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ajbrandt1good evening02:10
ajbrandt1Anyone have info on music playing in background?02:32
slangasekpopey: fwiw, the QT_QPA_PLATFORM setting traces back to /etc/profile.d/qpa_plugin.sh, which sets either QT_QPA_PLATFORM=ubuntumirclient or QT_QPA_PLATFORM=ubuntu, depending on whether MIR_SOCKET is set in the environment... which it obviously won't be when connecting over adb.  So that seems to be a regression in ubuntu-touch-session.03:20
slangasekogra_: ^^ ubuntu-touch-session 0.88 breaks at least some autopilot use cases over adb; how was this tested before upload?03:22
slangasekogra_: i.e., nothing sets $MIR_SOCKET, so the shell environment gets set up wrong over adb03:22
lotuspsychjelets hope they come fast05:07
dazoeso, nexus 7 (2012), i installed touch on it using the manual instructions on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install and it boots past google logo but sits on a black screen06:12
dazoehow far back should i go to find one that works06:12
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nocomphi folks09:12
nocompi try to get the source on my box09:12
nocompfor dev a rom09:12
nocompi am having prob with the repo sync09:12
nocompwhen i run09:12
nocompphablet-dev-bootstrap code/09:12
nocompit stopp09:13
nocompi gonna dig09:13
nocompjust been stupid09:20
ogra_slangasek, yes, on all devices with SF and Mir i wonder why they worked then (the landing took 8 weeks for this, but i dont think that specific part of autopilot tests changes within) ... thanks for the upload09:39
nocomphi folks10:36
nocompi try to compile a rom for i930010:36
nocompgalaxy s310:36
nocompany idea why this is not working?10:36
nocompnocomp@pirebox:~/ubuntutouch$ breakfast i930010:36
nocompCouldn't locate the top of the tree.  Try setting TOP.10:36
nocompbash: build/tools/roomservice.py: No such file or directory10:36
nocomp** Don't have a product spec for: 'cm_i9300'10:36
nocomp** Do you have the right repo manifest?10:36
srujani tired to install ubuntu dual boot on my nexus 4 using the above tut10:39
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srujanbut call and wifi functionality are not working10:39
popeysrujan: did it have android 4.4 on it?10:40
popeyi believe that may be why10:41
srujanThanks popey10:43
popeysrujan: np10:51
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FuLgOrEhi guys. How is the status about 4.4 rebase?12:07
FuLgOrEIs it possible to see the status somewhere?12:08
popeyFuLgOrE: i believe it's due to land at the end of the month12:15
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FuLgOrEpopey: thank you12:58
FuLgOrEpopey: Is it possible to monitor the status somewhere? I don't want to bother you with my questions12:59
vthompsonall, I'm having issues upgrading click 0.4.12 from the ubuntu-sdk-team ppa. Could anyone help me? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6779871/13:06
popeyvthompson: lemme see if i can reproduce that here13:31
popeyFuLgOrE: i dont know. but the target is end of month, keep an eye on the ubuntu-phone list as we're sending out weekly status updates for various things there13:31
popeyvthompson: oddly I already had that version of click from somewhere13:33
joeashinis there a release for nexus 5?13:36
popeyjoeashin: not yet13:37
vthompsonI resolved my issue by adding a new user "phablet" on my desktop.13:51
popeythats a bug imo13:53
vthompsonI'll go and file one. I only recently added the ubuntu-sdk-team ppa to my system13:55
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sergiusenspopey, https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/reminders-app/cmake_common/+merge/20221514:04
sergiusenspopey, I see you are around ;-)14:04
sergiusensI was aiming on directly creating a fat package, but it seems to be missing some pieces still14:05
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popeysergiusens: thanks14:42
popeysergiusens: do i click-buddy it directly on the device or will it work on laptop?14:45
sergiusenspopey, will work on laptop, but will build x8614:51
sergiusenspopey, still need to integrate it with click chroot14:51
sergiusenspopey, although, if you have a working click chroot; doing click chroot click-buddy ... should work ;-)14:51
popeyso probably easier to build on device right?14:54
popey(I don't have a chroot, and want to test on arm, not x86)14:54
popeywill do a bit later14:55
vthompsonI've been really good at breaking things today. I upgraded my phone to r136 and now it won't boot up with a welcome screen, but I can still "adb shell" to the device. Anyone having similar issues?15:26
popeyvthompson: mine is on #134, will update now and see what happens15:35
vthompsonpopey, god speed15:36
* popey voluntarily breaks his phone... for the greater good15:36
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popeyvthompson: mine boots to desktop okay15:40
vthompsonpopey, hm, maybe I'll reflash15:40
vthompsonpopey, reflash worked. I must have been low on battery while upgrading... or some other hiccup15:52
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ybonGetting on first install on Nexus4: "ERROR:phablet-flash:Installation is taking too long or an error occured along the way" (command was "phablet-flash ubuntu-system --channel devel --no-backup") Should I just try again? Thanks :)18:37
ybonAh, maybe with --pending18:39
ybonah, no18:40
ybon"phablet-flash: error: unrecognized arguments: --pending" seems this option doesn't exist anymore18:41
cwayne_ybon, hm, try with -b instead of --no-backup18:44
yboncwayne_: thanks :)18:45
yboncwayne_: I've clicked on "get back" on the device18:46
ybonwhich has now rebooted18:46
cwayne_ybon, np! hope it helps :)18:46
ybonand it seems on Ubuntu \o/18:46
ybonTrying to connect on the cellular network now :)18:51
ybonHumm, no cellular connection (even after unlocking the SIM card) and no wifi connection, should I try installing "stable" instead of "devel"?19:01
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cwayne_plars, huh, any idea whats going on? there were a bunch of builds and they're all failing pretty hard19:12
cwayne_thomi, ping19:12
thomicwayne_: hey19:13
cwayne_thomi, hey, im getting a lot of failures, seems to be something with autopilot introspecting failing to load platform plugin 'ubuntu'19:14
thomihmm, got a link?19:14
* thomi reads19:15
thomicwayne_: autopilot hasn't changed in a while now. This looks to me like the process we try and launch exits with -619:16
thomiprobably due to the missing 'ubuntu' platform19:16
thomiI imagine that platform is provided by the qtubuntu package?19:16
thomibut I'm just guessing there19:16
cwayne_looks like there's a lot of issues with the regular touch test cases too19:16
cwayne_like 0 passes on mako19:16
cwayne_something is incredibly broken19:16
thomi? where do you see that?19:17
thomiI see 90% pass rate for mako...19:17
thomiexcept for this: http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/20140119%20%3F/6152/ where nothing ran19:18
thomiso... nothing failed either :)19:18
cwayne_well, that's still incredibly broken :)19:18
thomiagreed, but there's nothing there for me to look at :)19:19
cwayne_fair enough :)19:20
thomion this run, for example: http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/20140119%20%3F/6152/ all the console logs are totally empty19:20
josehey guys, I cannot sync contacts between syncevolution and google contacts, external transport failure (local, status 20043) is what I get19:50
joseany ideas?19:50
kflx-makohi all, I'm trying to install Ubuntu os on my nexus 4. but i don't know which mako files to download. and can i use cwm to install?20:20
ulkeshAny word yet on when a build of Ubuntu Touch will be available for the Nexus 7 (2013)?20:52
plarscwayne: you are talking about the latest mako failure on image 136 I guess?20:55
plarscwayne: looks like we had a device fall over - I'll swap it out in the configs, and rfowler will need to take a look when he's back in the office again20:56
plarscwayne: or are you talking about the custom builds? the latest seems a lot beter on those, but the two previous images were pretty bad it seems - nothing changed on the ci side with those20:57
vthompsonballoons, or anyone following the Terminal app's Backspace/Enter bug. I entered a comment with some steps I was able to do to get the app to recognize the keys. The bug is probably an OSK issue and the Konsole plugin author can probably stand down on investigating.20:58
ulkeshAny word yet on when a build of Ubuntu Touch will be available for the Nexus 7 (2013, called razor I believe)?21:13
sergiusenspopey, yay :-)21:15
popeysergiusens: thank you21:16
popeyvthompson: thank you21:16
popeyulkesh: end of the month, hopefully21:16
ulkeshpopey: awesome, thanks a bunch!21:16
sergiusenspopey, we don't really have the infra to build on jenkins yet; but I can build local and upload and discuss the rest with fginther tomorrow21:17
sergiusenseom -/+ 1 week21:18
popeygreat, thanks21:20
sergiusenspopey, if you have the cycles, care to take a stance onto that click-buddy mr? :-)21:23
popeysergiusens: done, for what my comment is worth ☻21:26
ybonAh, seems that my Android version was too recent (4.4.2_r1), do I need to restore Android, then downgrade, or is there a way to downgrade from desktop command line even when Ubuntu Touch is already installed?21:57
ybonah, maybe https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/DualBootInstallation#Android4.4Radio22:05
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