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ali1234cgroups allows you to limit the physical memory used by a process or group of processes, after it's exceeded they swap03:22
ali1234that is AMAZING03:22
ali1234i have wanted that feature for YEARS03:22
ali1234no gnome-thumbnailer, you do not need 100GB of memory03:23
ali1234and they said cgroups is only useful for servers?03:23
ali1234http://en.gravatar.com/alistairbuxton HAHAHAHA05:49
ali1234i figured out how to delete gravatar profiles05:49
ali1234and they told me it was impossible...05:50
ali1234lol, github has this fun feature06:11
ali1234you can put in any email you want as your gravatar06:11
foobarryugh bad night07:11
foobarryi'm so tired i actually put the spoonful of baby food in my mouth instead07:12
MartijnVdSmorning foobarry07:18
MartijnVdSfoobarry: that doesn't sound too horrible.. I mean, it's food, right?07:18
foobarryits the only palatable baby food - banana "porridge"07:19
foobarryhmm adblock plus refusing to work in chrome Version 29.0.1547.7607:19
MartijnVdSfoobarry: I use "normal" adblock, not ABP07:19
MartijnVdSworks fine in 32.0.1700.7707:20
MartijnVdSwhy are you running such and old version?07:20
foobarryhmm it should update itsekf right?07:22
foobarrynormal adblock works, i'll stick with that07:22
* foobarry dist-upgrades07:25
MartijnVdSfoobarry: Chrome adds a file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d to upgrade itself when you apt-get upgrade, yes07:28
foobarrythose versino numbers creep up07:29
foobarryhaven't updated for a few weeks07:29
MartijnVdSfoobarry: 29 is from august last year08:03
foobarryargh /boot filled up08:19
MartijnVdSremove ye olde kernels08:20
foobarrywont let me cos its full (08:21
MartijnVdSwhat? apt-get purge should allow that08:21
MartijnVdSor dpkg --purge one kernel (to free up some space)08:21
foobarryits / rather than /boot08:21
MartijnVdShow.. how did you do that?08:22
MartijnVdSdon't you have a multi-gb disk?08:22
foobarryboot is in /08:22
foobarrycan't purge cos apt-get didn't finish08:23
foobarryand i have to go out soon :(08:23
foobarryfortunately ubuntu is more resilient than centos08:31
foobarryhaven';t rebooted yet thoug08:31
shaunomy ugly method for that, is to rm anoldkernel && touch anoldkernel.  that way it still exists when apt wants to remove it, but it's not eating disk08:39
directhexali1234, AGI ALtix had it in hardware - "cpusets"09:00
nigelbhello popey10:06
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:21
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:37
brobostigonmorning bigcalm10:38
nigelbMorning brobostigon, bigcalm10:40
nigelbNice sunny day today10:40
brobostigonmorning nigelb10:40
brobostigonyes, very sunny.10:40
nigelbI'm feeling lazy though. I'd rather sit in my room all day than go out and explore London.10:43
brobostigonmight have a strol into town this afternoon, sit in a beer garden for a few hours.10:44
jussiMyrtti: ping11:20
jussipopey: who are you calling a ming? :p11:21
jussiMyrtti: came across this: http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/aluminium-bluetooth-keyboard-cover-for-google-nexus-7-2013-p40583.htm -might be interesting for you?11:22
Myrttijussi: I've got 2012 because I don't drive a car of which glove compartment door I can use as an implement to break the screen into halves And justify buying a New one11:26
jussiMyrtti: no doubt a story there... anyways guess that rules it out for you.11:27
Myrttitrue story... can you guess why fir the first time in three years d And I don't have matching mobile kit11:28
jussiMyrtti: that said,  http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/bluetooth-keyboard-and-case-for-google-nexus-7-asus-p37024.htm11:28
MyrttiBut yeah, I'm picky about the layout. thanks anyway, I'll have a look When I'm back home from meeting Ronja for the first time11:30
jussifair enough.  saw it and thought you might be interested.11:31
Myrttiyeah definitely11:32
Myrttinexus 5 screen is big enough to have a quick look But mittens are a hindrance11:33
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foobarrywatching toy story 3 with the yongling15:36
* popey is playing MGS with the kids watching me15:46
bigcalmdirecthex: my SteamOS always starts muted already. How do I fix this?15:46
directhexbigcalm, did you install from Ye Olde SteamOSe?15:47
bigcalmdirecthex: yes15:47
bigcalm2nd release I think15:47
directhex2nd release has a major regression in audio15:47
bigcalmYour 2nd release that is15:48
directhexyou can un-mute?15:48
bigcalmBy going to the desktop to do so, yes15:48
directhexusing the gnome volume widget?15:48
directhexuse pavucontrol instead15:48
directhexif your system.pa is good, that should fix it not restoring properly on boot15:49
bigcalmOkay. I'll boot up and have a look15:49
bigcalmIt worked, yay :)15:57
directhexi don't know why pavucontrol & gnome-volume-badger behave differently15:58
bigcalmdirecthex: any thoughts on why my xbox controller constantly flashes?16:01
bigcalmIt didn't do so in Ubuntu16:01
bigcalmStill works, just irritating as flip16:01
directhexbigcalm, the xbox pad driver is heavily patched in steamos16:22
bigcalmIt might improve with time then16:24
directhexbigcalm, you can review the changes using dget, debdiff, http://repo.steampowered.com/steamos/pool/main/l/linux/linux_3.10.11-1+steamos8.dsc and http://snapshot.debian.org/archive/debian/20130911T094539Z/pool/main/l/linux/linux_3.10.11-1.dsc16:27
directhexanyone with an interest in steamos should do so, there are interesting details in the changelog16:30
directhex patches/defer-input-nodes-and-led-support                               |  493 +16:32
directhexthat's the xbox pad driver rewrite16:33
daftykinswhy would it need any work? is it having that steam controller's support added to it?16:43
directhexdunno. ask volvo16:46
daftykinsthe car manufacturer? :P16:48
jussiMyrtti: let me know what you think when you have had a look.  I want to hear about possible good points and bad points from other perspectives also :)17:24
MyrttiI can't live with that 2012 keyboard17:26
Myrttitoo stuck on touch typing on finnish layout17:26
MyrttiI'll ask Dunc what he thinks of the newer  one17:26
jussiMyrtti: imagining it had the correct layout,  anything else that bothers you about it?17:28
Myrttiideally I'd like a universal bluetooth keyboard that isn't semidefunct when the device it's designed for dies17:30
MyrttiI've got one I really like apart from the fact it's got the wrong layout17:30
jussiahh. so you don't really need it to be a cover?17:31
Myrttithat's the one I've got somewhere17:32
Myrttino. I've got a case for it already17:32
jussiahh. have you looked at the universal one from Samsung?17:33
jussiMyrtti: http://www.verkkokauppa.com/fi/product/35977/dnddb/Samsung-Universal-Bluetooth-Keyboard-White-valkoinen-Bluetoo17:34
Myrttitwo keys between L and Enter, won't do17:35
Myrttiyes, I really am picky17:35
jussino problems :)17:36
MyrttiMicrosoft Wedge looks promising17:38
MartijnVdSCooking bacon using hair curlers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJ105LKFCVU17:38
jussiahh. btw did you look at the ones from logitech?17:38
Myrttia lot of Nexus users seem to have bought the Wedge17:40
Myrtti(reading the reviews)17:40
Myrtti(from vk.fi)17:40
jussiwedge looks nice.  However I want the stand/cover aspect also.17:40
daftykinswow, if you ever want to see how NOT to do storage...17:42
MartijnVdSdaftykins: http://static2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130802014808/rwby/images/6/68/6a4d386f_I_Have_No_Idea_What_I_m_Doing.jpeg17:51
daftykinsvery apt17:51
shaunoall those in one outlet, and no fire extinguisher17:52
Myrttiooh ooh http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/252587878/stress-free-great-tool-for-breadboard-wire-strippi17:53
MartijnVdSshauno: power bill is higher than the netflix bill would have been :)17:53
ali1234all i see in that thread is a gy asking a perfectly reasonable question and a bunch of neckbeards piling on telling him why his question is wrong19:40
ali1234this is why people don't volunteer more information than they have to when asking questions19:41
daftykinsthe XBMC forum one?20:00
daftykinsso you see zero problem with having 64 x 4TB disks each partitioned into 4 volumes, in no kind of RAID?20:01
daftykinsif not then you sir are trolling20:01
foobarrywhere does he say its not raided?>20:13
foobarryBTW, RAID or any similar solution has been obsolete for several years now...so until I could find something better I chose not to implement anything...20:14
foobarryfollowed by20:14
foobarryI have always partitioned my HDDs. It's a force of habit and I have not found any reason not to...20:14
foobarrythats a lot of movies on 512tb20:15
daftykinsyep he has every disk partitioned into 4 x 1TB volumes20:22
daftykinshonestly it reads like a blatant troll :)20:22
directhexbecause ¯\(°_o)/¯20:22
foobarryok, so not striped at all though20:22
foobarryhe's just got individual disks, and when the disk dies, he just replaces it, because he doesn't understand parity disk, or doesn't like to "waste disks"20:23
directhexi mean, he's talking about using an ORM, but... doesn't even seem to understand why20:23
foobarrymaybe he has excellent backups20:24
directhexhe backs it all up onto a stack of floppy disks20:24
directhexeach partitioned into 220:24
foobarrymaybe he has the original dvds, but 512TB sounds like a lot of material sourced from elsewhere20:25
foobarrythe mind boggles20:25
directhexbut every parallel file system i've used has written data more than once because disk failure is to be expected in any kind of multi-disk arrangement20:25
directhexlike, with 128 disks, i'd expect to be swapping out one a month20:26
foobarryi have a 120 disk SAN thats seen > 15 drive failures since april20:26
foobarryand a dell one of only around 20 disks that haven't had any failed in 4 years20:26
penguin42foobarry: the 120 disk san - were those vendors drives or your own?20:27
foobarryoracle, SATA disks interestingly20:27
foobarryv expensive sun disks20:27
foobarrybut there's other factors - humidity, dust, vibrations.20:28
foobarryvibrations have killed more disk than anything i know20:28
foobarryunsure if radioacitvity plays a part20:28
penguin42is your server room likely to have a problem with radioactivity?20:29
foobarrythe oracle one..maybe20:33
diddledan0.5PB array? that's nucking futs for a home user20:34
foobarrydoes anyone ask him what's on it?20:34
diddledanon the first page he alludes to "50,000+ titles (Music, Music Videos, Movies, etc)"20:35
foobarry"Seriously, one would have to be crazy to implement this in a real world setup with real data!!!20:35
foobarryi think he's bactracking now20:35
foobarryFools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions.20:37
diddledanwhere does he get the idea that raid is obsolete?20:42
daftykinshis flawed brain20:43
directhexpenguin42, it's an issue for RAM, it's why ECC exists20:46
directhexcosmic rays20:46
penguin42directhex: Well yes, but I've never had to think about radiation generally20:48
penguin42diddledan: There is an argument that on large arrays normal RAID can never resyncing without another failure, hence the snazzier raid-z and the like20:48
penguin42or distributed object stores20:48
foobarryat least its not raid020:57
ali1234daftykins: i don't see what it has to do with the guy's question at all22:46
ali1234redundancy is pointless on a media server, if you lose something you just download it again22:46
daftykinswell you can be an idealist and just see what he wanted to ask22:46
daftykinsbut i prefer to insult the individual for how he's setting himself for a failure so big it doesn't matter what he's asking :D22:46
daftykinsbut i don't actually use forums anyway, that thread was linked in another channel22:46
daftykinsalso, that's a daft view, people collecting that much may not be able to *get* something again22:46
ali1234the sad thing is that if he hadn't posted specs of his crazy system his thread would have just been ignored22:49
daftykinswell it does seem to be quite crazy22:51
ali1234it's probably all pr0n anyway22:52
daftykinsdo you not find it shocking the guy has to configure 2,048 shares?22:58
ali1234yes his setup is pretty stupid22:58
ali1234i don't disagree with that22:58
ali1234all he needs to do is expose the object store in some format that xbmc understands23:02
ali1234that doesn't necessarily mean a filesystem23:02
ali1234it could be done with upnp23:02
ali1234i'm sure xbmc supports other types of media servers too23:02
ali1234"My question is: Are there any plans for XBMC to support distributed,  cloud storage mechanism that do not rely on the traditional  File(s)/Directory(ies) mechanism of FTP, Samba, and the rest?"23:04
ali1234the answer: "XBMC already supports upnp, thanks you and goodnight"23:04
daftykinsi don't know why anyone wants to run those nasty protocols23:05
daftykinsthat is, when they have sane storage23:05
ali1234files and folders has never been a good way to store media files23:05
daftykinsthings like UPnP/DLNA trash gapless playback for audio though23:06
daftykinsin implementations i've tried23:06
daftykinsi suppose the client could request the next ahead of finishing the first23:06
ali1234that's down to the player, not the server23:06
ali1234yes, exactly23:06
ali1234upnp just hands you a URI to where the file is23:07
ali1234you can even mount a upnp server as a filesystem (software is called djmount i believe)23:08
daftykinsi think XBMC might do that23:09
shaunoI think the first answer he was given is perfectly valid; that's the OS' job.  after that is just rubbernecking23:21

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