hitsujiTMOrunvnc: look at the grub.cfg00:00
TJ-runvnc: For caution I'd check "/etc/fstab" and be sure there isn't something that could trip it up on reboot.00:00
TJ-runvnc: Usually "update-grub" puts the most recent kernel first... check "/boot/grub/grub.cfg" you should see it is listed first00:00
honeybuntuThis is the best URL address on simply installing ubuntu that i am aware of ItalianStallion. Please check it out:   http://askubuntu.com/questions/6328/how-do-i-install-ubuntu00:00
TJ-runvnc: You can change the default item number in "/etc/default/grub"00:00
TJ-runvnc: any changes to "/etc/default/grub" require "update-grub" afterwards00:01
hitsujiTMOrunvnc: what minimum kernel version did you need?00:01
FireStormsI know ubuntu blocks port forwarding of port 80 *BUT!* can overridge this behaviour some how?00:01
runvncI just need it to boot to 3.0 then I can remove the old kernels and do-release-upgrade to 1200:01
runvncI am just trying to figure out which menu item # 3.0 is00:02
TJ-runvnc: look at the "linux ... lines which give the name of the vmlinuz-????00:02
hitsujiTMOrunvnc: ok. after a sucessful reboot. make sure you have enough free space on each drive before you start the upgrade process00:03
honeybuntuHave to go (dinner hour here). Hope all goes well or gets better after awhile for everyone in channel. B'bye til after dinner.00:03
TJ-runvnc: you'll see something like "linux   /vmlinuz-3.12.0-031200-generic root=/dev/mapper/XPSm1530-Raring ..."00:03
runvncI just did a grep for menuentry and the first few are 3.000:03
runvncI am going to try to reboot thanks a lot for your help guys00:03
TJ-runvnc: good luck!00:04
runvncif it doesnt load then I will stop bothering you guys for a few days00:04
runvncheh because I will have to wait for someone to manually log in. I bet it will work though00:04
ant_thomasWhen attempting a netinstall/minimal install is it normal to have to wait ages to go from selecting the mirror to "loading additional components" I'm sure in the past this has been near enough instant but in all my recent 12.04 install it sits for a very long time. What is actually happening at this point?00:05
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runvncyay thanks it booted, hamachi worked, and it is on 3.0 now so I just need to delete a few more files and then I can upgrade again00:07
lickalottTJ-, think i've pinpointed to a dbus issue00:08
itesi'm installing a new OS, and i need to provide the name of my domain. since it's a home network, i can just make something up. but they say it should be the same for every computer. i'm running ubuntu on this machine, how can i check which domain name i used?00:08
TJ-runvnc: good to hear :)00:08
TJ-lickalott: some recent changed caused it, or has it got itself confused?00:09
lickalottwithin the last three/four days00:09
runvnctj any idea why dpkg -l never seems to update after I remove things? I used apt-get remove but it always keeps in the dpkg -l list00:09
runvnceven though it says it was removed00:09
lickalottrunvnc, have you ever tried a purge?00:09
lickalottor autoremove00:10
runvncI have been running autoremove doesnt remove it from that dpkg list00:10
runvncI will try purge00:10
TJ-runvnc: When you do "apt-get remove" it leaves the config files behind. Look at the "dpkg -l" output and you'll see the config column shows a c. If you did "apt-get purge" the config files would be removed too00:10
runvncit says rc00:10
runvncmeans removed?00:10
TJ-runvnc: Yes Removed, but still Configured00:11
CrazydogWhat am I doing wrong? Am I missing something or are the files i'm trying to use in a different place?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6777167/00:11
Stalkr_What's the easiest way to give me full FTP access to the whole system? I can only access my home directory right now, and can't even write to it, even though I have enabled write_enable=YES and local_enable=YES00:13
Crazydogdamn you guys hate me00:13
lickalottCrazydog, no idea what is even going on there.  Can you give us some more detail?00:13
CrazydogOh thanks :)00:13
CrazydogI'm trying to compile a program and i'm very new at this.  Heres what i'm trying to compile00:14
lickalottStalkr_, are you using vsftpd?00:14
px443Stalkr_: do it over ssh instead, sftp etc  works a lot better00:14
Stalkr_lickalott: Yes00:14
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: 1) why are you using ftp? 2) whay are you using ftp?00:14
Stalkr_Is FTP really that bad?00:14
lickalotteasily exploitable00:14
lickalottssh, scp, sftp ftw00:14
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: very insecure. use sftp: install ssh and use key auth00:15
Stalkr_I have an FTP client, I just wanted to use that. It supports SFTP too, but I can't write at all, only read00:15
mcristoHey guys.00:15
jeffrey_fstalkr: FTP is not secure.  sFTP is better.  FileZilla works quite well and Read/Write could be permissions00:15
CrazydogI think i got all the dependencies installed but libtool seems to be giving me problems.  when i attempt to autoreconf or automake its giving me missing /compact/Makefile.in file not found error.00:15
px443Stalkr_: you can change permissions with chmod00:16
Stalkr_I think my permissions are messed up, I have to do sudo for everything. I can't even mkdir00:16
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: secondly. you shouldn't be blindly giving root access over sftp. upload you files to home and move then in place in a secure manner00:16
lickalottCrazydog, what I meant was more along of the lines of what were you doing when that error popped up?  (makefile, make, install, apt-get, etc...?)00:16
nevynStalkr_: where?00:16
jeffrey_fStalkr: There's the problem.  You don't own the object if you did stuff under Sudo00:16
Crazydogautomake and autoreconf give me that error.00:16
ant_thomasWhen attempting a netinstall/minimal install is it normal to have to wait ages to go from selecting the mirror to "loading additional components" I'm sure in the past this has been near enough instant but in all my recent 12.04 install it sits for a very long time. What is actually happening at this point?00:16
arturo_que pex00:16
Stalkr_nevyn: Where what?00:16
nevynwhere are you trying to mkdir?00:17
lickalottsudo or no sudo?00:17
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: what exactly are you uploading? what is the end goal?00:17
Stalkr_hitsujiTMO: Being able to upload stuff easily from my desktop to my server00:18
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: WHATS THE OUTPUT OF:  ls -ld $HOME00:18
hitsujiTMOwoops sorry for caps00:18
Stalkr_drwxr-xr-x 16 root root 4096 Jan 19 01:08 /home/iamstalkr00:18
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: why does root own your home dir?00:19
Stalkr_I have no idea00:19
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: whats the output of: id00:19
Stalkr_I just installed Ubuntu Server yesterday, tried to configure some web services I need to use, haven't really any idea what I have done so far00:19
Stalkr_uid=1000(iamstalkr) gid=1000(lauritz) groups=1000(iamstalkr),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),46(plugdev),114(lpadmin),115(sambashare),116(debian-transmission)00:19
Stalkr_uid=1000(lauritz) gid=1000(lauritz) groups=1000(lauritz),4(adm),24(cdrom),27(sudo),30(dip),46(plugdev),114(lpadmin),115(sambashare),116(debian-transmission)*00:20
hitsujiTMOso your $HOME is messed up and you gid00:20
CrazydogAny idea?00:20
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Stalkr_hitsujiTMO: Sorry, I changed lauritz to iamstalkr, it's supposed to be lauritz :-/00:20
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hitsujiTMOStalkr_: ok. its lauritz on the server? and the home is /home/lauritz ??00:21
=== |oop is now known as |oop|
Stalkr_Yes, sorry for messing it up00:21
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: so its not that you tried to change your user name after the install?00:22
Stalkr_I used lauritz during the installation00:22
hitsujiTMOok coool00:22
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME00:23
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: that should fix the permissions00:23
Stalkr_hitsujiTMO: drwxr-xr-x 16 lauritz lauritz 4096 Jan 19 01:08 /home/lauritz00:23
Stalkr_hitsujiTMO: Yeah, now I can mkdir without sudo00:24
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: now. what exactly are you trying to upload to?00:24
Stalkr_ /var/www00:24
smaudetStalkr_: wait, what?00:24
Stalkr_smaudet: ?00:24
smaudetmkdir doesn't require sudo, unless you don't have user rights00:24
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: so, this is a home server or what?00:24
Stalkr_smaudet: I know, it was messed up. For some reason I had changed it to root00:25
hitsujiTMOsmaudet: his $HOME was owned by root00:25
Stalkr_hitsujiTMO: Yes, only I will basically be using it00:25
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smaudetStalkr_: sudo chown user:user home00:25
Stalkr_I might host some sites on it in the future00:25
smaudetStalkr_: sudo chown -R user:user home00:25
Stalkr_smaudet: hitsujiTMO helped me fix it, it's working now00:25
smaudetwhere home and user are your home and user directory00:25
tarienhi everybody00:26
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: right. ok, do you want to know the right way to do it? such as in a multi user environment. or do you want the easy way?00:26
Stalkr_hitsujiTMO: Looks like it is working now, I have gained back permission, so I can use SFTP fine now00:26
Stalkr_hitsujiTMO: The right way sounds good00:26
tarienmy someone help me activate mysql for php in ubuntu 13.10?00:26
tarien*may ...00:27
Stalkr_Unless it's a lot of unnecessary configs00:27
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: the norm is to create a group for those who are trusted to write to that dir: sudo groupadd www-adm00:28
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: not a huge lot, but its good to know00:28
Stalkr_hitsujiTMO: So if my friend wants to use a folder, I can give him write rights to that folder, by adding him to a group of www-useres?00:29
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: yup00:29
Stalkr_Doesn't sound too bad. I have my own domain, would I be using virtual host to have a folder domain.com pointing to my domain?00:30
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: then, the web root should be owned by that group: sudo chown -R root:www-adm /var/www00:30
Stalkr_hitsujiTMO: I know how I get my domain to point to my IP, I have done that before. To tell the host, I will be using this folder (/var/www/domain) for this site, do I have to configure a virtual host?00:32
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: next you want it to be group writable and, have the setgid bit set, so any files or folders created inherit the www-adm gid. sudo chmod -R g+ws /var/www00:32
Stalkr_hitsujiTMO: in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/domain.conf -- I believe that's the folder00:33
Crazydogi figured it out and didnt need you guys :P00:34
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: you configure a virtual host in the /etc/apache2/sites-available/ and then enable the virtual host with: sudo a2ensite domain00:34
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: all you have to do now is add every user to the group: sudo adduser www-adm iamstalkr00:35
DoverMoCrazydog, ;c00:35
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: that easy to do things the right way00:35
Stalkr_hitsujiTMO: I will give it a look tomorrow, it's pretty late here :-) Thanks for the help00:36
hitsujiTMOStalkr_: np00:36
skinuxI'm trying to create a directory structure for scripts which are categorized by programming language. Would a proper structure be to locate them inside a directory named for their language and place symlinks to them in the 'root' scripts directory?00:40
CrazydogOk so i got make install to kinda work, but getting error cannot create regular file '/usr/local/lib/libjansson.so blah blah' : Permission denied00:42
rwwyou probably want sudo make install00:42
Crazydogoh ya!00:42
TJ-I have a "dd if=/dev/mapper/VG-LV of=/dev/sdx7 bs=512M" operation running that is only getting 6MB/s. I'd expect an average above 35MB/s. The block devices are on different physical disks (if=LV->VG>sdi4) on separate interfaces. No errors in logs. Any ideas what I'm missing?00:42
Crazydogthanks bro that seemd to do it00:43
skinuxAlso, is there a way to allow being able to right-click app icons and select 'run as root' or similar?00:43
CrazydogI compiled my first source code!! Now how the hell do I run it?00:43
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geirhaskinux: A command is a command. It doesn't matter if it's a compiled binary, an sh script, a bash script, a perl script or a python script. A command is a command. So what's the point in this categorization?00:44
milamberCrazydog: what did you compile?00:44
OerHeksTJ-, maybe bs=4K speeds up00:44
=== Guest84190 is now known as jje
TJ-OerHeks: usually I run at bs=1G but reduced it here to leave some memory free for other processes00:45
hitsujiTMOTJ-: OerHeks bs isn't even needed. any tests i've done showed fasted speed by omiting it00:45
TJ-hitsujiTMO: all my tests show it being significantly faster with a larger buffer, up to 1G. Earlier it was doing 120MB/s ... not sure what its faffing about at now!00:46
milamberCrazydog: typically it is: sudo ldconfig  <then press enter> <then type the command name>00:46
milamberCrazydog: you should only  have to do the ldconfig thing one time00:46
hitsujiTMOTJ-: any activity on sdx other than the write?00:47
milamberCrazydog: and just to confirm, compiling was something like: configure, make, sudo make install?00:47
hitsujiTMOTJ-: could be the seek times killing you if there is00:47
CrazydogYa, it was pretty easy. this time around.  I just deleted everything and started over00:47
Crazydogfound the sgminer.exe seems to work too :)00:48
hitsujiTMOTJ-: well, same goes for source too i guess.00:48
milamberCrazydog: yeah . . . the .exe shouldn't work on linux unless it automatically opened in wine?00:50
TJ-hitsujiTMO: could be I guess... I'm moving it from an LV to a raw partition to ensure, as far as possible, that the data is in contiguous blocks00:50
Seppozin which file does ubuntu define lowlevel consols? like inittab file00:51
CrazydogOk, next question I have is how do I take this compiled program to windows now?00:51
TJ-hitsujiTMO: no other activity... freshly re-partitioned. moving data back onto it after reorganising the partitions00:51
gogo_can samone help me00:52
gogo_how to install driver00:52
TJ-Seppoz: Do you mean "/etc/init/tty*.conf" ?00:52
milamberCrazydog: it's not as easy as people make it out to be, but it starts with mingw packages, you can google for more info "cross compile mingw32"00:52
hitsujiTMO!details | gogo_00:52
ubottugogo_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:52
Crazydogok thanks00:52
gogo_ubuntu 13.1000:53
hitsujiTMOgogo_: what type of device is it?00:53
gogo_cen i post link hire00:53
hitsujiTMOgogo_: seems english isn't your best language. whats your primary language?00:54
gogo_bosna i hercegovina00:55
TJ-hitsujiTMO: haha!  got you there :)00:55
hitsujiTMOdamn, no dedicated channel.00:56
CrazydogDamn that looks tuff00:56
TJ-gogo_: tell us the name of the device ... manufacturer and model, and we'll try to help you00:56
CrazydogDamn that does look hard00:56
hitsujiTMOdo they even need drivers?00:57
gogo_driver for that00:57
hitsujiTMOgogo_: sudo apt-get install pastebinit00:57
TJ-gogo_: Ubuntu should already have the driver ... when you plug the device in the driver should be loaded automatically. Try this: "tail -f /var/log/kern.log" and then plug the device in. You should kernel messages showing the device is recognised and configured to /dev/ttyUSB*00:58
chigyptWammu has a problem with configuring phone01:04
chigyptCan I use wammu to send sms and calls using my modem?01:05
gogo_Jan 19 02:01:36 gogo kernel: [10351.621165] pl2303 2-1.1:1.0: pl2303 converter detected01:05
gogo_Jan 19 02:01:36 gogo kernel: [10351.622993] usb 2-1.1: pl2303 converter now attached to ttyUSB001:05
gogo_its that good?01:05
hitsujiTMOyes: its good and working01:05
hitsujiTMO/dev/ttyUSB0 is your serial device01:06
gogo_ok thenk u01:06
gogo_end woth COM it is?01:06
chigyptCan it detect automatically or do i have to do it manually?01:07
neworderI tried installing guest additions after installing Ubuntu01:09
neworderNow it doesn't load01:09
neworderWhat should I do?01:09
milamberneworder: virtualbox install?01:10
newordermilamber right01:10
TJ-hitsujiTMO: that slow drive - just checked kern.log again and its full of errors... looks like when I checked the pending errors were being cached ... think I overheated it with the constant reading a while earlier :)01:10
hitsujiTMOTJ-: ahh just your luck eh01:10
TJ-hitsujiTMO: It's been one of those days!01:11
milamberneworder: you have to provide more details, "now it doesn't load" doesn't give anyone any actual information. what doesn't load? vbox or ubuntu? what is the host os? are you getting any error messages01:11
neworderHost OS is windows 801:11
neworderI'm running Ubuntu01:11
neworderVirtualbox loads01:11
neworderBut the Ubuntu doesn't load, it gets stuck on the screen01:12
neworderwith the Ubuntu logo01:12
TJ-hitsujiTMO: although I managed to hack my partner's PC's win7 registry to persuade it to boot again for the 1st time in 2 weeks, after moving the system partition between hard drives :)01:12
neworderNo error messages01:12
TJ-neworder: can you press Escape and see messages01:12
milamberneworder: did you restart the hardware machine? ie the physical computer?01:12
newordermilamber : Nope, didn't restart the physical com01:13
neworderShould I01:13
neworderI'll try restarting and get back =)01:13
CrazydogWhere would I put this info? or just type it in console?  #include <windows.h>01:16
Crazydogint APIENTRY WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance,01:16
Crazydog    LPSTR lpCmdLine, int nCmdShow)01:16
Crazydog  MessageBox(NULL,01:16
Crazydog    "Cette fenêtre prouve que le cross-compilateur est fonctionnel !",01:16
Crazydog    "Hello World", MB_OK);01:16
FloodBot1Crazydog: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:16
Crazydogmy bad01:16
milamberCrazydog: that looks like it would go in a c/c++ file, which is programming, and off-topic for this channel.01:18
neworderTried restarting my physical machine and loaded Ubuntu01:18
neworderBut it just gets stuck on the Ubuntu screen (with the logo)01:19
neworderNo error messages01:19
hitsujiTMO!text | neworder start with this01:19
ubottuneworder start with this: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode01:19
electricalanswerI cant open synaptic package manager ? please help01:20
electricalanswerE: Malformed line 57 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (URI parse) E: The list of sources could not be read. Go to the repository dialog to correct the problem. E: _cache->open() failed, please report.01:21
TJ-electricalanswer: fix line 57 of "/etc/apt/sources.list" as it suggests01:22
electricalanswerim no expert01:23
hitsujiTMOelectricalanswer: pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list01:23
^Phantom^so, if i install ubuntu to my 16gb flashdrive, NOTHING will be affected on my laptop?01:23
^Phantom^AT ALL?01:23
hitsujiTMO^Phantom^: as long as you dont install the mbr to the wrong drive01:24
neworderI just entered the recovery mode01:26
neworderusing the shift key01:26
neworderIs there anything else I should do now01:27
neworderI mean what should I do now? :P\01:27
neworderI'm repairing broken packages01:27
hitsujiTMOneworder: did you not complete the install fully?01:28
neworderImmediately after I installed Ubuntu, I went on to install the guest addition01:29
electricalanswerokay it look pasted under my user name here01:29
neworderand then it got stuck towards the end of the guest addition installation01:29
neworderThen I resetted the virtrual machine01:29
hitsujiTMOneworder: ahh. that would do it01:30
neworderand here I am, staring at the Ubuntu logo everytime I try to reset it01:30
hitsujiTMOelectricalanswer: can you paste a link to it here please01:30
neworderAnything I can do or should I just remove the VM and reinstall Ubuntu01:30
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quotemstrHow can I get Unity to stop auto-mounting *one specific* volume but still automount other?01:31
hitsujiTMOboot with the text kernel param01:31
electricalanswerI wish I knew how01:32
electricalansweri will look it up01:32
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ubuntu_user1234hi, what is prefered cpu temp reader nowadays? still lm_sensors?01:33
neworderAnything I can do or should I just remove the VM and reinstall Ubuntu01:33
FuuqUmiistwhat does it mean when it says "Segmentation Fault" in the terminal?01:33
hitsujiTMOelectricalanswer: repl\ce it with http://paste.ubuntu.com/6777590/01:34
FuuqUmiistso does anyone know?01:35
ubuntu_user1234FuuqUmiist: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Segmentation_fault01:35
idanielGuys, I have a laptop with internet connection and Ubuntu 12.04 hooked up via an ethernet cord to a desktop that I just cleaned installed Ubuntu 12.04. It says there is a wired connection on the second one. BUT, I can't get on the internet on Firefox. I made my laptop "share" in the internet section. What am I doing wrong? I've looked on the Ubuntu sites too about it.01:36
jeffrey_fidaniel: explain how your network connections are from both systems01:37
idanielo.k. My laptop is running on the internet just fine. I hooked up an ethernet cord to the desktop that had no connection to the internet. The desktop says I have connection but I can't get online. On the laptop with the connection, I went into the network section, edited it by hitting the wired one and making it share connection.01:39
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jeffrey_fidaniel: network cable is directly from one system to the other?01:40
jeffrey_fThat will not work that way.  You would need to plug both into a hub/switch.01:41
idanielshould the other system be set up a certain way in the network section?01:41
Tex_Nickidaniel: how is the laptop connected to the router ?01:41
jeffrey_fidaniel: two separate cables into a hub/switch01:42
idanielohhhh sorry, my husband needs the computer... gotta go... I'll ask later. sorry01:42
TJ-idaniel: if you're going to share a connection, it'd be the interface that connects to the Internet, not the one connecting to the other PC01:43
TJ-but can't remember seeing a 'share connection' action in the GUI, long time since I used 12.0401:44
idanielo.k.  gotta go all of a sudden      I'll ask later01:45
electricalanswerI will have to get on another computer if I do this restart, is there another way. I pasted to pastbin as instructed by hitsujiTMO. If I need to restart let me know.01:46
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electricalanswerI am waiting on hitsujiTMO01:48
guzzlefryI'm having trouble displaying this character: 界01:50
daftykinselectricalanswer: no restart, just run "sudo apt-get update" - what were you doing, upgrading?01:50
electricalanswerwaiting on you01:51
TJ-electricalanswer: If you've replaced "/etc/apt/sources.list" as hitsujiTMO recommended, now you need to do "sudo apt-get update"01:51
electricalanswerI will run right now01:51
electricalansweryou wanted me replace my source list?  I think I uploaded my again thinking you need me to upload a second time. Can you upload again your recommended source list and I will replace as instructed?01:53
TJ-electricalanswer:  <hitsujiTMO> electricalanswer: replace it with http://paste.ubuntu.com/6777590/01:54
gogo_fausto works fine in linux over wine but how to use card over ttyS or ttyUSB menu shows as comports card dont detect in linux fausto over wine01:58
TJ-gogo_: see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=71439001:59
electricalanswersorry my wife cut the breaker off01:59
gogo_i haw02:00
gogo_not work02:00
TJ-electricalanswer: ironic :)02:00
gogo_can u halp me02:01
neworderIs Linux much more compatible with VirtualBox than Ubuntu02:01
neworderOr are both just the same02:01
electricalanswerlet me look up how to replace my sources and I will get back to you02:01
TJ-gogo_: see this. Be sure to take the advice to check that the user has read/write access to the /dev/ttyUSB0 node. http://www.winehq.org/docs/wineusr-guide/misc-things-to-configure#AEN71502:01
The_Alpha_Omegahey all, I have a 333mhz processor with 128MB of ram. I need recommendations for a supported server edition of ubuntu.02:06
gogo_[sudo] password for gogo:02:06
gogo_ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘lpt1’: File exists02:06
gogo_gogo@gogo:~$ sudo ln -s /dev/ttyS0 com102:06
gogo_ln: failed to create symbolic link ‘com1’: File exists02:06
FloodBot1gogo_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:06
gogo_i don know how tu do that02:08
gmachine_24gogo_: follow floodbot1's commands02:08
TJ-electricalanswer: here's a script to download that text and put it into the file automatically for you...02:09
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gmachine_24The_Alpha_Omega: I don't know but maybe try lubuntu server - lubuntu is lite02:10
The_Alpha_Omegathanks gmachine_2402:11
gmachine_24The_Alpha_Omega: http://lubuntu.net/02:12
jeffrey_fThe_Alpha_Omega: Is that a Pentium II?02:12
daftykinsPII? ouch02:13
daftykinsThe_Alpha_Omega: that's really barely enough RAM for a server install to do much beyond run IRC :P02:13
gogo_imali netko da prica jugoslovenski02:13
The_Alpha_OmegaIt's a discarded server from late last century. Built to run so I've kept it around.02:13
gmachine_24The_Alpha_Omega: this makes it even lighter and you can add only what you need http://www.tinycorelinux.net/02:14
jeffrey_fThe_Alpha_Omega:: Not sure if it will even give you enough spit to run any services.02:14
The_Alpha_Omegasounds like archlinux02:14
ajbrandt1maybe the wrong forum for this, but I'm wanting to build an ubuntu server and run Elastix in a VM. Possible? Worth it?02:15
jeffrey_fhe_Alpha_Omega:  http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/238421-50-linux-pentium02:15
The_Alpha_Omegawe'll see how it goes. running 6.06 right now, does everything I want it to...just lacks the support02:15
The_Alpha_Omegathanks jeffrey_f: you're a goldmine02:16
gmachine_24Can someone point gogo to the Yugoslavian Ubuntu site02:17
jeffrey_fhe_Alpha_Omega: Once up, slim it down by shutting off unnecessary services and turn on only what is needed02:17
gmachine_24The_Alpha_Omega: I was running a server with an Athlon CPU but the drives got too small and I just built a new box for $350 and bc I haven't had a new desktop for years it seems insnely fast; I'm just sayin'. . .02:19
electricalanswerE: Malformed line 56 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (URI parse) E: The list of sources could not be read. Go to the repository dialog to correct the problem. E: _cache->open() failed, please report. did not work02:20
The_Alpha_OmegaFor the most part I'm just testing networking equipment with a stuborn streak. I like the sound of a new desktop...it sounds dreamy...02:20
TJ-electricalanswer: hang on I see his error! I'll fix it for you02:20
TJ-electricalanswer: see my new private message for how to download and install it02:21
gmachine_24The_Alpha_Omega: it's running the latest ubuntu server and has minimal software; I didn't need the speed I bought but it was so cheap.... $55 each for the cpu and mb on sale... I figured what the heck it wil last for years and years02:21
hitsujiTMOelectricalanswer: sed -i 's/http;/http:/' /etc/apt/sources.list02:21
The_Alpha_Omeganot a bad deal at all!02:22
hitsujiTMOelectricalanswer: sorry i missed that one earlier02:22
TJ-hitsujiTMO: I gave him privately: wget -qO - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6777721 | awk 'BEGIN{p=0}/<\/pre>/&&p==2{p--}/<pre>/{p++;sub("^.*<pre>","",$0);}p==2{print $0}' | sudo dd of=/etc/apt/sources.list02:22
gmachine_24does anyone know if ubuntu (or anyone) has a project to help all the winXP users whose support is ending to migrate to Ubuntu?? This would be a nice project.02:23
ajbrandt1nothing like beer and the #ubuntu channel on a saturday night02:23
electricalanswergood job, it worked!02:23
gmachine_24ajbrandt1: except in colorado :-)02:23
hitsujiTMOTJ-: i suppose that works too02:23
electricalansweryeah it good02:24
ajbrandt1oh yes. you guys have something a bit better in CO02:24
arunyahi rootkat02:27
jeffrey_fhe_Alpha_Omega: Should look into Rasberry Pi.  $25.02:28
The_Alpha_OmegaI have a pi, but the pi has a date with the arduino02:29
The_Alpha_Omegajeffrey_f: is lubuntu terminal?02:30
jeffrey_fThe_Alpha_Omega: uses LXDE02:33
jeffrey_fgmachine_24:  If somehow we could get it as close to XP as possible, we'd have a winner.  Then re-educating that It isn't windows and most windows software won't work even with emulation.   95% would be education02:36
gmachine_24jeffrey_f: yeah.... but you have people who cannot afford a new computer and if they get a new(er) computer they will likely new new versions of all their favorite programs - so you're talking major money.02:38
jeffrey_fThe biggest thing is no itunes....that would throw most people off of Linux of any flavor.  Example: my girlfriend....Liked it, but couldn't figure out *no itunes* thing02:38
gmachine_24jeffrey_f: and here I thought no itunes was a plus02:38
jeffrey_fgmachine_24:  Last time I *TRIED* iTunes, Itunes decided to remove all of my music.  Never again.02:39
jeffrey_fgmachine_24:  Amarok or Rhythmbox, I'm happy02:41
gmachine_24jeffrey_f: I had it installed once so I could download the "free" itunes songs given away with/by starbucks; that novelty wore off quickly02:41
gmachine_24jeffrey_f: I ran slimserver forever and then, sadly, logitech reared its ugly head ...... but I still have a squeezebox so . . .02:42
profligacysoryy this is the wrong channel02:46
profligacyif anyone wants to race join though02:46
rwwit is, try #ubuntu-offtopic for that sort of thing :)02:47
w243525345353645hello, on ubuntu 12.04 gnome trying to set a default application for file type swf, open with does not give me the option of opening with the flash projector, this should be easy but it is not working :(02:59
w243525345353645so question = how to set a default application ?02:59
hitsujiTMOflash isn't an application, its a plugin, so try opening it with a browser  maybe03:01
w243525345353645hitsujiTMO, thanks man, but i downloaded the linux standalone executable from Adobe03:01
w243525345353645and it works perfectly, except it is not the default app03:02
w243525345353645and swfs always try to open with movie player03:02
w243525345353645which i want to change, it looks like ubuntu have removed the option as i recall it used to be possible to browse for an application -03:02
=== Guest11876 is now known as Logan__
w243525345353645phew i found it :)03:08
* jeffrey_f keeps thinking I lost connection when chat goes silent for a while03:19
raubWho creates /var/empty?03:21
daftykinsjeffrey_f: turn joins and parts back on ;D03:21
hitsujiTMOraub: dpkg -S /var/empty03:22
jeffrey_fI have join/parts off because there are too many....hence silence.03:22
raubhitsujiTMO: thanks!03:23
daftykinsjeffrey_f: yep hence my use of the word 'back'03:24
raubhitsujiTMO: dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /var/empty.03:27
hitsujiTMOraub: must have been made by a post install script or a person then03:27
hitsujiTMOhard to track that one down :(03:27
raubhitsujiTMO: sshd, at least from source, seems to want it for chroot jail03:32
raubI noticed centos has it but I can't see it in any of my ubuntu installs (12.04 and 13.X)03:32
jeffrey_fI see references to /var/empty by sshd when googling03:34
alex___Has anyone seen the fifth estate yet?03:37
kcdehimposterQuestion: I have wine installed, but I want to run Steam natively, how do I do that?03:38
=== anmar is now known as zz_anmar
alex___Anyone here?03:38
kcdehimposterYeah, waiting to see if anybody can answer my question :(03:39
alex___What's up?03:39
kcdehimposterQuestion: I have wine installed, but I want to run Steam natively, how do I do that?03:39
alex___Im not the best but we will see03:39
alex___Running steam natively?03:39
kcdehimposterYeah, or how do I uninstall wine fully?03:39
kcdehimposterI tried uninstalling it, but it was like nope, I stay03:39
alex___you should be able to just have both versions installed03:40
alex___As long as the wine version and the linux version are not signed in at the same time03:40
kcdehimposterWait is there 2 different applications of Steam?03:40
=== zz_anmar is now known as anmar
alex___Yeah there is a linux client.03:40
alex___Just look for it in the software center.03:41
kcdehimposterI must've deleted it a month ago, let me try that out.03:41
hitsujiTMOor download it from steampowered.com03:41
=== anmar is now known as zz_anmar
kcdehimposterThanks man it worked!~03:44
=== Xiti` is now known as Xiti
sam___I installed a package with this command: ./setup.py install     how do I uninstall it? it didn't work now I want to remove it but I don't know how03:46
hitsujiTMOsam___: did you do it with sudo?03:47
sam___yes I did use root (sudo)03:48
sam___sudo ./setup.py install03:48
hitsujiTMOsam___: is the app listed in: pip list03:49
sam___so I should install python-pip to uninstall a python package?03:50
hitsujiTMOsam___: its its a compatible setup script then it my be removable with pip03:50
=== EvilAww is now known as Guest63080
hitsujiTMOsam___: what app was it?03:51
=== Guest63080 is now known as EvilAww
hitsujiTMOsam___: seems to be compatible. try installing pip and see if this works: sudo pip uninstall setoolkit03:54
hitsujiTMOsam___: at least you can always uninstall pip03:56
sam___I installed pip but I think sudo pip uninstall setoolkit is wrong. this isn't package name03:57
sam___is there any way to see the list of installed python packages03:57
hitsujiTMOsam___ pip list03:58
neworderHi Guys04:00
neworderI freshly installed Ubuntu on VirtualBox04:00
neworderI also installed the guest additions04:00
neworderI tried clicking on the home folder and it was taking a few seconds to load04:01
neworderHow do I gauge whether it's fast or not04:01
neworderAny Ideas?04:01
sam___Usage: pip COMMAND [OPTIONS]  pip: error: No command by the name pip list   (maybe you meant "pip install list") sam@sam:~$04:01
neworderI tried typing on the terminal on Ubuntu and it doesn't seem to lag04:01
wachpwnskiany reason I wouldn't be able to ping outside lan with one of my boxes randomly?04:01
sam___that command didn't work :(04:01
hitsujiTMOsam___: you got a pip < 1.2.1?04:04
hitsujiTMOpip -V04:05
OerHekssam___, pip freeze will output a list of installed packages and their versions.04:05
sam___its weird I uninstalled with pip but still the software works04:09
sam___sudo pip uninstall CherryTree04:10
sam___and pip freeze doesn't show setoolkit04:12
=== root is now known as Guest41551
hitsujiTMO:( you'll have to follow the setup script and remove manually then i guess04:14
=== neworder_ is now known as neworder
=== maah is now known as IBEGONE
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* IBEGONE is away -> <- Page [FRIENDS] Log [ON] 04:21
* IBEGONE is away -> <- Page [FRIENDS] Log [ON] 04:21
* IBEGONE is away -> <- Page [FRIENDS] Log [ON] 04:21
kokuhilight_nick_matches = ON04:22
xangua!away > IBEGONE04:22
ubottuIBEGONE, please see my private message04:22
chareI had a loss of power while installing a package now when I try to reinstall it I get this error http://pastebin.com/GfU82kKT04:26
chareand package manager is dead04:26
charehow do I recover04:26
Snake2k*Gasps* https://www.system76.com/laptops/model/daru404:27
Snake2kHas anyone ever used those laptops?04:27
CJD_package mMa04:28
CJD_manager is deadh04:28
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
CJD_package manager is dead how i meant04:29
natasi am having trouble installing teamviewer's latest version on ubuntu 13.10, but i get a dependency error for lib32asound2, i tried debi, no luck, tried manually getting the package, no luck?04:34
evonFor some reason MPG 4 videos play choppy on my computer.  I've read that this could be due to slow hardware but my hardware is pretty good I believe (2.8ghz 6core AMD chip, 6gigs of ram, solid state drive, Nvidia GTX460)04:34
hitsujiTMOnatas: sudo apt-get install libasound2:i38604:35
Tex_Nickevon: have you tried playing it with VLC ?04:36
evonTex_Nick, yes same prob04:36
evonnatas, that's a known error. don't install the x64 bit version04:36
natasthat's the advice i keep getting04:37
natasbut at the same time, i have seen people fix it04:37
natasin fact, someone fixed it with gdebi04:37
evonnatas, i didn't bother fixing it.  I just installed the other version. didn't see that advantage in getting the 64bit04:37
Ben64evon: try mplayer204:38
natasit's the principle of it, rofl04:38
natasbut yea, in the end, need to work04:38
Ben64natas: why not use something native, like vnc?04:38
natasbecause we always use teamviewer, because it works great04:38
evonben54, installing now04:39
hitsujiTMOnatas: this seems to be a proposed package http://launchpadlibrarian.net/139194357/lib32asound2_1.0.25-4ubuntu4_amd64.deb04:40
evonben64 I don't know how to use a terminal-based player04:40
Ben64evon: "mplayer /path/to/video"04:40
Ben64evon: if you pastebin all the stuff that it prints out, i can try to figure out why its choppy for you04:41
evonben64 just found a gui front-end for it04:41
Ben64evon: this is to help diagnose :) you can use that if you want afterwards04:41
evonben64 mplayer2 is working thus far with the front-end04:42
Ben64not choppy?04:42
evonBen64, not at all. you da man04:43
evonBen64, audio out of sync majorly though04:43
Ben64could be the file04:43
Tex_Nickevon: my experience with that issue would be that, the video is encoded in a rather aggressive manner (x264) ... graphics chipset is of utmost importance there though04:44
evonben64, tex_nick anyway to fix that?04:44
Ben64mplayer uses vdpau, so it hardware accelerates x264 and other mpeg4 video files04:45
Ben64if you pastebin the output from watching the video on command line version, it'd be helpful04:45
evonben64, running in the commandline version now. 1 sec04:46
evonben64, http://pastebin.com/YUbnrE3U04:48
kokui can't install turpial from ubuntu 13.10 software center04:48
Tex_Nickevon: how did the video look when playing from command line ? as your pastebin ?04:50
evonTex_Nick, the video looked fine.  just the audio was out of sync04:51
evonTex_Nick, nothing was choppy at all04:51
Ben64try "mplayer -ao alsa /blah/blah/movie.avi" on the command line04:52
BitwiseHello. On Windows when I ping a host that is down it says "Request timed out" but on Ubuntu it just doesn't say anything at all. I tried -v for verbose mode. Is there a way to get it to say "Request timed out"04:52
Ben64i always have problems with pulseaudio04:52
=== jack is now known as Guest87801
hitsujiTMOBitwise: should come up with Destination Host Unreachable04:53
Tex_Nickevon: looks to me to be a torrent file ... that can happen with pirated vids04:54
shaft0Can someone help me debug why all of a sudden my Ubuntu 12.04.03 VPS is saying no network interfaces are installed?04:54
BitwisehitsujiTMO, It's not saying anything except when a response is received.04:54
evontex_nick understood04:54
evonBen64, same issue04:55
hitsujiTMOBitwise: is the target on another subnet?04:55
BitwisehitsujiTMO, The targets aren't my my subnet right now.04:57
Bitwiseon my*04:57
Ben64you can do "ping -i 1 -f"04:58
Ben64the more dots, the more lost packets04:58
hitsujiTMOBitwise: i see, its not timing out. you need to set a tty with -t: such as: ping -t 1504:58
=== NaStYdoG is now known as Guest23786
BitwisehitsujiTMO, That will wait 15 seconds before ping decides the target is not going to respond?04:59
hitsujiTMO wait tty is no good05:00
BitwisehitsujiTMO, I think -W is what I'm looking for you.05:01
icloudPATHS="/usr/lib/transcode /usr/local/lib/transcode $HOME/lib/transcode"05:03
icloudfor D in $PATHS; do05:03
icloudthis loop stops after the first dir, how do i change it into a list for the loop?05:04
hitsujiTMOBitwise: seems its not being verbose at all for a timeout. maybe cap the count instead05:04
icloudi am trying to install deshake for transcode, the install script that came with it did not work05:04
BitwisehitsujiTMO, The count is 105:04
hitsujiTMOBitwise: just seems to have a long timeout with c105:05
hitsujiTMOBitwise: is this part of a script?05:06
hitsujiTMOBitwise: might have to parse the stats if no output05:07
BitwiseI only need to wait about 5k ms05:08
BitwiseI need it to say Request timed out after those 5 seconds if no response.05:08
lotuspsychjeim looking for a tool that can email me current ip adress every boot05:10
Jordan_Ulotuspsychje: Why not just use a service like dyndns?05:11
hitsujiTMOlotuspsychje: http://freedns.afraid.org/ not good enough?05:11
lotuspsychjeJordan_U: well im actually trying to replace an anti theft package, so it needs to email me at boot, before login process05:12
lotuspsychjeif thats possible05:12
Jordan_Ulotuspsychje: What is the end goal here?05:12
raj1991rajis there any other way of updating the cache instead of downloading it from software center, i am using mint 12.0 and it taked too much long time to update the cache when i tried using the universe source in software centre05:12
lotuspsychjeJordan_U: when the thief steals a laptop, it would email me the ip location05:13
ubotturaj1991raj,: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org05:13
raj1991rajcfhowlett: what is meant by not supported derivated.05:14
Jordan_Ulotuspsychje: Using what internet connection?05:14
lotuspsychjeJordan_U: ive tested the package 'prey' but i dont like its online management05:14
hitsujiTMOlotuspsychje: wget -qO- icanhazip.com05:14
cfhowlettraj1991raj, it means this is ubuntu support.  mint is not ubuntu.  for mint help go the mint channels.05:14
raj1991rajcfhowlett: do you mean that i can not update it05:14
lotuspsychjeJordan_U: oh right, it cant connect unless someone logisn right..hm05:15
raj1991rajcfhowlett: k05:15
hitsujiTMOlotuspsychje: only issue is that the wifi would have to be up, before the login for what you're asking. maybe a cron instead?05:15
lotuspsychjehitsujiTMO: but if the thief cant enter ubuntu desktop..he will format the machine instead05:16
lotuspsychjemaybe a guest account could help me then05:17
Jordan_Ulotuspsychje: I think your energy would probably be more productively spent preventing your laptop from being stolen in the first place.05:19
lotuspsychjeJordan_U: well alot of bulgarian burglers are in our region these days, my ubuntu netbook rests on table every night so..05:20
lotuspsychjeeasy grabbin05:20
lotuspsychjeill stick to prey and guest account for now05:21
lotuspsychje!info prey05:21
ubottuprey (source: prey): utility for tracking stolen computers. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.3-7.1ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 527 kB, installed size 1101 kB05:21
OerHekslotuspsychje, a windows98 license sticker works better05:21
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: lol05:21
BitwiseHi. Can anyone tell me how to have ping or fping print "Request timed out" after so many seconds?05:22
lotuspsychjeBitwise: maybe try nmap or etherape, to see whats going on05:23
OerHeksBitwise, after 1500 ms it should say something = 1.5 sec05:23
BitwiseOerHeks, I would expect that too but it doesn't. :\05:24
sethj_Forward slash ;)05:27
=== sethj_ is now known as sethj
=== GZA-ZNC is now known as GZA-Genius
sethjBitwise, what are you trying to do?05:39
=== phuh is now known as gparents
Bitwisesethj, I'm trying to ping my hosts but it doesn't say "Request timed out" after a second.05:40
ihavenonicki just installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS to replace WinXP, and I'm having trouble with my video05:41
shaft0I'm completely unable to change my locale.  I type "update-locale LANG=en_GB.UTF-8" and then "locale" and everything is "POSIX", can anyone give me a hand05:41
yos87I'm having problem with xrdp, when I try to login from mstsc , i getting blank desktop screen of ubuntu , so anyone can help ?05:42
Piranah420ihavenonick nvdia ?05:42
sethj_Bitwise it exits quietly?05:42
ihavenonickati hd eah 5450; when i play videos, everything is slow and laggy05:42
Piranah420ihavenonick using VLC ?05:42
ihavenonicki tried using "additional hardware" to find drivers, and I tried installing a proprietary driver through that, but I get "installed but not active"05:43
ihavenonickPiranah420: same with vlc, the default movie player, even youtube videos05:43
lotuspsychje!ati | ihavenonick05:43
ubottuihavenonick: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto05:43
ihavenonickanyway, i ended up downloading the driver manually from AMD, and i followed the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD05:43
BitwiseNo sethj_05:43
Piranah420ihavenonick I have not ran ATI in ages :( Sorry wish I could help. Perhaps someone else on #Ubuntu can offer some help ?05:44
ihavenonickafter I installed that driver, it worked great - videos are just as fast as XP again05:44
ihavenonickbut then after like running for a while, it suddenly gets laggy again05:44
lotuspsychjeihavenonick: did you recently update your system?05:44
ihavenonickit's like it suddenly stopped using the hardware to do graphics acceleration, and switched back to software or something05:44
ihavenonicklotuspsychje: nope, it's a fresh ubuntu install05:45
Piranah42013 or 12 ?05:45
lotuspsychjeihavenonick: did you setup with an internet connection?05:45
ihavenonickPiranah420: 12.04 LTS05:45
ihavenonicklotuspsychje: i ran the installation while connected to the internet, yes05:45
lotuspsychjeihavenonick: enabled download updates during setup/third party software?05:46
ihavenonicki just can't understand why video works great after i do a reboot, but then suddenly starts lagging again05:46
ihavenonicklotuspsychje: yup, i've installed updates05:46
lotuspsychjeihavenonick: lshw -C video and paste whats next to driver= plz05:46
Piranah420Not sure on ATI but NVIDIA once I loaded the 3rd party option there was like 8 versions of the video driver that was avail05:47
Piranah420and i jyst meen 3rd party for the package manager05:47
lotuspsychjeihavenonick: doublecheck if you installed ubuntu-restricted-extras also05:47
ihavenonicklotuspsychje: how do i check if that's installed?05:48
lotuspsychjeihavenonick: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras05:48
ihavenonicklotuspsychje: lshw -C video: http://pastebin.com/WcdC654u05:49
=== gparents is now known as justparent
lotuspsychjeihavenonick: driver=fglrx_pci maybe radeon driver might work better for you? test a few out from additional drivers section05:50
ihavenonickPiranah420: i tried installing a proprietary driver the way that link suggests, but additional hardware just installs the driver and then says "installed but not active"05:51
ihavenonicklotuspsychje: I'm installing ubuntu-restricted-extras now; how do i select the other radeon drivers?05:51
Piranah420Just click om it!05:52
lotuspsychjeihavenonick: try a reboot now, and check additional driver section again05:52
lotuspsychjeclick a driver and activate yes05:52
Piranah420then reboot05:52
Piranah420I have the clasic underscan nvidia issue and resolved tonight Ubuntu 13 by doing just that.05:53
Piranah420Click reboot and solved05:53
ihavenonicki tried that several times, but now that i've installed ubuntu-restricted-extras, let me take a look at additional drivers again and i'll try a reboot as well05:54
sethj_Piranah420 what nvidia driver are you using now05:55
ihavenonick"searching for available drivers" takes forever =)05:55
=== sethj_ is now known as sethj
ihavenonickok, i don't see anything different from before, just 2 ati/amd proprietary FGLRX graphics drivers: experimental beta, and post-release updates05:56
ihavenonicki tried activating them both  before, but after a reboot all it says it "installed by not activated", and I can't see to activate it05:56
sethjihavenonick have you tried both?05:56
ihavenonicksethj: yup, i could not activate neither05:56
ihavenonickthat's why i had to manually install it using instructions from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD05:57
ihavenonick(and now that i did, neither of the drivers under "additional drivers" are installed05:57
lotuspsychjeihavenonick: what does lshw -C video say now next to driver=05:58
=== aman is now known as Guest90994
ihavenonicklotuspsychje: i hadn't installed a different driver through "additional drivers", and so i haven't rebooted, and so lshw -C video still says the same thing06:00
lotuspsychjeihavenonick: try disable all graphics drivers and reboot, then lshw again see what module it loeds06:01
ihavenonicklotuspsychje: how do i disable all graphics drivers?06:01
kanishkai installed xampp  just now06:02
lotuspsychjeihavenonick: just disable the green button06:02
lotuspsychjeelky: tnx06:02
kanishkai got the error like:06:02
rwwubottu: xampp | kanishka06:02
ubottukanishka: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.06:02
ihavenonicklotuspsychje: i have no green buttons under "additional drivers"06:02
cfhowlettihavenonick, if it's only video that is struggling, I'd suggest that either you've got the wrong graphic driver or your GPU is over-taxed.  Assuming you're on unity, install a lighter desktop, e.g. xfce4 or lxde and then try your video again06:02
elkylotuspsychje: next time mangle the url so they don't get bonus google exposure from our logs :)06:03
ihavenonickcfhowlett: but video is great after i reboot, it just starts lagging after a while; also, it was never this bad on windows xp06:03
elkylotuspsychje: thanks though :)06:03
ihavenonickcfhowlett: i could watch hd videos full screen with no problem, now i can't (after the video starts lagging - it's fine after a fresh reboot before the lagging kicks in)06:04
lotuspsychjeelky: whats mangle mean?06:04
phuhwhat should we ubuntu lovers say to those that say fedora or debian are better than ubuntu?06:04
dash09hi, i can't find answer by internet search so.. each time i click on "Dash Home" for USER_1 my Dash and Menu Bar turn into yellow blocks, loss of text, lines like a static television channel, for USER_2, no trouble. how do i figure out differences and make USER_1's settings like USER_2's?06:04
elkylotuspsychje: change it in some way so it won't work06:05
dash09i have reset ubuntu unity plugin in ccsm numerous times, even tried unity --reset. not working06:05
lotuspsychjeelky: ok roger06:06
dash09should i try something like this? mkdir ~/.old-gnome-config/ && mv ~/.gnome* ~/.old-gnome-config/ && mv ~/.gconf* ~/.old-gnome-config/ && mv ~/.metacity ~/.old-gnome-config/ && mv ~/.cache ~/.old-gnome-config/ && mv ~/.dbus ~/.old-gnome-config/ && mv ~/.dmrc ~/.old-gnome-config/ && mv ~/.mission-control ~/.old-gnome-config/ && mv ~/.thumbnails ~/.old-gnome-config/   && ~/.config/dconf/* ~/.old-gnome-config/06:09
dash09just to reset things for USER_1's setup?06:09
ihavenonick_i just reboot again, and my video works great again without actually changing the drivers in any way06:16
ihavenonick_is there some diagnostic i can look at to compare how things look when they're good, vs. how things look when they're bad?06:17
lotuspsychjeihavenonick_: lshw -C video shows another driver= now?06:20
ihavenonick_lotuspsychje: lshw is still giving the same output06:22
ihavenonick_however, i think i managed to reproduce the problem06:22
ihavenonick_everything was fine until i went to the dash, and the transparent window came up06:22
ihavenonick_is it possible that the transparency pushed the hardware acceleration  too far, and ubuntu switches to software acceleration at the lost of poorer performance?06:23
lotuspsychjeihavenonick_: try disable background blur in ccsm/unity plugin06:23
ihavenonick_lotuspsychje: is the ccsm/unity plugin something i can download through the software center?06:24
lotuspsychjeihavenonick_: yes search for compizconfig settings manager06:24
Raymondohey. I was plugging in a new display and I managed to screw up my graphics drivers somehow (ati catalyst). booted into a blank desktop. I got nautilus to run so in theory I can switch drivers back to xorg default - problem is that all options except 'manually installed' are greyed out06:25
ihavenonick_lotuspsychje: is it actually called "background blur"? i'm not sure what i'm looking for here06:26
lotuspsychjeactive blur or something06:27
lotuspsychjeihavenonick_: and set to 'no blur'06:28
Raymondothis is the advice I was following so far: http://askubuntu.com/a/36323806:28
Raymondois there a command line method to switch to default gfx drivers?06:29
ihavenonick_lotuspsychje: alright, i went to advanced preferences and filtered for "blur", there's "KDE Compatibility" plugin with a "Support Blur Effect", and I unchecked that06:29
ihavenonick_lotuspsychje: and there is a "Ubuntu Unity Plugin", and under Experimental, there's a "Dash Blur" that i can select "Active Blur", "Static Blur" , and "No Blur"06:30
lotuspsychjeno blur yes06:30
lotuspsychjethats the106:30
ihavenonick_I set it to "No Blur", i guess I'll reboot and try to reproduce the problem again...thanks06:30
lotuspsychjeok good luck06:31
Raymondohey. I was plugging in a new display and I managed to screw up my graphics drivers somehow (ati catalyst). booted into a blank desktop. I got nautilus to run so in theory I can switch drivers back to xorg default - problem is that all options except 'manually installed' are greyed out06:33
tripelbRaymondo: does ot work with liveCD?06:37
tripelb<<< basic simple thinker06:37
Raymondothat would take a fair bit of work to determine06:39
Raymondohow would it help?06:39
ihavenonicklotuspsychje: well, it's better now without the blur effect; SD videos play fine (and I like the UI much more without the blur anyway); i manage to kill my ability to watch HD videos by playing 3 videos at once, that seemed to push it over, and now my HD videos will be laggy until i reboot again06:45
mikodorsync ... transferred encrypted files (bcrypt) with the perms perserved, would they on the destination, be opened similarly, to how originally?06:46
Haymakerjust installed ubuntu 12.04 got all updated /upgrades but still getting crashes06:47
root_teacherhi guys!06:49
root_1212¾î¸®¼®Àº ´×°ÕµéÀÌ¿©06:49
root_808hey,guy say something06:50
elkyroot_teacher: this is not a playground. please take your class to a channel of your own. You can start channels adhoc on freenode.06:50
root_1212where are you from06:51
Haymakerhi all my computer freezes a lot after ubuntu 12.04 install. any solution?06:51
root_808i am from south korea06:51
cfhowlett!ops| root*06:51
ubotturoot*: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!06:51
rwwcfhowlett: they're already on it06:51
elkycfhowlett: hi06:51
root_1212i from korea06:51
cfhowlettelky, greetings06:51
Haymakercan someone help me please?06:52
cfhowlettHaymaker, what are your specs?06:52
Haymakercfhowlett : 500 gb 4 gm ram 2.2 ghz06:52
elkyroot_teacher: I'll start removing your class from this channel if you do not relocate.06:52
cfhowlettHaymaker, and this is a new install?06:53
elkyyuricoco: is this your botnet?06:53
root_808hi there06:53
cfhowlettHaymaker, what are you doing when the system freezes?06:54
Haymakercfhowlett nothing special ...just browsing net couple windows open06:54
cfhowlettHaymaker, firefox?06:55
elkyyuricoco: root_teacher, or whichever of you are the sentient being. You are now banned from here. Find your own channel to play in. Discuss the ban only in #ubuntu-ops06:55
Haymakercfhowlett yes06:55
cfhowlettHaymaker, try this: install chromium and see if the problem repeats.  might be browser specific06:55
Haymakercghowlett it froze like 5 times in one houre06:55
Haymakercfhowlett ok i'll try that ..thanks for your time and help06:56
XingMingHI #ubuntu how install openJDK ?? i use ubuntu 9.0407:04
rwwsudo apt-get install default-jre07:04
bazhangXingMing, 9.04 is not supported any longer07:04
bazhang!eolupgrades | XingMing07:04
ubottuXingMing: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:04
XingMingwhat mean?? i use for 4 year07:05
cfhowlettXingMing, WAY old technology!  time to upgrade!  I recommend 12.04 LongTermSupport for xubuntu or lubuntu07:05
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:05
bazhangXingMing, it means you need to get a supported version. read the link above07:05
shiestie_XingMing he means Ubuntu 9.04 is very outdated..07:05
XingMingbut i use not problem07:06
XingMingi just want openjdl07:06
=== shiestie_ is now known as shiestie
cfhowlettXingMing,  need to get 12.04 so you can install openjdk07:06
XingMingno internet07:06
XingMingonly offline use07:06
bazhangXingMing, how are you on now07:07
cfhowlettXingMing, you're on internet now.  use torrent.07:07
rwwIP over Avian Carrier07:07
shiestieXingMing your on IRC you got the internet07:07
XingMingnow i use ubuntu 12.0407:07
XingMingbut want openjdk other laptop07:07
XingMingother laptop 9.0407:07
cfhowlettXingMing, no.  9.04 is dead.07:07
cfhowlettXingMing, http://www.ubuntukylin.com/#07:07
XingMinggive me how to install openjdk 9.0407:08
shiestieoh well download 12.04 ISO and install via usbdrive07:08
XingMingi read07:08
cfhowlettXingMing, no openjdk for 9.04.  install a ubuntukylin then openjdk07:08
shiestieXingMing.. you need internet access to get packages07:08
=== lobo is now known as Guest77160
XingMingi can download here07:08
cfhowlettshiestie, strictly speaking, not true, but he DOES need a supported version07:08
XingMingi want install there07:08
phuhXingMing: how's china?07:09
cfhowlettXingMing, can't help.  9.04 no longer supported.  sorry.07:09
bagusajihello, how to make my folder accessed from nautilus left side, like Downloads, Documents, etc.07:09
rww!ubuntukylin | cfhowlett07:10
ubottucfhowlett: Ubuntu Kylin is a variant of Ubuntu that focuses on Chinese users. It is a formal part of Ubuntu. For more information, see http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/ubuntukylin07:10
rww(I made a thing.)07:10
kendrick_Hey how do I get my windows 8 PC to load an Ubuntu cd on startup?07:11
cfhowlettrww, factoid?  nice!07:11
XingMingcan change user password to chinese character07:11
cfhowlettXingMing, install language support for chinese07:12
shiestiekendrick_ need to tell bios to boot from cd not harddrive07:12
cfhowlettshiestie, bios?  or efi?07:12
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI07:12
XingMingthank i install openjdk in 9.04 now07:12
kendrick_shiestie: I've done that still not working.07:16
cfhowlettrww, change one world of the factoid?  "official" not "formal"07:17
kendrick_ 07:17
rwwcfhowlett: "formal" was in the relevant wiki and website pages, hence that wording07:18
rwwnot sure what exactly they mean by it07:18
cfhowlettrww, hmm.  OK.  As I don't yet speak Mandarin, I'm uncertain that the intended meaning is conveyed but ... leave it to the experts!07:19
cfhowlettrww, and thanks for the factoid!  finally!07:19
kendrick_Hey I tell my CDROM to boot first but windows 8 ignores. Any help?07:20
Gallomimia_why is phablet tools ALWAYS on the update list. nothing else gets updated, but phablet-tools update every day?07:21
ThisWeeksCoinHey guys. I need help07:22
ThisWeeksCoinI got infected on windows and I'm trying to find a way to remove the virus through my Ubuntu. Could anyone help, please?07:23
Gallomimia_my favorite method is to copy your essential files out and delete the partition with windows on it. never use windows again. if that's not your cup of tea, you could run a windows rescue disk, or after erasing everything on the partition as above, reinstall windows 807:24
mnemonThisWeeksCoin: you'll be better off by downloading a bootable antivirus thingy from one of the major av vendors or reinstalling.07:24
Gallomimia_perhaps selectively erasing files which are infected and using the rescue disk to reinstall them will work07:24
ThisWeeksCoinmnemon, I have bitcoin wallets there07:24
ThisWeeksCoinI can't use anything07:25
ThisWeeksCoinIt lags badly07:25
ThisWeeksCoinLike the CPU usage is over 90%07:25
mnemonjust copy the wallets from the disk then07:25
Gallomimia_ThisWeeksCoin: dude. get your wallets copied off that disk immediately.07:25
ThisWeeksCoinDid that already, sent my coins07:25
=== aarcane_ is now known as aarcane
ThisWeeksCoinNeeded 20  minutes to access wallet07:25
=== Sickki_ is now known as Sickki
=== surfsue is now known as surfdue
=== m4n_ is now known as m4n
=== rax-Y is now known as rax-
shubhamjainWhat is mobile broadband device name in ubuntu? I mean ethernet is eth0, eth1. Wi-Fi is wlan0. what is mobile broadband?07:27
=== epzil0n is now known as Guest1282
Gallomimia_ThisWeeksCoin: two things. you should be able to mount your windows partition, if it's not already, with the "disks" program and copy any files you need off that drive. back everything up that you need now.07:27
shubhamjainI am using nethogs. and `nethogs mbn0` doesn't work.07:28
Gallomimia_second, keeping your bitcoin wallet on a windows volume is a bit like putting the combo to your safe on a label pasted on the top of it07:28
spacemasterOk, so, this is the channel with more users at freenode. Let's do a test. Say "damntest" if you read this in this very min and then let's count how many of the 1642 users are really here07:29
rwwspacemaster: this is a support channel, not a science lab, sorry.07:29
Gallomimia_i like how zero people actually did what he asked07:30
ishanyxi don't think anyone wants to get banned for spamming by following his instructions :P07:30
rwwactually, it's because none of us are really here07:31
Gallomimia_i'm really hoping it's more like most people realize for themselves that it's stupid and rude to spam everyone with that garbage. now this is really !ot07:31
spacemasterspam? it was a simple test07:31
spacemasterbut ok07:31
ishanyxif 1647 people sent that message it would be spam, yes07:31
spacemasteronce in a lifetime07:31
spacemasterjust to check how many people are online at any given moment at irc nowadays07:32
Gallomimia_please. back to ubuntu07:32
rwwanyways, we now return to your scheduled support channel07:32
spacemasterno wonder people don't use irc anymore. this is kinda too much rules too much high noses...07:32
rwwspacemaster: you're welcome to go to #ubuntu-offtopic and play there07:33
spacemasterok Thanks07:33
spacemasterAnd sorry about the spam =)07:33
Gallomimia_you really think with 1500+ people in a channel we don't need some kind of rules to keep order and civility? it's simple common sense man. go search google for some of that07:34
Myrttimoving on...07:34
spacemasterI know you do, sorry if explained myself the wrong way07:35
spacemasterhow can I remove system messages from the page?07:39
spacemasterthe idea is to just show what people say and ignore all quit's and joines, xchat btw07:40
rwwspacemaster: for this channel or all channels?07:40
IdleOnespacemaster: the idea here is to keep this channel Ubuntu support related only. Please join us in #ubuntu-offtopic07:40
rwwIdleOne: they're asking a support question now :P07:41
IdleOneI saw no question07:41
spacemasterwell, for this channel07:41
rwwspacemaster: right-click it in the channel selector, there's an option for it somewhere in there07:41
spacemasterhide join/part messages?07:43
spacemasterThanks rww I think it worked.07:45
bazhangspacemaster, right click channel choose there07:45
bazhangspacemaster, for all network, go into preferences, for single channel right click. you might also consider Hexchat07:46
spacemasterbazhang, thanks I think I got it07:47
bazhangHexchat supports SASL much more easily07:48
quotemstrIs nhexl any good?07:49
bazhangquotemstr, what is nhex107:50
quotemstrA replacement for hexl-mode.07:50
bazhangquotemstr, more details would get more response07:50
quotemstrEh, it's very buggy07:52
=== psychologikal is now known as PsychoLogiKal
pikarenwhy no people prefer osx to ubuntu for laptops?08:06
pikarenwhy do08:06
bazhang!ot | pikaren08:06
ubottupikaren: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:06
dontRenameMei need help for create file since remote ftp08:07
diepesHello everyone08:26
DoverModiepes, hello08:28
diepesAny recommendations for a dual panel file manager that works well with Ubuntu?08:28
diepesOr a way to add it to the default file manager ?08:29
varunendradiepes, have you tried "F3" in nautilus?08:35
ubottutedescoplus: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:36
spacemasterctrl + T in nautilus usually works08:36
spacemasterplus you should go to preferences and check the box that says "always open in navigation panels" or something like that08:37
varunendraspacemaster, yup, but side-by-side panel has its own advantages :)08:37
spacemasterOh side by side. Well then I guess I'm no help cause I just use nautilus08:39
varunendraspacemaster, nautilus does that with "F3" :)08:41
spacemasterOk. Will try it when in linux. Now im on Seven08:42
diepesspacemaster: ctrl + t worked (using Files)  default file manager,   but it is only tabs.08:45
spacemasterwell diepes what do you really want to be able to do? Yes it is only tabs, that's how I usually use it.08:45
spacemasterhave you tried F3 like varunendra said?08:47
spacemasterfrom a screenshot it looks like what you want08:47
diepesbetter than nothing, but side by side panels is handy when sorting files into multiple folders.08:47
diepesYes tried F3 does nothing08:48
varunendradiepes, Ubuntu version ?08:48
varunendradiepes, on my 12.03 here, View > Extra Pane (or F3) in nautilus.08:49
varunendrasorry, 12.04 :P08:49
spacemastervarunendra, that link I sent is what it does right when you push f3?08:52
diepesvarunendra: 13.10,  file manager called "Files"  maybe the name changed.  No Extra under File > Preferences > Views08:52
varunendradiepes, yup, just looked it up. Here's a discussion : http://askubuntu.com/questions/285588/is-there-a-way-to-restore-nautilus-split-screen-f3-feature08:53
varunendraspacemaster, yeah, exactly the same what's in the screenshot.08:54
spacemasterthanks varunendra08:55
=== mezz9 is now known as r4tm
n00b_dusthi, is there any good documentation to know about the different files within the /dev directory?08:55
varunendranot sure what to reply, as the feature is gone now :P08:55
vaneaHello. Can anyone suggest what is the equivalence in perl of creating folders like this: mkdir -p {a,b,c,d}/{1,2,3} ?08:55
DoverMovanea, did you ask in #perl ?08:56
Onixs_this kinda a noob Q. can i R/W files on a shared folder hosted by Windows NTFS?08:56
vaneaDoverMo:  Not yet08:57
DoverMovanea, that's where are the perl experts are08:57
n00b_dust@Onixs_ Yes, as long as its shared with the write permission enabled from the Windows system08:58
vaneaDoverMo: thx :)08:58
=== ricardo is now known as Guest11383
diepesspacemaster: varunendra: thanks,  read through your link,  sounds like a lot of the features are being simplified as everyone gets ready for the new world of touch interfaces.09:01
varunendradiepes, yeah, also sounds like us desktop lovers would soon have to look at alternative DEs :|09:02
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=== c_smith is now known as c_smith_away
cyrano_I'm trying to get a dual GPU setup going using xrandr. I've been able to successfully get them both to work with compositing using the modesetting driver and having nvidia render the display through the intel output. This gives me a 5 monitor setup all without using the xinerama extension. The problem I'm having is that the intel display is blocked off from mouse movement. But I am still able to move windows to and from that display. Any09:11
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
=== NictraSavios is now known as Guest5041
Guest5041Hello, I have a question about VMware memory usage on a Ubuntu Host with a Windows Guest, is this the proper place to ask about that?09:15
=== ivan_ is now known as Guest20413
mnemonGuest5041: just ask the question, if it's not you might get suggestions for more appropriate place.09:17
=== joobz is now known as joobie
CarlitalHi everyone09:20
CarlitalI have a small question : I use Selenium Webdriver to execute tests on a linux machine. I launch firefox windows on my selenium server and from my client I would like to somehow get the visual results (video stream) of what is being executed in the firefox window on the server. I don't know how to do it (searched Xephyr and XNest but I think I'm misleaded)09:23
CarlitalDo you guys have any idea?09:23
aeon-ltdCarlital: using something like vnc? it might be overkill though if you just want the selenium test results09:24
CarlitalThat's a good idea but that would mean that each person running my tests would have access to a single machine09:25
CarlitalI was thinking about having several firefox windows running in parallel on a single server machine and then have several streams that I could distribute to the # users09:25
Carlitalbut that's what I will eventually do I guess (private cloud with several VM and a firefox window opening in full screen and HTML5 vnc client to stream the video of what is being executed)09:26
aeon-ltdi'm not sure about that, the way i've used vnc is just remote desktop purposes. i.e i see the while screen and that's the only stream09:27
Carlitalaeon-ltd: I see, that's how TestingBot and SauceLabs are doing09:27
Carlitalbut that also means running a VM each time a new user connects :)09:27
Name141How do you remove this amazon junk?09:28
Carlitalthanks for the insight09:28
aeon-ltdCarlital: there is probably some kind of extension/addon that would allow mirroring (like chrome to chromecast) for firefox09:29
Carlitalthanks, I'll get back to work then and setup that private cloud09:32
benkillinyou ban two09:34
rcw2using lan seems to interrupt video.  suggestions?09:42
cyrano_What kind of disruption are you getting?09:42
bekksDefine "using lan" please.09:42
bekks!details | rcw209:43
ubotturcw2: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:43
rcw2bekks, ive been using k13.10 for a while without issue, but using wireless internet.  today, recently i wanted to switch to wired as opposed to wireless, and twice when i started using the wired connection, the video on the screen becomes unclear, and i have cold-rebooted the computer to restart09:49
bekksrcw2: So thats a video your watching over the network?09:50
rcw2bekks, no, its just the desktop09:50
rcw2bekks, soon after the wired connection starts upo09:51
rcw2the desktop becomes unclear09:51
bekksrcw2: So its not the video but the desktop.09:51
rcw2yes, im calling the desktop video here09:51
bekksrcw2: Please call the desktop desktop.09:52
rcw2so apparently theres some conflict with the lan card and the video card, right?09:52
rcw2bekks, ok, desktop=desktop09:52
bekksrcw2: Most likely it is some issue with a single software component in KDE, not with the graphics card itself.09:52
rcw2any recommendations for troubleshooting the particular software09:53
rcw2it will be hard to test, as i must reboot soon after testing the wired connection09:53
bekksrcw2: Then I'd investigate the system logs, because a reboot should be necessary.09:54
rcw2!logs | rcw209:55
ubotturcw2, please see my private message09:55
rcw2!logs | rcw209:55
rcw2bekks, what are the log names you recommend looking at09:56
bekksrcw2: All log in /var/log/ and ~/ with a timestamp matching the timestamp of the occurance of the problem.09:58
rcw2bekks, cheers09:58
rcw2ls -lahtr :)10:00
=== james_ is now known as Guest48706
rcw2i'd like a list of the laptops that have shown the best compatibility (k)ubuntu, especially the latest version.  where can they be found?10:18
Myrtti!hcl | rcw2 - this is your best bet beyond googling10:23
ubotturcw2 - this is your best bet beyond googling: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection10:23
interwebHi , How do I can run psiphon or other anti filter softwares on ubuntu ?10:27
interwebHello !10:29
gordonjcpinterweb: morning10:29
interwebCan anyone help ?10:29
gordonjcpinterweb: install and run10:29
gordonjcpinterweb: is there an Ubuntu package of it?10:29
bekks!info psiphon10:30
ubottuPackage psiphon does not exist in saucy10:30
interwebgordonjcp, That is a software under windows and I use wine for it but it gets an error when it wants to change the proxy10:30
gordonjcpwine sucks10:30
=== Devil is now known as Guest99344
interwebI'm looking for any software to bypass internet cencorship10:30
gordonjcpinterweb: it's not packaged but the source is available.  Looks like you've got a project10:30
interwebgordonjcp, Is there any other software for ubuntu to bypass cencorship?10:31
gordonjcpinterweb: no idea, it's not really something I care about10:32
gordonjcpinterweb: how you go about it probably depends on what you're trying to achieve10:32
interwebgordonjcp, I can not access to bbc , cnn , facebook , twitter etc10:32
gordonjcpand that in turn probably relates to where you are10:32
rcw2gordonjcp: wine why10:32
gordonjcprcw2: because people install wine, then install crappy windows programs that don't work well, and blame the poor user experience on Linux10:33
gordonjcpif you're going to use Windows software, run it on Windows10:33
interwebIs there any free proxy or vpn for ubuntu ?10:33
bekksinterweb: Tons.10:33
gordonjcpinterweb: by default Ubuntu supports pptp10:33
interwebgordonjcp, So because of cencorship I should just use windows :/10:33
cfhowlettinterweb, what country10:34
bekksinterweb: The most popular ones are squid (proxy) and openvpn (vpn).10:34
interwebbekks, Could you give a name ?10:34
gordonjcpyou should learn to spell "censorship"10:34
gordonjcpinterweb: where are you, and what *exactly* are you trying to achieve?10:34
Guest99344I have similar problems with Wine i'd like to play a game or two but nothing seems to work10:35
bekksinterweb: I just named them...10:35
interwebgordonjcp, china10:35
=== r4tm is now known as mezz9
interwebbekks, What should I do after installing squid ?10:36
gordonjcpinterweb: have you got access to some sort of server outside china?10:36
bekksinterweb: Configure it.10:36
bekks!squid | interweb10:36
ubottuinterweb: squid is a caching proxy for the Web.  See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SquidGuard  See: http://www.squid-cache.org10:36
dontRenameMei hello10:36
cfhowlettdontRenameMe, greetings10:36
dontRenameMehow create a file since "connect to server" in explorer gnome10:37
interwebgordonjcp, No , I don't10:37
dontRenameMei connected my ftp but i can't to create file10:37
gordonjcpinterweb: you're pretty much stuck then10:37
gordonjcpinterweb: whatever you do inside the filtering will always remain inside the filtering10:38
gordonjcpinterweb: you can look at building psiphon for linux, the source is available10:38
interwebgordonjcp, You mean I should just compile it for linux ?10:38
gordonjcpinterweb: yes10:38
gordonjcpthe source code is there on bitbucket10:39
dontRenameMeMy question is too hard ?10:39
ubottudontRenameMe,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/10:39
gordonjcpinterweb: the quick and easy way is to get a server somewhere not firewalled, and use that10:39
gordonjcp!details | dontRenameMe10:39
ubottudontRenameMe: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:39
inominatDoontRenameMe: maybe no write access hmm?10:39
gordonjcpdontRenameMe: also, you say you're using ftp, which is generally a bad idea10:39
inominatYou should use sftp10:40
interwebgordonjcp, Is there any free server that I could use ?10:40
dontRenameMei know, thanks10:40
gordonjcpinterweb: I don't know, google might10:40
gordonjcpinterweb: buy a cheap VPS somewhere maybe?10:40
interwebgordonjcp, I don't want to buy a server .10:41
inominatWould be great to script messages for irc, do anyone have a good solution to do so?10:41
ant_thomasWhen attempting a netinstall/minimal install is it normal to have to wait ages to go from selecting the mirror to "loading additional components" I'm sure in the past this has been near enough instant but in all my recent 12.04 install it sits for a very long time. What is actually happening at this point?10:41
cfhowlettinterweb, come on now, don't be lazy.  But a vpn/vps out of country and surf to your heart's content.  I'm in Beijing.  This is how it works.10:41
gordonjcpinterweb: you don't pay, you don't play10:42
cfhowlettinterweb, of course, if you've a friend beyond the firewall who'll set up a vpn point for you, great!  otherwise, spend the dough, get r done.10:42
bekksinominat: Doing so is considered to be spamming.10:42
interwebShould I have a proxy server to use squid ?10:43
bekksinterweb: No. squid is a local proxy server.10:43
inominatWell, don't mean automatic answering. More likely to bind some useful stuff like: "You really should ask google this question" :D10:43
bekksinominat: A sane IRC client is capable of creating aliases.10:44
streulmaEvery time I try to work with Ubuntu on my Mac, the app crashed: A system problem has been detected. Should I reverse to 13.04 ?10:44
bekksWhich app?10:45
streulmaI don't know10:45
inominataliases in my mind are different names to use an account, aren't they?  I use Smuxi IRC Client10:45
interwebbekks, So Could I bypass the censorship using it ?10:45
bekksinominat: No. An alias is an appreviation of a longer command.10:45
bekksinominat: Not without a server located outside your country.10:46
streulmabekks: maybe something incompatible with the Macbook and unity?10:46
inominatbekks: Great. Last message was not for me, was it?10:46
inominatbekks: Thanks for you help.10:46
bekksstreulma: I dont think so.10:47
bekksinterweb: Not without a server located outside your country.10:48
streulmabekks: back to OSX then...10:50
bekksstreulma: Instead of solving/investigating the problem?10:50
=== zz_whitenite is now known as whitenite
inominatbekks: Is there a possibility to check if a specific nick is online on freenode?10:51
inominatStalkR: so we go10:51
bekksinominat: No.10:51
inominatThanks I would say. So to arrange a meeting you have to join the same channel at the same time, right?10:52
bekksinominat: yes.10:52
streulmabekks: most of the programs runs on OSX/Windows, not on Linux for me.10:52
inominatbekks: But normal wisper Name: Message work if a person is online and NOT in the same channel?10:52
bekksstreulma: you could use a vm, too.10:52
bekksinominat: just try it with the person you want to talk to.10:53
streulmaso bekks: I have to install a virtual machine with all of my programs, sound in it is choppy in virtualbox10:53
bekksstreulma: I dont need sound to get my work done.10:53
SpeirosIs anyone available who might be able to help me upgrade, using terminal.  I seem blocked in so many ways.10:54
MonkeyDustSpeiros  what goes wrong?10:54
inominatbekks: Okey, one last question: what do you think about running a Windows-Server 2012 on a laptop as hipyerviser with hyper-v to use multiple systems and test environments on one platform? Why not ESXI? Well the UNIX Problem, that there is no x-serve in the kernel and therefore no ways to use the VM from the host-maschine. What do you think?10:55
bekksinominat: I think: it has entirely nothing to do with Ubuntu support.10:55
inominatbekks: YOu are right, but there are running a ubuntu maschine inside :D so come on, what do you think?10:56
bekksinominat: it has nothing to do with ubuntu support.10:56
streulmainominat: I should use a minimal Linux system for it10:56
inominatbekks: like that you are consistent at this point. Thanks10:57
streulmainominat: run Proxmox :)10:57
SpeirosMonkeyDust I have an old version of ubuntu, specifically 10.4, and I've tried to upgrade to 12.0.4 LTS, but as much as I now have the image uploaded to my computer, I can't fix things.  ODM is messing things up, as it didn't install properly, so now I can't remove it, nor can I upgrade or complete the install.  My firefox is version 20, and for some reason is stopping me now from clicking on javascript, although javascript is enabl10:57
Speirosed.  I feel like throwing my computer through the wall or window, but it isn't my place, and the computer is all I have.10:57
inominatstreulma: Getting interesseting, promox as an hipyervisor on UNIX base?10:57
streulmainominat: yes10:57
bekksproxmox is no hypervisor.10:57
inominatCould you use it as?10:57
bekksproxmox is an admin panel for some hypervisors.10:58
streulmaI tryed and it works good :)10:58
SpeirosMonkeyDust my main goal is to get my computer working efficiently, but everything I upload doesn't upload properly...well not everything, but key things that are needed.10:58
streulmaDebian based I think inominat10:58
MoonshineHi all10:58
Moonshineim having some trouble =/710:58
MonkeyDustSpeiros  1) 10.04 is !eol    2) better backup and fresh install 12.0410:58
inominatstreulma: Did you test it out?10:58
bekksproxmox basicaly uses kvm as hypervisor.10:58
interweb2Is there any free software like psiphon on ubuntu ?10:58
SpeirosMonkeyDust it won't install.10:58
MonkeyDustSpeiros  meaning? what happens when you try?10:59
Moonshineim trying to install a unlocker for Warcraft but i cant get it to load it's a .exe, wont load through wine10:59
inominatbekks: kvm alright, got to start familiar with this.10:59
SpeirosMonkeyDust I even tried to install it onto an external hard drive, and change the bios to start with the external hard drive first.10:59
MonkeyDustSpeiros  sounds complicated, what happens when you install on an internal drive11:00
SpeirosMonkeyDust I pounded my laptop after I upgraded to LTS about one year ago.11:00
MonkeyDustSpeiros  what are the symptoms?11:00
inominatstreulma: Thank you for this advice!11:01
SpeirosMonkeyDust certain programs won't function.  I'm scared of having this, my last internal hard drive with all my programs on it screwed up.11:01
Moonshinecan anyone help me? =[11:01
MonkeyDustSpeiros  still too vague... "won't function"?11:01
spacemasterMoonshine, what's your problem11:01
SpeirosMonkeyDust, because of the database issues because of ODM, I can't upgrade onto the internal harddrive.11:01
Moonshineim trying to run a .exe it's aunlocker for WoW for a rotation bot but it wont load via wine11:02
MonkeyDustSpeiros  what's ODM?11:02
SpeirosMonkeyDust, let me check the name, as I could be wrong11:02
SpeirosMonkeyDust, sorry, OBM11:02
Ben64why even upgrade? you could do a fresh install11:02
spacemasterwell wine doen't load everything...11:02
TJ-Speiros: Do you mean GDM, the display manager?11:03
Moonshinei've tried installing it via playolinux and i get this error: Error in POL_Wine11:03
MoonshineWine seems to have crashed11:03
MoonshineIf your program is running, just ignore this message.11:03
Ben64Speiros: so... what's OBM?11:03
MonkeyDustSpeiros  ok, and what's OBM?11:03
=== karim is now known as Guest5700
Ben64!appdb | Moonshine11:03
ubottuMoonshine: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help11:03
Moonshinei've tried this programme isnt on there list lol11:04
spacemasterwell then it is not supported11:04
bekksMoonshine: So most likely it wont run.11:04
=== james_ is now known as Guest94506
SpeirosMonkeyDust it's a stupid database program that I thought I could install to help fix my problems with the databases not being accessed through whatever the problem was back then when I thought it would fix it.  I don't recall the other issue, as it's been too much of a brainf... to remember.11:04
Ben64Moonshine: see where the bot says "Join #winehq for application help" ?11:04
spacemasteryou better install a virtual machine and run it on windows11:04
TJ-Speiros: You mean ODBC?11:04
Ben64Speiros: so why even upgrade? you could do a fresh install11:04
Moonshineyea i got it cheers ben11:05
SpeirosTJ- I don't know.  It's called OBM.11:05
TJ-Speiros: OK ... so if it is causing problems... how did you install it originally? Using "apt-get" or "dpkg" or manually building and installing?11:05
SpeirosBen64 I've tried that way too.  I don't know how to, and I know it will mess up when I get to the part when I can't chat to someone to guide me through it.11:05
SpeirosNo, I just want to fix the 12.0.4 thing, not worry about the database program as it's a nightmare.11:06
Ben64Speiros: 1. backup all your important data to that external drive you were talking about. 2. download and burn 12.04 iso. 3. boot it, and install. you can be on the live system while its installing and be here11:06
SpeirosBen64 you and I went through this step before.  I can't burn to disk.  I have the image on the external hard drive, but nothing happens.11:07
Ben64Speiros: then use a usb drive?11:07
SpeirosBen64 I need a flash drive.  My external hard drive is on USB, but this must be different I think, is it?11:08
SpeirosBen64 my external hard drive is a usb drive11:08
omid8bimomy headphone jack is not working suddently. any body knows any solution? it was working yesterday and now, when i plug in my headphone or speaker, nothing happens11:09
Ben64Speiros: well its easier if you have a flash drive you can format11:09
Gryfelhasehiho... with ubtunu 12.03 I can connect via nfs to the cable-recievers harddisc. But...11:10
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
SpeirosBen64 I have two external drives.  One I completely removed everything off it, and reformatted it.  I chose a file type, and installed the image on it.  I then changed the BIOS to start with the external drive.  It doesn't open the external drive firstly, but flicks about 100 io messages up the screen then goes back to the original hard drive.11:10
Gryfelhasewith ubuntu 13.10 mount reports: Protocol not supported11:10
GryfelhaseI did already used modprobe nfsv3, but didn' helped11:11
=== andreas1 is now known as iAnden
Ben64Speiros: how did you put the image on the external drive?11:11
SpeirosI downloaded the tar, and extracted it.11:12
SpeirosI'm pretty sure.11:12
Ben64well thats doubly wrong11:12
SpeirosBen64 Yes.  It doesn't work.11:12
Ben641. its not a tar 2. you don't extract it11:12
SpeirosBen64, okay.  Can you tell me please some commands to type into terminal so I can see what happens and I can give you the details?  I can attempt ti now.11:13
SpeirosBen64 Seriously, I am going crazy.  This version of Ubuntu is the last one I had working, and I've already lost one computer due ot computer rage, and two others are stuffed, and now I am on my final one.11:13
Ben64you just need to get the right image, which is not a tar, its an iso, and put it on the external drive correctly. you can either use something like unetbootin, or you can dd the image directly to the drive.11:14
SpeirosBen64 I don't know what those terms mean.11:14
Ben64format the external drive, use the ext3 filesystem. use "unetbootin" to put the 12.04 iso onto the external drive11:15
bekksUse ext4 nowadays.11:16
Ben64idk if 10.04 has that as an option11:16
dontRenameMehow to create a file with nano without open editor please ?11:17
bekksdontRenameMe: you cant.11:17
SpeirosYes, there is an ext4 option, but I'll give it another go.  I'll tell you when I've re-formatted it (but I'm wondering if I can thanks to the database issue anyway.11:17
bekksdontRenameMe: just use "touch filename" to create an empty file named "filename".11:17
dontRenameMetouch does not work with ftp11:17
bekksneither does nano.11:18
dontRenameMenano can to create file11:18
bekksTransfer a file to your ftp server to create it.11:18
dontRenameMebut it is in editor11:18
bekksnano does not work with ftp.11:18
dontRenameMenobody know to manipulate file11:19
Ben64you need to better explain what you want, dontRenameMe11:19
bekksdontRenameMe: nano cant do what you want.11:19
dontRenameMeGoodbye, i'm the only able to do that11:20
bekksThen share your secret knowledge please.11:20
SpeirosBen64 I am re-formatting the drive to ext411:24
SpeirosBen64 Ok, it is reformatted to ext411:26
SpeirosBen64 What is unetbootin?11:27
interweb2is there any anti censorship software to use on ubuntu11:28
vaskozlHey why does: cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp not work anymore?11:28
=== nat31 is now known as nat3
vaskozlpiping stuff into the speakers would be really cool11:29
vaskozlespecially over ssh11:29
vaskozlso why doesn't it work anyomre?11:29
vaskozlIs no one interested?11:30
ubottuvaskozl,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/11:31
vaskozlhello ubottu11:31
theodorDiaconuhello guys, I'm running Ubuntu in VMWare and I am trying to access it's 80 port. I am connected via modem through internet, and the VmWare option I choose was 'Host-Only' (https://www.vmware.com/support/ws55/doc/ws_net_configurations_hostonly.html) problem is that when I open Network Settings in Ubuntu, I click on the 'Wired' connection clicking Options doesn't do nothing for me. (Running 13.1011:33
FloodBot1theodorDiaconu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:33
vaskozltheodorDiaconu: what does ifconfig yield?11:34
roosbeefwhats up guys11:34
theodorDiaconuthis virtual machine has been previously copied from my desktop to laptop. And I configured it to have a static IP address11:35
roosbeefso i just upgraded to 13.10 on my laptop. All of a sudden power settings are totally messed up (imo) - when i close the lid it suspends (used to just keep running and lock screen), when pressing power button it immediately shuts down (used to ask) -- how do i restore this to old settings?11:35
vaskozlis 108 the ip of the host?11:35
glitsj16vaskozl: /dev/dsp hasn't been around anymore for several years now .. what version of ubuntu are you running exactly?11:35
theodorDiaconuip of the virtual machine11:35
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence|away
vaskozlglitsj16: I'm running 13.1011:36
theodorDiaconuvaskozl, the ip is unreachable (running it from windows machine :( )11:36
vaskozlglitsj16: I read some pretty cool post's that show how you can pipe: cat /dev/mouse > /dev/dsp11:36
vaskozland get noise whenever you move yours mouse11:36
vaskozltheodorDiaconu: ping nothing?11:37
glitsj16vaskozl: then you need to try with pulseaudio .. something like pacat /dev/urandom > padsp might work11:37
theodorDiaconuit's 32.108 and nope, Request timed out11:37
vaskozlglitsj16: you are awesome11:37
vaskozltheodorDiaconu: with host only the VM can only acces other VM's and the host11:39
vaskozltheodorDiaconu: why don't you used bridged?11:40
vaskozlit should get it's own adress in the lan11:40
theodorDiaconuvaskozl yep, it should, but it does not :) , I still get request timed out, and the problem is in Ubuntu I believe or maybe vmware messed up with the network drivers, because I can't modify the 'Wired' connection I have in Network settings11:42
vaskozltheodorDiaconu: are you using bridged mode or host-only mode?11:42
theodorDiaconutried with both11:43
theodorDiaconuit seems like no change is being done when I select either one from the vmware interface11:43
SpeirosBen64 What does it mean to use "unetbootin" to put the 12.04 iso onto the external drive?11:43
theodorDiaconuI should also mention that 'Wired' connection is unmanaged11:43
ROPAHow do I change permissions on a cd-rw?? The sudo chmod command fails, and gives the error that it is a read only disk. The disk was previously used in a windows machine years ago. Do I need to reformat the cd?? I'm stuck.11:44
ubottuSpeiros,: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:45
bekksROPA: copy the entire data to your harddive, chown, and burn the cd-rw again.11:45
Speiroscfhowlett I don't get it.  Is that a live chat site too, or a forum?11:46
cfhowlettSpeiros, that's a wiki describing exactly how to create a bootable USB11:47
ROPAI never thought of chown, thanks bekks.11:47
theodorDiaconuhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6779491/ <--- /etc/network/interfaces11:47
theodorDiaconuthis might be the problem11:47
theodorDiaconuI forgot I changed this a while ago11:47
bekksROPA: I meant chmod, not chown. Copy the data, chmod, and burn the cd-rw again.11:47
Speiroscfhowlett Ok, I'll have a look at it, and see if it can help me.  Cheers.  Seriously though, I've been trying to do this since 2010, although I have been frozen in time thanks to life's horrible circumstances, and now I've forgotten nearly everything I was learning prior to then.11:48
cfhowlettSpeiros, the wiki is pretty detailed.  if you get stuck, come back here.11:49
ROPAbekks but, I can't chmod, which is my problem. When I try to do it, I get the error message saying it's a read only....and no changes are made to the disk.11:50
Speiroscfhowlett Will do, cheers.11:50
PetazzHow can I make numlock be on when ubuntu boots?11:51
PetazzInstructions here seem outdated https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NumLock11:52
schnibbl0rPetazz: this used to be a setting in the bios11:52
Speiroscfhowlett What is the "unity dash"?11:52
cfhowlettSpeiros, on ubuntu 13.04 and above, that's the search utility .  press the windows button on your keyboard and it'll pop up11:53
Speiroscfhowlett Ok11:54
PetazzHmm ok, I guess the numlockx fits ok11:54
PetazzAnother thing, how can I change the alt+tab dialog to show all windows and not all applications?11:54
Speiroscfhowlett I have 10.4, also my windows button remains empty.11:55
cfhowlettSpeiros, as I said: 13.04 and above ...11:58
Speiroscfhowlett I've searched for usb-creator-gtk and I've found 19 files or folders with that name.  Which one do I choose to open, and how do I open them?  If I click on them I just get information.11:58
cfhowlettSpeiros, found them where?  on your system?11:58
Speiroscfhowlett Yes.11:58
cfhowlettSpeiros, open a terminal and type usb-creator-gtk and it'll launch or it should be under the menu11:59
SpeirosOk, thanks11:59
theodorDiaconuok so my problem was that I was previously enforcing via /etc/network/interfaces a specific network configuration that would allow me to have a static ip12:00
Speiroscfhowlett "Installation failed".  It didn't give me an explanation.12:00
SpeirosLet me try again12:00
theodorDiaconuby removing that , and restarting I could solve my problem easily12:01
cfhowlettSpeiros, probably likely to fail since 10.04 is end of life ...12:01
glitsj16Petazz: that page explicitly states the setting has no effect at the login screen or consoles .. you can edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf and add something like "greeter-setup-script=/usr/bin/numlockx on" (without the quotes)12:01
Speiroscfhowlett I am in a "There's a hole in my bucket" situation, and I've been on this treadmill for a long time.12:02
milosz96hi all. I want to save my current cpu load to file. How can i do it? It's important to do it at least twice per second.12:02
NattgrisSince upgrading to 13.10 my keyboard layout reverts to english every time I reboot12:03
cfhowlettSpeiros, terminal time ... apt-cache policy usb-creator-gtk12:03
Nattgriseven if I remove all layots but swedish12:03
Speiroscfhowlett thanks12:03
cfhowlettSpeiros, that'll tell you if it's installed or not12:03
Speiroscfhowlett Installed :
Nattgrisseems to be a common problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2183068 http://askubuntu.com/questions/362973/keyboard-layout-switches-to-english-each-time-i-reboot etc.12:04
cfhowlettSpeiros, then no need to install.   is it in your system menu?12:04
Nattgrisbut only workarounds, no real solutions12:05
Speiroscfhowlett Yes12:05
SpeirosDisk creator12:05
cfhowlettSpeiros, right.  so it should launch from there ...12:06
Speiroscfhowlett Yes, but this is the one that is saying "Installation failed"12:06
Speiroscfhowlett Let me try again from here12:06
cfhowlettSpeiros, fair enough.12:07
cfhowlettSpeiros, does this box dual boot?  have you access to any other computer?12:07
Speiroscfhowlett No.  Last time I had a computer and went through this, I finally bashed the crap out of it, and threw it away.12:08
Speiroscfhowlett This problem has been going on for years, and I've not been able to cope.12:08
PetazzIS there no way of using the unitu switcher to show all windows straight away?12:08
cfhowlettSpeiros, let's not go there :)12:08
Speiroscfhowlett lol, good plan12:09
Speiroscfhowlett an option box from usb start up has opened...I'll just read it12:09
cfhowlettSpeiros, nice ...12:09
Speiroscfhowlett Although this might sound silly, I am going to now enter the password a second time for authentication, but when I do, I believe it will once again say unable to boot...here goes anyhow.12:12
Speiroscfhowlett Yep..."Failed to install the bootloader".12:12
cfhowlettSpeiros, you are entering your admin password?12:12
manlinhi users, i want to stop cups smb service from autostarting on boot. how to do it? anyone please12:12
Speiroscfhowlett yep12:13
cfhowlettSpeiros, any chance you hit the incorrect password?12:13
TobzionHi.  I have an issue. I installed Ubuntu 10.4. Today when I reeboot after Ubuntu logga the screen is dark Grey and the cursor is an X. I can move around but no icons or menu and no key shortcuts work. I can still access the files on computer from my phone or TV. Anyone can assist me ty.12:13
Speiroscfhowlett I think it is because I changed the root password previously, and the admin password is different.  I have two passwords for authorisation.12:13
cfhowlettTobzion, 10.04 is end of life.  Install a supported version12:13
Speiroscfhowlett If I type an incorrect password it gives me a different message.12:14
cfhowlettSpeiros, you have a ROOT password!?12:14
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo12:14
Speiroscfhowlett yes.12:14
kendrick_In Ubuntu 8 my wires connection works but in Ubuntu 13 it doesn't.12:14
cfhowlettSpeiros, OK then ... well, refusing to install the bootloader due to no authorization is normal behavior ...12:14
Speiroscfhowlett, well my computer has two passwords, and I believe that this is the main problem.12:14
kendrick_My wired sorry12:15
TobzionOk. I guess I just install 12.04 then12:15
cfhowlettSpeiros, I've 2 accounts: one daily use, one admin.12:15
cfhowlettTobzion, highly recommended ...12:15
kendrick_Hey in Ubuntu 8 wired connection works but in 13 it doesn't.12:16
Speiroscfhowlett The problem is that from here, I can't format the main drive I'm using, as I reckon I'll get stuck where I'll need online help and won't be able to get access to it.12:16
cfhowlettSpeiros, if you ever get your boot USB up, just run the live session and install in the background12:17
Speiroscfhowlett this is why I wanted the external drive to have the iso, which I actually copied onto there previously, but have deleted it today to go through the system as people tell me that it can't just be copied.12:17
Speiroscfhowlett I don't know how to get the boot USB up, as I can't disk create.12:18
cfhowlettSpeiros, alternatives: go to your public library.  download the iso and make a usb or cdrom from there12:18
Speiroscfhowlett I have added passwords, and when I get a fail in this stupid OBM or whatever it is called, it says "Password:Yes", but12:18
=== james_ is now known as Guest79163
Speiroscfhowlett Yes, I guess it is something like that that is required.12:19
MonkeyDustSpeiros  is this the OBM you are talking about http://obm.org/12:19
SpeirosMonkeyDust Yes12:20
SpeirosMonkeyDust when I went to load it, it didn't load fully, but it also isn't able to be deleted.12:21
SpeirosMonkeyDust also, I installed it because of some problem, thinking it was something else, I think.  I can't recall the exact reason but something to do with database system.12:21
MonkeyDustSpeiros  are you running ubuntu server?12:22
SpeirosMonkeyDust No.12:22
SpeirosMonkeyDust I'm running the distro Ubuntu 10.4 as I haven't been able to upgrade.12:23
SpeirosMonkeyDust I made an unsuccessful upgrade to 10.10 on one of my computers a long time back.  That was my last successful...although it didn't work properly...upgrade.12:24
realNWOanyone know of a cert manager or konversation cert paths12:26
Speiroscfhowlett is there a terminal command to use usb-creator-gtk instead of opening the program?  It might show the error that way in the attempt of loading it.12:26
gaaaaaproblem dual booting windows8 and ubuntu 12.0412:27
cfhowlettSpeiros, sure usb-creator-gtk will launch it - but the error is, as you suggested, probably  a password issue.  You have 2; try both12:27
Speiroscfhowlett The password is accepted, but then it doesn't open.  I'll show you the two different messages.  Hang on a minute..12:28
gaaaaaproblem dual booting windows8 and ubuntu 12.0412:28
ubottugaaaaa,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/12:28
Speiroscfhowlett The message for the wrong password is "Authentication Failure"12:29
cfhowlettSpeiros, exactomundo12:29
Speiroscfhowlett The message for the right password is "Installation Failure" with no added explanation.12:29
Speiroscfhowlett Sorry, Installation Failed12:30
milosz96How can i get speeds of my fans if lm_sensors doesn't see any?12:30
fpghost84Hi, I'd like to create a user/group for a certain daemon, could anyone give me a rough idea of how to do so? I have to use useradd? Then how do I associate the daemon to the group?12:30
Speiroslol other than ouija?12:31
llutzfpghost84: "sudo -g newgroup daemon"  or "-u newuser" (man sudo)12:32
cfhowlettSpeiros, I ran the -h option to see if it might possible to trigger verbose error reporting - no such luck.  Plan B; download unetbootin from sourceforge, install and create.  If the error persists, you might need to revisit that root/admin password arrangement12:32
Speiroscfhowlett I found unetbootin, although it is displayed as a box with a questionmark in it in my applicatons12:33
Speiroscfhowlett what can I do with unetbootin?12:33
cfhowlettSpeiros, terminal unetbootin12:34
oaulakhi need somw help guys on how i make my current account to as root account in ubuntu12:34
fpghost84llutz: thanks, so I have to make the system user first right? then do the associating with `sudo`?12:34
cfhowlettSpeiros, it's an alternate usb creator12:34
gaaaaaproblem dual booting windows8 and ubuntu 12.0412:34
cfhowlettsultan, greetings12:34
SpeirosI see.12:34
llutzfpghost84: yes, you may check if the config of your daemon allow to set a specific user/group too12:34
gaaaaadual boot with win8 problem12:34
sultanhelp me12:35
ubottusultan,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:35
fpghost84llutz: I think I could have done it with the config flags, but unfortunately I forgot during the build, so now would like to do it by hand12:35
oaulakhwhen i type sudo su ,it shows me something like that new is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.12:35
gaaaaaproblem dual booting windows8 and ubuntu 12.1012:35
sultani want t use whatsapp on my lc12:36
sultani want to use watsapp on my pc12:36
gaaaaai want divorce12:36
oaulakhhow can i make my user account to root account12:36
gaaaaause sudo12:36
sultanwhy do you want dfivorse12:37
oaulakhuse bluestacks for watsapp12:37
llutzoaulakh: "sudo adduser username sudo"12:37
ubottugaaaaa,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:37
sultanfuck man12:37
gaaaaathen add new user12:37
ubottusultan,: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.12:37
sultani want a girl to have sex12:38
ubottusultan: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!12:38
gaaaaavaporise u sultan12:38
sultanwot hppen?12:38
oaulakhits working thanks12:38
gaaaaause pidgin for the awtaspp12:39
elkygaaaaa, sultan: this is not an appropriate channel for discussing relationship matters. Stop it.12:39
Speiroscfhowlett It says it's complete, and to select the USB boot option in the bios boot menu.  Does this mean to access bios again and make sure it reads from my hard drive first?12:39
sultanwill u do it on my pc now for me12:40
SpeirosMy USB drive I mean?12:40
cfhowlettSpeiros, if you want the USB to boot, you must tell your bios to go there rather than the HDD.12:40
sultanare u a male?12:40
ubottusultan: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:41
Speiroscfhowlett okay.  I think it's automatically set up that way from last time, but I'll have a look to make sure.  I'll see you soon.12:41
sultanwhat is your sex?12:41
cfhowlettSpeiros, fingers crossed12:41
Myrttisultan: What does That have to do with anything?12:41
elkysultan: that is not an appropriate question.12:41
ubottusultan,: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!12:41
Speirossultan you are on the wrong channel12:41
Myrtticfhowlett: yes, we see12:41
elkyIt's not appropriate for any ubuntu channels. Not even the offtopic one.12:41
llutzstop feeding the troll, kick him12:41
Simpson_2Hi, I have ubunut 12.04.4 + Postgress 9.1 startup issues12:41
Speirossultan there are other chat sites for discussing these other subjects mate.12:41
sultano hello12:41
cfhowlettkick and ban please12:42
oaulakhanyone know how to register chat channel on irc12:42
sultan i want to use watsapp..12:42
Simpson_2on startup it fails with a shared memory error, but on manual 'service postgres start' after boot it works fine12:42
elkysultan: whatsapp is for phones.12:43
sultanit is not working on ubunto os?12:43
Speiroscfhowlett thanks and I'll see you soon.  Thanks also to MonkeyDust, Ben64 and I can't remember who else, as I can't scroll up that far, but all of your input whether successful or not, is highly appreciated.12:43
SikHello, using Ubuntu 13.04 x64 here, I'm trying to use Anthy but it outright doesn't work (it hangs in some Python process). I'm having this issue since 12.04. Any ideas? I seriously need this to be fixed since I need to test IME support in a program I'm making.12:43
SpeirosI'll be back soon.12:43
elkysultan: they do not provide a linux version.12:43
oaulakhits working use wine to install it12:43
sultanno dnt go12:43
oaulakhsultan : its working use wine to install it12:44
sultancan anybody install it for me on my pc....online  plaese..12:44
neworderHi guys12:44
neworderI'm trying to install LAMP on Ubuntu12:44
Ben64sultan: no. whatsapp is not for ubuntu12:44
sultanok thank..12:45
sultanhow can change my os.now12:45
neworderI ran a sudo apt-get update command12:45
neworderand it tells me it cannot connect to us.archive.ubuntu.com12:46
neworderAny solutions plss12:46
Simpson_2at what point in the boot process are shm parameters set ( which run level )12:46
sultani want to install win812:46
Ben64sultan: then join ##windows ... this channel is for Ubuntu support _only_12:46
sultanpls ans me12:46
cfhowlettsultan, for whatsapp support, go to www.whatsapp.com  - this is not an ubuntu issue.12:47
Ben64neworder: what is the output of "cat /etc/issue"12:47
sultanben: can you install window 8 now in my pc noe...online....12:47
Ben64sultan: did you read what i just said? this is not windows support.12:48
sultanben64 ans me12:48
neworderUbuntu 12.04.3 LTS \n \l12:48
* cfhowlett thinks more than enough rope has been extended - yank the cord please.12:48
Speiroscfhowlett Oh well.  Here we are again.lol12:48
cfhowlettSpeiros, how'd it go, then?12:48
neworderSlipped on the cord :P12:48
neworderJust joking12:48
sultancan any  body will give your phone no. pls12:49
Speiroscfhowlett No good mate, it tried to open from the usb, but eventually skipped over to the hard drive.12:49
Ben64elky, Myrtti: either of you still around? sultan doesn't appear to understand this channel12:49
cfhowlettSpeiros, autotmatically went to HDD?  that's not normal ...12:49
oaulakhhow to list all user available in system12:50
sultanya pls give me ur no. now?12:50
Ben64cfhowlett: i haven't kept up, what did you have him do?12:50
Speiroscfhowlett I have the boot order so that usb goes first, then hard drive12:50
cfhowlettSpeiros, course not.  try this: go into bios setting and disable (temporarily) the HDD.  reboot with usb priority12:50
cfhowlettBen64, trying to fire up a usb boot12:50
sultanrply me12:50
Speiroscfhowlett Ok, I'll try.12:50
oaulakhhow to list all user available in system12:50
Ben64cfhowlett: what method of putting ubuntu on the usb?12:50
cfhowlettBen64, usb-creator-gtk  I think12:51
Speiroscfhowlett f9 is to change the boot order, what is bios12:51
cfhowlettSpeiros, differs by machine.  it'll flash display during power on self test12:51
SpeirosOk  cya soon12:51
Ben64yeah try to disable hdd boot altogether for now, and relay any errors booting to us12:51
zaitzevIt is often the Delete key12:51
oaulakhhow to list all user available in system12:51
SpeirosThanks zaitzev12:52
oaulakhhow to remove user12:52
oaulakhin ubuntu12:52
SpeirosBen64 ok12:52
zaitzevoaulakh: deluser username12:53
jjavaholichow does not having oss4-base anymore likely to effect your system sound?12:56
MonkeyDustjjavaholic  please rephrase, what brings you here12:59
pikarenhow can i trust ubuntu's repo?12:59
gordonjcppikaren: in what sense?12:59
zaitzevhow can you not? :)12:59
LjLpikaren: act of faith12:59
cfhowlettpikaren, trust it to what?12:59
pikarenmaybe it would steal my money13:00
MonkeyDustpikaren  why would you not trust them?13:00
bazkie_bumpercarhey everyone, i was wondering if ubuntu 12.04 was using grub or grub2 by default?13:00
cfhowlettpikaren, repos' dont' steal, people steal13:00
=== j_f-f_ is now known as j_f-f
cfhowlettbazkie_bumpercar, grub213:00
llutzpikaren: simple, in doubt you cannot trust anyone13:00
MonkeyDustpikaren  they only steal your identity, not your money13:00
humbolt1when I have a system installed on a disk with an MBR partition table and I convert that table to GPT, will my system still boot without any additional intervention?!13:00
bazkie_bumpercarokay thanks cfhowlett :)13:00
LjLpikaren: pick an OS you feel you can trust. there isn't really a way to *ensure* it's trusted, unless maybe you use one that you compile yourself from almost the ground up (and inspect the entire source code of)13:00
Simpson_2I'm having issues autostarting postgres 9.1 on system boot, manual start afterwards works fine, it has shared memoery issues it claims. does shared memoery change between boot and running phase ?13:00
LjLbazkie_bumpercar: LILO13:01
bazkie_bumpercarlol, hi ljl :D13:01
llutzpikaren: so either you trust  or you don't use it13:01
cfhowletthumbolt1, convert:  yes.  without additional intervention?  hopefully, usually, probably, but just in case ... backup13:01
pikarenand how do we trust the mirrors13:01
llutzpikaren: same story13:01
humbolt1cfhowlett: I'll backup the initial MBR and partition layout.13:01
pikarenmaybe some mirrors would inject something13:01
humbolt1cfhowlett: anything else?13:01
cfhowlettpikaren, assuming you have a wiki or tutorial.  get lots of rest, ease up on the alcohol/coffee and proceed cautiously.13:02
llutzpikaren: repos/mirros are signed but you still have to trust. no way around that13:02
humbolt1cfhowlett: partition GUIDs stay the same I suppose and grub2 should not have any trouble with GPT, or does it?13:02
MonkeyDustpikaren  if they did, everyone would know and anticipate, anticipaten as linux is a glass house13:02
pikarenso its no different from windows when it comes to security13:03
llutzpikaren: nope13:03
gordonjcppikaren: no, it's entirely different13:03
cfhowletthumbolt1, I don't have enough knowledge to give an informed answer13:03
gordonjcppikaren: if you don't trust the repos, you can compile from source13:03
gordonjcppikaren: do you know how public key infrastructure works?13:03
llutzgordonjcp: you still have to audit the source then13:03
humbolt1cfhowlett: an educated answer that is.13:03
cfhowlettpikaren, or go whole hog and roll your own distro13:03
MonkeyDustpikaren  http://www.zdnet.com/uks-security-branch-says-ubuntu-most-secure-end-user-os-7000025312/13:03
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gordonjcpllutz: yes, you do13:06
treakohi can any one help me i hav a big question newbe question iam new to linux:)13:08
MonkeyDusttreako  let's hear it13:08
ubottutreako,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:08
=== james_ is now known as Guest52308
treakoi hav two hdd 1 80 g one another 250 gb one i hav partition it into 5 locat discs13:09
raiderturboThis could be a long story....#13:09
MonkeyDusttreako  RAID?13:09
treakoi want to install ubuntu in one of my lcak discs13:10
treakobut it does not detect it13:10
treakoi made it as unallocated  still i wont detect13:10
treakoi want to install ubuntu 13.1013:11
=== Enissay_ is now known as Enissay
Ben64treako: pastebin the output of "sudo parted -l"13:11
Speiroscfhowlett Hello again mate.  No success.  I disabled my hard drive, and had only the usb drive highlighted, but it had the message "XE-E61: Media test failure. check cable", which I reckon it's saying it doesn't recognise my external HD as a USB drive13:12
pranavk_I want to sign the content of an email with S/MIME using command line tool from linux and then send that email using webclient like gmail. how can i do that ?13:13
cfhowlettSpeiros, as it wouldn't.  I thought we were using an actual USB not an external HDD13:13
treakoben64 ok13:13
Speiroscfhowlett Ok.  I didn't realise it wouldn't be recognised as a USB drive,13:13
Speiroscfhowlett, why is it not, when it plugs in through USB?13:14
cfhowlettSpeiros, I can't speak technobabble, so can't explain :)13:14
raiderturboSpeiros: Which USB HDD do you have? Does it require drivers to work?13:14
Speiroslol, okay13:14
rigarciaNeed assistance repairing my Ubuntu is this the right channel?13:14
Ben64rigarcia: most likely13:15
luk_I have question about "how to manage consistent version of the system across multiple machines" ... it might be little long, I'll try to give an usecase as a example, maybe you will be able do advise me the best approach13:15
raiderturboSpeiros: ^^13:15
luk_I don't if it's good place to ask13:15
cfhowlettrigarcia, 'tis what we do ...13:15
Speirosraiderturbo I use the USB HDD's on a regular basis as my file systems, and backups, but they seem to work fine.  I don't think they need drivers apart from what they already have...although the information could be on the actual HD of my computer.13:15
rigarciaHpw do you repair a bad physical drive with Ubuntu?13:16
libpenguinhow to replace system firefox with new version of firefox downloaded from mozilla.org ?13:16
raiderturboSpeiros: I missed the first part of your actual question though.. What are you trying to do with the USB HDD?? and what make/model is it?13:16
rigarciaImanaged to re-boot the machine with a USB live disk but I'm unable to mount the hard disk13:16
rigarciaGet this error "ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo dmesg | tail [  765.596217] sd 2:0:0:0: [sda]   [  765.596222] Add. Sense: Unrecovered read error - auto reallocate failed [  765.596225] sd 2:0:0:0: [sda] CDB:  [  765.596228] Read(10): 28 00 0e 05 26 cf 00 00 f0 00 [  765.596240] end_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 235218878 [  765.596251] ata3: EH complete [  765.596310] JBD2: Failed to read block at offset 9455 [  765.596313] JBD2: IO er13:16
waperboyCan I manually make a driver hook into DKMS, so it rebuilds on kernel updates?13:17
Ben64rigarcia: sounds like a broken drive, you probably can't do anything for it13:17
luk_I would like to be able to (re)install the ubuntu server with exact the same version of all packages as I have i.e. on existing machines, i.e. today I install 5 machines and in 3 months time I would like to add additional 1-2 machines, but I would like to have them in exactly the same version as the previous one13:17
TJ-waperboy: "man dkms" see "dkms add"13:17
luk_at the same time, from time to time I would like to make an upgrade of machines to the latest version available in public repo13:17
luk_is it good place to ask? ;)13:18
Speirosraiderturbo I am trying to use one of them as a USB drive so that I can install the 12.0.4 LTS, as I'm stuck with 10.4, and have a stack of problems.  My USB which is the blank one (I've made it ext4 filing system) is a seagate momentus 5400 250gb13:18
waperboyTJ- thanks, I'll look into that13:18
rigarciaThanks Ben64. In the event that I can't repair the drive is there a way to save some of the files?13:18
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate13:18
llutzluk_: if you update your existing machines and don't do a version upgrade, the package versions will be the same.13:18
raiderturboSpeiros: So you're trying to install Ubuntu on to a USB HDD? Where are you installing it from CD/USB stick?13:18
TJ-libpenguin: don't install it manually; use the Mozilla PPA13:19
Ben64rigarcia: look into ddrescue, if anything can be saved, it can do it13:19
Speirosraiderturbo I also use (this one has my files on it at the present) a Hitachi 120GB drive13:19
libpenguinTJ-: how ?13:19
rigarciaBen64 Thanks. I'll try13:19
llutzluk_: so backup your packages-list (dpkg --get-selections" and you'll be fine13:19
TJ-libpenguin: I think its called mozillateam-firefox-next13:19
Ben64libpenguin: why not use ubuntu's version?13:19
Speirosraiderturbo From an image on my hard drive.  I loaded it using unetbootin successfully.13:19
luk_llutz: that simple ... ? ;)13:19
llutzluk_: yes13:19
libpenguinBen64: want to upgrade firefox only,13:20
Speirosraiderturbo But since doing that, the BIOS tells me that it doesn't see it as a USB13:20
Ben64libpenguin: ok? so my question still stands. why not use the one in the official ubuntu repositories?13:20
luk_llutz: what about the availability of the packages ... if I would like to install a new machine in 3 months time ... not all versions may be still avaiable at that time13:20
libpenguinBen64: site provides version ahead of repo13:20
Ben64libpenguin: no it doesn't13:21
luk_llutz: some packages will come from launchpad13:21
llutzluk_: check the supportperiod of the distro-version you run13:21
raiderturboSpeiros: So you have your BIOS set to boot from USB? Can you boot from a USB stick/pendrive?13:21
llutzluk_: above only applies to official repos, not to ppa etc. those might cause trouble13:21
Speirosraiderturbo I don't have one.  I had a high failure rate of them when doing studies so I havent used on in years.13:21
Speirosraiderturbo also, I don't have the means to get one as I have an injury that has disabled me at least temporarily, and haven't been paid in 7 weeks, and will probably still wait another two13:22
libpenguinBen64: site version is 26.013:22
Ben64libpenguin: so is the version from the ubuntu repositories, whats your point13:22
luk_llutz: ok, but still I think your point may be valuable ... maybe I could set up i.e. apt-cacher to protect myself from changes in launchpad13:23
raiderturboSpeiros: Can I ask why you're trying to install to a USB HDD and not on to a fixed HDD? This is very unusual and I'm not sure you're going to be able to do it... I'd say if you can boot from a USB Stick/pendrive but not your USB HDD then it's not going to work. Even if it worked, it would be extremely slow...13:23
libpenguinBen64: ok, how to replace it with updated version ?13:23
libpenguinfrom repo13:23
Ben64libpenguin: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade13:23
raiderturboSpeiros: Can you not install to a fixed, internal HDD?13:23
Ben64raiderturbo: installing to a fixed drive, using an external as the install media13:23
Speirosraiderturbo I installed Ubuntu 10.10 a long time ago, and it didn't allow functionality, which made my computer totally useless.13:23
libpenguinBen64: thats my point, upgrade command will upgrade full system and I wanna update firefox only13:24
Speirosraiderturbo I don't want to risk losing functionality, so I want to install without having to mess up my hard drive13:24
Ben64libpenguin: upgrades are there for a reason, you should do them all anyway, but you can select a single package if you wish13:24
libpenguinBen64: hmm, ok13:25
Speirosraiderturbo I am happy for options, but I will mention though the problems that I've encountered over the years.13:25
SpeirosI had four computers at one stage, one of them being a laptop13:25
SpeirosThe 10.10 version was useless and stopped that laptop from being useable as certain programs wouldn't function, and there were no alternatives.13:26
SpeirosIt was just another can of worms.13:26
Speirosraiderturbo I am scared to have the same experience with my last computer.13:26
Speirosespecially as I have no means to fix it financially13:26
libpenguinBen64: but will it replace the old firefox or old version will be left over and kept along with the new version ?13:26
Ben64libpenguin: replace, yes13:27
raiderturboSpeiros: I think your best bet is to boot from USB stick/pendrive as this is much safer. You also shouldn't let past experiences put you off - If you fall off a horse, you should get straight back up and back on the horse...13:27
libpenguinBen64: ok, and is it possible to automate firefox plugins installation via script ?13:27
Ben64Speiros: or burn the iso to a cd13:28
raiderturboSpeiros: you can get a USB stick for less than $10... (maybe even for free if you ask someone nicely... ;) )13:28
Ben64libpenguin: no idea13:28
raiderturboSpeiros: Or, as Ben64 says, boot from a CD...13:28
fpghost84llutz: could you tell me that sudo command again please (sorry, got lost above). I've now created the uid and gid, so just need the final piece13:29
raiderturboSpeiros: It does sound like you're not very confident at messing with computers/OS's so I'd stick to what you know for now13:29
llutzfpghost84: "sudo -g newgroup daemon"  or "-u newuser" (man sudo)13:29
SpeirosSorry, was afk...13:30
Speirosraiderturbo Ok, thanks for your input.  Yes, a flash drive would be great for a one-off experience.  See what happens in the future.13:31
fpghost84llutz: thanks a lot13:32
SpeirosBen64 Yes, it would be great if my CD would allow me to burn from it.  I have CD's, a functioning DVD burner, but glitches in the system.  Just too long with my hands tied, and now all I have is a mess.13:33
SpeirosBen64 Thanks for your help on these many occasions too mate.  At least twice, if not three times.13:33
SpeirosOk, I'm signing out.13:33
glitsj16Speiros: do you still have a working ubuntu installation? if so you can look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot13:34
Ben64what glitches prevent you from burning a cd? that doesn't make any sense13:34
fpghost84llutz: just to be clear, this daemon is started as a sys v init job, will that command set it to run with that uid/gid every time (not just a one time deal)?13:34
=== shiest_nex5 is now known as shiestie
llutzfpghost84: no you have to modifiy the startup-script13:35
fpghost84llutz: ah13:35
llutzfpghost84: /etc/init.d/yourdaemon13:35
Speirosglitsj16 I guess I can have one more look at something.  The problem is there are clusters of problems that are a universe of that song "There's a hole in my bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza", and it's horrible as I hate these situations.  I'll probably start down that line, but these other errors will come up.13:35
SpeirosThe only option really is attempt the USB installation from the flash drive, or a disk.13:35
SpeirosOk, thanks anyway.  I'm gone.13:36
Speirosglitsj16 Thanks too, I will have a look at your suggestion mate.13:36
fpghost84llutz: yeah the script in /etc/init.d is the one provided by the daemon, the relevant bits for startup are simply "/usr/local/sbin/daemon -q"13:36
CVirusif I have an x% horizontal/vertical split in byobu .. can't I set a hotkey to maximize this split and de-maximize it ?13:37
SikRepeating: using Ubuntu 13.04 x64 here, I'm trying to use Anthy but it outright doesn't work (it hangs in some Python process). I'm having this issue since 12.04. Any ideas? I seriously need this to be fixed since I need to test IME support in a program I'm making. ← Also just tried reinstalling, doesn't work :(13:38
fpghost84llutz: can I not just change the bin file itself? some set the uid gid of the binary?13:38
llutzfpghost84: depends on the binary afaik, just try it13:39
cfhowlettgiampi61, greetings13:40
=== Zerant_ is now known as Zerant
giampi61cfhowlett,  hello13:42
giampi61In Ubuntu 12.04 I gave the string; sudo apt-get install acrored, you have installed Adobe reader 9. And 'possible to have it in Italian?13:42
cfhowlettgiampi61, acroread or the messages?13:43
giampi61cfhowlett,  acroread to read pdf files13:44
=== ExtreGhost is now known as Extreminador
cfhowlettgiampi61, it should display your sytem language.  try log out, log in13:45
giampi61cfhowlett,  how to do?13:46
TJ-giampi61: "apt-cache show acroread | grep English" :  "This package provides the English version of Adobe Reader 9."13:46
giampi61TJ-,   and to have it in Italian?13:48
TJ-giampi61: I don't know, that packages comes from the partner repository, so you'd have to ask Adobe13:49
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Guest41894hi everyone13:52
Guest41894any idea what this process is supposed to be?13:53
Guest41894/usr/bin/X:0 -auth /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 nolisten tcp vt7 novtswitch -background none13:53
Guest41894it is overloading my CPU13:53
Left_Turnadduser user group   (if the group given doesnt exist, does it get created? i guess i could try and see)13:55
glitsj16Sik: as your 13.04 will be end-of-life next week and you'll need to look at upgrading anyway, it might be worth a shot trying to check if a 13.10 liveCD/USB offers a solution .. just a suggestion13:55
hikenboothello can anyone tell me what the success rate of getting ubuntu working on powerpc? G5 tower?13:56
raiderturbohikenboot: about the same as any other OS or PC?13:57
MonkeyDust!ppc | hikenboot13:57
ubottuhikenboot: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ13:57
raiderturbohikenboot: Have you checked all of your hardware is supported?13:57
hikenbootraidturbo what hardware in particular its an out of the box g5 tower circa 2008 I believe?13:58
Sikglitsj16: disc drive doesn't work and I don't have a large enough pendrive (or free pendrive, for that matter) - and yes, I'm aware that it's likely that reinstalling the OS will fix it, but I don't want to reinstall the entire thing :P13:58
raiderturbohikenboot: You'll need to check the manufacturer specs. I don't know much about them...13:59
hikenbootok well thanks for the pointers13:59
=== maxx_ is now known as macks
raiderturbohikenboot: This is probably your best bet: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ13:59
Sikglebihan: also wait, doesn't 14.04 get released in April, not next week?14:00
MonkeyDustSik  .04 means the 4th month, april14:00
glitsj16Sik: i understand, what about adding a 13.10 iso to your existing grub and booting it to test before upgrading? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot14:00
Sikglitsj16 (just realized I should press tab twice): I guess I'll just update to 13.10 now (messing with GRUB is asking to brick the system)...14:02
raiderturboAnyone using PS3 Media Server to stream to a Samsung TV?14:05
pmitrosWhen I try to do an apt-get update, it complains about obsolete source (/dists/oneiric/free/binary-amd64/Packages  Something wicked happened resolving 'packages.medibuntu.org:http' (-11 - System error)14:05
pmitrosBut medibuntu is not in my sources.list14:06
pmitrosAny clue where it might be looking for it?14:06
glitsj16pmitros: medibuntu is officially dead, you might still have an entree for it in /etc/apt/sources.list.d maybe?14:07
pmitrosglistsj16: Ah. Missed that there was now a .d now. Thank you. That's where it is.14:07
color_fishI need help on remastersys14:08
color_fishcan any one help me14:08
glitsj16pmitros: another thing, seeing that you have oneirc in that error line, what version are you running? oneirc has lost support too..14:09
Left_Turnwhere's the option for password..  adduser --system [options] [--home DIR] [--shell  SHELL]  [--no-create-       home]  [--uid  ID]  [--group | --ingroup GROUP | --gid ID] [--disabled-       password] [--disabled-login] [--gecos GECOS] user14:09
CVirusHow can I maximize a split in byobu ?14:10
pmitrosglitsj16: System is up to raring. I just finally decided to clean out cruft.14:10
glitsj16pmitros: ahh okay .. but that ends its support life in about a week too :p14:10
pmitrosOh. Suck.14:11
glitsj16https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases, i read somewhere it will be end-of-life january 2714:11
glitsj16so you still have afew days to ponder on what to do14:12
pmitrosI miss Debian's 2-year release cycles.14:12
pmitrosWell, the choice is clearly to upgrade.14:13
glitsj16or reinstall precise 12.04 LTS and enjoy a stable system for another 3 years14:13
pmitrosWouldn't work. The Ubuntu 6-month release cycle means that half of the things I work on rely on something Ubuntu added since.14:14
dominic__I have just finished creating a remastersys backup iso. When I test it on qemu, it boots fine but when i use 'dd' program to make usb bootable it dosent boot on real hardware. In a nushell when i created the iso from with chroot it wasnt able to boot on real hardware but on virtualized hardware14:15
dominic__i am now dominic__14:15
pmitrosI'd much rather be running an LTS if not for compatibility issues.14:15
pmitros(To be fair, it's a very mild annoyance compared to all of the benefits of Ubuntu). Thanks for the reminder to upgrade.14:16
glitsj16pmitros: lots of PPA's available for precise, but that's something you'll need to research before going that route, you're welcome14:17
dominic__can any body help me with this14:18
dominic__I have just finished creating a remastersys backup iso. When I test it on qemu, it boots fine but when i use 'dd' program to make usb bootable it dosent boot on real hardware. In a nushell when i created the iso from with chroot it wasnt able to boot on real hardware but on virtualized hardware14:19
dominic__how can i make it boot on real hardware14:19
=== dv__ is now known as dv_
dominic__I have just finished creating a remastersys backup iso. When I test it on qemu, it boots fine but when i use 'dd' program to make usb bootable it dosent boot on real hardware. In a nushell when i created the iso from with chroot it wasnt able to boot on real hardware but on virtualized hardware14:20
TJ-dominic_: Is it a true hybrid ISO with El Torito boot image(s)14:20
TJ-dominic_: or is it a hard disk image with a MBR and partitions?14:21
TJ-dominic_: Then, on the real hardware, is the mobo firmware UEFI or BIOS? if UEFI, have you mastered the ISO image to include an EFI SP and bootx64.efi, and included grub-efi ?14:22
dominic__BIOS please14:22
dominic__before anything could you explain  hybrid ISO with El Torito boot image(s)14:23
TJ-dominic_: If you're mastering ISOs these are all things you should know about already... they're key to making bootable ISOs14:24
dominic__alright. I guess I have to read about those first. :)14:25
=== Pebbe is now known as Pebbe|Away
=== nik90__ is now known as nik90_
color_fishhelp anyone I have a remastersys problem14:37
color_fishI have just finished creating a remastersys backup iso. When I test it on qemu, it boots fine but when i use 'dd' program to make usb bootable it dosent boot on real hardware. In a nushell when i created the iso from with chroot it wasnt able to boot on real hardware but on virtualized hardware14:37
color_fishhelp please14:38
color_fishhelp anyone I have a remastersys problem14:40
SikAre the servers down? Because I can't update to 13.10 because it can't even download the files14:45
SikAnd yes I checked and I can connect just fine to other places14:46
marcneedshelphey! I've searched forums and all of their advice hasn't made a difference. I'm trying to install the latest ubuntu onto an acer aspire one notebook via usb (there's no CD/DVD drive)14:48
marcneedshelphowever I get the decompilation or disassembly prohibited error14:48
marcneedshelpany suggestions?14:48
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest72855
=== jack is now known as Guest65873
Guest72855hi everyone, just trying xubuntu xchat14:50
Guest72855looks cool.14:50
st0marcneedshelp, please check http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=173372014:52
treakohi i tried to install ubuntu 13.10 on my 2nt harddisk unallocated space 86gb but wen on installation screen it dosnt show my 86gb14:53
marcneedshelpthanks st0 for the link. I've already read that one and installing to usb using yumi didn't work14:54
marcneedshelpneither did not entirely sure what Jolicloud14:54
treakoany help for me14:56
marcolino7 /budus save14:57
marcolino7usa BuDuScRiPt [ http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript ]14:57
marcolino7Version 3.7.8614:57
marcolino7By  U D A ' S o f t w a r e14:57
FiremanEdmarcolino7: Please don't spam14:59
Munstermarcneedshelp,, try disabling secure boot for starters15:00
gregor3005hi, i have a problem during my tests between the different nvidia drivers. i installed the official one and changed the settings with nvidia-settings with root right and stored the xorg.conf. after reboot the xorg.conf is ignored :-( i use xfce a wm15:00
marcneedshelpmunster: there's not a secure boot option in the bios...15:01
gregor3005in the xorg log i found a line that the xorg.conf is used15:01
gregor3005hm, there are many files under /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d15:02
Munstermarcneedshelp, no secure boot in configuration, or security tabs?15:03
marcneedshelpaha think i've got somehere now... I download the beta version of ubuntu and then installed that onto a usb using Jolicloud usb installer15:04
zryannot install Facebook video calling for Firefox for Windows, in Wine15:04
zryannot install Facebook video calling for Firefox for Windows, in Wine15:05
treakopls help me15:06
zryannot install plug in Facebook video calling for Firefox for Windows, in Wine15:06
pabloGNUHi to all15:06
pabloGNUi'm trying to make a fresh install of ubuntu 13.1015:06
yash_7118cant install flash player in firefox for windows using wine15:07
=== CJD is now known as Guest77566
pabloGNUbut when i run the installer the hdmi signal is not available15:07
treakoi try to install ubuntu 13.10 but cant get my 86 gig of un allocated space to detect15:07
zryannot install plug in Facebook video calling for Firefox for Windows, in Wine15:07
Munstermarcneedshelp, whynot use startup disk creator, worked very well here15:08
yash_7118help me15:08
treakostartup disk creator?????15:08
zryannot install plug in Facebook video calling for Firefox for Windows, in Wine15:09
Munstertreako, wasn't directing that suggestion to you15:09
DJoneszryan: You're probably best asking that question in ##winehq which is the specialised support channel for wine issues15:10
treakopls help me15:10
treakoi try to install ubuntu 13.10 but cant get my 86 gig of un allocated space to detect15:10
xanguayash_7118: you can install adobe flashplugin from repository just fine, why wine¿15:11
marcneedshelpmunster the startup disk creator didn't work either. the bios kept seing the usb as an USB FDD as opposed to an USB HDD15:11
pabloGNUsolved nomodeset15:11
Karty\join #metasploit15:11
pabloGNUthanks for all15:11
treakoi try to install ubuntu 13.10 but cant get my 86 gig of un allocated space to detect15:14
Munstermarcneedshelp, did you format to fat32 before putting the image on the USB ?15:15
xaviousI'm trying to figure out how to get libdvdcss2 installed. All the tutorials make it a cakewalk so I feel rather idiotic. Perhaps I am.15:17
Munsterxavious,from the vlc site?15:18
=== dino82 is now known as zz_dino82
xaviousThat is where I last was, yes.15:19
eicoolguy6i need some help15:19
treakoi try to install ubuntu 13.10 but cant get my 86 gig of un allocated space to detect15:20
eicoolguy6_can someone help me?15:20
Munstereicoolguy6_, ask your question15:21
eicoolguy6_so i installed ubuntu, and after having many problems with drivers i fixed it, but now i cant change my resolution out of  640x48015:22
eicoolguy6_so i installed ubuntu, and after having many problems with drivers i fixed it, but now i cant change my resolution out of  640x48015:23
eicoolguy6_did you see my message?15:24
eicoolguy6_hello? can anyone answer my question?15:25
kostkon!patience | eicoolguy6_15:29
ubottueicoolguy6_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/15:29
xaviousI suppose I could figure out the libdvdcss2 install if I knew how to friggin edit the repositories or source.list15:31
eradicorI've recently installed new Geforce GFX card, and it seems something went haywire. It has hdmi audio .. something, and i killed off my ability to select audio input device , so i can use microphone for say steam.15:31
kostkon!dvd | xavious15:32
ubottuxavious: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats15:32
eradicorI cant select any input device as there does not seem to be anymore any.15:32
=== anthony is now known as Guest62472
eradicorWhat should i do?15:32
kostkonxavious, just run the install-css.sh script15:32
ThuboCan you run alsamixer from the terminal and try to select your sound source there? | eradicor15:35
eradicorThubo, i can run it sure, but i am not seeing any option how to select input source15:37
eradicorah..  well the input source gives me 3 options15:38
eradicorfront and back mic.. and line15:38
Thuboalsamixer from terminal -> F6 select sound card15:38
eradicor2 options, nvidia and intel15:38
Thubotry to select intel (which i assume is your onboard device) and try it with this configuration15:39
eicoolguy6_so i installed ubuntu, and after having many problems with drivers i fixed it, but now i cant change my resolution out of  640x480. so what do i do to change it?15:39
eradicorThubo, and what of the input sources?15:39
eradicorFront, back or line?15:39
eradicorwhat do they even mean15:39
=== jono is now known as Guest43734
Thuboohmm - i would guess back or line but I can not say for sure. It means which physical input source you want to select15:40
eradicorthe default physical mic slot is in use.15:40
eradicorNot sure how it relates to these though.15:40
treakoi try to install ubuntu 13.10 but cant get my 86 gig of un allocated space to detect15:41
Thubohmm you will probably have to try all of them and check which one is working15:42
xaviousAlrighty. Got the libdvdcss2 installed. Now onto k3b operation...now it has a transcode error. Download location anyone?15:42
sebokiehow can I force the removal of a library on which other packages depend?15:45
eicoolguy6_so i installed ubuntu, and after having many problems with drivers i fixed it, but now i cant change my resolution out of  640x480. what can i do?15:45
treakoi try to install ubuntu 13.10 but cant get my 86 gig of un allocated space to detect15:46
ThuboTry to put more information to your question...What hardware, what driver problems, how did you fix what? | eicoolguy6_15:47
Munsterxavious, read here, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs15:48
eicoolguy6_i have an nividia 640m in my laptop. when i installed ubuntu, it would always boot into a black screen. I put the 'nomodset' parameter into the GRUB, and that let me boot and install the driver.15:48
eicoolguy6_the driver for my graphics card15:48
eicoolguy6_now i can't change out of 640x480 resolutions15:48
eradicorThubo, well i managed to get input device back to the list. but ..  what is pulseaudio? and alsa .. etc ?  Why do i get the feeling there are two difference audio systems next to each other15:49
Munstereicoolguy6_, now that you have the driver installed remove the nomodeset and update-grub, then a reboot15:50
Thubowhich drivers did you install? The nvidia drivers shipped with ubuntu or generic ones? What resolutions does 'xrandr -q' give you? | eicoolguy6_15:50
Thubo...or try what Munster suggested ;) | eicoolguy6_15:51
eicoolguy6_how do i update my grub? sorry. this is literally my first time using linux15:51
Thuboremove the nomodeset with sudo vi /etc/default/grub and then run sudo update-grub15:52
eicoolguy6_in the terminal?15:52
viktor_Can sombodey help me? I create multy boot usb.. and in one moment i reinstall grub and have "grub no such device ... ".15:52
Munstereicoolguy6_, how did you remove nomodeset?15:53
eicoolguy6_i didn't.15:53
eicoolguy6_i wanted to know how to update grub before doing that15:53
ThuboBoth provide a sound server so applications can play sounds - I have both installed in parallel and it is no problem here, but I cannot vouch for that | eradicor15:53
Munsterok follow Thubo's suggestion, eicoolguy6_'15:53
eradicorthe stupidist thing is.. in most cases i can get steam to send sound as it should, but it ignores "push-to-talk"15:54
eicoolguy6_how do i remove nomodset though15:54
Thuboyes, from the terminal. Vi is an editor to edit files, if you dont now how to use it you can also run sudo nano /etc/default/grub | eicoolguy6_15:54
Munsterit's in grub , l;ook for the line "quiet splash" , eicoolguy6_ it will be there15:55
eicoolguy6_there is no 'nomodset'15:56
eicoolguy6_just quiet splash. i think when i put it in the grub it was a temporary things15:57
certifiednoobHey noob here want help with hybrid graphics,  pls tell me how to turn off egpu, and keep only igpu for rendering. This is my first time with linux so sorry for asking i suppose we can echo OFF into some config file to achieve this, need some pointers15:57
Munstereicoolguy6_, ok you used it when intalling the OS then , correct?15:57
eicoolguy6_no. after i installed the os and after selecting to boot into ubuntu it would just load a black screen15:58
ThuboWhere did you set the nomodeset parameter then? Temporarily during every boot? | eicoolguy6_16:00
eicoolguy6_when loading i pressed shift to load the GRUB menu. then i pressed e on the ubuntu to edit it and put the nomodset parameter after the quiet splash. i only had to do it once though16:01
certifiednoobHey guys any help for my query is much appreciated :/16:01
Munsterok , then you didn't update grub afterwards to solidify the setting, eicoolguy6_16:02
eicoolguy6_i just passed the parameter for the one time so i was able to install the nvidia drivers16:02
frisi recently update apache 2.2 that came with 12.04 to apache 2.4 with a ppa, now im trying to install apache2-dev and i get apache2-dev : Depends: libaprutil1-dev but it is not going to be installed, when i try and install libaprutil1-dev i get other depends which cant be installed16:03
xaviousSeems every outlet that may have a solution will not load up for whatever eason. Has something to do with my connection. Anyone have the method to correct the K3B DVD transcode error?16:03
Munsterhmm, now , alt+F2, type in "additional drivers" do you see any available?16:05
eicoolguy6_with the qutation marks?16:05
eicoolguy6_there are none16:06
Munstereicoolguy6_, what about software sources?16:07
eicoolguy6_whats that?16:07
Munsterin the panel on the left if you're on unity, eicoolguy6_16:08
eicoolguy6_um no16:08
eicoolguy6_like the sidebar with the applications on it?16:09
eicoolguy6_no. there is no software sources16:10
eicoolguy6_there is the ubuntu software center, if thats what you mean16:10
Munster Edit menu Software Centre16:11
eicoolguy6_i have it open16:12
sebokieis there a way to make aptitude isgnore missing dependencies16:13
Guest63997Hi, I was wonder if any would be able to help with some performance issues I am having with Java on Ubuntu 13.10. I would like to transition my Android development from WIndows to Ubuntu. Unfortunately whenever I build or test our android application I find that it takes way too long (2-3x longer than Windows 7). When I look at the system monitor I can see that the processors are idling at around 10% when executing the build commands in a terminal? How c16:13
eicoolguy6_i have the software sources window open16:15
Munsterlook for additional drivers16:15
=== whitenite is now known as zz_whitenite
eicoolguy6_there are no additional drivers16:19
certifiednoobOkay guys i found what I was looking for16:20
=== anmars is now known as anmar
tonytglad i could help16:21
=== zz_whitenite is now known as whitenite
Munstereicoolguy6_, have you updated and upgraded since the installation?16:21
eicoolguy6_i just installed like 11 last night16:21
kendrick_Hey in Ubuntu 8 my wired connection works but in 10 and 13 doesn't work at all.16:22
kendrick_Anyone have any clues of what's happening?16:22
Munstereicoolguy6_, no matter, update and upgrade will probly help16:23
eicoolguy6_how do i do that?16:23
jamesaxlhi Mr james16:23
jamesaxlhi Mr james :)16:23
Thubocan you run the following command from the terminal and give us the output? dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ,eicoolguy6_16:24
=== edude03_ is now known as edude03
eicoolguy6_ii  nvidia-319                                  319.32-0ubuntu0.0.1                     NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library ii  nvidia-319-updates                          319.32-0ubuntu0.0.1                     NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library ii  nvidia-common                               1:                              Find obsolete NVIDIA drivers ii  nvidia-prime      16:26
jamesaxlhi jeejee :)16:27
eicoolguy6_what is bbl?16:28
=== anmar is now known as zz_anmar
daftykinseicoolguy6_: 'be back later'16:29
Thuboeicoolguy6_, that actually looks alright. You can run and update/upgrade with following command: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade16:30
eicoolguy6_its running through it now16:33
=== clone1018_ is now known as clone1018
medflyI am trying to install a package and in any way I do it it complains I use amd64 and not i386. is there any way around it16:36
kostkonmedfly, which one16:36
MunsterI'm mostly a KDE user , but I'm installing Ubuntu 14.04 on my other pc, so I had to leave for a couple mins16:37
medflykostkon: Skype (latest version)16:37
MonkeyDustMunster  mind: 14.04 support in #ubuntu+116:37
MunsterMonkeyDust, , not lookingh for 14.04 suppoert atm , if I need it i'll ask there, since I'm already joined :)16:39
medflyoh, I can --force-architecture, that's nice16:40
eicoolguy6_okay. it stopped. now what?16:40
Thubodid you get any errors? If not reboot and maybe your lucky and its working already... | eicoolguy6_16:41
eicoolguy6_nope. no errors16:41
eicoolguy6_okay. ill restart. ill get back to you in a few min16:42
medflywell I can't override this... I have an older version of some of the dependencies16:43
Roeyhi.  Why is SSH filtered for me?  Is it anything in this table, or is it past this computer?  http://pastebin.com/nCXnaPUt16:45
glitsj16medfly: on what version of ubuntu are you trying to install skype? and are you using the repo version or the one from the skype website?16:45
Roeyhowdy medfly :-)16:46
medflyglitsj16: 11.04. I tried a few of the website versions16:47
medflythe repo one works, it just doesn't work with users who use a newer version16:49
glitsj16medfly: hmm, 11.04 is end-of-life since quite a bit, so those repos won't be updated any longer to get possible dependencies for the 12.04 version skype offers by default16:49
medflywell, ok16:50
medflyI have noticed16:50
the8thbitHow do I install mono for wine?16:50
the8thbitthe newest version16:50
the8thbitit seems like google is giving me outdated or conflicting info16:50
Eicoolguy6_I'm back. I'm on my iPod. I got the black screen again16:51
glitsj16medfly: which dependencies did it report as missing? make a paste so we can see if it is feasible to get those or that you'll have to look at upgrading16:52
kendrick_My wires connection isn't working.16:53
Eicoolguy6_I have a black screen again.16:54
MunsterEicoolguy6_, then the nvidia-319 driver isn't right for your setup, sudo apt-get remove nvidia-319 && sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-nouveau16:56
=== Guest30169 is now known as Sleepnbum
glitsj16the8thbit: have you checked winehq's wiki yet? should offer info on what you need16:58
the8thbitglitsj16: thanks, and nvm, I had an old version installed16:59
bigbadbenAny one know of a way to update to eclipse 4.0?17:01
Eicoolguy6_I get the Ubuntu screen with the 5 dots and then the dots turn orange then it takes me to a black screen. I can however use the ctrl+alt+(f1-f6)17:01
Guest63997bigbadben: I would just download 4.x from eclipse.17:02
Guest63997s website*17:02
Guest63997bigbadben: Fairly sure you can't just upgrade 3.x to 4.x using the update site.17:03
Guest63997I was wondering if anyone might be able to help with the question I asked earlier, if that is okay?17:05
xaviousBack after a while of trying. Still no luck obtaining transcoding files for K3B DVD functions.17:06
gordonjcp!ask | Guest6399717:06
ubottuGuest63997: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:06
Eicoolguy6_Wha does KVM: disabled my bios mean17:06
MonkeyDustGuest63997  hit the up key, to repeat the question17:06
gordonjcpEicoolguy6_: it means that virtualisation has been disabled in the BIOS17:06
MonkeyDustGuest63997  and choose a more readable nickname, use /nick blah17:06
Guest63997Oh okay. Thank you, I didn't know if repeating the question was allowed.17:06
rpibtlehi, anyone have experience with bluez 5.0?17:07
=== Guest63997 is now known as newtothis
=== jack is now known as Guest48174
newtothisHi, I was wonder if any would be able to help with some performance issues I am having with Java on Ubuntu 13.10. I would like to transition my Android development from WIndows to Ubuntu. Unfortunately whenever I build or test our android application I find that it takes way too long (2-3x longer than Windows 7). When I look at the system monitor I can see that the processors are idling at around 10% when executing the build commands in a terminal? How ca17:08
=== Pebbe|Away is now known as Pebbe
daftykinsnewtothis: is this with Oracle's java installed?17:09
newtothisI have tried the Oracle JDK 32 and 64bit versions17:10
newtothisIt seemed to make no difference.17:10
daftykinsnewtothis: your avenue for support is really them rather than the OS you're on.17:10
newtothisThe OpenJDK was just as slow.17:10
the8thbitHey, I need to remove ppa:fajran/opencl/ubuntu/dists/raring/main/binary-amd64/Packages because I'm getting a 404 error when I try to update, but I don't know what to supply as the actual name of the ppa17:11
the8thbitsame for the i386 version of that PPA17:11
newtothisThe trouble is this seems to only affect Ubuntu. On all other OSs and even other linux distros (Fedora) we are experiencing much faster build times.17:12
MonkeyDustthe8thbit  look in the software sources17:12
the8thbitMonkeyDust: Can you walk me through that?17:12
daftykinsnewtothis: then why not use what works?17:13
=== timrc is now known as timrc-afk
the8thbitMonkeyDust: Or do you just mean to look at whats in /etc/apt/sources.list.d?17:13
hitsujiTMOnewtothis: What IDE are you using? sounds like a configuration issue17:13
the8thbitwhoops, nevermind17:14
the8thbitI looked through my sources earlier and didn't see it17:14
the8thbitbut now I see it17:14
MonkeyDustthe8thbit  found the correct name?17:14
hitsujiTMOthe8thbit: ppa:fajran/opencl would be the ppa name17:15
newtothishitsujiTMO: Eclipse 3.8 however most of the profiling I have done has been through ant at the terminal.17:15
the8thbitthanks both of you17:15
the8thbithitsujiTMO: Also, my battery issue fixed itself ;)17:16
hitsujiTMOthe8thbit: lol. weird.17:16
the8thbithitsujiTMO: Yep, hopefully its not foreshadowing17:16
hitsujiTMOnewtothis: maybe check the channels related to them. I'm sure others would have come accross the same issue and come up with a solution17:17
=== tux is now known as Guest80521
newtothisdaftykins: It would be nice to use the same OS for server work as well.17:17
PuttiHi! could somebody confirm that if I type "apt-get upgrade" on terminal is the same thing as I would download updates to ubuntu when the pop up window comes and suggest to install updates?17:18
newtothishitsujiTMO: I don't really know where I should be looking. Do you mean android development channels?17:18
daftykinsnewtothis: Perhaps you can find an android development community that can advise as to correct settings to help matters. Or even try the android documentation itself.17:18
hitsujiTMOnewtothis: yes and eclipse channels. It sounds like a config difference specific to ubuntu. Like you're only compiling with a single core where others are compiling with multicore, etc...17:19
newtothishitsujiTMO: Hmm... maybe. The thing I find odd is that the CPU never spikes above 10% on any of the cores.17:20
nathan_hi guys, wonder if any of you can help me. ive just done a fresh install and am getting a TOTAL crash a few minutes after boot, just posted this to the forums: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=33117:20
glitsj16Putti: yes, they are the same17:20
nathan_there are links to the screen im getting in the post17:20
Puttiglitsj16: thanks!17:21
newtothishitsujiTMO: I've never seen that before. I am struggling with this issue and  was thinking about getting an open source application and profiling build performance to give myself more creditability.17:21
newtothishitsujiTMO: Thanks for the help btw.17:21
ulkeshnathan_: That's a link to the forum, not the post17:21
=== ok is now known as Guest56230
nathan_damn, your right, one sec17:21
Guest56230nickname markeylia17:21
nathan_http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2200439 thats better #totalfail :/17:22
hitsujiTMOnewtothis: for eclipse channels checkout http://wiki.eclipse.org/IRC for android channels http://developer.android.com/support.html    More than likely someone here will have run into a similar issue17:22
Xuiscehi Guest5623017:22
Guest56230how change name17:22
XuisceGuest56230:  /nick newnickhere17:22
=== Guest56230 is now known as markeylia
markeyliamy name is markeylia17:23
Xuiscenice to meet you markeylia17:23
hitsujiTMOnewtothis: you should look into manually building too, learn the stack so you can optimise to your liking17:23
Xuiscewelcoem to Ubuntu17:23
FloodBot1Xuisce: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:23
markeyliai am new pep17:23
Left_Turn$ sudo cd home17:24
Left_Turnsudo: cd: command not found17:24
markeyliaempathy no irc17:24
newtothishitsujiTMO: Not sure what you mean. I am sort of manually building the application by using our own ant build script.17:24
ochobitsunbytehi guys17:24
markeyliachina ubuntu #?????17:24
markeyliano english17:25
DJones!cn | markeylia17:25
ubottumarkeylia: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw17:25
Tercesquick question...where is my root file system located on a server install?17:25
nathan_ulkesh i dont know if you checked the post or not, I dont seem to be able to find any crash logs anywhere, is that something you can help with?17:25
=== ozz is now known as frogHead
hitsujiTMOnewtothis: ahh cool. I'm not familiar with java stack myself, I'm a python + JS and write my own build tools.17:25
ulkeshnathan_: i'm sorry, I haven't looked yet, I'm not too helpful concerning drivers though, i just wanted to make sure you got the right link in here in case someone can help17:26
newtothishitsujiTMO: Ah okay. Yeah java stack mainly has ant, maven and grails as build tools.17:26
nathan_@ulkesh no problem, thanks! :)17:26
honeybuntuIs there any truth to creating a separate partition to house the "Home" folder  outside the ext4 partition which houses ubuntu 12.04LTS's filesystem?17:28
omar_do you have any games for linux?17:29
ulkeshhoneybuntu: truth?  i would say there's considerable value in keeping /home in a separate partition17:29
honeybuntuWhat are the advantages of doing so, if  this is possible? any benefits associated with that methodology?17:29
=== O is now known as Guest2676
=== unforgiven512_ is now known as unforgiven512
=== rawrite is now known as Guest83419
markeylia#ubuntu -tw17:30
ulkeshhoneybuntu: well for one thing, all your preferences for your user is preserved during OS upgrades/reinstallation, all your downloads/pictures/app prefs/etc17:30
honeybuntu-->ulkesh. So it is possible.17:31
honeybuntuis there a reco'd thread for such procedure?17:31
ulkeshhoneybuntu: sorry, i don't know of any specific thread17:32
honeybuntu-->ulkesh, thank you for indicating the capability of implementing this ubuntu 12.04LTS setup methodology and its advantages.17:33
ulkeshhoneybuntu: not sure i was much help, but i know it's possible since i'm doing it :)  good luck!17:34
honeybuntuCertainly the added partition must be formatted with the ext4 journalizing filesystem format.17:34
taylanubAutomatic updates made the wireless card stop being detected.  How to solve ?17:34
ulkeshhoneybuntu: that would be ideal, yes17:34
taylanubAlso, this is *really* embarrassing for a distribution claiming to be user friendly, do something about your quality control or whatever please.17:34
=== l is now known as Guest32248
kheeperhello everyone … I have a question if I need to find a file like `find / -name some.conf` because I have more of distributions it found /etc/some.conf /media/1/etc/some.conf /media/2/etc/some.conf … it's there way not look to /media folder17:35
omar_do you have any games for linux?17:36
glitsj16honeybuntu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving has a nice run-down of the procedure17:36
taylanubkheeper: Your English is very bad but if I got your question right, "find / -name media -prune -o -name some.conf" should do.17:36
honeybuntuthe additional ext4 partition that would house the /home directory should follow the ext4 ubuntu 12.04LTS filesystem partition and the last partition would accomodate the linux swap space?17:36
minixkheeper, use -not -path17:37
ulkeshglitsj16: thanks, that's great info!17:37
honeybuntuahh, thank you kindly ulkesh and glitsj16 for your knowledge, assistance & patience. Knowledge=invaluable.17:37
minixfind -name *.js' -not -path './directory/*'17:38
taylanubminix: Probably going to be much slower than using -prune.17:38
minixkheeper, find -name "*.js-not -path "./directory/*"17:38
glitsj16no problem17:38
honeybuntuGoing ,  immediately to parse the supplied URL (thread)17:38
minixtaylanub, -prune does not exclude the directory itself, it exclude its content, which means you are going to get an unwanted line in the output with the excluded directory17:39
taylanubminix: No you're not, because the name 'media' is not 'some.conf'.17:39
taylanubAnyone know where I can find the correct wireless drivers or whatever for this one laptop ?  After automatic updates the wifi refuses to activate and "iwconfig" output shows no wireless interface.17:41
=== ok_ is now known as markeylia
minixtaylanub, have you tried google?17:41
taylanubDoing that in parallel.  Help would be greatly appreciated because it's annoying as hell having to deal with such a giant bug.17:42
shiestietaylanub, were the drivers working for wireless before update?17:43
taylanubshiestie: Everything was working fine.17:46
glitsj16taylanub: if you pastebin the output of "lspci -nnk | grep Network -A 2" on paste.ubuntu.com and share the URL people here can offer more help17:49
=== Wheelman is now known as PadPyght
imghosttaylanub, built in wifi?, usb?17:50
taylanub02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Ralink corp. RT3290 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe [1814:3290]  Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Device [103c:18ec]17:52
taylanubAha, rflink says it's hardblocked.17:53
taylanubWell lifting that didn't help.  (Had tried the WLAN button a couple times already, was just left in off state coincidentally.)17:54
imghost!who | taylanub17:56
ubottutaylanub: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)17:56
phuhDear Ubuntu Masters: How can I `ufw reset` without generating backup files?17:56
taylanubI wasn't speaking to anyone in particular, imghost.17:57
imghosttaylanub, was it working before the update?17:59
taylanubimghost: As both my question obviously implies, and I already said above, yes.17:59
taylanubLooks like I have /lib/firmware/rt3290.bin actually.18:01
imghosttaylanub, havent read your previous posts, open software centre and type bcmwl-kernel-source if its installed then purge it by using sudo apt-get purge bcmwl-kernel-source because it might be conflicting two modules18:02
Lucid_LynxHi, i type `ifdown wlan0´ and it disconnects, but just seconds later it keeps reconnecting itself to the Wlan-Router, how do i prevent the automatic reconnecting from Command-line-interface ?18:03
=== GZA-ZNC is now known as GZA-Genius
phuhDear Ubuntu Masters: How can I `ufw reset` without generating backup files?18:04
honeybuntu-->glitsj16  That url was a highly beneficial read. I stumbled upon another re: fstab which adds merit to the 1st url you supplied me with. I luv this channel.18:04
Lucid_Lynxthe automatic reconnecting doesn´t happen to eth0...?18:04
glitsj16honeybuntu: so you have a separate /home now? the real credit should go to whoever wrote the help documentation :)18:05
imghosttaylanub, ??18:05
honeybuntuI'm going to have a separate /home as I plan to wipe and re-install most directly after supper.18:06
taylanubimghost: bcmwl-kernel-source doesn't seem to be installed.  Some Google results recommend installing a new kernel, do you think just installing the latest (3.12.8) would be fine ?18:08
Raymondoum, slight emergency over here. can't boot past red dots. liveusb boots. what should I try first?18:08
honeybuntui have 5 machs (my mini comp lab) 1 running xp/ubuntu 12.04LTS (dual boot) - old mach m100 tosh satellite18:08
=== Guest83419 is now known as rawrite
nathan_@ulkesh - Problem solved! ubuntu seemed to want to install the wrong driver package by deafault. Not sure why or who to contact to fix this though!18:09
=== rawrite is now known as Guest52949
imghosttaylanub, no, you need to compile your own wireless  have a look http://askubuntu.com/questions/253632/how-do-i-get-a-ralink-rt3290-wireless-card-working18:09
honeybuntuI am reinstalling on the asus s500CA (efi [uefi] bios) running ubuntu 12.04.3lts solo18:09
hitsujiTMO!text | Raymondo start with this to get a cli18:09
ubottuRaymondo start with this to get a cli: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode18:10
honeybuntuis it a sound idea to dual boot ubuntu 12.04.3lts & ubuntu 13.10 simultaneously (or is that a nutso idea, on my part)?18:11
lolnoobHi. I tryed to instal ubuntu on computer which already have windows 8.1. But ubuntu installer don't see it. Installer offers to instal ubuntu with full clear of my HDD. How to fix it?18:12
glitsj16imghost: taylanub: you indeed might have to update your kernel according to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/126515118:12
zykotick9honeybuntu: i wouldn't recommend sharing /home between them... if you do.  YMMV18:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 1265151 in linux (Ubuntu) "1814:3290 [HP ProBook 455 G1 Notebook PC] rt2800pci doesn't work after upgrading to 13.10" [High,Incomplete]18:12
phuhAnybody knows how you can `ufw reset` without preventing it generates backup files?18:13
imghostglitsj16, status incomplete18:13
RaymondohitsujiTMO: thanks. should I install boot-repair?18:13
honeybuntu-->zykotick9: that is why i am hesitant.18:13
hitsujiTMORaymondo: no. its not a boot issue, more likely a lightdm/X issue18:14
imghostglitsj16, also when he was using lower kernel version then his wireless was working, so i do not think upgrading to new kernel will resolve his problem but compling his own wireless for RT3290 from rail link site will definetly solve his problem18:15
hitsujiTMORaymondo: once you get to the cli we can start looking at logs18:15
lolnoobHi.  I tryed to instal ubuntu on computer which already have windows 8.1. But ubuntu installer don't see it. Installer offers to instal ubuntu with full clear of my HDD. How to fix it?18:15
Raymondoalright, sec18:15
honeybuntuit is possible to keep /home in separate partition for just the ubuntu 12.04lts & leave ubuntu 13.10's /home folder native to it's root dir.18:15
glitsj16imghost: yet several users report it needs the 3.12 kernel, and also see the duplicate https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1049466 ..18:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 1049466 in linux (Ubuntu) "Need support of Ralink RT3290 wifi support" [Medium,Confirmed]18:15
zykotick9honeybuntu: sure...18:16
nathan_noob question, is there a way i can set this to only display messages, rather than all of the sign in/out alerts?18:16
DJones!quietirc | nathan_18:17
ubottunathan_: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages18:17
DJonesnathan_: Hopefullythe IRC client you use is listed on that webpage18:17
ramborockshow whas that?18:18
nathan_i just clicked a link and chrome loaded a webpage, no idea what client this is lol18:18
ramborocksi got !quietirc18:18
ubottuTo ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages18:18
honeybuntuthen i am doubly grateful for the added advisement regarding these setup & partitioning options as i believe this should assist in insulating the /home dir from sys collapse treacheration.18:18
k1l_!test | jamesaxl18:18
ubottujamesaxl: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )18:18
ramborockswow i think it worked18:18
ubottuTo ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages18:18
jamesaxlk1l_: i though i was in #test sorry18:18
imghostglitsj16, read the link you gave to me but i did not find the real reason :), so i will still stick on compling :)18:20
glitsj16imghost: i only assumed the problem for taylanub started to show after upgrading to a new 3.11 kernel, by all means proceed :)18:20
honeybuntunice work sys-ops, a-ops & ubuntu's consortium of knowledgeable end-users. (honeybuntu<=formerly an XP windows end-loser)18:21
nathan_done it! there is even a gui button to hide join part messages. Im just to dumb to notice!18:21
lolnoobAnybody know answer for my question?18:22
honeybuntusomehow i lost my "end" in odds & ends of windows nt.4 & xp moritorium.18:22
imghostglitsj16, cheers :)18:22
honeybuntu..and  that's all i have to say about that. Can i run Ubuntu 12.04lts on a mac book pro?18:23
hitsujiTMO!mac | honeybuntu18:24
ubottuhoneybuntu: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages18:24
RaymondohitsujiTMO: ok, got prompt18:25
hitsujiTMORaymondo: you got net access from there?18:26
=== timrc-afk is now known as timrc
hitsujiTMORaymondo: sudo apt-get install pastebinit18:27
honeybuntu-->ubottu:  much thanx for botting in with url. i'm in a "need-to-know" frame of mind w/performing a clean re-install of ubuntu on all 5 machs.18:27
RaymondohitsujiTMO: done18:27
hitsujiTMORaymondo: sudo pastebint /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log18:28
hitsujiTMORaymondo: sudo pastebinit /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log18:28
malin_sudo apt-get install pastebinit18:28
malin_well.. that was awkward...18:28
malin_hitsujiTMO: got any more of those little tricks? Like SCreenshotting and uploading automatic?18:29
=== zz_dino82 is now known as dino82
hitsujiTMOmalin_: not off the top of my head, but it can be done18:30
hitsujiTMORaymondo: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log18:30
imghost*imghost z using irc on cell18:31
RaymondohitsujiTMO: empty. there is .0.old which is small and .1 which is several mb18:32
hitsujiTMORaymondo: ls -l /var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit18:32
Raymondo(.0.log.old that is) k18:33
hitsujiTMORaymondo: make sure its a capital X18:33
malin_hitsujiTMO: thanks anyway18:33
nathan_#malin lol, yeah awkward. Like your style :)18:34
malin_nathan_: what style?18:34
hitsujiTMORaymondo: thats bizarre: ls -l /var/log/lightdm/18:34
nathan_nevermind lol18:34
hitsujiTMORaymondo: thats bizarre: ls -l /var/log/lightdm/ | pastebinit18:34
malin_nathan_: you mean as "its awkward.. just like your style" or "i like your style, i agree thats awkward" ?18:35
nathan_oh, it should of said I like, not like. Nevermin. More and more awkward....18:35
blueJohnhow can I list all channels in irc?18:35
RaymondoI had hoped to get a bit further before 'that's bizarre' :D http://paste.ubuntu.com/6781539/18:35
malin_nathan_: haha i get it now thanks18:35
hitsujiTMORaymondo: sudo pastebinit /var/log/lightdm/x-0.log18:36
honeybuntu-->hitsujiTMO: thanx for pointing the way to !mac  - crucial planning going on here.18:37
=== hdevalence|away is now known as hdevalence
KaRaMaCafor questions about ubuntu, can I do that here or do I need to go to a other chan18:38
hitsujiTMORaymondo: fglrx driver is the issue. try and reinstall it18:38
RaymondohitsujiTMO: I have tried18:38
fegoblueJohn: you can use the alis service. /msg alis help list18:39
Raymondothere was an issue with ati vendor drivers18:39
Raymondoso I tried to revert to xorg ones18:39
=== david is now known as Guest17692
Raymondothe result was failure to boot18:40
hitsujiTMORaymondo: did you download from the ati site or something?18:40
ihavenonickRaymondo: can you clarify what the ati issue is? i seem to be running into a problem with my ati video card after i installed ubuntu over winXP - Xorg is eating up tons of memory and won't let it go18:40
Raymondoihavenonick: I'll let you know once my machine runs again :)18:41
RaymondohitsujiTMO: initially. it worked fine till I started adding monitors. so I used the gui to try to revert, but all driver options except 'manually installed' were greyed out18:41
RaymondoI then tried to reinstall xorg but apparently that didn't work18:42
=== timrc is now known as timrc-afk
honeybuntuthis channel is the veritable source of "I/O-pening" resources for running Ubuntu wisely & creatively. can i upload a backup of my ubuntu /home dir onto Ubuntu One?18:44
hitsujiTMORaymondo: did you uninstall the ati drivers first? and how did you try to reinstall xorg?18:44
treakocan y one help me my question here18:45
treakoor ill post it here18:45
RaymondohitsujiTMO: I blindly followed the top answer here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/68306/how-do-i-remove-the-propretary-ati-drivers18:45
honeybuntuThe proposed backup upload would not exceed 800 MiB18:46
hitsujiTMORaymondo: and can you tell me exactly where you installed the ati driver from. the ati website or the repo?18:47
Raymondothe ati website18:47
KaRaMaCaDoes some body know if there is a tutorial for ubuntu in Dutch? I'm stuck in the terminal and don't know how to get futher18:47
treakocan y one help me my question here18:48
honeybuntuwhat program app would one utilize to backup an ubuntu 12.04lts /home dir for upload to a "cloud" type storage venue (simply - one that would automate the process without excessive script handling)18:48
hitsujiTMORaymondo: sudo aticonfig --uninstall18:49
RaymondohitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6781623/18:50
glitsj16KaRaMaCa: there's a nice manual available for each supported ubuntu release at http://ubuntu-manual.org/downloads18:50
KaRaMaCathanks glitsj16, hopefuly I will get futher with it18:50
hitsujiTMORaymondo: you still got the binary you downloaded from the ati website?18:51
taylanubimghost: glitsj16: Installing the .deb for the latest kernel, and pulling the latest "linux-firmware" from Git and putting it in /lib/firmware worked. :D18:51
glitsj16KaRaMaCa: you're welcome .. have a look and the channel is always here if you need further help18:51
hitsujiTMORaymondo: sudo /path/to/installer --uninstall18:51
taylanubI was expecting it to fail to boot with the new kernel or something.18:51
glitsj16taylanub: nice to hear you have things working again18:52
imghostTaylanub, cheers:)18:52
RaymondohitsujiTMO: same response18:53
imghostTaylanub, 3.12??18:53
RaymondohitsujiTMO: reinstall it maybe?18:53
hitsujiTMORaymondo: ok. try installing it again18:53
Raymondoit detected the old install and says --force is not recommended. ignore it?18:54
honeybuntuthere will be problems installing ubuntu 13.10 on the newest of mac book pro's with the retinal display.18:54
hitsujiTMORaymondo: you've a choice here. force install or force uninstall. since its partially installed i'd go with a force install18:55
Raymondofair enough18:55
hitsujiTMORaymondo: then after that run it again with --uninstall18:55
honeybuntui have found that out "in practice" attempts (not theory), reading on the mac teams' findings.18:56
RaymondohitsujiTMO: uninstall complete18:57
nAn00kanyone know the default root pw on a live disk of buntu...newest version18:57
KaRaMaCawhat do I have to type after username@ root:"$ , I can't find that anywhere?18:57
hitsujiTMO!noroot | KaRaMaCa18:58
ubottuKaRaMaCa: We do not support setting a root password. You're free to do it on your own machine, but please don't offer instructions on how to set a root password or ask for help with setting it. See !root and !wfm for more information.18:58
hitsujiTMO!root | KaRaMaCa18:58
ubottuKaRaMaCa: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo18:58
ikonianAn00k: there is no root password18:58
nAn00kok ty ty18:58
RaymondohitsujiTMO: ok. progress! it now boots to a blank desktop18:58
TJ-So that's a "No" then :p18:58
hitsujiTMOdoh, wrong person both times18:58
hitsujiTMORaymondo: try ctrl + alt + t to get a terminal18:59
hitsujiTMORaymondo: dmesg | pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:00
honeybuntumaybe i'm missing something? dual boot with mac OS and ubuntu 12.04.3lts is easier to install than windows OS', is that tru?19:01
RaymondohitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6781682/ and 2nd one hasn't finished yet19:01
Raymondoconnection refused. I'll try again19:01
KaRaMaCahitsujiTMO, I get event not found!19:02
WazzawazzawazzawMAC VS PC ...DISCUSS19:02
nAn00koh god19:02
RaymondohitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6781689/ Xorg19:02
honeybuntuahh, good discussion. thanx Wazzawazza..CO/DA19:03
=== matthewgall_ is now known as matthewgall
taylanubimghost: 3.12.819:05
taylanubOn 12.04 ...19:06
Mining-hey all! :)19:06
ubbyyyyyin proc cpuinfo flags i have lahf_lm  .... is this the same as lm? i mean is my processor 64bit capable? thanks19:06
=== Saturne is now known as lotusyd
Mining-I'm trying to install FPC 2.4.2... I'm downloading the .deb on the webpage... launch it and well.. it keeps installing 2.4.4.. but i really need the 2.4.219:06
imghostTaylanub, ok :)19:07
hitsujiTMORaymondo: whats the output of: cat /etc/issue19:07
RaymondoUbuntu 13.04 \n \l19:08
hitsujiTMORaymondo: sudo apt-get install dconf-tools19:09
Raymondoalready newest19:09
hitsujiTMORaymondo: dconf reset -f /org/compiz/19:09
=== Guest52949 is now known as rawrite
hitsujiTMORaymondo: setsid unity19:10
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Raymondook, unity running and a bunch of warnings in console19:10
honeybuntu-->glitsj16:  the ubuntu-manual  download URL is exactly what i was hunting.  thanx for provisioning that url.19:10
hitsujiTMORaymondo: once thats done relog19:11
mw46does anybody know why the umountfs `startup script' is symlinked to /etc/rc0.d/S40umountfs instead of Kxxumountfs??? That script do real work only on stop??19:11
glitsj16honeybuntu: yes it's quite nice indeed, enjoy going thru it19:11
hitsujiTMOmw46: why would you be unmounting file systems on startup?19:12
crash_I have an error with my package manager and dont know how to fix it19:12
ubbyyyyyin proc cpuinfo flags i have lahf_lm  .... is this the same as lm? i mean is my processor 64bit capable? thanks19:12
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mw46hitsujiTMO: rc0.d is shutdown/halt;-)19:12
RaymondohitsujiTMO: everything seems to be back. 'using x.org x server' drivers :)19:13
RaymondohitsujiTMO: is that it?19:13
hitsujiTMOmw46: thats what i mean. why would it be anywhere else19:13
iTrojanI've changed hostname / rebooted but still when I check it through tools like http://www.whatismyip.com/ip-address-host-name-lookup/ I get the old one19:13
honeybuntuis it tru that linux ubuntu versions are somewhat impervious to viruses?19:14
malin_honeybuntu: wat19:15
hitsujiTMORaymondo: hopefully. if you want to use the proprietary drivers. install them from the repo. not directly from ati website as the repo version will be specific to your system. You should also prep for an upgrade to 13.10 as 13.04 is loosing support very soon19:15
malin_honeybuntu: explain19:15
mw46hitsujiTMO: the problem, as far as I understand it, is that Sxx scripts are for the state (run as SxxScript start) but that umountfs script does the umounting only when it's called as ``Yxxumountfs stop''19:15
RaymondohitsujiTMO: ok. thanks. one final question..19:15
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crash_can anyone help me fix my package manager?19:15
RaymondohitsujiTMO: is there a package I can install that will allow me to automatically buy you a beer?19:16
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glitsj16ubbyyyyy: not sure on how to interpret /proc/cpuinfo, i always use lscpu for finding out .. look at the CPU op-mode(s) line in its output, if you both have 32-bit, 64-bit your CPU is 64bit capable19:16
mw46hitsujiTMO: I have a problem with a BeagleBoneBlack (running Ubuntu;-), where it looks like the filesystems are NOT unmounted in shutdown19:17
pippijnI'm using ubuntu 12.04, and since my last reboot, suddenly all icons are gone19:17
malin_pippijn: sudo apt-get install icons19:17
malin_im sorry19:17
pippijnthey just show a file icon with a red cross in it19:17
malin_don't do that19:17
crash_can anyone help me fix my software/package updater19:17
malin_pippijn: you are using a theme?19:18
pippijndefault ubuntu theme19:18
pippijnand it's not only in my user account19:18
pippijnthe login page is also broken19:19
hitsujiTMOmw46: ahhh sorry, i get you. Anything showing up in your syslog?19:19
crash_can anyone help me fix my software/package manager19:20
hitsujiTMORaymondo: lol, thanks but i'm good. glad you've a working system again19:20
mw46hitsujiTMO: and I don't have a real console on that box:-(19:20
malin_pippijn: have you messed around with the system? like installing themes as root etc?19:20
pippijnmalin_: I did nothing as root except occasional package upgrades, the last of which was about a week ago19:20
malin_pippijn: i have no idea sorry19:21
hitsujiTMOmw46: can you not pull the storage and read it after you shutdown?19:21
pippijnit's the second time..19:21
pippijnI reinstalled the whole system last time19:21
pippijnand now it happened again19:21
crash_argggg can anyone help me19:21
RaymondohitsujiTMO: I'll have to do some research later to find out what I was actually doing. you cut right to the issue very fast. nicely done19:21
starter2anyone with "ruby" experience on ubuntu 13.10 ?19:22
hitsujiTMO!anyone | starter219:22
ubottustarter2: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.19:22
starter2sorry, wanted to see if legit question. I got ruby from apt-get, and got 1.9.1, but ZenTest won't install. Is there another repo with a more up to date version?19:23
mw46hitsujiTMO: what I see/saw was that on the next boot the filesystems were marked as dirty/check needed. That's kind of painful on an external Drobo with 6TB usable storage:-(19:23
crash_software/package installer fix??19:23
mw46hitsujiTMO: I can look at all the logs on the next boot, that's not a problem, but there is nothing in them:-(19:24
pippijnwell then19:24
pippijnanother reinstall19:24
hdonhi all :) Ubuntu 12.04 Unity question: how can i change the number and layout of virtual desktops?19:25
starter2crash_, was that for me?19:25
crash_im just trying to figure out how to fix my software/package installer19:25
glitsj16crash_: what is going wrong with the package manager exactly? people here will need more details to be able to determine what's happening on your end ..19:26
kostas5Can anyone help with installing 13.10 on a Vaio Pro 13? I changed the bios settings and tried using a live CD (in a usb stick) with no success.19:26
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crash_it says installed packages have unmet dependencies19:26
hitsujiTMOcrash_: how exactly are you trying to install zentest?19:27
crash_what is zentest?19:27
hitsujiTMOcrash_: sorry, wrong person19:27
hitsujiTMOstarter2: how exactly are you trying to install zentest?19:28
starter2hitsujiTMO,  sudo gem install zentest19:28
hitsujiTMOstarter2: and what is the exact error you get? can you pastebin the full output of that command19:29
glitsj16crash_: can you pastebin output of "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" ?19:29
starter2hitsujiTMO, is there an app in ubuntu that allows the upload of a file to pastebin directly from terminal?19:32
crash_The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened19:32
hitsujiTMOstarter2: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo gen install zentest | pastebinit19:32
glitsj16crash_: just for getting a bit more context .. when did things start to go wrong ?19:33
crash_i would say about 2 weeks ago but i have not been connected to the internet so i have not been able to fix it19:34
crash_and i have the little error symbol on the top of my screen19:34
starter2hitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6781862/19:34
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glitsj16crash_: okay thanks .. let's look at your sources list .. pastebin output of "cat /etc/apt/sources.list" and output of "ls -lh /etc/apt/sources.list19:35
honeybuntu-->malin: was lost in thought reading installation "white notes" and lab installation of various versions of ubuntu. you wanted me to re-phrase my '?'  re: ubuntu versions & viruses.Original submittal:  "Is it tru that linux (and ubuntu versions) are resistant (almost immune) to computer viruses?"19:35
glitsj16sorry, hit enter too soon .. that last command should have been "ls -lh /etc/apt/sources.list.d"19:36
crash_ok im sorry im still kinda a newbie and im not really sure how to do that19:36
glitsj16crash_: no problem, good to ask .. open a terminal window first (Ctrl+Alt+T) and enter "cat /etc/apt/sources.list" .. that will show some output, you can copy/paste that into paste.ubuntu.com and show us the URL so we can look at it19:38
hitsujiTMOstarter2: looks like an issue with gemspec of the gem itself. maybe specify an earlier version with the -v flag or try the version in the ubuntu repo: sudo apt-get install ruby-zentest      (its version 4.9.1 on 13.10)19:38
starter2hitsujiTMO,  i was going to say just now, using -v 4.3.1 worked, that's all i needed for readinline19:39
jake_if I'm applying for a job and im using libreoffice writer to update my resume, can the company im appling for still open my resume if they are using microsoft windows??19:39
ROPAbekks but, I can't chmod, which is my problem. When I try to do it, I get the error message saying it's a read only....and no changes are made to the disk.19:39
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brontosaurusrexjake_, Don't send any open format, send them pdf.19:39
crash_## This software is not part of Ubuntu, but is offered by third-party19:40
crash_## developers who want to ship their latest software.19:40
crash_deb http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu raring main19:40
crash_deb-src http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu raring main19:40
FloodBot1crash_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:40
glitsj16crash_: not in here :) .. paste it on paste.ubuntu19:41
hitsujiTMOjake_: use common fonts: arial, helvetica, times new roman, etc... open fonts may have trouble, especially when embedding into a pdf that will be read by adobe reader. that bit me in the arse a while back19:41
crash_so what happens after i do that19:44
hitsujiTMOcrash_: use paste.ubuntu.com and paste the url here19:44
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profligacyWhat up fam?19:45
glitsj16crash_: it's just a way to exchange information so assisting you is easier .. untill shapeshifting and time-travel is affordable that's what this channel need to communicate on these technical issues :)19:47
Andymmmanyone know of a bittorrent client that will allow downloading individual files (from within the torrent) via the terminal?19:48
glitsj16crash_: okay, having a look19:48
profligacyAndymmm: u-torrent19:48
crash_thank you19:48
Andymmmperfect, thanks19:48
brontosaurusrexAndymmm, rtorrent ?19:49
profligacyAndymmm: no doubt fam19:49
glitsj16crash_: that looks fine (execept that you are using the raring 13.04 which is nearly to its end-of-life, but we'll leave that for later) .. can you do another paste, this time from the command "ls -lh /etc/apt/sources.list.d" please19:50
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crash_it says command not found19:51
honeybuntu-->malin: I found an answer to my question re: linux/ubuntu virus resistancy here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=133495219:52
glitsj16crash_: did you use small L both times in that command?19:53
gordonjcphoneybuntu: Linux machines with direct connections to the Internet already outnumber Windows machines19:53
gordonjcphoneybuntu: if it was simply down to "popularity" then there would be credible viruses for Linux by now19:54
linuxuser1000i've installed the nvidia current driver from the ppa and also bumblebee,but when i try running optirun it says cannot load gpu driver19:54
honeybuntusorry for delay. was parsing various urls posted in channel (honeybuntu<-->learning & scribing)19:55
linuxuser1000i've tried everything to fix it19:55
bekkslinuxuser1000: Because either you use "the current driver" OR you use "nvidia optimus", which requires a different driver at least.19:55
linuxuser1000well i'm using the driver that installed with bumblebee-nvidia19:55
bekkslinuxuser1000: And for optimus, you cannot use the stock driver.19:55
hitsujiTMOlinuxuser1000: did you install bumblebee-nvidia ?19:55
linuxuser1000yes i did19:56
hitsujiTMOlinuxuser1000: what gpu do you have?19:56
linuxuser1000nvidia geforce 720m19:56
strixUKanybody recommend a replacement for thttpd, which was dropped in 12.04?  (context: thttpd effectively used as a process manager for CGI processes under nginx)19:56
profligacyhitsujiTMO: what's bumbule bee?19:57
honeybuntucredible or incredible (but not incredulous)..never say never (depends on end-user savvy w/re: to downloading malware,  rogue apps, etc.)19:57
hitsujiTMOlinuxuser1000: ls -l /etc/X11/xorg.conf19:57
glitsj16crash_: you forgot the - in the command .. ls -lh .. hence the error, but okay for now .. it shows you have a few quantal PPA's on raring .. do you know how to disable those through the GUI ?19:57
bekksprofligacy: "bumblebee" is a software to enable the usage of a n nvidia optimus chipset.19:57
hitsujiTMOprofligacy: its used for gpu switching in an nvidia optimus environment19:57
crash_im sorry i dont19:57
profligacyhitsujiTMO: How do i know if i have a nvidia optimus environment?19:57
linuxuser1000it says no such file19:58
linuxuser1000or directory19:58
profligacygeforce gt 65m hitsujiTMO19:58
hitsujiTMOprofligacy: you have a 300m series nvidia gpu + intel apu19:58
profligacygeforce gt 650m* hitsujiTMO19:58
glitsj16crash_: okay, run "software-properties-gtk" in terminal and that will open a window in which you'll see several tabs .. let me know when you have that19:58
profligacyhitsujiTMO: apu?19:58
honeybuntuenhanced dc usage since the birth of DALnet19:58
linuxuser1000nvidia settings says i need to run nvidia-xconfig but i get command not found19:59
profligacyWhat's an APU?19:59
compdoccpu with a decent video card built in19:59
bekksprofligacy: advanced processing unit19:59
profligacyhitsujiTMO: I have that.19:59
hitsujiTMOlinuxuser1000: thats good. please pastebin the result of dpkg --get-selections | grep nvidia19:59
honeybuntulinux "redhat & walnut creek" were my 1st attempts at running linux.19:59
hitsujiTMOprofligacy: apu is Accelerated processing unit. a gpu in the cpu effectively20:00
linuxuser1000here it is20:01
linuxuser1000also software sources lists no proprietary drivers20:02
linuxuser1000only one in use20:02
hitsujiTMOlinuxuser1000: pastebin the output of: lspci -k20:02
glitsj16crash_: okay, seems to be a problem with one of the apt lists, we'll try to remove that and see what else shows up .. sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_raring-updates_restricted_i18n_Translation-en && sudo apt-get update"20:03
levomy desktop is lxde, i had bunch of desktops before (including kde) which i deleted some,  in some software when I open file dialog opens and I click on files there, the whole program crashes. for example in vlc it says:  Interface is not valid20:04
levoASSERT failure in : "Got an update for an invalid inteface. Investigate this.", file atspiadaptor.cpp, line 89920:04
levo  20:04
hitsujiTMOlinuxuser1000: cat /etc/issue20:05
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linuxuser1000Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l20:06
linuxuser1000i've even tried editing the bumblebee.conf20:08
hitsujiTMOlinuxuser1000: 304 doesn't support your gpu it seems. you need to install 31920:08
linuxuser1000i've tried the one on the nvidia site20:09
linuxuser1000and got a black screen20:09
linuxuser1000so apt-get install nvidia-319?20:09
hitsujiTMOlinuxuser1000: dont use the one form the site, use 319 from the repo. sudo apt-get purge nvidia-304 bumblebee-nvidia nvidia-current nvidia-settings nvidia-settings-30420:10
crash_that did not work20:10
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hitsujiTMOlinuxuser1000: sudo apt-get install nvidia-319 nvidia-settings-319 bumblebee-nvidia20:11
glitsj16crash_: paste the output of the command you ran please20:11
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linuxuser1000i saw there's also 331 but i'm gonna get 31920:11
linuxuser1000what is better 331 or 31920:12
honeybuntuThank you for all feedback & much appreciated assistance by & by. Enjoy your weekend everyone.20:13
hitsujiTMOlinuxuser1000: do you have xorg edgers ppa installed or something as 331 is not in the repos20:13
linuxuser1000i have swatx20:13
path0genso my RDP server is getting brute forced. what is the name of a tool where I can lock out IP after certain amount of login faiulures?20:13
hitsujiTMOlinuxuser1000: i see. the 331 are unsupported.20:14
bekkspath0gen: You run a RDP server on Ubuntu?20:14
linuxuser1000now optirun works20:14
hitsujiTMOpath0gen: fail2ban20:14
linuxuser1000now i have to get steam to run somehow with it20:15
glitsj16crash_: did you use sudo? anyways, try again "sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_raring-updates_restricted_i18n_Translation-en"20:15
ROPAI'm getting a disk integrity error on boot with 12.04 on a Dell Inspiron 15. I create a boot partition because the bios needs it to operate properly. But, the procedure for creating the boot partition says I need to also tell the bios to use the newly created boot partition. In my bios, there is no means to point it towards the boot sector, unless I create a new boot command..... I named the new command, and now I am faced with20:15
ROPA how to tell it to go to the boot partition when it starts up. How do I format the command to tell the thing to look for a boot partition at sda1?????20:15
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linuxuser1000should i use optirun or primusrun for steam?20:17
glitsj16crash_: if that command didn't produce any output at all it means it did what it was supposed to do .. if so you can run "sudo apt-get update" and paste any error output20:18
glitsj16crash_: odd, but not uncommon .. "sudo rm -r /var/lib/apt/lists/*"20:21
ePaxIm on 13.10 and lenovo thinkpad and my wifi connection is kinda slow? Is there any solution to this problem?20:21
glitsj16crash_: that removed all package lists, but now we regenerate those .. "sudo apt-get update"20:22
WalexePax: a cable? :-)20:23
ePaxWalex, :)20:23
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gmpanaePax: a better wifi router or a better network adaptator for the thinkpad?20:24
andyfiedheya everyone20:25
crash_that fixed it20:26
andyfiedi have an HMA-Pro vpn account and i have been trying to get it working on ubuntu. should be easy, but i've had trouble installing gopenvpn20:26
ePaxgmpana, I dont think its a hardware issue. Its more like software issue as it use to be using ubuntu :)20:26
glitsj16crash_: :) .. something must have been stuck in an earlier update attempt, can't be sure20:26
andyfiedi followed these intructs https://hidemyass.zendesk.com/entries/24962851-gOpenVPN-on-Linux-step-by-step but the icon does not appear on the top bar. does anyone have any idea how i can get it working?20:27
crash_thank you very much, now how do i go from ubuntu 13.04 to 13.1020:27
glitsj16crash_: just 2 things .. raring is almost at the end of its support cycle, so you might have to look at upgrading to 13.1020:27
andyfiedit is installed and running (i see it in sys monitor) but since it has no icon to click i'm stumped as to how to do anything with it20:28
crash_how do i upgrade to 13.1020:28
andyfiedi'm running 13.10 btw20:29
hitsujiTMOandyfied: try: sudo apt-get install libappindicator120:29
glitsj16crash_: ahh, same thought .. use "sudo do-release-upgrade" .. but before you do, disable those quantal PPA's to give the upgrade a better chance to go smooth20:29
andyfiedthx hitsujiTMO20:30
glitsj16crash_: you should be able to get that GUI to do so now .. software-properties-gtk20:30
crash_thank you very much for your help20:32
andyfiedhitsujiTMO: it's not auto appeared so i'm going to reboot20:32
glitsj16crash_: you'll see a tab named 'Other Software' .. uncheck the quantal PPA's, close the app and do a "sudo apt-get upgrade" before the "sudoi do-release-upgrade" command20:32
glitsj16crash_: you're welcome, hope the upgrade goes smooth so you can get back to using the machine20:33
andyfiedhitsujiTMO: still no joy. any other ideas to make it appear?20:38
hitsujiTMOandyfied: http://askubuntu.com/questions/362135/how-to-re-enable-tray-icons-for-applications-in-ubuntu-13-10 but be careful with the ppa20:39
andyfiedhitsujiTMO: thanks! i'll check it. if i'm still stuck i'll take it to the forums20:40
mcristoIs anyone here on 14.04 yet>20:44
hitsujiTMO!trusty | mcristo20:45
ubottumcristo: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+120:45
mcristoI mean the daily build.20:45
hitsujiTMOmcristo: yes #ubuntu+1 for that20:46
Lucid_LynxHi , is NetworkManager/network-manager Ubuntu specific ?20:49
hitsujiTMOCJD14: fix your connection20:50
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Lucid_Lynxthx. hitsujiTMO20:51
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Osmodivsit's been a while... How do I login?21:02
Osmodivslike /msg Admin21:02
OsmodivsAnyway, I just updated from 12.04 to 12.10, and when trying to open synaptic, it gives me this error message: E: The value 'precise' is invalid for APT::Default-Release as such a release is not available in the sources21:04
OsmodivsE: _cache->open() failed, please report.21:04
OsmodivsWhats wrong?21:05
glitsj16Osmodivs: looks like there might be still references to precise in your /etc/apt/apt.conf ..21:09
thom_rhello all21:09
Osmodivsglitsj16, So, do I just delete the apt.conf file?21:10
glitsj16Osmodivs: no, just make sure anything refering to precise is removed, but keep the file even when empty21:10
glitsj16Osmodivs: there might be other stuff in that file you'd want to keep21:11
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OsmodivsHey glitsj16 , Know how to edit that file? Error reading file '/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/': Is a directory21:13
glitsj16Osmodivs: try "gksudo gedit /et/apt/apt.conf" for GUI or "sudo nano /etc/apt/apt.conf" for cli edits21:14
glitsj16apt.conf.d is indeed a directory, you need /etc/apt/apt.conf21:14
SchrodingersScatglitsj16: I also do not have a /etc/apt/apt.conf21:15
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glitsj16SchrodingersScat: that's quite possible21:16
OsmodivsSomething is wrong here...21:17
OsmodivsThere is no such file21:17
OsmodivsThere is gotta be another way..21:18
glitsj16Osmodivs: odd, i thought that  APT::Default-Release which you had in your error is only used in that /etc/apt/apt.conf file .. double-checking21:18
hitsujiTMOthe same file is not present in 13.10. seems its config was moved to apt.conf.d21:18
glitsj16hitsujiTMO: ahh thanks for education21:18
bekksOsmodivs: You get that error when doing what exactly?21:19
Osmodivsbekks, sudo synaptic21:19
bekksOsmodivs: Then try to rename /root/.synaptic to /root/.synaptic.old21:20
bekksOsmodivs: And since synaptic is a graphical tool, you should not use sudo, but gksu21:20
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bekksor gksudo21:20
Osmodivsbekks, like, gksudo synaptic?21:21
bekksyes, after renaming that given folder21:21
Osmodivslet ne try that21:21
Guest33901I have Ubuntu 13.10 (64 bit) and am trying to empty the trash.  I am not successful - even with bleachbit.  Is there another solution?21:21
bekksGuest33901: Did you use nautilus as root in the past?21:22
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hitsujiTMOGuest33901: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME/.local/share/Trash21:23
Guest33901bekks: Don't remember using Nautilus in the recent past.  Before, I could empty the trash, but not for a week or two21:23
bekksGuest33901: Sound like you did use nautilus as root, and deleted things, so trash can be emptied by root only now.21:23
Guest33901bekks: Ok, but even with bleachbit in root mode, I still can't empty trash21:24
bekksI never used bleachbit and dont even know what it is.21:25
bekksGuest33901: The most simple approach would be emptying the trash as root, in a terminal.21:25
Guest33901bekks: please give me the way to do so ... And can I recover access to my trash as user and no longer just as root?21:26
bekksGuest33901: Open a terminal, temporarily gain root access using sudo -i, navigate to the trash folder you want to empty, empty it.21:26
hitsujiTMOGuest33901: sudo rm -rf $HOME/.local/share/Trash/files/* && sudo rm -rf $HOME/.local/share/Trash/info/*21:27
Guest33901hitsujiTMO: I will try21:27
maxbithas some one time to check that package: i am using ubuntu 13.10 desktop and when i try to install that package : http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/minpspw/SDK%20%2B%20devpak/pspsdk%200.11.2/minpspw_0.11.2-1ubuntu0_amd64.deb?r=http%3A%2F%2Fsourceforge.net%2Fprojects%2Fminpspw%2Ffiles%2FSDK%2520%252B%2520devpak%2Fpspsdk%25200.11.2%2F&ts=1390166267&use_mirror=garr it aborts with a error box that says : Die Installation eines Pa21:27
maxbitkets, das gegen die Qualitätsstandards verstößt, ist nicht erlaubt. Dies könnte zu ernsthaften Problemen im System führen. Bitte kontaktieren Sie den Herausgeber der Paketdatei und melden Sie diesem die folgenden Angaben.21:27
bekksmaxbit: Then send that message to the autor of that package.21:28
bekksmaxbit: The error message is very very clear.21:28
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maxbiti think there is no one working on that project anymore i send a mail 3 dais ago and got no reply should it work when i build it from source?21:32
Guest33901hitsujiTMO: Is the thing $HOME or SHOME?21:32
hitsujiTMOGuest33901: $HOME21:32
=== Screw_Defocus is now known as Wheelman
Guest33901hitsujiTMO: It isn't yet finished21:32
hitsujiTMOGuest33901: was there a lot of files in the trash?21:33
Guest33901hitsujiTMO: It seems to freeze21:33
hitsujiTMOGuest33901: ctrl + c. you may have issues with your filesystem21:33
bekksGuest33901: It may take a while to complete.21:33
hitsujiTMOGuest33901: was there a lot of files?21:33
bekksGuest33901: With a large number of small files, it may take minutes.21:33
Guest33901hitsujiTMO: When I try bleachbit - even with root permission, it just freezes.  I don't know how many files or MBs.  I've started the thing for hours and no end to it21:34
hitsujiTMOGuest33901: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && ls -l $HOME/.local/share/Trash/files | pastebinit21:35
maxbit@bekks what problem could appere when i build the package from source? i send a mail 3 days ago and got no reply :S21:35
Guest33901Virus scanner has found 12 threats so far.21:36
Guest33901hitsujiTMO: Virus scanner has found 12 threats so far.21:36
Guest33901I'm going to let Virus Scanner finish before I do anything else21:36
Guest33901I'm running Clamav21:37
droiddo we need anti virus for ubuntu ?21:37
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus21:37
Guest33901I'll get back in a couple minutes21:37
Guest33901see ya later21:37
ham1does anyone know what xinetd is used for on Ubuntu server?21:39
bekksmaxbit: the package building instructions wont change, they are entirely broken, so the package management system refuses to install that package. Contact the author.21:39
=== whitenite is now known as zz_whitenite
ham1when I telnet to it, it looks like it's talking to gmails gSMTP server21:40
bekksham1: how do you "telnet to xinetd"?21:40
bekksham1: Which port do you use to connect?21:40
ham1tcp        0      0 localhost:10025         *:*                     LISTEN      876/xinetd21:41
bekksham1: then check the xinetd configuration to see whats configured on that port.21:41
hitsujiTMOham1: did you look at the config in /etc/xinetd.conf or /etc/xinetd.d ?21:41
maxbit@bekks thx wish a nice day :S21:42
ham1ah, seems to be a gmail-smtp section there.. don't remember setting that up21:42
hitsujiTMOham1 maybe look at: dpkg -S /path/to/that/config to see if a specific app other than xinetd put the config there21:43
ham1hitsujiTMO, dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /etc/xinetd.d/gmail-smtp21:44
akimhow do ppl stay on irc even if they go offline21:46
akimlike nick change to nick_zZz21:46
akimanybody know the name of the tech?21:46
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!21:46
akimlawr, hey man21:46
lawrakim: hi21:46
Priceylawr: What's up?21:46
lawrthere is a pedo PMing me21:46
pancakes9is there a faster way to do:21:46
pancakes9cp /etc/nginx/sites-available/default /etc/nginx/sites-availble/new21:46
Priceylawr: /ignore pedo21:46
hitsujiTMOham1: what about: apt-cache rdepends xinitd21:46
lawrbut it is illegal21:47
akimpancakes9, install zsh21:47
ham1hitsujiTMO, E: No packages found21:47
pancakes9akim: okay, how will that help21:47
k1llawr: please report that in #ubuntu-ops and keep this channel clear for ubuntu support. you can find freenode staff in #freenode , too21:47
akimpancakes9, zsh does auto-copmlele, i assume that's your prob21:48
pancakes9nah, just wondering if there's some bash shortcut21:48
hitsujiTMOham1: sorry, typo: apt-cache rdepends xinetd21:48
SchrodingersScatakim: irc bouncers could be once answer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BNC_%28software%29#IRC ; those that thave servers can have irc running in a screen and leave it up.21:48
hitsujiTMOham1: any of those installed?21:49
akimSchrodingersScat, ah thx! :D21:49
SchrodingersScatakim: also, that's just a nickchange, doesn't mean they disconnected.21:49
pvl1after installing conky-all, can i still run conky as a ncurses app21:49
ham1hitsujiTMO, there are some things but I don't recognise any of them21:50
akimSchrodingersScat, so i have a q, if i use IRC from different locations, one in the office, one at home, and one VPN'd from a remote location, where do i setup my irc bouncer server??21:50
akimwould it be somewhere out in the interwebs or something?21:50
RiptideI managed to play Gmod on my laptop, but when I played today, (or tried to) I could not move/look around21:50
pvl1akim: pick a system thats always on21:50
hitsujiTMOham1: thats everything that has a dependency on that package, but not necessarily installed. comparing that with dpkg --get-selections may geive you the package that installed the config21:51
akimpvl1, do i need to be connected to that irc bouncer in order to use my nick? or can i just connect to the irc server directly while having the irc bouncer connected at the same time21:52
ham1hitsujiTMO, ah ok, will do21:52
akimi may have a situation where i have two nicks at the same time, i dunno, lol21:52
pvl1akim: u must go thru the bouncer, as that is the one whos using the nick. afaik21:52
akimi see21:53
pvl1akim: me personally, i just use weechat, and its relay protocol. theres an android app that is like a remote client21:53
akimpvl1, ah i've heard of weechat :)21:53
SchrodingersScatakim: first make sure the one you install offers the persistence you want, but I've not used one.  I use the screen option, then ssh into my computer to get back to it.  So when I'm at the office I'm only an ssh away.21:53
akimSchrodingersScat, ah i see, so in that case some ppl use irssi21:54
lawrplease join #horsescat21:55
SchrodingersScatakim: yep, or weechat, probably more.21:55
ham1hitsujiTMO, nothing matches between those two lists, I googled the conf file and looks like it might be something to do with nullmailer.. but don't remember installing that - but maybe I did when I first set up the server, I've not got postix and just set up filtering with AMaVIS which is when I noticed something was running on 10025..21:55
impossiblein Ubuntu 13.10 can i do HDMI in, like if it were a tv?21:56
=== DarkAce-Z is now known as DarkAceZ
=== g_byers^ is now known as g_byers
ham1hitsujiTMO, after reading the blog post on it - looks like I set it up ages ago and totally forgot about it! Thanks for your help.21:57
hitsujiTMOham1: odd. this is one reason why its good to document everything you do on a live server.21:57
we6jboIs there a good debian distro. that's geard towards remote connecting into the system and running Internet applications etc?21:58
ham1hitsujiTMO, you are indeed right, however it's just my own website which noone visits so I'm not too bothered :P21:58
bekkswe6jbo: Every distro shipping with an ssh server meets your requirements.21:58
lawrplease join #horsescat21:58
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
hitsujiTMOlawr: please refrain from advertising here21:59
elkylawr: No.21:59
elkylawr: you will stop this now.21:59
lawrgo on go on go on I know you wanna;)21:59
we6jbobekks: I'm looking for a specialty built debian distro that does that and does not require interaction from the system itself.21:59
bekkswe6jbo: "interaction from the system"?22:00
we6jboLike going to the keyboard and running something locally22:00
we6jboIt's going to be a server22:00
=== halothe2_ is now known as halothe23
bekkswe6jbo: Do you know what ssh is?22:00
we6jbosecure shell22:01
bekkswe6jbo: Thats how you do things remotely.22:01
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)22:01
* pvl1 trolls onward22:02
hitsujiTMOCJD14: please fix your connection22:02
we6jboHow about things like running a virtual private network or graphically connecting to the system22:02
bekkswe6jbo: you do not connnect graphically, thats why you use ssh.22:02
we6jboBut I might want to remotely22:03
hitsujiTMOwe6jbo: what exactly do you want to run on the system?22:03
bekkswe6jbo: Then you need to use something else, rather than ssh.22:03
we6jboIcecast maybe22:03
bekksNo need for a graphical login for icecast.22:04
Kronospherethe last Ubuntu version?22:04
Miesco_Hi I got a new computer today.  Should I install ubuntu or debian on it?22:05
bekksKronosphere: A full question would be good :)22:05
bekks!poll | Miesco_22:05
k1lMiesco_: since you ask in #ubuntu: ubuntu22:05
Bashing-omKronosphere: supported ?22:05
ubottuMiesco_: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.22:05
Kronospheresorry bekks. The last version of Ubuntu platform. Version 13.10?22:05
k1lKronosphere: the latest is 13.10, yes22:06
bekksKronosphere: The latest Ubuntu release is 13.10. The atest LTS is 12.0422:06
Kronospherewhich one is better bekks ? 13.10 or 12.04?22:07
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bekks!best | Kronosphere22:07
ubottuKronosphere: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.22:07
=== Adran|AFK is now known as kayhac
k1l!away > kayhac22:08
ubottukayhac, please see my private message22:08
pvl1certain console apps over ssh flicker a lot, anyone know why22:08
bekkspvl1: Never experienced flickering in the console.22:09
hitsujiTMOpvl1: what app? sounds like its continuously rewriting to the console22:10
pvl1bekks: its specific it seems, to console apps that arent using ncurses22:10
pvl1hitsujiTMO: exactly, it was conky cli, and nethogs22:10
bekkspvl1: console applications that do not use ncurses never flicker for me.22:10
pvl1that reminds me i need to reinstall conky-cli, conky-all removes the cli22:10
pvl1could it be because i killed my xserver22:11
bekksa console application doesnt even know about X.22:11
pvl1figured as such22:11
pvl1this is weird especially because my home network is 100mbit22:11
hitsujiTMOpvl1: most likely a bandwidth issue. not being able to send the data fast enough22:12
pvl1which is plenty fast22:12
bekksAnd how much bandwidth is in use?22:12
pvl1 eth0(↓3K/s ↑55K/s)22:12
=== Guest22282 is now known as rawrite
hitsujiTMOmaybe a misconfigured sshd22:13
=== rawrite is now known as Guest29588
pvl1didnt think about that22:13
bekkspvl1: thats a single interface, not the bandwidth in use in the network.22:13
pvl1bekks: thats the ssh server im connecting to, there cant possibly be enough traffic on my home network that would lag me to it. i can easily fully occupy the 100mbit connection the server22:14
pvl1plus im ssh'ing weechat and its running fine22:16
bencchow can I read mp4 metadata from the command line?22:18
benccI see the attributes in nautilus22:18
altinanyone has experience with mailman as webmin module ?22:19
altinin ubuntu22:19
ikoniaas webmin is not supported on ubuntu - I'd guess not22:20
altinddidnt know this o.O22:20
ikoniayou must have known this22:20
bekksI doubt they fixed the mailman module, it was broken for years.22:20
ikoniaas there is no package for it22:20
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=== carmine is now known as Guest33683
Guest33683o /join #semplice-it22:26
pippijnI'm using ubuntu 13.10, with ibus and chinese pinyin input method22:38
pippijnI selected "Candidates orientation: Horizontal"22:38
pippijnbut I still get a vertical list22:38
hetro_I am trying to using a vim plugin, I need to find the location .vim/bundle, but I don't know where it is, any ideas?22:39
hitsujiTMOhetro_: ~/22:40
acovrigIs it possible to log what users do with rsync over ssh?22:40
hetro_hitsujiTMO, I don't see it there using ls -a22:40
hetro_cd ~/.vim/bundle leads to no such file or directory error22:41
hitsujiTMOhetro_: then you need to make it. .vim is your personal vim config dir22:41
hetro_ok, so I would use mkdir?22:41
=== cma2714 is now known as cmastudios
pnglI want to configure evdev so my trackpoint triggers scrolling when I press the Alt key. I'm having trouble because the evdev configuration only seems to support mouse button as enablers of the scrolling behaviour. Does anyone know about this?22:42
hitsujiTMOhetro_: this might help http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=233222:43
hetro_hitsujiTMO: "Add this to your vimrc" how do I add something to vimrc?22:46
hitsujiTMOhetro_: vimrc is the file ~/.vimrc         its your vim config. http://amix.dk/vim/vimrc.html22:46
hetro_hitsujiTMO: I seem to be missing that file22:48
hetro_should I just make it and then add "call pathogen#infect()" to it?22:48
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Karl9876Hi, I have a laptop (Samsung Series 9) with a HDMI port for connecting an external monitor. All is fine, except when I pull my power cord to go onto battery power, the external display shuts down. There is nothing related to that in the Power settings... How can I stop it closing my external display when I switch to battery mode?22:49
phuhanybody home?22:49
=== scottb is now known as zz_scottb
ikoniaKarl9876: Hmmm that's interesting,22:50
benccis it possible to look for the following pattern inside a file? "a9 636d740 000001a6461746100 00000100000000 <arbitrary data> 000000"22:50
benccspaces are for clarity. <arbitrary data> is what I'm looking for22:50
phuhI need some help with iptables :( what's the real purpose of specifying conntrack? for example, allowing ssh/tcp is written as "iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 22 -m conntrack --ctstate NEW,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT" is "-m conntrack --ctstate NEW,ESTABLISHED" this part really necessary??22:50
hitsujiTMOhetro_: you'll need to have pathogen installed too22:50
ikoniaphuh: it allows establised out connections back in22:51
hitsujiTMOhetro_: then create the file and add that22:51
ikoniaphuh: not needed for ssh as a unique service22:51
phuhikonia: if I completely omit -m conntrack and --cstate, is it really bad?22:52
ikonianot for ssh no22:52
phuhhow about port 80?22:52
=== GZA-ZNC is now known as GZA-Genius
ikoniaphuh: ask your self "are you sending out going packets first that need to respond ?"22:53
=== Guest30169 is now known as Sleepnbum
ikoniaphuh: I normally do that at a network level on my home machine, and then lock down specific services22:53
hetro_hitsujiTMO: Thanks! Got it working22:55
solaries_hi all22:55
solaries_does anyone know why NetworkManager is forced on me upon each release upgrade? I am very happy with wicd, but manually removing NetworkManager, because network does not work anymore after each release upgrade sucks.22:56
phuhikonia: i think i'm too dumb to understand "are you sending out going packets first that need to respond ?" could you explain in little more detail for dumbster like me?22:56
ikoniaphuh: that rule allows a response to any connections you start22:56
ikoniaphuh: so eg: if YOU conect to a games server on port 1234 it allows that games server to respond22:56
ikoniaphuh: when someone connects to your webserver, you dont make the connection, they make a request and you respond22:57
ikoniaphuh: so having that rule on port (for example) seems pointless as your webserver will never start a connection22:57
phuhikonia: ahh thanks i think i started getting it22:58
mw46hitsujiTMO: I verified that the umountfs script does what it's supposed to, at least for a smaller microSD card in my BBB;-) It took a while to get a serial console working22:59
phuhikonia: if i don't know what to put in there is it okay to just omit it? or is it really bad and introduce some security hole?22:59
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manlinsorry wrong window23:00
=== register is now known as Guest91963
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quidnuncI have Ubuntu running in virtualbox but I forgot the password. Is there any way to load a "fail safe" mode?23:11
quidnuncI don't think virtualbox uses grub23:12
daftykinsquidnunc: it should do, hold left shift at boot time23:12
RarrikinsHow do I change the group allowed to add WiFi connections?23:13
=== tempnick is now known as able
dunpealHi. I just did an `apt-get upgrade`. some of the post install hooks failed due to 0 bytes free on the disk. Can I re-run them somehow?23:14
=== waltercool_ is now known as waltercool
rwwi think "sudo apt-get -f install" would do that. not sure.23:15
pippijnhow can I get ibus candidate orientation horizontal?23:15
Karl9876ikonia: is there something I can do with acpi to fix it?23:18
shockeymoeHonestly I haven't searched a lot for this answer in forums etc. but being a ubuntu noob I decided to try this support mode. I am having a problem running java in firefox. I can't get past the security window23:19
zapsodaI ran the command sudo dpkg --configure -a and it has said "Building database of manual pages . . ." for awhile (Only like 5 minutes but I'm impatient) now without changing how long can I expect this to take and at some point should I just cancel and run the command again?23:20
Rarrikinszapsoda: man page stuff is usually slow. Did you install a bunch of stuff at the same time?23:22
acovrigIs it possible to log what users do with rsync over ssh?23:25
zapsodaNot really, I just got the VPS (It only has 1gb of ram so I guess I will be waiting for awhile) and Ive been trying to install build-essential for awhile, but the first time I ran the install command it didnt work because its ubuntu 10.10 so I had to change the repos from archive.ubuntu.com to old-repo.ubuntu.com (somthing like that) then update and install again, That was really slow and giving errors about locale so I cancelled tha23:26
zapsodat ran the commands from google to fix the locale settings (after removing the lock directory because I ended the install early) then I ran the dpkg --configure -a to finish the install of build essential and its starting with the man db first I guess :/23:26
quidnuncdaftykins: no luck23:26
daftykinsquidnunc: sorry to hear that, don't think i know your situation though (:23:27
quidnuncdaftykins: I take it back, it works thanks. My keyboard crashed23:27
daftykinsoooh that question23:28
daftykinsi forgot about that23:28
quidnuncWhat is the lightest desktop environment I can install?23:34
AmLearningdo you guys havea checklist of stuff to install when not installing a full desktop environment? i really want to run i3 but i always work this way.23:34
quidnunc(in terms of download size)23:35
AmLearning#bitcoin: beware of scams! scammers are sending users private messages with bitcoin-stealing malware and offers to trade. we are unable to understand any-23:35
sikHello, I just updated to 13.10 and suddenly I can't start in graphics video mode anymore, I keep getting a prompt telling me to reconfigure the graphics but no matter what I do nothing happens. If I try to boot with the low def mode it just hangs. S3 Chrome, logs say it isn't supported (not even as VESA?).23:35
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence|away
Bashing-omquidnunc: xfce4 is light (and fast !) .23:37
sikActually better question: is there any way to disable openchrome? Because I think that forcing the VESA driver would make it work23:38
quidnuncBashing-om: xubuntu-desktop is 400MB23:38
=== Guest1282 is now known as epzil0n
k1lquidnunc: i bet its some tiling wm desktops23:39
elkySAPHIRO: hi do you have a question?23:40
SAPHIROhi kazuhiko23:41
quidnuncI think the problem is X1123:41
elkyAmLearning: why are we getting #bitcoin notifications from you?23:41
sikIf I do sudo apt-get remove xserver-xorg-video-openchrome, will that force Ubuntu to use the VESA driver?23:42
x_roothello, appeared a file .fuse008.... in a directory /media/USERNAME/Files23:42
rai_boa noite23:43
x_rootit can be deleted?23:43
elkyx_root: if i recall correctly, your system will clean up that file itself when it is no longer necessary23:45
x_rootelky, is possible to view which program generate it?23:46
elkyx_root: one of your partition filesystems did i think23:47
millertiHi.  What is the difference between qemu-system-x86_64 and qemu-x86_64 ?23:47
x_rooti see... thanks elky :)23:48
raiderturboHi all, any tutorials on moving my home folder to another (not yet created) partition?23:49
MouseTheLuckyDogI am trying to do apt-get build-dep ubiquity . I get an error message that I need a source URI in my sources.list. What is the URI that I should insert?23:49
millertiHmmm... it looks like qemu-x86_64 is the CPU emulator, while qemu-system-x86_64 is the whole system emulation.23:50
elkyx_root: dotfiles unless they're in your home directory should generally be left alone, and even then you should be careful with them23:51
ubottugiacomo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».23:51
x_rootelky, i know.. they're hidden for a reason, right? well thanks..23:52
elkyx_root: exactly. you're welcome23:52
glitsj16raiderturbo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving is pretty detailed23:52
raiderturboglitsj16: nice thanks ;-)23:53
glitsj16you're welcome23:53
sikOK, so removing xserver-xorg-video-openchrome results in xserver-xorg-video-all being removed (despite VESA being installed already)... Any suggestions? I need to make Ubuntu not use OpenChrome because it's not working at all23:54
neXyonhi, I'm running a program on a server and ps aux says it's status is Tl (traced or stopped, multithreaded) and it doesn't show CPU usage in top anymore although it should fully load the cpu; how I can I make it running again? I don't want to restart it, it already worked for almost 2 hours23:54
themusicgod1for example, resale restrictions.  It seems like a double standard for the w3c to be willing to restrict resale rights but not willing to facilitate people to bypass 'spy on your customer' policies23:55
themusicgod1erp wrong channel23:56
quidnuncneXyon: Is the process attached to a shell?23:56
quidnuncwhat does jobs say?23:56
quidnuncoutput of the "jobs" command23:56
neXyonquidnunc: it's running in a shell yeah and in the foreground there, ctrl+Z doesn't work, already tried it23:58

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