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coder2how can we track a particular issue like my brightness keys are not working in my laptop?14:30
penguin42it's just a bug14:31
coder2penguin42, can't we fix it? i guess its been quite a time i am facing same issue.14:33
penguin42coder2: Feel free to fix it, or speak to someone who knows about how those brightness keys work; but it's different on lots of different laptops14:34
penguin42coder2: If you find the person who knows a lot about how that stuff works they might be able to help; but they don't have your laptop, they might have some things to suggest14:34
coder2penguin42, how to find right people can you suggest?14:37
penguin42coder2: ok, so first - do you have a bug filed for it?15:00
coder2there was already some submission, and i +1 'd it by marking affecting me tag there.15:04
penguin42what's the bug number?15:05
penguin42is your also an E530?15:08
penguin42does that partial fix work for you?15:09
coder2yes, upto some extent yes, but not promising.15:11
coder2it works sometimes.15:11
coder2and the notification bar popping up when we increase/decrease doesn't work at all, remains at the same level (not get updated)15:12
penguin42but does the actual brightness change?15:13
coder2results are like coin flipping, sometime works some time doesn't.15:15
penguin42(brightness keys don't work on my laptop either I should point out - never bothered debugging it)15:16
penguin42coder2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Debugging/Backlight   best to try and follow the suggestions here to try and get all the debug they ask for15:18
coder2okay, i will. Thanks for your time.15:19
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