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NoskcajCan someone please get lp:~noskcaj/ubuntu/trusty/argyll/merge and re-add the drop-usb-db.patch in a way it applies?07:59
NoskcajI have no idea how the patch is working, so i can't really fix it07:59
NoskcajCan someone retry pinba-engine-mysql on am64 and python-dmidecode on i386? Both had schroot failures08:20
mitya57Noskcaj: retried08:22
Noskcajmdeslaur, bdmurray: Could either of you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~noskcaj/update-notifier/tray-notification/+merge/20221008:35
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tester56will trusty use chromium by default?17:59
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Noskcajxnox, Can you re-add the drop-usb-db.patch to argyll for me? I can't get the patch to apply on the merge. https://code.launchpad.net/~noskcaj/ubuntu/trusty/argyll/merge19:39
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brainwashcan anyone take a look at this merge proposal please?20:40
brainwashthe bug is affecting many xubuntu/xfce users in trusty and saucy, it is literally the number 1 issue currently20:42
Noskcajpitti, For gnome-system-tools, why would we drop gthread.patch? It's from debian and isn't hurting anything20:49
Noskcajpitti, I've un-split g-s-t's binaries, I think the other changes you suggested aren't needed, so could you please review?21:00
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