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Ali-dhHello can someone help me?11:08
ubot5Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:11
ali-dh_Hello I want to join the Ubuntu Gnome community, I read all the webpages but still am really confused on how to do that, can someone help me?11:29
ali-dh_Ok so I guess no one can help me11:33
ali-dh_Yep I'll just go, don't mind me, continue "sleeping" :)11:34
ricotzdarkxst, :\11:55
ricotzi hope this turns out well11:56
ricotzavoid binary copies to different releases, e.g. gnome-desktop311:57
darkxstyeh, ended up in a bit of a tangle...12:14
ricotzdarkxst, do you want to transition everything?12:22
ricotzdarkxst, gtksourceview3, gdk-pixbuf12:25
ricotzthose still needs to be copied12:26
darkxstyes, although I was planning to just start with gnome-desktop but goa got caught up in it12:29
ricotzdarkxst, do it in one pass to avoid rebuilds12:30
ricotzmeaning if you want *everything* then just copy it12:30
ricotzdarkxst, btw, i have taken a look at mutter 3.11.x and updated the packaging gnome-shell 3.11.x is in a bad shape too though12:31
ricotzdarkxst, for mutter 3.10.x please actually drop the patch files if they are obsolete12:32
darkxstsaucy doesnt have the cogl transition12:33
ricotzi know, i meant the official mutter trusty package12:34
ricotzbings me to the question what do you think about doing this cogl/clutter transition for saucy too?12:34
ricotzbbl, don't worry, i won't interfere with your copying/rebuilding12:38
ricotzjust keep the versioning "stable"12:38
darkxstits probably worth doing the cogl/clutter transition, although I was really just wanting to consolidate things12:49
darkxstbtw what is wrong with gnome-shell 3.11.x?12:50
darkxst(apart from needing a rebase against ubuntu package?)12:54
ricotzdarkxst, a lot of outdated dependencies12:54
ricotzbetter dont worry about that now12:55
ricotzdarkxst, :\12:59
ricotzwhat are you doing?13:00
ricotzi disabled the publishing of gnome3-next now13:00
darkxstgah, they should have gone to saucy13:01
ricotzand do binary copies!13:01
ricotzno rebuilds13:01
darkxstthey should have been that also13:02
ricotzdelete them all and wait a bit13:02
ricotzeven cancel the builds too13:03
ricotzdouble even triple check the settings when copying packages13:06
ricotzwhat are the things you wanted to do?13:07
ricotzdarkxst, ^13:07
ricotzconsolidate? -- it might be impossible to copy the packages to saucy now13:08
ricotzso using the main gnome3 is an option now13:08
ricotzdarkxst, with what changes?13:09
ricotzdarkxst, i noticed the display-manager addition13:09
darkxstright, we don't break unity anymore with display0config13:09
ricotzso what you want to do for saucy is: declaring the staging ppa stable and adding displayconfig?13:11
ricotzbtw, i am not so happy with seeing  "webkitgtk - 2.3.2-1ubuntu6~saucy1" since it is 3.12 stuff13:12
ricotzdarkxst, so what i would suggest is to copy the saucy pocket of staging to gnome3-team/gnome3, then you can push the displayconfig changes there?13:13
ricotzdarkxst, please stop doing anything now, and figure it out first13:14
darkxstcopies into next won't work now? but yes I think putting it into gnome3 is also fine13:16
ricotzdarkxst, afaik launchpad won't accept the packages anymore since they have the same version13:17
ricotzand there are rebuilds already which are different from the staging builds13:17
ricotzi wasnt fast enough in disabling the publishing to prevent it for all13:17
ricotzdarkxst, what is up with this webkit package was this intended?13:18
darkxstthat fixes the software center bug13:19
ricotzok, i am going to copy the saucy pocket of staging13:19
ricotzdid you test "displayconfig - 3.10.2-0ubuntu1~trusty1" on saucy?13:22
ricotz(please dont clear the failures)13:28
ricotzdarkxst, did you accidently pushed "gdm - " to gnome3 already in the past?13:32
ricotzdarkxst, i will disable the gnome3-next ppa for a while to avoid conflicts when people use it with gnome3 and/or gnome3-staging13:39
ricotzhmm, i guess purging the saucy pocket would suffice too13:40
darkxstprobably best to leave it off for now13:43
ricotzdarkxst, i disabled it now13:43
ricotzjfyi there is a difference between disabling the ppa and disabling the publishing13:43
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ricotzdarkxst, any new packages besides "gnome-settings-daemon - 3.10.2-0ubuntu1~saucy4" ?14:00
ricotzplease update the date in the changelog if you changed the package14:01
ricotze.g. a simple "dch -r"14:01
ricotzdarkxst, ?14:13
ricotzwill push a fixed g-s-d 3.10.214:14
ronjapt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade is about to do a massive upgrade, removing important packages: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6781149/17:19
ronjis that okay?17:21
ricotzronj, only "libgdm libgoa-1.0-0" getting removed which is perfectly fine17:21
ricotzthey are getting replaced by newer renamed ones17:22
ricotzronj, i assume you are only using ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3 on saucy?17:22
ronjricotz, excellent; that's what I figured out but I wanted to make sure of it because it's quite massive and I got bitten by such upgrades in the past :P17:22
ronjricotz, I am using the [gnome3, gnome3-next] PPAs on saucy17:23
ronjthanks for the fast reply!17:24
ricotznp, hoping it works out without hick-ups for you17:24
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Al1_andreHi, anyone knows how to hide the users join/quit on XChat ?17:29
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ronjJust to confirm, today's mass update to 3.10 went well, having client-side decorations is awesome and I didn't expect it before 14.04! Tested [Files, Weather, Tweak tool, Settings, Web] and all work well! Thanks for the great work :)))19:20

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