DarkPlayerwgrant: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/162825128/buildlog.txt.gz this problem still occurs00:48
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marnoldquestion is all of lp open source now including the PPA service06:32
wgrantDarkPlayer: Hrm, but only intermittently.06:39
wgrantmarnold: Yes06:39
wgrantIt's all open source nowadays.06:39
marnoldsweet i don't suppose there's a prebuilt vmware appliance somewhere06:40
wgrantThere isn't. It's a fairly challenging system to run and keep running.06:41
marnoldI need a PPA-like system for maintaining a custom version of Ubuntu06:43
marnoldit's my personal remix with all the stuff to manage my neurological condition06:43
wgrantYou can't just use a PPA on Launchpad.net?06:44
wgrantRunning an entire separate Launchpad instance is no small undertaking, unfortunately.06:44
marnoldI'm wondering if i can06:44
marnoldbut there's some binary blobs06:44
marnoldthat need to be in06:45
marnoldwith pre-entered license keys and the like06:45
marnoldand cost is a factor06:45
wgrantHave you considered just manually maintaining a local repository with a tool like reprepro?06:47
marnoldso I'm just looking at options06:47
marnoldthat's what I've been doing06:47
wgrantLaunchpad's *possible* to run locally, but it's fairly challenging and probably total overkill for your purposes.06:47
marnoldbut it's looking like I'm going to have to do 12.04 and 14.04 in parrell06:48
marnoldI was stuck on dapper until like it's end of life06:49
marnolddon't want to do that again06:49
marnoldso lp is out06:50
marnoldnext stop google06:50
wgrantWhy can't you continue using reprepro?06:50
marnoldautobuilds for two different distros at the same time06:53
wgrantThat's easy with a tool like sbuild or pbuilder06:53
wgrantThen throw the binaries from that into reprepro06:53
wgrantDone :)06:53
marnoldok I'll look at my config files and hook scripts and see if i can hack stuff together06:54
marnoldI might just publish the open stuff as a remix06:55
marnoldand keep all the crazy kernel stuff in private repos06:56
marnoldthere's bound to be someone who likes the old brown theme, on MATE :)06:57
marnoldthanks for the advice06:58
wgrantHopefully you'll find a good solution.06:58
marnoldI know I will  always do07:00
marnoldthe one thing that's hard though is giving back07:01
marnoldI tried once had to stop due to a fall down a flight of stairs07:01
marnoldlong off topic story07:02
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DarkPlayerhi, is it possible to mark an attachment as private without making the whole bug report private?19:33
tewardDarkPlayer, not that I know of.  If the attachment is private though, then the bug probably should be, or you shouldn't be uploading private attachments.19:35
pinacoladaQuick question: To assign a blueprint of an application to myself, do I need to be a member of the application drivers, maintainers or both? Thanks!22:08

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