lotuspsychjereporting a query from #ubuntu05:53
lotuspsychje<__afrodita__> show gratis (solo hooy) --> http://s422803032.mialojamiento.es05:53
rwwconfirmed **06:01
rwwelky ^06:01
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1652 users, 4 overflows, 1656 limit))06:49
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1657 users, 5 overflows, 1661 limit))06:50
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (root*)06:51
elkylangemann: do you have an issue?06:58
langemannNo, I was just curious about the channel really after the incident in #ubuntu. I'll take my leave now. :)07:02
rwwelky: harse07:03
rwwelky: harsh ** should have gone with "how can i provide you with excellent customer service"07:03
rwwmaybe throw some emoticons in there07:03
Myrtti!hcr > Myrtti10:22
Myrtti!hcl > Myrtti10:22
ubottuMyrtti, please see my private message10:22
elkyis this hfsplus?11:33
elkyhe greeted #defocus as "african-americans"11:33
Myrttidon't think so11:34
MyrttiJust Some other nutter11:35
elkyyeah, it was a long shot11:35
elkyhe's going to be one of the regular pests though11:35
elkyhis first lines in #defocus after the greeting included actually telling people to be gay.11:36
elkyand telling people to use a trigger warning before saying the word "dick"11:39
elkyah, it appears he has actually played in ot before12:00
elky2014-01-04T07:50:46 *** JESUS_WAS_A_JEW (~alex@ has joined #ubuntu-offtopic12:01
elkyhe was banned, the ban was removed12:01
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (sultan)12:38
ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (sultan,)12:41
rww!virus =~ s/windows/Windows/21:37
ubottuI'll remember that rww21:37
ubottulawr called the ops in #ubuntu ()21:46
rwwIdleOne: they're being odd in #freenode too, btw21:46
IdleOnegonna let Pricey deal with it21:47
Priceylawr: /ignore'd them?21:48
lawrEmporer is a pedo, Emporer is a pedo21:48
lawrhe asked me to add him on Facebook21:48
lawrand he is 2521:48
lawrand he is obsessed with horseporn21:49
Priceylawr: Ok thanks. Just "/ignore emporer" now.21:49
lawrCan you PM him?21:49
elkylawr: we'll deal with it from here, you can ignore him and carry on as you were21:50
elkyis there anything else that you need from this channel?21:52
elkywhy are you advertising channels in #ubutnu?21:59
lawrto get more members in my channel, silly:)22:00
elkyyeah your complaint here is now rated as unfounded and you can leave and never return. Bye22:00
lawrI can post you a screenshot22:02
lawrDid you PM him?22:02
IdleOneleave now.22:02
elkyyeshi in #u is probably them too22:04
rwwso, umm, not that it's my business, but there are quite a lot of bans and quiets in here for an ops channel...22:12
elkywith a few exceptions, the ones owned by the ircd can probably go22:13
ikoniaI know those can go22:14
elkyall the comcast ones that aren't owned by a human now can go22:15
elkythey almost certainly won't be on that lease anymore22:15
rwwi wish i knew how to change my comcast ip, i can never get it to work :(22:15
ikoniaask hfsplus22:16
rwwanyways. perfm seems to have disappeared into the past, so hers could go too22:16
ikoniathen repent22:16
ikoniathats nice that shes gone away totally22:16
elkyare all her nick accounts gone?22:16
rwwas far as I can see22:16
ikoniathen it was a good christmas :)22:16
Unit193rww: Really?22:17
elkythere is no reason c-50 or c-66 at comcast should be banned long term22:17
elkythose are far too wide for that22:17
rwwUnit193: hrm?22:17
elkyUnit193: have you seen her elsewhere?22:17
Unit193elky: Response to another comment.22:18
rwwikonia: i think it's different for different parts of the country. i tried resetting pretty much everything and it didn't work, i think it's tied to MAC here22:18
rwwwhereas elsewhere i've heard people changing it by turning modem off and on22:18
elkypossible depends on the service type too?22:18
rwwComcast only behaves differently for business vs. residential. Comcast business lines have different rDNS.22:19
rww(and are actually static)22:19
elkyfix the list :D22:24
elkyLjL: is that ban from you in the list necessary?22:26
rww22:27:50 -!- #ubuntu-ops q *ncog!*.*@* pratchett.freenode.net 138895331922:29
rwwquiets are not windows files guys22:30
elkythanks :D22:31
rwwelky: now let's do the same thing in #u and -ot :P22:33
rww(except more conservatively obv)22:34
elkyappropriate to the contexts yes22:34
elkyalso, you guys will note "emporer" spoke just before. plz to keep eyes on them23:04
rww23:19:20 -!- AmLearning [~StopAbuse@gay.tail.sx] has joined #ubuntu23:20
rww[problem probability intensifies]23:20
k1lhe joines with another client, too23:21
elkyhe was saying stuff in #u that looked like amsg intended for #bitcoin-* channels too23:58

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