valorieoh that's very nice00:00
soee_well we all want to use the best distro :)00:02
valorieRiddell: do you mind taking a look at http://pastebin.kde.org/po3du7nrf00:02
valoriemy proposed stuff for ubuntu user days00:03
valorieI don't want to present anything inaccurately00:03
valoriedon't worry, it's short00:03
Riddellvalorie: looks good01:14
RiddellKDE is the international community which has created the KDE desktop <-- dunno if that should be Plasma Desktop01:14
ahoneybunhey Riddell01:16
Riddellsleep time :)01:19
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manchickenAnybody know how to do the whole forking a git repo in the KDE repos? I'm wanting to fork libqapt so I can merge my changes in.01:45
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valoriemanchicken: you should file a ticket about your 'retired' status or whatever it is02:25
manchickenvalorie: I already got my developers group back.02:25
manchickenI'm more talking about remotes.02:26
manchickenI thought there'd be a server I could push to for KDE's git stuff.02:26
valorieyes, you can push once you clone the repo and start making changes in your fork02:27
ahoneybunhey valorie02:27
valoriethen you put your diff on reviewboard, and if it's accepted, push to the server02:27
valoriehi ahoneybun02:27
valoriemanchicken: also: #git02:27
manchickenThe question is which remote do I use?02:28
manchickenI'm familiar with git, I just don't know where to push my changes to.02:28
valoriedepends on the project02:28
valoriesome have a working branch02:28
valoriesome push to master02:29
valorieyou want to check with the team such as it is02:29
manchickenI guess that's going to be tricky with JonT being at large.02:30
ahoneybungetting more and more translated02:30
manchickenI wonder if apol has super powers on that project.02:30
manchickenhttps://identity.kde.org/index.php?r=people/view&uid=mstemle <-- w00t02:31
valoriemanchicken: what are your medals for?02:33
manchickenMy first half marathon.02:33
valorieand \o/ on getting that set up again!02:33
manchickenAnd the 5k the night before.02:33
manchickenI'm going to create three local branches for these three changes and then submit them again.02:34
valoriewhy three?02:35
valorieso they can be pushed separately?02:35
manchickenJonT wanted one for the main changes, one for the deprecation warning from libapt-pkg, and one for the krazy2 warnings.02:35
manchickenAnd then he kinda disappeared back into the ether :)02:35
valorieI'm far from a git expert, so if I were you, I'd check with #git before going to all that extra trouble02:37
valorieseems like most would make a "manchicken" branch, commit to that, and with each commit, submit the diff to reviewboard02:37
manchickenWe use git at work, so I'm comfortable with that.02:37
valoriethey you know more than me02:38
manchickenUnfortunately I don't know where to push those branches, so they'll all be local.02:38
manchickenI guess I could just push them up to my github as well, too.02:38
valoriesomehow they gotta get to the KDE git eventually02:39
manchickenYeah, but I'm thinking that JonT may have left this in a state where review board is the only way things get in.02:40
valorieright, but after someone says "Ship it" it still has to get from your machine to kde git02:40
valorieyou have the *right* to just push now02:41
valoriebut reviewboard is the polite, acceptable way to check things out first02:41
ahoneybunso valorie 4.13 might make it into 14.04?02:42
valorieputs us doc people in a funny place02:43
valoriebut you know, everything can be fixed later, if we're inaccurate anywhere02:43
ahoneybunI don't think we put version numbers anywhere02:43
ahoneybunif that's the case02:47
manchickenvalorie: They could just apply the patch.02:49
valorietrue, and they sometimes do that02:50
valoriesort of depends on the team and how they work02:51
valorieI know in Amarok that 'drive byes' will have the patch applied02:51
valoriewhereas GSoC students will push their branches to master02:51
valorieafter the go-ahead02:51
ahoneybunI want to know how that one student is doing with feature tour page02:53
valorieprobably what has been done at this point is about it02:54
valorieI'm going to assume that school has commenced, since we haven't heard anything from him lately02:55
ahoneybunvalorie: about those Kubuntu Stickers03:00
valoriethey haven't arrived yet03:00
valoriebut when they do, do you want some?03:00
ahoneybunyes for sure03:00
mamarleyKubuntu stickers?  Like ones to replace the Microsoft® Windows® stickers that come on PCs?03:06
valoriei don't think so03:07
valorieI've had those tiny ubuntu stickers before that did that though03:07
valoriethey are awesome03:07
* mamarley has been looking for a sticker to cover up the ugly Microsoft® Windows® 8 logo button on his keyboard for quite some time now.03:08
mamarleyI used to have an Ubuntu one on my old laptop, but it fell off.03:09
ahoneybunmamarley: the ubuntu store has one03:10
valorieI think those are too big to fit one key03:13
ahoneybunI think there is one sticker that does03:13
valoriemine were tiny; just the right size for the superkey03:14
mamarleySomeone gave me a set of Redhat stickers the other day, but I didn't figure that would be appropriate ;p03:15
valorieI have a fedora sticker on this laptop03:18
valoriealong with an assortment of others03:19
valoriewe're all compadres in freedom03:19
manchickenOkay, I'm going to head to bed, I have a race in the morning. Later all.03:48
valoriesweet dreams03:49
ahoneybunI think translations are going well, you valorie?04:32
valorieI haven't looked today04:32
ahoneybun6 langs other then english on the home page04:32
valorievery good european coverage04:35
valoriewhat I *really* want though, is mandarin04:35
valoriethat would spread our disto to so many people04:38
valorieI mean, we need localization as well as docs04:38
valoriebut you know what I mean04:38
valoriethere is ubuntu-kylin or whatever04:38
valoriebut it isn't very popular in my torrents04:39
valoriewhich of course are not accurate in any way04:39
ahoneybunI wanted to see how much my gf could put into korean04:41
valorieKorean would be awesome as well04:42
ahoneybunshe does very well I think for just one year in04:42
ahoneybunshe has done 3 years I believe worth of work in that timeframe04:43
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lordievaderGood morning.09:31
* Riddell blogs http://wire.kubuntu.org/?p=13011:22
tester56is kcm_locale patched in kubuntu?12:06
tester56i discovered a bug which could be due to a patch12:06
tester56if yes, where to report the crash?12:08
BluesKajHowdy all12:18
Riddelltester56: yes it is12:20
Riddelltester56: report on kde-workspace I think and best e-mail kubuntu-devel too so me or apachelogger know to look12:21
tester56Riddell: thanks, where to report a crash?12:21
tester56you mean the kubuntu devel mailing list?12:22
Riddelltester56: yes12:22
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kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1270571] Systemsettings crash when interrupting kcm-language at loading @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1270571 (by KDEUSER56)12:47
tester56Riddell: as pointed out by kubotu, i have reported the crash12:49
tester56also sent the mail, as requested12:49
Riddelllovely thanks12:50
BluesKajgawd  the display configuration is a mess on kde, toggling between hdmi and lvds1 is like musical chairs , it should be more straight forward12:52
BluesKajoops wrong chat12:53
tester56Riddell: Actually I cannot send to the kubuntu mailing list, as I have to be approved first 12:58
Riddelltester56: either subscribe or give me your e-mail and I'll whitelist you13:07
jarkkoBluesKaj: what is lvds13:44
lordievaderjarkko: It is a connector type usually used to connect laptop screens to their motherboard.13:45
mamarleyLow Voltage Differential Signaling: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low-voltage_differential_signaling14:09
BluesKajok , too much info already :)14:11
lordievaderPerhaps more than just a connector ;)14:12
BluesKajaka line level voltage signals14:18
semPeace-: 14:34
jarkko_not much talk here today+14:39
Peace-Riddell: have you an idea about these black edges ? http://nowardev.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/konversation.jpeg14:40
Peace-when i use ksnapshot i get always them 14:40
Peace-it's a bit weird 14:40
jarkko_photoshopped ;)14:40
Peace-jarkko_: ^?14:41
Peace-i just used ksnapshot 14:41
Peace-and it does it all the time 14:41
Peace-before it worked great14:41
mamarleyPeace-: It is because ksnapshot automatically includes the semi-transparent shadow around the image, but JPEG doesn't support alpha transparency.  You should use PNG instead. :)14:43
Peace-mamarley: yes15:19
Peace-it's jpeg15:19
Peace-dmaned jpeg15:19
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manchickenw00t! I have a branch for my libqapt changes, and it's pushed, and now it can be reviewed in a sane and normal manner!19:46
manchickenapachelogger: I updated the Trello ticket for the kubuntu-debug-installer.22:48
manchickenI'm going to have to re-factor a few things with the changes I have in libqapt now.22:50
mikhashow does trello work for you guys?22:55
ahoneybunmikhas: great for us docs people23:00
mikhascan someone like me who is just an observer get access to your trello instance?23:06
mikhasalways wondered how it works out in real life23:06
mikhaswhether it works at all ;-)23:06
Riddellmikhas: what happens if you go to trello.com/kubuntu ?23:19
* Riddell away most of tomorrow23:41
Riddellmikhas: send an invite23:41
mikhasoh wow, cool23:49
mikhaswhy, I see trello's dashboard of course23:49
mikhasis everything public?23:50
mikhasso as a very active user, is mr. apachelogger happy with trello? ;-)23:51
mikhasback in the good Nokia days, we had tons of management tools, all requiring more help being themselves managed by us than helping us managing our tasks ;-)23:51
mikhasbut it was a valuable experience in futile process management23:52
valoriethere is a open source variant of trello that is coming along23:57
valoriewe might look at that when it's a bit more mature23:58
mikhasdoes that really matter to you?23:59
mikhasdo you plan on adding features to it for instance?23:59

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