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gingcan anyone help me deploying some nodes on kvm through maas05:38
gingi follow the instructions here05:47
gingbut cannot get it to work, it asks for a mac address, so i tried giving it the mac address of the machine but i see in the logs a not about mac address in use after i try and boot it from the cd05:49
gingso i tried changing the mac and got hostname is in use05:49
gingi don't really understand what maas is able to do with a vm, i through by setting up passwordless login for the maas user and giving it the address of the vm host and power id it would go and boot it and commision it, but that didn't happen05:52
gingi'm fairly certain it is connecting to the vm host ok, because when i add the node with the vm powered off, it powers on06:17
gingi run through the manual maas setup from the boot cd, it finds the maas server, i press ok, it shutsdown and doesn't start back up, and i find an error about hostname or mac in use in the logs06:19
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gingi've managed to break my maas server somehow now10:07
gingit ran out of space on /var10:08
gingbut now won't run after i gave it more space10:08
gingthe apache error logs look like this10:08
gingdpkg-reconfigure on maas-region-controller throws up a lot of errors about rabbitmq10:12
gingls: cannot access /etc/rabbitmq/rabbitmq.conf.d: No such file or directory10:12
gingand ends with invoke-rc.d: initscript maas-txlongpoll, action "start" failed.10:12
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