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rozzinfullermd: apparently bzr-colo includes a "colo-clean" command that does GC.03:42
fullermdInteresting.  Only applies to colo setups.  A little testing doesn't seem to clear up much though.05:44
fullermdMaybe it's removing revs but not texts?05:45
lifelessfullermd: or maybe compressed data is compressed05:52
rozzinThe logic is the _clean() function in commands.py.05:52
lifelessfullermd: make sure you're excluding obsolete but not deleted packs05:52
fullermdI only looked in packs/05:52
fullermdSpecifically, I created a fresh workspace, committed a 20 meg .mp3, then uncommitted that rev.  I had to make an empty --unchanged rev before colo-clean would do anything, but after it did it cleared up about 100 bytes from the packfile.05:57
rozzinI do notice that "bzr heads --dead" no longer lists any dead heads after I run "bzr colo-clean".05:57
fullermdWhich seems reasonably for getting rid of the commit, but either left the text or bzr's compression has gotten *really* bad at compressing nothing.05:57
rozzinTrying to repack a repository with zero commits in it?05:59
rozzinI'm guessing that's a no-op?06:05
rozzinThough I guess it might at least move .bzr/repository/packs/* into .bzr/repository/obsolete_packs.06:05
rozziner, .bzr/branches/.bzr/repository/... in the case of a colo-ify'd workspace....06:08
rozzinOh, no--it's that colo-clean on a workspace with no commits is a no-op.06:12
rozzin"No cleaning necessary."06:12
rozzinMm. OK, colo-clean is a no-op _because_ pack() is a no-op.06:13
lifelessbzr pack should delete unreferenced texts06:23
lifelessmmm I think06:23
lifelesscertainly clone will06:23
rozzinhaving pack do gc sounds dangerous to me.06:24
rozzinfullermd: Now I see what you mean. Even with a non-empty set of commits, colo-clean isn't freeing up the space used by my 94-MB file-that-no-longer-exists-in-any-commits, either.06:25

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