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alkisg[   24.073489] Buffer I/O error on device zram0, logical block 38446510:55
alkisg...is zram going to be enabled by default?!10:55
alkisgMeh it can't even be uninstalled properly...10:57
* alkisg checks if the recent i915 crashes were because of zram...10:58
alkisgOK no the i915 hangs were due to the newest trusty kernel, not due to zram io errors11:05
elfyalkisg: not sure it's default for anything but lubuntu, but could be wrong11:05
ubottuUbuntu bug 1246664 in linux (Ubuntu Saucy) ""Buffer I/O error on device zram0, logical block 515067"" [Medium,Fix released]11:06
alkisgelfy: hmm then maybe ltsp pulled it, thanks. Although I still have the i/o errors on up-to-date trusty.11:07
* alkisg just purged it though so no harm done11:07
elfyI don't know much about it to be honest, but I couldn't find anything more recent than a discussion in December 201211:08
alkisgOuch, yup, ltsp-client pulled it, I'll file a bug report11:08
* alkisg thought we had lowered zram-config to plain suggests:... in ltsp...11:09
alkisgAh OK I forgot, we did that but didn't yet release a new LTSP version :) http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~vagrantc/ltsp/ltsp-debian-packaging/revision/119011:20
BluesKajHowdy all12:18
penguin42Hey BK12:18
BluesKajhi penguin4212:19
penguin42I wish they'd fix /boot filling up14:19
* mamarley just puts /boot on the same partition as / unless he has a good reason not to.14:19
BluesKajthought /boot was no longer useful. A reasonably sized / plus /home partitions with attention to old dependencies with autoremove and autoclean keep / from filling up here14:26
* mamarley just has one little FAT32 partition for /boot/efi and a big EXT4 partition for / and everything on it.14:27
alkisgDifferent OSes use the same /boot/grub dir, so one can't use a single /boot partition anyway14:28
penguin42well I don't think I manually partitioned this machine; ah it's because I'm using LVM - so it created a /boot because it doesn't realise grub can do lvm14:28
* alkisg has a purge-kernels script that removes all kernels...14:28
BluesKajI keep 2 or 3 kernels, usually purge the older ones periodically14:30
penguin42yeh wth it doesn't do that automatically14:31
elfywhy would it - I might want to keep 1, BluesKaj 2 and you 3 :)14:32
DaekdroomI thought it did that by default o.o14:32
DaekdroomI remember apt-get autoremove cleaning and leaving only 2 kernels in 13.1014:32
DaekdroomNot sure whose feature is that. Ubuntu or apt-get.14:33
penguin42hmm, something odd is going on here du -ms /boot - 81M - df is showing its 236M being full14:33
BluesKajwell 2 is usually enough14:33
DaekdroomI keep 2.14:33
DaekdroomBut I'm not sure about how many I do in fact have installed.14:33
alkisg The older headers are removed, the older images no14:34
DaekdroomAh. Only 2. Although before the last kernel update I had only one.14:34
alkisgIt'd be nice if it marked the autoinstalled ones, and removed all of them except for the last 2, and the manually installed ones14:34
* alkisg is using vmlinuz-3.2.0-4-486 from debian as a fallback...14:39
alkisg..and actually I've just booted with it because i915 crashes with the most recent trusty kernel :D14:40
alkisgIt's also handy for non-pae / non-cmov clients14:40
BluesKajalkisg,a hint , try the libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental module, seems to have solved the crashes here14:49
BluesKajusing the i915 as well of course, works on unity and kde btw14:51
alkisgThanks for the hint BluesKaj15:21
BluesKajalkisg, np ,let me know if it helps15:23
ryaxnbwill ubuntu 14.04 ship with Nautilus 3.10?16:03
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BluesKajhmm, unity is one broken desktop...I can't use it on a large monitor, poor font and dpi options...guess it's meant for tablets and phones19:49
bekksWorks fine here on large displays.19:50
BluesKajwell, if it does then the settings must be hidden somewhere out of sight19:50
bekksNo chhanged settings, just installed the nvidia driver.19:56
BluesKajI'm 3.5M away from a large screen plasma monitor ...my kde font settings etc are accessible and readable on kubuntu... if there are font settings other than larger in universal access then I'd like to know where to find them19:57
BluesKajon unity19:57
BluesKajyes i also installed the nvidia drivers19:58
bekksSo which resolution does your plasma monitor have then?19:58
bekksAnd which size does that plasma monitor have?19:59
BluesKaj46 inch19:59
bekksIt's obvious that 1920x1080 on a 46inch will be somehow - large :)20:00
BluesKajI have the dpi up to 120 on kde20:00
BluesKajmakes for somewhat clearer letters20:01
bekksThen get a calculator and see which resolution would be necessary to get 120dpi on a 46inch.20:01
bekksIt will be larger than 1920x1080 by far.20:01
BluesKajdon't need a calc , works fine on kde , unity , not so much20:02
BluesKaji realize it's an unusuial setup , but lots of ppl are using their desktops as home theater/media servers and I'm surprised that canonical doesn't seem to realize that ...Im sure the settings can be changed to be readable, but why so difficult to find20:08
mamarleyBluesKaj: Just use KDE :)20:31
penguin42mamarley: Yep!20:32
penguin42(although the KDE plasma calculator is pretty grim)20:32
* mamarley doesn't even use any plasma widgets.20:33
BluesKajlike I said , don't need a calc for kde20:38
penguin42it doesn't mean we won't give you one :-)20:40
mamarleyIt is better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.20:40
BluesKajpenguin42, every once in a while I try ubuntu/unity on small hdd that I have connected via sata to the mobo for different distro testing , so to speak , and every time i try ubuntu again I'm reminded of it's lack of options and flexibility...guess that little drive have a new occupant soon :)20:43
BluesKajwill have20:43
penguin42BluesKaj: Yeh I never try unity any more20:43
mamarleyWhenever I try any DE other than KDE, I am reminded of its lack of configuration and flexibility.20:43
* BluesKaj nods as well20:43
* penguin42 is hoping kde5 doesn't break that20:45
mamarleyI don't think they will.20:46
mcristoIs anyone on 14.04 yet?20:47
* mamarley is.20:47
mcristoImpressions so far?20:47
mcristoStill on 12.04 and curious20:48
BluesKajmcristo, most users here probly are20:48
mamarleyBesides the upstart-caused kernel panicking, it has been good.20:48
mcristoThankyou - sry new to IRC20:48
BluesKajsorry for what mcristo, you're doing fine20:49
mcristoWhat do you guys normally do here?20:50
BluesKajmostly support users who have problems with "buntu-devel" releases20:53
penguin42mamarley: It's not upstarts fault to be fair, it's broken graphics drivers20:53
mcristoGotcha.  Thanks!20:53
mamarleypenguin42: Maybe that was something else.  Have a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/1269731.20:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 1269731 in upstart (Ubuntu) "init crashed with SIGSEGV" [Critical,In progress]20:53
mamarleyUpstart was crashing because of malformed .conf files.20:54
penguin42that's init not kernel20:55
mamarleypenguin42: Yes, but if init segfaults, it causes a KP.20:56
penguin42shrug, not really - it's just telling you userland fowled up20:57
penguin42anyway, time to give up fighting zoneminder for today20:58
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