ske14Thanks for adding me, godbyk.02:06
godbykske14: Thanks for volunteering!02:13
ske14godbyk: Do I grant barzaar.launchpad.net access to my private key?02:18
godbykCan you paste the message it's giving you?02:19
ske14           sam@computer:~/Projects$ bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual ubuntu-manual-trusty02:23
ske14 The authenticity of host 'bazaar.launchpad.net (' can't be established.02:23
ske14 RSA key fingerprint is - Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes02:23
ske14 Warning: Permanently added 'bazaar.launchpad.net,' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.02:23
ske14 Agent admitted failure to sign using the key.02:23
ske14 Permission denied (publickey).02:23
ske14 ConnectionReset reading response for 'BzrDir.open_2.1', retrying02:23
ske14 Agent admitted failure to sign using the key.02:23
ske14 Permission denied (publickey).02:23
ske14 bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.02:23
ske14  02:23
godbykske14: Ah, okay. Have you uploaded your public key to Launchpad yet?02:24
godbykske14: Do you see your public key on this page? <https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+editsshkeys>02:25
ske14I do.02:25
ske14I canceled the procedure if that is what you think is wrong. I just feel weird about allowing this procedure without knowing what it does in particular.02:26
godbykske14: Have you run the 'bzr whoami 'and 'bzr launchpad-login' commands yet?02:28
ske14Both are correct.02:29
godbykHmm.. It sounds like it's an issue with your public key and Launchpad.02:30
godbykDo you have multiple public keys?02:30
godbykHave you used bzr and Launchpad before?02:30
ske14I have never used bzr, but I've used Launchpad in the past as a tool to connect with the Lubuntu Documentation team. But I did not have to use bzr for that project.02:33
godbykYou might also run 'ssh-add' and then try the bzr branch command again.02:33
ske14This time I went through, but it asked for my password, so that it can access to my private key. Do I give it my private key? Is my private key only used to identify whom it is giving it to and isn't recorded else where?02:35
godbykWhen you created your keys (ssh-keygen), did you enter a password?02:35
ske14Yes. I was.02:36
godbykIn that case, it's asking for your password so it can access your keys. It's not giving your password to Launchpad.02:37
ske14And the private key won't be stored elsewhere nor is viewable to someone who could compromise my computer? These are newbie questions, I know. But I feel like it's necessary to ask.02:38
godbykNope, you're safe.02:38
godbykYou just uploaded your public key (id_rsa.pub) to Launchpad, not your private key.02:39
ske14So it's safe for brz to see my private key after I give it access?02:41
godbykSince bzr is running on your computer, it's okay.02:41
ske14Ok, thank you for baring with me. :)02:43
godbykske14: No problem. The nice thing is that once you've got it done once, you don't have to worry about it anymore. :)02:46
ske14Ok TeX Live is compiling. Thanks for all the help. I look forward to contributing. :)02:52
godbykGreat! Let me know if you run into any problems or have any questions.02:53
ske14I will if I run into any trouble. :)02:55
thorwilgodbyk: dang, how often must i make that mistake.17:17
thorwillooks like i managed to merge, commit, push, now17:17
godbykthorwil: Which branch did you push the covers to? I'm still not seeing them on my end.19:33
thorwilgodbyk: 13.1019:34
godbykthorwil:  I don't see any recent commits from you here: <https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/saucy>19:35
godbykthorwil: What's 'bzr info' report for you?19:36
thorwil*deity*, i'm useless today19:37
* godbyk is glad to see he's not the only one who has days like that... many, many days like that...19:37
thorwilgodbyk: rev 210 for real19:37
godbykthorwil: Promises, promises!19:38
godbyk\o/  Now I see it. Thanks! :)19:38
thorwilif i ever get to design a file manager, it will have to have very obvious visual markers for repos with not yet pushed changes :)19:40
godbykthorwil: That's a splendid idea!19:40
godbykthorwil:  I have a script that prints the git branch name in my bash prompt. I bet something similar could be done to add an indicator that files haven't been committed/pushed in git or bzr.19:41
godbykI know I've been bitten by the 'forgot to push' lapse, too.19:41
ske14godbyk: This Tex Live stuff isn't working out how I'd like it to. I removed it all because whatever I'm doing isn't working.20:27
godbykske14: What problems are you having?20:28
godbykWere you using the Ubuntu texlive packages or the upstream TeX Live?20:28
ske14I was following "Installing Tex Live" instructions here: http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved/authors#launchpad20:39
ske14My first issue was that I think it meant for me to install it into my package folder, so I did that after installing it on my downloads folder. But then after both failed, I did "sudo apt-get remove texlive-*" which did not detect anything besides unused packages, which I deleted. But nothing has solved my issue yet. Because whenever I run "~/Projects/ubuntu-manual-trusty/pkgs/install-pkgs.sh" I get error saying there's no Tex Live 20:39
ske14I suppose another area that is gray is in number 6 -- the instructions aren't very specific, so this process might be where I get lost.20:43
godbykske14: You can download the tarball to your Downloads directory (which your browser will do automatically).20:45
godbykske14: Then you can run the commands in steps 3 through 5 from the Downloads directory.20:45
godbykFor the installation directory, you can leave that set as the default.20:46
godbykStep 6 is walking you through the menu options in the installation program. I can help you through that if it's confusing.20:46
ske14OK -- I'm going to recompile the file. It takes a while to download.20:52
ske14godbyk: Wait, are you saying  "tar xvf install-tl-unx.tar.gz" should just work? What I've done -- was "cd [location of file]" and then extracted.20:54
godbykIf the .tar.gz file was downloaded to the Downloads folder, then the tar xvf command should work if you've 'cd ~/Downloads' first.20:55
ske14Ok, that produced a different result. Thank you. Maybe this was my issue.20:55
ske14godbyk: I'm at step six. Default installation location should be fine?20:58
godbykske14: Yep!21:00
godbykske14: Don't forget to follow the instructions in the yellow box, too.21:00
ske14godbyk: OK! Well, then I go to <O> and hit <L>. This is the next command available to me: 'New value for binary directory [/usr/local/bin]:'21:01
godbykYou can just hit Enter to accept the defaults.21:02
ske14godbyk: Ok, now it's installing. I will let you know the result. :)21:03
godbykske14: Cool! Good luck!21:04
ske14This is crazy. Now it says: "Done!  You should now be able to compile the Ubuntu manual!" :)22:00
godbykske14: Great!22:20
godbykske14: So now, you should be able to run 'make ubuntu-manual.pdf' to build the manual.22:20
godbykOnce it completes successfully, you should have an ubuntu-manual.pdf file.22:20
ske14godbyk: Well, that's my current issue.22:20
godbykske14: Are you seeing any error messages?22:21
ske14sam@user:~/Projects$ make ubuntu-manual.pdf22:22
ske14make: *** No rule to make target `ubuntu-manual.pdf'.  Stop.22:22
godbykske14: You need to be inside the ubuntu-manual directory to run make.22:22
ske14Hm. I do not see it in my projects folder.22:23
ske14I'm in it. lol22:24
godbykYou're in the ~/Projects/ubuntu-manual-trusty/ folder?22:24
ske14Yes. Here's the current error.22:26
ske14godbyk: sam@user:~/Projects/ubuntu-manual-trusty$ make ubuntu-manual-LANG.pdf22:27
ske14basename: extra operand `frontmatter'22:27
ske14Try `basename --help' for more information.22:27
ske14bzr version-info --custom --template='\\revinfo{{revno}}{{date}}' > revision.tex22:27
ske14cp po/LANG.po po/LANG_org.po22:27
ske14cp: cannot stat `po/LANG.po': No such file or directory22:27
ske14make: *** [ubuntu-manual-LANG.tex] Error 122:27
ske14godbyk: oh22:27
ske14godbyk: I got it to work. I fixed the command.22:27
ske14Ok -- found it.22:28
godbykske14: Ah, great!22:28
godbykRunning 'make' with no arguments will also generate the ubuntu-manual.pdf file by default.22:28
ske14Yeah, that's what seemed to be the issue!22:29
ske14Well, I have quite a bit of work to look at. Thank you for all your help. :)22:29
godbykske14: No problem. I'm glad you got it up and running. Please don't hesitate to ping me if you have any questions or encounter and problems.22:30
ske14Sure will. I'm on all the email lists then too? I just subscribed to the one that was on the Launchpad.22:30
godbykIf you subscribed to the ubuntu-manual mailing list through the Launchpad page, then you'll get emails from that list.22:31
godbykAnd you can email <ubuntu-manual@lists.launchpad.net> to send messages to that list.22:32
ske14Ok, added that to my contacts. Thanks!22:40
godbykske14: :)22:41
* godbyk is now off to do some chores. :-(22:41

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