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vendre1learning about computer systems. anyone willing to part with words of wisdom?19:42
Jim_LaheyHello there I made a App that uses QtGuiApplication.  I set a contextual property  to  the viewer so that I can call  the viewer from qml for things like    hide() and show() .  The only issue is After I try to show() the app again  it Will not show Button from Qml anymore.  I do not get it.  Can someone look at this for me ?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6782189/20:36
Jim_LaheyThe Button from line 4420:37
Jim_Laheyeverything else shows back up But the Button on line 4420:37
Jim_LaheyOk so I added another Button to see if this would happen to a different button and it did.20:40
Jim_Laheygoing to make a custom button to see if this still happens20:40
Jim_LaheyOK My so a custom Button shows back up this has to be a bug in Ubuntu Components Button element20:45
Jim_LaheyOh Well... I will just make custom buttons20:47

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