Kilosmorning all07:33
Kiloshi Golynx write this down and keep inna safe place07:47
GolynxHi Kilos, ok07:47
Kilossooner or later you gonna enter password when booting and it will keep going back to that popup07:47
Kiloslog in as guest07:48
Kilospress ctrl+alt+F307:48
Kilostype in your username and password07:48
GolynxHmm, will that still happen in future , or do i have to do something first07:48
Kilosit happened to me now07:49
Kilosbefore you ctrl+alt+F3307:49
Kilos3 not 3307:49
Kilosconnect to the internet07:49
Kilosas the guest07:49
Kilosthen ctrl+alt+F307:50
Kilosthen login with your username and password07:50
Kilosso now you will be in cli mode but will be online07:50
Kilostype in07:50
Kilossudo aptitude install gdm07:51
Kilosthe lightdm gui manager seems buggy if you fiddle lots07:51
Kilosyou will get the choice to use lightdm or gdm07:51
Kiloschoose gdm 07:52
Kilosonce done then do sudo reboot07:52
Kilosand you will see an extra place, you hit enter then password and hey presto07:53
GolynxFixed ?07:53
Kilosgnome desktop manager works kiff07:54
Kilosi see what you mean about the funny stuff07:54
Kilosi only have 4 desktops 07:55
Kilosdoes that ubuntu-tweak give options to add workspaces07:55
GolynxWell i found a way to disable the annoying ubity scrollbar, now i got a nice solid scrollber, with no stupid effects 07:55
Kiloslike myunity07:55
GolynxYes you can in ubuntu tweak07:56
Kilosyay then you can help me later07:56
Golynxmore than 407:56
Kiloshow big is tweak07:56
Kilosive blown most of me data07:56
Kilosi use 1007:56
Kilosthats cool07:57
GolynxI cant get the link from the site but just click Download now! http://ubuntu-tweak.com/08:00
Kilosok ty08:00
Golynxgconf-editor and dconf-editor is a nice tool to configure unity 2D , more stuff there08:02
Kilosi use 3d08:05
Kilosor full unity08:05
GolynxIn System settings there should be  green ubuntu-tweak icon , you can choose unity and it will give you options there08:05
Golynxoh ok08:05
Kiloswhew so much stuff08:08
GolynxI think there's 36 workspaces there08:09
Kiloswhats launcher opacity?08:09
Kilosunder what button08:09
GolynxWhen you move a window under the launcher the see through effect08:10
KilosMaaz, define opacity08:10
MaazKilos: Opacity \O*pac"i*ty\, n. [L. opacitas: cf. F. opacit['e].] 1. The state of being opaque; the quality of a body which renders it impervious to the rays of light; want of transparency; opaqueness. [1913 Webster]  2. Obscurity; want of clearness. --Bp. Hall. [1913 Webster], opacity n 1: the phenomenon of not permitting the passage of electromagnetic radiation08:10
Maaz[ant: {transparence}, {transparency}] 2: incomprehensibility resulting from obscurity of m…08:10
GolynxBy me it says Number of workspaces:08:10
GolynxTweaks >> Unity >> Number of workspaces : option08:13
Kilosi dont see unity08:13
GolynxHmm, i dunno about the 3D unity it shows in 2D08:14
Kilosor number of workspaces08:14
GolynxIt should show all and more options there08:14
Golynxsince its full unity08:15
Kiloshud and shortlinks08:15
Kilosand opacity stuff08:15
GolynxDoes'nt compiz manager have that setting08:15
Kilosmaybe i have got compiz even08:16
GolynxCompiz is the graphics stuff manager for unity 3D08:17
GolynxShould be in synaptics already installed08:17
Kilosty ill look later need to rest now08:17
Golynxok take care08:18
Kiloswill do08:18
Kilosmorning superfly Private_User 09:12
Private_Usermorning Kilos09:12
Kiloshi psydroid 09:33
* Golynx hates this domain! deploy.akamaitechnologies.com11:12
Kiloshi liamT 11:40
superflyhi Kilos12:37
Kilosohi superfly 12:40
Kilosunity is coming right again. the right click on a drive or stick and format option is back 12:43
charlgood afternoon all12:48
charlhi Kilos 12:48
charlhi superfly 12:48
charlMaaz: coffee on12:49
* Maaz puts the kettle on12:49
charlhi Golynx 12:50
charljust got bitlbee set up with libpurple and pidgin-sipe12:50
charlworking perfectly, very impressed12:50
Kiloshi charl 12:51
Kilosi like pidgin. everything works kiff there12:52
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!12:53
GolynxIf they can make a whatsapp hack for pidgin , it will be perfect12:57
superflyohi guys13:05
Kiloswhatsapp on ubuntu is very hard work and lotsa data13:06
Kilosgotta do the android emulater thing13:06
Golynxhi superfly13:07
GolynxSad , i cant do android emulator anymore on ubuntu13:07
GolynxI really need it for my phonegap apps13:07
superflyjust install Android Studio?13:08
GolynxIt used to run smooth on win7 at less than 20% cpu , but ubuntu's OpenJDK keeps using 100% cpu13:10
superflywhich version of Ubuntu?13:10
superflyah, yes. that's ancient13:11
superflyif you used something more up-to-date, then you'd have less issues13:11
GolynxI guess so. I will have to find an win7 disk again. Dont have the pc quality for 12.10,13.04,13.10,14.0413:13
charlwhatsapp is linked to your sim card13:15
charlit uses your mobile phone number as your username13:15
charlapparently there are some ways to "hack" it13:15
charlwhich inevitably also exposes a serious security flaw in whatsapp13:15
charlbut i have never attempted it myself13:15
charlbut there is no "normal" way to run whatsapp unless you have a mobile phone or perhaps tablet13:16
charlwhatsapp is basically just flawed by design13:16
charland even though it is based off the open standard xmpp protocol it has no federation13:17
charlat work we have lync which does have xmpp federation13:18
charlbut lync only allows it with a very limited number of services13:18
charlso you can't for example chat to users on any of the jabber servers13:18
charlbut you can chat to and call users of other microsoft services like skype13:18
charllync only uses xmpp for s2s though, for c2s you use a protocol based off SIP/SIMPLE13:19
charlthat's why you need the open source sipe library if you want to connect to lync using pidgin or bitlbee13:20
charlor any other client that is based off libpurple13:20
Golynxthat sounds interesting charls, but i will wait for a pidgin whatsapp plugin13:22
Kilosi will try that next month i think13:25
Kilosno data to play with13:25
charlGolynx: if you read what i said above you will know that you will never get one :)13:28
charlunless it is a hack that exposes a serious security flaw with whatsapp13:28
Kiloscharl look at that link13:28
charllooking now13:29
Kilosi dont mind whatsapp having flaws as long as i can use it13:29
Kilosi dunno what or where to download it13:29
Kilosoh its there further down13:30
charlah here it explains it on the github page13:30
charllook under How do I get my user name and password?13:30
Kilosi wanna try add the ppa13:31
charlUsage: To sniff password:13:32
Kilossudo add-apt-repository ppa:whatsapp-purple/ppa13:32
Kilosis that how you do it13:32
GolynxI actually used whatsapp on pc with win7 via a symbian emulator. These thing dont work for me in ubuntu13:32
charlthis is also good: http://blog.philippheckel.com/2013/07/05/how-to-sniff-the-whatsapp-password-from-your-android-phone-or-iphone/13:32
charlso the short version is, just to get it working, you have to execute a man in the middle attack on your mobile phone13:33
charlthis is what i said above, why libpurple will never "officially" support it13:34
charlbut fortunately there are enough people out there that will create patches13:34
charlhowever, this is not where to story ends13:38
charlif you can "fake" a sim, you can register any number you like13:38
charleven if the number does not belong to you13:38
Kiloswhat about the number of the sim in the 3g modem ChanServ ?13:39
Kilosits yours13:39
charlwell that number is yours indeed so there is nothing wrong with using it13:39
charlnothing unethical13:39
Kilosi have the pidgin plugin going but lost from there now13:40
charli will try to help you best i can but i am busy making lunch here so response might be slow13:41
Kilosnp ty13:41
Kiloseveryone seems to be on whatsapp nowadays13:42
charlgot a pot of hot water with tortelloni verdi on my induction cooking plate13:42
Kilosjust need a username and password13:42
charlit's a german "steba" plate - it works absolutely wonderful13:43
Kilossurely you need to have a registered whatsapp username and password done via fone first13:43
charlthat's exactly the problem Kilos 13:43
charlto "properly" do that you will need to run the whatsapp application on an actual mobile phone or tablet13:43
charland then you need to connect that to wifi while you register the account13:44
Kilosno modern cells here13:44
charlwhile registering you need to perform an effective man in the middle attack on that phone or tablet13:44
Kiloswill have to ask ian what he can do for me13:44
charlmeaning you need to sniff the packets and sniff the whatsapp username and password out of it13:44
charlbut it gets worse13:44
charlyou need to make sure that whatsapp does not use encryption13:44
charlso you need to redirect the encrypted connection to an unencrypted tunnel through your computer13:45
Kilossame as trying the android emulator. major pt13:45
Kilosbut pidgin always very light on data13:46
Kilosmuch less than irc13:46
charlactually, an encrypted tunnel, but where you are the one controlling the encryption13:47
charlor where you can crack it13:48
charli am reading through the above posts but the exact procedure isn't clear to me either13:48
charlbut it sounds really complex13:48
charlthis is not something i would attempt on a saturday afternoon13:48
GolynxIn the future i wana make a pidgin plugin that shows only the facebook updates of people i wana see posts from. Beats going into an app all the time or web browser13:49
Kilosmaybe its like mxit13:49
Kilosyou register via cell then use those particulars in pidgin13:49
charlGolynx: afaik facebook has a standard xmpp interface so that should be simple to do13:49
charlGolynx: because you can make use of any existing xmpp library13:49
Kilospidgin has a fb plugin13:49
charlKilos: the problem is you do not have any control over the password in whatsapp13:50
charlKilos: it is automatically generated using the application itself13:50
charlKilos: that means, to get the password is the problem13:50
Kilosoh my13:50
GolynxYes i already use facebook messenger plugin for pidgin13:50
charlyou should be able to base it directly off that, just create your own patch to libpurple like this other person did13:51
charlthen you can even use it inside of other clients like bitlbee too13:51
Kilosif you see too many fb peeps in pidgin you can block some of them13:51
GolynxI will wana make it show actual posts from facebook users. That requiers more programming 13:51
Kilosplease work it out for me charl13:52
Kilosnot fb13:52
Kilosfb pidgin sucks13:52
Kilostoo many peeps13:52
Golynxlol Kilos13:52
GolynxCant be, just disable showing offline friends and show from last actvity13:53
Kilosi have mxit and aim in pidgin and gtalk sometimes too13:56
Kilosno place for fb13:56
GolynxAah personal preference13:57
charlKilos: i *think* it can be done14:08
charlusing whatsapi: https://github.com/venomous0x/WhatsAPI14:08
charlHow can I obtain my password?14:09
charlRegister a number using WhatsAPI or intercept your phone's password using MissVenom14:09
charlbecause you don't already have an account you can simply register your new number using whatsapi14:09
charldo you know what your number is?14:09
charlhere's a good example: https://github.com/venomous0x/WhatsAPI/blob/master/src/php/exampleRegister.php14:17
charlno wait, actually you are looking for this: https://github.com/venomous0x/WhatsAPI/blob/master/src/php/whatsprot.class.php#L16414:20
charlRegister account on WhatsApp using the provided code.14:21
charlyou give your phone number when you construct the object: https://github.com/venomous0x/WhatsAPI/blob/master/src/php/whatsprot.class.php#L6114:23
charli'm not sure what the whole $identity business is14:23
charlif it's not valid it seems to construct a new one14:23
charlconclusion: it looks pretty well documented but you will need to do some programming and trial/error14:24
charlwhat the legality etc is, and if this is against the terms of service of whatsapp, that i do not know14:25
charlonly thing i know for sure is this is something i would not even want to attempt14:25
Kilosya i know the sim in the modems number14:25
Kilossorr i fetched the sheep14:25
charlso basically, you input your phone number and desired "friendly" name and you get back a generated password14:27
charli just don't understand the whole identity business14:27
Kilosi cant do programming man14:28
charldon't even bother then :)14:28
charlsorry but that's the only answer i can give you14:29
charlnp :)14:29
charlif i had a mobile phone and i wasn't concerned about the legality i would have attempted it myself first14:29
GolynxAah php :)14:29
charlthen i could have given you better instructions14:29
Kilosill get ian to register from his modems sim14:30
charlyeah exactly14:30
charlask someone with an android phone, but then you will still need to do the man in the middle attack14:30
charlsorry but i would really not advise, but this is up to you :)14:31
GolynxWhatsapp will always wana patch up though. Else they loose money14:34
Kilosi would like to have it because ian says it dont eat fone battery like mxit so they all use whatsapp14:39
charlyou get some really cheap android phones these days, especially those from huawei14:43
charlthey cost practically nothing and they are quite solid14:43
charli used to have one of those, the huawei ideos14:43
GolynxSaw a vodafone launch 2013 selling at 699 with android 4.2. Thats very cheap for running such an os14:46
charljust googled some more and it looks like using an android emulator is the way to go14:48
charlthen you can also emulate your phone number / sim card14:48
Kilosi can get a 500g drive for that price or less14:48
charlGolynx: this one i had cost like half of that14:48
charlbought it in kenya14:49
GolynxHope not the black market charl14:50
charlno of course not, bah14:51
charlthat's the regular selling price14:51
Golynxoh thats good14:53
charlThe device which was launched at a subsidised price of Ksh 8,500 and 1 GB of  bundled data.15:03
charl8500 ksh is about 100 usd15:03
charlbut it *is* subsidised mind you15:03
GolynxHmm nice, that would be a good market for my phonegap apps15:03
charlbut the one i had was the one from 2011, the former 80 dollar phone15:03
charlthe phone *was* slow though15:04
charlopenstreetmap was impossible to use15:04
charldidn't try that many apps, ran off android 2,2 or 2,4 or something15:04
Golynxya that depends on the OS , the newer ones can handle more processes15:05
charlno the processor was terrible15:05
charli actually thought it cost even less, the one i got, 80 usd sounds expensive now15:07
charlmaybe it was a different exchange rate back then15:08
charli thought it cost like half that15:08
Golynxlol yeah thats old hardware15:19
GolynxR699 for a Android 4.2 OS in 2013 is really cheap15:23
charlit sounds really good15:30
charloh whow 47 euro15:30
charlthat is cheap indeed15:30
KilosSeagate® Barracuda™ 500GB ,7200RPM (SATA 6GB/S) 16 MB Cache  15:30
Kilos R549+vat15:30
charli saw a polaroid phone the other day for 100 euro15:30
charlok i need to do some work15:32
Kilosbedtime for me. night all. sleep tight18:43

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