine_24: Usually you will do better at 60Hz with TFTs... no need for a higher refresh rate02:59
somsipapb1963: depends where the 'other software' was installed from. If that came from a repo, it shouldn't cause this error. If that is self-installed, then that's what you can get when you self-install02:59
somsipapb1963: what is it breaking anyway? And where did you install that from?03:00
gmachine_24TJ, agreed. but it was at 60 and  that was a real disaster. 75 is much better. but still there are some areas where colors switch around and backgrounds take over so I can't read anything03:00
TJ-apb1963: There is no way for package-management to install a newer version, unless you've made some very unsafe changes to the system, like mixing up releases in "/etc/apt/sources.list" or installing from a source-package outside of the package-management system03:00
TJ-gmachine_24: Is the monitor able to report an EDID?03:01
apb1963somsip: I don't know where it came from.  I've installed dozens of packages.03:01
TJ-gmachine_24: It sounds like you need the correct modeline03:01
gmachine_24TJ, although I upped the resolution only after changing the refresh rate so I'm going to switch the refresh back to 60 and maybe that will do it.03:01
apb1963TJ-: Are ppas outside of the package management system?03:01
somsipapb1963: do you ever install from non-repo sources? Is it possibly that's what's happened?03:01
TJ-gmachine_24: If you can pastebin the output from "xrandr -q" that'd help us get an idea03:01
Magiobiwan... SO booting a normal ISO works AOK03:02
MagiobiwanI bet it's a lack of EFI03:02
apb1963somsip: are ppas considered non-repo sources?03:02
TJ-apb1963: Yes and No. Yes, because PPAs aren't approved, but No in the sense that when added as a source, apt knows how to get and install packages from them!03:02
apb1963TJ-: Then my answer is Yes and No03:02
somsipapb1963: yes, they are03:02
TJ-Magiobiwan: Did you see the kernel messages as it started?03:03
apb1963somsip: Then yes.03:03
MagiobiwanTJ-, just the loading linux, then loading initrd.gz03:03
MagiobiwanBut after that finished, it went to an 800x600 black screen03:03
TJ-apb1963: OK, what you'll have to do is remove and purge the PPA. I stay away from that horror but there are others here who can give you the instructions on doing that03:03
somsipapb1963: then the maintainer of the PPA for the package that is affected has not created the package correctly. They are your point of support03:03
somsip!ppa | apb1963 (in case you want the link)03:04
ubottuapb1963 (in case you want the link): A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge03:04
apb1963somsip: And if I knew which specific package did it, then I could certainly uninstall it.03:04
ZenTechHello everyone :D03:05
somsipapb1963: So what is it you're wanting from us now?03:05
TJ-Magiobiwan: Hmmm.... try adding "nomodeset text" to the kernel command-line if it isn't there already03:05
gmachine_24TJ, I do get a edid dump03:05
MagiobiwanTJ-, the normal Ubuntu Server ISO is working right now for me03:05
MagiobiwanSo I'm03:05
apb1963somsip: Perhaps a way to determine which package(s) are dependent on qt 4.8.203:05
TJ-gmachine_24: OK... you should look at the decoded values and compare them with the monitor specifications if you can find them with an Internet search03:05
somsipapb1963: well I'm tired of your attitude. No more help from me. Good luck.03:06
DrGrovgmachine_24: Ok, that seems to be the case. Did not find any sshd_config file without having the openssh package installed.03:06
TJ-Magiobiwan: you were saying....?03:06
apb1963attitude?  The attitude of asking for help?03:06
MagiobiwanIt reset again03:06
MagiobiwanI HATE IPMI03:06
DrGrovTJ-: It seems so yes. I have to get the openssh-server once I get some free time to set up my ssh server for outside purposes.03:07
TJ-!ppa-purge | apb196303:07
ubottuapb1963: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html03:07
DrGrovTJ-: I really do not need ufw enabled then since I do not use services that listen to other than localhost and not even that. I am quite sure I am behind a NAT through my router, or so it seems when looking into the specs of the router.03:08
gmachine_24TJ, AFK03:08
apb1963TJ-: thank you.  Is there a way to determine which packages are dependent on qt 4.8.2 or do I have to uninstall all ppas?03:08
CorvetteHello. Some time ago I somehow broke the wifi drivers in Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop, and the module 'iwlwifi' wouldn't start on its own. Someone advised that I open a shell and input 'sudo modprobe -v iwlwifi' and that has worked for me ever since, all I have to do is put that command in when I start my laptop. But now suddenly when I attempt that it returns this error: "WARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, it03:08
Corvette will be ignored in a future release. What do I do now03:08
TJ-apb1963: "apt-cache rdepends <package-name>" (rdepends means reverse-dependencies)03:09
MagiobiwanHey TJ-03:10
DrGrovThanks for the help TJ- and somsip03:10
apb1963TJ-: awesome.  Thank you!03:10
MagiobiwanThere's no way to netinstall off a floppy, is there?03:10
TJ-Magiobiwan: cripes... that's going back 20 years!03:10
MagiobiwanI can boot a floppy 100% fine03:10
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TJ-Magiobiwan: I don't believe there is. Which exact netinst image are you using? I can test it here03:11
MagiobiwanThat one03:11
xanguaapb1963: if it helps you can see from wich repositorie a package is with: apt-cache policy packagename03:11
DrGrovsomsip: So I can safely just continue like I have when no services are going out, just radio streams?03:12
SemorHow do I monitor each new/malloc operation intime  with valgrind ?03:12
jbalthazarHi, I have a question regarding installation using netboot03:12
normancleggMagiobiwan:  i put a drive in a modern gateway machine and did a normal install and then put the drive in an old assed HP and it booted and has been working pefectly for 4 months now.03:12
Magiobiwannormanclegg, that would work GREAT. If I could physically access the machine03:13
MagiobiwanIt's about... 300 miles away?03:13
apb1963xangua: every little bit helps.  Thank you03:13
jbalthazarI'm able to get the machine to boot to the installer, and when I select either Install or Command-line install it downloads files from the tftp server and then hangs03:13
somsipDrGrov: I woudl say so. If there is no path from the outside world to your computer through your router, it's safe (subject to router exploits and other caveats)03:13
jbalthazarIt won't accept any input and eventually just starts beeping at me when I hit keys03:14
Magiobiwanjbalthazar, 13.10 netinstall ISO?03:14
jbalthazarNo, netboot03:14
jbalthazarNo ISO. I'm booting over the network03:15
DrGrovsomsip: I am just checking the NAT status on my box and there is no outside connections coming in except source ips like 192.168.xxx.xxx and 172.xxx.xxx.xxx and destination ips are 224.xxx and so forth. Nothing big though since the expirations are way in the future. Looks ok to me.03:15
jbalthazar(It's an old Toughbook without a CD drive and all my USB flash drives are either dead or in use)03:16
TJ-Magiobiwan: OK, mini.iso has an EFI system partition in the El Torito boot section, so it should UEFI boot03:16
dalitmy ubuntu12.04  is behaving abnormally03:17
normancleggdrgrov PeerGuardian for linux is pretty cool and easy. I'm blocking 375,000 ip ranges and 1.25 Billion individual ip addresses.03:17
TJ-Magiobiwan: You could check that manually by choosing the system's firmware UEFI shell and then doing "fs0:\EFI\boot\bootx64.efi" to manually start the loader03:17
dalitmy ubuntu12.04  is behaving abnormally, it boots up without desktop files and ceases to close application frequently03:17
TJ-normanclegg: I do that too; I pull the cable out :)03:18
DrGrovnormanclegg: I use blocklists for other things than that if I am honest.03:18
dalitmy ubuntu12.04  is behaving abnormally, it boots up without desktop files and ceases to close application frequently03:18
somsip!patience | dalit03:18
ubottudalit: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/03:18
DrGrovnormanclegg: So I am not so worried about incoming connections while seeding/downloading Linux ISOs :)03:19
DrGrovnormanclegg: Curios to know though. How did you set up PeerGuardian?03:20
jbalthazarAhhhh, figured it out03:21
jbalthazarOkay, my question has changed :D03:21
DrGrovsomsip: Ah, why did I not see this earlier? I have my connection through a LAN cable but the router just has also this neat feature of enabling disabling ports and having NAT parameters inside itself. Did not even see that far LOL03:21
jbalthazarI ran it in "expert command line mode" and I find that the CPU isn't supported as it lacks "pae"03:21
jbalthazarAny idea how to netboot with a kernel for an older machine?03:22
TJ-Magiobiwan: mini.iso with UEFI starts perfectly here for me03:22
MagiobiwanOh fun03:22
* Magiobiwan glares at the IPMI03:22
normancleggDrGrov: It was shockingly easy.   You add the peerguardian PPA and then do the install. And there's a GUI and everything03:22
normancleggDrGrov:  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jre-phoenix/ppa03:24
normancleggDrGrov:  then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pgld pglcmd pglgui03:24
DrGrovnormanclegg: Thank you, you got a homepage with the info so I can bookmark it for further use? :)03:24
lokusanyone know what happened to the igmp_max_memberships procfs file? i can't find it on my 12.04 system, it's there on 10.0403:24
TJ-jbalthazar: The 12.04 non-pae mini.iso is here: http://www.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/non-pae/03:24
jbalthazarTJ-: The machine unfortunately doesn't have a CD drive...03:24
jbalthazarSo I've been booting over the network03:25
normancleggDrGrov:  pretty much all this https://www.google.com/search?q=peerguardian+ppa&num=100&client=opera&hs=3VK&channel=suggest&source=lnt&tbs=qdr:y&sa=X&ei=pFDXUub0OM_VqQGA1YH4DA&ved=0CB0QpwUoBQ&biw=750&bih=113403:25
TJ-jbalthazar: extract it and PXE boot from it using TFTP/NFS03:25
normancleggDrGrov:  I'm a noob and its been easy03:25
DrGrovnormanclegg: Thank you for the link. I know that I could have Googled it myself as well :) Thanks again.03:25
TJ-jbalthazar: There's a netboot.tar.gz there too03:25
somsipnormanclegg: DrGrov PPAs are not recommended here. Please be aware that they can cause problems03:25
jbalthazarAhh, okay03:25
jbalthazarI'll give that a try :D03:25
jbalthazarIs there a reason I shouldn't use a more recent version?03:26
olsoneaHi all, I desperately need help. sudo apt-get upgrade installed a new nvidia driver that hosed my system. x wont start, and it says i'm in low graphics mode.03:26
jbalthazar(I have not mastered the Ubuntu versioning...)03:26
olsoneaany help is appreciated03:26
TJ-jbalthazar: If you can find a non-pae one, then use it, but that's the last one I know of03:26
jbalthazarOkay, great03:26
DrGrovsomsip: Yes, I know about PPAs but just thought it would be good to keep in mind if needed later. But now it seems like my router is taking care of the stuff itself. Thanks for reminding though :)03:27
TJ-jbalthazar: and 12.04 is an LTS and therefore still supported03:27
olsoneasudo apt-get purge nvidia* yielded no results...03:27
somsipDrGrov: fair enough. Some people take advice as "do this" and blindly follow. Just checking03:27
olsoneasomsip: yeah, some people like me.../dopesmack03:27
normancleggDrGrov:   also browser addons like Ghostery can limit connections drastically03:27
DrGrovsomsip: No but it is good that you check up. I have a tendency to use my fat fingers to make a few accidental "Press Y to confirm" clicks once in a while ;-)03:28
normancleggsomsip:  is exactly right.  Using any PPA is fully and unreservedly trusting the source now and forever.  Its a HUGE step.03:30
olsoneanormanclegg: exactly what i SHOULDN'T have done with nvidia...03:31
jbalthazarTJ-: That seems to have done it. Thanks :D03:32
olsoneaok, so lesson learned. can anyone help me clean up my mess?03:32
olsoneai have access to the machine via ssh, so i might be able to switch back to the nouveau driver if someone know how to get me there03:33
TJ-olsonea: which ubuntu version, i386 or x64?03:33
olsoneax64, it's xubuntu 13.1003:33
TJ-olsonea: OK and you're sure there are no nvidia packages remaining? "dpkg-query -l 'nvidia*'03:34
olsoneaso, there are quite a few...03:34
TJ-olsonea: Can you pastebin the output?03:34
olsoneawhy didn't apt-get purge see them?03:34
TJ-olsonea: If you used "nvidia*" on the command-line in a directory with any nvidia* files in it, the shell would expand to those names, not pass the "8" to apt-get as you might be expecting03:35
TJ-olsonea: s/8/*/03:35
olsoneaSparkie: hi03:39
Sparkiehow are you?03:39
olsoneaSparkie: broken03:39
Sparkiewhy ? :(03:40
DrGrovsomsip: Now I am wondering though.03:40
DrGrovsomsip: Got a few destination IPs going to Saskatchewan Telecommunications and some random telecommuncations business in Athens, Greece.03:40
DrGrovsomsip: Wondering a bit though what are these going out on my wan1 interface? The box I have is not the box I have with my current ISP. It is a branded box from my old ISP.03:41
DrGrovBut the old box is still working with this current ISP03:41
olsoneaTJ-: any thoughts?03:41
Sparkieis there any reason why ubuntu's wireless is so slow03:42
xangua!details | Sparkie03:44
ubottuSparkie: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:44
TJ-olsonea: Yes; remove the packages that remain :) You've  had nvidia-331 installed, and previously removed that (not purged though), but you've still got nvidia-current, nvidia-304 installed03:46
TJ-Sparkie: Ubuntu's wireless isn't slow; it's just your particular configuration.03:46
olsonea'sudo apt-get remove nvidia-331' i assume?03:47
ZenTechSparkie, chances are it could be the network that you're connected to.03:47
TJ-olsonea: Yes... make sure you list all those installed packages just-in-case ... dependency rules should ensure that "nvidia-current" removes everything but you never know03:47
TJ-olsonea: Yes, purge will remove the blacklists nvidia creates for noveau... hopefully!03:48
* olsonea crosses his fingers...03:48
jbalthazarHm. The installer seems to have hung at downloading packages03:49
jbalthazarNo status bar on the installer or error message on the console03:49
TJ-jbalthazar: not helpful... any alternate TTYs you can switch to to investigate?03:49
jbalthazarI hit alt-F4 and it seems to have been able to contact the server03:50
jbalthazarThen verified "Good signature from 'Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <etc>'"03:50
nitki created the mail server through iRedMail.....i am able to send the mail...bt when i am sending the mail from other mail address to this mail address the message sending is failed and the error is domain name not found03:50
jbalthazarAnd then nothing03:50
jbalthazarIt's been there for a few minutes now03:51
jbalthazar(These being messagse from net-retriever)03:52
olsoneaTJ-: YOU RULE03:54
olsoneaMany thanks!03:54
gmachine_24TJ, so, everything is fine. I installed the igfx driver package and that fixed things.03:54
TJ-jbalthazar: is "netstat" available at that point?03:55
TJ-gmachine_24: Yay! see ... help is around :)03:55
gmachine_24TJ, dude, I figured out that one on my own. :-)03:55
jbalthazarNo :/03:55
TJ-gmachine_24: sometimes your own brain just needs a prod to think for itself again... I know mine does!03:56
gmachine_24Is it TJ- or TJ_03:56
TJ-gmachine_24: I only have the hyphen because someone else got 'tj' grrrr03:57
jspliferDevice for boot loader installation: Should I choose HardDrive or should I choose my efi partition?03:57
gmachine_24Now if I can just get the usb wireless "dongle" to work I'll be set03:57
gmachine_24At least now I can read and see what I'm doing03:57
jbalthazarTJ-: Actually, it seems to be doing something in /var/cache/anna with two files named Packages and Packages.new03:57
jbalthazarI'm going to let it do its thing for a while and maybe some day it will let me know what it's up to :D03:58
olsoneathanks again... bye!03:58
TJ-jbalthazar: Sounds like it is just a very slow connection03:59
TJ-gmachine_24: I generally install "openssh-server" and have another machine I can ssh in from just-in-case of display problems... makes it quick to investigate and solve04:00
gmachine_24same for me; it's just that at the moment I'm at a Windows 7 using Putty04:02
TJ-gmachine_24: I'm at a Windows 7 beating its brains out for crashing out during installer boot when UEFI but not when BIOS!04:02
ramborockswhat is putty?04:04
gmachine_24it's silly04:04
ramborocksim pretty new04:05
ramborocksi just made my first virtual box and am impressed lol04:05
gmachine_24a program that makes it easy to connect to a LInux box via a terminal04:05
gmachine_24that is putty04:05
ramborocksahhh! ive heard of it04:05
ramborocksjust didnt know the name04:05
KI7MT!putty | ramborocks04:05
ubotturamborocks: PuTTY is an !SSH client for Windows. Please see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage and downloads. See also !scp (Secure CoPy)04:05
gmachine_24ramborocks, you are running Ubuntu as a virtual machine? or vice versa with windows.........................04:10
nitki created the mail server through iRedMail.....i am able to send the mail...bt when i am sending the mail from other mail address to this mail address the message sending is failed and the error is domain name not found04:16
ramborocksgmachine im running ubuntu as the host04:18
KI7MTramborocks, Well in that case, you don't need PuTTY .. just a terminal, Ctrl+Alt+T .. and ssh to wherever you like.04:30
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
MagiobiwanTJ-, what was the one nomodeset thing you suggested I try on the netinstall ISO?04:35
somsip!nomodeset | Magiobiwan04:39
ubottuMagiobiwan: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:39
gustavoI can't to install the Ubuntu on my Desktop. It stops in 45% and tells me an error. By the virtual machine, installs without problems.04:39
MagiobiwanAh, thank you somsip04:39
normanclegggustav_:  really ?04:40
twenty-threehi guys, i am running 13.10 and did an update a couple of days ago which caused bluetooth to act up. my bluetooth mouse claims to be paired but it doesn't respond to the device activity. i have tested the mouse in other computers since then, the mouse work fine04:40
twenty-threeis there a way to test bluetooth is acting as it should? or a way to indetify the problem?04:40
normancleggbleeding edge linux has its problems04:41
normancleggbluetooth is certainly one of the things I'd imagine being a problem.04:42
TJ-Magiobiwan: "nomodeset"  prevents kernel mode-setting04:42
twenty-threenormanclegg, is there a way to revert whichever update did this? or should i suck it up until the next update?04:42
TJ-twenty-three: have you tried deleting the connect and re-pairing?04:43
twenty-threeTJ yeah, tried that a few times already, still claims it paired appropriately04:43
Mitchell92Hi... Just followed a guide to put Ubuntu on my chromebook (ARM processor), anyone able to actually just natively load Ubuntu as the only OS on the chromebooks?04:43
=== jack is now known as Guest79676
normancleggtwenty-three:   actually YES generally is, but I can't walk you through it just now.04:44
TJ-twenty-three: check "/var/log/syslog" for clues, and "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" since it might be an input device issue with the X server04:44
normancleggTJ-:  it is 2014. Its past time to be asking recruits to read the text files.04:45
twenty-threehaha, i'm reading it04:46
twenty-threei'm not really sure what i'm looking for though04:46
KI7MTOne could be surprised how good man pages are as apposed to some out-dated html site.04:47
TJ-twenty-three: anything related to bluetooth or pointing devices04:48
twenty-threei found something which i'll paste in a sec04:49
TJ-twenty-three: I had an incident recently where the X server was refusing additional input devices... that was with a BT mouse, too... it would disconnect a few times and eventually the X server wouldn't accept it any more04:49
twenty-threehowever i also found this: Jan 14 11:46:49 VAIO kernel: [   13.101179] nvidia: module license 'NVIDIA' taints kernel. should i be worried about this?04:49
rwwtwenty-three: that happens on all computers using the non-free nvidia driver04:50
TJ-twenty-three: no, that is expected. It's warning that the nvidia module isn't open-source and so certain kernel facilities are disabled04:50
twenty-threeregarding bluetooth i found this but i think this was when i was trying to reconnect Jan 14 11:46:49 VAIO kernel: [   13.118676] Bluetooth: HCI device and connection manager initialized04:50
twenty-threeJan 14 11:46:49 VAIO kernel: [   13.118684] Bluetooth: HCI socket layer initialized04:50
normancleggtwenty-three:  I suspect rww is on to something there.04:50
twenty-threeJan 14 11:46:49 VAIO kernel: [   13.118687] Bluetooth: L2CAP socket layer initialized04:50
twenty-threeJan 14 11:46:49 VAIO kernel: [   13.118694] Bluetooth: SCO socket layer initialized04:50
FloodBot1twenty-three: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:51
TJ-!pastebin | twenty-three04:51
ubottutwenty-three: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:51
twenty-threethanks, i'll use pastebin from now on04:51
=== joel is now known as Guest55920
leblaaanchi, can i make my cifs mount mount as a different user… the only reason I ask is I can't seem to make local cifs share share the directory because it's not readable i think by the user trying to connect04:56
ree3hi, i was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction here.. i'm trying to use wildcards to process all of a particular filetype, but this is fine for the input but doesn't work for the output part of the command. my starting point is "dot -Tps input.dot -o output.ps" and i've got "dot -Tps *.dot -o *.ps"  which doesn't work04:56
twenty-threeis this relevant Jan 14 12:28:37 VAIO kernel: [   18.927004] Bluetooth: hci0 corrupted ACL packet ?04:56
TJ-twenty-three: that's more like it04:57
TJ-twenty-three: the location where the mouse is used; is it close to other transmitters in the 2.4GHz band? That means 802.11b/g/n Wifi, baby monitors, CCTV systems, etc04:58
TJ-twenty-three: BT has to co-exist with all other devices in the 2.4GHz band, and it is a low-power system and can be overwhelmed by other devices close-by04:59
twenty-threehmmm, well, it is usually just next to my laptop and my additional screen. my phone tends to be around too but bluetooth is turned off in the phone05:00
=== root_ is now known as c0d3Bit
twenty-threeforgot to include TJ in the previous message05:00
TJ-twenty-three: How about Wifi --- that's the major culprit05:00
nitkhow traceroute works??05:01
TJ-twenty-three: If you can switch off wifi on the 'phone, and temporarily use "rfkill" to turn off the laptop's WiFi radio... and see if you can then pair and continue using the BT mouse without issue... that would help rule out interference05:02
twenty-threei wouldn't think so. i rely on wifi for my laptop's internet and the modem is kinda far from here, unless it is the wifi communication to the laptop what troubles it in that case it is right next to it05:02
twenty-threei'll try that05:02
TJ-twenty-three: to use rfkill do "sudo rfkill block wifi" and to turn it back on "sudo rfkill unblock wifi"05:03
twenty-threei'll try it, brb, probably i'll disconnect from here05:04
twenty-threethanks TJ05:04
TJ-twenty-three: If the WiFi router is a long way away...05:04
TJ-twenty-three: .... that would suggest your laptop's wifi radio is sending out a strong signal ... which is more likely to overwhelm the BT05:04
twenty-threeTJ, it worked!!! :D05:07
twenty-threei got it back... and i learnt a bit05:07
twenty-threeTJ, thanks a lot05:07
=== hdevalence|away is now known as hdevalence
twenty-threebye guys05:08
TJ-twenty-three: OK... so maybe the easiest possible solution is to replace the mouse batteries with fully charged ones... I have the same issue when batteries are getting low05:09
twenty-threeTJ, yeah, i rely on rechargable ones, i'll try that05:09
twenty-threethank you guys, see you soon05:09
FrankDuxhi please help05:09
FrankDuxi have a rt8192cu usb wifi card05:10
FrankDuxim really confused about which driver to use05:10
TJ-FrankDux: which version of Ubuntu are you using?05:12
FrankDuxTJ-, :)05:14
FrankDuxim actually using another distro, but it should be the same here05:15
FrankDuxand most of the references i find are for ubuntu05:15
rwwgo to your distro's support channel, then...05:15
TJ-FrankDux: not at all; kernel builds, supporting libraries, etc.05:16
FrankDuxapparently it's a 64bit issue05:17
FrankDuxdoes dz0ny frequent here?05:17
TJ-FrankDux: There's a git repo with fixes you might investigate https://github.com/pvaret/rtl8192cu-fixes05:17
FrankDuxthat's what i had tried i think05:18
FrankDuxbut what's the diff with this?05:18
FrankDuxim actually trying to figure out the best way to run it as an ap05:19
FrankDuxbut it seems to fail, so i dont know if it's a driver issue05:19
FrankDuxok, ill email this guy05:19
FrankDuxthanks again friends05:19
TJ-FrankDux: AP mode often requires different firmware05:19
xanguaGood nigh, might want to know about software to recover files from a recently formated fat32 or ntfs partition to ext405:26
gmachine_24xangua photorec or testdisk05:27
xanguagmachine_24: isn't testdisk incluided in photorec¿05:28
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence|away
gmachine_24testdisk---> paritions   photorec----> files ...... they are bundled by cg security but they are different programs05:30
gmachine_24*partitions, even05:30
xanguagmachine_24: tought photorec was only for image files05:32
gmachine_24xangua, I don't know what you mean by image files.... but it's photorec as in photo recovery05:33
Mindkontrolanyone use w3m?05:36
KI7MTby w3m you mean the browser, standards, schema what?05:40
KI7MTMan, this Edubuntu DVD takes forever to zsync .. lol .. Need faster Inet ..05:42
pnkbstI'm trying to install ubuntu 13.10 on an asus x202e via usb stick installed with unetbootin.  I've turned off safeboot and it says "Non-system disk" and does nothing.  how do I install ubuntu?05:44
sleepy_peterfirst time linux user here, how do I rice this badboy?05:47
KI7MTpnkbst, fist, that uefi stuff in a pain, no two ways around it, here's best I can advise: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI05:47
KI7MT*is a pain05:48
KI7MTsleepy_peter, rice ?05:48
sleepy_peterlike customize the GUI so it looks pretty05:48
pnkbstKI7MT: ah, just turned off some random things in the BIOS and now it's booting06:00
=== hdevalence|away is now known as hdevalence
* pnkbst waves bye-bye to windows 806:04
thurstylarkhow would I go about troubleshooting DNS issues? I just deinstalled dnsmasq because I didn't want to deal with it for now, but apparently some configuration is still lurking somewhere... Can someone help me find the problem?06:15
FreewheelinFrankI don't understand, I am admin but I don't have permissions to view my USB memory stick06:21
=== fego is now known as Guest70
=== Logan__ is now known as Logan_
FreewheelinFrankapport is enabled and I cant shut it off06:32
FreewheelinFrankthe privacy window shows it is unchecked but it keeps prompting me06:35
FreewheelinFrankunable to lock the administration directory06:43
mantashello, I am looking for web desktop. It would be installed into server and users would connect to there web desktops. Something like jolicloud. But free.06:44
ola4unable to copy files to pendrive06:44
ola4when i copy it shows no errors06:45
ola4but when i see on other machne there are no files06:45
Psil0Cybinhey guys i put a sd card in the sd slot on my laptop and it did not mount the sd card this time, but the SD Card has a Raspberry PI OS on it...is that normal?06:45
=== root_ is now known as c0d3Bit
Psil0Cybinhow can i mount the SD card that usually gets auot mounted?06:45
=== darius93_ is now known as darius93
OuijaCan someone help me with a wireless issue in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?06:54
OuijaI just installed it to dual boot with Windows 8 on my computer06:55
OuijaThe wireless won't work06:55
OuijaOn the Ubuntu side obviously06:55
KnownSyntaxWhat type of computer do you have? Is the wireless card built in, or is it an adapter?06:55
DiehardOuija: lspci pls06:55
OuijaNetworking is enabled, but It says that wireless is disabled by a hardware switch06:56
OuijaI've tried several times and I assure you its not disabled by any physical switch.06:56
OuijaIt was actually working before I had to reboot after an update06:56
DiehardOuija: it can  be driver issue06:56
DiehardOuija: I would revert to previous version of driver or look for a newer one from 3rd party06:57
OuijaWell, I was looking around on the Ubuntu forums, some other people were having similar problems06:57
OuijaI found that when I type rfkill list all into the terminal it tells me that phy0: wireless lan is hard blocked06:58
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
OuijaAny ideas?07:02
=== dan_ is now known as Guest32750
Viking667hey all. How do I get 32-bit skype to talk to a 64-bit pulseaudio? Apt-get isn't letting me install the 32-bit pulseaudio files, claiming I've got held broken packages.07:07
DiehardViking667: do you have your source list updated for your os version? it's common problem07:08
Viking667the machine was only installed (with 13.10) about five days ago...07:08
Viking667err, about seven days ago07:09
DiehardViking667: shouldn't be the problem07:09
Viking667heh. OBviously something's complaining. Sigh.07:10
darius93Viking667: did you enable the Canonical Partners?07:11
darius93if so remove skype and then do apt-get update;apt-get install skype07:12
darius93and it will install everything for you07:12
Viking667I enabled it just a few minutes ago. so I'll try that all again.07:12
Viking667heh. Well, it installed what didn't complain (i.e. everything except pulseaudio).07:12
Viking667I'll go try it again WITH partners enabled.07:12
=== brandon is now known as Guest53099
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
Viking667gah. Still won't talk to pulseaudio.07:29
darius93Viking667: what did it do?07:30
Viking667Unfortunately, I have other programs that use pulseaudio, and once they do, then skype freezes, because it's trying to talk to the alsa device and getting blocked.07:30
surfperch /join #bitcoin-otc07:31
Viking667uhm, no thanks.07:31
supauliViking667: i guess you have good reason, but at least my skype works fine when talking with pulsaudio ..07:31
Viking667supauli: are you on a 64-bit install or a 32-bit install?07:32
darius93Viking667: if it freezes restart your computer07:32
supauliViking667: 64b07:32
Viking667it's only skype that freezes.07:32
darius93im on 64bit Ubuntu 13.1007:32
Viking667supauli: hm. Interesting. Skype pulls in all the 32-bit stuff... do you happen to have libpulse0:i386 installed?07:32
Viking667... and (for example) libasound2-plugins:i386?07:32
Viking667because I can't seem to get them to install.07:33
darius93they suppose to install with skype07:33
darius93do apt-get install -f07:33
KLVTZdarius93: what's your problem?07:33
Viking667darius93: skype never asks for libpulse007:33
supauliViking667: yeah i have libpulse0:i38607:33
KLVTZdarius93: sorry, I thought we were helping you out. I just came in here. Maybe I should just ask what problems are we trying to solve today? haha07:34
Viking667apt-get install -f    , didn't show any packages to install, or remove.07:34
supauliViking667: and yes, my skype-bin has "Architecture:  i386"07:35
Viking667should I add "skype" and "libpulse0" to that?07:35
Viking667there isn't a 64-bit skype.07:35
Viking667... not since 2.x.something.07:35
huttanhexabit ??07:36
Viking667I tried:  apt-get install -f libpulse0:i386, it replied (among other things) The following packages have unmet dependencies... E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.07:37
Viking667Problem is, I can't see any broken packages in synaptic.07:37
supauliViking667: i got mine installed just fine from the partner repo (i think) on my 13.0407:38
Viking667heh. I only just installed 13.10 on a brand new machine a week ago...07:38
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Viking667I've also been fiddling about trying to get the computer to play bluray movies.07:38
waykool99DL'd drivers from nVidia.com. How do I extract or install NVIDIA-Linux-x86-331.38.run?07:40
WillFroid_Yekilles la primera vez que ingreso aky07:41
somsip!es | WillFroid_Yekill07:42
ubottuWillFroid_Yekill: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.07:42
* Viking667 blinks...what.... the..... 07:45
Beldarwaykool99, Why from nvidia?07:45
Viking667the Skype package is amd64, but the skype-bin is i38607:46
Viking667weird thing is, the skype package just has a documentation folder in it.07:47
waykool99this is Studio v10.0407:47
Beldarwaykool99, 10.04 is end of life07:48
waykool99i know. sorry, how do you install a .run file?07:48
Beldarwaykool99, technically the os and the drivers are not supported here is all.07:49
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence|away
waykool99okies. thank you.07:49
marsfligthPlease, how can I identify the cpu architecture (32 or 64 bit) from an offline operating system? In '/etc/lsb..' I found only the OS code name and version07:50
Z3R0guys i need immediate help07:50
somsipmarsfligth: cat /proc/cpuinfo07:51
somsipZ3R0: ask an immediate question then07:51
Z3R01 min im typing07:51
=== ws2k3 is now known as yctn
Viking667marsfligth: check (for example) what file says about /sbin/init... should say either ELF 64-bit LSB shared object    or 32-bit07:51
marsfligthsomsip, Thanks a lot!07:51
Viking667hang on, he said OFFline07:51
Viking667doesn't that mean the kernel's NOT running?07:52
Z3R0i have downloaded wallpaperchanger, it is a tar.gz file i am unable to install it. i went to terminal and typed cd /home/zero/Downloads/abc/wallchanger07:52
marsfligthViking667, Thanks a lot to you as well07:52
Z3R0and then i typed ./configure then its giving an error saying-07:52
marsfligthyes it is offline07:52
Viking667Z3R0: I'd take a look at wallch.07:52
marsfligthnot chrooted07:52
Z3R0ok thanks07:52
Z3R0bash: ./configure: No such file or directory07:53
Viking667marsfligth: what's your definition of "offline"? it's not running, or it's running, but no network ?07:53
Viking667Z3R0: ls first.07:53
somsipZ3R0: did you tar zxf wallpaperchanger.tar.gz first (or whatever it is called)07:53
Viking667see where the configure file is07:53
Z3R0i am new to linux and am tired of finding answers to install fiels07:53
Viking667Z3R0: heh. It takes some getting used to.07:53
Z3R0no i didnt tdo anything i just extracted it07:53
Viking667Z3R0: you want wallpapers that change regularly, right?07:54
Z3R0do i have to "tar" it?07:54
Z3R0yes yes07:54
Viking667how about trying wallch  instead?07:54
Viking667that's available from the repository07:54
Z3R0i am ready to install any software07:54
somsipZ3R0: always best to use supported packages as Viking667 is saying07:54
Z3R0in repository means in software center>07:54
marsfligthoffline in system admin gergon. it is attached to an other OS in this case boot repair cd07:54
Viking667so start up synaptic or whatever you use07:54
Z3R0i have synaptic installed07:54
Viking667good.Fire it up (sudo synaptic)07:55
Viking667in the "Quick Search" type "wallch"07:55
BeldarZ3R0, I use this wallpaper changer it is a deb and easily installable. http://wall-changer.sourceforge.net/07:55
Z3R0ok done07:55
Viking667I can certainly recommend wallch07:55
Viking667Z3R0: so, now you tick the box beside wallch, and select "Install"07:56
Viking667or "select for installation"07:56
Z3R0oh ok, now i  right click and mark for install it right>07:56
Z3R0yeah ok 1 min07:56
Viking667I'll head off so I can go solve other problems.07:56
Z3R0ok thanks for the help07:57
Z3R0ok installed, now how can i know the names of softwares in synaptic?07:58
Z3R0ex, i want to install a music player how can i know what is it called07:58
marsfligthViking667, into '/boot/grub/' folder there is a folder named 'i386pc' ...08:00
imghostZ3R0, open software centre and search whatever you want to08:00
Z3R0ok but i was talking about stuff not found in center08:01
Z3R0ok forget about that how do i auto mount all my drives at startup08:01
imghostZ3R0, i wil not recommend you to use PPA08:01
imghostZ3R0, are you a new user?08:02
imghost!manual | Z3R0 please read it08:02
ubottuZ3R0 please read it: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:02
marsfligththis is a big problem, I need to setup the boot on uefi bios with windows 8 64 and ubuntu 13.04 32bit...   Does exist a way to 'sleepstream' basically upgrade to 64 bit in offline way?08:02
Z3R0i know basic about ppa, i can add a ppa but it isnt coming up on software center08:03
aeon-ltdmarsfligth: to upgrade to 64bit would be a lot of packages08:04
imghost!PPA | Z3R008:04
ubottuZ3R0: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge08:04
marsfligthAnyone know a way to convert a Ubuntu 32bit to Ubuntu 64bit in offline mode? for offline I mean withou load the os, working on it from another loaded an active system08:05
marsfligthand if I chroot it?08:06
marsfligthshoul be possible?08:06
yaccmarsfligth: I'd say, it's not really a normally supported operation even if you start the system, ...08:06
somsipmarsfligth: most things are possible. It would probably be a nightmare though.08:06
yaccmarsfligth: doing it offline, you might be able to install a new 64bit system and slowly migrate the data into it.08:07
imghostmarsfligth, why not a clean install?08:08
yaccmarsfligth: but just installing a Debian (Ubuntu) system via debootstrap is slightly stressy.08:09
marsfligthI know but I promised to migrate the whole Ubuntu with data and settings to my friend and I really dont like to miss at my promise...08:09
somsipmarsfligth: so you've learned not to promise things without doing some research first08:10
imghostmarsfligth, aaah good luckn but you will not able to fullfill your promise08:10
yaccmarsfligth: well, basically new install with migration of all stuff is what will be needed.08:10
imghostmarsfligth, create a backup of everything settings, files, apps then clean install 64bit, restore the backups08:12
TJ- marsfligth You can't easily convert it, but you can create a new 64-bit install and ensure the same packages are installed in it, and then mount the original /home/ into it08:12
marsfligthat this point seen that I made few ghosts to be secure, I chroot and then dist-upgrade, but anyway I have to study a way to convert it in 64bit08:12
yaccmarsfligth: with some work and keeping both (new 64bit, old 32bit) at hand you should be able to migrate it nearly perfectly, but it's basically manually migrating the stuff.08:12
TJ-marsfligth: "dpkg --get-selections" and "dpkg --set-selections" are your big friends08:13
yaccTJ-: don't forget basically going through /etc for the sysconfig.08:14
TJ-yacc: of course, that should be simple clone as long as the release is the same08:15
imghost+1 yacc08:15
marsfligthTJ-, I agree with a fresh install and importing the home directory but all softwares... may be I need to use DPKG to save all of them08:15
marsfligthso, it is a bad surprise08:15
TJ-marsfligth: why? I just showed you the 2 command options that you need08:16
yaccmarsfligth: dpkg --get-selections08:18
=== dwatkins_ is now known as dwatkins
ubottucfhowlett, please see my private message08:20
hipitihopglitsj16, you about ?08:21
giorgiodinapoligood morning08:21
giorgiodinapolii have a question reagrding my graphics card. when i boot from ubuntu live my xserver log tells me that my radeon is found. and secodn monitor works as well. not if i install it. what can be the reason for this?08:22
giorgiodinapolihow can i make ut work08:22
giorgiodinapoliis it the installed kernel?08:23
glitsj16hipitihop: hi there08:24
=== comrade is now known as Guest36561
yaccgiorgiodinapoli: very good question, interesting question would be what are the differences between "Try Ubuntu", "Install Ubuntu" and "installed system"08:24
hipitihophi glitsj16, if you still remember about the ide you had re my headset issue, I'm all ears if you have time08:24
yaccMy laptop works with "installed system", "install ubuntu", but had a black screen in "Try ubuntu", ...08:25
glitsj16hipitihop: been slow here last couple of days .. well, i read on your bug report that you're focussing on diff'ing your 12.04 with the live version yes?08:25
darius93yacc: it could be due to ubuntu trying to load into memory08:25
yaccdarius93: ?08:26
darius93im referring to the black screen you had when you did "Try Ubuntu"08:26
yaccdarius93: with 8GB RAM even loading the "install media" (CD-sized) completely into memory should not be an issue.08:26
hipitihopglitsj16, well that was the idea to try and understand why it works out of the box on 12.04 or 13.10 but I honestly don't know if that is a right way to go08:26
darius93hmm specs on the computer?08:26
yaccdarius93: yeah, but the same install media manages a fine working X11 session when installing Ubuntu on the same hardware.08:27
hipitihopglitsj16, the other thought is if there is some reset/reconfigure of alsa/pulse so that whatver livecd does takes effect08:27
MarkMarkDaviesHi. Quassel IRC is one of the essential IRC clients for Ubuntu. How can one change the default browser called from Rekonq to Firefox? I've been looking for such an option, but I haven't found it.08:27
yaccdarius93: Acer V3-772G (Haswell, HD4400 + NVidia 750M)08:27
EntranceJewHey. I tried to install phpldapadmin from the repo and out-of-the-box it is broken / incompatible with the latest php versions. I'm running Ubuntu 13.10.08:28
darius93MarkMarkDavies: Kubuntu?08:28
darius93Look in your Application Default under System Settings08:28
darius93Or something like that08:28
glitsj16hipitihop: i just re-read the report, i had 2 other possibles you could check .. /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf and check if you have diff's in /etc/udev/rules.d between the setups08:29
darius93yacc: hmm well I dont know. I never used Try Ubuntu since  13.04. I might give it a try when i test out 14.0408:30
glitsj16hipitihop: both are longshots anyway .. completely re-configuring alsa & pulseaudio might be a better idea yes08:30
yaccWell, I guess my situation is way better (installer & installed working) than the other way round, ...08:30
yaccBut the question stays, what are the big differences,08:31
glitsj16hipitihop: have you tried using the guest account to check/confirm if it's a configure issue yet?08:31
yaccI did not expect Try Ubuntu & Install Ubuntu to have such big differences in the video setup part.08:31
=== Lucid-Gnu is now known as Lucid_Lynx
darius93Try Ubuntu allows you to check out ubuntu by loading it into memory, while the other allows you to install it to disk08:31
glitsj16hipitihop: or make a new user with a fresh /home would achieve the same08:31
hipitihopglitsj16, I have already tried the adidio toruble shooting guide which removes some dirs and stops alsa. Any big hammer reconfig you know ?08:32
hipitihopsigh audio troubleshoot08:32
DoverMoyacc, was it using mesa?08:32
hipitihopglits but new user is worth a shot, back in a bit08:32
glitsj16hipitihop: well i would try with either guest login or as a new user to see if that works and save the big hammer for a moment08:33
hipitihopglitsj16, ok back in a bit08:34
MarkMarkDavieswell, everything's fine, apart from the fact that it doesn't work. It simply doesn't run Firefox.08:34
EntranceJewI'm not sure why the latest version in the repo is broken as-is.08:36
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
muraliAll our servers are on virtual, i have added NL SAS virtual volume to my Ubuntu 12.04 OS. This is a web server and my web folder is on mounted volume. I am using FileZilla for FTP. For Sudo equivalent user like me, SFTP is very fast, where as a regular user like project manager it is dead slow.   Status: Retrieving directory listing... Command: cd "/web" Response: New directory is: "/web" Command: ls Status: Listing directory /web Sta08:39
hipitihopglitsj16, switching to guest login didn't work.. will logout of this and try again08:42
=== erkules_ is now known as erkules
MarkMarkDaviesWhat's the best way to scan the disk in Ubuntu 12.04 (I mean using the command line)? Should I run fsck? A file has just been placed in my lost+found directory.08:51
Lucid_Lynxhmm.., which process actually creates those ´lost+found` directories.. ?08:52
=== dino82 is now known as zz_dino82
escanyone know which program is responsible for drawing the desktop background08:55
esci need to killall it08:55
hipitihopglitsj16, guest, another existing user, all the same. logged out and in, restarted, all the same. so suggests it is not something in /home08:56
How_To_Autorn_TrHello guys08:56
How_To_Autorn_TrI have on lil query, shall I ask?08:56
bigiehi guys08:56
DJonesHow_To_Autorn_Tr: Yes, just ask in the channel and see if anybody can help08:56
Lucid_Lynxesc: you may use Openoffice -draw..., and save *.png08:56
bigieconsonle-kit-daemon consume much my memory08:57
bigiehow can I disable it? it's ok if I disable it? I use server version08:57
How_To_Autorn_Trok. I am using Ubuntu 13.10 and I want to make a command in termial autorun at each boot session.08:57
escLucid_Lynx: wtf do you mean?08:57
Lucid_Lynxesc nvm..08:57
escthe executable that actually draws the background08:57
escnot a tool for drawing an image08:58
glitsj16hipitihop: i assume you've already tried to 'clone' the live configuration onto your 12.04? files like /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf, /etc/asound.conf, ~/.asoundrc, ~/.pulse and ~/.config/pulse are the possible targets ..08:58
hipitihopglitsj16, not yet08:58
glitsj16hipitihop: some of those files might not be there on the live system, so make sure they're not around on your installed 12.04 setup neither08:59
hipitihopyup and I also assume ~/. variants are aslo not at play, which the user switching/guest has proved09:00
MuslimSelamun Aleikum09:00
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DJonesMuslim: Please don't use the channel to advertise09:00
aeon-ltdMuslim: not in this channel09:00
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
aeon-ltdMuslim: as-salamu alaikum09:01
hipitihopglitsj16, a bit easier if there was just a big hammer reconfigure for als/pulse09:01
glitsj16hipitihop: well i don't know of a big hammer with one command, but moving / renaming /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf, /etc/asound.conf, ~/.asoundrc, ~/.pulse and ~/.config/pulse should have the same effect09:02
hipitihopglitsj16, ok, when I boot to live, is there a way for me to do that on the default mounted hdd, last time I tried I seemed not have rights to even drill much beyond top-level dirs09:04
MuslimSelamun Aleikum09:04
MuslimSupport the movement of having Muslim holidays recognized in the school year, throughout the United States of America. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/  (Surely join this important survey)  CLiK: Email this link to your friends and family: http://wh.gov/l8f51 Elhamdullillah09:04
farawayHow can i detect why postfix did not startup after the hoster restarted the server, the logfiles of postfix don't how an error. I was able to launch it manually using 'service postfix star' and the run level are 'Default-Start:    2 3 4 5'09:05
ikoniafaraway: lok in the logs ?09:05
ikoniafaraway: try to manually start the process to get some debug output ?09:05
glitsj16hipitihop: you would need sudo to get at stuff in /etc or gksudo nautilus/thunar..09:06
ikoniafaraway: check the machines current runlevel09:06
farawayikonia: manually starting did work without any problems. It is now up and running.09:06
ikoniafaraway: does the boot log show it trying to start it ?09:06
troulouliou_devhi i have a 4tb disk formated on ext4 that works great with a usb3 controler, however when plugged directly to a sata part i have an error message : /dev/sdc: unrecognised disk label09:06
troulouliou_devcan anybody help09:06
farawayikonia: runlevel is N 209:07
ikoniatroulouliou_dev: see if you can edit it with parted09:07
farawayikonia: boot.log does not show postfix in the logs09:07
troulouliou_devikonia, no parted says unrecognised disk label09:08
ikoniafaraway: so it looks like it didn't try to start it.....09:08
ikoniatroulouliou_dev: is it a standard gpt layout ?09:08
troulouliou_devikonia, yes09:09
ikoniatroulouliou_dev: seems odd, there have been problems on usb disks where the controller didn't support larger than 2TB disks, but that should not be a factor on your internal sata connector09:09
troulouliou_devikonia, works on usb adapter; don't work on SATA;  i tested both mobo and external sata card09:09
ikoniaexternal sata card.....09:09
giorgiodinapoliyacc  yes thats my question howe can it be diffrent09:10
troulouliou_devikonia, pcie i mean09:10
hipitihopglitsj16, not sure if relevant but I have 12.04 on my laptop, installed and that is happy with teh headphones too09:10
giorgiodinapolikernel version or whatever09:10
* hipitihop shakes head09:10
ikoniatroulouliou_dev can you try it on the sata parts on your motherboard ?09:10
troulouliou_devikonia, i tested and i have the same issue09:10
troulouliou_devikonia, just don't work  on sata and work on usb09:11
troulouliou_devikonia, i guess that the firmware somehow don't show first sectors on SATA or something like that09:11
ikoniatroulouliou_dev: out of interest how did you make the partitiotn table /09:12
troulouliou_devikonia, gparted -> new partition gpt ...09:12
glitsj16hipitihop: so you're seeing the issue on a desktop only?09:12
rustuptwist_What is the best version to download for novice user onto an hp laptop?09:13
ikoniatroulouliou_dev: ok, there was someone the other day having a problem similar with a "hybrid" partition table that when I researched into was a bit of a mess, but if you've just created it with gparted...09:13
ikoniatroulouliou_dev: was the INITIAL partition table created with gparted09:14
troulouliou_devikonia, pretty sure that yes09:14
aeon-ltdrustuptwist_: best of what? ubuntu distros?09:14
ikoniatroulouliou_dev: sounds very very odd09:14
troulouliou_devikonia, maybe i just took it out of the box and then formatted to ext409:14
ikoniatroulouliou_dev: is there any data on it now ?09:15
rustuptwist_aeon-ltd: Yes09:15
troulouliou_devikonia, but i always recreated the partition table09:15
aeon-ltdrustuptwist_: if it can run stock, run stock09:15
troulouliou_devikonia, yes it is full i want to copy some of the data to another 2tb disk and then add it to a Raid 1 degraded array that is already mounted09:15
ikoniatroulouliou_dev: a raid array....09:15
KI7MTrustuptwist_, Install Ubuntu-Desktop .. then you can add other Desktops to it, Gnome3, LXDE, XFCE etc.09:16
ikoniatroulouliou_dev: that will contain the private data09:16
ikonia(as in private region)09:16
rustuptwist_KI7MT: Even though it is a Laptop?09:16
rustuptwist_aeon-ltd: Stock meaning the latest release or..?09:17
aeon-ltdrustuptwist_: stock as in just ubuntu, no variation. yeah the latest if you want the latest09:17
KI7MTrustuptwist_, Im on a Toshiba Laptop LP now, Gnome3 .. but if it's an older lower resource laptop, Lubuntu is good choice.09:17
cfhowlettrustuptwist_, Lubuntu +109:18
rustuptwist_aeon-ltd:  I just want stability. Its an older HP he's a 17 year old been using windows, trying to give him a viable alternative09:18
=== root is now known as Guest51548
hron84Hi! Is there a _working_ repo what has php 5.5 for precise?09:19
KI7MTrustuptwist_, I'd try Lubuntu first them.09:19
aeon-ltdrustuptwist_: if this laptop has an intel i3/5/7 and at least 2gb of ram or more ubuntu should run just fine, if not then you can install different Desktop Environments like KI7MT said09:19
hipitihopglitsj16, yes09:19
=== Guest51548 is now known as c0d3Bit
aeon-ltdrustuptwist_: the biggest problem you'll have is going to be getting the wifi working if it doesn't already work or if it has uncommon drivers09:19
glitsj16hipitihop: if the 12.04 installation that works on laptop has the same PPA's and packages installed, perhaps it's time to try making a backup of that and putting it on the machine with the issue .. could be forever to diagnose this, i can't say i understand what's really causing the issue .. and the bug report isn't getting much view neither it seems ..09:20
rustuptwist_Ok. Anyone know how to save these words/transcripts on colloquy for iOS ?09:20
aeon-ltdrustuptwist_: ios has a screenshot function...09:20
rustuptwist_Id like to refer back to what has been said later on today09:20
hipitihopglitsj16, indeed, I will try thosde files from laptop and compare if naything obvious I will report on bug report. thx09:20
DJones!logs | rustuptwist_ (If your looking for a log of this IRC channel, this should help),09:21
ubotturustuptwist_ (If your looking for a log of this IRC channel, this should help),: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.09:21
glitsj16hipitihop: i have the bug report open so i should pick up anything you add, no problem09:21
MarkMarkDaviesWould somebody be so kind to check the source of the Firefox icon if he/she has the shortcut to this application in KMenu->Applications->Internet?09:24
b0n1hey there! If I create a bootable usb stick and want to create another that is the exact copy of the first stick, can i also just copy and paste all files from usb stick 1 to 2? Or is there any special thing going on when creating a bootable stick?09:25
ROPAI just got a solid state drive, it works well, but I'd like to adjust ubuntu so that the ssd isn't accessed so often. Is there any support for ssd use in linux???09:25
aeon-ltdMarkMarkDavies: it's going to be /usr/bin/firefox09:26
aeon-ltdROPA: trim? disable swap?09:26
ROPAI have 8 GB of ram, so I'd like to use ram instead of the ssd as much as possible.09:27
aeon-ltdi personally have never used or managed ssds though09:27
aeon-ltdis this a desktop?09:27
SwedeMikeROPA: this is done automatically, all free ram you have is used as block cache.09:27
ROPAaeon-ltd I don't know what trim is..........09:28
aeon-ltdROPA: if you still have the hdd you can just have the swap there so you still hibernate, free up ram09:28
aeon-ltdROPA: it could be already enabled09:28
MarkMarkDaviesaeon-ltd: oh, thanks, now my menu looks nice :).09:28
aeon-ltdROPA: according to wiki it's been in since 2008 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trim_%28computing%2909:29
ROPASwedeMike I don't think Im using ram well....whenever I open thunderbord or try to delete messages or do housecleining, the drive access is very high.......09:29
aeon-ltdROPA: if your messages are in the ssd then it should be, but it depends on how high, very high is09:31
ROPASwedeMike ok, I got some reading to do......but Im not sure the ram is used. It seems sluggish at times and the drive light indicates lots of access.09:31
ROPAaeon-ltd by 'high', I mean it takes 60 seconds of constant drive activity to delete 300 emails.......09:32
clamiaxhi there09:34
ROPAI'd actaully like to drop the whole operating system into ram and run it from there....never having to write or read from the ssd!!!!! Not sure if that's possible....09:34
ROPAI'd gladly buy 16 GB of ram if I could load the entire os into ram on startup......and then write to the ssd when shutting down.09:36
hipitihopis there a tool to diff package version installed vs not over ssh ?09:36
=== root__ is now known as c0d3Bit
ROPAI thank you all for the info, I'll go hit the books now and tr yo understand whats going on with the ssd management. GL to all.09:37
troulouliou_devikonia, still there ?09:38
ikoniatroulouliou_dev: yup09:38
troulouliou_devikonia, guess i found an explanation09:38
ikoniatroulouliou_dev: educate me09:38
troulouliou_devikonia, :), my disk size are not the same when plugged on sata or through the usb3 controller09:39
Wiz_KeeDGuys, how can I see my optical-drive model in ubuntu?09:39
troulouliou_devikonia, 3907018584 sdf on sata09:39
troulouliou_devikonia, 3907018580 sdf on usb09:39
troulouliou_devikonia, i tested with a 1tb disk and i have the same issue09:39
ikoniatroulouliou_dev: oooh, that's odd09:40
=== wh1zz0 is now known as MosDef
troulouliou_devikonia, firmware issue in the usb adapter i guess09:40
glitsj16hipitihop: there's the cli "diff" command or a rather nice GUI app called "meld"09:40
KI7MTWiz_KeeD, dmesg | egrep -i --color 'cdrom|dvd|cd/rw|writer'09:41
Wiz_KeeDwow, nice so dmesg was it?09:41
KI7MTWiz_KeeD, there's other ways, but dmesg has allot of that sorta stuff.09:42
hipitihopglitsj16, thanks, I'm talking about pachanges at the moment... looking at this https://github.com/david0rk/pkgdiff09:42
=== MosDef is now known as wh1zz0
glitsj16hipitihop: looks a nice tool for your task yes09:45
=== wh1zz0 is now known as MosDef
freaky[t]hi all. can anyone help me with duply? i want to setup backups so they run daily. there should always only be 1 full backup set and incremental backups should only be kept for 1 week. if i set MAX_AGE in the config to 1W it never can delete old backup sets cuz newer ones depend on them. if i do a full backup every 2 weeks and do purge, only the last full backup is kept (i also only want 1 full09:48
freaky[t]backup kept) and i couldnt restore stuff from before that day the full backup set is made cuz the old sets get deleted. so say if i run full backup every 2 weeks and do purge i have before that a backup set of the last 14 days and then suddenly after only from the full backup just made. is there a  possibility i can always have last 7 days and always only 1 full backup set?09:48
freaky[t]can u read everything?09:48
wh1zz0Hi guys I am having serious issues which apach2... I didnt have this issue with 12.10. I recently upgraded to 13.10 and installed apache2, mysql and all the other dependencies correctly. After testing localhost is shows "it works" which means I didn't make any mistakes regarding installation BUT my prolem here is with file permissions. When I upload, i.e copy a folder to the /var/www , change it's ownership and give it read write permissions I still cannot view09:51
wh1zz0the pages correctly from localhost/website.. Please help09:51
ikoniawh1zz0: explain the error09:51
wh1zz0ikonia: it doesnt show me any error per say, it only doesn't display the pictures correctly and some things are missing on the page09:52
ikoniawh1zz0: so what does the apache logs say for those get requests09:52
wh1zz0ikonia: Do I paste it here or use pastebin?09:54
ikoniawh1zz0: you don't paste it at all09:54
ikoniawh1zz0: you look at it and look at the get requests for those files09:54
ikoniawh1zz0: then work out why they are having a problem09:54
KI7MTwh1zz0, from 12.10 to 13.10, was apache2.2 to 2.4  they switched allot of things around, have a look at the access control section: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/trunk/upgrading.html09:58
wh1zz0Whew... Still getting the same error09:59
ikoniawh1zz0: have you looked at the apache log10:00
wh1zz0The error has something to do with file permissions but I tell you, I have changed from 777 to 755 and back to 77710:00
ikoniawh1zz0: looking at the get requests for those files as I told you to10:00
wh1zz0Still error exists10:00
ikoniawh1zz0: have you looked at the apache log and done what I told you10:00
wh1zz0I checked the apache log10:00
ikoniawh1zz0: ok, what is the get request for one of the missing files10:00
ikoniaor faiing to display files10:01
ikoniawhich apache log did you check ?10:01
wh1zz0ikonia: the one here10:01
ikoniawh1zz0: thats the error log - not the access log10:02
ikoniawh1zz0: do you see the get requests in the access log, do you see the error for those gets in the error log10:02
wh1zz0Aha yes I do see it now10:02
ikoniayou mean after you actually looked10:02
ikoniarather than saying you looked but didn't10:02
wh1zz0My bad, I thought I was looking at the access logs10:03
MarkDaviesI have a really strange situation. I can access google with links browser, but I can't do it with Firefox. Other websites work well. Well, in fact, I've managed to access google with Firefox but the search engine doesn't work anyway. Some ideas?10:09
ikoniaMarkDavies: clear all your browser cache10:09
MarkDaviesthx, seems that it already works...10:09
wh1zz0ikonia: From the logs I think it's trying to find some images but it cannot due to the file permissions but I have changed the permissions and even ownership but still get this problem10:10
wh1zz0If I open the file normally away from localhost, it opens up fine but once in /var/www is doesn't display correctly10:10
ikoniawh1zz0: show me the get line please10:11
wh1zz0127.0.0.1 - - [16/Jan/2014:04:58:09 -0500] "GET /norwaysb/index_files/1323717030-header_online-4.jpg HTTP/1.1" 304 180 "http://localhost/norwaysb/" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/31.0.1650.63 Safari/537.36"10:11
ikoniawh1zz0: now show me the error log for that get request10:12
wh1zz0[Thu Jan 16 03:56:10.466644 2014] [core:error] [pid 4204] (13)Permission denied: [client] AH00035: access to /norwaysb/index_files/1323717030-header_online-4.jpg denied (filesystem path '/var/www/norwaysb/index_files/1323717030-header_online-4.jpg') because search permissions are missing on a component of the path, referer: http://localhost/norwaysb/10:13
ikoniawh1zz0: ok, so it's an apache permissions problem - not a file system problem10:13
TJ-ikonia: wh1zz0 "search permissions" usually means a directory traversal eXecute flag10:14
ikoniaTJ-: he said he's done 777 on the directory, so it must be the apache2 define statement10:15
TJ-ikonia: One of its parents10:15
ikoniaTJ-: he said he'd done it all10:15
wh1zz0I even added my username to www-data giving ownership thinking that was part of the problem but still same problem10:17
ikoniayour username ???? what has that got to do with anything10:17
ikoniait's the apache daemon that needs file system permissions10:17
wh1zz0I see10:17
wh1zz0Pls how do I solve this, any ideas?10:19
Ben64pastebin "ls -ln /var /var/www /var/www/norwaysb /var/www/norwaysb/index_files"10:20
Ben64oh, and "ls -ln /" for completeness10:20
skramer_Hi. I look for Clamav 0.98 or even 0.98.1 available for Saucy but could not find anything yet. Is there a PPA for it or do we just need to stik with 0.97?10:21
=== root is now known as Guest23645
Guest23645hi all10:23
=== ikanobori` is now known as ikanobori
wh1zz0Ben64: http://pastebin.com/Ujdc4EbC && http://pastebin.com/4LYZcQsS10:24
Ben64you missed quite a lot wh1zz010:24
=== dormito__ is now known as dormito
wh1zz0Yeah.. it's supposed to be apache or nobody?10:25
ikoniayour box is screwed10:25
nickwantssurrounAnyone know how to setup surround sound through an AMD video card?10:25
ikoniait doesn't know uid is 010:25
Ben64www-data is 3310:25
ikoniait doesn't know that is root10:25
Ben64-ln prints out numbers instead of names10:25
ikoniaahhh -n10:25
wh1zz0Yes I changed it to www-data initially10:25
ikoniasorry, missed that10:25
Ben64wh1zz0: but i gave you a giant list of stuff to ls, and you only gave me the last bit10:26
wh1zz0Ben64: Thought you said two.. <Ben64> pastebin "ls -ln /var /var/www /var/www/norwaysb /var/www/norwaysb/index_files" and this <Ben64> oh, and "ls -ln /" for completeness?10:27
Ben64yeah, and you did "ls -ln /var/www/norwaysb/index_files" and "ls -ln /"10:27
wh1zz0My bad, there are three10:27
wh1zz0Oh 410:27
wh1zz0Done 2 already10:28
wh1zz0ls -ln /var ... http://pastebin.com/MW3mctt410:28
Ben64you could have just copied the entire command and pasted it10:29
Sylvain208Hi I've a graphical bug, video glitch under firefox which could fall to a complete screen desynchronize half shifted. I don't know where I should start a bug report. Am I clear?…10:29
wh1zz0ls -ln /var/www ... http://pastebin.com/ESk0N0X610:29
wh1zz0Ben64: Sorry about my slow nature10:30
researcher123anyone knows about TOR for Ubuntu?10:31
DJones!tor | researcher12310:31
ubotturesearcher123: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl10:31
TJ-wh1zz0: Use this shell scriplet to check traversals:  P="<put the path to the file here>";  while [ ! -z $P ]; do if [ "3" -ne "$(ls -ld $P | awk -F"x" '{print NF-1}')" ]; then echo "FAIL $(ls -ld $P)"; else echo "OK $P"; fi; P=${P%/*}; done10:32
researcher123DJones: I have installed TOR but when I run command it open gedit window10:32
wh1zz0ls -ln /var/www/norwaysb ..... http://pastebin.com/7rd49ufQ10:32
DJonesresearcher123: `ok, its not something I've used, but if you explain the problem in detail, hopefully somebody in the channel can help10:33
researcher123How to run as a program a shell script?10:34
Sylvain208http://molo.bee.free.fr/screenshot/bee_happy_screenshot_102.png here's a final video « error » half shifted with glitch seems to be triggered only from some web pages under firefox. Where should I post the bug firefox,  fglrx ?10:35
wh1zz0researcher123: after installing tor from terminal use torify10:35
wh1zz0also make sure port is 909510:35
researcher123wh1zz0: how to do that?10:36
wh1zz0Ben64: Any ideas please?10:36
wh1zz0My issue10:36
wh1zz0researcher123: sudo apt-get install tor10:36
researcher123wh1zz0: ok.trying10:36
Ben64wh1zz0: definitely an apache config issue10:36
wh1zz0researcher123: after that follow this: https://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-doc-unix.html.en#using10:38
researcher123wh1zz0: done.What to do now?10:38
wh1zz0Ben64: Apparently, any suggestions?10:39
Ben64wh1zz0: find out what you did to the config and fix it?10:39
wh1zz0Ben64: Didn't do anything other than change ownership and permissions10:40
wh1zz0from root to www-data10:40
wh1zz0and from default to 777 and to 755 and back to 77710:40
wellyHello all. I appear to be having a case of a very slow ubuntu 12.04 server, which is sat a mere 2 metres behind me10:40
wellyCan anyone give me any pointers in where to start problem solving?10:40
TJ-wh1zz0: Since you changed permissions on the directories and ownership, have you restarted apache? You'll need to for the group changes to be picked up10:41
ikoniawh1zz0: you updated from apache 2 to 2.2 - there are siificant changes10:41
ikoniasorry 2.2 to 2.410:41
wh1zz0ikonia: No actually it was a clean install but was only trying to state that I recently moved from 12.10 to 13.1010:43
ikoniaok - then you've moved your content from apache 2.2 to 2.4 - there is a significant difference in the config10:44
TJ-wh1zz0: have you restarted apache?10:44
TJ-wh1zz0: I refer you to the Apache Cookbook which says, of that error: "What "search permissions are missing on a component of the path" means is that somewhere in the directory path leading up to the file in question, there's a search (x) bit missing from one of the directories. You see, Apache needs to be able to look at files, the same as any other application does. And so it needs the search bit (x) set so that it can cd into a directory to get a look around."10:44
wh1zz0While in 12.10 when ever I had apache issues all I did was... sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www ; sudo chmod -R g+rw /var/www and sudo chmod -R 755 /var/www/webdir but here I just don't understand why it's giving this issue10:45
wh1zz0TJ-: Yeah I restarted many times and did so again a while a go10:46
VigilantePHow can i configure the sortable table control, not sure of the actual name, so that it allows me to shrink columns smaller than the width of the header text10:51
VigilantePI can't think of where to find something like that, and it's ubiquitous throughout the ubuntu UI10:52
cfhowlettVigilanteP, columns?  table?  is this ubuntu you're discussing?10:53
VigilantePthe control that holds tabular data, like what you get when you open nautilus10:53
cfhowlettVigilanteP, cuz it sounds just like a spreadsheet program ...10:53
VigilantePin list mode10:53
wh1zz0Ben64: ikonia TJ- I changed everything back to default root visited localhost and phpmyadmin, they both displayed correctly but my site cannot be edited so it definitely cannot be left as root10:53
wh1zz0Whew this is driving me nuts10:54
cfhowlettVigilanteP, understood.  ask again with that little detail.  I'd help but ... xubuntu10:54
VigilantePcfhowlett: In nautilus, for instance, I can resize the filename column as big or small as i like, but all the other columns won't let me shrink them smaller than the width of the header10:54
Ben64wh1zz0: you really need to work on your apache config10:55
VigilantePcfhowlett: I've noticed this behavior in other places where a similar control is used, so I don't think it10:55
VigilantePcfhowlett: I don't think it's application specific10:55
cfhowlettVigilanteP, understood.  sorry that I can't help though; xubuntu and xfce are my desktop environment10:56
cfhowlettroido, greetings10:56
roidowas wondering if anyone here could help me with some questions around cloud storage and latency. (not really ubuntu related but I just like this community)10:57
ubottuThe Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), powered by Eucalyptus, is highly configurable and customizable to a variety of environments. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC10:58
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wh1zz0I changed to 644.. Now shows forbidden11:09
MattiasI was running steam and changed resolution in a game, which apparently changed the resolution in xorg too. When I changed back to full native res xorg was still at the lower res. How can I change back without restarting xorg? (Unpacking a huge bz2 file which has been running for the whole day, stupidly enough I started it outside of a terminal multiplexer)11:09
yaccAny idea how to turn off a display temporary? (Basically without unity trying to redistribute the windows)? With xrandr --off it immediatly merges all windows, ..11:10
MattiasWhen I try to change the display res in gnome settings, I just get an error message saying: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SettingsDaemon was not provided by any .service files11:10
WalexMattias: that's either a bug in GNOME or the installation of some GNOME packages was incomplete11:13
Walexyacc: what do you mean by "off"?11:13
geirhaMattias: xrandr -s 1024x768   will set that resolution if available11:14
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
yaccWell, the idea is simple, I've got a display that is connected to two PCs (desktop/laptop). Now the only way beside physically changing input through the on screen menu, would be switching off temporarily the unwanted display off for a moment.11:14
MattiasWalex: not in gnome right now, or unity, I'm using i311:15
Mattiasgeirha: thanks, will try :)11:15
Ben64yacc: try "xset dpms force off"11:15
wh1zz0Ben64: What apache config are you referring to for me to work on please?11:16
Mattiasgeirha: nice, worked :) thanks11:16
yaccWalex: the issue is, I can kind of automate this, but xrandr triggers automatically the window manager reallocating süace11:16
yaccBen64: xset can be directed to only one display?11:16
Ben64wh1zz0: theres a bunch in /etc/apache211:16
Ben64yacc: not sure11:16
yaccBen64: well, it's an improvement, no layout issues, but both the laptop panel and the external one shut off, ...11:18
yaccBen64: but yes, it's strictly speaking much of an improvement ;)11:18
Ben64yacc: there probably is an option to choose which display, check out the help and/or man page11:18
delkinIf I install ubuntu-12.04-i686 and then replace the kernel image with a 64bit one, is it expected to work? If not, why not?11:19
delkinis it a `libc` issue?11:21
yaccBen64: don't see any, but a 0.3s flicker is probably okay, now I just need to detect typing without interfering with anything.11:21
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KamuelaIs there going to be a better HD4600 driver out for Ubuntu 13.10 anytime soon?11:22
DiehardKamuela: let me check my magic ball11:23
DiehardKamuela: stars says hell no11:23
=== a1|away is now known as AbyssOne__
KamuelaDiehard: too bad, everything else works fine but display is really tweaky11:24
yaccDiehard: Any reason why a good part of the world needs to live with a buggy Intel driver?11:24
TeraJLhi, i've created a share through nautilus, but i can't seem to find its settings on /etc/samba/smb.conf, and system-config-samba doesn't see it too... where is it?11:25
TeraJLi've created a share and i've setted as "Share this folder" and "Allow othres to create and delte files in this folder" but when i try to access i can't login with my account"11:26
WalexMattias: but you obviously using a GNOME app to manage the displays.11:29
WalexMattias: there are BTW several other RANDR frontends, for example 'arandr'.11:29
yaccAny way to detect if something is being typed?11:31
Diehardtyped where?11:32
Diehardand how?11:32
MarkDaviesWhy is running tshark as user "root" dangerous?11:33
WalexTeraJL: using frontends to do that is always a bit of a chance... Config files are not really means to be edited by programs11:33
WalexMarkDavies: probably because cleverly shaped packets could cause random code execution on being decoded11:33
TeraJLWalex: so, if i prefer config files i should stick with them?11:34
MarkDaviesok, but then how can I run it at all, if running it as an ordinary user causes a message that the permissions are not sufficient?11:34
WalexTeraJL: I personally, being a "character terminal" sort of user, edit config files directly.11:34
TeraJLi removed the ubuntu share and added through /etc/samba/smb.conf and now it's working --'... thanks11:35
WalexTeraJL: most GUI frontends to "legacy" config files are somewhat unreliable and cause maintenance problems. If config files were written in YAML or JSON it would be different.11:35
WalexTeraJL: BTW a way I use to find which config or other files have been modified by a tool is something like 'find /etc -type f -mmin -10' for example11:36
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TeraJLWalex: thanks!11:37
notzehey jo guys11:37
knightshadeMarkDavies: you need to add the user to the wireshark group11:39
giuseppe__il gladiatore11:45
MasterOfDisaster!ubuntu-it | giuseppe__11:46
* cfhowlett waits for the inevitable !list command11:46
MattiasWalex: I tried to use the gnome app to manage the display, yes. But it didn't work :) xrandr is fine. I prefer command-line tools11:46
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wh1zz0Pls someone should help I have been on this for days and I can't work without localhost11:47
ikoniawh1zz0: just saying "please help, please help" won't get you anywhere, I've already told you the config between 2.2 and 2.4 is different, have you checked into that yet ?11:48
b0n1hey there! If I create a bootable usb stick and want to create another that is the exact copy of the first stick, can i also just copy and paste all files from usb stick 1 to 2? Or is there any special thing going on when creating a bootable stick?11:50
wh1zz0ikonia: ahaa! I finally got it to work11:51
wh1zz0It was trying to read files that were not even there in the first place, they were actually in another location, I moved it when I was testing and forgot to move it back11:52
wh1zz0I tried to build another new site and it worked so that got me curious.... and led me to the solution. Thanks everyone for your help11:52
michagogo|cloudb0n1: Just dd one to the other11:54
timebrokenhow I can go back to the beginning of a script without closing  and re openning again11:55
ddoom_I have a 4TB external hdd to use as a backup, can anyone recommend a filesystem to use11:58
geirhatimebroken: in what context?  inside an editor?11:58
Sylvain208ddoom_: if it's for linux only ext4 could be a good choice11:59
timebrokento return to the beginning11:59
geirhatimebroken: I'm not a mind reader, sorry.12:00
DJones!details | geirha You need to explain the problem more, you've not said whether you're running a script and want to start it again, whether you're editing a script and if so which editor you're using to edit the script12:01
ubottugeirha You need to explain the problem more, you've not said whether you're running a script and want to start it again, whether you're editing a script and if so which editor you're using to edit the script: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:01
DJonesgeirha: Sorry, that was meant for timebroken12:02
timebrokenyes..!! DJones12:03
timebroken geirha you know goto in C++ I need the equivalant of that function in bash12:04
timebroken you know goto in C++ I need the equivalant of that function in bash12:04
somsiptimebroken: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9639103/is-there-a-goto-statement-in-bash12:06
somsiptimebroken: Last one - http://bobcopeland.com/blog/2012/10/goto-in-bash/12:07
cooldharma06hi all12:10
cooldharma06i am facing small error...http://pastebin.com/vcNmnDnT12:10
cooldharma06how to solve this one .. any suggestions.???12:10
ikoniacooldharma06: looks like it's just not configured correctly and maybe missing a kernel module12:12
timebrokensomsip: thks man12:14
cooldharma06ikonia i checked everything upto my knowledge..12:14
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jessejammessaludos a todo el canal12:25
=== ivan_ is now known as Guest54809
MattiasI have a tar bz2 file, I extracted it partially, and now I want to continue with the rest. So what I basically want is to have it skip files already extracted which it finds in file, maybe with a prompt for overwrite or just replace all files with a size diffrence. Is this possible?12:43
Mattiasah, maybe it's the -k switch12:44
MattiasI have no idea if it is actually skipping existing files now. It still prints out every file it goes over in the verbose output12:49
Julie_I have some machines that have no gui - need to set the ethernet ip address rather than use dhcp - what file is this in?12:49
ActionParsnipJulie_: /etc/network/interfaces12:50
ActionParsnipJulie_: or install wicd and use wicd-curses12:50
Julie_ActionParsnip: what do I add to that file - right now it has auto lo and iface lo inet loopback12:54
ActionParsnipJulie_: there are sample files online, will tell you more than I can in here12:54
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k-radcan anyone compile a perfect custom kernel ?13:25
ikoniak-rad: what's up13:26
k-radikona i have a pentium processor that is dual core and like an i3 and was wondering if someone could offer their services for a great my cpu optimized kernel for my 12.03 lts13:27
k-radwell, ideally. :)13:27
* cfhowlett thinks there really *needs* to be a "perfect" factoid13:27
cfhowlettk-rad, dual core pentium is FAR from an i3 ... just sayin ...13:27
k-radthis one is close actually better than an i313:27
IdleOnek-rad: custom kernels are not supported in this channel, and there is no such thing as a perfect anything, if there was a perfect kernel we would be using it already.13:28
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foo357Hello, how can I use multiple command in a find exec? Like for example: find . -type f -iname "*.jpg" -exec echo $(basename {}) \;13:33
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gagarin1hello, i have a problem, i need to install lib32-libpulse, but its not in the reppos :(13:36
gagarin1wat do13:36
thoonaiheyho, I want to realize network boot over vpn13:38
thoonaithe vpn program relies on libssl and ostly the tuntap module13:38
thoonaidoes this sounds even possible?13:39
thurstylarkHow would I go about troubleshooting DNS issues? I recently deinstalled dnsmasq because I don't want to deal with it right now, but I must have missed a configuration when I was putting it back. Where should I look?13:40
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ikoniak-rad: what's up13:44
b0n1michagogo|cloud did I get you right? You say i can just c&p the files from one usb stick to the other and it is still bootable?13:52
=== mtrd`w is now known as EugeneBndt
b0n1for what do I need a program that writes bootable usb sticks?13:53
cfhowlettb0n1, unetbootin or startup-diskcreator   copy and paste won't work13:55
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DaghdhaHello. Somewhere in the last year my mysql has broken. I just noticed, i can be broken for months since i haven't used it. Any 'silver bullets' regarding this? Like some change in thelast year that broke mysql maybe14:04
Daghdhawhen i try 'service mysql start' it says 'start: Job failed to start'14:05
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biggdadd73I'm having network issues can someone assist?14:09
supauliSure, tell your problem14:10
biggdadd73ok I'm using Ubuntu Server 12.04.3 and whenever I reboot I lose my internet connection.14:12
biggdadd73resolv.conf keeps getting reset...14:12
thoonaihow do I have to change the settings of init, that it mounts / and the rest over vpn?14:12
biggdadd73it did not do this in 12.04.2 (I still have that server going for comparison)14:13
biggdadd73any ideas14:14
supaulibiggdadd73: is it only nameserver or full connecttion -- can you ping for example14:14
supauli(when the network is down after reboot)14:15
supauliand how do you fix that then? I mean, if you loose the net in every reboot you must do something to get it back?14:15
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muttley_hello all . first time on IRC i want to test if all is ok.14:16
supaulimuttley_: its working fine14:16
ubuntuatschoolHi I have a umask problem after switchin to root opening roots .bashrc changing umask at the bottom. reverting. umask stays permanent now. of course i might have done something else as well. as user in .bashrc file there is no umask setting now. not in /etc/profile either. and not in homefolder profile file as well. not in roots .bashrc file either14:16
supaulithoonai: i would do that over ssh - connection14:16
GiirtI'm planning to buy a gaming pc with ubuntu installed. Is there a list of great supported graphics cards?14:16
biggdadd73well when I reboot I have to go back in to resolv.conf and manually add a nameserver...then it works...at least until I reboot14:17
GiirtI mean, not like, "it works". I want drivers that actually makes the card work as intended to14:17
muttley_guys can you read my message? first time on irc14:17
Giirtmuttley_: yes i can14:17
Lunar_La1pw/in 914:17
muttley_Thank you14:18
muttley_@ Giirt Thank you14:18
supaulibiggdadd73: so only thing broken is resolv.conf ? Thats generated automatically so its no suprise changes made there are lost. You need to fix your configuration.14:18
biggdadd73yeah I know but wher do I make the configuration change14:19
supauliif you get the connection from dhcp, then i suggest fixing that14:19
biggdadd73I'm reading as I'm typing on google14:19
biggdadd73it's a static ip14:19
supaulibiggdadd73: see http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man8/resolvconf.8.html for 'dns-nameservers' option14:21
n008looking the files in /usr/share they all <files>.ui in xml format14:25
n008they seem to be gtk file14:25
n008is that the standard for ubuntu desktop apps ?14:25
n008how do I develop ubuntu desktop apps ?14:26
CorySimmonsIs there a way to get a list of deps -that were installed- during apt-get?14:26
kostkonn008, http://developer.ubuntu.com/14:26
CorySimmonsAlso, does apt-get leave me with a binary?14:26
ikoniaCorySimmons: apt-get will install a deb a package, which contains what is in the package14:26
somsipCorySimmons: /var/log/apt/history.log14:26
CorySimmonsFor instance, I'm trying to get an Inkscape 0.47 binary to use with Heroku (Lucid boxes)14:26
n008kostkon: thanks14:27
CorySimmonsWhen you do apt-get inkscape, it makes it available in your path, so I'm assuming it makes a binary?14:27
ikoniaCorySimmons: it won't "make" a binary, it will install a binary from the deb archive it installed14:27
CorySimmonsOk, so, is it possible to get Inkscape to build statically with apt-get, and just include the deps in this static binary?14:28
n008kostkon: seen QML, is this supported by other linux distro ?14:28
CorySimmonsikonia: I see14:28
ikoniaCorySimmons: apt-get does NOT build14:28
=== keee is now known as w0rmie
kostkonn008, qml is a part of qt5 so yes as long as it's not that old14:29
CorySimmonsikonia: Hmm14:29
supaulin008: its actually also usable on some mobile devices, for example jolla ;)14:29
kostkonn008, i meant qt*14:29
CorySimmonsikonia: So is there anyway to grab all the deps I need to statically build Inkscape on a clean Lucid 64 install (Heroku boxes)?14:30
kostkonn008, it's just that the ubuntu sdk is qt5 based14:30
ikonialucid is dead, so I'd not waste time with it14:30
sm00ravenanyone know how to get 9menu to show up on top of other windows?14:31
supauliCorySimmons: http://askubuntu.com/questions/28372/how-do-i-get-the-source-code-of-packages-installed-through-apt-get14:31
ikoniaworst link ever14:31
n008kostkon: supauli cool thanks14:31
n008supauli: does jolla run ubuntu ?14:32
Myrttin008: jolla is Sailfish, quite different thing.14:32
sm00ravenI'm using it with ccsm commands, to run a script I wrote for 9menu, it works fine and all, but if I have any other full screen windows open I have to alt+tab to get to the 9menu popup14:33
n008Myrtti: I see14:33
n008I see, its Linux based as well14:33
ActionParsnipn008: ask in #jolla14:35
CorySimmonsHeroku Cedar uses Lucid, so that's why I'm using it...14:36
CorySimmonsNot because I particularly enjoy really old OS's :)14:36
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olsoneaHi all.14:39
olsoneahow do i remove these packages? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6762354/14:40
scarrzgood morning... can anyone point me to a proper FAQ to PROPERLY set my boot up splash screen... all the google I tried doesn't seem to help. mt monitor complains of not being able to display that mode... (104X768X24)14:40
BuddI'm trying to get NetworkManager to connect to a mesh network using IPv6 (only) using RADV and RDNSS. I have rdnssd running (and working).14:40
olsoneasudo aptitude purge doesn't remove them14:40
YamakasYsomeone known with partman schemes ?14:40
BuddSo it sets up the connection just fine, but also runs dhclient unnecessarily, which eventually fails, then tears down the (working) connection.14:41
olsoneaso how do i remove pacakges listed in dpkg as 'un'?14:43
ActionParsnipolsonea: what is the output of :  cat /etc/issue14:43
olsoneasorry, Ubuntu 13.1014:43
noussommesgenialhello everybody14:43
ActionParsnipolsonea: what is the output of:  dpkg -l | grep nvidia     thanks14:44
noussommesgenialubuntu is the best system i ever worked with14:44
noussommesgenialhappy to find so many users here14:44
olsoneaActionParsnip: null.14:44
noussommesgenialdoes someone know a good movie editor on linux ?14:45
olsoneaActionParsnip: though dpkg -l 'nvidia*' returns this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6762354/14:45
ActionParsnipolsonea: then it's not an issue, its probably aptitude showing historical guff but dpkg didnt even show 'rc' so they are not in your OS14:45
olsoneaok, thanks. i was trying to purge absolutely everything nvidia related14:46
ActionParsnipolsonea: oh, I though you said null.....does grep output nothing?14:46
olsoneayes, no output14:46
ActionParsnipolsonea: then its not present14:46
noussommesgeniali'm actually working on a movie edition from the movie Mary Poppins, i need to make it more professionnal14:46
noussommesgenialthe actual attempt was that one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zma8tSTsGb814:47
olsoneai had installed a PPA for the nvidia proprietary drivers, and it was working fine for months, but an update hosed everything, and i was kicked into 'low graphics mode' where x wouldn't run14:47
olsoneaso i purged nvidia*, which at least allowed me to startx14:47
olsoneabut now i'm picking up the pieces14:48
olsoneaprobably a good idea to remove the PPA once you get a stable environment next time?14:48
ActionParsnipolsonea: indeed14:48
ActionParsnipolsonea: PPAs do carry a certain risk14:48
olsoneawill apt-get be cranky that it can't find the package source?14:49
ujjain1add-apt-repository ppa:semiosis/ubuntu-glusterfs-3.4 < what is wrong with this format?14:49
ActionParsnipolsonea: if you run:  sudo apt-get update    first, the PPA packages will be forgotten14:49
vfwolsonea: I just download from nvidia.com14:49
vfwolsonea: and install manually14:49
ActionParsnipnvidia-curren    super easy14:50
olsoneaunfortunately, there's a ton of bad advice for newbish users to install via the ppa14:50
olsonealesson learned.14:50
ActionParsnipolsonea: well...later = better in their eyes. Not always needed14:51
olsoneathough i thought i could trust the manufacturer.14:51
vfwolsonea: ppas are not all bad, just once in a while you have a problem.14:51
ujjain1add-apt-repository ppa:semiosis/ubuntu-glusterfs-3.4 < this doesn´t seem to be working though, Cannot add PPA: 'ppa:semiosis/ubuntu-glusterfs-3.4'. Please check that the PPA name or format is correct.14:51
hitsujiTMOujjain1: what error are you getting?14:51
olsoneavfw: noted. i've got one other ppa for Oracle VirtualBox.14:52
hitsujiTMOujjain1: whats the output of: lsb_release -sc14:52
vfwolsonea: ppas can also be a problem when it's time for a distribution upgrade14:52
hitsujiTMOujjain1: are you running the command with sudo?14:53
ActionParsnipujjain1: I'd contact the PPA maintainer14:53
ActionParsnipujjain1: https://launchpad.net/~semiosis/+archive/ubuntu-glusterfs-3.414:53
BuddGiven a NetworkManager with IPv4 disabled, and  IPv6 set to "address only", NM needlessly runs dhclient (despite getting a RADV address). How do I prevent this?14:53
vfwolsonea: (that may be *your* issue, for all I know, I'm late to the conversation)14:53
vfwBudd: Use IPv4?14:54
Buddvfw: The network is IPv6-only.14:55
olsoneavfw: well, i was stable for the longest time... months14:55
vfwolsonea: and then ________________?14:55
olsoneai think there were some kernel updates that were installed, and also an update from nvidia14:55
vfwBudd: Are you fully updated?14:55
kostkonolsonea, you mean the official vb repo, not ppa14:55
Buddvfw: possibly not I'll try that.14:56
olsoneakostkon: no, the 'official' repo is several releases old14:56
olsoneai needed the latest because oracle only offered the extensions for the more current versions14:57
vfwolsonea: Are you talking about nvidia drivers (being old)?14:57
kostkonolsonea, 4.3.6-91406~Ubuntu~precise 0  500 http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian/ precise/contrib i386 Packages14:58
kostkonolsonea, latest version14:58
vfwolsonea: Oh, you are talking about virtual box... oK.14:58
olsoneayeah, kostkon had asked me about it14:58
olsoneakostkon: at the time i had to add the ppa, current version from oracle was 4.3.x, the repo was only 4.214:59
kostkonolsonea, you need to remove virtulbox-4.2 and install virtulbox-4.315:00
=== yash069_ is now known as yash069
vfwkostkon: What is better about 4.3?15:00
olsoneakostkon: i'm now, running the current version15:00
kostkonvfw, no idea15:01
olsoneavfw: in my situation, i needed to get 4.3 to install the extension pack that allowed me to access usb devices on the guest15:01
SrRavenSo I bought an external HD (USB 3.0) just for Linux so I can use Linux on PC's where I cant install it directly.15:02
olsoneathere was no extension pack for the older 4.2 version that was in the repo, and no extension pack in the repo15:02
SrRavenCan I "prepare" it in any way or do I have to have the laptop per se first?15:02
vfwSrRaven: Just install to it.15:02
ActionParsnipSrRaven: are you wanting to use it in Windows systems as well as Linux?15:02
SrRavenno, Linux only15:02
ActionParsnipSrRaven: then you can format it in Ubuntu using Gparted15:03
alexusixbonjour !15:04
kostkonalexusix, hi15:04
_root_i want to add this command to start when lightdm log the user into the WM. /usr/libexec/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 &15:06
_root_where should I put it?15:06
BuddIt seems that NetworkManager really wants to use DHCPv6 to get an IPv6 address, even if it already has one from RADV.15:09
=== bsmith_ is now known as aidanna
x_sprechen sie deutsch?15:17
Pici!de | x_15:17
ubottux_: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!15:17
ActionParsnipBudd: if you can use the interfaces file, you can ditch network manager :)15:23
x_ ubuntu_cz15:23
StevenXLHello. I have my laptop connected through HDMI to a monitor. I can use the entire monitory (for example, I can drag a window to all edges of the monitor), but when I maximize an app, it 'maximizes' to a smaller area.15:24
StevenXLHow can I fix this?15:25
c_smithis it normal for libfreetype-dev to remove fglrx, gcc and some other stuff?15:25
olsoneavfw: just wanted to let you know that manually installing the driver worked beautifully. thanks for your help115:30
BuddActionParsnip: is there an alternate method for selecting and connecting to wireless networks?15:32
ubottutonino: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:32
BuddI'm actually quite comfortable with the 'ip' and 'iw' utils, but it's nice to have something automated most of the time.15:32
=== h00k_ is now known as h00k
ActionParsnipBudd: wifi-radar and wicd are tools I can name quickly15:33
Buddthanks - I'll look them up. I don't like NetworkManager much.15:34
ActionParsnipBudd: me neither, mind you my ubuntu boxes are all on wired networks :)15:34
kubancHellow! MY audio HDMI stops wotking after a period of time. But if i press something an a keyboard the sounds starts working again... Any idea?15:36
=== keee is now known as w0rmie
rustuptwistDoes anyone know offhand which ubuntu distro will fit onto a 700mb CD disk. I want to install ubuntu on my son's HP laptop which is dying a slow windows death.15:41
ikoniarustuptwist: none15:41
ikoniarustuptwist: and that should not be your deciding factor15:41
rustuptwistikonia:  I agree, its just that I am limited right now, and i'd like to get him back up and running since his win7 seems to have bit the dust15:42
ikonia"bit the dust"15:42
Buddrustuptwist: Assuming the laptop can get netowrk access, you only need to install a bare-bones system from CD. It can add everything else from the net.15:42
ikoniarustuptwist: I suspect you'd be better trying to fix his windows install than make a poor linux choice due to lack of thought15:42
rustuptwistikonia:  ouch15:43
rustuptwisti thought this was a chat 'room' not an 'alley' :)15:43
Buddrustuptwist: or do you need  something that will run without a hard drive? I frequently run Ubuntu and Arch off a USB stick. A little slow, but works fine.15:43
ikoniarustuptwist: it is a chat room15:43
Buddrustuptwist: It doesn'15:44
ikoniarustuptwist: do you want honest advice or lies ?15:44
lingonberryhi people. I'm on my mom's computer (she has 10.04 running which is really stable on her old hardware) and she did an update recently that she was putting off for a while, and presto-one speaker stopped working. can't figure out why15:44
Buddrustuptwist: It doesn't take all kinds, but you get them anyway :)15:44
cacomsg Enjoy|Dvd-Rip|04 xdcc send #1915:44
lingonberryI plugged in an mp3 player, and the problem is with Ubuntu. Furthermore, alsamixer shows everything is balanced and the right sources are selected.15:44
lingonberryI'm convinced it's something with an alsa update15:44
=== Lunar_La1p is now known as Lunar_Lamp
rustuptwistBudd:  it is an older HP I am not convinced it will boot via USB. I dabbled with Ubuntu a few years back and had some issues with laptops. I am just looking to take advantage of this opportunity to have my son take a look at Ubuntu15:45
rustuptwistikonia:  honest (informed) advice - that doesnt hurt :)15:46
Buddrustuptwist: Another factor is that most install systems (i think includng ubuntu) can shrink an existing Windows partition to make room for dual-boot - assuming you want to keep Windows also.15:46
=== ThePaintingMan is now known as KyleYankan
ikoniarustuptwist: whats actually "wrong" with his current windows install ?15:47
xanguarustuptwist: lubuntu still fits on a CD I believe, is there a problem with using DVD's¿15:47
BuddOpenWRT is a nice compact distribution :)15:48
ikoniathis should not be the decision process used for installing linux15:48
olsonealingonberry: run 'speaker-test -c 2'15:49
rustuptwistikonia: and Budd firstly im not in the usa, stuff, genuine stuff is hard  to get here, I use a Mac but my children have PC's, it is increasingly difficult to deal with PCs here, my employer/school doesnt have/use anti-virus sware so Im trying to move in another direction, i could go on...15:49
lingonberryolsonea, what should I be looking for?15:49
olsoneait should test the left and right audio channels15:50
olsoneayou should be listening for sound from the right/left speakers alternately15:50
rustuptwistxangua:  just conservation wise. I prefer not to use a 4gb DVD disc for a 750mb iso, that's all15:50
ikoniarustuptwist: sorry, I believe your approach to this is wrong and your decision process is wrong.15:51
lingonberrywhy are they suddenly working?15:52
vfwlingonberry: It is more than likely just a coincidence15:52
lingonberryolsonea, they both work now15:52
olsonealingonberry: glad to hear it!15:52
vfwlingonberry: Wireing or loose jack connection15:52
lingonberrywhat the hell?15:52
lingonberrythought i checked everything, oh well15:52
lingonberrythanks for showing me the test anyway olsonea15:53
lingonberrythanks vfw15:53
olsoneayou did say that you plugged the speakers into an mp3 player. the connection to the computer was probably loose15:53
olsoneasweet, i helped somebody15:53
vfwolsonea: That's what it's all about :)15:54
iateadonuti've got this in my sources.list: deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ raring main restricted universe multiverse15:54
vfwolsonea: You can also just play /usr/share/sounds/alsa/*15:55
iateadonutbut can't seem to install xvidcap15:55
yctndoes anyone know if this issue still exsists in ubuntu 12-04 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cyrus-sasl2/+bug/87544015:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 875440 in cyrus-sasl2 (Ubuntu) "Cannot authenticate with saslauthd and mysql" [High,Confirmed]15:55
iateadonutapt-cache search xvidcap - turns up nothing.15:55
olsoneavfw: noted!15:55
iateadonutwondering how i might install xvidcap15:55
popeyiateadonut: it was removed15:55
iateadonutpopey, what was removed?  xvidcap?15:55
olsoneavfw: hehe. noted. a pun for sound issues15:55
popeyiateadonut: yes15:55
popeyiateadonut: it's unmaintained upstream and largely broken15:55
vfwolsonea: (the command play, if you have sox installed)15:55
iateadonutwhat does one use instead?15:56
popeykazam, vokoscreen15:56
yctnubottu do you have a link from that ?15:56
ubottuyctn: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:56
boxmeinWhatever could be a reason why chromium on ubunter sucks at playing YouTube videos? Flash is up to date, system is up to date (except Ubuntu, it's 13.04), and it plays on embedded mode but not on tab pages15:56
boxmeinAs in, it does the staticky thing, then flashes and then works15:56
boxmeinSimilar to being reloading the video player15:57
iateadonutgoodness, xvidcap was so easy to use15:57
iateadonutoh well.15:57
iateadonutno chance installing it on 13.04?15:57
popeyiateadonut: you can try, no guarantees it will work.15:58
popeythe others are better IMO15:58
popeyhaving used them all15:58
iateadonutok, thanks.  gtk-recordmydesktop seems to work well.16:03
vfwboxmein: I think chromium has it's own flash player16:04
boxmeinvfw: which is installed and up to date16:04
boxmeinaka, of course, lol16:05
vfwboxmein: ... not to say that is the issue.  May be just that it doesn't work well with your particular set of devices.16:05
=== unmatrix is now known as ivaldi
boxmeinwell, it does time to time16:05
boxmeinmy device seems fairly standard aside from having nvidia's magical optimus dual graphics card setup16:06
vfwboxmein: What exactly is not working well?16:06
boxmeinvfw: playing select videos (aka most of them) on youtube's home page displays a "An error occurred." message16:06
boxmeinAnd rarely it occurs so that it, after the error message, reloads something and then works16:07
boxmeinit reloads something since the page flashes16:07
vfwboxmein: That may only be because it is not seeing the standard adobe flash player.16:07
vfwboxmein: (Because cromium doesn't use it.)16:07
boxmeinwhy would it even care about the standard adobe flash player?16:08
boxmeinsince like16:08
boxmein"hey there's a flash implementation LET'S USE IT"16:08
rustuptwistikonia:  you may be right16:08
vfwboxmein: You'd have to ask the folks at youtube or adobe, (it's not a Ubuntu issue, so....)16:09
rustuptwistikonia:  but I think what is important is that I am here seeking advice, assistance, to make do the best within the circumstances that I am surrounded by16:09
ikoniarustuptwist: couldn't disagree less,16:09
ikoniarustuptwist: I'll leave you to it though16:09
vfwboxmein: flashplayer is just a mess16:10
rustuptwistikonia: I have not heard your suggestion, interestingly enough.16:10
ikoniarustuptwist: you have, unless windows has failed, fix your windows install to buy you time to do this properly16:11
ikoniaa cd image size should not dictate your migration approach, I've made that view point clear, you disagree so bcarry on with luck16:11
rustuptwistikonia: I dont see where I said to you I disagree or i said you were wrong16:12
ikoniarustuptwist: no, but you said you had not seen my recommendation, and you have, I've already given it you16:13
rustuptwistikonia:  true because I dont recall explaining my situation in depth/completely , therefore wasnt sure how a complete recommendation could be made16:14
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iateadonutThanks, popey16:16
popeyiateadonut: no problem16:17
normalra_Quick question, what font does 'notify-osd' use on Ubuntu?16:18
kostkonnormalra_, ubuntu font?16:18
normalra_kostkon: Thank you!16:19
kostkonnormalra_, np16:19
=== jack is now known as Guest90547
CorySimmonsWhat does the -1ubuntu1 thing represent in these apt-gets? http://askubuntu.com/a/9202116:21
CorySimmonsAre all ubuntu packages affixed with that?16:21
hitsujiTMOCorySimmons: not sure about the trailing 1, but the intial 1 there means its the first release of that [ackage16:22
PiciCorySimmons: It represents the debian and ubuntu package versions.  iirc. -2ubuntu1 would be the 2nd debian build, but the first Ubuntu build of the package for that particular version.16:22
ikoniaPici: probably the most clear description I've ever heard16:23
doug_fGents I am increasingly seeing some weird dns traffic coming from our linuxmint desktops. They ask our DNS servers for an address an then immediately close the return port responding with ICMP port unreachable. Any thoughts as too why this is happening?16:23
hitsujiTMOahh, thats nice to know16:23
doug_fWell some are linux mint and some are ubuntu LTS.16:23
hitsujiTMO!mint | doug_f16:23
ubottudoug_f: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:23
CorySimmonshitsujiTMO, Pici: Thanks :)16:24
Picidoug_f: You might try ##security or ##networking as well, if you want a more distro-agnostic answer.16:24
bit9hello #ubuntu. i'm having a major pain figuring out how to restore with "back in time" and wondering if anyone has expert experience?16:25
bit9many thanks for any help. =)16:25
hitsujiTMObit9: from the documentation(as poor as it is) it seems to suggest that you simply select the snapshot and choose restore16:31
nannesGetting a ELFCLASS32 mismatch with java (oracle) 716:31
nanneshow can I check if it's using 64bit libraries or 32bit, and also how can I switch between each other16:32
bit9hitsujiTMO: i do not see any snapshots, BIT did not seem to copy the root/.config/backintime/config file on backup, i don't know how to hand edit the current root/.config... file16:32
bit9i have adjusted the host, user settings with no luck16:33
jasonham1hi does anyone watched  The Fifth Estate? who can tall me what they computer used system?16:33
gagarin1do i need a reboot after i change my defaults.list?16:33
bit9but i fear i need to use "Restore" to maintain permissions when i copy old machine files to new machine's /home/me folder16:33
FiremanEd!ot | jasonham116:34
ubottujasonham1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:34
bit9hitsujiTMO: this is best advice i've seen, but i can't figure it out: https://answers.launchpad.net/backintime/+faq/245616:34
sudormrfTJ-, are you available?16:34
vfwbit9: It depends on how you copy the files, but even if permissons need changing afterwards, not a problem, you can fix it.16:35
hitsujiTMObit9: I see. Unfortunately its not documented and their site only seems to have updated their problem section up until 2009 so it doesn't seem to be well maintained. it would be best to try and contact the devs directly16:35
nannes!ru | ishr00m16:35
ubottuishr00m: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:35
bit9vfw: so you suggest a simple "copy" and see what permissions don't match and work from there?16:35
=== brendan1 is now known as ianorlin
vfwbit9: Depends on where you are copying files from and where to16:36
Sirisian|WorkDoes anyone know if the NOPASSWD entries work for cronjob? I put "sirisian ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /home/sirisian/Desktop/ubuntu/foo.sh" into visudo as the last line. I can run foo.sh as the user sirisian and I have it echo out whoami into a log. When I put it into a cronjob it echos out my user, but all the sudo commands fail. One is just a simple sudo ln command to create a symbolic link between two absolute paths. Does the file16:36
Sirisian|Workrequire special permissions?16:36
hitsujiTMOSirisian|Work: using the NOPASSWD entry is not supported here16:37
vfwI don't know about backintime-gnome (or backintime-kde), never used it, (reading the link you gave now...16:37
hitsujiTMOSirisian|Work: but yes it should work16:37
rustuptwistim sure I could google this but my 13yr son just asked if Minecraft works on Ubuntu?16:37
Sirisian|WorkhitsujiTMO, do you know a better channel for help on this subject?16:37
vfwbit9: ... and I don't know what it is you are trying to do either...16:38
hitsujiTMOSirisian|Work: why not run the cron job as root and use su - USER ?16:38
hitsujiTMOSirisian|Work: here would be good if you want someone to suggest a better way of doing it. Seems like you're going about the task the wrong way16:39
Sirisian|WorkhitsujiTMO, one moment. That might work. Would tha allow any command to run right?16:39
vfwbit9: (In other words, you need to give more specific information about what it is you are doing, or wanting to do.)16:39
bit9vfw: i backed up /home/me from old machine, reinstalled with encrypted new setup, and want to restore /home/me onto new machine, but i don't have a BIT config file from old machine16:39
=== keee is now known as w0rmie
vfwbit9: Define "BIT config"16:39
bit9so i have ubuntu great but all my files are in BIT on /media/external16:39
hitsujiTMOSirisian|Work: can you explain what the end goal is?16:39
vfwbit9: "BIT"?  Is that user name?16:40
jjmalinais it possible to have a user's cron run under UTC vs the local time?16:40
bit9BIT config = /root/.config/backintime/config, a text file with parameters for BIT, i can pastebin if you like16:40
Sirisian|WorkhitsujiTMO, Update the user's timezone. I have to run "dpkg-reconfigure --frontend noninteractive tzdata" from the user's session to update the time in the upper right.16:40
rustuptwistikonia:  ok back. the gist of what I was saying is that even if/when i get his HP working back on win7 I still want to get him to consider and/or put Ubuntu on his HP cause where i am windows is not really a long term viable option. So I have now in front of me dvd's and we are rectifying the win7 on the HP(pavilliondv2000) When its up and running what is your recomnedation for it re: ubuntu?16:41
hitsujiTMOSirisian|Work: that could be just run as a cronjob on root, but why does it need to be run in the first place? you should only have to set the tzdata once16:41
vfwbit9: Someone that has experienc with backintime may be able to help you, I have not used it and have no experince with it.  All I've done is to copy all files from the /home/user-name/ to a external drive and then copy them back.16:42
bit9vfw: BIT = backintime-gnome package16:42
bit9vfw: define "copy" (rsync, cp, etc.?), and after you recopied back did you not have permissions trouble (executables becoming read/write only, etc.)?16:43
bit9vfw: i have tried deja-dup and v22.0 keeps failing to backup properly and "restore" deja-dup does not give me all my files back16:44
Sirisian|WorkhitsujiTMO, Well when the command it run in the root cronjob the command doesn't update the timezone for the user. Even if you restart. It's very peculiar. If I run it from the command line it works.16:44
vfwbit9: From what I'm reading, I see that backintime is an application to restore the whole system back to the state it was before, (not just the personal files).16:44
bit9vfw: so i tried sudo cp -p but ran into permissions problems, now i'm on "back in time" and can't see the snapshots16:44
vfwbit9: .... but if you see where the files are, just copy them and that should be that.16:44
=== jasonham1 is now known as jasomham
bit9vfw: ok, let's see if BIT's invocation of rsync will do the trick! thanks!16:45
hitsujiTMOSirisian|Work: tzdata is a system wide setting. not a user setting, hence why you need sudo. seems like something else is going wrong.16:45
vfwbit9: See my pm16:45
FireStormsHey I'm considering trying the deadbeef music player, but how do I determine if I can trust the ppa: "ppa:alexey-smirnov/deadbeef" ?16:46
gmachine_24I want to use rsync to back up the contents of a partition  from Ubuntu computer A to Ubuntu media server B. Using would the command line using rsync be?16:47
hitsujiTMOSirisian|Work: have they set something in their account to mess up the setting? like in System Settings -> Time & Date     ?16:48
Sirisian|Workno, Here's the auth.log http://pastebin.com/SXMdrpG1 The command in the file is "sudo dpkg-reconfigure --frontend noninteractive tzdata"16:49
hitsujiTMOFireStorms: that ppa doesn't look like its being maintained. no saucy release for instance16:49
BeldarFireStorms, I only use ppa's if needed, there are multiple music players in the ubuntu repos.16:49
kostkon!info deadbeef16:49
ubottuPackage deadbeef does not exist in saucy16:49
hitsujiTMOFireStorms: no raring either16:49
hitsujiTMOFireStorms: 84 weeks since last build isn't a good sign16:51
imghostFireStorms, did you try "banshee"?16:52
nannes!info ia32-libs16:52
ubottuPackage ia32-libs does not exist in saucy16:52
donny_Hello all! I have a problem :( Using Ubuntu 12.04, I went to Settings and then to Drivers and updated my NVIDIA driver from 304.88 to 319.32 and now I get no X. Here is an interesting message from the kernel: http://codebad.com/~hdon/dmesg.txt16:52
glitsj16FireStorms: http://deadbeef.sourceforge.net/download.html offers a .deb it seems16:52
donny_Could anyone tell me how to fix the problem or undo the driver update without X16:53
hitsujiTMOdonny_: you need to remove 30416:53
donny_hitsujiTMO: will module-assistant remove modules? or should i just remove the .ko ?16:54
donny_or should i blacklist it?16:54
Anton__Hi! I need help with making sure that my default internet device uses my IP and gateway in order to connect to my VPN. Img of route + network interfaces: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/827/1a9r.png     Please help ASAP :-)16:55
hitsujiTMOdonny_: ok, first, lets see whats installed: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dpkg --get-selections | grep nvidia | pastebinit16:55
donny_hitsujiTMO: http://codebad.com/~hdon/paste0.txt as you suspected there are two nvidia driver packages installed16:56
donny_hitsujiTMO: can i just apt-get remove the two nvidia-*304 packages?16:56
hitsujiTMOdonny_: also what gpu do you have?16:57
Anton__When I add my home IP and gateway to route and restart networking my home IP disappears - http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/827/1a9r.png16:57
donny_hitsujiTMO: geforce 9600 gt16:57
hitsujiTMOdonny_: sudo apt-get purge nvidia-304 nvidia-current nvidia-settings-30416:58
donny_hitsujiTMO: alright, i will purge then...16:58
hitsujiTMOdonny_: you may also need to regenerate the xorg.conf16:59
donny_hitsujiTMO: ah, good idea... it's been so long since i edited the X conf. before Xorg actually.17:00
hitsujiTMO!ot | yahbah17:00
ubottuyahbah: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:00
Anton__someone help me please...17:01
donny_Anton__: what do you mean that your "home IP disappears?" (i can't see your image; problem on my end)17:02
AmriUnixhello guys17:04
donny_ok i'm rebooting. see you in a moment i hope hitsujiTMO17:04
AmriUnixhi i m looking for Ubuntu support !!! any17:05
Anton__donny_: when i use this command "ip ro add my_home_ip via my_gateway" it appears in route as a venet0 device in route but when i restart networking my gateway IP is there under my device but my home IP is changed to default17:05
AmriUnixor any one can help !!!17:05
daftykinsAmriUnix: ask a question17:05
hitsujiTMO!ask | AmriUnix17:06
ubottuAmriUnix: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:06
AmriUnixok  about "Ubuntu for Android !!!" what is it ????17:06
ramesh_how do i install linux in my samsung tablet17:07
AmriUnix#daftykins "Ubuntu for Android" do you have any idea ???17:07
k1l!touch | AmriUnix17:07
ubottuAmriUnix: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch17:07
daftykinsAmriUnix: an OS for an OS? not quite sure what you mean there17:08
popeyAmriUnix: ubuntu for android hasn't been released yet17:08
dab280zxHi all...I'm new to Ubuntu but have some experience with debian...I am interested in setting up iptables.  What is a good resource with examples...thanks17:08
k1lramesh_: for ubuntu-touch support go to #ubuntu-touch, for ubuntu desktop on the tablet ask in #ubuntu-arm and for linux support ask in ##linux17:08
ramesh_and what abt downloading pyhton for linux17:09
AmriUnix#daftykins ok  but i was think its a application for Ubuntu connect to android device so you can get notification up to your ubuntu os !!!17:09
hitsujiTMOAmriUnix: ubuntu for android is put on a back burner for ubuntu touch atm. There hasn't been any new info on it in a long while.17:09
hitsujiTMOAmriUnix: it's ubuntu in a vm on android. Beyond that there's not much info released, so there's nothing anyone here can tell you.17:11
popeyAmriUnix: no, it's the other way around.17:11
glitsj16dab280zx: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo might be a good start17:11
popeyAmriUnix: it's Ubuntu Desktop running on top of an android device.17:11
dab280zxthanks glitsj16 I will look there17:12
AmriUnix#popey yep that's right !!!17:12
popeyAmriUnix: but as I said, not released yet17:12
AmriUnix #popey do you mean its os runing on android devices ????17:12
donny_Hello all17:13
popeyAmriUnix: it's ubuntu desktop running on top of android. running both at the same time.17:13
donny_i am the one having the nvidia driver update problem. lightdm shows up now. but i cannot get to the desktop.17:14
AmriUnix #popey can you check this link !! http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/ubuntu-for-android17:14
hitsujiTMOdonny_: what happens when you try to log in?17:14
ernesto_hi! about partitioning... i need to resize a partition and add it to my EXT4 system bootable partition..17:14
donny_hitsujiTMO: it looks liek it's about to work, and then it just dumps me back into lightdm and plays the congas again17:15
devarsh_reveladohey guyz, i am using ACER aspire laptop, and trying to access a card reader in it but i cant see any pop-ups when i insert card in it.17:15
devarsh_reveladothere is no output of fdisk -l17:15
vfwdonny_: It appears you do not have the nvidia driver installed properly.17:15
hitsujiTMOdonny_: can you try: ctrl + alt + f1 to get up tty1 and logn in17:15
Steve_McQuackHey hitsujiTMO , could you tell me that dd command for copying GRUB (ubuntu.mbr) from my MBR again?17:16
ernesto_..it is placed before the root partition and i'm afraid that joining them will result in a non bootable system (i'm using ubuntu 1204)17:16
donny_devarsh_revelado: guess: check /media directory. check mount. and run "dmesg" and look at the end of that to see if there are any messages concerning your disk.17:16
donny_hitsujiTMO: of course, that's how i've been talking to you :)17:16
CorySimmonsHey guys I'm reading the man page for apt-get and I'm  trying to get all the deps built for inkscape-0.47.017:16
donny_hitsujiTMO: and using screen(1)17:16
CorySimmonsI'm trying `sudo apt-get build-dep inkscape-0.47.0` but it keeps throwing errs that it can't find the package17:16
donny_CorySimmons: is this version of inkscape being installed via apt?17:17
CorySimmonsThe thing is, I have a local copy of the source17:17
ernesto_(any help on how-to partition with no risks?)17:17
popeyAmriUnix: yes, I'm aware of it17:17
hitsujiTMOSteve_McQuack: dd if=/dev/mapper/<blargh> bs=448 count=1 > ~/ubuntu.mbr17:17
CorySimmonsThat I got from here http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/inkscape17:17
Steve_McQuackWhat is the count=1 argument for?17:17
donny_CorySimmons: oh you want the build deps... sorry nvm i can't help, i've never had any luck with sources from apt and always end up downloading from the project's homepage or whatever17:17
AmriUnixpopey : So ???17:17
Steve_McQuackI understand if and of are source and destination17:18
CorySimmonsCan anyone else help? I'm trying to sudo apt-get build-deps on a local source17:18
hitsujiTMOdonny_: pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log the output of dmesg and ~/.xsession-errors17:18
popeyAmriUnix: so, what is your question?17:18
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Steve_McQuackI wasn't able to get that trick to work but I'd like to just try it with GRUB on my MBR17:18
=== andrewjs18_ is now known as andrewjs18
Steve_McQuackto see if that even works first17:18
hitsujiTMO!eol | CorySimmons17:18
ubottuCorySimmons: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:18
Lucid_LynxHi, what happens to my computer if i uninstall Java... ? i dont watch video sites.., what else do i have to expect ?17:18
locojayhi i m creating a deb file . it installs to /opt/<pkgname> . i have /opt/pkgname/etc/init.d/<upstartscript> . do i neet to have it init /etc/init.d/... to be able to set upstart.d ?17:18
donny_hitsujiTMO: http://codebad.com/~hdon/Xorg.0.log nothing pops out at me immediately..17:19
Steve_McQuackhitsujiTMO: What does count=1 do?  And why did you choose 448 byte size in particular?  Normally I see people using 512 bytes for this.17:19
CorySimmons!herokuUsesLucidSoStopTellingMeToUpgradeIt'sNotMyChoiceRightNow | hitsujiTMO17:19
vfwdonny_: You might just un-install all the nvidia packages and download the proper driver from nvidia.com and do it manually.  (remove /etc/X11/xorg.conf so that you can do normal gui login for now)17:20
donny_Steve_McQuack: count is number of blocks17:20
donny_vfw: i'll give that a try17:20
Steve_McQuackdumb it down for me17:20
CorySimmonsCan ubuntu build-deps on a package with local source? For instance, I have an old version of Inkscape here: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/i/inkscape/inkscape_0.47.0.orig.tar.gz that I've untarred and I'm in the folder. I'm trying `sudo apt-get build-dep` from that folder17:21
vfwdonny_: Be sure to turn off the X server before trying to do the nvidia install, (after you have the correct one downloaded).17:21
hitsujiTMOSteve_McQuack: if you omitted count it would keep copying until it ran out of space to write to or copyied the entire raid17:22
Steve_McQuackoh dear17:22
Steve_McQuackso count is just the number of copies to make?17:22
vfwdonny_: sudo service gdm stop  #To turn off X server17:22
hitsujiTMOSteve_McQuack: no. its reads in blocks of 448 bytes. but will stop after it has counted 1 block copied17:23
vfwdonny_: sudo service lightdm stop17:23
donny_vfw: i thought lightdm replaced gdm...17:23
donny_ah yes17:23
vfwdonny_: Yea, you are correct.17:23
Steve_McQuackI don't understand what the point is then17:23
hitsujiTMOvfw: wait. DO NOT INSTALL FROM NVIDIA.COM17:23
donny_vfw: it did work i have X now17:23
Steve_McQuackwhy isn't byte size enough information?17:23
donny_and the unity desktop17:23
hitsujiTMOdonny_:  wait. DO NOT INSTALL FROM NVIDIA.COM17:23
vfwHisaoNakai: Oh, why not?17:24
BuddHow can I get NetworkManager to use RDNSS info? It seems to ignore it and (fail to) get DHCPv6 info instead via dhclient.17:24
vfwHisaoNakai: You have a better idea? (Let's have it..)17:24
vfwhitsujiTMO: Better idea ___________________?17:24
hitsujiTMOdonny_: pastebin ~/.xsession-errors17:24
hitsujiTMOcfw: the driver is clearly not the issue, its an issue with a setting in the user profile17:25
vfwhitsujiTMO: Ok17:25
devarsh_reveladoi checked /mnt and /media but has nothing mounted in.  but the output of dmesg shows something sda (sd) related logs which i am not able to  understand17:26
vfwdonny_: bastebinit ~/.xsession-errors  #Show us URL17:26
donny_hitsujiTMO: http://codebad.com/~hdon/xsession-errors.txt and http://codebad.com/~hdon/xsession-errors.old.txt17:26
donny_vfw: ^17:26
hitsujiTMOSteve_McQuack: bs is block size not byte size. this is how much the app reads before writing. dd will go forever unless you set a count17:27
imghostdonny_, pastebinit it again17:27
vfwdonny_: You don't have permission to access /~hdon/xsession-errors.txt on this server.17:27
hitsujiTMOdonny_: permission denied17:27
donny_oh lol17:27
vfwdonny_: bastebinit ~/.xsession-errors  #Show us URL17:27
donny_fwiw i think everything is working now17:28
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donny_vfw: hitsujiTMO: set perms correctly this time17:28
donny_in any case, glxinfo looks like it finds everything i want, and my opengl applications seem to work, and unity desktop seems clunky and awkward as ever17:28
donny_do i need to do anything else?17:29
imghostdonny_, can you summarise your problem once again :)17:29
vfwdonny_: Yea, install xubuntu-desktop  ;)17:29
imghosthitsujiTMO, whatsup?17:29
donny_imghost: well when i updated my nvidia driver using some fancy Ubuntu GUI that i found by clicking "Drivers" in "Settings," i lost X. then hitsujiTMO advised me which packages to remove to get rid of the old driver.17:29
devarsh_reveladoI restarted after i installed 1 alternet SD card driver on ubuntu forum. still the issue persist and SD card is not getting detected. (SD card is working fine on the other laptop)17:29
kemuffkamelenHow do i get rid of the black borders when i use uvesafb?17:29
donny_imghost: and then vfw said to remove my Xorg.conf and that got me past lightdm not actually getting me into my desktop environment17:30
donny_vfw: what does that package do?17:30
imghostdonny_, did you reconfigure your lightdm?17:30
donny_imghost: no i don't know much about lightdm17:30
donny_but it seems to be working now17:30
vfwdonny_: Installs xfce (you complained that Unity was as "clunky as ever"_17:30
donny_ahhh :)17:31
donny_does xfce have compositing?17:31
imghostdonny_, paste the output of cat /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf17:31
vfwdonny_: Was offering an alternative (partially in jest, but... it's what i use, so...)17:31
Steve_McQuackMy update manager seems to have frozen at "Configuring linux-image-3.2.0-58-generic".  What should I do?17:31
hitsujiTMOdonny_: seems compiz it the issue alright. but its difficult to reset without a xsession.17:32
vfwdonny_: I don't know what "compositing" is.17:32
donny_imghost: dunno why but here :) http://codebad.com/~hdon/lightdm.conf17:32
donny_hitsujiTMO: without an xsession?17:32
hitsujiTMOdonny_: the easiest way to fix this is move everything from $HOME and copy everything back one by one17:32
donny_vfw: you know like KWIN or compiz or xcmpmgr.17:32
donny_(if i got that last one's name right)17:33
vfwdonny_: I don't use compiz fusion17:33
donny_hitsujiTMO: WHAT17:33
CorySimmonsI tried installing devscripts and now I've got this big ugly box on my screen that is trying to get me to accept Postfix Configuration or something, but it seems no matter what keys I press, it won't advance to the next screen. Anyone?17:33
vfw(nor do I need it)17:33
imghostdonny_, no problem with lightdm its fine17:33
hitsujiTMOdonny_: its to reset compiz you need to be logged in as your user with an xsession running from what i can tell17:34
donny_vfw: apparently KWIN is way better. a friend of mine who was a very early compiz developer and got a at canonical for a bit says KWIN is much better than compiz or any of its forks17:34
devarsh_reveladohey guyz, i am trying to access inbuilt SD card reader and read an SD card, from my ubuntu ACER aspire laptop.  there is nothing mounted  in /mnt and /media and dmesg shows some log related to SD (which i am not able to understand)17:34
KLVTZdevarsh_revelado: sudo fdisk -l17:34
KLVTZdevarsh_revelado: do you see your SD card?17:34
donny_hitsujiTMO: removing Xorg.conf as vfw advised (and you hinted at; i think you told me to regenerate it, does it get automatically regenerated if i removed it?) got me to the desktop. my problem seems basically solved.17:34
KLVTZdevarsh_revelado: assuming it's plugged in.17:35
donny_i'm just making sur17:35
kongthapi like to use gedit as my default text editor not geany how to setup? thanks :)17:35
donny_i'm just making sure no one has any more advice to give me i guess :)17:35
devarsh_reveladosd card is plugged in and fdisk -l has no output17:35
vfwdonny_: Problem is solved because you removed xorg.conf file17:35
CorySimmonsnm got it17:35
CorySimmonsneeded to tab options17:35
hitsujiTMOdonny_: you regenerate it with nvidia-xconfig17:35
donny_devarsh_revelado: are you running fdiks -l with root privs?17:35
donny_hitsujiTMO: ah,  ok, i've done that. now i'll restart X i guess...17:36
hitsujiTMOdonny_: restart lightdm not X17:36
donny_hitsujiTMO: worked like a charm. yes i did lightdm.17:36
devarsh_reveladoyes its with root prevs17:36
vfwdonny_: sudo service lightdm restart17:36
donny_i do know a little bit about this stuff :)17:36
kostkondonny_, to restart x you do sudo service lightdm restart17:36
donny_i just get rusty...17:37
imghostdonny_, paste the output of cat: /etc/X11/xorg.conf:17:37
donny_kostkon: already done my friend :)17:37
donny_imghost: alright, but not sure why...17:37
devarsh_reveladosorry with root prevs. it shows many drivs mounted  but there is nothing related to SD card17:37
vfwimghost: or: pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf17:37
donny_imghost: http://codebad.com/~hdon/xorg.conf.txt17:37
kostkondonny_, maybe post your /var/log/Xorg.0.log as well17:38
vfwimghost: (cut-to-the-chase)17:38
KLVTZdevarsh_revelado: none show the same size as the SD?17:38
donny_ok ok i'm not trying to have a pastebin party here...17:38
KLVTZdevarsh_revelado: can you plug in a normal USB and read info off of it?17:38
donny_is there any reason to think this process hasn't gone pretty smoothly and is complete?17:38
vfwdonny_: Problem solved?17:38
mib_mibhi all - i recently had a new server provisioned for me - i'm wondering if there are any tools to run that can verify whether all of the ram, cpus, hard drives, etc are operating correctly and efficiently17:39
donny_vfw: yeah i believe so17:39
blzHello, I'm trying to install ubuntu 12.10 to a software RAID5 array.  A cursory google search seems to suggest that there's no RAID support in ubiquity for that version -- how should I proceed?17:39
devarsh_reveladoyes i am able to read from this SD card using from the other laptop17:39
donny_you guys are very eager to help though. thanks a lot i appreciate it. i will pop in here and "pay it forward" today.17:39
donny_or maybe right now17:39
blzFor clarity, I'd like to create the RAID5 array at installation time17:39
donny_devarsh_revelado: could you pastebin the output of dmesg? i'd like to see if the kernel logged anything when you inserted your SD card17:40
vfwmib_mib: phpsysinfo17:40
donny_hitsujiTMO: vfw: kostkon: imghost: thanks all btw, you guys are awesome :)17:40
hitsujiTMOdonny_: no probs17:40
donny_someone should help devarsh_revelado with pastbinning dmesg you guys seem to know the package name and command to make it easy..17:42
donny_what was it? pastebinit ?17:42
donny_devarsh_revelado: try dmesg|pastebinit # and then share the URL you get (i guess)17:43
vfwdevarsh_revelado: Did it show up in the output of fdisk -l ?17:44
vfwdevarsh_revelado: Show us, (sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit)17:44
vfwdevarsh_revelado: ... and send resulting url17:45
devarsh_reveladodonny : thanks for showing me cmd : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6763245/17:45
donny_devarsh_revelado: looking now17:49
donny_that's a lot of blank lines...17:50
donny_vfw: did you look at his paste? i think pastebinit is broken17:50
donny_oh wait17:50
donny_it's just not laid out to be viewable as text17:51
donny_(i'm still living in screen(1) for the moment and i used curl)17:51
donny_devarsh_revelado: it looks like it found your SD card17:51
donny_devarsh_revelado: could you pastebin the output of mount command?17:51
donny_no need to run mount as root in this case17:52
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uhohbigproblemhello all. in search of answers, big problem here17:53
knightshade!ask | uhohbigproblem17:53
ubottuuhohbigproblem: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:53
donny_wow paste.ubuntu.com is retarded... i just saw this in their javascript: var elements = document.forms[0].elements; for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) { elements[i].style.display = "none"; }17:54
donny_never heard of css i guess17:54
* donny_ clicks17:54
devarsh_reveladoout put of mount cmd : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6763288/17:55
bcurtiswxwhat channel may i find mthaddon ?17:55
uhohbigproblemToshiba Satellite L655D Ubuntu 13.10 AMDx64      updated last night, now when I type my boot password, halfway through the characters my keyboard beeps and won't enter the rest of my password.17:56
uhohbigproblemI tried rescatux and tails and ubuntu install discs and flash drives, no joy17:56
david38400buntu12.04 having problems with flv format? I didn't have any problems until recently and all of a sudden they don't work properly? Can anyone please help me?17:57
donny_devarsh_revelado: could you also show us sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb17:57
donny_devarsh_revelado: it looks like your kernel has identified a removable disk and assigns it /dev/sdb but /dev/sdb* isn't mounted17:57
donny_devarsh_revelado: this might mean your kernel doesn't have a module for the filesystem on your sd card17:57
donny_devarsh_revelado: but that seems unlikely..17:58
s9iper1is there any software to inscrease the quality of image in ubuntu ??17:58
donny_s9iper1: please elaborate on your needs17:59
hitsujiTMOs9iper1: gimp. but its not automated if thats what you're looking for17:59
devarsh_reveladooutput of  fdisk -l  :: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6763310/17:59
s9iper1donny_ i have some pcitures when get blured when zoomed a little bit so i wanted to increase their quality17:59
donny_devarsh_revelado: sorry not /dev/sda, /dev/sdb please18:00
new0can someone advice me the client mail i can use? smiliar to outlook or easy to use?18:00
rustuptwistdoes MInecraft run on Ubuntu?18:00
hitsujiTMOrustuptwist: yes. you need to install java first18:00
donny_devarsh_revelado: /dev/sda seems to be your main hdd. looks like you dualboot windows and ubuntu18:00
mib_mibcan someone help ? how do i use cpufrequtils on ubuntu to set the cpu governor to 'performance' mode18:00
imghostrustuptwist, use websearch :)18:00
hitsujiTMO!java | rustuptwist18:01
ubotturustuptwist: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.18:01
donny_s9iper1: ah i see18:01
rustuptwistimghost:  yes you are right, live humans can be quicker and more accurate though, but yes you are right :)18:01
s9iper1donny_ so ?18:01
daniel12345anyone want to help me in creating an irc chatroom?18:02
s9iper1any softwrae ?18:02
donny_s9iper1: i'm only passingly familiar with algorithms designed to synthesize detail in low resolution images. i'm afraid i wouldn't know on any OS what program would be good.18:02
hitsujiTMOmib_mib: install indicator-cpufreq and you'll get an applet that you can control it from the systray18:02
daniel12345I will host server18:02
tc0nnmib_mib: https://wiki.debian.org/HowTo/CpuFrequencyScaling18:02
devarsh_reveladodonny : can you tell me how to list out /dev/sdb partition ?18:02
rustuptwistdaniel12345:  what exactly are you trying to create?18:02
imghostrustuptwist,:D, fyi use jre :)18:02
rustuptwistimghost:  jre?18:02
donny_s9iper1: if you have a bit of really low resolution digital art i could make some recommendations, but for photos... i have no idea18:02
rustuptwist!G jre18:02
donny_devarsh_revelado: sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb18:02
donny_devarsh_revelado: in the pastebin you gave it looks like you did fdisk -l /dev/sda18:03
devarsh_reveladosudo fdisk /dev/sdb shows no output18:03
devarsh_reveladothats y i asked18:03
donny_devarsh_revelado: with -l ?18:03
s9iper1donny_ ok18:03
imghostrustuptwist, java runtime environment as to play minecraft18:03
donny_without -l it should dump you to the fdisk shell18:03
donny_s9iper1: you might try google, or #gimp on irc.gimp.net18:04
devarsh_reveladosudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb --> no o/p18:04
mib_mibtc0nn: hitsujiTMO : what should i set in /etc/sysfs.conf for 'performance' mode? this guide only has for 'conservative' mode18:04
david38400any help with problems with flv video format not working in ubuntu 12.04??18:04
tc0nnmib_mib: # valid values: userspace conservative powersave ondemand performance18:05
rustuptwistimghost:  ok thanks. my son has an HP we may install ubuntu on it, but his first question to me was, will it play Minecraft, lol18:05
tc0nnmib_mib: its all there in that doc...18:05
imghostrustuptwist, just follow the link that hitsujiTMO gave you install it and enjoy playing minecraft with your son :)18:06
mib_mibtc0nn: no you need to scroll down, this is tin the sysfs.conf18:06
mib_mibtc0nn: downsample rate, etc values18:06
devarsh_reveladodonny : it gives no put put and pastebinit warns with empty document sending !18:06
daniel12345anyone want to help me in creating an irc chatroom? Iw will host server?18:06
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donny_devarsh_revelado: hmm... could you execute this command: (dmesg|grep disk;mount;sudo fdisk -l /dev/sd* 2>&1)|pastebinit18:06
daniel12345anyone want to help me in creating an irc chatroom? Iw will host server?18:07
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hitsujiTMOdaniel12345: what does this have to do with ubuntu?18:07
anonymussI was daniel1234518:08
anonymussbut I figured they may be some people interested in helping on here18:08
hitsujiTMO!ot | anonymuss18:08
ubottuanonymuss: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:08
anonymuss]Sorry, just thought I'd ask.18:09
donny_devarsh_revelado: fwiw the 2>&1 just makes sure we capture stderr from fdisk18:09
donny_anonymuss: good luck daniel18:09
donny_devarsh_revelado: that's strange...18:11
donny_devarsh_revelado: did you copy and paste the command?18:11
devarsh_reveladodonny :: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6763383/18:11
* donny_ clicks18:11
hitsujiTMOdevarsh_revelado: whats the output of: dmesg | pastebinit18:12
devarsh_reveladodonny , hitsujiTMO : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6763392/18:13
hitsujiTMOdevarsh_revelado: can you pastebin the fill: dmesg | pastebinit18:13
donny_hitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6763245/ i think this is his dmesg pastebin from earlier18:14
donny_although i wanted to capture the dmesg output at the same time as the fdisk output to ensure nothing happened between the two18:15
devarsh_reveladohitsujiTMO : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6763396/18:15
donny_and mount output18:15
eggdrop_masteri just reinstalled 12.04.3 over 13.10 because i wasnt able to resolve a resolution issue (wasnt able to use a resolution above 1024x768) on a graphic chipset (SIS 771/661on a laptop) but on 12.04.3 it now works fine, i solved the problem. My question is ; I m actually rolling Gnome, but i would like to roll XFCE on my 12.04.3. Do you think it will erase my fresh SIS drivers ? Will i get my 1200x768 resolution again ? Sorry for my engli18:15
devarsh_reveladodonny :  it shows taht removable drive is there on /dev/sdb18:15
erchache2000hi, im trying to recover transparency effect from gnome-terminal but doesnt appear18:15
erchache2000any sugestion to recover transparency terminal?18:15
donny_devarsh_revelado: you mean dmesg does? yes i saw that18:16
david38400hoy no tengo suerte con alguien con experiencia con video format flv?18:16
donny_that's why it's strange to me that we can't seem to see its partition table... although... do sd cards have partition tables?18:16
* donny_ never used sd cards18:16
hitsujiTMOdevarsh_revelado: donny_ """usb 1-1.5: device descriptor read/all, error -71""" looks like an error with the card reader or the sd card18:16
tc0nnyes, sd cards use partition tables18:16
devarsh_reveladodonny_: no there is no partition table on sd card18:17
devarsh_reveladoi am not aware which partition it has as i took it out from my mobile18:17
hitsujiTMOdevarsh_revelado: whats the output of: lsusb | pastebinit18:18
donny_devarsh_revelado: i'll be back later. i have some errands that won't wait for me. good luck!18:18
devarsh_reveladodonny, tc0nn, hitsujiTMO : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6763418/18:19
devarsh_reveladodo you think this  can be solved if i format my card with any perticular fise system ?18:20
hitsujiTMOdevarsh_revelado: it cant even see the block device let alone the filesystem.18:20
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knightshadedevarsh_revelado: please remove the card, run 'sudo udevadm monitor' in a terminal, and plug in the card again18:21
roflcopter2381Can anyone help me on this ?18:21
roflcopter2381I'm searching for an SMB alternative thats usable outside my LAN (mostly about security here)18:22
roflcopter2381awnyone ?18:23
Myrttiroflcopter2381: "sftp"18:23
hitsujiTMOdevarsh_revelado: any thing i look up seems to suggest an incompatibility with the linux kernel for that device. maybe a good idea to report a bug for it18:23
devarsh_reveladoknightshade : that cmd takes time  ,  hitsuiTMO:  ok . where should i raise this bug in ubuntu site / forum ?18:25
hitsujiTMOdevarsh_revelado: create a launchpad.net account and use this command to start the report: ubuntu-bug linux18:27
kanicornWhat font should I install on Ubuntu in order to make symbols like U+1F34E visible?18:27
knightshadedevarsh_revelado: It doesn't stop on it's own, you have to quit it with ctrl+c.18:27
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devarsh_reveladoknightshade : i am not able to get the pastebinit for this cmd so took the dbg log in txt18:31
LaberkisteIs this the official ubuntu channel?18:32
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kongthapi like to use gedit as my default text editor not geany how to setup? thanks :)18:35
knightshadedevarsh_revelado: you can open http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste it there :)18:35
devarsh_reveladoknightshade:  thanks :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/6763504/18:37
karstenk1977_i cannot connect remote ftp to my server18:37
karstenk1977_when netstat -an | grep :2118:38
karstenk1977_I get tcp6       0      0 :::21                   :::*                    LISTEN18:38
karstenk1977_is it right, that i cannot access remotly? seems port 21 is only open vor tcp6 connections?!18:38
hitsujiTMOkongthap: http://askubuntu.com/questions/345859/how-to-set-default-editor-in-13-0418:38
karstenk1977_where can I configure the interface for proftpd?18:39
kongthaphitsujiTMO, thanks18:39
new0can someone advice me the client mail i can use? smiliar to outlook or easy to use?18:39
DJonesnew0: Thunderbird18:39
new0DJones, tnx18:40
karstenk1977_plz help me to setup proftpd for incoming tcp4 connections18:40
UserErroris python 2.7 still going to be installed stock and required in ubuntu trusty ?18:41
UserErrorfor the server install18:41
hitsujiTMOUserError: #ubuntu+1 for trusty18:42
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UserErrorthanks hitsujiTMO18:43
=== andyfied_ is now known as andyfied
tc0nndevarsh_revelado: my SD in my raspberrypi has a partition table: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6763539/18:45
gkzeI have a local private archive mirror. How would I go about implementing snapshot functionality like in snapshot.debian.org?18:46
gkzeI need to be able to access the snapshot of the entire archive given a date18:47
sheadowhi, I try to connect to livedrive.com via sshfs. But I don't know how to escape the @ in username. I tryed different things. The default command would look like sshfs localpart@domain.de@livedrive.com:/ livedrive but it does not work without escaping18:47
devarsh_reveladotc0nn : this is because you have ported an OS on in. 1 is  / and the other would be for rootfs i guess. i am trying this similar thing for my beaglebone18:47
sheadowdoes anyone know how to escape the @ caracter?18:49
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence|away
hitsujiTMOsheadow: offtopic, but escape for what exactly?18:49
hitsujiTMOsheadow: offtopic, but escape for what exactly?18:49
sheadowthe username contains an @18:50
=== marley is now known as GamingTurtle
tc0nnuse \@18:51
tc0nnAccept that's very bad practice to use usernames requiring escapes.18:51
hans_hi boys and girls18:51
fartfaceis there a straightforward way to get a log of what e-mails my server is trying to send out on 12.04?18:52
tc0nnUm, like mail.log?18:52
hans_i have a question is there a up to date list whit laptops how run ubuntu18:52
sheadow@tc0nn: thx. But are you sure? I tryed that already and it didn't work. Refused the login18:53
hans_http://www.linlap.com/recommended_laptops is out off date18:53
fartfacetc0nn: Well, mail.log is basically empty, but according to my VPS provider my server triggered a 100 smtp connections in 10 minutes, and I'm trying to track down where and when this happened as I can't see evidence of this anywhere.18:53
hitsujiTMOsheadow: url escape it18:53
tc0nnsheadow: if its scripted, you might need to double-escape or put it in single quotes. Just depends what is actually calling the cmd.18:53
tc0nnor like hitsuj said18:53
mmazingfartface: if you're continually getting connections outbound, try netstat -ntap and try and see what process is doing it18:54
hitsujiTMOsheadow: %4018:54
mmazingfartface: also, run that as root18:54
fartfacemmazing: and they should show up as "ESTABLISHED" right?18:55
sheadow@hitsujiTMO: seems to work. Thx18:55
tc0nnfartface: whatever is sending may not be using your system to queue up the email, but connecting directly outbound instead. I would fire up wireshark and look for outbound 25 or 465 tcp traffic, but that's assuming you have X setup and whatnot... So maybe tcpdump dst port 25  - if its on 465 (encrypted) you won't get much out of it.18:56
fartfacetc0nn: thanks!18:57
fartfaceThis line is coming up a bunch: 13:56:39.633923 IP mail.oppte.pr.gov.20399 > fenrus.**DOMAIN**.ca.smtp: Flags [.], ack 903798528, win 256, length 018:57
hitsujiTMOfartface: did you install a mail server?18:57
fartfaceYes, it's got exim/dovecot18:58
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hitsujiTMO!topic | Keanu73Ubuntu19:04
ubottuKeanu73Ubuntu: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic19:04
dgarstang1Anyone know a tool for building ubuntu raw images?19:08
hitsujiTMOdgarstang1: images as in drive images or which?19:09
dgarstang1hitsujiTMO: Something that would simplify this... https://developers.google.com/compute/docs/building-image19:10
dgarstang1hitsujiTMO: Google compute doesn't support Ubuntu. We'd have to roll our own images and upload19:10
tc0nnfartface: so you might want to null route that host19:11
tc0nnfartface: route add fenrus.**DOMAIN**.ca.smtp dev lo19:12
hitsujiTMOdgarstang1: i see , looks like you need an entire toolchain specific to that. so not a dd image you need then. is https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/compute-image-packages/tree/master/gcimagebundle not what you need ?19:13
dgarstang1hitsujiTMO: That tool is for rebundling an existing image already running inside GCE19:13
=== Guest70 is now known as fego
TJ-dgarstang1: You might find live-build, livecd-rootfs, shim, shim-signed and there dependencies and recommends useful19:18
hitsujiTMOdgarstang1: looks like you could simply use debootstrap to create the base OS to a drive and image the drive with dd19:18
TJ-dgarstang1: I suspect you'd be better using pre-seeding though... see e.g. https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/installation-guide/i386/preseed-using.html19:20
hitsujiTMOTJ-: its hdd image rather than a cd image that it needs19:20
TJ-hitsujiTMO: I know ... the tools are flexible. It sounds to be though like dgarstang1 just needs a preseed19:21
blzHello, I'm trying to install GRUB to an installation which currently does not boot (doing this from the rescue option of the Ubuntu server installer).  `grub-install /dev/sda` complains that "embedding is not possible, but this is required for cross-disk install".  What should I be doing differently?19:22
hitsujiTMOTJ-: nah, debootstrap + dd would do the trick. its litterally just taking an image from 1 machine to another19:22
hitsujiTMOdgarstang1: you could also just use the server iso and install that to a vm. and dd the virtual drive to a file19:23
Lunar_Lampwin 119:24
amrilinuxhello guys19:24
amrilinuxhi guys i need some help !!!19:25
blz!ask | amrilinux19:25
ubottuamrilinux: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:25
amrilinuxis any one here know about juju and openstack !!!19:26
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.19:26
hitsujiTMOamrilinux: try #juju or #ubuntu-server19:26
Lunar_Lampw/in 3019:27
amrilinuxubottu : what's your problem dude !!!19:27
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:27
amrilinuxGood !!19:29
AmriUnixamrilinux : what's up ??19:29
PiciAmriUnix, amrilinux: Please stop fooling around in here.19:29
amrilinuxPici: sorry its test for irssi !!!19:30
Piciamrilinux: Then use a test channel, not #ubuntu19:30
amrilinuxPici: Ok !!19:30
amrilinuxWHOIS Pici19:31
Picithats me.19:31
drewdarmilinux: /whois Pici19:32
NuSueynobody got a clue why I get this? /usr/lib/prismatik/prismatik: error while loading shared libraries: libudev.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory19:32
amrilinuxdrewd: i'm new in irc !!! do you have any tutorials !!!19:33
drewdgoogle is your best friend19:33
vanishingtutorial number 1: lose those exclamation marks19:34
vanishingNuSuey: did you check if libudev is installed19:35
TJ-NuSuey: yes. the binary is linked against the wrong target. Check it with "ldd /usr/lib/prismatik/prismatik"19:36
NuSueyhttp://pastebin.com/2AQK6Xd0 TJ-19:38
NuSueyvanishing: it is :/19:38
vanishingNuSuey: do a locate libudev.so.119:38
vanishingits not installed then19:39
vanishingsudo apt-get install libudev119:39
NuSueywell how the hell to install it :)19:39
vanishing^see above :)19:39
NuSueyPackage libudev1 is not available, but is referred to by another package.19:40
xevilI have a bit of a problem with the nouveau driver in Ubuntu 13.10... it was working fine until I changed the screen resolution and the display became garbled and I can't find the xorg. conf file.  Evidently there is not an /etc/xorg.conf file in the system.  Deoes anyone know where the screen display resolution cinfig might reside?19:41
riqdiizDependency perhaps19:41
Lucid_Lynxapparently Linux developers are never going to learn it..., still garbled screens ´n stuff..19:42
TJ-NuSuey: which version of Ubuntu are you using?19:43
NuSueyTJ-: 12.0419:43
vanishingwhat if you do apt-cache search libudev19:44
TJ-NuSuey: Where'd you get QT5 from? Trusty is the first release that contains libqt5serialport5 which provided libQT5SerialPort.so.519:44
NuSueyTJ-: ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa19:45
TJ-NuSuey: that explains it; libudev1 wasn't introduced until raring. You've got a totally unsupportable configuration there with newer libraries that have dependencies that will be almost impossible to meet19:46
xevilDoes anyone know where the config files for screen resolution might be in Ubuntu 13.10?19:47
bennypr0faneI have a headless Zotac Zbox that I want to use as a NAS. What is the most noob-friendly, fool-proof way you can think of to set up an ftp server on it? I already failed setting up vnc, I really hate fiddling with configs and fail. Who can tell me there's an easy way and not lie?19:50
bennypr0faneanswer to self: the most noob-freindly way is to spend top-dollar on an expensive Synology disc station with the latest user friendly os - sob19:51
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xevilOK... peace , out19:52
vlajkoHi, should i install 32bit version of 13.10 on computer with 2 gb of ram?19:57
=== timrc-afk is now known as timrc
vlajkoHi, should i install 32bit version of 13.10 on computer with 2 gb of ram?20:00
schultzacat /etc/resolv.conf is using localhost for nameserver by default. Where do I find this nameserver on my computer?20:00
teward!repeat > vlajko20:00
ubottuvlajko, please see my private message20:00
hitsujiTMOvlajko: 64bit20:01
=== Matrixiumn is now known as CaveJohnson
vlajkothank you20:03
llutzschultza: it's dnsmasq as local resolver20:03
HideMeDoes Ubuntu 13 work with UIEF BIOS?20:05
rdzis there an option in ubuntu 12.04 to suspend when lid is closed, even if there is a second monitor attached?20:06
hitsujiTMOHideMe: yes and yes20:06
tc0nnvanishing: Have you tried a apt-get update before you run the apt-get install ?20:06
tc0nnvanishing: also.. its libudev0 or -1...  search by "apt-cache search libudev"20:07
schultzaok.. but where do i find this?20:07
new0i am trying with Thunderbird to Add Other Account but it's not doing anything when i click on it.20:08
llutzschultza: /usr/sbin/dnsmasq, configs likely in /etc/dnsmasq*20:08
HideMehitsujiTMO, anything special required during installation to get it working?20:11
temp001[Unity Quicklists Problem] I added "IPython Notebook" option to my IPython Launcher icon via MenuLibre (command:"ipython notebook --pylab=inline"). The problem is I have to press ctrl+c to quit the ipython process after I'm done with it. But with quicklists, I'm no longer running it through terminal (ipython notebook launches the browser at so I cannot press ctrl+c after I quit the browser. So the ipython process keeps running in the20:11
temp001background. If I run ipython notebook again and again, more and more ipython instance stays running in the background. How do I stop the process *automatically* after I close the browser and save myself the trouble of using pkill everytime?20:11
hitsujiTMOHideMe: usually no. the installer should take care of the specifics, unless you're doing manual partitioning20:11
HideMehitsujiTMO, Thank you.20:12
elliotd123Hi - I have a Ubuntu server 12.04 that's processing large amounts of UDP traffic, and is dropping packets. I've tried changing the buffer size to no avail. Any ideas?20:14
Curly_QElliotd123 check this link out: http://superuser.com/questions/589732/how-to-detect-if-network-is-dropping-udp-packets20:16
gisliI'm having problems booting into single user mode in ubuntu 13.04. I cant't drop to a root shell prompt because it alwaty20:17
gislialways asks for a "root password for maintenance"20:18
=== Whitesqu_ is now known as whitesquall_
elliotd123thanks Curly_Q - Unfortunately, I can't test from the UDP source20:18
temp001...one option is to add "pkill ipython" to the IPython quicklists itself! :)) ..but that isn't fun! :)20:19
Curly_QElliotd123 from my CISCO networking classes, UDP packets can and will be dropped which makes it unreliable at times unless you have a good connection as well as bandwidth and other factors.20:20
elliotd123Yep it's a very good connection - we are directly connected essentially to the UDP source20:21
Curly_QSuch as DCC send on IRC.20:21
elliotd123the packets are being dropped by the linux kernel20:21
elliotd123as reported in ifconfig20:21
Curly_QIncrease your RAM.20:21
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest58996
eltigreHi, I am in big trouble. During my last installation out of incompetence I chose btrfs for my SSD... now I have like 20GB space free, at least half of the metadata is unused, but I still get "disk full" with sqlite apps (all browsers...) and virtualbox20:22
eltigreany ideas?20:22
elliotd123I have 32 GB ram...20:22
=== whitesquall_ is now known as Whitesquall
elliotd123using slightly over 1 GB right now20:23
Curly_QHave you tried a different kernel such as Debian?20:23
=== Whitesquall is now known as whitesquall
elliotd123Debian is not a different kernel...20:23
eltigrehm is there a channel where one can get help on ubuntu?20:24
Curly_QHave you tried Debian?20:24
elliotd123well no, but packets are dropped in the kernel, not by the operating system. The linux kernel has a built-in networking layer, so it shouldn't matter which distribution I use20:25
Curly_QIt is possible that your server has lots of processes running in the background swamping down your CPU.20:25
elliotd1230.2% CPU usage20:25
elliotd123Cpu(s):  0.2%us,  0.4%sy,  0.0%ni, 99.4%id,  0.0%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.0%si,  0.0%st20:26
elliotd123Mem:  32864420k total,  1193776k used, 31670644k free,   193148k buffers20:26
Curly_QPerhaps your buffer overflow needs to be set to the amount of RAM you have and SWAP file as well.20:27
Curly_QJust curious. Are all of your RAM modules the same manufactured specs? Same model number and so on?20:28
elliotd123Yeah they're all identical20:28
elliotd123so I tried doubling the buffer to 2^18-1 but no effect20:28
Curly_QI asked that because if you have 1,000 gigs of RAM which just a figure of speach, the RAM module which is the least in speed will controll the other modules which slows down the system.20:29
=== GZA-ZNC is now known as GZA-Genius
pers3uselliotd123, have you seen similar packet drop in any other case?20:30
EuclidisI've got a problem..20:31
elliotd123pers3us, I don't think so20:31
Curly_QElliotd123, another thing to consider is that when your server is receiving packets of data from other IP's never forget that data packets are THROTTLED by Internet providers and it just may be that your server is working OK but the packets of UDP are being throttled.20:32
hitsujiTMO!root | gisli20:33
ubottugisli: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo20:33
elliotd123well this is in a datacenter, so it's not going through an ISP20:33
pers3usCurly_Q, elliotd123 said the data packets are being dropped at kernel level. I doubt throttling has anything to do with this atm.20:33
pers3uselliotd123, can you describe the network in a bit more detail. What is the data that is being sent? What kind of connection exists? Is the instance of a server a VM?20:34
elliotd123The traffic is UDP Multicast MPTS streams. The connection looks like this: Source -> Cisco Switch (Vendor) -> Cisco Switch (Ours) -> Server20:36
phiscribei have an xp machine with a shared drive. i have a user we will call willy. i have another machine with the main user also called weilly. when i in explorer try to enter \\machinename i am prompted for credentials. they almost always fail. but sometimes they dont. the second machine is win 8.1. what am i doing wrong20:36
elliotd123The server is not a VM in this case20:36
miseria"no estoy de acuerdo con la pena de muerte, al final las leyes sobrenaturales nos tienen condenados a morir" bienvenidos: http://castroruben.com *temo_a_un_ser_sin_rival*20:36
elliotd123Our switch is not reporting any dropped packets, so I believe the entire stream is reaching our server.20:37
pers3uselliotd123, This is weird20:37
gisliubottu: so you're saying that if there's no root password set on the system then I can't boot into single user mode?20:37
ubottugisli: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:37
elliotd123pers3us, yeah - and the overruns counter stays at 0, so maybe it's not a buffer problem?20:38
elliotd123I'm just trying to figure out why it would be dropping any packets20:38
pers3uselliotd123, I don't think it has anything to do with buffer at all.20:38
hitsujiTMOgisli: no, someone set a root password, doing so is not supported in ubuntu20:38
EuclidisI've got really annoying video tearing using ATI card. I had installed 'fglrx-updates' with 'vainfo' hard. acceleration, and the tearing continue..20:39
aleksejs_Hi! I have directories like 011-020, 021-030 etc. I want to make a bash script that takes, for example, 1 as argument, from 1 it gets 011-020, and then performs an action to each file in this directory. Could you help me with that?20:39
pers3uselliotd123, One question, I didn't read all your responses, but how did you identify there is a packet loss at your end?20:39
EuclidisHow can I definetely fix it?20:40
elliotd123RX packets:2207391644 errors:0 dropped:82355 overruns:0 frame:0 <- the dropped counter continues to go up20:40
aleksejs_I know how to perform an action to each file, but can't figure out, how to get that directory name and pass it to for cycle20:40
Curly_QEllitoid123, it may sound primitive but have you tried replacing the cables to the server to satisfy any electrical or technical issues?20:40
gislihitsujiTMO: oh okay, so what is single user mode for then? this is stupid20:40
david38400A friend has just purchased an apple mac retina 15. I use linux which is similar, but dont know how her mac works. Does anyone  know if there is a dedicate chat line where we can ask simple   questions?20:40
elliotd123when we're reading the UDP stream, we're getting discontinuity errors, basically the receiver is looking for the next packet in sequence but is missing some from the squence20:41
pers3uselliotd123, There is an expected degree of loss in case of UDP. I am not sure if 82k packets are to be considered alright.20:41
hitsujiTMOgisli: recovery. but since you or someone set a root password, then you need the root password to access it20:41
LynysysHi folks I use a debian based distro - I wish to use eth0 purely for a local network and wlan0 for internet. I can use eth0 without wlan0 working, or wlan0 without eth0 plugged. But never at the same time. My routing table is here if relevant: http://pastebin.com/xEa8zBZb20:41
LynysysA helpful fellow from #debian suggested that I look into lartc but I'd hoped this was a simple change of routing table20:42
BeldarLynysys, This is ubuntu only support20:42
hitsujiTMOLynysys: this is ubuntu support. you will need to visit a channel for you distro20:42
elliotd123I realize it's a really low percentage, so it may not be the source of all the discontinuity errors, but I wanted to see if there was any way to determine what the cause of those drops was20:42
pers3uselliotd123, The connection between switch and your server is probably at fault here. Curly_Q 's advice doesn't sound bad to me.20:42
vigneshwaranhow to install .tar.bz file20:43
Curly_QIt is possible Elliotd123 that you may have what is called: "line noise" in your cables or they could be too lenglthly or other factors. Most people overlook the LAYER 1 of CISCO rules.20:43
fellayaboywould anyone know how to create a pxe server but without using ubuntu server..just standard ubuntu20:43
mdevjust made changes to /etc/security/limits.conf do I have to reboot the OS for them to take affect?20:44
hitsujiTMOvigneshwaran: start by telling us what exactly is the app you want to install20:44
elliotd123pers3us, Curly_Q, that sounds like it could be a reasonable explaination. I don't think it's an individual cable, because I have 2 servers with multiple interfaces and they're all getting discontinuity errors. I could believe that crosstalk could be contributing though.20:44
elliotd123We have a lot of cables in there20:45
vigneshwaranHitsujiTMO: PuzzleMoppetFullVersion20:45
vigneshwaranin terminal i want to use which command line.20:45
vigneshwarangive step by step commands20:46
Curly_QCrosstalk is a big issue with RJ45 cables.20:46
elliotd123I believe these are all cat5e - maybe I should try replacing some with cat6? If I remember correctly, cat6 has better sheilding...20:46
LynysysI found the solution http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=153156920:47
Curly_QIt is not only shielding but remember it is how the cables are trimmed at the connector and sockets. Just one wire that is too long can cause cross talk and other problems.20:48
pers3uselliotd123, I actually have no idea of cables, but will sheilding amount to so much packet loss?20:48
rawrso #httpd kicked me over here.. the default /www/index.html is downloading instead of displaying. ideas?20:48
pers3usCurly_Q, Ah, that sounds reasonable ...20:48
jeffrey_fLynysys: The network will likely use the route/connection of least resistance.  Since eth0 is faster, you may see less use of wlan0.  One way to ensure that your network interfaces use eth0 for local and wlan0 for internet is to have separate networks for each with neither connected accross.20:48
Curly_QPers3us I teach classes at a Network Academy. :)20:49
jeffrey_fLynysys: pretty much as the solution suggests, subnets20:49
pers3usCurly_Q, oh! :) I am just a layman then.20:49
quaresmajoin #hacking20:49
FloodBot1quaresma: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:49
pers3uselliotd123, Curly_Q .. anyway gn guys.20:49
Curly_QPers3us are you familiar with the Perseus Project? Is that why your nick is what it is?20:50
Beldarquaresma, /j #hacking and swear to yourself not the channel.20:50
hitsujiTMOvigneshwaran: ok, so not in a repo then :P ... untar the archive with: tar xf archive.tar.gz                  move intot he directory and read the README file20:51
MichNationali have ubuntu 10.04 and i just got a n150 wireless usb adapter and i cant get it to work. i used slacko puppy 5.5 and got it to work but not on ubuntu. can some one help?20:51
rawrany ideas? I'm stuck not even getting the stock page to display :(20:51
mdevndiswrapper may help20:51
Beldar!10.04 | MichNational20:51
ubottuMichNational: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu.  Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support continues. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.20:51
pers3usCurly_Q, :D no not at all. Its from Greek Mythology.20:51
Curly_QI know. The Perseus Project is a website that delves into the ancient Roman and Greek culture. You may want to explore it.20:52
hitsujiTMOrawr: what web server are you using?20:52
rostamHi I am trying to start  dhcp server: service isc-dhcp-server. However, every time, I get the following message: init: isc-dhcp-server main process(...) killed by TERM signal.       why?20:52
rawrhitsujiTMO: apache2. It was working , purged apache then reinstalled and now no dice.20:53
MichNationalok ill look.20:53
tc0nnrostam: check your log files in /var/log20:53
pers3usCurly_Q, Ah! well I didn't know about the perseus project, will look into it.20:53
BeldarMichNational, You realize the desktop version of 10.04 is end of life and you do not have repo access.20:53
hitsujiTMOrawr: whats the output of: apt-cache policy apache220:53
Curly_QPers3us I was taught this by a friend professor about 20 years ago.20:54
vigneshwaranhitsujiTMO: in readme file also there is no instruction s. you just tell the command commands to install tar.bz20:54
Curly_QI am a Latin and Greek enthusiast.20:54
rawrhitsujiTMO:  https://gist.github.com/anonymous/75499da8d5c80150b59020:54
pers3usCurly_Q, Wow, well I took the name from a book i was reading some years ago. I don't remember the name now.20:55
hitsujiTMOrawr: have you modified any of the apache configs yet?20:55
Curly_QWe learn something new every day. :)20:55
pers3usCurly_Q, I too am kind of a interested in Greek Myth and history, but never got chance to pursue20:55
pers3usCurly_Q, Most certainly .. Thanks for the link btw.20:56
hitsujiTMOvigneshwaran: then you'd have to contact the developer. there's no standard way to install from a tar.bz ... it depends on what the dev set up20:56
Curly_QYour welcome.20:56
pers3usits quite interesting.20:56
pgar23hello all, how would I get cairo-dock to auto-start instead of booting up and then clicking launch application? TIA20:56
pers3usanyway, gn :) its pretty late here. n thnx again.20:56
elliotd123gn and thanks pers3us20:56
Beldarpgar23, put it in startup applications20:56
rawrhitsujiTMO: yes a tad. i duped the default in sites-available , added a servername, added ServerName localhost to httpd.conf20:57
pgar23Beldar: where is that located plz?20:57
Curly_QThe Greeks were the forerunners in preserving books and scrolls so we today can enjoy them.20:57
pers3uselliotd123,  np! :) though i wasn't much help. it was all Curly_Q20:57
rawrhitsujiTMO: and restarted of course20:57
fellayaboyDoes anyone know using a standard ubuntu distro, can you turn off and on a dhcp server ...not a remote dhcp20:57
Beldarpgar23, In the menu20:57
pers3usCurly_Q, indeed.20:57
MichNationali tryed to upgraid to 12.04 and i cant. i used a live cd to test it gos through all steps but when it gos to the sign in screen then it gos blank i can tell that it is running but i cant see anything. id like to upgraid to.20:58
Beldar!eol | MichNational20:58
ubottuMichNational: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:58
Curly_QPers3us we have spoken before a while ago. It is nice to see you again.20:58
hitsujiTMOvigneshwaran: use paste.ubuntu.com20:58
BeldarMichNational, Look at the eol upgrade.20:58
tc0nnDo it again :)20:59
tc0nn!eol | MichNational20:59
ubottuMichNational: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:59
blzI'm trying to install ubuntu-server to a software RAID volume, but I keep getting an error when installing grub.  The error reads "executing `grub-install /dev/sda/` failed".  What can I do to fix this?21:01
MichNationalok i get eol. but why do i not get graphics after it boots 12.04 iv tryed backtrack 5 r3 to and same thing.21:02
BeldarMichNational, Graphic drivers maybe.21:03
MichNationalya im looking into drivers.21:04
=== emcee is now known as Guest10000
tc0nnMichNational: have you tried a different resolution?21:05
PolyonymousOk, a few issues, all related: Fresh load of Ubuntu 12.04 won't show on my monitor: video mode not supported, which is what it does when the resolution's wrong. However, when I try to boot into graphical failsafe mode, I just get a blank screen.21:05
PolyonymousTested on a nicer monitor, and it shows fine at a higher resolution21:06
=== marshmn_ is now known as marshmn
AdityaRajhey guys i am trying to run an adobe air app on my ubuntu 12.04 system but unable to do so.. the app is called long tail pro.. can anyone help me please ??21:06
PolyonymousBut it's still kinda worrying21:06
jhutchinsPolyonymous: Your problem monitor might not be supplying it's capacity correctly.  Some low-end or older ones don't.21:07
BeldarAdityaRaj, Is there a linux version?21:07
AdityaRajBeldar, ubuntu 12.04 lts i think..21:07
jhutchinsAdityaRaj: Isn't that a windows app?21:07
PolyonymousOk. So I just need to tell it the resolution for it to work normally21:07
bekksAdityaRaj: If there is a linux version, why do you try to run the adobe air version?21:07
PolyonymousBut I'm more concerned about it not booting into failsafe21:08
AdityaRajjhutchins, it is an adobe air app.. ideally should work on linux as well21:08
AdityaRajbekks, there is no linux version available21:08
AdityaRajso far i have also tried installing adobe air on wine and running it. the app starts but has issues like unable to connect with internet and stuff21:09
AdityaRajanother option i dont want to go for is using a vm21:09
=== hdevalence|away is now known as hdevalence
jhutchinsAdityaRaj: You need the Air runtime environment, which it appears is available for Linux, but you probably have to download it from the Adobe site.21:10
MichNationalanything i try above 10.04 fails i see it booting up and every thing but when it gos to the sign in screen it gos black but it is running and i have to kill it with the power button then i see a quick glimmer of the sign in screen.21:10
bekksAdityaRaj: That will be your best bet, since Adobe Air for Linux is discontinued since 2011.21:10
jhutchinsAdityaRaj: They have both 32 and 64b versions.21:10
BeldarMichNational, The cd does not have upgrade options, is that what you want?21:10
AdityaRajjhutchins, i think long tail pro requires me to have a more recent version of adobe air21:11
MichNationali have all of the live cds i just cant use them21:11
MichNationali can run them on vbox21:12
BeldarMichNational, You spoke of the cd as if looking for an upgrade, use nicks here as well.21:12
AdityaRajMichNational, what are you trying to do with them ?21:12
Beldar!tab | MichNational21:13
AdityaRajbekks, long tail pro requires a more recent version of adobe air21:13
ubottuMichNational: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.21:13
bekksAdityaRaj: As I said, Adobe Air for Linux is discontinued since 2011.21:13
=== dithpri is now known as Guest30140
MichNationali want to install 12.04 ubuntu and backtrack 5 r3 on my system21:14
bekksMichNational: Backtrack is dead, it is Kali Linux now, just fyi.21:15
Jordan_Ublz: Did you create your RAID array out of member partitions or member drives?21:15
Beldar!nomodeset | MichNational21:15
ubottuMichNational: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter21:15
CoDEmanXi'm running Ubuntu server 12.04.3 LTS and wanna install pastebinit21:15
MichNationali a bit new to irc21:15
blzJordan_U, I'm not quite sur what you mean by "member partitions" vs "member drives"21:15
CoDEmanXbut apt-get returns "packet not found"21:15
blzJordan_U, but there's a partition of size n on each of the three drives21:15
blzJordan_U, and the RAID5 is build from those 3 partitions21:16
MichNationallet me go look brb21:16
k1lCoDEmanX: no typo?21:16
blzJordan_U, i posted a few relevant details in this askubuntu question:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/406581/why-is-grub-failing-to-install21:16
AdityaRajubottu, good tip21:16
k1lCoDEmanX: the package exists in universe: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=precise&searchon=names&keywords=pastebinit   make sure universe is enabled21:16
AdityaRajjhutchins, bekks shouldn't i be able to use wine to get this working ?21:16
bekksAdityaRaj: Thats more effort than just using a vm.21:16
BeldarMichNational, try to post what is actually needed, we don't need a brb, answer questions and if addressing someone use there nick.21:17
blzJordan_U, does that answer your question?21:17
CoDEmanXk1l: http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=6536221:18
CoDEmanXhow do i enable universe (or lucid, or...)21:19
AdityaRajbekks, can u tell me a light weight vm i will be downloading it from mobile data so a bit expensive here :(21:19
BeldarCoDEmanX, lucid desktop is eol21:19
k1lCoDEmanX: wait, you have lucid running?21:19
Jordan_Ublz: Yes.21:19
CoDEmanXno clue actually...21:19
CoDEmanXjust googled for pastebinit repos21:20
k1lCoDEmanX: what does "lsb_release -a" give you?21:20
bekksAdityaRaj: "Windows." Purchase it from Microsoft, install it into a vm.21:20
Jordan_Ublz: Please pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l" and the complete outptu of "sudo grub-install /dev/sda".21:20
k1lCoDEmanX: you can tell the the ubuntu version number  here21:21
k1lCoDEmanX: is this a desktop?21:21
blzJordan_U, uh, I'm not sure how I can do that.  I'm still stuck on the installer screen with the aforementioned error message21:21
CoDEmanXserver only21:21
blzJordan_U, I assume I need to boot from a LiveCD, but I'm not sure what to do beyond that21:21
CoDEmanXhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/78613/how-do-i-enable-the-universe-repository-from-the-command-line ?21:21
k1lCoDEmanX: ok, than see "cat /etc/apt/sources.list" and see if the universe repo is enabled21:22
Jordan_Ublz: Start by booting the LiveCD and pastebin the outptu of "sudo parted -l" from there.21:23
CoDEmanXk1l: hard to tell, scrolling doesn't work in vm :(21:24
CoDEmanXlet me try vi21:24
glundgrenhey guys21:25
glundgrensomeone can help me, my disk is geting full, without any files21:25
glundgrenand if i run df -h21:26
glundgrenit gives me this error: df: cannot read table of mounted file systems21:26
CoDEmanXthere are several entries like deb-src ... precise universe21:26
glundgrenits an ubuntu instance on amazon ec221:26
=== ites is now known as botsis
Jordan_Uglundgren: "anyone?" Isn't a helpful comment. Please pastebin the contents of /proc/mounts and /proc/mountinfo.21:28
glundgrenJordan_U: ok!21:29
botsisi'm at a loss... i tried running steam earlier today. there was a problem with opengl glx. i cant remember exactly what i did. now, resolution is at 640x480 ; there are no other options. i have a geforce 610m graphics card. i have re-installed nvidia drivers, nothing is working. i'm running 64bit 12.04. anyone got experience with this? any help much appreciated21:30
hitsujiTMObotsis: you running steam with optirun?21:30
hitsujiTMObotsis: can you open a terminal and: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log && dmesg | pastebinit21:31
botsisno idea, i came across that term for the first team today.. just went it the dash to run steam. steam isn't my concern anymore(at the moment)21:31
glundgrenJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/RdrR6JsD and the other is empty21:31
botsissure, 2sec21:31
blzJordan_U, I got to a shell using ubuntu-server's "repair a broken system" option, but there's no way to pastebin the output. Can you tell me what information you're looking for from parted -l ?21:32
botsishttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6764318/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/6764319/21:34
botsisthese are the 2 files hitsujiTMO21:34
hitsujiTMObotsis: sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:35
hitsujiTMObotsis: sudo service lightdm restart21:36
botsisalright, brb21:37
glundgrenJordan_U: do you know what it can be?21:38
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
Jordan_Uglundgren: sudo rm /etc/mtab && sudo ln -s /proc/mounts /etc/mtab21:39
BAPEstaHi guys, anyone here who can help me with making a bootable USB for OSX? I can't seem to get the convertion right in the terminal21:39
glundgrenJordan_U: it will solve the full disk problem?21:40
glundgrenJordan_U: the df -h is working thanks!21:40
Jordan_Uglundgren: Note that once you've fixed your out of space issue you'll want to "sudo rm /etc/mtab && sudo cp /proc/mounts /etc/mtab".21:40
glundgrenJordan_U: and it now shows empty space21:40
=== ites is now known as botsis
glundgrenJordan_U: any chance that you saw this error before, im using an ubuntu amazon ec2 instance21:41
botsishitsujiTMO, as easy as that... thanks a lot. can you tell me what happend? everything i found on ubuntu forums were tons and tons of commands that didn't help at all21:42
Jordan_Uglundgren: I just google'd the error message, saw an explanation that it was caused by an improper /etc/mtab (usually because /etc/mtab couldn't be written to due to a full root FS) and knew from memory that you can make /etc/mtab a symlink to /proc/mounts (with some reduced functionality).21:43
hitsujiTMObotsis: seems nvidia-xconfig was triggered and generated a xorg.conf. but thats not needed for an optimus setup21:43
glundgrenJordan_U: nice! its VERY obscure info for me, im kind of a newbie21:44
glundgrenJordan_U: thank you very much sir21:44
botsisokay. let me check steam21:44
botsisalso working..21:44
Jordan_Uglundgren: You're welcome.21:45
hitsujiTMObotsis: look into installing bumblebee or nvidia-prime to use the nvidia gpu21:46
botsisis it needed for football manager? i have installed bumblebee earlier today, most probably deleted it again though21:46
=== HDRDanny is now known as Stratum
hitsujiTMOprobably not. your intel gpu should handle that21:47
k-radi dont have a home folder icon in latest ubuntu lts21:47
botsisokay will do bumblebee then21:49
glundgrenJordan_U: the df stuff is working, it fixed for a moment the original problem21:50
botsiswhat does the optirun command means, will i need to use that when running games or..21:51
glundgrenJordan_U: E138: Can't write viminfo file /home/ubuntu/.viminfo!  things like that keeps returning21:51
botsisoh, bumblebee installed alr21:51
glundgrenJordan_U: its like the space keeps getting filled, without having any file21:52
hitsujiTMObotsis: by default everything will run thru your intel gpu. with bumblebee you need to use: optirun <appname>  to run the app thru the nvidia gpu21:52
hitsujiTMObotsis for the nvidia proprietary driver you need to also have bumblebee-nvidia   installed21:53
glundgrenJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/2kBrCxge look my df -h21:54
botsisbumblebee-nvidia is already the newest version.21:54
botsisglxsphere is just to see performance results right, i don't need that ?21:54
hitsujiTMObotsis: optirun glxsphere21:54
botsisno it's not installed. just wondering if i need to get it or not21:55
hitsujiTMObotsis: or optirun glxheads       if mesa-utils is installed21:55
botsisyeah, spinning much faster with optirun21:57
botsisseems it's working, thank you man. saved me21:57
hitsujiTMObotsis: so you should run steam then with optirun21:58
botsiswill keep you posted once fm is up and running. yeah, will restart steam after installing21:58
Jeffrydo i want to contact hp about thi they made my laptops?22:00
Jeffryoops wrong irc22:01
schultzaIs suppose to be in /etc/resolve.conf ? I thought it was suppose to be
bekksBAsically ir doesnt matter, since everything in the network is considered to be "localhost".22:09
SiliconGanyone out there on the bleeding edge of the lamp stack?  I need to get apache 2.4.7 + php5.4 + openssl 1.0.1e running22:09
SiliconGI am having a hell of a time getting php to build22:09
Cambloniehow can I go back to booting to command line?22:09
schultzawell. I installed network-manager-openvpn. Set up my vpn connection and it worked on connecting. But when I connected, my dns resolving starts getting "REFUSED".22:10
CamblonieI installed lightdm and it wont let me log in, even as guest22:10
elliotd123Camblonie, you could do ctrl-alt-f1 to get to the command-line22:10
schultzaCamblonie: CTRL+ALT+F1.. if its in a virtualbox, use HOST+F1.22:10
hitsujiTMOSiliconG: 13.10 has apache 2.4.6 php5.5 and openssl 1.0.1e ... is that not good enough?22:11
axizorHey guys, I have a networking question22:11
Cambloniethank you22:11
schultzaaxizor: so do i. Whats yours?22:11
SiliconGreally is 13.10 new?22:11
bekksSiliconG: Just check on packages.ubuntu.com22:12
schultzaSiliconG: Since October 2013.22:12
axizorI'm running a samba server and my router has gigabit ports and when I upload files to the server, it transfers at gigabit speeds (~110MB/s) but downloading files from the server to the client is slow, around 9 MB/s22:12
hitsujiTMOsince 10/1322:12
axizori dont know if its the server or router22:12
schultzaaxizor: I think we need a little more information about how your network is setup. Is your samba server on the other side of your router?22:13
=== lili_ is now known as lili-nya
axizoryes schultza22:13
schultzaaxizor: Does your samba server only have 10Base-T cards?22:13
axizorno, gigabit22:13
axizornetwork under system prefs says 1000mb/s connection22:14
axizorso i know it's getting it22:14
hitsujiTMOaxizor: you got a crossover cable?22:14
schultzaCrossover for... oh. .for testing directly to the computer.22:14
axizorhitsujiTMO: crossover? what do you mean?22:14
ausjkeis there a real light-weight webkit browser for me to use over ssh -X?22:15
axizorthe server it just connected to the router via cat6 or 5e dont remember22:15
ausjkesomething like SDL-based, so I don't need that 200MB X-libraries22:15
Sidze_I have set up eth0:0 with network and I would like to configure my virtualbox vm with bridge network on this virtual eth0 interface but the th0:0 isn't available in the list of interface when I configure the vm network... anybody know if is works ?22:15
schultzaaxizor: Do you have direct access to the client and samba server at the same time physically? (in front of you?)22:15
axizoryes schultza22:15
hitsujiTMOaxizor: a crossover cable can allow you to connect the server directly to the client and test without the router22:15
axizoryou know, it used to work fine with another router22:16
axizori just got a new one because i was having problems with the old one22:16
axizorah, thanks hitsujiTMO didn't know that22:16
hitsujiTMOaxizor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethernet_crossover_cable22:16
schultzaaxizor: Those cat5e/6 cables internally have 8 wires which are physically configured at the ports. A crossover cable has them differently configured than a straight through cable. A crossover cable here can allow you to directly connect both computers to each other to run a test for computer to computer speed. If Samba at that point is only uploading at 10 Mb/s, then you have a samba configuration issue.22:17
schultzaaxizor: no changes to the samba server, computer or samba itself during the new routeR?22:17
axizorshould i reinstall samba? because I know it did work at one time22:17
axizorcorrect schultza22:17
schultzaWhat happened to the old router?22:18
axizorit was very unstable with the internet connection22:18
axizordropped repeatedly22:18
axizortried installing ddwrt, gargoyle/openwrt22:18
hitsujiTMOaxizor: do you still have it?22:18
=== Guest9865 is now known as Sleepnbum
axizorno luck'22:18
axizoryes i still have it22:18
axizorbut samba is slow on that now :)22:18
hitsujiTMOaxizor: test it with that. should still be able to operate as a dhcp + switch22:18
axizori did before I got the new router22:19
=== lucyinthesky is now known as laurapalmer
EsorCan I ask for help?22:19
axizorit was so weird. like when switching from gargoyle to straight up openwrt, gigabit speeds went away and I was stuck at around 10MB/s download22:19
schultzaCan you check to see if the router has a speed limit on the ports being used by both samba server and client?22:19
hitsujiTMOaxizor: is it the same with any other type of service? http/nfs/sftp ?22:19
schultzaEsor: do not ask to ask a question, just ask your question, please.22:20
SiliconGnot an LTS22:20
axizorhaven't tried hitsujiTMO22:20
SiliconGand I want to build the newest on 1222:20
axizoronly server on my box is samba and dlna22:20
schultzaIs dlna slower now?22:20
axizori haven't noticed and don't know how to test dlna speed22:20
hitsujiTMOaxizor: install openssh and test sftp speeds22:20
schultzathat will work. :)22:21
axizorok i will do that hitsujiTMO, is there an easy way to do that?22:21
schultzawell. I installed network-manager-openvpn. Set up my vpn connection and it worked on connecting. But when I connected, my dns resolving starts getting "REFUSED". Is there some sort of firewall on dnsmasq?22:21
hitsujiTMOaxizor: on the server: sudo apt-get install openssh-server22:21
EsorI have got a weird issue. Primusrun works fine with nvidia and I can launch everything. The problem is whenever I use optirun It cannot find some libraries. It's pretty weird. Here's log from the console: http://pastebin.com/QeyKVWUz Please help.22:22
hitsujiTMOaxizor: from the client: sftp user@ip.address.of.server                     then find a large file and: get filename22:22
schultzaEsor: what vid card are you using?22:23
schultzaBy the sounds of it, you have Intel.22:23
hitsujiTMOEsor: looks like a bug in a script looking for '/usr/$LIB/libGL.so.1' instead of "/usr/$LIB/libGL.so.1"22:23
EsorI've got Intel and Nvidia22:24
schultzaare both active or are you only using one of them right now?22:24
EsorI use primusrun or optirun to run apps on nvidia22:24
hitsujiTMOEsor: whats the output of: cat /etc/issue22:24
EsorUbuntu 13.10 \n \l22:25
Esorthe weird thing is that primusrun works perfect fine22:25
Esorbut optirun cannot find libraries22:25
axizorhitsujiTMO: what client should I use to connect via sftp22:26
axizor(i'm new to networking)22:26
axizorim on windows22:26
hitsujiTMOaxizor: filezilla then22:26
EsorDo you have any idea what might be wrong22:26
k-radcould someone kindly tell me if its possible to enable desktop effects in 12.03 lts ?22:26
schultzahitsujiTMO + Esor: can <https://github.com/Bumblebee-Project/Bumblebee/issues/334> help his issue?22:27
hitsujiTMOEsor: whats wrong is a somehow a misswritten script. the paths are being quoted with ' instead of ""22:27
yangmhello, I'm having problems while following this tutorial http://toroid.org/ams/git-website-howto when I do the push it will not update the website neither will give me errors. any ideas?22:27
hitsujiTMOEsor: are you using any ppas?22:27
axizorhitsujiTMO: whats the default port for open-ssh?22:28
hitsujiTMOaxizor: 2222:28
axizorshould login credentials be same as local user on the server?22:28
hitsujiTMOesor then their optirun script is using the wrong quote string. '' instead of ""22:28
hitsujiTMOaxizor: server22:28
schultzaaxizor:  on the server.22:28
EsorhitsujiTMO, so why is primusrun working finr?22:29
yangmI'm running a Ubuntu server on an AWS instance22:29
hitsujiTMOEsor: its not using the same script.22:29
axizorthanks, im in22:29
hitsujiTMOEsor: whats the output of: which optirun22:29
axizorok sftp transfers are running at around 100mb/s speeds, not gigabit :|22:31
hitsujiTMOaxizor: is it showing speed in MB/s or Mb/s ?22:31
hitsujiTMOsaying 100MB/s ?22:32
PebbeSounds about right22:32
axizorno averaging around 10MB/s22:32
botsishitsujiTMO, FM is crashing on launch.. also, not my whole screened was filled with the game. i had green (like glxheads border the first time i launched, brown the second time)22:32
hitsujiTMOaxizor: ahh22:32
hitsujiTMObotsis: is this happening with/without optirun ?22:32
botsisThe program '[Berkelium]' received an X Window System error.22:33
botsisThis probably reflects a bug in the program.22:33
botsisThe error was 'BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)'.22:33
FloodBot1botsis: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:33
waly_hey guys, what is up. I just managed to fix all my troubles with wifi22:33
botsisow sry.22:33
waly_all on my own22:33
Jordan_Uglundgren: What makes you think that space is being used up wothout files being written to?22:33
axizorhitsujiTMO: uploading to sftp is much faster, close to gigabit speeds. why do you think i'm not getting this speed downloading?22:33
schultzaaxizor: We are going to need a crossover cat5e/6 cable to bypass the router to test direct. I think there maybe a configuration issue with the router.22:33
glundgrenJordan_U: theres absolutely no chance of 11GB of free space be filled in 1 sec22:34
hitsujiTMOaxizor: network card/driver/router22:34
axizorok schultza... dont think i have one right now22:34
glundgrenJordan_U: and it says that has 11GB of free space, but, for the sys, its like have no free space22:34
botsisi find on google it's a screenshot bug? i tried to take a screen the first time i launched it, not the other times though22:34
axizorif its gigabit from client - router - server, then why not server - router - client? clearly all devices are demonstrating they can operate at gigabit speeds...22:35
hitsujiTMObotsis: weird22:35
Jordan_Uglundgren: What filesystem are you using?22:35
glundgrenJordan_U: i dont know, its the ubuntu image of amazon EC222:35
danialbehzadihey all! I just entered "sudo startx" in terminal and I can not loging to my account in lightdm anymore. what's the problem?22:35
glundgrenJordan_U: the space doesnt get filled, i still have 11GB free22:35
botsiswill restart steam see whats up22:35
glundgrenJordan_U: but the sys behaves like it doesnt have space22:36
hitsujiTMOdanialbehzadi: NEVER run startx with sudo. its changed some of your files to be owned by root22:36
glundgrenJordan_U: im starting another server, a new server, but if you know some trick to fix, it will be very helpful22:36
ubottunetworkmanager is an application to make (wireless) networking Just Work. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager22:37
hitsujiTMOdanialbehzadi: ctrl + alt + f1       log into terminal.      then: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME22:37
vulcan-=[ hi @ 23LAAWQ2G _2rB 36DAB6FBT _3nids_ aaearon AaronCampbell AaronMT aarontc aawoods aboudreault AbyssOne AbyssOne__ aca20031 achernya AcidRain2012 AcidRain2013 Ackis acrocity Actreka adam_ adamk adante AdityaRaj Adran AdrienBrault ...22:37
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FloodBot1vulcan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:37
Jordan_Uglundgren: So you aren't able to create new files? Something like "touch /tmp/test_file" fails?22:37
waly_guys I wanna setup ramdisk on my machine and play minecraft through it. I found a guide online but not sure about it. I wanna know if there has been major changes between ubuntu 10.10 to ubuntu 13.1022:37
glundgrenJordan_U: nop22:37
waly_here is the guide http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/204930-howto-ramdisk-minecraft-in-ubuntu-1010/22:38
glundgrenJordan_U: it worked, doesnt raise any errors22:38
glundgrenJordan_U: but if i open this file in vim, for example, vim says that has no swap space22:39
Jordan_Uwaly_: I doubt that you'll gain much from such a setup, the kernel is good at caching file contents for performance automatically.22:39
danialbehzadihitsujiTMO: Thanks, I did it by sudo chown danialbehzadi:danialbehzadi ~/.*22:39
waly_you mean that I won't need a ramdisk22:39
Jordan_Uglundgren: What about "echo not empty > /tmp/test_small_file"?22:40
glundgrenJordan_U: man, now it is working22:40
waly_I was able to get from 50 fps to over 120 fps in windows, but not sure how it works in ubuntu22:40
glundgrenbut soon it will fail22:40
glundgrenJordan_U: its unstable you know, very weird22:40
Jordan_Uglundgren: What services are currently running on this server?22:41
glundgrenJordan_U: for example, the wordpress cant even accept a upload, says that doesn have access to temp folder22:41
glundgrenJordan_U: how can i see?22:41
axizorhitsujiTMO: are you a dev?22:41
hitsujiTMOaxizor: dev yes. ubuntu dev no22:41
axizorjust curious, i usually see you on when i come to ask questions22:42
hitsujiTMOaxizor: yeah i'm around a lot. keeps me from boredom :P22:42
Jordan_Uglundgren: "Wordpress" is enough of an answer for now.22:42
Jordan_Uglundgren: Please pastebin the output of "df -i".22:43
axizorhitsujiTMO, in your opinion: should I test speeds between two other devices on the router, if they do work at gigabit speeds just do a clean install of ubuntu?22:44
glundgrenJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/naXV19dP22:44
axizori dont have anything to lose, all my files are on a different drive then the OS22:44
glundgrenJordan_U: it seems that is most full with this -i option22:45
Jordan_Uglundgren: Seems we've found the problem.22:45
glundgrenJordan_U: whats this -i ?22:45
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krugerWhen running the command "ssh -vvv -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa -lappe server.com > text.file", it creates the text.file, but does not fill it with anything. Is there something i have missunderstood with the output command?22:46
Jordan_Uglundgren: I think you'll find that something is creating a *lot* of small files.22:46
hitsujiTMOaxizor: test different ports first. logically it suggests a config issue but difficult to know without thorough testing. one thing you could try is install and setup samba on a live iso and test that22:46
axizorgood idea hitsujiTMO22:46
botsishitsujiTMO, it just froze completely. had to get into tty to reboot my system. will try to run it without optirun22:46
glundgrenJordan_U: how can i find it?22:46
danialbehzadihitsujiTMO: Now I'm connecting via graphical irc client. :) Thaks a lot dude ;)22:46
axizori'll prob be back22:47
hitsujiTMOdanialbehzadi: np :P22:47
limegrenJust got weechat going on my Ubuntu Server woot woot22:47
Jordan_Uglundgren: "i" for inodes. Ext4 allocates a certain number of inodes at filesystem creation time. Each file requires an inode.22:47
glundgrenJordan_U: theres a way to fix it? like a magic command? :P22:47
Jordan_Uglundgren: You either need to delete a bunch of files (size of the files does not matter) and prevent more from building up, or make a new ext4 fs with allocation for more inodes.22:49
glundgrenJordan_U: i found a blog post talking about it, im searching for a folder with lots of files22:50
glundgrenJordan_U: http://superrb.com/blog/2011/10/25/ubuntu-no-space-left-on-device-is-it-a-lie-or-have-i-run-out-of-inodes22:50
botsisrunning smoothly without optirun now22:50
hitsujiTMObotsis: what's the output of: optirun glxheads22:51
glundgrenJordan_U: its all in /var/tmp22:51
glundgrenJordan_U: let me see what it is22:51
glundgrenJordan_U: ls eturn nothing :////22:52
hitsujiTMOglundgren: sudo ls /var/tmp22:52
hitsujiTMOglundgren: sorry: ls -a /var/tmp22:53
glundgrenstill nothing22:53
glundgrenand it counts a lot of files22:53
glundgrenit shows only . and ..22:54
schultzais there a way to test which dns server dnsmasq has in its list?22:54
hitsujiTMOglundgren:  mount | grep /var/tmp22:54
glundgrenim in sudo su22:54
Jordan_UhitsujiTMO: sudo lsof | grep /var/tmp | less22:54
axizorHey hitsujiTMO would installing OpenSSh on a live ISO be a fair test too22:56
glundgrenhitsujiTMO: nothing...22:56
hitsujiTMOaxizor: yup22:56
glundgrencan i delete the /var/tmp ?22:56
glundgrensudo rm /var/tmp ?22:56
ikoniaglundgren: works fine22:57
ikoniaglundgren: (-r)22:57
glundgrensudo rm -R /var/tmp ?22:57
ikoniaglundgren: why do you want to do this /22:57
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glundgrenikonia: theres a lot of files that is filling my inodes22:58
axizorhitsujiTMO: can't install openssh server so samba on live ISO: held broken packages22:58
axizoror samba**22:58
ikoniaglundgren: there shouldn't be that many files, what are they and what created them ?22:58
glundgrenikonia: although i have disk space, i cant do anything because of these inodes22:58
hitsujiTMOaxizor: sudo apt-get update     first22:58
glundgrenikonia: i dont know, i think its something to do with a major failure in ec2 some months ago22:58
ikoniaglundgren: this is an ec2 instance ?22:59
glundgrenthe disks were broken22:59
glundgrenikonia: yep22:59
glundgrenthen i restored the disk, and these problems began22:59
ikoniaglundgren: that shouldn't fill up /var/tmp22:59
blzHello, I'm trying to install ubuntu-server to an LVM-on-RAID5 volume.  The installer runs its course and then fails when trying to install the bootloader.  I've tried installing to /dev/sda, /dev/mapper/md-0 and /dev/mapper/md-1, to no avail.  What gives?22:59
ikoniaglundgren:"restored" the disk22:59
ikoniaglundgren: can you explain ?22:59
blzAlso please note that these are 3 gpt-partitioned drives (>2Tb)22:59
ikoniaglundgren: it seems unlikely you can restore data if you don't know how to remove a directory22:59
glundgrenikonia: i had to detach, create another, and then restore the volume, something like that22:59
ikonia$something like that ??23:00
botsishitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6764644/23:00
glundgrenikonia: it was made in the ec2 interface23:00
Mace268can someone tell me how to restart unity without it then being tied to a terminal?23:00
ikoniaglundgren: this sounds like bad managment, /var/tmp should not be filled like that,23:00
filosofixitI'm having some really annoying issues with the menubar. All the options are greyed out in all applications except nautilus and firefox... Shotwell, Gimp, Bluefish etc does not have working menubars... I'm the only user that have this issue on this computer so I guess the problem lies in some kind of setting... Does anyeone have a clue where I should look to resolve this problem ?23:01
ikoniaglundgren: as you don't know the command to delete a directory it seems unlikley that you should be managing this system, let alone trying to restore data23:01
glundgrenikonia: yeah, i think it is bad management too23:01
hitsujiTMObotsis: not seeing anything that would suggest what the issue is ... maybe a good idea to try nvidia-319 instead23:01
glundgrenikonia: i know how to delete, hehe, i was asking if its fine to delete /var/tmp23:01
ikoniait's temp data23:02
glundgrenikonia: i usually set rails servers in amazon instances, its pretty straightforward23:02
ikoniaglundgren: sorry - not buying this,23:02
glundgrenikonia: rvm, ruby, gem rails --version=3.2.823:03
ikoniamassive fail there23:03
ikoniaI'll leave you to it23:03
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axizorok hitsujiTMO I get full gigabit speeds on the live ISO- time for a clean install?23:04
glundgrenikonia: lets put this way, i can talk a second language, but i cant write a book23:04
hitsujiTMOaxizor: possibly :(23:04
ikoniaglundgren: I have no idea what that means or how it fits into your conversation with me23:04
hitsujiTMOaxizor: might be the fastest fix23:04
glundgrenikonia: i can talk linux language, but i dont know all the details23:04
ikoniaglundgren: sorry, I don't believe you can23:04
axizorIt's fine, I only run a few services and all my files are on another drive :)23:04
glundgrenikonia: wahts wrong with you man?23:05
axizorthanks so much for everything hitsujiTMO23:05
glundgrenikonia: freak23:05
Jordan_Uglundgren: sudo lsof | grep /var/tmp23:05
ikoniaglundgren: please don't call people names23:05
Jordan_Uglundgren: Personal insults are not acceptable in this channel.23:06
Michael87so I'm planning on changing my login sound to The sound of Shao Khan from Mortal Kombat Laughing and then when I login I want the sound of him sayying "Excelent!" I just downloaded a program called Sound converter from the ubuntu software store. Can someone help me setup what what I'm tryying to do?23:06
glundgrenthe only thing this ikonia guy knows how to do is that, and he instead of teach, help, like normal people, is acting like a dick23:07
axizorLOL that made me laugh23:07
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Guest79782using xfce how can I change on boot the os asking for my password23:07
Jordan_Uglundgren: How anyone else acts cannot excuse *your* behavior. Please stop using personal insults now.23:08
glundgrenJordan_U: man, thanks for the help, i appreciate very much, i stop because you are asking me to do so23:09
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schultzais there a good dnsmasq and network-manager guide out there that will take this newb (me) to an expert?23:10
BAPEstaHey guys, how long does step 8 usually take? http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx23:10
schultzaBAPEsta: how big is the image you are using to make the usb?23:12
Guest79782xfce prompts for login password - how can I change it to auto login23:12
Jordan_Uglundgren: Did "sudo lsof | grep /var/tmp/" print anything?23:12
BAPEstaschultza, about 800mb23:12
glundgrenbroken pipe, let me connect again23:12
Michael87could anyone help me change the drum sound when ubuntu starts and add a sound to when I login?23:12
schultzaBAPEsta: find the proccess id of dd23:13
glundgrenJordan_U: it took a while, like it was doiing something, then return nothing23:13
schultzaoh..nvm that wont work.23:13
BAPEstaschultza I think it worked now23:13
glundgrenJordan_U: i think i will delete it and wait to see if it happens again23:14
BAPEstaschultza http://puu.sh/6npXq23:14
schultzaBAPEsta: for future ref.. watch progress of dd with pv --> <http://askubuntu.com/questions/215505/how-do-you-monitor-the-progress-of-dd>23:15
botsisdamn, now my game crashed while in game. just clicked some confirm23:15
BAPEstaschultza thanks man23:16
Jordan_Uglundgren: /var/tmp/ clearly has nothing in it, I'm not sure why you suspected that it was the problem but it's a red herring.23:17
glundgrenJordan_U: yeah, im doing that search i saw in the blog again23:18
glundgrenJordan_U: i deleted but nothing changed to the inodes23:18
Jordan_Uglundgren: If you just run "sudo find / -xdev > /tmp/file_list.txt" you should be able to easily see the problem just by scrolling through the resulting file.23:19
glundgrenJordan_U: i will try23:19
hitsujiTMOglundgren: can you pastebin the output of: mount23:20
Mace268can someone tell me how to restart unity without it then being tied to a terminal? All my desktop icons have vanished.23:20
Jordan_Uglundgren: sudo mkdir /var/tmp/ # It's important to have this directory.23:20
glitsj16Mace268: Alt+F2, type "unity --replace" and hit enter23:23
glundgren/var/spool - 1190549 files23:23
Mace268glitsj16, thank you23:23
glundgreni thought it was the /tmp23:24
glundgrenbut is that /spool23:24
glundgrentheres a folder called mqueue23:24
glundgrenthat is the source of the problem23:24
glundgrenJordan_U: found it man!!!23:24
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hitsujiTMOglundgren: dpkg -S /var/spool/mqueue23:25
glundgrenhitsujiTMO: what it does?23:25
hitsujiTMOglundgren: find the package responsible you you can get more info on the cause23:26
glundgrenhitsujiTMO: thanks!23:26
glundgrenhitsujiTMO: sendmail-bin: /var/spool/mqueue23:26
glundgrenits a configuration of sendmail ?23:26
glundgrenthat is causing it?23:26
hitsujiTMOlooks like it.23:27
glundgreni guess uninstalling is not an option...23:27
Mace268glitsj16, that took unity completely down lol, had to ctrl-alt-backspace23:28
hitsujiTMOdepends on what you're using sendmail for23:28
quaresma /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER quaresma zjvgkylpyoci23:28
daftykinsquaresma: er, you might want to run such commands in the status window23:29
daftykinsunless you were faking23:29
glitsj16Mace268: it shouldn't do that .. is your unity back to normal?23:29
quaresmanot lol23:29
quaresmait has a space on the begining23:29
hitsujiTMOglundgren: http://www.sendmail.org/~ca/email/doc8.12/op-sh-1.html might be a good idea to read up on what its for. seems to be in essence, your outbox. would you normally be sending 1000000 mails?23:29
Mace268glitsj16, yes after the ctrl-alt-backspace it came up fine23:29
jeffrey_fquaresma: need new password now   :D23:29
glundgrenhitsujiTMO: absolutely nothing, it was a clean ubuntu with apache and php23:30
glundgrenhitsujiTMO: maybe its a virus, or was hacked?23:30
hitsujiTMOglundgren: maybe the servers been compromised and used for spam ?23:30
glundgrenhitsujiTMO: its amazon ec2 instance23:31
glundgrenhitsujiTMO: some weeks ago, it was under a massive failure, and then started this things23:31
glitsj16Mace268: oh well, i'll make a note never to suggest that again without warning :)23:31
barntzena spambot posted my username in chat last night23:31
barntzenI had to scroll up to see it23:31
glundgrenhitsujiTMO:  maybe it was being used to spam, they discovered, and everything got fucked up23:31
glundgrenhitsujiTMO: ???23:32
ikoniaglundgren: stop with the language please,23:32
glundgrenikonia: go find a girlfirend23:32
glundgrenikonia: not talking to you23:32
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jpedroza2kSome people's children.23:33
ROPAhas anyone here actually written an entire operating system and home folder to a ram drive and ran ubuntu completely from ram????23:37
Jordan_UROPA: Yes.23:38
ROPAJordan_U can you give some details or a web reference/how to do it???23:38
Jordan_UROPA: And you can get a decent approximation of it by booting an Ubuntu LiveCD with the kernel parameter "toram". You'll find that it's not a holy grail of performance though.23:39
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ROPAJordan_U I'd like to install 16 GB of ram in my desktop and run EVERYTHING from ram, during periods of low processor usage, I'd like to slow the clock speed of the system down so it doesn't use as much power.23:41
AlcoLeVecchiPenshi guys23:42
Jordan_UROPA: If you have 16 GiB of RAM then for the most part every file you read will be cached in RAM and never re-read from disk a second time anyway (depending on what type of things you do of course).23:42
AlcoLeVecchiPensdoes anybody is online? i've got a probelm wirh xubuntu.. i dunno why firefox lags like an horse while chromium is really smooth and speedy23:42
ROPAJordan_U I haven't heard or 'toram' before, will look it up. I have an SSD, which is fast, but concerned about the finite number of write cycles before it wears out....so thought I might play with a ram drive.23:43
Jordan_UROPA: Also, putting the CPU into low C-staes when idle (much better than just under clocking WRT power usage) is also done automatically.23:43
AlcoLeVecchiPensnobody knows?23:43
AlcoLeVecchiPens i've got a probelm wirh xubuntu.. i dunno why firefox lags like an horse while chromium is really smooth and speedy23:45
ROPAJordan_U I've had a watt meter hooked up to my system for several weeks, I see almost no variation in the amount of power the system uses though.......which is why I started thinking about ram drive and lower cpu clocking speeds.23:45
jeffrey_fAlcoLeVecchiPens:  You may want to disable all add-ons or just back up your bookmarks then remove the .mozilla folder from your home folder.  Usually this starts a clean/vanilla firefox next time you launch firefox.23:46
EsorhitsujiTMO, ~$ which optirun23:47
Jordan_UROPA: Try running a LiveCD with and without "toram" and with and without underclocking and check with your watt meter to see if it helps. My guess is that it won't.23:47
ROPAJordan_U thanks so much for the insight, and to all who run this irc channel.23:47
AlcoLeVecchiPensjeffrey_f, thank you, do you think it can be the fact i have a lot of history and all the other datas saved from firefox such as cookies?? anyway i deleted the cache23:47
EsorhitsujiTMO,  /usr/bin/optirun23:47
hitsujiTMOEsor: can you pastebin the contents of: /usr/bin/optirun23:47
humbolt1partition alignment is giving me trouble, can somebody give guidance?!23:48
Jordan_Uhumbolt1: What problem are you having specifically?23:48
humbolt1parted says my partition is not in "optimal" alignment. blockdev --getalignoff says it is.23:48
EsorhitsujiTMO, ELF23:48
Esorthat's inside23:48
humbolt1so, how important is this. I have an SSD.23:49
jeffrey_fAlcoLeVecchiPens: that could be a small part of it.  Many times it is a mis-behaving or even partially corrupt add-on.  However, starting fresh is easier.  If firefox is faster, then troubleshooting the many variables23:49
hitsujiTMOEsor: ahh its a binary.23:49
humbolt1Jordan_U: One could say, my problem is insufficient knowledge about what is important and what is not.23:50
AlcoLeVecchiPensjeffrey_f, thank you, i'm gonna remove mozilla folder and try if somethings gonna change23:50
humbolt1Jordan_U: With an SSD, do I have to respect the 2048 byte/block/don't-know alignment?!23:51
hitsujiTMOEsor: I'd have to go thru every file in the package to find the miswritten script. But i don't have it i'm afraid. hopefully a fix will be applied soon23:51
humbolt1Jordan_U: or is sector alignment enough?23:51
Jordan_Uhumbolt1: If your partitions are aligned on MiB boundaries then you're OK. Every modern tool worth using (including Ubuntu's installer) automatically aligns to MiB boundaries.23:51
humbolt1Jordan_U: I am on 12.04 LTS23:52
humbolt1Jordan_U: is that sufficiently modern?23:52
Jordan_Uhumbolt1: Yes.23:52
gmachine_24greetings earthlings. I am looking to add a tV tuner card to a recent Ubuntu server build (13.x, 64 bit). Is it ok to ask about mythtv in here or do I need to go to the mythbuntu site?23:52
Jordan_Uhumbolt1: If you want to know more about the details http://www.rodsbooks.com/gdisk/advice.html is informative, but what I've said is all you really need to know.23:53
humbolt1Jordan_U: Which means, using fdisk or cfdisk, I can just not give a shit and let them do, whatever they propose?!23:53
AlcoLeVecchiPenshave a good night guys, thank you23:54
gmachine_24er, language please23:54
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
Jordan_Uhumbolt1: Please watch your language. I think fdisk and cfdisk only recently (can't remember how recently) started aligning on MiB boundaries by default. I would recommend parted or one of its front ends like GParted.23:56
AlcoLeVecchiPensguys, which is the OT chan?23:56
AlcoLeVecchiPensthank you23:57
humbolt1Jordan_U: I have seen fdisk propose 2048 as a starting point. But my 12.04 version does not seem to do that yet (start 63).23:58

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