rick_h_party party03:47
jrwrenpar T04:38
gamerchick02happy Sunday, everyone. i've been hanging out in reddit on the mechanical keyboard subreddit. now i kinda want to upgrade to a Ducky Shine 3. what have you guys heard about it?16:53
rick_h_never heard of that one that I can recall16:55
rick_h_at least never poked at one to consider buying16:55
rick_h_what are you looking for in a mechanical keyboard gamerchick02 ?16:55
gamerchick02hold on we're about to leave.16:56
gamerchick02i'll be back though16:56
rick_h_gamerchick02: k, have fun16:56
rick_h_gamerchick02: http://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=27032.0 I'd go filco unless you're buying it for the pretty lights16:59
rick_h_I own a filco and many more and filco is best built cherry based switch17:00
gamerchick02i'm back. we went to Gordon's for burrito dinner stuff for tomorrow17:40
gamerchick02rick_h_ i have a Razer BlackWidow and i'm looking at Cherry Browns, hence the Ducky Shine 3. also backlighting. i use it for WoW/D3, typing, etc.17:42
gamerchick02i'm not using the macro keys in WoW on the Razer and i have blue switches on it and it's quite loud. i'd probably try to sell the Razer at work… it's in excellent condition. the only thing i'd probably miss are the mic/audio passthroughs as well as the USB passthrough. also i'm looking for a slightly smaller desk footprint as my desk is rather small and i would like a hair more room.17:43
rick_h_gamerchick02: so I've got a filco 10less which I really like. Solid built. No backlit keys though. I'm not much of a fan and just extra parts/etc.17:46
gamerchick02yeah. i'd like the backlighting because of nighttime use.17:47
gamerchick02and i love the backlights on my mac air. :-P17:47
gamerchick02i need the keypad though. i'm used to it i guess.17:47
gamerchick02i'm also looking at the WASD keyboards and wow17:54
gamerchick02also this: http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/index.php/products/code-keyboard/code-104-key-mechanical-keyboard.html#ad-image-017:57
rick_h_yea, I've gotten keycaps from wasd18:04
rick_h_and I know someone that got their keyboard, but ended up having an issue with it18:05
gamerchick02oh no! that's not cool :(18:11
gamerchick02you spend $150 on a keyboard then it should work, dangit18:11
rick_h_hmm, of course G+ doesn't have a 'search posts in my stream' just global search18:15
rick_h_https://plus.google.com/+CoreyGoldberg/posts has one, not sure if he was the one with issues later18:16
gamerchick02ok i'll look18:18
rick_h_maybe I'm mis-remembering18:18
gamerchick02i'm looking at the filco ones you were talking about.18:22
rick_h_yea, nevermind if you the light up is important then the ducky gets good reviews18:25
gamerchick02i've heard lots of good reviews on the ducky18:26
gamerchick02i should have bought the lighted razer18:26
gamerchick02oh well18:26
gamerchick02the non-lighted was on sale and i wanted a mechanical keyboard. :-P18:26
gamerchick02i'm still glad i bought it, but having the back-lighting on the mac air is really handy18:29
jrwrenwhat is worse than doing windows pc support for a spouse?18:39
gamerchick02doing windows pc support for someone you don't know who was told to contact you by a friend.18:42
gamerchick02or, doing windows ME support.18:43
gamerchick02*hearty laugh*18:43
jrwrennah, them you can charge money, or accept beer.18:49
jrwrenits a trick question. nothing is worse than windows pc support for a spouse :p18:50
gamerchick02i have no spouse. she can't do it herself?19:02
gamerchick02(note, i do all my own support with the sometimes question in here or other forum)19:02
gamerchick02(maybe i'm just a strange lady, but i think everyone should know basic support)19:02
gamerchick02(i also have no issues taking apart my pc and fixing it myself. which reminds me i need to take apart my computer and do some re-routing of cables. the ex didn't put much thought into calbe routes when we built it.)19:04
rick_h_jrwren: doing windows support with citrix for the spouse's work computer becuase their tech guy left and the 'temp' tech guy can't figure it out?19:10
rick_h_at least that's what I've got later today on the todo list :)19:10
gamerchick02ugh, i'm so sorry, rick_h_19:18
gamerchick02rick_h_ what do you think of this? http://www.amazon.com/CM-Storm-QuickFire-TK-Mechanical/dp/B00A378L10/ref=sr_1_29?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1390160251&sr=1-2919:39
jrwrenrick_h_: I hope you get to bill them.19:50
jrwrengamerchick02: she does most of her stuff herself. This is a case of me trying to help out.19:50
jrwrenits stretching my windows knowledge19:50
gamerchick02ah, jrwren, that's good. :)19:50
jrwrenI have 2 VHD files each which are a partition from a disk, sda1, sda2. I'd like to merge them into a single VHD with a partition table. Anyone suggest tools to help me?19:51
gamerchick02uh. no clue? :(20:00
jrwreni think I maybe wrong. it maybe that VHD always has a part table20:03
gamerchick02i'm not really good with partitioning.20:05
gamerchick02i found the keyboard i think i want but it's out of stock. golly i'm a pain.20:05
cmaloneyGood morning20:48
cmaloneyer, wow.20:48
cmaloneyTime-change. :)20:48
cmaloneyHow about I try again20:48
cmaloneyGood afternoon. :)20:48
cmaloneygamerchick02: I use Cherry Black switches on my keyboards20:49
cmaloneythey're a little harder than Cherry Browns but I like them20:49
cmaloneyI'd love to try some cherry clears at some point20:49
cmaloneyI have Leopolds both at work and at home20:53
gamerchick02cmaloney sorry we were having dinner21:19
gamerchick02and yes, afternoon to you too!21:19
gamerchick02the BlackWidow has blue switches. i like it BUT i want to try the browns and i'm interested in a tenkeyless model to save room on my (overly) small desk21:20
gamerchick02maybe i should just get a new desk. :-P21:20
gamerchick02this is also one i'm looking at: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1682312900521:22
gamerchick02blacks? i've heard they don't have the first bump on them. i dunno21:23
gamerchick02also how are they for general typing and gaming, cmaloney?21:31
jrwrenrick_h_: huge thanks again. those 500GB drives you gave me are really coming in handy right now22:24
rick_h_jrwren: oh heh, didn't remember about that22:54
rick_h_jrwren: cool, glad someone is getting some use out of them22:55
rick_h_gamerchick02: looking at the other one looks the same as the ducky thing22:55
cmaloneyBah, she left23:12
cmaloneywas sleeving cards so was watching some videos instead of payin attention to IRC>23:12
gamerchick02i'm finally back. geez that took FOREVER and should not have.23:15
cmaloneyBah, she left23:16
cmaloneywas sleeving cards so was watching some videos instead of payin attention to IRC>23:16
cmaloneygamerchick02: I like the blacks for typing but they're definitely a harder keyboard than most23:16
gamerchick02i did leave and then my mac did the "i'll disconnect from wireless because yea i need to" thing. but now i'm back23:17
gamerchick02how are the blacks for gaming?23:17
gamerchick02i really do like the blues on my razer23:18
gamerchick02have you tried browns?23:21
gamerchick02that's what i'm aiming for. preferably a Ducky Shine series (2 or 3) TKL.23:22
cmaloneyI tried the Leopold Cherry Browns that rick_h_ had.23:24
cmaloneyThey were OK, but a little clacky.23:25
cmaloneyI'm more for something quieter which is why I went with the blacks23:25
cmaloneybut overall they were fine23:25
cmaloneyIf you're coming from blues there's likely no noise problem to concern yourself with. :)23:25
gamerchick02yeah i know23:26
gamerchick02luckily i live alone23:27
gamerchick02i'd also like to get a real keyboard for work to replace the potato one i'm stuck with there23:27
gamerchick02what do you know about MaxKeyboards?23:33
gamerchick02build quality, etc? i've heard reviews of the BlackWidow and though it's holding up for me, i'm worried it might have issues. also i hate the Synapse driver. it sucks23:33
widoxtmux'ers - what does your config look like for auto-launching windows?23:55
widoxexamples have it creating a new session then creating windows, but when I do that it creates two sessions :-/23:55

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