androidbruceyeah 00:04
androidbrucekinda of a pain 00:04
androidbrucekind of* 00:04
valorieI suppose because there is usually a country for local teams00:06
valoriejust that the US has 50 states and I suppose some territories and such00:06
androidbruceright that makes sense 00:07
androidbrucei just got a fresh ubuntu server install going on some old hardware 00:23
androidbrucealways fun 00:23
valorievery nice to hear00:23
androidbrucei've been all redhat centos for a while 00:23
androidbrucebut i'm back with ubuntu, work is doing a change over 00:24
* valorie was just dealing with a stubborn debian guy on #kubuntu00:24
androidbruceall new installs are ubuntu at work now 00:24
androidbruceahh debian 00:24
androidbruceyeah 00:24
androidbrucei still can't deal with kde 00:24
valoriemultiple screens don't work -- install Kscreen00:24
androidbrucei love MATE00:24
valoriecan't, it's TOO NEW00:24
androidbruceoh ha 00:24
androidbruceyeah 00:24
valorieso I just sent him off to OFTC00:25
androidbruceoftc? 00:25
valoriethe debian irc network00:25
androidbrucegotcha 00:25
androidbrucemakes sense 00:25
androidbrucesend him to them 00:25
androidbruceif he's using debian 00:25
valoriehe's back in the dark ages, and if he likes that, fine00:25
valoriebut I don't know how to make fire with two sticks00:26
androidbrucenice analogy 00:27
valorieit was born from frustration00:27
valoriealso: I have actually tried to create a spark with two sticks, and it's *really difficult*00:27
valorieeven using flint and iron is hard, because you have to get the spark in the right place00:28
valorieno wonder matches and lighters were invented, geez00:29
* koanhead is a stubborn Debian guy running MATE :^)07:24
valoriehey, if the tool is fit for what you want/need to do, fine07:25
valorielike I said, I like debian07:25
valoriebut dislike whining about not being able to use modern apps/widgets/etc.07:25
valoriealso: stubborn can be admirable07:26
valoriedepending on what you are being stubborn about!07:26
koanheadvalorie: I just love debian, even when it's cruel to me08:58
valoriethat reveals so much, koanhead08:59
koanheadxubuntu is cool too I guess09:08
koanheadI'm enjoying MATE so far, it's almost like having my old workflow back :^)09:08
valorieI'm friends with everybody09:09

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