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cubHi zequence, any meeting today in #ubuntu-meeting ? =)17:03
cubI know there hasn't been any for a long time, but perhaps it could be useful from time to time now with the upcoming LTS17:07
zequencecub: Not much point, when no one is here17:23
cubIf we booked it people might show up?17:23
zequencecub: This cycle, I'm not sure anyone but me is developing17:24
zequenceNOt much point in having a meeting between 1-3 people17:24
zequenceEveryone knows what we need to do17:24
cubI'm not much of a developer, but would help out where and if I could17:24
cubhmm I don't know what needs to be done though17:24
zequenceThere's not much that needs to be done. A lot more that could be done17:25
cubon another note, alpha 2 is coming up. Do we test a lot before it's released...or when it's released?17:25
zequenceWe only do betas17:25
zequencetesting can be done at any time though17:26
zequencecub: If you'd like to do something useful, you could check if our live session is fixed with the latest commit to ubuntustudio-defaults17:27
cubthe latest iso is from the 18th17:27
zequenceIt hasn't been uploaded yet17:27
zequenceTheDrums gave a hint on how to test it a couple of days ago, on this channel17:28
zequenceIF you want to have a look at the source, get it with: bzr branch lp:ubuntustudio-default-settings17:28
cubah, I'll take a look. Going to put my daughter to sleep now. :)17:28
zequenceToo see what changes were made with the last commit, do: bzr diff -r 24217:30
zequencethe last commit is 24317:30
TheDrums(because scrollback is hard.) So if the file name is /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/10-ubuntustudio.conf, just echo the contents you see on bzr into it before first starting lightdm.  To do that, start booting the iso, when you see the little icon at the bottom hit shift, then hit F6 to bring up the boot command line.  After you get that, add 'text' to it and you're good to go.  If you need more than that, I suppose I can take the ...18:42
TheDrums... latest ISO and drop the unreleased default settings package in.18:42
TheDrumsIn case you folks didn't see, Xubuntu is hoping to get xfce4-panel/xfce4-indicator-plugin working with the gtk3 indicator stack, so far everything is working nicely in a PPA.  Also, some new applications are being added to the seed, menulibre, lightdm, and perhaps mugshot, not sure if you wanted to look at or test those.18:44
zequenceI think I will try to see to that the Ubuntu Studio desktop will be more or less exactly derived from Xubuntu's this cycle, minus some applications that we don't want preinstalled18:55
zequenceand other obvious details such as theming18:56
TheDrumsI know you're in the xubuntu channels, but I think I could try and help keep studio in sync, but I personally don't quite have a need for it.19:29
TheDrumsThink it's more of a bug in darkice with opus notkeeping up.19:30
TheDrumsThough could try a low latency kernel.19:30
TheDrumsDelt in #xubuntu pointed out you didn't have the "Additional Drivers" desktop file, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-properties/+bug/1060543 hopefully software-properties will pick it up, but if not ubuntustudio-default-settings could pick it up from xubuntu-default-settings.19:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 1060543 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "Additional Drivers is not discoverable in Quantal" [Critical,Fix released]19:43
zequenceTheDrums: -lowlatency is in most respects equal to -generic, so there should be no difference.20:20
zequenceThis cycle I'll be trying to merge its code with master, so that Canonical maintains it. The diff between the two kernels will be minimal20:21
zequenceIt is minimal already, however we have a small patch in it, which can be replaced with a kernel config20:21
zequence..which is why it would have been hard to merge it with the ubuntu kernel20:22

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