valorieMangaKaDenza: LFS?00:00
MangaKaDenzalinux from scratch00:01
valoriespinoffs are always allowed, afaik00:02
binBlobHi could it be that the feature code fold level 1, 2, n have been removed from kate ??00:19
valoriebinBlob: there is a #kate chan; perhaps they can answer your question00:20
binBlobvalorie: all dead in there00:22
valoriewell, perhaps write the list, then00:22
binBlobguess I have to, I hate mailists :)00:24
valoriebinBlob: everyone can't be on irc all the time, but we all have email00:26
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Poisoned_DragonCurrently running Kubuntu 14.04. Awesome job thus far. :)03:23
MangaKaDenzaPoisoned_Dragon: how is wayland?03:23
Poisoned_Dragonum... silly question. How do I know that it's running?03:23
Unit193Poisoned_Dragon: It isn't. :P03:24
Poisoned_DragonAh good. Would have been concerned since inxi tells me it's xorg. :)03:24
MangaKaDenzawait, isn't 14.04 supposed to run the almighty wayland?03:25
Poisoned_DragonMaybe it's something you can implement on your own, via repo. The default install uses xorg.03:25
Unit193Oh wow, weston is actually in the repo, though.03:26
valoriea bit early for all that03:26
valoriekwin is still being ported03:26
valoriethey held off on mir, as well03:27
Poisoned_Dragonintel didn't seem to thrilled about mir, either.03:28
valorienobody is yet03:30
valoriewho knows what the future holds03:30
schlampestomperim new to linux, looks cool03:30
valoriehi schlampestomper03:31
schlampestomperhi valorie03:31
valorieso you just installed kubuntu?03:31
schlampestomperwell ubuntu 13.0403:31
valorievery nice03:31
valorieanything we can help you with?03:32
TubbyMy penis is stuck in my 40oz budweiser (don't ask) how can i get it out?03:32
valoriethanks, tsimpson03:33
tsimpsonmulti-op :)03:33
valorieand IdleOne03:34
valorieI got my command backwards03:34
IdleOneteam work!03:34
Unit193IdleOne: You won.03:42
Unit193Poisoned_Dragon: I don't think inxi "supports" Mir or Wayland/Weston though.03:42
IdleOneI think we all lose every time we are forced to ban someone03:43
Poisoned_DragonGreat, now I have to go google that.03:43
valorieIdleOne: true03:44
valoriebut they deliberately asked to be banned03:45
Poisoned_Dragonit probably will as waylnd becomes more prevalent.03:47
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lordievaderGood morning.09:31
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realnWOdoes ubuntu come with a list of CA's to check certificate hashes?11:10
realnWOwhen i log in it says unsigned cert11:11
realnWOor does freenode not have a cert11:11
Unit193What client?11:11
realnWOif the cert is not signed thats fine, i jusst wanna know11:12
Unit193Might have to set the CAPath to /etc/ssl/certs/11:13
realnWOis that a env var globally11:15
realnWOor specific to konversaton11:15
realnWOi guess the real questoin is where to set it11:15
Unit193It'd be the IRC client.  Not sure, never used that one.11:16
realnWOwheres the package manager put apps11:17
realnWOo i see .kde11:18
realnWOprocess will inherit my bash environment if i restart it rite?11:36
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realNWOthe issuer isnt default Gandi Standard SSL CA11:46
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BluesKajHowdy all12:18
george___hello. I'm running Kubuntu 13.10 (KDE 4.12) on Dell 4050. After I've connected to a tv via hdmi, I can't login to kde desktop unless I'm connected to tv's hdmi cable. I've already turned off, choose start empty session, choose setting to default on size and screen, nothing works. Please help me!12:20
realNWOman linux people seem to like default microscopic font sizes12:22
realNWOgeorge i had that problem too12:24
realNWOprolly your laptop12:24
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BluesKajgeorge___, system settings>display&monitor>display configuration, with hdmi connected , choose the LVDS1 which is the laptop , you must do this each time you decide to switch back to the laptop screen before shutting down.12:25
george___BluesKaj: hdmi must be checked?12:26
BluesKajno , choose the LVDS112:27
george___BluesKaj: That was done before. But now, if I reboot, or shut down, when typing the password at login screen won't lead to kde desktop. it freezes at kde login12:28
BluesKajis the hdmi connected ?12:29
george___BluesKaj: I can only login if hdmi cable is connect, even if the tv is off, which is the case right now.12:29
george___BluesKaj: hdmi cabele is connect, but unchecked and tv is off.12:29
BluesKajthen turn the tv on and choose the laptop LVDS1, then disconnect the hdmi from the laptop after you have a working screen on the laptop12:31
george___I'll try that.12:31
george___BluesKaj: doing what you've suggested, I've got a black screen right after unplugged the hdmi cable. I had to plug it back.12:34
BluesKajdid you turn the tv output off on the tv screen, by choosing LVDS1 there?12:36
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george___yes, tv's showing no signal message.12:37
BluesKajok reconnect to tv , choose the 'toggle primary output' on the hdmi , then try again12:38
george___you mean on tv or kkde?12:39
BluesKajyou need to login and choose the monitor in system settings , which ever one you get to work , the tv or the laptop12:41
george___now hdmi is checked and shows a desktop on tv with the default wallpaper and nothing else. lvds1is checked to and on monitor i'm on quassel.12:42
BluesKajthen try toggling primary output on that display configuration on lvds112:43
george___lvds1 is checked as primary output. what do I do now?12:45
BluesKajok, so lvds1 is now your primary output, disconnect the hdmi from the laptop12:46
BluesKajdoes the hdmi indicator disappear ?12:47
george___right after disconnecting the cable, I get a black screen12:47
BluesKajwhere ?12:47
george___i had to plug it back12:47
george___or laptop's screen12:47
george___on laptop12:47
george___'s screen12:47
BluesKajok reconnect and toggle it again12:48
george___should i unchecked hmdi ?12:49
BluesKajthe display configuration is a mess on kde , already complained about it12:49
george___BluesKaj:After doing that, my graphics crashed completely, I've got un unusable screen, with very messed graphics and had to reboot. another freeze on kde login, and only after connecting hdmi cable I was able to get back here12:54
BluesKajwhich gpu?12:58
george___I'm saying that screen was completely unusable, with very messed and crashed graphics. RSEIUB worked to reboot.12:59
BluesKajthen there's somehing else wrong13:00
george___BluesKaj: I'm really desperated right now. I have to fix this monitor issue before tomorrow...13:02
realNWOthen cry some moar13:02
realNWOmaybe your tears will fix it13:02
BluesKajrealNWO, no need for that13:02
george___BluesKaj: So, what should I do now?13:04
realNWOi fixed it i wasnt using freenode.net but some side server13:04
BluesKajgeorge___,  make sure the toggle primary output on both are donfigurations are greyed out (the little star in the middle of the config dialog box)13:07
george___ok, both are greyed out13:08
lordievadergeorge___: What graphics card and driver are you using?13:08
BluesKajnow choose the lvds113:09
george___how can i check the driver?13:09
george___graphics are Intel HD 300013:09
lordievadergeorge___: lspci -k|grep -A2 VGA13:09
lordievaderHmm, those things usually work...13:10
BluesKajlordievader, it's not the driver it's the messy display configuration , I think13:10
george___lordievader: lspci -k|grep -A2 VGA returned me 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)13:11
george___        Subsystem: Dell Device 050213:11
george___        Kernel driver in use: i91513:11
BluesKajsame chip here, same driver13:11
lordievaderYeah, it probably isn't the card/driver...13:12
realNWOhdmi conflicts with the VGA outputon your laptop there are special function keys u have to use13:12
realNWOu can clone the display to both or choose one or the other13:13
realNWOlook at your function keys13:13
george___I was pressing F1 which has some monitor function keys, but nothing happens, excepted those ps13:14
realNWOit works with the bios yer gonna have to reboot13:14
realNWOset the function key, u might have to do ctrl+F113:15
realNWOthen reboot13:15
realNWOthe bios will recognize the correct display output13:15
realNWOit mite not be F113:15
realNWOi had the exact same problem with a gateway13:17
realNWOalternating between the built-in display and an HDMI external display13:18
realNWOlaptops have some direct control over hardware via the mobo/bios13:19
realNWOits possible they will do something like disable a RAMDAC if it thinks u intend to use HDMI13:20
realNWOso your VGA driver wont work no matter what13:20
realNWOits prolly cuz LED displays use alot of power and it eager to save power13:20
BluesKajok george___ , both the hdmi and the lvds1 display configuration have to untoggled and unchecked in order to get your laptop screen back, after rebooting ...I have the same intel gpu and driver as you have.13:37
BluesKajand that's what i had to do13:38
george___BluesKaj:really? I'll try that right now.13:38
BluesKajgeorge___, since your laptop screen is default, rebooting should restore your screen13:39
george___BluesKaj:ok, I'm trying that now.13:39
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BluesKajpoor george , think he's stuck in limbo again :/14:19
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realNWOu cant fix stupid14:46
Roeyhi.  Why is SSH filtered for me?  Is it anything in this table, or is it past this computer?  http://pastebin.com/nCXnaPUt16:45
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Ruser_NEED HELP! Hi evebody! I'm in despear, my kubuntu network manager is empty 4 days, can not even connect to local network, how to fix it?17:52
Poisoned_Dragona little more info please.17:53
lordievaderRuser_: Have you defined your NICs in /etc/network/interfaces?17:54
Poisoned_Dragonis this 4 days after a clean install, or an existing install where the network manager was working?17:54
Ruser_sorry guys, I'm not so advansed user I wish may be, any way I have KDE 13.10 and problem is that network manager does not connect to local net, reboot doesn't help, how to push network manager work properly?17:57
lordievaderRuser_: Could you pastebin your  /etc/network/interfaces?17:59
lordievader!paste| Ruser_18:00
ubottuRuser_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:00
lordievaderRuser_: You can open the file with: "kdesudo kate /etc/network/interfaces" Then copy the contents to http://paste.ubuntu.com, and give us the link.18:01
Ruser_I'm posting from other pc, my kubuntu pc is out of local- and internet, it can't found any interfaces for this reason, I use 13.10 a few months already, sometimes mentioned problem happens, but I fix it by reboot, now I can't fix it 4 days already.18:06
lordievaderRuser_: Ah right.. Anyhow for as far as I know, if you want to use the KDE network manager those interfaces should not be declared in /etc/network/interfaces. (Of course you can choose not to use the KDE network manager and simply use /etc/network/interfaces)18:08
lolnoobHi. Sorry for little offtop. I tryed to instal ubuntu on computer which already have windows 8.1. But ubuntu installer don't see it. Installer offers to instal ubuntu with full clear of my HDD. How to fix it?18:09
Ruser_lordievader_: ok, how to use it instead of KDE NM?18:09
lordievaderlolnoob: This is #kubuntu, go to #ubuntu for Ubuntu support.18:10
lordievaderRuser_: Append the following to /etc/network/interfaces: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6781396/18:11
Ruser_lordievader_: how to add this to etc/...?18:15
lordievaderRuser_: Open it with kate, in a terminal: kdesudo kate /etc/network/interfaces18:16
Ruser_lordievader: have I save this two rows just like new file in ../interfaces?18:25
lordievaderRuser_: The file /etc/network/interfaces should already exist. You just need to add those two lines at the bottom of the file.18:26
Ruser_lordievader: should I delete old 2 lines? and will "iface eth0 inet dhcp" work properly if I use l2tp to connect to internet?18:31
lordievaderRuser_: Dont delete the other 2 lines. Do you have a router in between your pc's and the internet?18:32
Ruser_no, direct wire connection.18:33
lordievaderRuser_: Err, than I don't know what to do. I have no experience with l2tp.18:33
Ruser_connect to l2tp isn't problem, problem is to reanimate connection to local network, now wire is connected in pc, but it doesn't see connection ((18:37
lordievaderRuser_: Could you explain your network setup?18:37
Ruser_I have wired connection in nm via IPv4 method automatic, when pc is connected to local wired connection than I connect to inet via l2tp connection.18:43
lordievaderRuser_: Your l2tp connection is seperate from the wired connection?18:44
lordievaderRuser_: Ok, do you happen to know how those NICS are named? Ex. eth0 for the wired.18:46
lordievaderRuser_: Did it work before btw?18:49
Ruser_it names like VPN L2TP, it worked 4 days before.18:51
lordievaderRuser_: Hmm, I'm afraid I cannot help you. As I've said before I have no experience with VPN/L2TP. Perhaps there are people in #kde or in #ubuntu who can help you. Else you can try the (K)ubuntu forums.18:53
Ruser_c'mon, just forget l2tp, as I said it's need to fix connection to local net, maybe it's possible just to reboot network manager or how to push it to work?18:55
lordievaderRuser_: Hmm, I though the problem was the l2tp. The local connection should be simple, add those two lines of earlier to /etc/network/interfaces and reboot.18:56
Ruser_lordievader: added, rebooting..19:00
Ruser_now system notifies that Network Manager is not running19:02
lordievaderRuser_: That is probably try, do you have an ip address under eth0 when you run "ifconfig"?19:06
Ruser_now it doesn't show ip address..19:12
lordievaderRuser_: Then there is no dhcp server listening to your request. You could try setting up a static ip, if you know your network details: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-configure-a-static-ip-address-tutorial/ scroll down to the Ubuntu bit.19:18
lordievaderAnyhow, I'm off. Good luck!19:18
Ruser_thanks lordievader!19:19
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RumerKDE 13.10, network manager does not set any connection, has anybody solution to cure it?20:47
BluesKajRumer, ethernet ?20:50
BluesKajopen a terminal then run , sudo dhclient eth0 , try network manager then20:51
RumerBluesKaj: nothing happens.20:58
BluesKajRumer, nothing happens in the terminal or with NM?20:59
RumerBluesKaj: after type your command in terminal and in NM I mean.21:01
BluesKajRumer, try this in the terminal to see if there's a gateway IP , route -n |grep UG21:03
RumerBluesKaj: Nothing has changed, NM is working as a prosess in system, but it doesn't connecting to ethernet at all.21:04
BluesKajRumer, pastebin the output of ifconfig21:06
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:10
RumerBluesKaj: http://pastebin.kde.org/pudr8kymu21:12
BluesKajRumer, are you using a VM ?21:13
Rumerno, real pc21:13
BluesKajRumer, ifup etho, then, eth0=dhcp , then, sudo dhclient eth021:17
BluesKajalso make sure you have the network manager widget installed in the panel21:18
Poisoned_Dragonshouldn't it be in the system tray?21:20
BluesKajPoisoned_Dragon, sometimes the system tray shows NM , but it isn't enabled21:21
Unit193Poisoned_Dragon: inxi supports neither mir nor wayland, yeah.  He'd need some data dump for them.21:22
Poisoned_Dragonwow, that was awhile ago, Unit193. Still, thanks for the info.21:23
RumerBluesKaj: system shows samples of commands after 'eth0=dhcp' but nothing useful, after 'sudo dhclient eth0' nothing happens at all.21:24
Rumerwidget installed.21:26
BluesKajRumer, open /etc/network/interfaces with krunner (run command) , then check this site,  http://askubuntu.com/questions/3159/delete-eth0-avahi-from-the-ifconfig-list21:29
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