xubuntu475why is everyone here?00:04
xubuntu475no one talks?00:04
well_laid_lawnsome ppl leave the chat client running when they sleep00:05
well_laid_lawnor just check it every now and again00:05
starratsgood evening00:25
jmleauxrepurposing a 2003 machine that hasn't been turned on in...three years...go Xubuntu!02:43
attraperevesHi, my laptop screen isn't dimming or shutting off, despite my power settings. Any tips?03:07
holsteinattrapereves: if you have hardware that doesnt support linux well, that could be the case04:37
holsteinsometimes i try other graphics drivers04:37
attraperevesholstein, so the graphics driver has something to do with the screen going to sleep and the computer going into standby?04:42
attraperevesI did get my graphics issue fixed by using the alpha version of xubuntu. I tried using Windows 8 for a day, but was determined to get Xubuntu up and running.04:43
holsteinattrapereves: i have found that it can, and i know you have issue with your hardware supporting linux04:46
attraperevesXscreensaver was working, but it only made the screen black. The backlight was still visible. I disabled it and am trying to stick with the built in power settings.04:48
holsteinattrapereves: you will have issues.. have you tried the vesa driver that i suggested?04:48
attraperevesI haven't. However, the "radeon" driver in the 14.04 alpha seems to work fine.04:49
attraperevesI am unable to change my screen brightness either. I'm trying to determine if it's driver related or hotkeys related.04:49
holsteinattrapereves: yeah? you are reporting issues with it now, no? the 3d rendering of the screen saver.. the backlight support and the sleep? correct?04:50
holsteinattrapereves: *all* of that can be, and likely is (knowing the history) related to the driver support.. but, you can try the proprietary driver if you are not04:50
attraperevesI believe I've used the standard vesa driver, but it's been 5 or 6 years. That's a very basic driver that lacks most features, correct?04:51
attraperevesAt this point I04:52
attraperevesI am willing to live without certain features. Windows 8 was that terrible.04:52
attraperevesThe proprietary driver for the HD8400 is still a beta, so I'm not sure I'm willing to go that route.04:53
attraperevesAnother weird thing happened when installing Xubuntu on this machine. I had to manually go in and change settings to match the Xubuntu theme.04:55
holsteinattrapereves: you are lacking features.. and trying different drivers may help add them.. otherwise, you just need to shop with linux support in mind04:55
holsteinattrapereves: you had to change what to what? you mean, the name of some items? they may not be set to "xubuntu".. the xubuntu theme can involve elements not referred to as "xubuntu-*"04:56
attraperevesThe window manager appearance had to be changed. Iirc, the window was blue, whereas Xubuntu is gray.04:57
attraperevesI also had to enable opacity and shadowing.04:57
holsteinattrapereves: you chose to enable those..04:58
holsteinregardless, 14.04 is not released yet, so some elements might not be there or set up yet.. you will use #ubuntu+104:59
attraperevesYes. After installation, the system looked very stock XFCE-ish.04:59
attraperevesHowever, on another computer, everything appeared as standard Xubuntu,05:00
attraperevesNot really a problem, as I was able to change settings.05:00
holsteinattrapereves: you have driver issues.. not sure what other hardware issues, but if on the other computer, you were using 13.10, and the one you are making changes to, that is 14.04, that can be the issue.. 14.04 is not released yet05:00
attraperevesI tested 14.04 on the other computer and everything appeared the same as 13.1005:02
attraperevesThose popup notifications, where are the settings for them? They seem to have a white frame around them.05:02
holsteinattrapereves: in 14.04? you will use #ubuntu+1 ..support here offically in april05:03
attraperevesOK, I'll head over there to ask.05:04
attraperevesAnother question.05:04
attraperevesWhat's the program called that takes a screenshot? After pressing printscreen, a window comes up asking if you want to save or copy to clipboard. Do you know the name of this?05:05
holsteinthere are many.. i would open the package manager of my choice (which is usually synaptic if i want a GUI one) and search "screenshot".. xfce has one05:05
holstein!info xfce4-screenshooter05:06
ubottuxfce4-screenshooter (source: xfce4-screenshooter): screenshots utility for Xfce. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.1-2 (saucy), package size 1636 kB, installed size 2906 kB05:06
attraperevesThat's it.05:06
attraperevesI must say, XFCE has come a long way.05:09
attraperevesI first used it about 7 years ago and found it to be lacking.05:09
holsteinthere are many environments.. most of them are in the ubuntu repos by default05:10
attraperevesI recently started using linux again about a year ago and really did not care for the newer versions of Gnome, KDE, and Unity.05:10
holsteinyou need 3d support for those to realy make sense05:11
attraperevesI had 3D support on those machines, but did not care for the layout.05:11
attraperevesXFCE feels like Gnome 2, which I liked a lot.05:12
holsteinattrapereves: the layout can be changed..05:12
attraperevesI'm starting to feel old. I remember using Gnome 1 even.05:15
holsteinattrapereves: you might want to check out mate. i feel xfce really addresses a similar work flow that gnome2 did, but xfce is not intended as a gnome2 replacement. you might want to chat about it in #xubuntu-offtopic05:17
attraperevesOut of all the environments and window managers I've used, I like XFCE the best.05:18
attraperevesholstein, does the stock Xubuntu kernel support multicore processors?05:24
holsteinattrapereves: its the ubuntu kernel. does the specific processor support linux might be the better question, but yes... it should work with most modern hardware with no configuration necessary05:25
attraperevesThat's good. It looks like I have four listings according to /proc/cpuinfo.05:26
attraperevesholstein, the proprietary AMD drivers, do you have any experience with them?05:28
holsteinattrapereves: yes05:28
attraperevesAny issues?05:28
holsteinattrapereves: yes05:28
attraperevesWhat was going on?05:28
holsteinattrapereves: depends on the hardware05:29
attraperevesI was trying to find some information on the Radeon HD8400, but not many google results relating to linux come up. I guess I could always test it and revert back if necessary.05:30
holsteinattrapereves: these days, hardware is so cheap.. and also, i try and purchase either boxes that come with linux, or machines that specifically support linux well05:30
holsteinattrapereves: if you havent tried the proprietary driver, that would be the first step.. i suggested that from the text install of 13.10 that was failing to load for you05:31
holstein!ati | attrapereves05:31
ubottuattrapereves: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto05:31
attraperevesI usually build my own machines and specifically purchase hardware that supports linux, but it's a little harder to do with laptops.05:34
holsteinsystem76 and other vendors sell machines made to run linux05:36
ROPAIm having trouble installing the netflix-desktop software in xubuntu 12.04, it works fine in xubuntu 13.10. I added the ppa, and updated, but it can't find the netflix-desktop ap. Is there any chance that it's not available for 12.04???07:28
elfywhere's the ppa?07:32
elfydid the update give you errors?07:32
ROPAthere were no errors07:34
ROPAstandby for the ppa......07:34
ROPAsudo apt-add-repository ppa:ehoover/compholio07:35
Unit193Those aren't current instructions,07:35
ubottuIf you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop07:36
ROPAthanks to you both, appreciate the nudge in the right direction.07:36
Unit193But, did you apt-get update after adding?07:37
ROPAYes, I did the update.......there were no errors.07:37
ROPAsudo apt-get update07:38
ROPAI just had a look at the url, it seems only the ppa has changed. Will have a go at it soon. Again, tnx to all who helped.07:41
ROPAstill no luck, same error. I added the new ppa, removed the old ppa and followed directions at http://fds-team.de/cms/pipelight-installation.html.....drats.07:54
ROPAsuccess, at last. I needed to restart the computer, after a restart, the terminal command found the software and installed it. It works!!! Ag, ty.08:17
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starratsgood morning everyone!10:29
starratsno questions or problems atm just saying hello10:30
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!10:30
knome^ if you want to chat10:30
xubuntu655anyone here?11:26
xubuntu655i need help11:26
xubuntu655i cant figure out installing xubuntu. i put it into flash drive and tried booting from usb without fail11:26
cfhowlettxubuntu655, error message?11:28
cfhowlettand HOW did you "put it" onto a flash drive?11:28
xubuntu655extracted file into usb. the xubuntu 64bit iso file11:28
xubuntu655and the usb had additional data as well unrelated to xubuntu11:29
xubuntu655no error message, it just doesnt load11:29
xubuntu655boot sorry, doesnt boot11:29
cfhowlettxubuntu655, ???? the standard way is to use either ubuntustartupdisk creator or unetbootin to create the bootable media.  extracting onto usb is NOT going to make it bootable.11:30
xubuntu655ok thanks all this seems alien tech to me, being from windows background and all11:32
cfhowlettxubuntu655, no problem.  did you find the USB startupdisk creator app?11:33
xubuntu655and hey do u know how i can increase by disk space from 18gb. i had installed ubuntu 13.10 and by mistake given it only 18gb11:33
xubuntu655no, i'll install using another procedure.11:33
xubuntu655i'll install it onto my ubuntu 13.1011:33
cfhowlettxubuntu655, 18g is PLENTY!11:33
cfhowlettxubuntu655, but if you already have ubuntu, then you don't need xubuntu11:34
xubuntu655its not. im out of space. my windows has 200 gb11:34
xubuntu655wont xubuntu be faster?11:34
cfhowlettxubuntu655, depends on system hardware.  generally yes.  but just add xfce4 and the xubuntu-desktop to ubuntu.  logout.  choose xfce4 session.  login.  that's xubuntu.11:35
xubuntu655oh yeah the issue with ubuntu is it overheats my laptop a lot, and the boot time is a bit slow. specially i think when the image is loaded it takes a lot of time, hardware problem?11:35
cfhowlettxubuntu655, probably not problem so much as hardware limitations.  what are your system specs?11:36
xubuntu655i3 i think 2.20ghz11:36
xubuntu6556gb of ram11:36
xubuntu655no additional graphics card. system default.  dell inspiron11:37
cfhowlettxubuntu655, keep ubuntu.  install lxde and xfce4.  test them both out.  NO graphics!?11:37
cfhowlettOH< got it.11:37
cfhowlettxubuntu655, I'd say test out your options and choose.11:38
xubuntu655ok. and one more thing, whenever i login to ubuntu when i type my password and press enter, the whole display freezes for just a second or more and the top half part's image kinda disintegrates11:38
xubuntu655is it normal?11:39
cfhowlettxubuntu655, now THAT is graphics limitations ...11:39
cfhowlettunity is graphics intensive.11:39
xubuntu655so xfce4 will be better?11:39
xubuntu655will i have to remove gnome as well completely?11:40
cfhowlettalmost certainly faster.11:40
cfhowlettremove nothing until you finalize a distro.11:40
xubuntu655hmm thhanks a lot11:40
xubuntu655i was getting mad without aid11:40
xubuntu655distro is a desktop environment?11:41
xubuntu655like unity etc etc???11:41
xubuntu655new in linux i am11:41
cfhowlettlots more eyes in the main channel #ubuntu.  distro = ubuntu, DE (desktop environment) = unity, xfce4, lxde, gnome ...11:41
xubuntu655thanks cfhowlett, your the man11:42
cfhowlettxubuntu655, have fun, be safe11:42
xubuntu655or maybe the woman, im just sorry.11:42
Sysidifferent *buntus are essentially just different default sets of software (on install disk)11:42
cubxubuntu655, I'd say you will do great with xubuntu (or lubuntu) with those specs on your pc. I've been running an eee pc with xubuntu for years with just 1 GB of RAM.11:46
cubxubuntu655, ubuntu with unity totally killed it though.11:47
shuerhaakenHello. I have an issue with xfce4-power-manager. It's not starting in ~60% of my logins. I slightly improved situation with a delayed start via a script (start after sleep 4). In cases where xfce4-power-manager did not start automatically it cannot be started manually (it immediately exits without error message). How can I find out what is wrong?15:00
brainwashshuerhaaken: try to run it with "--no-daemon", this way you'll get some debug output in the terminal window15:08
shuerhaakenbrainwash: Thanks for reply! I'll try that next time I have this issue15:15
shuerhaakenbrainwash: Actually power manager is there but it's not doing anything. Tried 'xfce4-power-manager --restart --no-daemon'. This gave me '(xfce4-power-manager:2328): xfce4-power-manager-CRITICAL **: Unable to send reload message'. Selecting org.xfce.PowerManager in d-feet gives me timeout messages.15:40
brainwashshuerhaaken: so the daemonized power manager instance seems to be stuck and does not respond anymore15:45
brainwashcan you reproduce this after killing this instance and starting a new one?15:45
brainwashtest normal and daemon mode15:46
brainwashand is this a stock xubuntu installation?15:47
brainwashthere are some reports about Xfce components not being able to daemonize properly when ubuntu's overlay scrollbar is installed15:48
shuerhaakenkilling and restarting gives me '(xfce4-power-manager:2480): xfce4-power-manager-WARNING **: could not map keysym 1008ffa8 to keycode'15:52
shuerhaakenbrainwash: connection to overlay scrollbar seems strange15:52
brainwashyou got it installed?15:53
shuerhaakenalso otherwise xubuntu stock installation15:54
brainwashbug 123901815:54
ubottubug 1239018 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Disable overlay scrollbars by default in Xubuntu 13.10" [Undecided,Opinion] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123901815:54
shuerhaakenI'll try that. It might take some logins to find out if it actually works. Thanks!15:57
brainwashshuerhaaken: ok, don't forget to add a comment to the report if the overlay scrollbar module is indeed causing the faulty behavior :)16:00
shuerhaakenbrainwash: Will do that as soon as I know more16:08
blimstaHi, I need help blocking an IP or a range of IP's because a person keeps attacking my hosted game and crashing it out. please help17:00
blimstacan anyone recommend a program that will work with my 64bit Ubuntu desktop OS17:06
baizonblimsta: ?17:07
baizoni dont understand you question.17:07
blimstaI need to block an IP from sending data to my computer17:08
baizonblimsta: use ufw, or iptables?17:09
baizonblimsta: or gufw if you want a gui17:09
blimstaI host a game server and someone keeps crashing it out but it's coming from the same IP every time17:09
blimstaok I check them out17:09
blimstawhat one is the most simple to use?17:10
TheSheepthe solution is to fix the bug that is used to crash it17:10
blimstaI know but its a old game and I have no idea how to fix the code17:10
baizonblimsta: gufw/ufw imo17:11
blimstaits an exploit, they doing it 5+ times a day17:11
blimstathanks guys17:12
Steve_McQuackMy update manager seems to have frozen at17:28
Steve_McQuack"Configuring linux-image-3.2.0-58-generic"17:28
Steve_McQuackWhat should I do?17:28
blimstawhat does it mean by "From" and "To". Do I add the ip I want to block in both boxes?17:28
brainwashblimsta: you should read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gufw17:33
blimstaok seem have worked it out. thank very much for the help.17:44
xubuntu132hi all18:52
xubuntu823hi all18:54
xubuntu823im having a problem removing users profile and loosing root18:54
xubuntu823I did a youtube video if any one cares to take a look18:55
glenrockwatching your vid now18:56
xubuntu823thanks better they trying to tell people the problem18:59
brainwash9 minutes long o.o19:00
glenrockxubuntu823: when you enter your password in the software center, are you entering the password that belongs to testerhay?19:01
xubuntu823the password is testerhay19:02
glenrockis testerhay in the /etc/sudoers file?19:02
glenrockthat's interesting.   i wonder what setting account type to "administrator" is supposed to do19:02
glenrocki would think it should add the user to /etc/sudoers, but it sounds like it doesn't19:03
xubuntu823if it was I would not have the problem19:03
xubuntu823it dose not and I get a lot of computer back because of that problem19:03
xubuntu823lubunte is the same way19:03
xubuntu823this but is in 13 all so19:03
knomeit's not a xubuntu or lubuntu related issue19:03
xubuntu823I mean this is in 13 all so19:04
xubuntu823ya if can be fixed from terminal19:05
knomeif you are providing computers for clients, and they remove the first user and come up with this problem, i would consider adding a second user with sudo rights just to be able to recover19:05
xubuntu823i guess what would be one work around19:06
glenrockso what does the account type of "administrator" mean?19:06
glenrockwhat does that do?19:06
brainwashthe user management tool is not maintained anymore19:06
xubuntu823but this is a bug right?19:07
brainwashit is19:07
knomeit can either be a bug in the user management tool (which isn't really maintained any more)19:07
knomeor possibly be a bug in ubuntu,19:07
brainwashlet me check the source code19:07
knomeor then it's like that by design19:07
knomei would imagine the administrator has other group memberships regular users don't19:08
knomeoff the focus of this channel, but there should be a new user manager soon, and we're investigating to include that in 14.0419:09
glenrockxubuntu823: sounds like you'll have to come up with a process.  perhaps the first user you create is always "administrator", so people know not to delete that guy19:11
glenrockthen maybe have a script in adminstrator's home to make another user a sudoer19:11
knomeor not give the users the permissions to delete users...19:11
glenrockjust a thought19:11
xubuntu823ya I will figure out some work around19:11
glenrockmaybe it makes sense to actually enable the root account in this scenario19:12
glenrockor is that a no-no in ubuntu-land?19:12
brainwashxubuntu823: can you run "groups <user>" after creating the new super user please?19:12
brainwashI suspect that the tool is not aware of the "sudo" grp19:13
xubuntu823how do I do that?19:13
xubuntu823let me look19:13
brainwashinside a terminal window19:13
xubuntu823whats the command19:13
brainwashgroups <user>19:14
xubuntu823sorry i have some one else that knows a lot more than me19:14
glenrockgroup testerhay19:14
xubuntu823testhay is not in the suberos file19:15
knomeglenrock, i would rather do something else than enable the root account19:15
brainwashxubuntu823: run "groups testhay"19:15
brainwashand paste the output here19:15
xubuntu823testhay@ubuntu:/bin$ groups testhay testhay : testhay adm dialout fax cdrom floppy tape dip video plugdev fuse lpadmin sambashare19:17
glenrockthat's interesting.    since the user wasn't added to the group called "sudo", he doesn't become a sudoer19:18
knomeglenrock, that's hardly "interesting" ;)19:18
glenrockit is to me!  the root of the problem19:18
brainwashbug 101693219:19
ubottubug 1016932 in gnome-system-tools (Ubuntu) "Setting user as administrator doesn't give him sudoing rights" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101693219:19
brainwashso this issue hasn't been resolved yet19:21
xubuntu823have to get ready soon thanks for the info19:24
brainwashxubuntu823: thanks for your effort by providing this screencast :)19:25
xubuntu823thanks for all your work sir have a good one19:25
shuerhaakenbrainwash: I added a comment to bug 1239018 . Disabling overlay-scrollbars seems to fix the issue.19:36
ubottubug 1239018 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Disable overlay scrollbars by default in Xubuntu 13.10" [Undecided,Opinion] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123901819:36
brainwashshuerhaaken: thanks19:37
brainwashbut I'm not sure if anyone will actually try to resolve this problem19:38
shuerhaakenbrainwash: Yes. I see that comment "no longer affects: overlay-scrollbar (Ubuntu) "19:39
brainwashI don't think that overlay-scrollbar is the actual problem, there seems to be something wrong with the daemonize routine in many Xfce components19:40
brainwashthey get stuck when sourcing the overlay scrollbar gtk module19:41
shuerhaakendifficult to debug, if it does not happen all the time19:41
brainwashI'll try to report this upstream and also mention it in #xfce-dev19:42
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thestewSo I have a few different older computers that I have tried Xubuntu with. Only 2 of them have run it well, the others have performed horribly(even after installing all drivers they would still usually have unbearable graphics lag and take forever to just get on the internet), but all those computers have run excellently with both Lubuntu and Windows XP. Anyone know why this might be?23:19
pleia2xubuntu isn't as light as lubuntu, you really want lubuntu for older systems23:27
Unit193Pretty much, though what's the specs?23:30
thestewThe specs for the computers that sucked with Xubuntu are:23:32
thestew 1(Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHz, 512MB RAM)    2(Intel Celeron 2.66GHz, 504MB RAM)     3(Intel Pentium 4 2GHz, 512MB RAM)23:32
thestewAnd a few other like those.23:32
knome512MB memory is a bit short23:33
Unit193For at least the second two, as far as CPU it shouldn't be so bad, but ram is looow.23:33
knomeyou might get better results with a lighter browser23:33
thestewI was using chrome.23:34
thestewBut for the 2nd computer, even playing videos would lag the whole computer.23:34
Unit193CPU~Single core Intel Pentium 4 CPU (-UP-) clocked at 2789.750 Mhz Kernel~3.10.20-u193 i686 Up~50 days Mem~1190.2/1955.1MB HDD~40.0GB(69.8% used) Procs~230 Client~Unknown : sshd inxi~1.9.1823:34
Unit193That uses Xubuntu.23:34
knomenot sure if i'd call chrome lighter23:34
Unit193I sure wouldn't.23:34
knomealso playing videos is really meh with lower end pc's23:34
thestewSo I just assumed that Xubuntu would be less resource hungry than XP, but I was wrong, Correct?23:35
knomedepends on the applications you are running23:36
pleia2correct, XP is a very old OS, Xubuntu is modern :)23:36
knomeyes, and that too23:36
thestewMakes sense.23:36
thestewSo could we rule out that it had some sort of compatability issues with the issues and was just their crappy hardware?23:36
Unit193Chrome won't be the best, it spawns a new process for each tab.  Lubuntu will do better than Xubuntu as far as ram, but browser will still be the hold up.23:36
thestewThose computers with Lubuntu run videos perfectly fine on Chrome, can even use multiple tabs to do stuff.23:37
Unit193"unbearable graphics lag" and taking forever to get on the internet generally aren't low ram problems, exactly.23:37
thestewI'd love to see if regular Ubuntu works well on any of them but I don't have any blank DVD's and they're too old to be able to boot with USB.23:38

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