g0tchaheh i just tested a backup method, supposed to backup a system with 30gb drive, the backup ended up to be 60+ gb!00:40
g0tchasomething must have went wrong00:40
ddsssmmm. so I've converted mbr to gpt on /dev/sda  using gdisk, rebooted and now my home server box doesn't start.  :) Can I get some help guys?00:41
ddsssHere's the fdisk, df-h, and fstab output prior to conversion: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6776851/00:43
TJ-ddsss: Did you create a GRUB BIOS-boot partition on the GPT?00:44
ddsssUbuntu was installed on /dev/sdd (60 GB ssd drive)00:44
ddsssTJ-, I did sudo gdisk /dev/sda00:45
ddsssTJ-, then pressed w and it was supposed to save converted gpt table.00:45
ddsssTJ-, and gdisk reported that conversion was successfull.00:45
ddsssTJ-, so I ahve no clue why would it just not boot after ....00:46
TJ-ddsss: As I said ... GRUB will need a BIOS boot partition of around 1MB and you'll need to redo "grub-install" ... not sure if you need additional grub packages on top of grub-pc, though00:47
ddsssTJ-, but OS was installed on totally differnt drive.00:47
ddsssTJ-, I've just converted one of the 4 data driver in my nas server.00:48
ddsssTJ-, server drive wasn't touched at all.00:48
ddsssTJ-, I mean - OS drive wasn't touched at all....00:48
TJ-ddsss: really? you said MBR so I assumed you meant a boot record, not just partition table typ00:48
ddsssTJ-, yeah. here see the drives in my system: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6776851/00:49
TJ-ddfs: define "doesn't start" then00:49
ddsssTJ-, it just shows: _00:50
g0tcha"The dump format is only recommended if you need to backup files that have ACLs or other attributes that tar would miss. "00:50
g0tchawhat does ACL stand for here?00:50
ddsssTJ-, not a command prompt though. Just underscore charachter -> and it just sits there....00:50
ddsssTJ-, You know wjhat - looking at my fdisk output. There is 4 drives: sda, sdb,sdc,sdd. OS drive was sdd. But for some reason sda drive that I later converted to GPT was also makred "boot"...00:52
ddsssTJ-, so perhaps during conversion it made it "gpt boot" or something?00:52
TJ-ddsss: that sounds about right... if it is GPT, and your motherboard is UEFI, it'll boot by default (or try) to a GPT disk... if it can't find an EFI system partition it'll stop00:53
TJ-ddsss: you may need to edit the UEFI boot menu order to force CSM boot of the correct drive00:54
ddsssddsss, so I guess ill mount it in ubuntu-resue cd or something and uncheck the boot label.00:54
TJ-ddsss: I doubt that is needed... GPT doesn't have the concept of an 'active' partition, unlike MBR00:55
ddsssTJ-, how would I edit uefi boot menu>00:56
ddsssTJ-, ?00:56
TJ-ddsss: reboot, enter the UEFI setup (usually press F2 or similar), then change the boot menu order and save00:56
ddsssTJ-, k. let me try that.00:57
ddsssTJ-, hmm. so. this is regular BIOS, not UEFI. But I think the problem is that /dev/sda did in fact contain MBR record, while OS was phisically installed onto /dev/sdd....01:34
ddsssTJ-, so when I converted MBR->GPT this made it unbootable...01:34
ddsssTJ-, im not sure how that happened initially as I went with default Ubuntu server setup options...01:35
ddsssTJ-, but there is probably no way to move old mbr onto /dev/sdd?01:36
TJ-ddsss: if /dev/sdd is MBR you can just do "grub-install /dev/sdd" then "update-grub" ... and ensure the BIOS boot order chooses sdd first01:40
ddsssTJ-, yeah - but it seems like that drive never had mbr, it was on /dev/sda for some reason.01:41
ddsssTJ-, but that's ok. i'll just boot from puppy linux or something , backup whatever configs I need and reinstall OS - that's why it was on a separate drive anyways....:)01:42
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TJ-ddsss: MBR means 2 things, 1) a BIOS partition table in sector 0 with 4 elements, and 2) boot-loader boot-strap code at the beginning of sector 001:45
TJ-"grub-install /dev/sdd" will install the boot-sector code into sector 0. That is what the BIOS looks for and loads and passes execution to.01:45
TJ-ddsss: that code know how to find the rest of GRUB01:45
TJ-ddsss: so which would you rather do... reinstall several GBs of files, or have "grub-install" write ~ 440 bytes to sector 0 of the correct disk?01:46
ddsssTJ-, I dunno:) it was pretty basic ubuntu server install + apache server. not much more. (just a home server)01:50
ddsssTJ-, how would one do grub-install? do I run it from recovery cd?01:51
TJ-ddsss: Yes01:51
ddsssTJ-, Ill give it a try then. Thanks  TJ- !01:52
TJ-do you have the bootable server install media? I believe there is/was a recovery option on that.01:52
TJ-ddsss: if not, there is a grub rescue ISO image you can use on USB or CD/DVD, or a live ISO desktop image01:52
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a1fahello.. anyone running btrfs?02:55
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brightbeatlogrotate on Ubuntu 12.04 server is acting very weird. it archived mail.log to mail.info.0 !! and it does some other weird thing. Does anyone have a problem like that?08:29
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phillwHi good people,  as a for your information.. The partitioner in trusty server install does not function on a KVM... I don't have a actual bit of kit to double check the debian-installer against. The nearest report I saw was able to see was 'no disk space left), which on a newly created 100GB LVM is somewhat unlikely.17:37
phillwI double checked by popping 12.04.3 LTS back onto same VM... worked fine.17:40
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Guest17692Hello, can you tell me where I can find a list of the patches that Ubuntu applies to the Linux Kernel ?18:40
TJ-Guest17692: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/SourceCode18:45
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lifelesshi; how can I see what packages are in the cloud-archive? It doesn't look like a regular ppa...20:55
zullifeless: http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/cloud-archive/21:13
lifelesszul: oh hi :)21:14
lifelesszul: I have a weeeird openvswitch issue I'm trying to track down :(21:14
zullifeless:  ah21:14
zulis this the one you g+ed about?21:14
lifelesszul: no that was me reading the changelog and going WTF21:14
lifelessthat list post is it21:15
zullifeless:  ah well i would bug jamespage about it tomorrow21:15
lifelessjamespage: ^ oh hai :)21:16
lifelesszul: cool, will keep poking at it myself; kindof need to get a fix in place :)21:16
lifelesstunnelling is in upstream kernel now21:22
lifelessso I might try just the ovs 2 userspace21:22
embiopteridIf I use squid-deb-proxy and have both debian and ubuntu machines, will it still work, or will they try to install the wrong packages?21:24
lifelessit will still work21:25
ddsssso - if I have a drive that I intend to use purely as a data storage -> do I need to create partitions there at all?21:35
embiopteridddsss: yes.  A drive always needs a partition table.  You only need one tho.21:39
ddsssembiopterid, hmm. im not sure.21:40
ddsssembiopterid, this queestion for example suggests that partition tables are optional: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/5162/how-to-install-grub-to-a-whole-ext4-disk-without-partition-table21:41
embiopteridOK, ya you can but its not usually a good idea, and making a partition is not difficlult at all so I would just go ahead and do it.21:57
embiopteridbut thats just me.21:57
nickenchuggetsDoes anyone know of any guides for setting up Virtual Mailboxes with Postfix on Ubuntu 13.04?22:52
nickenchuggetsI found one, but it said... at the very end of the section... that the above needs to be updated for Ubuntu versions above 12.04.22:54
dcosnetnickenchuggets: i just wanted to point out that your irc name is funny23:19
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zanzacarWhat are some fun things to do on your headless server? I am currently torrenting a bunch of linux distros for everyone.23:34
zanzacarI was just wondering what else really I could do with my server while its not really being used basically.23:34
zanzacarI got weechat-curses I seem to like it alot23:35
zanzacarI have never really looked into irssi.23:35
zanzacarPici: What do you like about irssi? vs weechat?23:45
Picizanzacar: I'm used to it.  weechat is cool too.23:45
zanzacarPici: O ok sounds good. I am use to weechat. I thought I had gone through and tried both at one time and decided on weechat over irssi.23:46
zanzacarI think I have tried to do things like lend out my cpu power for good causes but always ran into issues.23:47

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